Turbulent Times Part 4

This is the final in my Turbulent Times series: Ancestors + the Great Conjunction. If you have not read Part One – Health & Wealth, Part Two – Magic, Part Three – Mindset & Astro 1 + Astro 2, please check them out first.

First, a reminder. As I said in the ‘what next?’ section of Part 3, July until January is formidable astrology. Saturn zaps back into Capricorn to complete the tri-decennial trip through his home sign. Mars is in Aries for just over six months, repeat-squaring Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto over this phase. It’s an accelerated Zap Zone that we need to zap ourselves up for.*

The Saturn and Pluto alignment that was exact in January but intensifying over 2019 is not going to repeat. But Saturn’s return to Capricorn from July brings it back within orb of Pluto. This phase will test the efficacy of anti-CV-19 measures.  As I write this, the atmosphere outside is surreal. Many of the recent restrictions have been relaxed where I live; the malls are packed and most people I talk to are almost manically invested in the ‘it’s nearly back to normal now, thank god’ narrative.

Astrologically, it’s not ‘back to normal’ – whatever that was. It is the eye of the cyclone, where it’s calm. I would like to be wrong about July/August and beyond but here is a suggestion: Take advantage of this relatively chill Saturn in Aquarius/Mars in Pisces phase (late May until the end of June) to fortify resilience, immunity, and finances.

The good tidings: Geopolitical adjustments aside, the new cycle from 2021 onward is rad. Even without the CV-19, this bubble was going to pop. Socio-economics and ecological settings have to evolve into a saner paradigm, no evolution is tidy and many of us have felt this change coming in our bones.

The Ancestors

The South Node/Saturn in Capricorn effect that began in April 2019 was big-time Ancestor energy. People who didn’t give a s**t about genealogy began to feel a connection with forebears and ancient lands, be it their psychic lineage or biological ancestors.

Embarrassingly, I rejected it at first. In early 2019, my druid Anthony was going on about ancestors wanting to connect with me and I said unless they can code or pull strings to speed up my internet connection, forget it. It seemed waffly and irrelevant. Then the ultra-lucid dreams began and by January, I was astral tripping to chat to great-great-great whatever they are.

But around last Halloween, the Southern Hemisphere Samhain, I had a flash. Anthony had texted me to again crap on about ‘ancestors’. I was livid.  Pacing around, I asked ‘what, seriously, could any of my ancestors have to tell or offer a 21st Century person?’ It sounds arrogant but I was thinking in terms of how different our lives are now, compared to virtually any time before.

The Line Survives

The answer floated up immediately: ‘Plague.’ The sense of something with malicious intent, abroad in the air, its intention to destroy. The energy of this somber little intuition reminded me of a past life dream I’d had recently: I was a child, looking down over wooded hills, asking some adult what the amazing looking huge shimmer of light in the distance was. The answer: It’s the Sun, reflecting off armour.

This intuition had a similar tone but with it came a sense of strength – not hipness or self-actualization – fortitude. We are connected to our ancestors through the elements, when we gaze at stars, a flame, or the ocean. They transcend chronological/societal differences and tap us into this timeless, inexplicable matrix. Giving birth or – less positively – recognizing a predator are fast tracks into it also.

Whether you call it transmigration of the soul (past lives) or transgenerational epigenetics, there is plenty of unmapped DNA to potentially produce a scientific explanation for all sorts of magical fuqery. The human genome, it seems, contains ghosts and Dark Matter. I’m not a geneticist but I think we carry their memories, with all the natural aversions that imply. I don’t get nervous near churches because of anything that happened to me but maybe it’s linked to having a branch of ancestry from a village notorious for once having executed 80 witches in a week.

We also carry our ancestor’s powers. And, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by weird times or not particularly confident of your leader’s ability to navigate complex waters, try the Uranus in Taurus re-grounding meditation or even more easily, this: You are here because of the valor and stamina shown by your ancestors. Their ability to escape peril or endure adversity led to you being here now; the line survives. And, you’re open to any useful instinct.

The Great Conjunction

Jupiter is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius on December 21/22. Called the Great Conjunction or the Chronocrator – as in time-keeper, it occurs every 19.85 years. Historically, it was so linked to new rulers and sovereignty that olden day aspirant Emperors and Empresses would wait for it. There is even evidence of calendars deliberately botched to give a reign more credibility.

