Freak In About The Economy

I’m telling it like it is with financial astrology in 2019 and 2020. Read practical and magical suggestions for thriving through it, as well as the most viable Uranus in Taurus jobs/businesses. It’s relevant for anywhere on Earth and applies to any age, stage, or financial scenario. I’m not usually this blunt, and it’s not, obviously, investment advice.

I’ll also be making the Horoscopes more directional and supportive in this regard. Should we freak out? No. But something is up, and it’s time to freak in.

Broadly, since 2008, we have been guinea pigs in a gigantic central banking experiment. It’s becoming apparent that the experiment has not only flopped but could be irreversible. The current situation is cognitively dissonant because it goes against the healthy financial consciousness that most of us have.

How so? Interest rates have been artificially suppressed to drive people into debt. Not just by making money cheaper and debt easier but by ensuring that savings make no capital gain. Why save for a “rainy day” when you can leverage up by 10x your income? And, wages are also being deliberately kept low in most industries. That’s to help big business.

Historically low-interest rates and wages would usually synchronize with the low asset prices (houses and shares). For example, up until the last decade, a lending ratio of borrowing three times your wage to buy property was considered sensible by banks. The average salary and the average house prices were in lockstep.

Many governments are now doing whatever it takes to keep wages low, and house/share price bubbles inflated. It is irrational and unsustainable. It erodes trust in government because the policy settings are so far out of whack with what a financially together person would consider prudent. The “everything is great” message is so contradictory to people’s observations on the ground that it feels more like gas-lighting in an abusive relationship.

When Housing And Shares Resemble More Of A Ponzi Scheme Than An Investment Or Businesses Can Not Survive Without Near Slave Labour, Something Is Gonna Give

Hard-working and ingenious people are waking up to the fact that (1) politicians are not going to step up and tell the truth, probably because they’re too busy looking after their interests and (2) we can expect less from government services in future. That was touched upon in When Pluto In Capricorn Is Your Financial Planner back in 2013.

There are, of course, multiple other factors – trade wars, unicorn companies, the environment, mass immigration with no planning, and the trillion-dollar derivatives bubble. The Saturn and Pluto conjunction converging from now and over the next seven months is the Everything for the economy.  July and January are flashpoints within that scenario.

What to do? There are four broad approaches to the scenario:

(1) Double down on the traditional life script/dominant paradigm because, whatever the game is, you’re going to play it. Load up on significant debt to pay whatever someone says something is worth. Strive to succeed with what Breaking Smart’s Venkatesh Rao calls the credentialist mindset. Assume that things will get back to ‘normal’ at some point soon.

(2) Develop a savage nihilist mindset and vow to screw the government/authority/employers/employees back the way they screwed you. Deploy whatever cheats, hacks, and short-cuts you can get. Trade in cryptos, Space Dust, raw cunning and niche skills or knowledge. Rent everything – Trust nobody.

(3) Put a unicorn on your window sill, raise your self-esteem and trust that the Universe will provide. Assume that the government/central banks are on an evolutionary journey along with the rest of us. Try not to “talk down” the economy with negativity. Hope that your high-vibe personal energy and integrity will pay off in the form of abundance or, at least, security.

(4) Resentfully but efficiently plot to go off-grid, hoard your cash under the mattress, get some gold nuggets and barter.

The Promethean Pirate Mentality Works To A Certain Extent

There is also the option of marching on parliaments waving pitchforks, a la the Yellow Vests or becoming more activist. ALL of these approaches have their benefits.

There are advantages (for now) of going along with the phantom economy and some credentials still count. A law degree, for example, is totally Saturn and thus timeless. The Promethean Pirate mentality works to a certain extent: it is undoubtedly more energizing than trying to pretend all this is normal or ‘part of the plan.’

Re (3) There Is a place for positive thinking, and even in my most pragmatic mindset, I find the Jupiter Mp3 helps to make me feel financially empowered & see opportunities I had not seen. But magical thinking, mediation or binaural beats work best when aligned with a taste for work and a granite eyed view of reality.

There are benefits to a modified version of (4). E.g., growing your vegetables and herbs. Fixing more of your things rather than rushing to replace them.

Remember, Uranus is in Taurus, the sign of money, among other things. To act like things will go back to normal is naive. But to aspire to a neo-medieval subsistence style reversion is also incorrect. What’s coming is going to be new. To thrive through this transitional time without getting burst bubble gunk all over you, align with Uranus in Taurus.

