Mars square Pluto

Which Mars In Aries Experience Are You?

Which Mars in Aries experience* are you? Is it like lockdown resolutions where you start out planning to make your own spirulina and pasta but end up with garish and vaguely insulting “same again?” suggestions from the food delivery algorithm?  Or in the Mars equivalent, you set up your mission H.Q. and scale every goal to be suitably extreme. This Mars trip has a soundtrack, a primal thudding doof of …

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The Mars In Aries Astro-Rave Mp3 Is Here

We are just days away from Mars in Aries for 27 weeks! This is legit rare. It’s not your usual “don’t nark off on social media, do martial arts” Mars Retrograde. It’s going to be six months with Mars, Saturn, and Neptune strong on their home turf.  Mars squares Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto – three times. Lilith meets Eris in Aries, Mars is Retro between 15 and 28 Aries + …

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Mars Retrograde Questions Answered

Mars Retrograde Questions Answered

  Mars Retrograde Questions Answered. The Warrior Planet turns Retrograde every two years, bringing both threats and opportunity. Learn more! Legal Action That Has To Happen With Mars Retrograde Dear Mystic, So, I am wondering, when/if there is a date to go for legal action this year? Background info: I worked on deferred payment for an independent documentary production.   With all Virgoan humility, I can say that I did …

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dark skinned hand model with jewels and red acrylic nail manicure. Her hand is on a white vintage telephone with mysterious markings on it instead of numbers

The Scorpio Frequency

Happy Scorpio New Moon People! This one was near Mercury and so yes, it came with a message and/or window of opportunity. Decipher it and heed it to ensure more consistent transmissions from the Scorpio Frequency. Scorpio, of course, brings to mind Uncle Pluto, about to be engaged by Lilith, Venus, and Mars. This is like an occult soap opera, complete with a renewed commitment to manicures & you getting …

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Samhain, Stolen Valour & Surrealism

Samhain Southern Hemisphere style is confusing. Do you take the weather as your cue (Samhain is seasonally Winter) or go with it being a Scorpio time? Regardless of how you intend to celebrate/ignore so-called Halloween, in Pagan lore, it is Samhain, the festival of the dead. No candy, no costume, just an honoring of those who have left this dimension already.  It seems a more fitting event to occur at …

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