Turbulent Times Part Three


If you are interested in how we got here, zip back to Part One and the posts that I link to in there. Otherwise, our starting point is that we’re at the beginning of a new epoch and while none of the people reading this will be that surprised, the velocity is breath-taking.

If you remember the Saturn Time/Uranus Time post, you will recognize this as Uranus time, also known as Einstein time. Normal time, with all its orderly rhythms, is suspended and not just because of the lock-down/viral mitigation measures.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans had two Time Gods – Chronos (like Saturn) and Kairos (Uranian.) I’m not mentioning this because I want to waffle on about mythology: grokking this concept is now key to your competitive edge.

Muse on this line from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar for a moment:

There is a tide in the affairs of men,
Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat.
And we must take the current when it serves,
or lose our ventures.

It’s easy to crap on about being extraordinary when the times are ordinary. But in extraordinary times, most people scale back the artistry and inventiveness, because it doesn’t feel ‘safe.’ Or they become utterly unmoored and drift into dark-water Neptune pursuits; cults & addictions.

They think they can fend off Kairos and Uranian energy by doubling down on old-era values: the races, traditional celebrations or foods, the monotheistic religion they were raised in, class barriers or traditional politics. At the moment, conditions prevent this becoming obvious but when we’re allowed out again, you’ll notice it everywhere.

Yet the coming energy is Pluto in Aquarius, from 2023 until 2044. That is not a typo. Pluto, usually in a sign for approximately 12-13 years, is spending 20 years in Aquarius. That’s what this is heading toward. Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius from December to light the way. I don’t care who thought the Age of Aquarius was in the Sixties – this is it.

So here are 11 mindset tips – the health/money ones are in part One, though these may touch on them. Some may be annoying –  take what resonates!

(1) Morph your attitude from being a person who adapts to change into someone who creates change. You summon it up from the aether. Inventing new ways to make things happen is your new chill. You are formulaic but it’s a magic formula and you adjust it every 2nd Moon. Jessica Snow’s Lightning Rod meditation is fantastic for enhancing this aspect of your mind – I love it.

(2) You can successfully live in a society that’s behind the times if you don’t merge your consciousness with it. Select your company and data wisely.

(3) The political representation movement as you know it is dying – direct democracy enabled by rapid digital tech dev is the future. Defining yourself as ‘a Liberal’ or a ‘whatever’ is passe, lazy and an energy suck. Yes, vote but think beyond that.

(4) Don’t be weirded out by solitude or people you know/friends segueing into naive passivity, conservative social attitudes. If you and another were drifting apart anyway, this accelerates it. Other relationships and affinities become closer to compensate. Turbulent times are like a psychic version of the factory reset. I would not be at all surprised to see a new kind of a Scientology-like religion emerge and take off. It will have elements of rightness but also be fully whack and controlling. If your friends and family succumb, they’ll dismiss you as a lower density being.

(5) Don’t cast change as the ‘something big’ you’ll do later. The only way to future-proof is to alter things all the time. If you’re Uranian (strong in Aquarius or Uranus energy), you know this dance: you’re existentially anxious and stifled right before the change cue. Then you zap into whatever the morph is. It only looks irrational from the outside. But really, it’s like an earth-lightning symbiosis. Lightning strikes are never random – it looks for matching energy in the ground.

(6) Micro changes generate Macro energy shifts and awareness. Even if it is just changing your brand of vacuum cleaner or certain social media follows, you’re repatterning your brain. Neuroplasticity is everything and yes there is a ‘gut-brain’ – digestion matters to consciousness.

(7) Give up on the signaling and guilting. Telling someone they can’t talk about how they feel or where they’re at with something because others are worse off is just a modern version of the puritan shut-down. Your job is to stay healthy, wealthy, magic and safe – not prove your ‘goodness’ to unappointed moral police people. Everyone has their struggles, we all have compassionate causes we care about and contribute to when we can, nobody is perfect.

(8) Magic is real and the Uranian era is going to be excellent for it. There is always value to be gleaned from ancient texts or a well-defined philosophy but create your own practice. It’s a style of awareness, not a liturgy that you need to know by rote.

(9) The only competitive edge now is in speed-learning and that includes not slowing your mind down by pretending to conform. If someone wants to play ‘back to normal’ by November games, they can get their own sandpit. Hang out with them and before you know it, you’ll hear yourself rambling on about some job, partner, social status or event that you apparently now want. Your voice will sound strangely hollow because part of you will have astral traveled out of your body to not be associated with the s**t you’re talking. It’s Phantom Deficit Syndrome and the pandemic protocols should have cured it.

(10) Scenarios where you can’t do as you want and have security concerns – income or living arrangements you’re not comfortable with – generate stress. Give yourself the gift of scientific-detached objectivity with this. It is stress – which you know how to handle because you have handled it before – and it’s temporary. As you may have noticed, things change more quickly in a time of Kairos. Being productive and ingenious is good for you and no matter what happens, it certainly can’t hurt.

(11) D.I.Y. is very Uranus in Taurus and fantastically empowering. If you’re fixing/doing things you would have previously out-sourced, be proud. What if instead of something being ‘wrong’ – which is how our systems can interpret change, something is right? Look for the liberation portal – it’s there and growing.

Astro 1

There are two aspects of your natal chart that are super-relevant to now. The first is the planet that rules your 6th house. This is classically associated with your health and constitution. So you will need your natal chart for this and to find or know the sign on the border of the 6th house. See below for the rulerships but don’t interpret this stringently.

Rather, think about the energy and principles of that planet – or Sun/Moon – and the characteristics of the sign. Within that contemplation is a unique and magically super-charged wellness insight. Don’t be afraid to simplify it into a neat little theory. Waffling and fluff never made anything more profound. Turn it into an equation.

Think of, for example, a 6th house in Cancer, ruled by the Moon. Where is the Moon? Immersing yourself in (or expressing) the affairs and themes of the Moon house is remedial in this case. Or if your 6th house is Scorpio, ruled by Mars + Pluto. Holding in anger could be problematic in more ways than you realize but being competitive + go-getter in your Mars house contributes to wellbeing in non-obvious ways.

Another example: Sagittarius 6th house with Jupiter as ruler in the 11th house, in Taurus. Jupiter here is the entertainer and desires a large social circle. It’s great but Saggo 6th house is the epitome of ‘needs constant motion’ and Jupiter is more of a banqueter. This is a person who would literally thrive through blending social needs with something where they’re in the open air and moving fast. Yes, it’s a running group. They don’t need to make flexibility a priority as that’s probably a strong area already. But without cardio + open-air, this placement seizes up and starts psycho-googling for supplements.

Also Vital: your natal Mars

Mars is your ‘going gets tough’ mate. Your natal Mars is how you respond to threats or take advantage of opportunities. It’s your stamina and defense tactics, how you motivate others and what you tell yourself at 4 am in the morning when you think you’ve fuqed everything up. So look at your natal Mars, its house and aspects. If you don’t know them, they are all in Astral DNA.

Currently, your Mars strengths and weaknesses will be coming to the fore. Mars in Virgo people (*waves) are good at pattern recognition but how bad is it when you go totally off track to blitz a minor task or obsessively research details that possibly don’t warrant that much time?

You need your Mars Vibe now – know its assets and liabilities so you can deploy it to the best effect. Mars in Leo is brilliant at inspirational speeches and noble gestures but slows the pace by second-guessing the optics of their moves. By the time they’ve got the soundtrack and wardrobe right or feel ‘ready’, the moment may have passed passed.

Astro 2

I am going to talk about this more in Part 4 but Jupiter/Saturn conjunct right before Xmas starts a new era. Yes, another one. 2020 is unique in that Saturn/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto, and Jupiter/Saturn all occur in one year. It means that the part of your natal birth chart between 20 Capricorn and 5 Aquarius is exceptional for success, metaphysics, self-mastery, and prosperity. If you focus on these areas or even do little maps of them and journal your observations, you will come up with statis-busting, invigorating ideas, guaranteed.

Finally, I think that in terms of the virus, the astro has two leading indicators.

(1) It began with Saturn-Pluto – they were in orb of their conjunction from last November – and now Saturn is in Aquarius. The situation looks to be improving in multiple places and there is talk of relaxing the lockdown. If they are not personally affected by this or working their arse off in a frontline job, many people feel a bit less freaked about this than they were.