Jupiter has always been associated with the big-end of town; it’s your go-to planet for wealth and being boss. Saturn marked the known edges of the galaxy for millennia. So the conjunction was congruent with wealth and power, an imprimatur to rule. Not only that, but their alignments also form far greater cycles of 60 years/180 years and so on. They’re the basis of many calendars, Feng Shui and astro-financial predictions.

The Great Conjunction has symmetry: It runs in elements – Fire for 180 years, then Water and so on. Each conjunction trines an earlier one in specific, numerically significant combinations too ornate to go into here. It’s easily the most written-about astrological phenomenon in history. Michaelangelo’s David was launched to the public at the exact moment of Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Cancer. It was probably the ‘bright star’ above the Bethlehem stable where Jesus was born and writers like Chaucer saw it as undoing the ill-effect of Saturn.

So every 200 years or so, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction switches elements. From December 21/22, the cycle changes to Air, beginning with Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius. It’s the first Air cycle** since the 15th Century. It’s more Age of Aquarius-ish than whatever it was people were talking about in the Sixties.

For the avid astro-fiends and historians, here is a list of the conjunction dates since 2092 BC. But if you’re wondering how this could influence you, listen up.

First of all, it occurs at Zero Aquarius so Capricorn 28 until Aquarius 5 are potent areas in your personal birth chart. You can tell what/where they are in your chart via an Astral DNA report. That’s a zone where you can successfully found something utterly new and expect it to endure. Somehow, the disruption of 2019 and early 2020 will contribute.

It ends the Earth cycle, which began in 1842. Notably, that was the year that the Opium War (between the United Kingdom and China) was ended with the Treaty of Nanking and subsequent ceding of Hong Kong control to Britain. It was 20 years after the start of the First Industrial Revolution – that began with a loose triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Pisces.

2020’s Jupiter-Saturn conjunction has the feeling of a new financial system and paradigm, one that will also involve old treaties set aside and new ones (hopefully) negotiated. It’s been in the works for ages and it’s nothing that the first part of this series would not prep you for.

But timing-wise, see the Saturn-Pluto/CV-19 as cathartic, May-June as a nebulous but relatively calm phase and July-December/January as geopolitical upheaval. Trade and/or cyber conflict is likely to intensify, along with anger from people who put their everything into the old system and don’t want to lose revenue (New trend: Billionaire Activists) or be trapped with a gigantic amount of bubble-era debt. Potential Surprise Trend: The government getting a better grip on the environment and serving its citizens.

To bank on ‘back to normal’ or slack off on immune-boosting protocols would put you in – I believe – too tenuous a position for July onward. Aim to arrive at the December Solstice and Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius fully ready to make/create/benefit from the new scene.

*Zap Zone is my term for Cardinal Squares – Ninety-degree aspects between any of the Cardinal Signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn – are more overt and dramatic than the others. 2012 until 2015 was an on-off Zap Zone with Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. July till January is like that but condensed. It’s the finale of the era that began in the early Eighties. 

By default, the Daily Horoscopes offer individual guidance through this sped-up Zap Zone. Any aspect from Mars in Aries to one of your unique planets, Sun, Moon, or points is a zapper. The delineations will show where it’s influencing you the most as well as the exact dates, down to the minute. With awareness, these sorts of alignments become opportunistic short-cuts and anti-fragility. 

**The second to last Jupiter-Saturn cycle before an element shift is always in the element from the next series. So the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 1980 was in Libra. In 1802, a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Virgo broke the run of the Fire element, previewing the Earth series that ran from 1820 until now.

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  1. I’ve been immune boosting since you started writing that you thought the virus could be huge…way before it was…late December/early January. Thank you, Mystic. This entire series is pure genius. I get there are bumps along the road to change but overall, I am excited for this new era. Just think, some people go their whole lives without an elemental change like this. How lucky are we to experience a shift from earth into air!

  2. Great post Mystic. Thank you so much. I guess that with my NN at 3° Aquarius, I should embrace my weirdness and use it for the greater good 😊

  3. Neptunian goat

    My boyfriend has the natal conjunction of Jupiter Saturn libra in 12 house .. what does it mean for a person?

