Saturn, Time And Karma

Saturn, Time and Karma are all linked. The catch is that nobody knows how exactly. Saturn has traditionally been the so-called Lord of Karma and Time God. He is also known as Chronos, lending his name to concepts like “chronological” and “crone.”

Having him parked on the South Node since late April has really bought out the “karmic” elements of this ancient deity. I say it in quote marks because I don’t want to join the crowds of people pretending to be experts on fate. It’s a mystery behind the veils, concealed in another dimension.

Whether you’re an astrologer, pomp-ridden patriarchal church or aspirant indigo-adult, it’s ultra-dodgy to proclaim knowledge of someone else’s karma/kismet. Nobody has the authority or expertise to divine the fate of another.

Saturn’s image changes over the various eras. Ancient Romans revered him as a Harvest God and the bringer of order to chaos. Like the Ancient Chinese, they measured everything in the every-20-years Jupiter-Saturn cycle. They did not know about the broader Saturn-Pluto cycle because Pluto was not discovered at that point.

But by Medieval times, “banishing Saturn” was a thing. He was associated with unpleasant factors such as gloom, damp, poverty and lymphatic disorder. Raising your Sun or Jupiter energy was the antidote. People wore amulets and decorated their house to ward off this baleful influence. The Golden Harvest God was more Grim Reaper.

By the 20th Century, writers like Henry Miller – a multiple conjunct Capricorn – were railing against him.  And philosopher Walter Benjamin called him “the star of the slowest revolution, the planets of detours and delays.” Saturn morphed again in the Seventies astrological ‘revival’ that occurred courtesy of Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs book. People portrayed him as more akin to Gandalf in Lord of the Rings or The Hermit of the Tarot.

Reflecting the 1970s new era management and corporation consciousness exemplified in Peter Drucker’s best-selling The Effective Executive, Saturn’s brand became more business-like. He was more coach-like, at least in the popular astrological conception.  People talked about “karma” as if it were meted out by a bunch of organized characters in boardroom.

Perhaps that was a reaction against the sometimes fatalist seeming philosophies of certain religions. Accepting one’s lot in life is the antithesis of self-determination.

A Saturn transit met with unflinching willingness to see what is, not what you wish it to be, can reap rad results.

But the Saturn South Node Conjunction in effect since late April has raised the more ancient specter of Saturn as the miserable old coot waving the scythe around. Why? The current energy is the most intense “dose” of Saturn that it is possible to have.

We have Saturn on the South Node – technically, reaping karma. Saturn is conjunct Pluto until February, and late 2020 will also feature a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. And, Saturn is in his home constellation of Capricorn.

So, if you think these are mighty and strange times, yes they are. And as befits the Time God, the current Zeitgeist feels ancient and modern. Many of the villains and corruption being unmasked (the karmic aspect) feel like they could have existed at any time in the last few millennia. Corrupt cardinals, mysteriously wealthy depraved bankers being bumped off by assassins, trade wars, Caligula-like “Emperors” and artificial manipulation of money markets.

Other aspects of it feel almost too futuristic; 5G, cryptocurrencies, facial recognition technology, and climate change. Our personal, more intimate dramas, hopes, and challenges are playing out with this gaudy, surreal backdrop.

It’s an inflection point in time itself. As I say in my Saturn-Pluto 2020 Mp3, there is a timeline for this. It’s not a new normal. It is a transition. And, while the drama is compelling, the times demand that we focus on our saga.

Everyone has tendencies that become a pattern. That pattern can be in or out of tune with time. Time is the specialty of astrology but we don’t think in days or months. To think astrologically is to see time through a prism of the Sun, Moon and planetary movements. Is it Thursday? Or is it a Dark Moon with a cluster in Virgo strengthening Saturn and Pluto?

AKA an Earth element overload. Do you have an appointment with an osteopath on the 14th or a Moon-Mars conjunction re-triggering old rage and making you more snappy at dismissing energy vampires?

Saturn on the South Node forces a new appreciation of time. For many people, it’s manifesting as irritants and challenges that feel consequential. If you think about it, they spring from situations not adequately dealt with or acknowledged in the past. Short cuts end up taking longer. Speeding up could cause a stall. Time echoes. Because we measure it so effectively, we forget that it is a force of physics. Or magic.