But if I were to go purely on the astrology (not the virology, which I know nothing about, lol), I would say that it would be back with extra bite in July. That’s when Saturn backs into Capricorn until Xmas. Not only that, but Mars will also be in Aries from July until January 2021. It’s great for individual self-determination but it also means Mars squares Saturn and Pluto three times in a row over August until January 2021.

So expect a second wave of the virus and/or for the geopolitical tensions generated by the situation to spike. Remember, the bubble economy was always going to burst and a Uranus in Taurus economy/society has fantastic potential. And the situation as it stood had tectonic fault lines. Good things will come out of this but maximize now till July to buffer your immune system and beam some agile, Uranian type ingenuity toward your business and work vibe.


Aries – Mars
Taurus – Venus
Gemini – Mercury
Cancer – The Moon
Leo – The Sun
Virgo – Mercury – some say Vesta
Libra – Venus
Scorpio – Pluto or Mars if you’re old-school
Sagittarius – Jupiter
Capricorn – Saturn
Aquarius – Uranus
Pisces – Neptune

164 thoughts on “Turbulent Times Part Three”

  1. Saturn in Pisces

    “Mars in Leo is brilliant at inspirational speeches and noble gestures but slows pace by second-guessing the optics of their moves. By the time they’ve got the soundtrack and wardrobe right or feel ‘ready’, the moment has passed.”

    Jaw DROPPED. Sun conjunct my Mars in Leo today and the “right wardrobe/soundtrack” element… eerie, so accurate.

  2. My 6th house is in Capricorn; I have Saturn in it at 24° along with Neptune and Uranus in Cap too! I had my exact Saturn return a few days around the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. I spent the whole year of 2019, preparing my wedding and transforming my body and mind with home workouts and intuitive eating. I got the revenge abs! I also got promoted at work, but the new hirees are Qi vampires, though. Now I am doing what I like, working from home because of the pandemic and away from all the drama. My husband is a quadruple Scorpio founder and CEO of his digital agency, with a Venus/Saturn/Neptune/Uranus in Cap in his 2nd house. We are working hard, and it pays off.
    I feel a drastic change now that we are back at it! During Saturn in Aquarius, it was very breezy, and I had some crystalline realizations. My natal Mars is at the end of my 7th house in Aquarius; it is squaring Pluto. My Sun is in Aries in the 10th; my rising sign is Leo. With my Moon in Libra, this is a lot of opposition to go through. I found relief into Saturn’s school, by enhancing my routine and taking care of myself (reparenting), I built a strong base of operations.
    The evening Mars entered Aries, it was like a switch turned on, and I was finally able to see some deep emotional patterns in me. Ah, I forgot to mention that Jupiter and Chiron are in my 12th house. This Summer eclipses were hardcore healing for me; I love it! All of these energies start to make so much more sense, and I understand myself better thanks to my Astral DNA report. Bravo Mystic, our guide into the future!

  3. ‘If you’re Uranian (strong in Aquarius or Uranus energy), you know this dance: you’re existentially anxious and stifled right before the change cue. Then you zap into whatever the morph is. It only looks irrational from the outside.

    You utterly nailed this Mystic – happening for me right now (Uranus conjunct Sun)

  4. Yeah, this makes so much sense to me, all of it. As fir this ‘how bad is it when you go totally off track to blitz a minor task or obsessively research details that possibly don’t warrant that much time?’ – bang on, also Mars in Virgo and it is SO easy for me to get sidetracked (actually even right now I am sidetracked, but in a good way). So much to contemplate here. I fully expect a second wave too – it’s inevitable with looney toons like the Trumpster relaxing the shelter in place stuff too fast, what the cuss do they think is going to happen? Not good for the economy? There’ll be no frikkin economy left to worry about when they have to shut down for a solid year or more just to make sure the thing is stamped out because they loosened up to soon. Eejits.

    Can we just clone Jacinda and install her in all heads of state positions?

  5. Thanks for these useful tips!

    6th house Cancer. Natal moon is conjunct Mercury in the 3rd house.
    Natal Mars (Leo) in the 6th house trines natal Mercury (Aries) in the 3rd
    Transit Pluto and Jupiter in the 12th squaring moon in the 3rd

    I’ve been trying to write a novel and have been switching between enthusiasm and serious doubt over whether or not its realistic to keep going with it. Apart from the writing, there is a lot of research and other work involved. On top of this, the story is moving and shifting around dramatically. Cue an online astro reading that said maybe this thing is not your thing.

    I promptly dropped the project (sometime March) and felt really down about it. But now I’ve cranked it back up and my mood has lifted.

    Am I saying something here? I hope so…. I think the tip from Astro 1 relates to this back and forth.

    Then this Mystic magic :

    Mars in Leo is brilliant at inspirational speeches and noble gestures but slows pace by second-guessing the optics of their moves. By the time they’ve got the soundtrack and wardrobe right or feel ‘ready’, the moment has passed.

    Thanks again for everything you put into writing these posts, Mystic.

  6. Ahh this is so interesting. I’ve been thinking about my Uranus-ruled Aqua 6th house, as Saturn has just arrived. Venus lives there, conj Ceres and the Dsc. Uranus is in my first and makes many aspects: conj Pluto and Mars, opp Sun-Saturn-Merc and Chiron, and trine my MC. Does this make me Uranian?
    How this affects my sixth house is unclear to me. I’ll have to think more about it. Perhaps it means that my sixth house related stuff needs to be expressed as part of my identity? Complete reinvention of my daily habits?? I’ve been so restless lately, reinvention has been on my mind.

  7. Bit bifuddled by my own 6th house riddle.. 6th house Gemini (plus Mars), Mercury is in Aries in 3rd. Both planets are in mutual reception and in a very tight sextile. (Less than 1 degree.)

    The answer is…writing, and expressing myself? I type up one page of whatever’s on my mind every night before I go to bed (handwriting slows me down). I find this clears out the cobwebs and leads to much easier sleep and overall wellbeing. Mercury in Aries= I need to articulate my anger/passion to stay healthy? (Libra Moon is cringing right now.)

    1. You’ve got it! Shutting up, toning down, and even being in situations where oblique self-expression or muted self-expression is an asset makes you sick. And, to go more with the house factor, if you don’t think something is informed or with it, you’re not comfortable in yourself.

  8. I LOVE Mystic Medusa!
    Just so I can see if I’m doing this correctly (novice here ;))…
    6th House Cusp is Scorpio
    Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and/or Mars…I look for a message within these…?
    I’m so new to this but fascinated! Thank you for any insight guys!

    1. Yes! And I would go with Mars, as this ‘rule’ is kind of old-fashioned and Mars is the classical ruler of Scorpio. And it’s not so much a message as a spark of insight. Where is your Mars?

      1. Mars in Gemini
        Mars in 12th House
        Mars square Jupiter
        Mars opposition Neptune
        Mars twine Pluto
        Mars conjunct Ascendant
        Pisces sun, Scorpio moon
        wow thanks for the response Mystic!

  9. Shooooo…I’ve got Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn ALL chilling between 20 Capricorn and 5 Aquarius, and ALL in the 12th house. Any useful insight for that?

  10. Loving these reports. I’ve printed them out and and going through my astral DNA to do my homework and incorporate as much of this advice as I can. My Mars is in Leo and my 6th house’s planet is Jupiter, and my 6th house is also in Aries. Checking to see if I’ve got the hang of what this means: action (Mars= Aries, and so my Leo Mars= is using all my shiny-firey mojo in the actions I undertake/ begin/ changes I make/ create), and having Jupiter in my 6th house (My Natal Jupiter is in Pisces- but rules Sag?) So… Feel that big Jupiter hug around all things esoteric, which happens to be my jam)? Am I anywhere near close on this, lol. Thanks for your awesome posts!

  11. 6th house (Taurus) ruler is Venus (Libra) which is where my stellium is (10th w/ Jupiter and Saturn all sext my Asc in Sag). I’m fairly certain it’s go time with my art/photography work – time for disciplined execution toward the goal.

  12. virgo rising here, so 6th house is Aquarius and ruled by Uranus/Saturn which are both in the 4th house of Sag. Who said I can’t work from home and start a revolution from my bed (thanks John & Yoko)
    so working (6h house) from home (4th house) while revolutionizing (Uranus) old structures (Saturn) 😀

  13. Wish Upon a Star

    I have Mars in Libra in the 8th house opposite Saturn in Aries 2nd house. And these both square Mercury in Cancer in the 4th house. Making a trine in red?

    I have read elsewhere that Saturn in Aries is difficult. Is that true?

