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Extra-Galactic Rays Coming From A Black Hole In Aquarius

I Interested in the Solar Minimum and Astrology? You are in the right place because I’m obsessed. I’ve stayed up late researching and live-chatting with space meteorologists. You wouldn’t know it by the current social structure but Astronomy came out of Astrology. Someone had to track all the stars and planets while ancient astrologers wafted around writing sonnets to Sirius and trying to talk down antsy Emperors. So it’s been …

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The Astrology Of Space Births

My initial thought upon seeing this was Space Births Astrology. 2024 is one of the dates being cited for this, um, venture. So the first Space Baby would have Pluto in Aquarius. Of course. The other date mentioned – 2028 – would give Space Baby Neptune in Aries and Uranus in Gemini as well. But how would you do the birth chart of this baby? Then I thought Holy Hecate, …

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One eye on a fan with rose quartz

The Aquarius Moon Algorithm

The Aquarius Moon algorithm is incomprehensible, but god, it works well. In an age like this, with little Air element, it can feel transcendental. Of course, when we have Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini next decade, we’ll be looking at the Earth sign moons for lunar sanctuary. But with Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are all in Earth signs. There is also a stellium in Virgo. The Moon in …

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Anna Ewers with cash dollar notes for Uranus in Scorpio

Uranus in Taurus For Uranus in Scorpio People

Above: How Uranus in Scorpio people thought they might “do” Uranus in Taurus.  Below: How Uranus in Scorpio people are actually doing it. It’s been 11 months of the Promethean planet in Taurus. People born between 1975 to 1981* are having Uranus Opposition. They’re not fuqing about. They are seeking venture funds for their coup. Your ‘what the hell is happening to the world?’ is their opportunity. No revelation of corruption …

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Space Dust Shamans

Space Dust Shamans Some mistook them for Vampires. Maybe it was the matte-face and monochrome. Or their world-weary demeanor. But Vampires counted their life span in centuries and had the reference points to prove it. The protocol of dead empires lurked within their psyche. In their eyes, you could see the reflection of cities razed, rebuilt and razed again. Now that mirrors no longer included silver in their manufacture, Vampires …

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Pluto In Aquarius – The Robots Are Coming

“The robots will remember facts about their owners, such as names and birthdays,” Dr. Devlin, a computing expert said. The first sex robots will be quite rudimentary.” Ahh the Daily Mail, always a pleasure.   All right, let’s parse this. Pluto in Aquarius – from January 22, 2024, until March 2043 – is going to be totally robots. How can it not be? As for relationship robots, if Tinder helped trigger …

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