Financial astrology in 2019 and 2020 is formidable for many reasons. See The Astrology Of The Global Financial Fuqery for more on how we got here.

The Most Resilient Jobs and Businesses Will Be Uranus in Taurus Themed

Like what?  These are some examples.

– Building Biology

– Anything in the medical marijuana, hemp, and related space.

– Permaculture + ecologically aware versions of agriculture.

– Healing, Bodywork, Empowering people to take charge of their health and physique.

– Independent businesses. The Uranus in Aries era saw a shift to legacy media and name-writers relying on and publishing in social media. Many professionals and tradespeople similarly diluted their brand into that of a more massive conglomerate, franchise brand or digital middle-man. But in Uranus in Taurus supports authentic, local, and more craft-type businesses.

– Making things and local anything. As people become jaded with the ideals of globalism, hand-made/locally grown anything will become desirable. If things really get cracking, sewing machines will become as popular as they were before the advent of cheap, mass-manufactured clothes.

– People who are super-adept in new media, technology, and science to help write policy/study/be legal support for emerging genres. For example; Clone Law and, for that matter, Drone Law. Or defamation/people’s rights in an era when something can be shared, deep-faked or live-streamed in a heartbeat and the ads you’re shown increasingly match your private conversations, not anything you searched.

Actually, if you think of super-modern media, marketing, entertainment, and law skills, you’ll be set up for Uranus in Gemini already.

Harking back to a time when things were different or to the rugged ideal of a pioneer out-of-the-system scenario is not Uranian. The post-Saturn-Pluto paradigm is going to be new, not some rehash of the old.  Again, this is not investment advice, but astrologically you would ideally make significant commitments after January 2020, not before. And, go into (more) debt for education or health, not things.

The financial astrology in 2019 and 2020 is intense, but it’s not complicated. An unsustainable and inequitable system is breaking down, despite the best efforts of those benefitting to maintain it. Investing in yourself is a better bet than directing your hard-earned funds into old paradigms.

The new one will optimally be more grounded in proper ecological management, fair and hospitable to healthy, reality-based business models.


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  1. This post is so prescient and on the nose- in an almost painful way. If I weren’t 10 years from (maybe?) retiring, I’d be excited about it. As it is, with all of the free-capitalist systems breaking down- as they need to- thoughts of being aged in the US is terrifying. We don’t get gov’t pensions to speak of, employers allow employees to invest their own money in the stock market in index funds, mostly. If the market collapses, oops, you’re eating cat food. There doesn’t appear to be much to do to protect against coming changes while also being invested in stocks. I guess I’ll up my fitness routines and hope for the best?

  2. Now that you call my attention to it, at least a portion of the strong sense of “So THIS is what it is” came from a level of preparedness for something major coming through, brought into focus by the consistent reading of your blog and the Daily Mystic. Thank you!!

  3. Don’t these powers that be use astrologers? Must have gotten some bang awful advice for their experiment with no foreseeing of the inevitable future shift with saturn pluto and Uranus going into Taurus.

    PS: just as amazing and prophetic the 2nd time around. Brilliant, Mystic! <3

    1. Truly prophetic, and i feel like Mystic did not even believe she ‘saw’ what she figured out and riffed off fully psychically, despite researching thoroughly with her good good mars in V plus 8th house. This one, Mystic, this post of all your other past ones, has the clarity. Maybe i’m part-Muggle and that’s ok i have long felt most of us good commenters struggle with the muggle within, and i have long loved others for bringing it online with honesty and sometimes just a quip.

      Do you ever recall reading the Nostradamus proph referencing the masks of aerial war? This is like that, to me, and i kind of had a psychic crush on Nostradamus, like empathy for the personal trouble of his visions when i was 8 or 9. You must know you LEAD, and however heavy that sounds, i love your quick slapdowns and sometimes more considered responses to criticism online or more directly.

      1. <3 experience in PR and smoothing things over trying to keep all copacetic can do that hah. Thanks for noticing and we all have some muggle in us with much to learn. I am all about gratitude lately and have a new found appreciation for finding all of you because I can't dare begin to explain all of this to the muggles in my world right now. We are distant yet still so connected in magical ways. Being aware of magic can make one feel deviant but it doesn't have to be. mystic has created a world here something like I imagine real life Hogwarts to be. Heart eyes.