    Can someone tell me what this all means please?

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      p.s. My Mars has progressed to Scorpio. Explains why I am into astrology now. And very self reliant. Except when it comes to astro queries, LOL.🙂

      1. Also, it’s a perfect astro time to pleasure and explore further and more personally, if you can first work out the net safety protocols, plus most likely, some established femme-sites and providers.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Are you talking about what I think you are talking about Millie. Please elaborate I’m not shy.

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        Sorry about this stupid question. It was innocent I was a bit befuddled yesterday. I get it now although yesterday I thought it was something entirely different. LOL.

    2. Figure out your 6th house cusp ruler first, if you can, Wish. Then work with that ruling planet. 6th is healng natural cycle of Gaia and the beautiful Maiden energy, operating in your daily timetable of being. She’s awesome, almost clinically nursing what needs healing, and yet cool hands caring and gentle.

      Why Mars, straight away, hon?

      May i honestly say, i cannot currently see Saturn ANYWHERE as marvellously easy. It will always be difficult. Saturn is the challenge of the undone, the piece of shit that needs sorting, the sacrifice for the betterment that initially seems a long time coming, conformity to something you bitterly sigh about. But Saturn challenge-meeting does reward and in the material life no end. Yes, no end, because Saturn is the tasks that always need doing. One can find a brief pleasure in what one has done so one can relax. Weird but not considering Saturn is Chronos. We have to find where duty to our best home, work, health and self demands time and counter the demand with pleasure in meeting it. Love from Mars in Capricorn, first and second houses, with Saturn squaring the Venus IC NN in Aqua. Yes, my 6th house cuzp is Aries. And no, i’m not fabulous at at all of this, either.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks Millie I did tackle 6th house first (scroll down for notes). My 6th house is ruled by Leo ,no planets except for Asteroid Pshyce in Virgo. There are no aspects? My Sun is in Gemini in the 4th house.

        I kind of understand 6th house and Mars separately but cannot make a story of the connection. Any ideas Millie, anyone.

        Thanks for the Saturn advice.

  14. This is fabulous – so many aha moments. I’ll have a go with my 6th house analysis: ruled by virgo (but empty) leads me to mercury, which is in gemini, 3rd house. i can be head dominated (i also have a libran moon) and i like lots of information, proof and freedom from dogma in health matters. I don’t like diets or lifestyles that feel like religion etc. The best thing i can do for myself is to do something that takes me into my body, and short cuts the analysis. Yoga and walking is perfect. Daily is ideal.

  15. 6th House Taurus, ruled by 7th house Gemini Venus. Health that requires stability and self-worth and sovereignty, when Venus in the 7th really only desires partnership. I have been isolated, living by myself, lost my job and not handling it in a healthy way, as of late. Still trying to turn it around. Would love any insight that anyone has for me that I may have missed!

  16. Anyone have any ideas about when the sixth house is in one sign and the ruler of that is in the sixth house too? (E.g. my sixth house is in Gemini and Mercury is there too). Thanks 😊

    1. You need knowledge – not just B6 is good for you because blah blah and here are the deficiency symptoms and it’s in chickpeas but the biochemical pathway, historical anecdotes, patents, mythologies and weird sources of it. Betcha most doctors dread appointments with you because you’re read up and beyond – SO beyond – rote learning. Read the traits of Gemini post from a few months ago and apply it to this!

      1. Too true, Mystic. Sums up my work life too. Will read up 🙂 Loving the Kairos/Chronos learning too here. Thanks for that.

  17. I love this post. Thank you for helping the world stay sane!

    I have a lot to think about – I’m not sure I’ve figured out my 6th house puzzle. Libra 6th, Venus in Gem 1st. I do like variety in food and exercise, and vanity definitely helps motivate me… haha. I prefer exercising in nature or somewhere pretty and not just functional (like my cold, questionably-finished spidery basement). Traditional gyms repel me.

    I feel like I’ve figured out my Mars a bit more. My Mars is conjunct Saturn in my Libra 6th. When the going gets tough… just take it day by day because you have no choice anyways. Put in the work, keep your head down and don’t think about the big pic if it’s going to overwhelm you, take care of what you can control in your own habits and environment.

  18. My brain is scrambling trying to figure this out… I love it!

    My 6th house is Gemini (ruled by Mercury) x Taurus (ruled by Venus). Natal Venus was in Gemini and natal Mercury was in Taurus. I also had the Moon and asteroids Chaos, Diana, Lust and Atlantis in my 6th house.
    The biggest themes that are popping up for me are love for nature (sadly, currently stuck with limited ability to spend time in nature). I’m also completing a teaching degree. Lots of themes around words, learning, meditation, patience, , building, creating, and listening.

    My natal Mars was in Cancer (8th House). “How do you respond to threats or take advantage of opportunities…?” Protection, healing, establishment of roots, nourishment… also themes from Mystic’s Astral DNA: self-assertion, resilience, warrior-witch energy, intuition, easily affected by grudges….

    On many levels I feel lucky… the focus and regularity of doing a Masters Degree in such crazy times is soothing. I’ve also been doing SO MUCH baking (croissants, bread, pasta, cakes…) as a way of meditating. After all of the initial fear and anxiety, I feel like I’m finally able to start tackling some of these big world changes by trying my darndest to stay grounded.

  19. Aries ruled 6th with SN. Mars in Gemini in the 8th trine Pluto. Here I go again attemptIng to interpret my 8th house. Oh and Mars is opposite my moon so that’s fun too. Constant feed on the urge to deconstruct and transform.

    1. Hail there fellow Aries 6th H (& SN too). I can’t help but think that your Mars/6th H has the hallmark of an excellent sex therapist, or if you missed that calling how about becoming a Tantric Master…. you would probably enjoy tantric yoga (not talking tantric sex, though with Venus now in the 8th for a verrry long time …..) 😉 xx

      1. Meow! That’s quite an interpretation. I have not tried tantric yoga but I should take your advice! I hope you are well, Skarab 😘

  20. ACK! Help? Anyone? I should know more after years of subscribing but I don’t!!

    Capricorn + Aquarius bridge the 5th and 6th houses for me, heading right into my North/True Node at 29 Aquarius/6th house (got Aqua moon too).

    My 4th house is Sag and packed with 5 planets including sun. Anyone? Help.

    Uranus rules aquarius so here’s hoping there’s a weird fab turn after the last. 5 years of rough Saturnine learning

    1. The line of the pie slice that is the righthand side of 5th and the left edge of 6th is what you want to look at. Does that line fall in Capricorn, while the rest of the slice has Aquarius?

      1. Yes. There’s about 15 degrees of Aquarius within the 6th, rest is Cap. Thanks for responding!

  21. My 6th house is Libra, ruled by Venus in (what else) the 8th. It is really gd hard to interpret so much of my chart because I’ve got three planets in the 8th house and two in the 12th. It’s been talked about a lot on here about how so many astrologers especially in olden days are like YOU’RE GONNA DIE or just go on about how you have mystical powers when I’m just like okay but what does this mean for my career and sanity lol. Would appreciate thoughts on how to interpret the health thing for me because I don’t have a clue except for the obvious Libra theme of BALANCE (ugh) and maybe beauty? Don’t know what to make of that x 8th house.

    Have had to cancel a surgery that I have probably needed for my whole life due to the pandemic and it’s really weighing on me. My energy and health would improve with this surgery (basically my heart is being crushed, birth defect only recently aware of) and I was all ready to do it then this happened. Surgery cancelled, lost job, lost insurance. I can let the whole world order evaporate around me and I wouldn’t care except for this one thing. A huge lesson in radical acceptance every day. Very hard not to imagine the alternate timeline where I was diagnosed and helped sooner and feel rage.

    “Mars will also be in Aries from July until January 2021” — okay, I can see how this is challenging on the geopolitical scale but I DO have natal Mars in Aries so if I get my shit in order between now and July maybe I will have extra energy and vitality for like half a year? I have done a lot of yoga etc. but am just getting into intuition medicine and visualization meditation which is helping me… I have resisted being too woo despite flirting with it forever (duh, I’m here) but now I’m like I don’t give a damn about norms, inherited worldviews, etc.