As the Time God moves off the South Node from mid-September, the feeling of being barraged by s**t you don’t have time for will die down. But the energy will continue to be crazily Saturnine until Feb. If you’re already over this, read my Nine Vital Truths For Saturn Transits, whether you’re having a Saturn transit or not.

Unavoidable side effects of this astral trip include heightened awareness of family and ancestral patterns/heritage, remorse over past not-crash-hot decisions and keenly feeling the consequences from past over-spending or under-nourishment.

But whatever you’re battling at the moment will inspire you to up your game considerably. And when this phase is past, you will be remarkably better off for it.

Saturn is not a gloom-monger, and you could argue that society has gotten out of balance via not enough Saturn. At its best, Saturn is good governance, conserving the environment and reward for work, not gambling.

I’m also going to be covering this in the September Horoscopes up in a few days.

In the meantime, revere time and all of the things you only learned through pain or failure. In a collection of essays called Born Under Saturn, the intellectual Susan Sontag (a multiple conjunct Capricorn) wrote about the Saturnine temperament.

She said it meant that the self was a text, to be deciphered and also a project, to be built. “The process of building a self and its works is always too slow. One is always in arrears to oneself. Things appear at a distance and come forward slowly.”

Less eloquently, perhaps Saturn is spiritual gravity?


Image: Angela Gram – Portal

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  1. Gosh I am feeling it hard! I also obsessive about knowing what time it is under this influence.
    The Saturn gang-up in is in my fourth house rolling over my Uranus-Neptune in Cap conjunction right on my IC. Heavy duty times indeed; feeling the weight of intergenerational trauma and no one in my family being interested (other than myself) in addressing it-sent a message to my mother asserting some boundaries and addressing issues I have in our relationship and got a response from my stepfather threatening to kick me out of home if I “ever upset my mother again”.

    1. Oh sweetheart much love to you. I know your pain.

      I escaped my family trauma by moving interstate. I don’t suggest you do this.

      It sounds like you live with your mum and stepfather, not sure?

      I suggest you seek outside help through a counsellor/psychologist. You parents don’t need to know. Not sure of your age though? If you are a student maybe you have an on campus counsellor.

      I could imagine being kicked out of home would be traumatic for you. What a horrible thing to say.

      Try not to get upset. This thing is manageable if you take small steps. Seek comfort in something that cheers you up finite. Try and have a good rest. Tomorrow is another day. And what a difference a day makes.


  2. Gosh! This post is a strong piece of writing that I have read twice and will read again – well crafted MM! I started wearing a wristwatch again last year – mainly to get away from looking at my “smart” phone wondering what the time was and then getting distracted by the touch screen. Its a basic ladies casio stainless steel watch with hands. I love it. It has helped me enormously to stay on track with my time management, thus reducing stress. This triple pisces venusian-neptunian says thank you Saturn.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      All this talking of watches ! I just bought a basic watch too.

      It is a deep blue in colour. My Pisces ascendant feels good wearing it. Dark and Mysterious. And it glows in the dark.
      The face looks like the midnight sky with lots of little stars.

      Tic Toc.

    2. That sounds beautiful! A watch is on my shopping list as well (3rd decan Cap Rising with my whole chart lit up by the outer planets right now)

      1. It’s like a chain reaction.

        We all should get together. The triple Goddess can pay homage to the Time God Saturn !

  3. Wow that was an intense read for a Friday early eve. Radically in depth. Have i told you love you.

    As Saturn is my chart ruler. Said once ‘i look at my watch as though i can control time’. A person replied ‘perhaps time controls you’.
    NO! Mystic says i am a time-witch. Last week my beloved ancient watch broke, glass cracked and the hands stopped. Cannot be replaced as has quadrupled in price plus. Not a Patek Phillipe alas or would have spat tears, but ‘tears for time’ at the time, for my Omega, Strangely haven’t missed it, perhaps it is karma to forget time in the twilight years 🙂
    Have noticed time fading in and out of the decades, like my 20’s were just a few months ago, my memories of events and people so detailed, passing like breezes thro’ my memory -mind. North node Scorpio so that figures.
    It’s said people stay the same age as when you met them and have been in contact with people i adored and enjoyed the 60’s & 70’s with, They feel like partners in crime or holders of secrets The antics, psychedelics, the music, the clubs we got in and up to, so deliciously politically incorrect. Money was never discussed or even thought about and one never bought a house as they were little boxes needing square white machines throughout to function. Think it was called marriage…lol.
    What and why was marriage when there was a glorious planet to explore! Hands to shake, babies to kiss and and friends to make.
    Now the skies are a mess of chemtrails and people don’t dress for jets nor handed a glass of champagne.
    Even Iceland is going to be littered with tourists and the Maldives will sink from weight of people going.