    1. I just saw this – it’s prob easiest to get one of the Astral DNA natal reports as it delineates aspects, planets by house, and sign! But short answer is that your BF would have fantastic intuitive judgment!

  4. Wish Upon a Star

    Talking of magic. This is the tune I woke up with in my head and I was compelled to discover the lyrics.

    Ride a White Swan. Marc Bolan.

    Ride it on out like a bird in the sky ways
    Ride it on out like you were a bird
    Fly it all out like an eagle in a sunbeam
    Ride it on out like you were a bird

    Wear a tall hat like a druid in the old days
    Wear a tall hat and a tatooed gown
    Ride a white swan like the people of the Beltane
    Wear your hair long, babe you can’t go wrong

    Catch a bright star and a place it on your forehead
    Say a few spells and baby, there you go
    Take a black cat and sit it on your shoulder
    And in the morning you’ll know all you know, oh

    Wear a tall hat like a druid in the old days
    Wear a tall hat and a tatooed gown
    Ride a white swan like the…

  5. “Giving birth or – less positively – recognizing a predator are fast tracks into it also” –

    well I’m not up for childbirth but I am currently happily birthing creative ideas. I have some very strong links to finding my way though friendship groups, ‘tribe’, plus health and routine. The more I walk toward alignment with what feels right & beneficial for me, the stronger my instinct to avoid toxic types, so much so, hat now I feel physically sick when I am around corrupt persons. I am also forgiving my own shitty patterns in THIS lifetime.

    Strongly connecting to the strengths of ancestors passed & working via lineage, healing the crap for the strengths to permeate through.. & it’s working; lumps of inflammation are finally receding..despite no changes to my orthodox medicines. And some of it is really simple, like getting more sleep/taking breaks.

  6. 0 Aqua is the cusp of my 6th house. I feel like I should do something super auspicious. No idea what, though!
    I’ve been trawling the archives for Aqua and 6th house related posts and re-reading some old consults for insight, plus my year-ahead and astral DNA. It occurred to me I’ve never given much thought to the Aqua in my chart, although I have Venus conj Ceres there (on the dsc, no less). It’s also the cusp of my 7th house, which I hadn’t twigged until embarrassingly recently.
    I’m starting with what has to go, however. There are so many of my daily routines/habits that need to change. I’ve been so Saturnine in my thinking lately I’m not sure I remember how to think like a Uranian, especially around habits/routines.

  7. Yes the star that guided the Egyptian? Magi to Bethlehem WAS Saturn & Jupiter conjunction. September 15 in 7BC.. The Bethlehem night sky was recreated in the planetarium in Plymouth England using published data on the movements of planets and computer work by British expert Dr D Hughes a Star of Bethlehem.
    From a published article i have kept for eons, the paper has gone yellow.
    ‘A huge star appeared on the planetarium screen and nothing else around that time could account for the star’.
    So say it took them x amount of time to arrive Christ was either Virgo or Leo if the baby still in ‘swadling clothes’ at 2-4 weeks old?
    Will read more later when i find out where i am then update me.
    Thank you Mystic. x

    1. Hi there Peg, interesting if he was a Virgo. It doesn’t seem like the sign you would imagine, but then there is the current Indian guru Sadghuru with a massive Christ-like following who is a Virgo with a Pisces midheaven. Hope you’re keeping well. x

  8. The Lion & The Centaur

    Thank you for this, I think this is more valuable intel than pretty much anything at the moment, university degrees and national intelligence combined. 2012 to 2015 were the shittiest years of my life, I escaped suicide several times. And recently I have felt the same sludge creeping back into my consciousness. But 2012 to 2015 was also highly creative, ideological, radical and anarchist time for me. So hopefully, this time with astrological knowledge and support plus some grounding Earth energy, I will turn the angst into something brilliant.