    1. My 8th is busy and 12th R. Still alive but do have COAD or COPD as a health issue. Have used visualisation coupled with breathing colour (emerald works for me, whilst seeing in my mind’s eye, a beautiful stylised butterfly, the heart the body & lungs are the wings..For something life threatening, self healing, taking control yourself is imperative. A genetic glitch is faultless but you are doing good while waiting for mainstream medical.
      Yes you can rage that it wasn’t diagnosed earlier (was very annoyed at medico that missed the initial infection that caused it) but that creates anxiety, most unhelpful. We must get to know our bodies more than those that don’t live in them. American public health system is a fiasco.
      Have just discovered a book today called ‘Cured’ by Dr J someone (can’t understand my own writing), how about self healing has results.
      Then there is ‘Neurospeak’by Robert Masters and ‘The Bodymind Code’.by Mario Martinez. Look them up on Amazon for preview.
      You are on the path, go woo woo, what’s to lose?
      Keep the Love.

    2. Libra is also Justice and Fairness, so your rage is completely understandable, but you may need to use Beauty, Scent, Fashion, creating any sense of Luxe with few means (i am so sorry about the money situ) and being in Relationship (enjoying any simple connections and conversations) to bring your mind into balance, and remove physical stress of anger. I say this with all four of my Mars squares and two t-squares…i have felt my heart react physically when i am in rage, which is often emotional pain. I love that you noticed your Mars in Aries can get things in “order”: what is order, but balance and harmony?

      1. Omg the Justice and Fairness thing with Libra related to a VERY 8th house issue I probably shouldn’t discuss here definitely is relevant for me right now, if not for my physical health for my mental health. I have already set the ball in motion to take action on this and it should be kicking off officially soon. Wow my mind is blown.

      2. 8th house is Sex, and not yours alone, it’s Power Exchange. Someone has freaked it all the way out, in a way you do never deserve, BECAUSE you are so lovely and sweet. 2nd house is your body, money, self worth and quiet base for the power. Un-muddy as best you can, that 8th soiling with pure Venusian self-care. You can find Mars a bit later.

    3. Hi R, don’t know if you read my rant on the Heart below, but i talk about exactly this – connecting to your heart. I have a fairly activated Mars and have also been feeling some rage – but connecting to the heart ALWAYS helps. And it is not woo-woo at all. Some heart specialists & hospitals use biofeedback techniques to help their patients with stress related heart problems and for post heart surgery care. Basically you’re taught meditation & relaxation techniques while attached to electronic devices that measure heart rate, blood volume changes, etc. So if you are scientifically minded, rest assured that even doctors recommend this. I’ll just write of 2 examples of ridiculously easy but v effective exercises to do (these are good for everybody):

      (It’s best to do these doing gentle diaphragmatic/belly breathing)

      1. As you breathe imagine that each inhalation gently touches and caresses your heart. With each exhalation the breath goes gently through it. Continue for 5 minutes, noticing any sensations that arise in your chest – warmth, coolness, a sense of openness, tension, softness etc,

      If you find it hard to feel your chest/Heart centre while doing the breathing, do the exercise while gently placing your hand on the centre of your chest. Notice how your hand moves with the inhalations and exhalations. After a minute or so, drop and relax your hand. Notice how your chest feels. Do the breathing alternating with and without the hand, till you can feel your chest without using your hand.

      2. When you are comfortable doing (1) for a few days, practice the same technique but this time imagine you are sitting opposite a giant emerald stone or sphere which is emanating a beautiful emerald green colour. Imagine a green cord connecting from your heart centre to its core. With every in-breath you take you are inhaling its green, healing, soothing and restoring energy. (do for 5-10 mins)

      Check into your heart-chest-belly area as often as possible, like while at your computer, washing dishes, walking, it only takes 2 or 3 breaths.

      1. There is a woman named Karen Lorre who talks about this and has some good meditations about how meditating on the heart literally where it is located physically and also on the emotions associated with it can be very profound! I think I feel defensive about it because my heart is crushed so when yogis are like “open your heart” I would be like but I can’t lol. But I am doing a lot of the visualization stuff related to all the chakras including the heart and it is helping!!

      2. There’s something that i should clear up, because i’ve been very sloppy in not using capital letters when referring to the Heart Centre or Chakra, which is very different from the organ heart. The chakras are intricate *energy* centers – not the physical organs themselves. Each chakra is paired with an endocrine gland & energetically governs its function. The Heart Chakra governs the thymus gland which secretes hormones that regulate the immune system. In addition to this gland, the Heart Chakra also energetically governs the heart & the lungs. So when you meditate on the Heart Chakra, you are encompassing a lot more than purely the heart organ. If you were to only focus on one chakra meditation, then the Heart Chakra is the most important – and in fact it has a knock on effect on the rest of the chakra system. This is why i’m big on pushing the Heart Chakra specifically in these times of stress AND our immune system might be compromised by a rampant virus.
        (Sorry if you knew this already R, i’m just explaining it for anyone who didn’t.)

      3. Oh, and if you put a drop of pure Rose essential oil on the centre of your chest, your Venus will be most grateful.

  22. Fantastic post Mystic! Yet again. I have true node and Chiron in my 6th. Any clues? I’ll take a look see in my DNA report maybe.

  23. Yep I totally agree that ‘back to business because the footy’s not on’ is a foolishly wild ‘Trumpism’ hopefully this will be a Darwinian survival of the fittest scenario? I’m bunkering down and need to do some study around neo-liberalism and economics… that’s my vibe… so Mystic, you’re spot on again! Thank you… M x

  24. Great post Mystic. Love love love.

    Your talk of time made me think of the clock piece by Stuart Ringholt at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

    My 6th is ruled by Venus and it’s in the 5th. Art is HUGE for me and even more so now. I’ve decided to pick up the guitar again, finish a novel I was writing, and even though we’re basically in lockdown when I have gone out the flirting is off the charts. So I guess business as usual if not a little more fantastic. Uranus is currently approaching my Venus and it will be exact in a few months. I wonder what this will bring. Oh my…

    As for my Mars well being in Aqua I think it may mean I’m perverse. lol My objectivity is really helping in the current climate and the revolutionary part of me has no fuqs to give. I’m doing what needs to be done and there’s nothing to complain about even though my health is a concern. I can see and feel the tragedy that is happening yet the positive future is stretched out before us to make into something new and better. What can you do but be authentic, love your fellow humans and get on with it. Love and peace to us all xxx

    1. I have to laugh because I have venus in Aqua and someone once told me it makes me a bit perverted. I suppose it’s true but I prefer progressive 😅

      1. Wow i am Aqua Venus. Haha! I think it’s freedom to explore love and desire, to keep refreshing

  25. This is so helpful & so many points to chew on, thank you Mystic; & Shakespeare’s quote says it all.
    Well Mars rules my Aries 6th H & my natal Mars is in Leo 10th… (btw, Mystic, this Mars-Venus in Leo never misses the moment, coz always lookin goood, 😉 )

    The Mars placements fit, as my work entails bringing peoples’ awareness back to their bodies, but especially to their Heart Centre (Leo) and away from their minds, where there is far too much activity already.

    In times such as these of great stress, one has to keep in touch with their Heart more than ever. We all know that stress causes us not to breath properly and it tightens up the entire chest area. And the Heart is where it’s at with making wise, generous & compassionate life choices (yes, own this Leos!) instead of purely head-thinking which basically cripples the ego by rendering it shortsighted & more likely to make foolish choices based on fear .

    Neuroscientists have recently caught up to this ancient knowledge & discovered that the heart has its own independent nervous system which is sufficiently sophisticated to qualify as a brain in its own right; and the heart’s electromagnetic field is by far the most powerful produced by the body; it’s approx 5,000 times greater in strength than the field produced by the brain.

    Another thing i want to add – especially to our AMAZING frontliners is – if you do anything at all, please dedicate at least 10 minutes (the more the better of course) of mindful thought to your beautiful hearts every day:
    Do slow, deep breathing exercises just focusing on the breath going into & out of your heart. If you can imagine this breath being of a beautiful green emerald colour – all the better – as green is soothing, healing and restoring. I promise you that it will make all the difference in the world.

  26. Hm… 6th house Virgo, with Mercury in my 4th in Cancer.

    My Mars is also in the 4th in Cancer. Interestingly enough. (With Aries rising, so I always feel that Mars a bit everywhere, it seems.)

    All the homey home things…

  27. I have Virgo on the cusp of my 6th house which makes it either Mercury or Vesta right? Hmmm Mercury makes me think of running. Maybe it’s those winged feet. Or just doing something different everyday. Vesta seems like she’d be into herbal teas and hanging at home. I could do both??
    Mars in Taurus in the 2nd – that’s my long game.

