Mars Retrograde

The 2020 Venus and Mars Retrogrades

Guess which planets in retrograde are the theme of 2020? Not Mercury, that’s part of our astral rhythm. And the Outer Planets spend a significant amount of time retrograde every year. Next year features Venus and Mars Retrograde.  That’s good for weird but enticing relationships and encrypted attractions. And it’s going to be a far stronger year for love – in general – than 2019.  Why? Because we’ve been under …

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Saturn Direct Times Vintage Pulp Sci Fi

The Saturn Direct Times

In the Daily Mystic for Wednesday, I said that the Saturn Direct times are on the Moon Calendar but they’re not!!!  I am so sorry. I recall now that I only put the Mercury, Venus and Mars Retrograde/Direct times on there. Why? Because they tend to have the most impact. But this Saturn Retrograde has been such a punish that I think many people are tracking it more avidly than …

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What Do Retrogrades In Astrology Mean?

What do Retrogrades in Astrology mean? Retrogrades can sound scary. Like something is wrong in the galaxy. Or that you were born under a defective planet. I get many emails from people lamenting that they were born with Mercury Retrograde. But it is not a problem. Many a fabulous writer was born with Mercury Retrograde.  You can check out the upcoming Retrogrades in the Moon Calendar btw. Retrograde phases are immensely …

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Can I Attack A Narcissistic Vampire?

Mars Retrograde Shadow Zone Management Hi Mystic, The other half and I tried to withdraw from the orb of a Qi-vamping, Chaos and hoochie-juice-addict boss to set up business on our own in mid-May. The timing was pre-Mars retrograde but in the shadow zone. We openly offered to buy him out of his share of a side-hustle we’d been doing most of the work on but he went Troll. It’s …

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Is Retrograde Mars Career Hell or Heaven?

Is Retrograde Mars Career Hell Or Heaven? What if it is neither but rather an opportunity to re-tool? Circumstances will force you into sharpening blunt skills. And you may find that martian stoicism works better than diplomacy. Dear Mystic, A lot has been said about not making big, important life changes during Mars Retro. I find myself in a sucker situation (or blessing in disguise?) that’s been going on unchanging …

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