    As i have had a moon calendar sent from NZ since 88′ (the only astrologers known to me at the time) only just looked at Mystic’s moon cal. Blown away! Bigtime. So much more intimate and relatable. As the NZ one is paper squares it for each day acts as a daybook diary. Will never be able to give up paper pens rulers rubbers white-out paints and brushes as an abiding love of stationary. Long hand is a form of artistic expression.

    Celebrate Spring, the jasmin is about to bloom, red buds before the white euphoric sweetness arrives. Flower Power.
    A flower thief not a book thief.
    Blessings & Bouquets off to watch ‘Colette’ the movie.

      1. Invicta! The story of course was enjoyed but strange casting. Kiera Knightly not a Colette type and Dominic West well can’t get his role in the Affair series , like he was type cast as a cad.
        The French own Colette would have liked to see state of origin actors.
        You are an icon of how to radically change your life with determination, total fearlessness (it seemed) and courage. You have earned your avatar name.x

      1. Hello Ronnie, appears like me you peruse the blog but don’t comment that often. A warm feeling to know you are ‘close’, just a few finger taps away.
        Am painting pressed leaves with gold Windsor & Newton ink, then pressing them on textured paper. Photographing shells and stones with the superb new Iphone Xr camera that i signed my life away for.
        Hope you are continuing yours, being creative and enjoying your life with good health, happy dog(s) and hubby.x

    1. That Saturn SN vibe is totally throwing time warp vibes! Beyond the usual intensity which for me deja vu is an ordinary thing so have been paying attention.

  4. Problem is I don’t know where to look at anymore.
    Should I give importance to my rising sign, which is Capricorn at 15 degrees, or should I focus on Saturn which is in Libra at 10 degrees, but it is also conjunct Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto, all three in Libra, nonetheless is the ruler of my chart?! To overcomplicate things, if I take into account PlacidusSystem , Saturn is in the 8th house (yeah, don’t ask!), while Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto are in the 9th house. But if I take into account the Whole Signs system this stellium is in the 10th house in Libra.
    I don’t say anything about my Aries Moon, cause I’m already feeling like a Smoothie Virgo (where my Sun is!)
    I rock, but I don’t know how, when and why. :)))

    1. You’ve likely got some square action going on. Squares create a tension that can be hard to hold at times and that can create a desire to resolve the tension. How we do it is a variable (enter – choice) but I’d say that both areas need attention and balance thought they may feel like they’re not harmonising easily?

      Perhaps one of the most difficult questions to answer when looking at our own chart – where to look?

      What feels like it’s working? What feels like it isn’t? What is feeling easy or challenging? What’s flowing or feeling stuck? I keep it a bit loose on the focus and high level when this kind of feeling occurs. The whole beach might be in a grain of sand but if we’re focused on that then we miss those wonderful wide vistas and… on occasion, easy downloads.

      I’m letting the dark moon do it’s thing and will resume thinking tomorrow 🙂

      1. ****sigh***** another Sagg. Wish there were more around.Obviously peoples didn’t bonk much in February too hot or too cold for it?

          1. I know Pi, I know… I think Jupiter direct has had some bearing on coming up for air and hence being on here sporadically. Good to read you! xx

            Hey Pegs, light and breezy not so easy these days and yearning to gallop off into something fun! xx

  5. “Unflinching willingness to see what is, not what you wish it to be” is the key. And it takes maturity (time) because unflinching willingness………” can only be born of experience which has become burned into one through, well, suffering. Jung famously said people don’t change because they haven’t suffered enough or words to that effect from memory. I can’t find the quote. We come to know the right choice for us individually with our whole being and the choice entails high order self management. Otherwise others will manage us. Then and only then are we ready for the challenges of Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto because we will have an individual soul awareness, a core self, to sustain the shattering, dissolving and transforming to come as we evolve.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Funny you should mention Beep beep.