        And I am attracted to those prophetic types like Nostradamus too! I will have to revisit that one since lately I've been in a very 9th house deep dive into all sorts of things. A psychic once told me Edgar Cayce is my spirit guide and every now and again I feel I kind of go into these trances where my truth and wisdom about topics just flow through my fingertips without much thought at all. It's a beautiful thing. I get the feeling there is much of that going on here especially with the assistance of the magical tools like herbs and frequencies.

  4. I am so here for this. Reading my astro DNA and loving it. So excited for the Capricorn Convergence. It is on my North Node so I feel legitimately entitled to get excited and anyway I’m Jupiter rising so just try and stop me.

    1. Okay well that didn’t go off quite as well as I’d hoped. I’ve been trying to adjust to all this and hmmm I’m gonna say self reliance is the main thing I’m learning about. The north node vibe I’m experiencing is nothing like what I imagined it would be. Obviously. There’s a lot of plain old hanging in and toughing it out. Lots more cleaning up and not as much ducking to avoid the awards being chucked my way!

  5. I say let the revolution begin: money is what keeps the powerful powerful – so we all need to stand together and undermine their capitalist regime. Stop paying your taxes, stop paying your utilities, your parking fines, etc etc.

    The rich aren’t making themselves richer because they want more money, they’re making themselves richer because they want the rest of us to be too poor and weak to fight back when “The Event” happens.

    Don’t believe me? Read this:

  6. Economic fuqery starting in October has come up in multiple readings from different sources, this is the icing on the cake. Best post yet. xo

  7. Wonderfully put! I take my hat off, Mystic!

    When a hardcore capitalist like Ray Dalio flags that there are some issues with capitalism, there’s something up. I don’t necessarily agree with Dalio but for those who would like to read up on him and his current capitalist view:

    The trouble is of course that “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” so the current established order most likely does not have the answer.

    Maybe we should each start our own experiment in staying true to ourselves while preparing for a new paradigm and see how things evolve?

  8. I have so much to say about this that I just can’t say anything other than A) I am so over late stage capitalism and B) #yellowvests 4vr. Thank you for being on this in a truthful way. ⭐

  9. Thanks. Wow. My mindset is a mix of 2 & 4. I have been hacking my way through some kind of pioneer woman/work myself to the bone thing for the past 2 & 1/2 years but am stopping now. Every part of my mind and body says no. I am just waiting to see where I find my feet. I have a burning desire to sew which I haven’t done much of for many years I have a stash of vintage patterns in a storage shed I have been throwing good money at but not for much longer. Purge time. Scheming.

  10. Awesome, thank you.
    I have been gambolling along the path less travelled for my whole life occasionally having a mighty trip over a root or falling into a crevice (seems to be roughly every 7- 10 years) but always manage to get myself upright and mobile again and on another new branch of the path to smell the scent of the forest, fields and gardens. Have accumulated kids, property and plenty debt along the way.

    I bloody love business but hate capitalism – go figure. So found myself doing and supporting/promoting ethical business (social enterprises!) – long before it became du jour.
    My work has been around Indigenous owned, fair trade art and culture businesses (remote community art centres) for 30+ years and it’s been amazing and productive – but also fraught with so many complex issues. Have always keeping an eye on global financial dickheadery and been thinking about and trying out new ways to do business and have coached many people (usually artsy/creative/alternatives/money-is-evil types) to break with obsolete exploiter/victim paradigms. So your rant about it all is SO INTERESTING to me.

    Just going into my second Saturn return fresh from the trifecta of major relationship and job ending badly plus an appendix that went AWOL but left behind a large pool of pus and a close face to face with mortality (that was my May 2019) and deep, deep gratitude for Australian free healthcare and professionals … and after 6 months of grieving, kvetching, being very broke and healing have been lifted up by returning mojo – came in with the last new moon. Now manically riding the energy wave with a head busting out with ideas and opportunities flooding in.

    I also highlighted the quote ‘The “everything is great” message is so contradictory to people’s observations on the ground that it feels more like gas-lighting in an abusive relationship.’… to share your link on my fb page.

    Thanks for all you do and share Mystic. Gratitude xx

    1. You can be one of those who lead or guide people in Empowering Business models of a new paradigm. In fact, you sound like the same people i look to as mentors, whose experience translating into pragmatism and real warmth can mean really making change. It’s starting with my change. Without that, i will offer limited leadership. Hard yards can translate to gold, i am sure.