    1. Hi there, I so agree re this intel! Sounds like you went through some really intense times in 2012-2015. Surely it was your prep period so that you can get through 2020 just fine. Wishing you all the best. 🍀

  9. Thank you Mystic, i just want to add that as a history lover i am so glad you mentioned the Opium Wars & The Treaty of Nanking just to give some balance (god i love your Libra Moon!) & perspective about China & the West, in view of the present geopolitical arena. And how interesting that those events were so much a base feature in the cycle of the Great Conjunction. It’s fascinating to look through time & see the cosmic cycles of energy playing out a story line. Pity it’s been such a brutal morality tale of greed….again.
    I am also really looking forwards to geeking out on the list of the past Great Conjunction dates. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your work.

    On a personal note, it is all happening conjunct my Aqua IC & opp my Moon, and to tell a strange truth, I have always felt a deeper connection, & received more guidance from my ancestors than i ever have from my distant birth parents. So i guess i’m weirdly at home with that aspect of it.

  10. Get this transit chart- T Sun, Aqua rising, Isis and Pallas on natal Circe 3 Aqua, Pythia on Lilith, Chiron on Pallas, Mars on 1°orb Pythia and Moon in Aries, Lilith conjunct Uranus on Sappho, and y’all know the rest Sun Merc, Jupiter Saturn. There are so many 0° and 22°. Better strap myself on my broom, it’s going to be a memorable ride.

    1. Husband’s Pars Fortune under the Saturn Jupiter conjunction and son has Mars on his Pars Fortune. Better buy them some lottery tickets?

  11. Absolutely love this Mystic. So much resonates and so much to take in. I’m sure it will be just as stimulating on my second + read. You saved the best for last!

    Yes please to the list/dates.

    As an aside I’m aware Mars is heading for my 12th but not feeling ready for 6 months of it! Trying to see it in perspective eg not just 😬 but the spiritual warrior archetype seems trite and I’m pretty sure it will be a bit of a furnace on some level. Hopefully not hell!

    And yes, everyone has gone zombie normal. I can’t fathom the flip. It’s like some sort of spell. I am obviously watching from outside the fish bowl but gaping like a fish sometimes so maybe I am the one in the bowl. How has the interpretation of the first stage of relaxed rules moved to the final stage in a day or so. Sunny weather can only contribute so much.

    1. Hi Centaurus, regarding what you say about ‘everyone has gone zombie normal’, I have been wondering whether this could have something to do with the current Venus in Gemini – Neptune in Pisces square. People’s longing to connect (Neptune in Pisces) and their love for communicating (Venus in Gemini) seem to give them rose-colored glasses at the moment…

      1. I have to admit I hadn’t considered an astro link to it as there’s just been too much going on for me. It was all just a bit of a visual spectacle which I was I think probably enjoying from my fish bowl (car) as I was on an out of town day trip. I think my mind was just flooded with impressions from previous era’s, cinema and media – I got swept up in the imagery (quite Neptune as well) but not so much the fact it occured as it was probably to be expected.

        That said I reckon your astro theory is a good theory and thanks for sharing it. Do you think that square could either compel people to have a bit of bravado or into avoidance. We can’t really clock the avoidance numbers because they wouldnt be as obvious eh….clearly 😉

        I’m thinking ‘bravado’ as a way of managing a desire to connect and Mars is Pisces too now so loosely linking him but I probably really mean to point to ignoring signals (that can be Neptune too) of discomfort because of a sense of safety and/or a confidence in their own skill to detect, avoid, heal (which is Venus Gem) and a diverse tool box or palette of choice to deploy at will.

        Mercury in Gemini may make verbal justification of motives or actions easier too. And retrograde everything may also be bringing up urges to return to what was.

      2. All very interesting ideas, Centaurus! I had not yet taken into account the fact that Mars is now also in Pisces moving towards a conjunction with Neptune, which will take place in less than a month. Mars in Pisces could certainly point towards acting ‘with bravado’ out of a desire to connect, while ignoring the facts… And all of this while the current Gemini influences facilitate the verbal or rational justifications for this behavior…

  12. Unicorn Sparkles

    Yeah. This back to normal made me think of people who have come out of rehab and just gone back to their addictions. Only after rehab they hit harder because we can no longer handle the same dose. So the second wave won’t be pretty.
    The seemingly instant return to lack of distancing in public is making me jumpy.
    And my ancestors are literally haunting me. I have one following me around.