  28. Aquarius is natal 6th house and Uranus rules 11th; (did I do that right?)

    so confused right now, feel slightly nauseous.. there is a reason I am not an astrologer 😉

    >>health, work, daily stuff versus need for tribe? aka, be in groups. Also, mars taurus; don’t burn out from all the excitement and glittery new things?? I’m really not sure. Have installed a daily nap practice, does the count?

    I have a Uranus opposite Uranus coming. I feel tired already

      1. How do I figure out the
        Puzzle Wish? What do I need
        To do for the clues? Genuinely, don’t get it xx

  29. Wish Upon a Star

    It’s Taurus season. This Taurus Moon breathes out and relaxes.

    I’m so sick of words and thinking. May hibernate for a while and contemplate my navel.

      1. (the name of the shooting stars) beyond this, I know nothing.

        was cloudy here, so I will keep looking xx

  30. Saggo ruled 6th house (where my sun and Neptune are), Jupiter in the 7th in Capricorn, so the Jupiter/ Pluto, Jupiter/ Saturn vibes feel super personal and liberating to me! I have Saturn in Gemini opposite my Sun, so I’ve been doing Saturn my entire life. I also have Mars in Scorpio squaring my Moon in Aquarius, which trines my Uranus in Libra and Gemini Ascendant (Grand Air Trine). Seriously it feels like I’ve been in training and waiting for this my entire life.

    1. Saturn opposed your Sun! But you have these Aqua, Libra, Gem powers to fly, too. My Pluto is opposed my Sun, and it drives down into the underground. But goddesses! One of those dry, dour, sour and bitter teachers shadowing your Sun! Good luck and goddess’ blessings.

      1. I meant, we take nothing for granted within and outside, never have, so may it not be too personal a hardship, and not be driven so much as quiet, motivated through finding peace with you.

      2. A sister who understands! Thank you for your blessings, and I am sending them your way too. The Saturn Pluto Sun lessons are core and inescapably deep huh!? Absolutely nothing comes easy, yes. Since I was born Pluto, and in the last eight years Saturn too, have been moving through my 5th house stellium of Mars, Venus, Mercury, Juno and Ceres in the 5th, then across my Neptune and Sun in the 6th, then over my NN and Jupiter in the 7th. It’s been profoundly hard and seriously life threatening (6th house health!), but I’m as tough and insightful as a hawk now. They finally moved away from the power points in my chart as the pandemic hit funnily enough. While everyone’s been freaking, I’ve been filled with joy and a most powerful sense of clarity and purpose. I also have my Sun opposite my Ascendant (straight down the middle of the Trine) forming a Kite, so as much as things have been tough, it’s been a training ground for the new era. I’m not sure how that’s gonna look yet but it feels big. I’m wishing you a great Plutonic Shamanic Transformation too!

  31. Pisces-ruled 6th and Neptune in Cap in my IC conjunct Uranus! Going hard on the yoga and meditation.
    Also Mystic, how come Pluto is in Aquarius for 20 years?

    1. I am not sure! It is on my list of things to research but each time i go to research anything like that, I wind up in vortex. I went to do astrological links with the I Ching hexagrams and stayed up all night. I will share my discoveries in my next post. It can be up to 30 years though – eg: the next Pluto in Aries from 2068. I think that we’ve just had a run of quickies

      1. Mystic, i want to thank you deeply for your members’ Pragmatic Magic help, comfort, wisdom and mind body soul healthy insights. So much at this time. But also for sharing your human rabbit-holing into research spirals. You are not some self hyped ‘guru’ at all. You are real, tremendously loving to do this. Thank you so much. The Personal Dailies are absolute art of high alchemical order xxxxxx

      2. Thank you Milleunanotte & others. Well, I am also close to bringing you the results of my major research project; I’m working on a “western” version of Feng Shui – It began when I realized that the Chinese calendar has drifted away from the planetary/star movements that anchored it a thousand years ago. Then I became interested in reconciling the 12 animal signs – each one is meant to be a Jupiter sign – and then the trigrams of the I-Ching.

        One of the mind-blowing things I discovered is that the Ancient Chinese Fu Xi, who is meant to have created/discovered them, is like a Thoth Hermes figure, and he is also linked to the most ancient God, Abraxas – the trigrams are from EGYPT: And not recent Egypt, but old-old Egypt.

        Nun & Naunet: Abyss (water)
        Huh & Hauket: Expansiveness (fire?)
        Kuk & Kauket: Darkness (earth?)
        Amun & Amaunet: Hidden (air)

        The original was more like an equivalent to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth but it was first stripped of magic by rulers who wanted it for themselves and then turned into more of a strategy guide like Sun Tzu. And the I Ching was radically made over AGAIN in the time of Confucius, to reflect a sensibility that was less about magic and more about your moral obligation to society. Buddha was born in that era also.

        That phase was also when a lot of books were burned or rewritten to take out the magic and women. For example, the Fox Fairy. Foxes, it was said, could turn themselves into women and vice versa. I think that is where the term ‘foxy’ comes from. But a lot of Goddesses were made invisible then; there are even “secret” constellations in Chinese astronomy that reflect that. The definitions of Yin and Yang got rewritten to portray Yin as a passive, receptive, etc energy.

        So I started by recalculating the calendar from 2937 BC and I’ve confirmed the Ages are out but then I wanted to understand how the I Ching trigrams related to planets and the Lo-Shu/Magic Square of Saturn – that is how I found out the older Egyptian connection.

        This is getting way too ranty but long-story-short, I realized the way to make it work with Celtic/Norse magical knowledge (which is my ancestral culture) and that it fits in with several supernatural things that have occurred of late: So I’ve been studying the Sidhe and Seidr – this is will result in an offering where you can get a personalized floorplan for your house. And by personalized, a way to know where your Moon area, etc is. The Vedic lunar mansions offer this but it is tricky to do if you don’t know your chart really well and frankly, I am fed up with the sexism + unnecessary negativity with a lot of it.

        I researched one bit of the zodiac where multiple old astrologers said it was the pit of hell or something, finally tracked it back to it being the birthdate of a much-despised despot from some ancient era. So, this is exciting!

      3. You had me at old-old egypt. 🙂 I am so looking forward to the results of this project. Rant away.

      4. She had me at ABRAXAS 🤩 ! I shivered. Then, came the SIDHE reference. Omg i am sitting in the time of being a girl, discovering and playing with signs of these in my surrounds WOW, MYSTIC XXX

      5. Just yesterday i moved books around and took my Egyptian star maps book from when i was 9 or 10 out of the art section and into the reference section!

      6. Wow Mystic!!! I just love all this!! Thanks for sharing your journey of discovery. I’ve been obsessed with the I Ching since I was 22, and also with Egyptian mythology, Isis, Bast, and the Hathors especially, and just the last few days researching Hermes Mercury Thoth in relationship to sound (I’m Gem rising so Mercury is my ruling planet). I can’t wait to read more on this. Your work is a torch through these times of change. I’m so grateful!

  32. venus in virgo sextiling (thank you lord)uranus in taurus. 8th house merc in scorpio squaring uranus in the 2nd. can be a bit difficult to keep myself calmed down,but i got PROJECTS all over the place and my food is on point. volunteering at a animal rescue farm and working on getting a short distance farm friend to plant a medicinal garden,guided by me. i live in the desert. feeling very strong every single day. mars in libra. 7th house. right now mars is getting whipped by pluto in capricorn,thus my sense of strength and invincibility. we’re out in the desert several times a week. life is sweet. immediate and intense. thank you for all this amazing writing. it is my new bible which i take VERY SERIOUSLY.

    1. Yes! Assignments…with so much Virgo in my chart and heavy in the 9th house…maybe I can create my own university and invite dissertations on this 6th house rulership stuff.

      1. I miss it so much too! i stopped transcribing everything early on thinking we would always have access to the lessons, but we don’t, & now truly regret my slackness.

  33. Saturn rules my 6th and Saturn is in my 6th. There’s a stellium there with Sun Neptune mercury Uranus and Saturn…pallas athene and hecate right next my very Capricorn sun. Life has left me no choice but to make good friends with Saturn. As it is I’ve been waking up early every day, following a raw vegan diet, and keeping on a strict exercise plan. If I skip a day I miss my routine dearly. Sounds like I’m right on target.