  11. I love this pragmatic approach. My moves are CSA food, saving, renting for now, buying a used car last summer paid in full, buying chic vintage or reformation, trying to cook more. I think I’ll start doing an Etsy art shop to get that second income stream flowing

  12. MegRoberts2019

    Love this rant Mystic! As someone who is currently undergoing total financial rendition, I can affirm that these are indeed interesting times regarding money. I also want to add that I am currently embarking on a new era in my life regarding how I make money- I now no longer work for a salary, but as a freelancer and casual, all online (or via email) and all very much in alignment with my natal Uranus in the 2nd house! So every word you have said really resonates with me. I can also support what you say about trusting your instincts, leaning into the general vibe and getting real about your money and financial position now will hopefully set you in good stead for whatever lies ahead.

  13. Hmmm so interesting. I have worked hard the past few years to own my small place in an area I love. I’m debt free and now focusing on building my nest-egg. My work is enervating but relatively secure, and for now I’ll take it, because I also have time to pursue my creative projects. I’m also building skills in other areas. My energy is going into my health and trying to simplify my life as much as possible. I thrift, I switch lights off, all that stuff. Never been any good at growing my own food but I support local growers as much as possible.
    SN on my Cap stellium is lecturing me daily about about investments of time, effort, health, past financial follies. Sobering to say the least.

  14. 4 with a touch of 2. Had my 10 year job in the library plan to allow me to time to do my art. Meanwhile buying land in the country and building a sustainable cosy small house where I can live off the smell of an oily rag. Retirement in 10-15 years time? Rent out my city apartment to provide an income (which will be ample bc I can live on a bare minimum)… Planting trees etc. and building a studio on my country block.

    I’m diversifying my already multiple employment skills by studying a new discipline. And have been super thrifty of late because of minimal work. But! have a client who wants to rent my apartment for 2 weeks at the end of the month. I dumped the capitalist paradigm ages ago, it’s been frugal chic for years now.

  15. “The “everything is great” message is so contradictory to people’s observations on the ground that it feels more like gas-lighting in an abusive relationship.” So absolutely spot on Mystic. Fascinating reading – thank you!

  16. My thoughts are: this is brilliant, and one of your very best. Also, uranus in taurus means to me magical realism, one of my fave genres, but also my preferred operating strategy. I’m 2/3 through a media and comms degree in my 40s, wanting to expand and diversify my options as well as just the pure joy of education. My partner is a economics degree educated horticulturist, enviroonmental regenerist and farm manager, looking to upskill into teaching. I guess my approach is a personal practice/tuning in plus keeping informed and educated about what’s happening. Never despair, there is too much work to be done.

    1. So much to reflect upon with this post. First off, when Pluto was in sag I was making money and living it up in NYC as a young mother…then came 9/11 and the years of invisibility and a growing addiction to a fear based mob mentality. I couldn’t keep a job longer than 6 self esteem was totally shot, I had to shift into full Caregiver mode and Mom mode…while my husband travelled ceaselessly. I was so lonely so disempowered so invisible so frumpy so qi drained. I came to this site and slowly built myself back again, thanks to Saturn transits, discipline rants, excellent posts and products by Mystic and the wonderful guidance of her Tarot Oracle and other guides. Over time I stopped bonsai ing myself and worked my Saturn and embraced my inner Sun Tzu and Marcus Aurelius
      I embraced my Aquarius rising and learned to love Uncle Pluto and Mr. Saturn. If you could see how I dress now… with monochrome metals always semi formal and very classic…I had taken those Hermit years to forge an inner power…a comeback if you will.
      So now Uranus in Taurus meets Pluto in Capricorn…the new economy. Surprise! After getting my shiz together so tight and amping up my inner Sun Tzu..only to find….my husband has ALS and will be facing his death sometime in the next who knows…18 months? 15 months? 2 years? Now I absolutely have to shine that hermit light, get all my Saturn ducks in a row, nail the Long Term Care Insurance and prepare for a life of uncertaintyn in some very real ways. Fortunately my husband had a ridiculously beneficial life and health insurance policy and we have our care and supports in place. And we have good emotional support. We have our game faces on. We are facing our future now. But when he exits this world I absolutely have to be relentless in protecting the assets he left to me and my children. That means no bs, hyper vigilence, trust no one and do my homework. It also reminds me that yes, those years of frustration gave me time to work this lousy thing called my inner Power and when Pluto plays its thing ( I am Pluto conjunct Uranus in Virgo at 18° so baby I am feeling that shiz NOW) i am prepared to handle what life throws at me…because Mystic because Marcus Aurelius because Sun Tzu…because house clearing…and i didnt waste those shitty years in oblivion. So thankful for you Mystic! Thank you for cheering and coaching and coaxing me to emerge with Power.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Wow vikingwoman you have come a long way! You are inspirational.

