Hello To Saturn In Aquarius

It’s Saturn in Aquarius! Shout-out to all the Saturn Return folk. This situation is taking the ‘broader connection to humanity’ trope way over the top. And your Saturn Return projections probably left out “lockdown because of a pandemic.”

So, my Turbulent Times series has a heap of words on all this and the astrological section will be super-clear on timelines, etc. But briefly, the plague is a Saturn-Pluto event – an epochal planetary alignment that exposes the economic and ecological fragility of the system in place for the last 30-odd years.

A Saturnine or Plutonic crisis in our personal lives is often a necessary implosion of corrupt structures and inauthenticity that would not have happened without the crisis. Times that by a zillion for this when applied to the culture and economy.

You can also see it as Uranus in Taurus going berserk. You know how Taurus people seem placid to the point where people perceive them as passive or even ineffectual. And then suddenly bam: Taurus erupts into a frenzy of activity, making tectonic life morphs and stunning everyone who thought they couldn’t even get it together enough to vacuum the crumbs from under their couch cushions.

The Uranus in Taurus themes are best described in Freak In About The Economy. That they are all now occurring suddenly and at a speed that’s challenging to integrate is super-Uranian.

Saturn-Pluto reaped the consequences, Uranus in Taurus quantum accelerated the evolution and Saturn in Aquarius will ideally be mass ingenuity. The next 15 weeks are a preview of the Aquarian Age to come from December 2020 and beyond.

Could it indicate a bizarre new age of connected isolation? Everyone grounded but ultra-connected? Or, if your taste tends toward the dystopian, Black Mirror end of the spectrum, ingenious surveillance and drone delivery techniques? Stand by for the astro-section in my three-part pandemic rant.

Weirdness aside, Saturn in Aquarius feels lighter.  It’s a surreal scramble of emotion and thought; concern for people I love but can’t protect, striving to synthesize all the information, awe at the clarity and richness of the skies without mass tourism, nostalgia for nonchalantly breezing around the city already, sadness for stress and losses so many are having to bear, intellectual interest in just how this will play out – could it be big enough to trigger utopian reforms? – dark humor at the life of a introvert becoming mandatory and cranked to the max Mars in Virgo vision for planning.

And you?

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  1. Hello Saturn return in the fifth! Also very much feeling my grandpa’s spirit around me these days, who was a Saturn in Aqua too, albeit two cycles before my birth!

  2. just a heads up: I can’t see anything on your website beyond the post the comes before this one. Nothing, nada, just pure emptiness. i tried a couple of different browsers and they were all the same.


  3. I will have Saturn transit my Sun, when it gets to 11 degrees Aqua. Saturn will be transiting my 8th house. None of this sounds like a fun time, but having Saturn and Pluto in my 7th for ages has not been great either. I feel like I’ve been dogged by Saturn my whole life so, I suppose, more of the same. I’ve been feeling pessimistic lately during this global lockdown and I can’t seem to stop gravitating to the dystopian analyses of what’s going on, including the conspiracy stuff, like Icke, etc. There seems to be many missing pieces of explanation why things went so draconian within like a week, so these explanations make sense to me right now to fill in those spaces, though I know the pitfalls of ‘going there’ in my mind. I’ve signed up to tons of online emotional and spiritual support, including online yoga, but I haven’t been doing much of it, just not feeling it. Feels like a distraction or something.. I have been going for walks outside, away from everyone else of course. Being with and in Nature helps and visiting with animals I see along the way. Something real, not ‘online’. Is my mindset ‘Saturn’ right now? I’d like to feel a little lighter and more hopeful.

    1. Hey two things for you:
      1) I always felt major transit fear before they happened, and i noticed on the blog others did, too. I think it’s because the energy rises from deep, and certain structures we have in place “know” they are called upon to shift. It’s really hard because often nothing has actually ‘happened’ yet, we’re already raw from something else. I have no advice here, i just felt it myself, and honestly maybe letting you know that is my best support. It’s probably preparing you, but from the limbic brain. Honour that, and then keep doing whatever you have to move out of limbic brain, while accepting it is a deep part of us.
      2) SUPER HELPFUL FROM A CAPRICORN, when I said I have multiple resources for Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga etc she just zinged back, as a parent of two young boys in isolation btw, “I can’t relax focusing on myself or the universe, i just keep some moments to watch Real Housewives or other trash that takes me away and amuses me.” I know you and i are not the Real Housewives type, I personally like stand-up comedy and whole heaps of other stuff. You know your relax prefs. Go to those. It’s as much a meditation as anything else. God, after she said that, i realised efficient effective relaxation is to stop trying so hard to relax! Mystic says somewhere that walking is a primal meditation. I like to tidy first a bit so when i come back it’s a fresh place not the mess i left, cleared of those energies i generated.

      1. Thanks, mille! Your words are so helpful to hear. The limbic brain. I want to learn more about that. I already go to hypervigilance easily due to trauma. I’m really enjoying my walks and grateful I live near trees and a small lake now, instead of being in a big city where it’s harder to connect with nature. I want to get out to the beach, too, and be with the ocean. Humor is important too, for sure! Thanks, you’ve given me the idea to maybe find a good comedy to watch tonight. I hope you are well!

    2. Being in nature is helpful, also, can you meditate? My fave when anxious is Deepak Chopra Living Carefree, you can find it on youtube

  4. Really seems to trigger Mars in Cap, because I have to support bigger structures which means many many people as individuals, more than me, but also had an argument with my n & d about my personal exposure and ability to help them who are high-risk:
    “A Saturnine or Plutonic crisis in our personal lives is often a necessary implosion of corrupt structures and inauthenticity that would not have happened without the crisis. Times that by a zillion for this.”