      I was just googling the road runner yesterday. I am the roadrunner trying to evade gossipy muggles and major narcissist (wily coyote,) in this town.

      Beep beep.

      1. I just saw a TV show (where an actor who is Australian but plays an American then, while talking to the pot plants he raises speaks to them in an Australian accent) was watching that show to his pot plants who had become able to communicate with him, explaining that the dingo pursued the kookaburra all over the outback.

        I’m going to look back on this period of my life to wonder why I stopped doing drugs if I was going to start watching TV. But alas, the crazy contraptions are everywhere. Acme corporation keeping us on our toes.

        1. Plants and animals like to be spoken to in French.
          TV has an energy that fuqs with your thinking. Sucks your energy.
          Only do DVD’s, documentaries,movies and series. Series are like talking books, more dimensional.

      2. Laughing it’s a ‘snap’. Used to be called The Roadrunner in my youth, cleaning up the messes people around me made. Faster than quick!
        Yes Coyote’s symbolises the trickster doesn’t it.

          1. Yes. Used to say depression is what happens to my feet when shoes too tight. An author once said ‘depression is upmarket boredom’.
            Can get ‘blue’occaisonally but never longer than 10 days because THAT state of mind IS boring :-).

          1. Not really, lovely, but I think I’m looking forward to Jupiter back on my late sadge Desc soonish
            The Knight of wands is showing up in almost every single tarot reading I am doing though, I have no idea who this person might be, I don’t think i know any younger fire sign guys.

  6. I So love this! And I was looking at a young woman on the train on Wednesday reading a book and I did that weird neck & head bend you do when you are trying to see the cover – Born under Saturn – Susan Sontag. and I was like wow gonna look that one up. Then promptly forget as my work deluged me! I have Cap in the ascendant 27 degrees so Pluto has been in my 12th house forever – it feels. I have Saturn in Aquarius in my 1st house conjunct my South node and squaring heaps of stuff. I’ve always found my cap asc a bit hard to figure out and your various essays on Capricorn and old magic and the mer goat have so helped. my Neptune conjunct moon in Scorpio which aspects everything else explains so much but until I began reading you I found my personal goaty nature (& I have always loved goats) hard to reconcile. A friend recently said to me – a Goat will look at the mountain no matter how high or steep and go – I will climb that while others will go no too hard. About 7 years ago I began writing a novel (I’m a writer of various published short stories) which when it started to unfold in front or me – I was like – this is huge! Just the research – it’s not possible. And I hid metaphorically under the bedsheets for a few weeks while the little muse kept fluttering by with lovely ideas and epic aspects and finally I said – small steps. I’ll just begin one chapter at a time. I’m now half way through the second book and although I haven’t found a publisher yet for the first book I’ve had some good reactions and also been told by one Aussie publisher that its too big for Australia I need to take it internationally. I hadn’t expected her to say that but she explained that the marketing and sales would not be able to see the target audience as it doesn’t neatly fit into genres. How far am I up my mountain? Not sure but I’m loving the view and the caves. And the eagles that soar around me.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Wow. I would love to read your book when it comes out. I live in Australia.

      I had a giggle when the publisher said it was too big for Aussies. And aren’t you lucky to have a publisher who is a lateral thinker.

      Can you give us the title and general description when it is published please ?

      1. Capricorn men make good partners. Their directness stability, coolness and excellent taste is appealing methinks.
        And the women a force of nature.
        Most of us probably read Linda Goodman’s take on the relationship signs in our earlier days. Some of us even poured over it…….lol.

  7. Omg, I’m coming to the end of a 13 month licence disqualification, it has been a hellish purgatory .
    I’ve managed to keep working full time, taking 4 buses per day, I am definately astounded at my tenacity.
    Lessons learned
    I can rely on myself wholly
    I can survive
    I also believe my dUI was a cruel twist of fate manipulated by selfishness of people around me when I had asked for a ride to collect my vehicle.
    I am 30 days sober.

    1. Keep telling yourself how it wrecks your skin. Let others ruin theirs, you are above that.
      Having ‘a drink’ is not ‘drinking’ and of course you can survive AND thrive.
      And save.
      Drink Pellegrini .It’s the close to holy water..
      Drink Elderberry tea.
      Look forward to the thanx you get from your body.