    1. Yeah, if we are talking in logistical terms this is by far the most dangerous period of the whole affair. I suppose if we look at this event in terms of a teaching or lesson the question remains, have we learned our lesson ? Have we fully understood the teaching we received ? I don’t think so.
      In which case we can surely expect to receive the teaching in a different way or a more intense way. How far does the teacher have to go when the lesson to be learnt is the knowledge or wisdom to avert the collapse of the foundational pillars of our existence ?

      1. Unicorn Sparkles

        I was hoping we would emerge much wiser but I guess every big shift on the most part leads only to small adjustments. Humans Are creatures of recurring pattern and habit.
        The optimist in me was crying” yeah it’s time, finally we will make changes for the better”
        The pessimist is now pass agg “ people suck”
        Gotta make peace with the reality of things.

      2. I agree with all of the above… Also, I met a colleague of mine last week, outside of our offices (we kept our distance), whom I had only spoken to on the phone for the past two months. Suddenly she ambushed me with an intense story about how she thinks the whole lockdown has been nonsense. She told me that she thought that all restrictions should be lifted immediately and that the virus should be allowed to run its course, as – according to her – only very elderly people and people with an underlying condition are affected by it. She also made it clear that she thinks that the virus has been spread by big Pharma, in order to make money out of it. I tried to reason with her, but she was very stubborn and said she had researched everything very well. Finally, she said that she was not following the official news anymore. Needless to say that I totally disagree with all of her opinions and that I was shocked to the core. I still can’t get over it. I have always regarded her as a clever person. If anyone has any advice on how to deal with these things, it is more than welcome!

      3. You’re smart and in tune with what you’re feeling Calcifer. You’ll work through what’s come up for you.

        My thoughts/strategies for dealing with this kind of internal/external conflict is always to identify it first so it doesn’t run unchecked and you have. Then it’s a process of accepting the difference and my feelings around that difference. That person can be and think as they choose. Perhaps it sounds risky or even negligent to say that but your sphere of influence is limited and even less when your emotions are invested. Detatched challenging of ideas may work best coupled with genuine interest and curiosity in how these ideas were so absolutely and irrefutably formed. There are clues as to underlying reasons when we can stand back and assess but sometimes it’s just the way a person is built/thinks and there’s no changing it. Make your choices based on that and what your own values and truths are. Don’t waste energy, focus on you and not trying to wake someone up etc as thats bringing responsibility for them back to you. The other thing worth considering re; responsibility is that when we pick it up and its not ours the other person kind of doesn’t have it now to make any change. It can feel hard but sometimes you just have to leave people with their stuff.

        As a way of spinning the view is this a fixed position with a dash of Uranian rebel or a loss of faith and a reaction (Neptune/Jupiter) or is some other theme in play. It might be a way to help you move through your feelings?

      4. Hi Centaurus, thank you for your thoughtful reply. And yes you are right, my colleague has a right to be and think as she chooses. You are also right about the right attitude being one of detached challenging of ideas. In this case I let my colleague know that I think it is important to get your information from good sources (for me personally this means a few newspapers which spend money on good research). And I was able to counter some of her assumptions with the information which I have gathered from these sources. The difficult thing is that I just found out that she has bombarded our junior colleague with her views as well (who told me she felt cornered). We work together in a close-knit team of three people so I hope this whole thing won’t drive us further apart.
        Some astrological information on my opinionated colleague: She is an Aquarius with Saturn conjunct her Sun, and both of these in opposition to her Moon-Mars conjunction in Leo. And all of these in a square to Neptune in Scorpio. So a T-square in the fixed signs.

      5. Sounds like you couldn’t have handled it better Calcifer.

        The dynamic of three has it’s sides. Yes someone can get stuck in the middle of a disagreement but tripods are also very strong!

        Free style thought on the astro. Fixed – not surprised. Sun/Saturn has an authoritative viibe to it but so does Mars/Moon Leo except they function differently. The first might be cool and controlled and perhaps either polished or removed a bit in communication style. Austere? The flip side could be quite emotive and Mars might protect feelings or assert them as truths.

        I have Neptune Scorpio. I know I can see things through that lens at times and continue to enjoy the cinematic experience…or not as the case may be. It was probably the Saturn-Neptune square circa 2016 that encouraged (ahem…ok, intentionally using a positive spin or maybe it’s evolution) me to look at Nepune a little closer. I can almost make him out through the mist if I squint on a clear day. Hes still a bit of a nebulous shimmer. Historically I didn’t give him too much credit but hindsight has it’s benefits.