    Oh and my Mars is in Scorpio (pluto in Scorpio as well). 5th house. Pluto is 4th. All or nothing every day until I burn myself to ashes and regenerate. It’s a strange coincidence I now live in Phoenix. 🙂

      1. Hah! It was a revelation learning about Hecate exactly conjunct my sun. Not long before I had just decided to go back to school because I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I actually just graduated from my program in complementary alternative medicine and herbalism. Next step is preparing for the board exam to become a certified holistic nutritionist through an association. I’m about to go even deeper into a study bender and all the stars seem to align for it!

        I forgot to mention my encore…all that saturn and Uranus on my 6th opposes my Gemini moon in the 12th conjunct chiron – and, being a cancer rising, the moon rules my chart.

        The connections go on and on. This is what has kept my Gemini moon on astrology so long – it is infinite!

        Many thanks, Mystic for your confirmation I’m on the right path and not alone. I’ve been feeling a bit isolated lately and a little imposter syndrome. I can’t deny what lives in my astro genes! <3 Everything you've been doing and have done is so brillantly inspiring.

    1. I very much relate to the missing your routine if you skip a day and being strict. Almost like a stickler for the rules. Even though our charts are very different I figured this was the result of Sun and Saturn in the 6th.

      1. <3 glad you can relate!

        Saturn co-rules Aquarius and the 6th is our virgoan house of routines, service to others, and health. Work, wellness, and cleanliness are some of my obsessions lol. It gives me such a sense of control over my life that feels comforting. Saturn must be pretty cozy here….as cozy as Saturn can get anyway.

      2. This is fascinating to me. I’m a Virgo sun with a 12th house moon and an “interesting “ relationship with Saturn. It feels karmic and quite dysfunctional since it squares my sun, my moon and my mars. They also square each other so bit of natal cluster fudge tbh but I’m unrelentingly optimistic (Jupiter rising) anyway the thing that intrigues me is your relationship with Saturn in the 6th and being so happy with routine. I’m interested to know if that’s a recent development or have you always been able to do routine and love it? I feel like I’m resisting so much in my life that could be amazing because of my inability (thus far) to embrace routine and structure. I genuinely can’t get any happening in my life. I’ve tried buying those day planner / week at a time/ wall calendar/ cool page a day with inspirational quotes and made my own bullet journals just everything I know of to do a daily routine and yet I invariably drift back into my old freewheeling Saggo moon / rising ways to the detriment of my Virgo stellium in the 10th which is trained by my north node in the 2nd. Capricorn obviously and I get Astro jealousy just writing the word Capricorn. That’s how far away from me this vibe feels. Saturn is in Gemini in my 6th house nataly and I know that Saturn is the key. My sense is that having a daily routine will be absolutely medicinal and yet… some weird Qi vamping self sabotaging shiz is still afoot. I’m starting to understand how to do Neptune in Pisces (my 4th) and I’m not there there yet but the journey to it is underway. I’m interested in hearing about any ways of being more in tune with Saturn that anyone has. All ears. Thanks xx

      3. **trained** ought to read Trined but I’m into the Freudian autocorrect thing. Ducking, for instance has been a liberating word to embrace. For years I’ve gotten annoyed and changed the d to an f while literally cursing autocorrect (the irony) and one day it occurred to me that perhaps the word was perfect all along. Now I use it in everyday speech. Back to trained vs trined. I’ve gone off on a tangent. You see my trouble with Saturn….

      4. The thought of the NN as trainer makes perfect sense to me: “Oy, come on you lot, pick up pace! Sun -THIS way! Jupiter, you lead.. whoa, steady on..! Venus, that’s nice, keep it up darlin… Saturn, turn down the blocking a notch, mate! We want to get there this lifetime. Mars, don’t be such a dick! …Come on every one, keep it up! Ok Mars, give me 150 squats!… Moon!… where’s Moon?.. Anyone seen Moon?!

      5. Astro jealousy! Haha. Well keep in mind time is key with Capricorns. Our successes come over time and the illusion of “togetherness” is something I work very hard to maintain. I’ve come a very long way. I used to be a night owl who could sleep the day away (not that there’s anything wrong with that! But I can’t get past that it’s bad for me). While id love to be there’s just shit I wanna do. And my mind and body paid the price. Saturn = learn the hard way right? Time to grow up. I now view health as another job I have to work at. Like there’s a mentality where I have to earn my calories for the day so I must work out. Eat at the same time every day because the body loves knowing when its next meal will come. Or the day feels longer when I wake up at 5am every morning to follow the rhythm of nature. Basically Saturn is like a personal trainer inside my head and this stuff becomes autopilot after a while for as long as I can keep it going. I remember a while back when Mystic referenced Marcus Aurelius and how he did Saturn very well as referenced in Meditations. You may wish to check it out. But to answer your question, I think this is something inherent within me, like a default though as I’ve grown up it’s become more apparent how much of a routine person I am by nature. Speaking of North node training, mine is 26deg Pisces so Virgo is my south node. I’m supposed to be letting go and flowing with life more yet extreme borderline ascetic living comes so easily and I love the sense of control. I have adopted the Pisces nn in some ways though. I used to be a little too obsessed with diet and exercise (there’s that Scorpio mars n pluto) and am happy to say I’ve gotten a lot better about it.

        The Sag in you wants fun and variety but the 2nd house where your past life business resides is about grounding as well. May be worth a look into for some answers. Explore every aspect of yourself and be very clear about what exactly it is you want to achieve. Not just tasks to do because those can get overwhelming and bound to disappoint and discourage when left undone but your end goal from this “routine” you desire and what you think it will take to get there. How will you and what is your why? What will you be able to achieve that makes all the hard work worthwhile at the top of the mountain? Travelling the world? Make a mind map perhaps? Or a vision board. What are the types of good for you things you actually enjoy doing? Hiking? Run? Meditate? Healthy foods you like? List it out. Do them more – maybe at the same dedicated time every day to make a habit. Plug it into your phone as a reminder or an alarm. The next advise is taking a real hard look at your diet and health habits. Are they really serving you well? Are you getting enough sleep? I’ve been making myself get into bed before 8pm so I can wind down. & When I eat better, my mind is clearer and more in tune to have the energy to keep all this up. I work 40hrs oftentimes more at a job I don’t really like which is draining but pays well + I’m a student. I have to. I got progressed leo moon in the 1st and progressed leo rising so part of it is vanity honestly haha but we all have our reasons. This is really just another form of magic if you think about it.

        You are lucky to have your fire. Sag is one of my favorite signs! In fact, my Saturn actually lives there just barely on the cusp. I know you can do it!

        I got to rambling myself. I can be intense and hope I didn’t come off too pushy…i just love helping. ^_^ at least I hope this helps at all.

      6. One small note: asceticism is pure 12th house. They used to call it prisons, madness, self-undoing.

        Also i have Leo MC, and pretty sure you know about all my Sag (12th Neptune, Jupiter, Moon conjunct and Rising on exact fixed star Antares). Your wisdom here reflects like when you upside down a painting of a tree under the night sky, complete with its root system in the earth and branches with leaves in the air.

        I’ll come back to this. I need to re-read your lovely and incredible post, in between doing..whatever it is i am doing and contemplating. So many thanks xxxx

      7. And i wondered about my now wakeful time as roughly 4pm or earlier…my AquaMa told me i have always had that time since i was a bub. I remember i usually woke happy and looking at the world waiting with pleasure at how it would vibe for the day! Guess work etc lifestyle has re-directed it. Though i recall waking at 2am lots as a little girl, but there were fears and haunts to be dealt with, and currently this little girl habit is rearing. AAAAH , you may wish to be Capricorn! You do not want to be an afflicted one!

      8. You make so many juicy points. Where to begin!

        I agree it must do with my 12th which is a major aspect of who I am. My solar return rising for this year is Pisces! I’m always led back here. This time of year is usually very withdrawn and solitude driven since the activity in my 12th picks up so much. I’ve come to thrive in it – and importantly, appreciate it. Self undoing…at times yes. Mental health issues are no stranger to me. I have been depressed and anxious much of my life, especially as a teen but now I know enough to realize my habits then we’re a big cause. And some unresolved emotional stuff to muck through.

        In my discipline I do not feel deprived but see it all as the rituals I must do to love nurture and care for myself. It’s my way of taking care of myself well so I can evade a system I don’t believe in as much as I can – a revolutionary act that! I psych myself into loving and believing in this stuff like its my own religion of self love. It’s survival.

