Tomorrow Is Always Fresh

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So I just got sent this story about the battlefield anesthetic turned party drug ketamine being turned into an anti-depressant with the message “so Saturn-Neptune.” Yes, totes. There will be all manner of reappraisal of drugs (Neptune = Drugs) with [ Read more…]

dark skinned hand model with jewels and red acrylic nail manicure. Her hand is on a white vintage telephone with mysterious markings on it instead of numbers

The Scorpio Frequency

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Happy Scorpio New Moon People! This one was near Mercury and so yes, it came with a message and/or window of opportunity. Decipher it and heed it to ensure more consistent transmissions from the Scorpio Frequency. Scorpio, of course, brings [ Read more…]

Mars Zaps Hard

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For many of us, this Mars vibe (Mars conjunct Uranus and square Pluto) is like a whole new hormone unleashed n our system. Everything feels urgent, if is possible to have less-than-zero tolerance for fluff and clutter, than yes, we [ Read more…]