        Uranus will turn that T-square into a fixed cross at some point if there aren’t already some wider aspects occuring.

      6. Thanks again, Centaurus, for your improvised astro interpretation of my colleague. Yes, her chart is very fixed. She is also a very brave, very strong, and an incredibly hard working person. But also incredibly headstrong and obstinate.
        I hope she won’t explode (implode?) when Uranus starts to square all of her fixed planets in seriousness. I guess she is in my life for a reason, probably to teach me to stand up to her :-).
        And, more in general, yes, it is good to have at least some idea of what our natal Neptune is up to, though with Neptune being Neptune, it always remains elusive…

      7. It’s been a great discussion thank you

        That does sound like a wall of Saturn Mars to scale but sometimes bravery is a front or when Mars is in Leo it can be for accolades.

        Anyway, anything that helps us stand in our power and not give it over is a gift. There’s a kind of bravery in seeing a challenge and not shying away from it no matter how uncomfortable and there’s integrity to want to see a good outcome for all. That could be an example of well functioning Mars and Saturn. Don’t be intimidated but yes perhaps it’s prudent to get yourself some PPE for any unexpected explosions 😄

      8. How annoying… These are the people I wish I could send to the front line just so they can see the sheer number of healthy young people who had this and did not make it in Europe and NYC where the death toll is high and going to buy groceries was a moment of true fear. The only reason people did NOT get it in Australia etc is because they shut the borders and responded before it spread. I don´t understand how you can watch the news and see all the nurses in Milan saying they had to choose who lived and died because they ran out of beds from the sheer numbers and pop up COVID tents like war camps or the mobile ice trucks of NY to house the dead and not feel that or know that this is what the alternative to a lockdown is, especially for those cities with huge international traffic who responded too late. Even my own family, my god it was infuriating. My sister just bitched about her husbands work and how stupid it was because it wasn´t on her doorstep and it was interrupting her life. I was like, everyone here is dying, she said oh, and feigned empathy but was still pissed just about herself. No one wanted to. My mother text me after a month to tell me how bad it was in Australia because they had to close the airport (that she lives 3 hours away from). I said are you watching the news and she lied and said she couldn´t get the international news where she was because she was embarrassed that she did not check where I was. They just could not relate, feel or comprehend the gravity of what was happening. I cannot speak to certain friends in Australia and UK right now because they are just talking shit right now and there is nothing I can say.

      9. Hi Ms., sorry to hear that you have people who refuse to see the gravity of the situation in your environment as well … I am in The Netherlands (small country in Northern Europe) by the way. We had almost 1400 COVID patients in intensive care in the first week of April, on a population of 17 million. We only have 1200 IC beds, so some of our COVID patients were brought to Germany… These numbers in spite of our lockdown. I don’t see how people cannot see this is serious business and could have been a hundred times worse if we had had no lockdown…

      10. We are very fortunate to be an island and to have caught it quickly in Aus. I suppose the downside to that is that some people dont/won’t get the gravity of how quickly this thing can turn tidal.

        It’s been awful to watch the impacts overseas. And when I read reports that suggest numbers are stabilising and it’s time to resume biz as usual I can’t imagine how some places would feel comfortable with that. I get the economic argument – we hear it enough – but still….

  13. That’s my Mystic ! Every word of that just played me like a piano 🎹. Every word harmonized with every other word like an ancient kabbalistic text. The gematria, the melody, the truth.
    Someone should chisel it onto a sapphire tablet so no one can ever be mistaken as to what was written. To make sure that not one letter is changed.
    I have always loved and adored you as a gift from the heavens, but this came from you. You have transcended the astral.
    ( no I’m not high )

    1. Not even a little bit? Catnip? But hey, thank you. And I was going to change a word – that bit about the armor, I don’t think it’s clear that it is an army.