        1. Buy yourself, a la Leo, a chalice, crystal or something as beautiful, and have it with you to satisfy the Piscean attraction to liquids. Or a artisan cup.(tarot symbolism?). So many varieties of green tea around, so become a tea connoisseur.
          The buzz you get from doing something healthy for yourself is worth it and i don’t mind the feeling of self righteousness and self congratulation 🙂

  8. I have been investigating my Saturn transits thus far and events, in particular the angles eg squares and oppositions to itself. I have found some odd but ironic and enlightening links to events that appear on the surface as unrelated. Isn’t that just an 8th house theme and that’s been the trend – looking below the surface, not judging and deciding a position or experiencing that and then loosening it off as but one possible theory.

    – excavating and mining
    – exhuming and burying (in some cases re-burial)

    And I give myself the riddle – how many times can you bury a thing?
    And the replying voice becomes deep, sombre and echoes all time as if from Saturn or some distant sky directly replies – until you let go.
    Like really let go, not surface let go or save face let go or protect yourself let go but genuinely willingly let go and experience that. No matter how many times that happens it’s a challenge because the human structure is also built to protect itself from such threats real or perceived.

    It’s tiring really but all good journeys will wear you out along the way.

    And that’s just the day to day grind really… not the actual big revelations or the anticipated cool gifts to come. I have a kind of iou from Saturn (and Pluto) that says this is loosely the sort of outcome you can expect if I do the work and they make good on their promise. Uranus chuckles on the other side of the sky… we’ll see lads, we’ll see……

    The global challenges are too big for me to unpack here but SO important and just as I was typing I got a feeling, an echo of the decadent 80’s where human indulgence with lack of regard for consequences was peaking and I don’t know that we’ve ever really come back from there but rather changed face/s and focuses. Certainly some of what we are witnessing now is themed that way, it’s decadent, indulgent no matter what costume and (broadly) so many seem lacking in the ability to really listen unless they are gazing at their own mouth moving or having their say first or last as in mine counts, yours doesn’t but I’m giving you your 5 minutes – superficially.

    I edited – I have one other obscure theory of everything and nothing. I was reading recently that the centre of the earth has increased speed again and is moving quicker than the surface. This is something scientists have been attempting to measure and prove for some time. Ok, so my theory is that this might be why everything feels sped up as I’ve noted this is not a theme typically relegated to older folk but appears to be more universal. No, I don’t have a single bit of evidence to join those dots, I just liked the way they joined, it sort of made sense to me.

    1. When i wrote above about the 60’s & 70’s was going to mention that the 80’s are deliberately forgotten. Just not interested. And women had a hard time from banks getting loan’s w/o a hubby.
      Besides the music was crap

      1. I remain conflicted about the 80’s and a subjective view can do that but hey, it was decadent and chaotic and kind of reckless. Still, in retrospect it wasn’t my fave decade for a great many reasons despite some great memories. It’s a polarised decade that felt like it was swinging wildly from extreme to extreme and yes, underneath some of the surface show were old ideals from decades prior that were just as potent as they always were. In some ways it was superficial and in others perhaps the prelude to where we are now.

        I have a similar view to you about the music or at least I’ve been (surprisingly) rigid in that view for a long time but I realised that so many great artists I appreciate/d came out of that decade so I remind myself of that. There was some amazing music but if we were to talk ‘pop’ from that decade I’d likely go with crap and have regularly gone with crap – actually I’m still good with crap. Whilst typing I wonder what the view will be upon reflection in 30 to 40 years on the ‘pop’ music of this decade, um… might be crap? Hahaha, soz anyone who’s into it, not trying to be offensive 🙂

        1. As a rabid music lover and follower, classical is now my go to, no words. Especially chamber music, and strings, like harp cello lutes & flutes etc.. Chinese and Japanese instruments and even the Crickets of Namibia are doing it for me.
          Radio like TV is punishing on the ears which are so close to the brain….
          And so love a good guitar, especially Southern USofA artists.
          Darling you could never be offensive, frank, direct in -your- face and stunningly truthful perhaps.

