Virgo In 2021, 2022 And Beyond

Future Virgo is looking fab. The forecast is good. Of course, being under-hyped and over-worked, you’re averse to flowery raves. You want the laboratory soil analysis.

Last year’s pandemic tapped the Virgoan motherlode of freak-outs: contagion concerns, disrupted workflows, conflicting info, and the very real sense of rank inefficiency from several quarters. Who wouldn’t have hypochondriac googled? Or zig-zagged back into the realm of past pleasures?

Still, there are some 2020 trends that you’re keeping: the upgraded hygiene. A mask that evidently helps prevent the inhalation of disease droplets and removes the ‘fake smile’ requirement. The radical financial consciousness elevation that came with Mars in your solar 8th house for half of last year: inflammatory money concerns triggered profitable discoveries around the metaphysics of debt.

Best Virgo Love Prospects In Centuries

You subverted self-oppression and gave up junk validation, swapping short-term pain for longer term gain. Even without the Great Disrupt, last year’s elongated Venus in Gemini phenom (April 3 to August 8) would have ruffled your sure sense of vocational identity. This June, you will realize how liberating and beneficial that process was.

Pluto in Aquarius plus Uranus in Gemini (!) form an Air synergy for the second half of this decade. Think revamped career/business and everyday work practice. The wackier your routine compared to before, the better. Every tweak, revision or work irk is a chance to transmogrify. If in doubt, acquire – or invent – new knowledge. Uranus in your 9th and the Aquarius vibe in your work/health sector is once a millennium. Trust total turnarounds and fresh paradigm thinking.

Romance is also scaling. Since 2011, you’ve had Neptune misting up your relationship sector. Fine, sometimes it’s felt like fog from a Stephen King movie. Skeevy flashbacks, cloudy thinking around romance, addict lovers, and dating rules that simmer down to ‘ghost or be ghosted.‘Β  Even your steadiest friendships became encrypted. The synthetic and tacky elements merged with the magic to such an extent that even you could not figure out the formula.

Vocational Revamp By Pluto

Still, set aside the love alchemy guides, chocolate with the fancy font designer packaging, and D.I.Y. relationship exorcism kits. Turn off the television. With Neptune as strong as it is for you this year, you’ll be sucked straight into it sci-fi style. Or, at the very least, sedated.

This year, from mid-May until early August, Jupiter joins Neptune in Pisces. The cosmic maximizer returns from December 30 until early May 2022 and then again from late Oct until the December 2022 Solstice. Yes, it’s a crazy orbit. But that’s not the point. While it’s tangible from late April 2020 until early 2023, this unabashedly brilliant influence peaks in April 2022, when Jupiter + Neptune are exact conjunct in Pisces for the first time since 1856.

It favors soul-connects, real romance, and long-shot lovers, visionaries whose big love is their cause or art, hopeful romantics and metaphysical mating experiments.


24 thoughts on “Virgo In 2021, 2022 And Beyond”

  1. Thanks Mystic, this sounds like very encouraging news for my wonderful Virgo partner, who has been having some stress-related health problems lately. Just hoping her boost in romance involves me!
    PS – will you be doing a preview for Sagg soon?

  2. SorceryinaTeacup

    I feel so understood.. the accuracy

    The womky bits did mix with the magic past the point of recognition in a centrifuge of bananas!! Finally separating into much more fun, less toxic goop.. or putty to sculpt a new virgo self *arms akimbo*

    Thank you so much! Signed a Virgo sun

  3. Me and my two best friends are all Virgo ascendants, living in different parts of the country. Over the last year, we all have entered healthy, fun relationships with men 5-6 years younger than us! Wonder what Neptune is up to as he goes over our 7th houses–but it seems good!

  4. My golden marbled Mist cat is missing 5 days now. Sun/Jup in Leo, Rising Virgo. Adjusted his NN to Aries in the 7th due to MM’s clever discovery. All the Aries action must have triggered a deep wandering into the night. I don’t know but I miss him so. He is Moon/Venus in Cancer, he loves his food. Would never miss 10 meals. I fear the worst. Born on Jung’s birthday, he has been my protector on the astral planes and I am feeling as lost as he is.