        Yes please do trust your instincts with protecting your assets for yourself and children.


  17. I’m not sure how anyone couldna seen this all of this coming when they “elected” Baby Bush in 2000. It’s literally been 60 years in the making. Neo-liberalism gives way to neo-feudalism. Maybe “reverting” isn’t Uranian, but neither is humanity.

    Meaning, I’m not sure I have faith in the idea that something “new” will come…a new life form, maybe. Humans will be washed away in an extinction event of their own making. Maybe one or two of us will be around to repopulate and teach the new species about the joys of the properly built sandwich, a la Arthur Dent.

    I am typing #2, but have been strategically devising a combo of #2 and 4 in the meantime. Flavored heavily with “think local for your talents.”

  18. Also of note, the last time Uranus was in Taurus we had The Great Depression along with WW2. Not saying all that is going to happen now but it is a reminder that we should take seriously.

  19. It is CRAZY the level of debt people are undergoing right now, at least in my area. First of all, people are purchasing left and right new vehicles and trucks are now so expensive they are paying at least $35,000 and up for a new truck. That is INSANE considering in 5 years that same truck will probably only be worth $10,000 yet those people will still be paying $500-$1000 per month on their payments. Houses are being built left and right, and not small modest homes. These are those bigger, $250,000 and up homes and people are buying them as fast has they are being built. I don’t get it, why do you need that much house and those mortgage payments have got to be through the roof. Combine that with their two brand new vehicles sitting in the driveway and these people are literally just working to support their home and vehicles. If they had zero debt, they wouldn’t have that big mortgage and they wouldn’t have those car payments and they could actually work to support whatever lifestyle they wanted instead of being slaves chained to debt and only working to pay for expensive things they cannot afford nor need.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Yes A I totally agree. They are like mindless robots. Mindless consumption.

      This is where I find frugality sexy. Do I lean this way because of my Taurus Moon. Is it because my parents were born in the 20s.
      Mum had me when she was 42.

      It’s no wonder I am loving this era.

    2. Last in, best dressed sort of thinking. Doesn’t it seem so defunct to think this way now? Didn’t some of us try to take advantage of it in the last few years, if we saw it coming, but couldn’t believe the real shake-up in values? I’m looking at the stylings and vintage appreciation of this new adult gen and still seeing the capitalism, along with the paucity. Such a generational hand-me-down of values and worth!! And the environmental realisations: BBC on the plant species that have become extinct (that scientists KNOW OF) outpacing animal extinction.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Play song Bjork : Human behavior.

        People do what they do.

        The only thing you can do: is right for you. I think I’m channelling Dr Sueuzz.

  20. This is great and as a matter of fact I have already started. I just recently sold my house and downsized into an older, smaller home where I will not have a mortgage. I have taken the money I made from the sale of my house and applied it to paying off debt. I am still in debt, but now that a chunk as been paid off, the money that was going to those payments will now be applied to other debt and the mortgage payment that I don’t have to make anymore will be applied to debt until it is ALL paid off 100%. This is my plan, get and stay debt free. The sale of the house is actually tri-fold, one it allowed me to use the money I made as profit to pay down debt. Two, it eliminated my monthly mortgage payment allowing me to free up some money. Thirdly, I no longer have a mortgage so if the housing market crashes (or the economy tanks or both) I won’t have to worry about losing my home, foreclosure or having to try and sell when the market will not be good for home sales.

  21. “The “everything is great” message is so contradictory to people’s observations on the ground that it feels more like gas-lighting in an abusive relationship.”

    This sums up Australia’s recent elections and the LNP coalition in particular. (Clive Palmer is a whole other level.) Great to get Mystic’s astrological perspective as I grieve the missed opportunity of a Labor government and the reforms and progress they were would have put in play. That’s not to say they can’t do this from opposition, and that’s my hope for now.

    I am formulating a proposal for my local MP to become an independent and therefore bring the LNP government into account. It’s a long shot, but it’s worth a shot. Gotta give it a go to get a fair go and all that.