          1. Agreed – there’s some great southern guitar sounds to be savoured like a good meal and I am also a bit challenged to find music I like right now, I think to some extent it’s word based, I don’t resonate with the lyrics and can’t have it playing as some kind of catchy mantra if I’m not aligned even if the riff is cool. Sighs… has limited my sound intake and been a bit frustrating – it too goes in the Saturn Pluto transit basket.

  9. It’s all happening in my 5th and I am barely hanging on. Returned to therapy and asked the doctor to medicate me. I am desperately trying to turn it into something useful and creative. Poetry/lyrics, collaborating with a musician, photography. I know I can probably squeeze something out of this. But omg I feel like I am dying…like I’m being beaten up by life. Incarcerated. It is SO BAD.

    1. I also went through a “why is this happening to me, I thought these people were my friends, why did my lovely husband die so young” but what I concluded was my strength and resilience are amazing-
      I hope this helps – Keep moving forward and even when you feel like you are going backwards or being swamped with more emotion than you think is humanly possible, look forward. You are an important part of the tapestry of living here on earth. No-one else is like you. If you weren’t needed, you would ‘t have been born. There is a better life ahead, just keep walking. Like I said before – you will learn to walk through hell. Iis no place to rest, just keep walking.
      Hope this helps you manage/tolerate/survive your days a bit better.

      1. Beautiful words Tina. Going through the fire indeed.
        Rubin fire,… X
        sometimes the productive act can be simply the act of falling in a heap. And yet… that creative breadcrumb trail does help us alchemise certain things without needing to dissect it all for an outside world that thinks we owe it an explanation in short sentences for whatever tf is going on for us
        much love xxx

    2. Sweetie you are just having a Dark Night of the Soul. Usually they happen 2-5 times during a lifetime.
      I call it ‘throwing myself under the doona’.
      How good is it that you can voice it and acknowledge it.
      IT IS a Saturn thread. Time? It passes. It’ll be alright on the night kiddo. Remember the cracks are where the light comes in.
      My Nana told me this adage when aged 5:
      ‘I was sad because i had no shoes-then i saw a man who had no feet’. Guess she was giving me a Gratitude lesson. Only way to go.

  10. wow.

    thank you. that’s a lot of very helpful info!

    i kinda love saturn thanks to helpful posts like these. have learned a lot of stuff in the last 20 years – many hard, sh!tful truths – and am actually enjoying all the saturn at the moment! BUT i see some people around me who have no interest in learning about themselves losing their sh!t of late. qi vampires trying to drain me – i’m not having a bar of it, though.

  11. I’m feeling it! My Cap Rising is at 26 degrees Capricorn so Saturn is my ruling planet and Saturn and Pluto are getting ready to conjunct my ascendant. This is all in my 12th house! I also have Saturn natally in Virgo in the 8th!

  12. Saturn karma time… sounds like a prison sentence to me. The authority, the punishment and the length of incarceration. When you look, at the reality of the human condition, as it is, not as you would like it to be, we see the life of a prisoner. Stripped on entry of all past memory and knowledge of who you are, why you are here, in this body, and for how long.
    Once incarnated ( or incarcerated) , it takes a long time to get your head around how the prison system works. Once you realize that the system is set up to incarcerate ( you ain’t going anywhere) , to retrain you, (so you stop self harming and being harmful to others) and to punish ( via embedded thoughtforns such as the Karma cane, or by other prisoners wielding their free will card, referred to as the Lucifer License.
    When the sentence has elapsed you will be literally taken without notice to the gates of the prison and released, where to ? Nobody knows ?
    The Buddhists say that this is the moment, the small window, where Saturn, karma and time have released you, they have no power over you. Here one judges themselves and moves on to the place that this judgement decrees.

    So go easy on yourself fellow prisoners.
    Absolutely nothing built here won’t be dust in a relatively short time. Including Saturn.

    1. Is it delusional to think that no one is to blame for any of it? Therefore no one is guilty. Cause that’s all I can come up with. Not just to allay my own conscience but I can’t find any other possibility.

    2. DAVID! Is your logo saying you have been around longer than god. Before the aliens came and biologically uplifted us, changed our DNS, made us prettier.
      Just found a book written in the 30’s called ‘Outwitting the Devil’, didn’t know it was by the author of ‘think something and grow rich’.

