Jupiter Saturn Conjunctions From 2092 B.C. Until 2100 C.E.

Scroll down for every Jupiter Saturn conjunction date from 2092 BC until 2100 C.E. The color-coding shows which element they occurred in. As you can see, they run in clusters of a particular element before changing to a new one. The conjunction of December 2020 is not only the closest since the Middle Ages. it is the first in Aquarius since 1405.

Why are the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction dates so important?

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is easily the most written about astrological-phenomenon in history. Called the Great Conjunction or the Chronocrator – as in time-keeper – it occurs every 19.85 years. But the alignments form far greater cycles of 60 years, 180 years, and so on. It’s the basis of many calendars, Feng shui, and astro-financial predictions. The last was at the turn of the millennium in 2000 in Taurus and the next is hot around the corner at the end of this year.

Jupiter is the go-to planet for wealth and being boss. Saturn marked the known edges of the galaxy for millennia before the discovery of the other planets. This conjunction is congruent with wealth and power, which has historically been linked to new rulers and eras of leadership. Aspirant Emperors and Empresses would hold out for this specific moment.  Michaelangelo’s David was launched to the public at the exact moment of Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Cancer. It was probably the ‘bright star’ above the Bethlehem stable where Jesus was born and writers like Chaucer saw it as undoing the ill-effect of Saturn.

The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions Align With Global Meta-Trends

When these two meet, it initiates an entirely new cycle of business, society, and worldly trends. The Great Conjunction has infinite amounts of symmetry: on top of all the cycles mentioned above, it also runs in elements – fire, earth, etc. This switches every 200 years or so, and the next conjunction – happening on the Solstice on December 21st, 2020 – marks the change from Earth into the first Air cycle since the 15th Century, occurring at 0º Aquarius. This is way more Age of Aquarius than whatever they were talking about in the Sixties.

This previous Earth cycle began in 1842, which was 20 years after the start of the Industrial Revolution. All the Global Financial Fuqery we find ourselves in today has largely been shaped by this prior Earth series – capitalism, neoliberalism, corrupt supply chains, and the likes. This coming conjunction in December has been in the works for ages, bringing the feeling of a completely new financial system and paradigmatic shift. The future is here – more collaboration, sci-fi tech innovation, mass ingenuity, a focus on ideas, and the intangible over material gains.

Earth Shifts To Air Over 2020 to 2022

The last Great Conjunction in Aquarius was in 1405 in the midst of the Renaissance era. Great social change was taking place after the fading of the Middle Ages, with the emphasis placed on ‘new ways of thinking’ and radical innovation. This coming Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is the ultimate NEW new, which will continue to unfold over the coming years, especially as Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2023. Change is imminent – as we watch the old Capricornian hustle/grind/work culture disintegrate, Aqua comes in to disrupt and fundamentally shift the status quo.
Jupiter Saturn Conjunction dates from 2092 BC until 2100 CE

Image: Leonora Carrington 

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