Hello To Saturn In Aquarius


It’s Saturn in Aquarius! Shout-out to all the Saturn Return folk. This situation is taking the ‘broader connection to humanity’ trope way over the top. And your Saturn Return projections probably left out “lockdown because of a pandemic.” So, my [ Read more…]

The New Aquarius Birthrock


Shungite is the new Aquarius birthstone. But I prefer the term birthrock. And anyone with an Aquarius/Uranian, zeitgeist-trippy tone to their natal energies will vibe with it. Saturn in Aquarius is imminent. December features a fantastic Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, [ Read more…]

Madame Xanadu with black cat

Post Saturn-Pluto Ennui Syndrome


As you would expect from such a staunch astro-presence in Capricorn, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction worked overtime to deliver remarkable results. Catharsis – tick. New paradigm – totally. Since this alignment first formed in April 2019, it forced growth through stressors [ Read more…]

Your Saturn Square Transit Is On Steroids


Having a Saturn square transit?  It is currently on steroids. Or, you know, whatever the current It-performance-drug of dubious provenance is. Whether your transit is Saturn square Mercury (me!) or Saturn square anything, it’s bringing unprecedented speed and strength gains [ Read more…]

Now This Is A Leo

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Now this is a Leo. Or Was. Whatever. His work makes him immortal in a way. Charles Clyde Ebbets was a stuntman, actor, wrestler, racing car driver and pilot turned photographer. Or maybe all those earlier careers were to prepare [ Read more…]