        I just was just thinking of all this as I did my oil pulling standing on my vibration plate. A perfectly measured 10 minutes where I also do resistance bands for my arms! The plates are a good investment since they get lymph moving. Dry brushing is one of those routines I admit I cant get into so this is my solution. Find solutions. And change up when you get bored! Your intuition tells you what’s for you right now – if it doesnt feel right anymore switch it up. I do a different workout daily because my Gemini mind does get bored. And I try to eat a variety of foods but have eaten the same meals daily and was also ok with that because I chose foods I adore. Though in essence there are still a few things I do and do well every day. I look at them as challenges to overcome and prove myself to myself. An odd sense of fun in that hah! Begin with one and gradually go from there! You may come to love how simplified life can feel when there is that much less to worry about.

        Mille, to your point about waking. That’s interesting. 12th is sleep too is it not? But the moon…i know taurean people tend to be night owls! Maybe Cancer as well. Other signs? It depends. Is it the moon or the pleasure of sleeping and relaxing? Sensitivity too…Mondays my empath self could almost feel the dread of the collective going back to work. Sundays were always peaceful and slow and nice. 🙂 the night is a creative time though ive found some of the best writers to wake early in the morning to do their work – I am one of those. Freshest in the AM. I believe people have different rhythms and should honor them as you are able but these can be shifted with willpower. I trained myself into a morning person honestly but I used to not come alive til later in the day. Now I just love being up with the sun and letting melatonin do its thing when it starts getting dark. In ayurveda there are times of day associated with organs …i believe TCM as well. Fascinating stuff. Night terrors and that I’m realizing I dont know much about. Especially from an astro perspective. I will get researching!

        Afflicted Capricorn is not fun. We’re some of the sweetest souls but have a melancholy to us still. You’re a breath of fresh air! Human sage, mille <3

        I couldn't resist writing this. Now time to go for my run! 😉

      9. This is so helpful @12thHouse moon! Thank you. 🙏🏻
        I love these suggestions and the Saggo moon rising gets all excited seeing the big picture and it is the missing piece of the puzzle I was asking for. How else can Saturn’s seemingly unreasonable demands make any sense?
        This is absolutely golden. Thank you.

  34. Love this! pisces on my 6th with Neptune in my 3rd. A little hard to decipher, but I generally feel better when my daily routine involves connections with other people. pisces as my 6th house ruler always scared me a little because it is not a classically strong sign for health. But I see it as giving me life when I can be in the emotional service to others. Anyone else have pisces on the 6th? I would be curious to see what your super charged wellness insight is!
    Thanks Mystic!!!!

    1. With Pisces on your 6th house cusp and Neptune in third house i would posit that your emotional and spiritual health are paramount and closely linked. So focusing on meditation via a group online while being careful not to get caught up in group think/fears/fantasies/conspiracy theories would allow you to give and receive spiritual and emotional support. A trusted group I hasten to add. Steer clear of whackos.

    2. I have Neptune in the 6th, so in the same family as your configuration. The downside for me has been susceptibility to allergies and spells of low energy. The upside is a pretty consistent intuition about what my body needs to heal itself, an abiding interest in herbal and flower remedies, and a love of healing meditation/visualization/prayer.

      ETA: Also challenges with a sluggish lymphatic system.

  35. WOW. Have become very interested in Astrology lately 🙂
    This is so concise comprehensible and sensible.
    Am quite excited by Uranus in my 6th and Aqua Lilith in !st.
    Much to look up and grok.
    Thank you, this is brilliant, but what are you doing being up at 4am?

  36. HI mystic- would love your thoughts. for astro 1, my 6th house is in aries (where i have sun and mercury) and my mars is in cancer in the 8th house and since you mentioned both the important i would love your interpretation around how to best equip myself during these times.

    1. Immense natural vitality but you’re only motivated by battles, deadlines, transformation challenges, and comeback mode. If you can see whatever ails you as a nemesis, you do better than if you try to be more Zen.

      1. Aries on 6th: fight or flight mode motivates best with retro Gem Mars in 7th. Hard to do focus and do tools down Mars. Loads of negotiating-networking.

  37. MutatisMutandis

    great post Mystic – just one question about this comment: You are formulaic but it’s a magic formula and you adjust it every 2nd Moon

    Is that every new moon or full moon? or every other complete moon cycle of new and full moon?

      1. Ok that is interesting – like if the moon is in fire sign, 2 moons on it is in air;
        If moon is in earth, 2 moons on it is in water; if it is air, 2 moons on it is in fire; if it is in water, 2 moons on it is in earth. Alternating pairs of masculine and feminine elements, in a cyclical pattern.
        Magic for me is alchemy – turning lead into gold. The reconciliation of the opposites – here, masculine and feminine. Very interesting to ponder on this.
        How did you arrive at this 2 moons magic code?
        And anyway do I get you on this, Mystic?
        Thanks so much.

  38. Thanks for sharing so generously all of your tips and insights, Mystic! I’d been hanging out for this 3rd instalment. 😊 Just for the record, nothing is annoying in the slightest – bring it all on!

    The DIY astro activity is revealing…gosh…my Capricorn moon in the 6th ruled by Saturn in Virgo in the 2nd, which squares my ADHD-like mars and mercury conjunct in Sagg. Plenty to sit and meditate upon right there.

    1. It’s PM now and earlier had thought how generous of her.
      Generosity is such a gift to have and we are receiving the benefits.
      DIY after 16 years am just starting to have some penny drops, nah light bulbs going off:-)

      1. Hi Peg! There is ALWAYS more we can learn, isn’t there? Astrology is like a gift that never stops giving. And yes we’re all super lucky to be receiving all of this from Mystic. Hope you’re staying safe and sane xo

  39. it is such a relief to read such cool minded sanity. I exhaled deeply and felt bigger on the inside reading this post. Having been alone – unsurprisingly it’s not as if I can blame feeling flighty and scattered on anyone else. I didn’t realise how much the inner muggle-logue was harrassing me.
    Thank you as always Mystic, you absolute goddess of pragmatic clarity!
    Much to percolate, will be back for many rereads and comment a bit later.

  40. pluto in my solar fourth for the rest of my working life up to retirement…wonder if i can get a mortgage….do i want a mortgage…
    natal mars in cancer in the third…trine uranus in my sixth…
    pretty sure virgo is on my sixth hse cusp…

  41. So much good stuff in here. It will take me a while to digest everything.

    Thanks for the link to Jessica Snow. As a double Taurus I downloaded her meditation to connect with/learn from plants, but I’ll try out the Lightning one too.

    The ruler of my 6th house is Venus in Libra in the 5th. I think this placement has an affinity with the Temperance card, ie, nothing in excess, everything in moderation, finding healing in that which is beautiful and balanced.

    My Mars is in Capricorn, and Pluto and Saturn spent extended sojourns on it during the course of the last few years. I feel more humbled and focused as a result.

    “Mars squares Saturn and Pluto three times in a row over August until January 2021”: not really looking forward to this for our species tbh. I guess it’s the Universe making sure every last one of us gets the lessons of the pandemic before the Age of Aquarius is ushered in.

  42. Newbie question – the border of my sixth house is in Leo, but most of it is taken up by Virgo.
    So do I follow these directions for Sun (Leo) or Mercury (Virgo)?

    I’m hoping Mercury since he IS in Virgo and Vesta is my patron goddess of my business.

    1. While virgo takes up most of the house, Leo is the ruler so you would look to you sun for the exercise.
      Buuuuut the sixth house is naturally ruled by virgo(mercury). So mebbe do the exercise for both keeping Leo findings in the forefront

    2. Leo is your 6th house cup, so then look at your Sun in Libra (if my squinty view is correct). It’s what is on the house division (cusp) that is most relevant here. Balance and relationships (Libra) are key to your sense of self (sun) and therefore your health.

    3. Yes this is the sort of situation where keeping a journal is invaluable. I don’t have time to find the post right now but there is one in the archives about the benefits of making notes through the moon cycle. Notice what occurs in the various Moons, especially as they hit on your natal (in this case) Sun and Mercury. Also, classically it would still be the Sun but I see your point about Mercury. In classic health astro, you’d dim quickly if a relationship wasn’t going well and if it was – this includes biz partnerships – your immune system would power up and glow like a 1000 stars.

  43. This is great! But what if you have a stelliumin your chart- in the 6th house? I have the sun, north. node, Mercury, Venus and Neptune packed in there? It’s ruled by Sagittarius- Not sure how to interpret?

