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Georges Hobeika high fashion referencing Leos

Ask Mystic: Are Leos A Joke?

What are the Leo strengths? Or, as this Leo asks, are they a joke? Good Evening, I hope all is well! I’ve recently discovered your blog, and I’m becoming a fan. Your posts are so well thought out and insightful, in the short time that I’ve been reading them, I’ve already learned so much.  At the risk of sounding terribly insecure, I wanted to ask a question that’s been on …

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Djavan Mandoula on bridge holding ghetto blaster

Leo Personality Truths

  To counter anti-Leo propaganda, it’s time for Leo Personality Truths. From an early age, Leos hear a voice in their head saying something along the lines of “who the hell do you think you are?” Sure, it could be their father. Many Leos have fathers who serve more like stumbling blocks and karmic obstructionists than anything else. But it’s also their inner voice, zapping them into champion mode. The …

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The Astrology Of The Royal Wedding

Well, i was not even going to watch this event, let alone write about the Astrology of the Royal Wedding. But i was sucked into this frankincense and regalia vortex and watched the whole damn thing. So, some astrological observations, for anyone interested. # The stand-out star of the whole event was the Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry, the Presiding Bishop of the American Episcopal Church. He blew away the …

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Veneida Smith newspaper article 1922

What Star Sign Was Veneida Smith

What Sun Sign was Veneida Smith? The “Holy Terror Tomboy” was a 16-year-old escape artiste, horse thief, and talented violinist. She sounds like our kind of person. It was in 1922, and after this (literal) escapade, she seems to fade from the media’s view. What Sun Sign do you think she was? Sagittarius, surely. Or, Leo for the music? Update: She was Leo! But this thread is still worth it …

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Performance Leos

What do I mean by Performance Leo? Full-beam, unapologetic, fuq-off-out-of-my-way, telegenic, light and heat attracting hot Leo Charisma. Great performers, artists and people of the spotlight spring from all signs of the Zodiac but Performance Leo really is a realm apart. Scroll down for more examples. Thoughts? Images: Mae West Gene Kelly Isaac Hayes Madonna Roger Federer J-Lo Jackie Onassis Jagger Jason Momoa  

Nominate Your Fave Leo To Win-Win-Win!

Generosity strikes! And I am not even a noble Leo! But the Sun has been in Leo for, i don’t know, DAYS and i have barely even mentioned the creatures. So do check out the Leo bit of the Categories Menu to browse Leo – my faves are Better Living Tips From NapLEOn &  In Love With A Womanizing Leo Playwright. Also, Conan the Leo aka Jason Momoa  And Diana …

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