Daily Mystic For Tuesday 30 August

Welcome to Tuesday’s Daily Mystic Update!

So we are still in the emergence-from-gnarly-Mars-agitation to snazzy-Mars-action process. Conditions are improving but if you take troll-bait or turn on yourself in a flurry of ‘why haven’t you done X?’ the vibe shift will take longer.

Now, as you may or may not know, Mars reflects strategy and determination. Now that it is in mercurial Gemini until March, get good at shifting strategies in the light of new info – fast. Or changing tactics on the fly.

Mars in Gemini is zippy and non-dutiful – you don’t need to finish the book if you don’t want to, go to your school-fiend’s thing, pretend you like cricket or jolly along an out of touch person….

And anyone trying to guilt you for changing tactics or your mind is ill-informed. Mars in Gemini is a great time to try new things, experiment, flip around, juggle and help others feel lighter about their spin. Besides, as you have probably noticed, everything is changing so why not you too?

Or stay the same but be in time with yourself – the point is that with Mars in Gemini, you set your rhythm.


Image: Why Cats Paint – A Theory Of Feline Aesthetics

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  1. Funilly enough about a week ago I felt an intense need for some sort of spiritual practice. I begin a short meditation course next week. I was disappointed to find out it was an open eye practice but then realised, that is the whole point to do something different. So onward.

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