      David i have actually been to prison, in Belgium for 2 years & 10 days and 8 hours. (no publicity my boobs weren’t big enough) and trust me true life is very very different to prison. You can open your own doors for a start and can walk and keep ON walking, no walls.
      An Australian won Wimbleton on my release day, symbolic i thought.
      Fuq David, go do a sojourn in Tahiti or Huahine to experience FREEDOM. A sarong, fish, fruit ,coconuts and pakalolo. Liberte par excellence.

  13. Humm..karma as spiritual Gravity..well that’s good for thought! I read about a cientist that wrote books around his idea that that life on earth doesn’t work under evolution but from habit. That resonates a lot with me. When I have to make a change or discover an unhealthy emotional pattern for example, it’s not so much about evolving or becoming better etc it’s about cutting a pattern/habit that usually comes from childhood and the Universe takes care of the rest. For me Karma is mostly an habit and its consequences. It’s not supposed to be lived and relived but transmuted um new energy.

    1. Saturn in Pisces

      Both “karma as spiritual gravity” and “karma as habit” are awesomely succinct ideas – and much more empowering and non-alarmist than typical treatments.

  14. I have had the most interesting opportunities for learning about my boundaries and working on putting them in place nicely but firmly. It started small here and there at the beginning of 5 months ago. But I have had three HUGE occurrences of having no way out either put my boundaries in place or be run over by steam roller events. Not remotely pleasant but all three did give me the opportunity for growth in picking me, having a very firm boundary and continuing to say “no” to the person’s nonsense. Growth has been good but wow what an extreme ride of emotions.

  15. Word! “Barraged by shit” totes sums up the last 5 months for me. And still it goes on. The to-do list keeps magically growing. Just when I think I might get a chance to rest, some other essential task is brought to my attention. Downtime is a mirage in the far distance I can never quite reach.

    And yet.

    And yet.

    I’ve moved into the apartment of my dreams, had the best holiday of my life, started writing that novel every day I’ve been trying to finish for 20 years, scored 2 extra jobs just when I ran out of money, and a sick daughter appears to be on a slightly upward path after years living in hell.

    Still, bring on September!!!

  16. I have some weird blurry thing in my eye and I read the second sub-head as “Saturn-tastic” LOL.
    A billion times yes to all this. How painful has it been to look those old-era choices in the eye and understand consequences and that I am where I am (and where I’m not) simply because of choices and my internal script. And have to admit that all the stress and drama of certain ingrained ways of coping just isn’t working. And how much of it comes from my fam-of-origin merde and painful self-worth issues.
    All this is happening on my 5th house moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno-Vertex and it’s fuqing madness, it really is. I’m taking myself away for a few days to re-set. It’s not the ideal time to check out of my responsibilities but I think I really need it. If nothing else I need to walk in nature and get my sleep sorted. Ugh.

  17. Wish Upon a Star

    Aspiring Indigo Aspirant.

    Self determination is the antidote to accepting “ones lot in life”. Who is the fuqwit that came up with that term anyway? It sounds so Victorian Era. I see a cockney lady in her servants kitchen having a cup of tea and ruminating at the end of a long day. Maybe that was me in a previous life. LOL !

    And yes because I put up with an intolerable situation in my 11th house for way too long my subconscious(Pluto) broke out and brought things to a head.

    Things can’t be the same as they were. This has brought healing tears, stress reduction, movement and change. The future opens up for me and I see many juicy options.

    A really good post Mystic ! Thank you.

  18. Saturn conjunct Chiron (2°orb) 2nd house opposite Pluto, Isis, Uranus, Pando (all at 15° Virgo).Taurus 4th H Sun. I have been dredging the karmic swamp hoping to rise like a bright indigo lotus blossom. Maybe.

  19. This is just brilliant. It’s like a manifesto of our time. I’ve been having an intense time of it, with recognition of old patterns, dramas, regrets coming up to be examined and let go. Thanking Mystic for helping make Saturnine sense of it. I think I’ll be reading this again and again.