    1. Being Moon/Venus in Cancer he could have accidentally wandered into somebody else’s garage unnoticed ..?) I immediately thought that he has gone into somebody else’s place, Sun/Jup is a lucky aspect (and in Leo..?). Lighting candles for you both XOO

      1. Thank you! I have been able to assure other friends when their pet disappeared they were alive, but cannot with my own. He is loud when stuck, very confident and extrovert by nature. I had a nightmare the morning before he left that he got badly hurt. I hope you are right and he is safe.

      2. Omg, the candles and intention must have done some good because he walked in this morning meowing at 7 am. I was crying on my partner’s should not 3 mins before. It’s an Easter miracle! 😺

          1. Thank you! You know I realised with him gone, unlike me, he’s always outside. When he arrives home it’s like he sheds leaves and stars all over the house, he brings the outside in.

        1. Hiya dear Sphinx, am crying with you – I have my own little Ginger Mister and he is also my soul guide and loud little mate. I am so, so glad ..πŸ˜­πŸ‘β€

          1. Lollipop lady outside the house said she saw a car leaving four doors down, then our cat streak onto the road and run up to our house. It seems you were right about him going into someone’s garage Earthstar! That good Virgo Juju is working overtime ahead of time. Well done your psychic sensors are zapping perfectly! Thank you 😘

  5. Oh this is lovely to read – thanks Mystic! I have Virgo Ascendant, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo too! And currently having lots of medical tests to determine some unusual blood test results which has increased my already raised anxiety levels…I’m trying to stay balanced and calm and this really helps! xxx

    1. Good luck with your test results Peagmummy! That is a load of Virgin planets, it seems you will have all the luck coming up.

  6. Sun and Mars in Virgo here (both in 12th house) and being a diagnosed anxiety disorder germ-a-phobe 2020 near did me in! Not to mention work and money stress, and a massive feeling of being lost at sea and a drinking problem that I am trying hard to get under control – it is lovely to hear some comforting words. Thanks Mystic for your inspiration, you are such a beautiful soul x

  7. My husband has been following me the last few weeks and my phone (this phone!) is under surveillance. And yes… he found juicy stuff… I wanted to bury myself… (he’s humiliating me and the law in my country is in his favor) but I’m happy that it’s ending. For 25 years I’ve been living with someone who I don’t love. I met someone and for the first time in my life I’ve experienced love. I’m having Neptune opposition Mercury conjunct Mars (in Virgo) transit that ends soon. Neptune opposition sun is on the way… Pluto conjunct Saturn last year was conjunct exactly on my north node conjunct descendant (Cancer rising). I still got Pluto transit.
    *I know that I have mistakes in English that’s why I don’t write much on the only site that I really like.

    1. Anat, I am thrilled that you’ve met someone who makes you happy but I am concerned about your situation! It is not easy to extricate yourself from an abusive/controlling partner in the best of circumstances but obviously, it is more difficult in an unfair legal system. Do you have a plan for this? And is there a way you can make the initial break but reclaim yourself before beginning another relationship?

      1. I don’t have a plan yet. I’m still overwhelmed by all the things that going on… I’m a mom of seven kids and never held a real job. And I’m aware of it, that a new relationship is not on my plate. At least, not in the near future.
        Soon after Neptune opposition sun it’ll square my moon in Sagittarius.

  8. My dear Virgo BFF will be pleased to hear this. She’s had such a tough run for a couple of years. She’s trudged on like the stoic she is, muttering “It is what it is,”…Life started to shift for her about a month ago, and her cheeky smile has returned. Phew!

  9. That would be the first time an Astro forecast has had me burst into tears. (Relief, that is……it has been a decade + of pain and betrayal/mirage horror show.)

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