  14. oh wow…the true dawning of the age of Aquarius….this feels so potent. As Aqua Sun with Mars at 0 and Saturn at 3 degrees (and a host of others also) in Aquarius in the 12th House I am filled with anticipatory energy of what may come with this great conjunction in fresh air…after so many years feeling weighed down by earth in my work in the world. Thanks so much for your clarity MM…the karmic ancestors have been calling me for a while….

  15. Thank you Mystic! Based on this, would you recommend making major financial changes now or after December? ie: buying or leasing a car, and cashing/stashing my 401k…

  16. Aries moon here, I was born for these times – though I suppose it sounds kind of bad if I say that I’ve been waiting for them my whole life… So much hope and brilliance here, Mystic, thank you. I laughed at the “fast tracks to the ancestors” because it was indeed giving birth (at 34) that made me feel actually human, and connected to other humans for the first time in my life. What a lot I’ve learned a lot since then. I feel intensely grateful to be living in these times.

  17. I love this, Mystic. Definitely going back to reread the first three and see the entire picture. Ancestral energy sounds about right. I’ve been feeling called to do a journey or ceremony wherein I talk to/spend time with my ancestors and just lean into that ancient wisdom.

    Obviously we can’t go back to “normal” but we can’t all live in this state of suspended animation either. Hoping that all of us trying to elevate our consciousness, be kinder, help others, strengthen our bodies & communities will help counter some of the volatility, anger and geopolitical fuqery so there’s a balanced future!

  18. ABSOLUTELY..and Surreal is definately the word thats crept all over me this a.m …the shopping malls and all shoppinh centres were packed this weekend-social distancing 🤣🤣🤣 seriously…And how many to a wedding or funeral..???..Governments so so off the dial ..Most definately the lull before the storm..Albeit we are devided heading to the “old normal v new abnormal” ..!!!

    1. True. Nobody wants to deal with it, half the people I know just groaned inside like grounded teenagers moaning like not going to a party was the end of the world and the others had actual businesses, employees, people to take care of working double time to turn it around or like me, watching dead neighbours being pulled from flats, people in hazard uniforms spraying your streets, only the sounds of ambulances roaring through the streets and knowing this is very, very real. I can’t imagine how insane it must be for the medics. We have the death toll of a war and so many people are just like, I can’t wait to go shopping. It’s the old adage that if you can’t see it and it’s not happening to you, it’s not happening. Denial is a response for some but the general role of privilege has always made people blind and lacking in general comprehension en mass :/ but when its world leaders its even worse. Looking forward to the billionaire activist turn around because community responsibility is the key to getting through this

  19. “ I don’t get nervous near churches because of anything that happened to me but maybe it’s linked to having a branch of ancestry from a village notorious for once having executed 80 witches in a week.” Same Mystic, same. Will you please write a book? One with a hardcover I can buy for my coffee table in case we lose electricity in all of this? I spent from ten in the morning to three in the afternoon reading all 4 raves, following all the links, and jotting down notes. I will probably re-read 100 times more. Brilliant and thank you.

  20. It is so good to see this in the perspective of overall cycles of time because I am thinking a lot about this at the moment and how it connects. World cycles are real talk right now.

    Re The ancestors- I have always had a significant connection to mine (upside of Pluto in the 4th?) and felt them in a very normal way, like in my actual blood /almost like a primal force rather than anything very woo woo (although there have been moments) and I feel quite responsible for being part of some kind of line even if I don´t further it personally. It feels more like cleaning and restoration work honestly. It feels normal to have this connection and I imagine a lot of people with tribal identities native to their lands, resisting domination from monotheism feel somewhat similar in its expression. It doesn´t have to be a retreat full of lost WASPs banging drums in white cheesecloth trying to find themselves or crap plaques from questionable clan tartans. I feel the same way about past lives to how you talk about ancestor worship. What we carry through in our blood is everything and our signature. Given how important that is, it seems very real to have spiritual memory here too. I think of them in my blood, not on a cloud.

    I agree this thing is coming back and would be likely now its had time to mutate amongst the population, ready to go come air travel with the northern hemisphere Summer vacations if world history is anything to go by. I am calmly trying to build a fortress to create sustainability.

    The Great Conjunction will trine my natal Saturn in Virgo in the very start of my 8th house end of the 7th.