  20. Fifth house: I’ve asked before. What up with ♄ in the pleasure zone? Currently all pleasure is sparse primarily because health is a dictatorship

    1. I’m no astro expert, but it is all going down in my 5th house so I can share how it’s been for me. If Cap is your 5th house are you Leo rising? I’ve found it useful to think of my 5th house as my ‘Leo’ house of creativity. I am rebuilding a creative practice and finding ways to infuse more creativity into my everyday life. As far as romance/pleasure goes, I am finding that it is authenticity or nothing. Saturn on my moon for most of the year has meant I’ve been alone and am focusing on myself. My standards are very clear now about what constitutes fun/pleasure/romance. If it’s not authentic and with simpatico people, I’d rather be home in bed reading a book. The extra alone time has meant time to process a whole bunch of SN stuff about patterns of relating, self-worth etc.
      I hope that helps!

      1. Oh chrysalis that’s lovely of you thanks, the fifth house stuff is clearer. Natally, saturn is in my twelfth house. It’s currently pressing all over creativity as well as boundaries, absolutely. I’m so burnt out wrestling life, I get zero time on my creative practice. The elite and conservative government are destroying any semblance of worklifebalance. I feel like I can’t even touch creativity right now and my heart is breaking over it. The fifth house with ♄ in it is about finding my joy regardless of limits isn’t it?

        1. These are crazy times for sure, with what is going on geo-politically. I am doing The Artist’s Way again -baby steps back into it because with my two difficult jobs I have so little energy. But creative Me is demanding I make time for it or else she sabotages my day jobs.
          I can recommend Astral DNA and Mystic’s Saturn-Pluto rant for understanding the 5th house better. xx

  21. I know Saturn really well. We get on, we have to. I’m so anti fragile I’m afraid I’m becoming brittle !! I do however believe we carry our fate or it carries us. I’ve got Christ dna all over my chart and Christ do I know it! You’re here to serve and never ask for what you want. When I was told it I reeled, at the statement but also at the utter truth of it. Once I grasped that life has been so much easier. So currently in what is an utterly surreal time. My horrid cappi ex has tried to contact me and my daughter, that’s always fraught. I walked out on my capter yesterday, I just lost it. The house sale, They’ve been in the house five days and are suing me for the heating system ! So I’m sitting here understanding that I cannot work under management but have to be management because that’s where I utterly shine rather than being dulled into oblivion. I’m going to bankrupt myself because I’m basically there anyway and they can go sort their own damn heating out. And I will never speak to my ex unless and until he’s done the work and instead of crying down the phone about how bad his life is he comes to me and says I’m sorry, I owe you money and what can I do to help. Ha well that is another twenty lifetimes away I feel. Currently finishing up my season’s work. No idea if there’s work next year for me, homeless and got some health stuff to face. Very little money in the bank. I feel like I’m expended. So yes this time is just another crazy mash up of crap. I’m used to it, I just wonder if I’ve the energy to magic my way out of it again.

    1. Oh and just watching my father go into a care home costing £1000 a WEEK due to Lewy body dementia. Holding my mother together and watching all this play out. I’d almost forgotten about that. Maybe I do need to give everything away and just walk out into freedom

    2. Wish Upon a Star

      Oh emg please don’t give up. Please do whatever you have to do to regroup.

      You are just despairing I feel. Too bad you can’t make use of your ex husband’s solicitor skills. Or could you? I can see him nipping that heating issue in the bud. He does have a vested interest in the well being of his daughter. You are the minder of the daughter and you need to be well.

      For God’s sake isn’t asking for help a good antidote to a Christ Complex.

      You just need someone to throw you a life buoy and jump on it. Look out for the signs soon.

      I understand about the need to be your own boss. But I feel if just the stress of the heating issue was lifted you could tolerate your Taurus boss.

      I was so happy for you hearing of your travels on the boat. I saw you in your element.

      Please just have a cry and a rest. Please don’t give up just because you feel bereft.
      I love you. You are like a Shining Lighthouse. Big Hugs to you !


      1. Yeah I was just feeling sorry for myself. I’ll magic something up preferably fearless freedom. Thanks for your kind wishes. Much appreciated I can tell you. X

  22. Saturn on my ascendent first house. It’s been intense and harsh AF. I am however learning to appreciate the strength it has given me. I am already not the same person I was when Saturn moved into Capricorn. I guess it’s part of my journey and I am learning to embrace who I am becoming and to trust the process, which for a Taurus sun like me does not come easily. 😊

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