    Personally, while reeling from the election results – yes, I have taken the injustice hard – I have been trying to get a grasp of my own life. I am full-time mum to my toddler and love my life of parks and play. They’re the rosy bits. But often I am fighting my own despair. I despair for the future, for what to do in the present pending that future.

    I am also edged with some kind of social guilt for receiving the parenting payment through Centrelink. But then I remind myself that it’s ok to be raising my kid, and to be grateful and accepting of the financial support I receive.

    But back to despair. Joan Baez said, “Action is the antidote to despair”. I have tried to use this as my mantra when the weight of depression (or the anti-depressants) drags me down. I am currently using it to fight the despair I feel for Australia.

    I also remind myself, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” It’s now just choosing how best to chop that wood and carry that water.

    I have more to say in self-reflection, but I need to get back to bed. It’s been helpful to reflect on Mystic’s article in order to grasp my own perspective. So many thoughts and feelings swirling around.

    Leo sun, Gemini ascendant, Virgo moon

    1. Living in Australia – my home electorate fringes Dickson and I work alongside people *who voted Peter Dutton back into office*.

      I share the feelings of hopelessness and despair you are experiencing. Thank goodness for the hope and guidance Mystic & her community brings to us.

      Stay woke and keep true to the advice of Joan Baez ❤️

    2. Yes in sympathy for the fucking current Australian government. I hope the recession we are going to have, and the fact that the govt can’t deliver on any of its promises, will make ppl wake up!! Unfortunately I think things have to get a lot tougher before the sheeple realise the govt is NOT on our side and they need to take action.

      1. Absolutely. We must realise just how lucky we are, rather than commandeering a nouveau riche attitude (sounds so 80s but blown apart at the seams) in comparison with so many globally. Lucky, not finally deserving of some clueless Australian type of old school Euro success.

    3. Labour also generate appeal to the people who need systematic support that mitigates rampant capitalism, while being corrupt and failing to properly generate growth from the businesses which feed money in, all just for quick tax and workers’ rights glam, with no real structuring across the different income strands. This has created a full class divide, which is now even more gappy because of the tax tiers we have and the union bullying for protectionism based on so-called class, instead of thoughtful understanding of the broad so-called middle class. Upper Bogan, we may laugh at, but there are capitalist aspirations operating that do not give a thought to environmental/climate concerns, and Labour’s policies really fail to create a helping hand mentality among those who could, but have taken a hit and are self-protective, while failing to keep the richer satisfied and fearless enough to contribute.

  22. Well I did buy a house at the age of 29 just before the intrest rate went up to 17% and ended up going bankrupt because the crap stable government job couldn’t pay the mortgage. So I re-educated myself, worked in mining, swore off a ‘traditional’ life, built up a working reputation, spent money, saved money and bought this unit I’m living in 8 years ago because I thought I would like to. Now 30 years later the whole damn cycle seems to be repeating itself except now it’s on a global scale and we’ve dragged the environment into the pit of despair along with us. I’m going rent my unit out and take advantage of negative gearing, work a few days a week cause I still got a mortgage to pay, move to the woods and do my gypsy witchy things. Think I should also take donations for the tarot reading I’ve been doing as favours for friends for 30years or more and yeah growing veggies, herbs and whatever. Might even find me an able bodied gardener to give me a hand. My Taurus sun with Virgo moon and Cancer rising is really getting this Uranus in Taurus vibe.

    1. This once would have seemed hippie-dippie, but is so far removed from the Commune Vibe that i bet it just works. Blessings on you, Aprilrain, highly appropriate xx

  23. AriesPiscesLibra

    I have felt this for some time. In massive student loan debt, but I have three degrees and a credential that is enabling me to make my own schedule and with very little micromanaging. I left a hellscape of public education mid year and have jumped into adjuncting at community colleges. Might go full time at one in the fall, presuming I am chosen in a super competitive field. If I’m not, I’ll keep trucking, teaching at 3 institutions. Renting a house in the woods, growing my veggies. Driving an 11 year old car. In the midst of divorce proceedings, but when it’s over I won’t have to support the dead weight. I live in an ideal community to raise kids, but the cost of living is insane. Because of the desirability of the area, people accept crumbling houses a t top price. I’ve felt the fuqery since 2012…middle class does not exist. Gotta go Maverick.