  21. Like others have already reported, I have felt this coming for eons and am deeply grateful for the guidance and illumination you have provided over the many years (at least a decade!) I have been subscribing to you. There is so much that is valuable in this series and I have to admit, a fair amount I don’t fully understand yet, but the part that jumped out in this particular post was the ancestral reflection.

    I have never been hung up on my ancestry. I have always been more interested in the future than the past (still am) but for the past 8 months or so, my attention keeps being thrown back to my Northern European ancestors, particularly from my maternal lineage. The “message” (really just an insistent feeling occurring over and over again) has been that I need to find the internal fortitude and sheer grit that they possessed which enabled them to survive and thrive during some brutal times. My Mars in Libra doesn’t automatically equip me for such grit, but I have surprised myself (and others) time and again with my resilience and foresight. It has taken decades, but I have been letting myself trust it more, acknowledge certain instincts that I recognize now are inborn both of blood and experience. thank you for giving voice and validation to that. I for one will be heading your advice and will try to maintain my stoicism and resources, physically and psychically. Be well, everyone.

    1. Good point. Hopefully though 180 years of air doesn’t turn us into brains with robot bodies buying seafront land on the arctic circle. Goes without saying we have a wonderful record of fuqing things up by grabbing the wrong end of the stick

  22. Maybe it’s because I know about the Saturn retrograde, but I am so, well, perplexed by all the people going around with the “back to normal” refrain.
    I do know it’s not going to last and we will be pushed into the future by the Saturn / Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius. I don’t know how “solid” I can get economically. I am working my ass off at work and keep a high pace and become more in a pivotal/strategic position.
    I booked a beautician + hairstylist session on my birthday (June 9th) and not right away tomorrow, like most people, because of the fact that I want to observe contagion numbers for a little longer.
    Instead as of tomorrow, people will go back to normal while the virus is still among us and no vaccine has been found. How can that be? I feel like a Cassandra: going round saying things and people thinks I am paranoid.

  23. Fascinating! I have this conjunction (in Cap in 5th) natally (though I have no idea what it means) so I’m always curious to learn more about its history. I knew about the Star of Bethlehem but not about the rest. Thanks for illuminating the patterns, MM!

  24. My other half has Mercury at 0 degrees Aqua in the 6th. He’s also Sun Aqua in 7th H. Exciting times. I noticed the Sun and Merc are conj too on 22nd in the first degrees of Cap and the moon is at 0 Aries too, all on the same date. Feels like a whole new era for sure. Thanks Mystic!

  25. Thanks for the heads-up on the Mars-in-Aries squares to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. Those energies are no walk in the park, and it feels (to my Taurus Moon and Rising) like it’s important not to venture too far beyond the safe space of financial moderation and good immune-boosting hygiene through the end of the year..

  26. Wow. Astrologers were being slagged off for being irrelevant and not predicting this but I know the very few of you I follow all have. We have been primed for this for so long. I’ve listened to my own instincts and so much of it now makes huge sense to me. Granted lots to sort out and allow to settle but I was anticipating all this. So I have got myself in the right place. As to aqua man his sun is 0 degrees aqua. He is either going to make the leap and get here or he is going to stay stuck. I’ve told him to get the move sorted by October or I reckon he’s stuck for good. We will see. I can only offer. He now needs to step up. Only he knows what he can manage.
    As to ancestors, I never feel any links to family etc but I do to the Maia. Thanks mystic for your efforts on this. You’re indispensable.

  27. Fuq. So what happens if my natal Saturn is 0 degrees Aquarius, exactly conjunct this Great Conjunction? I’m already aware I’m going through my Saturn return but wondering how this conjunction influences it

    1. It’s amazing! Your Saturn Return is sweetened by Jupiter! Whatever the Saturn by house delineation in the Year Ahead report, maximize it assume it’s a growth model!

      1. Thank you! That feels encuranging. My Saturn is the 12th which interestingly has always eluded me. I try to study it but it’s always just beyond reach

      2. ‘My Saturn is (in) the twelfth which interestingly has always eluded me’. Maybe that is fitting for a twelfth house placement? I mean that it is not easy to pin it down?

  28. Crystallised future

    Wow. I’m stunned at the level if in-depth info here Mystic. It’s a post I’ll read several times before I’ll feel like I’ve absorbed it all. Thank you.

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