    1. Wow, what a stellium! With this stellium in Saggitarius and Saggitarius being ruled by Jupiter, you need to look to where Jupiter is in your natal chart. Which house, which sign and is it squaring/aspecting anything? The flavour of your Jupiter will help you understand the energies of your 6th house stellium, what might block/help your stellium, which is basically a very large part of YOU, being such a big stellium. Hope that helps somewhat. You could look at your Jupiter placement as generally being a big influence on you, or you could break it down more specifically about how it influences your sun (your way of self-actualising)), Venus (way of relating/loving), Mercury (way of communicating/thinking). etc. Sorry it I’m stating any of the obvious here. Happy astro-researching!

      1. Omg- thank you for this. Going do the work on it right now. Big long distance hug – I am very grateful.

    1. Wow mystic you’ve certainly put the time in with this lot. Loads to consider and awaiting plenty of zaps for respond to. And this for me is all 11th house. Talk about change.

    2. Wish Upon a Star

      EMG my 6th starts with Leo also. Takes up 2/3rd of the house. Go big definitely. Then Virgo does her but make sure you dot your I’s and square your I’s which makes me feel secure and happy.

      I also have Pshyce in Virgo in the 6th but no other planets. Nataly it makes no aspects. I will have a look at my transit and progressed chart.

      1. I’ve got quite a bit in my 6th which extends a long way into Virgo. So I have a mercury in Leo but a Pluto Uranus conjunction in Virgo on the DC.

  44. We have almost an identical 6th house setup – except my 9th house moon is in Scorpio instead of Libra. Water, water and more water. I have noticed that strong emotions and obsessions inspire my health and wellness ventures, though I have become better at identifying false gurus and snake oil as I get older.

    As for Mars, I’m not too sure. Mine is in 8th house Libra (straightforward, diplomatic but confrontational, raw but refined), squaring Saturn. What would a Saturn square mean right now? Granite vision?

    1. Oh and let’s not forget both Lilith and Saturn at 0 degrees Aqua – yes I have the distinct honor of being tempered through my Saturn return during a global pandemic and economic collapse, thankyouverymuch.

  45. Wish Upon a Star

    So my 6th house is ruled by Leo, the Sun. My Sun is in Gemini in the 4th house.

    Any suggestions as to what this means anyone?

    Tonight I started my step back to good health by making the biggest batch of vegetable soup (like mum used to make). It is slow cooking as I write.

    But I channel my culinary creativity from my sweet dad. He was a cook in the Navy in 2nd World War. Very fussy about his food. He was a Gemini Sun like me but with a Cancer Moon.

    1. You answered your own question! The 4th house deals with issues of home and lineage. Your health is probably tied to feeling “at home” and having a powerful base that supports all the energy I bet you have from such a strong sun placement.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        It definitely is: correct. I now have a strong base yes : in nature. I get vital help from my passed over ancestors. And I don’t have to worry about social distancing. LOL.

        Thanks libraaquarian.

  46. Crystallised future

    Item 2 and 4 – I’ve been eliminating or challenging people who I have found challenging for the last 2 years or so and dropping them like flies – so fast, so abruptly I’ve been wondering if I’m getting above myself. I can blame cancer treatment that has been ongoing for 18 months or so now with another 3 and half to go, but there seems to something more to it. It’s like I’m clearing the deck for I don’t know who or what

    1. Crystallised future

      Also, I find myself idly researching how to promote myself as a personalised astrologer when what I am meant to be doing is researching courses and the life experience niche that my ‘consciousness’ seeks to do. And as I am doing so, I’m thinking ‘I don’t know why I’m doing this’. It’s like a calling that gets in the way of my own plans for myself. I could never do what you are doing Mystic – the workload in having online stuff happening is huge (like, when I almost completed a teaching degree it nearly drove me nuts constructing lessons and posting online because I ‘had to’ as the new way of teaching) but close client contact with a few loyals and regular drop-ins that come and go would satisfy me totally. Technical application, maths, a bit of astronomy as well as calling on intuition, magic – I adore doing astrology now more than anything else.

  47. Oh I love this post!! Those degrees you mentioned are my First house, and I finally have literally been doing this, “do little maps of them and journal your observations, you will come up with statis-busting, invigorating ideas, guaranteed.”

    Also my 6th H is Gemini. My Mercury sits in a stellium conjunct Jupiter in my 8th H in Virgo. I know Neptune is opposite my Mercury right now. So I’m thinking new communications and building my tribe.
    My Mars is in Scorpio in 9th but conjunct my MC, Renewal, rebirth putting myself out there more physically. And because the degrees are in my 1st it means my face and physical presence should.be “out there” .
    Am thinking YouTube!

  48. Just Circe in the 20 – 5 zone but asc is at 10Aqua . 6th is Cancer and my moon is in Aries 3rd conjunct Pythia and quite close to Venus . And gogogetter Mars in 4th T means strengths and weaknesses at home, bleeding heck. I have just reacquainted myself with Kali Ma and discovered the asteroid 4227 is conjunct Saturn and Chiron in Piscses 2nd H. I am freaking and neck deep in a research bender. XxXx to all

  49. Great read and a lot of action points, so thank you, especially on the best way to maximise now to July.
    I note the astro vibe re a second wave and some timing: Jupiter conjunct Pluto around 30 June might be a part of this?
    Astro 1 re 6th house is so personally on point and timely.
    In relation to Astro 2 – when are those Mars squares?

    1. Doesn’t Pluto rule viruses? Jupiter conjunct Pluto might represent an amplification of COVID–or perhaps the issues that it has brought to the surface.

  50. Aries on 6th, Mars retro in Gem 7th. Lockdown parallels Jupiter-Pluto in 3rd squaring Mercury in 11th. Clean mindful eating, exercise esp for core-push-ups! lol! House-witchery, nutrition. Hygiene of body/mind/soul- old school.

    Zero Tolerance of physical chaos. This from a prior 12th H mega oblivious overwhelmed slob. Re Saturn squaring Moon-Neptune-Jupiter using old school essences, following planetary rulers for weekday cleaning.

  51. I am a Taurus and my Venus is I. Gemini I have just got shingles out of nowhere.i have been doing yoga eating well WTF!

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Do you have physical contact with others? If not maybe you are missing human touch? All this social distancing !

      I’m a Taurus Moon and Mediterranean. We love to show our affection. And it is so healing.

      Pets are healing also. It’s just a suggestion.

      I hope you work it out and get better.

    2. Hey, just on a purely physical note, i have noticed that when any virus is going around it triggers viral load that ‘nests’ at the base of the spine, the coccyx area. That’s where cold sore virus stays in the body. Shingles is that same zoroaster species as the common cold sore. When a cold is going around, even people who don’t suffer the common cold start getting viral herpes triggers. L-lysine is supportive (not a cure) and can be taken with a little zinc and good vit C.

      1. Plus Venus in airy and sociable Gem. We are all prone to sth in the bod. Not your ‘fault’ or flaw, viruses have evolved to exploit this. Wish you the best of care, ease for the pain, remedy and quick recovery.

      2. Hey mille, the last bit re supplements seems to be true, but first bit re base of spine isn’t so much. I have had a lot of clients suffering from the herpes virus (shingles, cold sores & genital herpes – all herpes family) so i had to get geek-pro on it. There’s been this misconception that the virus lies dormant at the base of the spine, but once you get the virus, either simplex or zoster, it can spread & lie dormant along any of the nerve ganglion near the spinal chord, including up in the cranial ganglion near brain. Very generally speaking, people who get cold sores, or get shingles above the waist have the virus dormant anywhere between the waist and the brain & outbreaks don’t generally travel below; Those who get outbreaks below the waist (either genital herpes or shingles), the virus lies dormant along any the nerve ganglion between waist and base of spine.
        There’s a lot people on the net selling *natural* products to rub on the base of the spine because they say that that’s where the virus nests, but that’s not the case. The 2 things that i recommend for continual outbreaks are acupuncture & homeopathy for pain relief during and after – if you get post-herpetic neuralgia. Both can cut time of outbreaks & prolong time between bouts. Also lay off the caffeine & drink calming herbal infusions instead.

      3. Amazing! Must say, that info came to me so many years ago. The ganglions!!! Makes much more sense. Thank you for sharing clear information.

      4. Yer welcome. It’s amazing how little has been known about this virus, seeing it affects more than two-thirds of the world population, & not to mention the awful stigma attached to it too.

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