  24. Wish Upon a Star

    Good timing Mystic. Just today I was looking at home loans, then I watched the 7.30 report ABC. Record low interest rates, low job stability, high house prices and rent. I had to be reminded that home loans used to be 17% Thats when my antenae shivered. Then I read your post.

    I dearly thank you.

    Yes a financially together person would think: what the fuq? And a lot of people are being built up (locked into a mortgage ) and will possibly fall in the not too distant future. Isn’t this reminiscent of previous times? Hey I could have been one of those people. I was a zombie. But today I see the light.

    I still toss up the idea of renting versus buying a house. But in my situation I will have to live in said house if I buy it. Mmmm, grow my own vegie patch. Finally get my own cats and little dog.

    But my gypsy heart feels restrained by this. Mmmmm ? I don’t have children so I can’t leave them a house. Gee if the housing bubble bursts and rents decrease it will be a no brainer:
    Release that Gypsy heart.

    Is this the problem with having a Taurus Moon, Gemini Sun and Pisces Rising? Or is the commitment scaring me?

    Any thoughts peeps?

    Also watched Q and A. What’s going on with the government and ABC journalists? Is 2019. 1984?

    Oh boy what a day?

      1. I bought my house 8 years ago in CA with a 3.25 % interest rate. The 2008 recession was my most profitable time and I feel like I can ride this out. I bought in a low cost area and my mortgage, included taxes and insurance are less than it would cost to rent. Gonna try to just hold on tight and work really hard. I have two bedrooms that I can rent out if I need to.

        1. Thing is, IF you want to sell to get some of that profit you need to do it NOW before there is a crash.

        2. Wish Upon a Star

          You are smart Red Sonya. You rode that wave well. Good timing. Buying in a low cost area: the price can only increase.

          If your repayments are less than rent, it can only be good.

          I wrote this somewhat dismal reply because I just woke up to the housing market and frankly could feel the housing bubble in Australia. I don’t want to spread doom and gloom panic and confusion.

          Smart people will always make things work for them.

      2. Rent in my community more expensive than a mortgage for the same space. Not allowed pets, privacy or my gardening passion renting.. so I will be looking to buy this year, my ex and I are combining our incomes to at least get back into housing even if average small 3 bed 700 grand.. Feel shocked at the doubled market since bubble here however, many escaping Sydney/Melbourne cashed up with their single front city place buying a 2 acre lifestyle dream here.. Both our astro say buy buy/shared resources!

        our small resources

    1. Moon in Taurus gives an unconscious need for stability and security. Meet that need before everything else can flourish if the astrology is correct.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I’m glad you brought up my Taurus Moon Linda Peters. Last night after I the reply I could feel the grounded Taurus Moon and the Gypsy side battlng it out in my psyche and I discovered that the gypsy side is somewhat broken and is a projection of my past: so restless. Well the gypsy kinda faded away.

        My Taurus Moon says just take one step at a time, deal with what is in front of you. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

        This is somewhat healing. I feel all warm and fuzzy. Oh Joy!

        Fantastic post Mystic.

  25. I feel like all 1-4. How can that be? Rent everything and fall back to off grid farming, looking for nuggies might be the reality of it. There was a significant Chinese gold camp down stream (river) back in the day. But I’m working for the Suits or students actually. Husband always says , “You’re just a number!”
    I do love teaching and have great conversations helping them grow up and see the world in a holistic way. I suspect some of them see the classroom witching.

  26. There’s another aspect that may come into play over the next year. In the US, something like 85% of the grain crops missed their planting window due to flooding. I understand the Canadian and Ukrainian bread baskets are running into major drought problems. This is likely to force the cost of bread and anything else that relies on cheap grain for feed purposes (i. e., chicken) significantly higher, during a time of stagnant wages. So people will be putting their money, cash or debt, into food, ‘cause ya gotta eat. And they won’t be putting their money into other things—cars, clothes, furniture, computers, phones—because food comes first. So an already sputtering economy is likely to take a major hit.

    Uranus in Taurus. Eat the rich, the poor are tough and stringy.

    1. AriesPiscesLibra

      So true…I need to up my harvesting skills. Planted a shit ton of veggies. Might need to develop a more grain free life.

    2. Wish Upon a Star

      A forced Paleo diet in a Uranus in Taurus era. How sad. And punishing in a cold climate.

      But I wonder if type 2 diabetes will decrease. They will have to eradicate sugar for that.

      It looks like the old school food pyramid has been tipped on it’s head.

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