    As i was in my car running errands for others, between working remotely, I thought, “What is my reality?” If i turned off the news (which i need to know, but also wtf) i realised things were unsettled but in my immediate vicinity, while we still don’t know, safe for now. Honestly, will fear help if this changes? Then later, i ran into some neighbours and we all shared our personal circumstances (they are all from overseas originally) and, well, this is what it is! But so are my work clients and colleagues, and that pays the bills, too. Still, my presence and the presence of others in my hood is what makes community. My fam and partner are the core but maybe not informed or coping too well right now. I am 5th house Pisces Sun and Leo MC, so i realised the emotive space for all is important, as much as my Saturn in Taurus 6th (Virgo house) square Venus in Aqua (conjunct IC and therefore 4th house) recognises certain protocols for hygiene and efficiency and clearing obligations and tasks for my 5thy stuff to enjoy. I’m super 12th house, as well. I had to be told clearly to prioritise who is important. I did it, and even my stoic Mars in Cap had unshed eye tears in front of boss but so did Cap boss. Crikey moses! Sorry i had a point somewhere but i don’t even know where i was beginning with it. Neptune Jupiter Moon trine Mercury in Aries conjunct Chiron. Mars too occupied to trigger the Mars Uranus Mercury-Chiron Pluto Sun squares , i do hope, in my posting here.

  5. I keep thinking of this virus as the alien invasion that forcibly brings earthlings together as a united front, which seems rather Aqua Saturnish. At the same time, I’m aware that the virus is itself an earthling… yesm.

  6. Found something in the flower of life paradigm about viruses.
    It was in the merkaba sacred geometry writings. About preparations going into the 4th dimension with unity consciousness
    Guess this virus IS about unity.
    It says:
    ‘Viral bodies vibrate with their own intrinsic frequency which also reflects one of 13 geometric forms and wavelengths. Finding the vibratory rate would disrupt the organism and shatter it..Viruses are geometric forms associated with five platonic solids and are perceived by some factions a way to reduce the existing population’.
    It also goes on to say ‘do not feel fear as that will attract it’. So if we think of it as being in the etheric then vibing the love will keep it at bay?
    Sun in Warrior Aries, is she holding the Sword of Damocles and Chiron on her heels doing the healing.

      1. Had it printed from a floppy disc in ’97 and remember cost a mint there were so many pages. Said Leading Edge Research. Was given to me by a bearded ponytailed hippie.who pretended he was a Tantric Master then unzipped no untied his baggy britches.I said ‘i said AURAL not ORAL’.
        OOo sounds intriguing doesn’t it? Not him the research.
        Found some solfeggio frequencies on Spotify by stargods Sound Healing, Kev Thompson & Source Vibrations, ‘Deep body’ healing is profound. Theta is spacey.The Schumann Resonance that Mystic mentioned is included. JS Epperson. Ancestral Healing you would like i think by Source Vibrations.

        Vibe love it fuqs with fear 🙂

      2. I am very much into vibes ! Recently got the idea that my vibration wasn’t right. Your stories are amazing, keep them coming and thanks for the info.

      3. “Unzipped, no untied his baggy britches”

        Honey, i could be right in that moment, on the wall watching! Perfect writing! And the most beautiful corrective response. ”
        AURAL not ORAL” Yes, laughter aside (or weaving in the wisdom, as Sages do with laughter) frequencies are medical spaces of research for wellness and disease eradication. Wonder if that could multi-force with organic vibrations in plants and essential oils, music sound and earth in synergy, including i really always have felt, oceanic and creek sonic frequencies, along with stone energies, in synch with creature energies?

        It seems so natural and normal. How did we lose it? (Ah never mind, sigh. We are going to somehow get it back, i do wish for us all, stones plants and creature communities.)

      4. Hey pegs I have had a quick search on YouTube for Kev Thompson et al. I found a Tibetan bowl piece and it was beyond good. So thanks to you I’ve got a whole new and awesome play list.

    1. I had some friends, a couple (cancerian and scorp) who were fully into this stuff. being the curious and open fish-person going through a strong moon-Neptune transit at the time, I listened and absorbed, but it began to feel like a cult. Very prescriptive and strict and a lot of fact-memorising to Learn The Way. I started to find it kind of psychologically destabilising. Kind of outer-space power-mongering. Not for this Neptune in sadge, 9th house Pisces cap moon thanks. The message from my body via my amazing then-kinesiologist, was, “I can have my own religion”.
      It’s why I run a mile as soon as I hear from any corner, “you Must… Do/believe/eat/wear XYZ to fit in/ be healed (existentially) etc”

      This has no bearing on my regard for you, pegasus, which is sky high and always will be. Please don’t take this as an affront to your share. I think I feel a bit cast-back to that time, triggered maybe? when I see some of those terms you used. Hmm. This has been interesting. I shall reflect further
      Love pi x

      1. Darling Pi, my dusting off this stuff was because a close friend said he wanted to pay for a flower of life workshop.
        Some of it is quite amazing. The Urantia and Keys of Enoch are always with me. I bring them out now and then if i think i can gain something from them.
        So have emailed all the discrepancies i have found in their timelines to my friend because the books i have are much older than what they are taking their ideologies from. Frequencies i am interested in as a music lover and sacred geometry because of it’s beauty.
        ‘You can have your own religion’ YES and it is our bodies and we is in charge, no giving it over to a ‘walk in’…lol
        and not partial to greys or Sitchin.
        But i AM a multi Sagg and comparative religions,philosophy are my thing. I dance while i read 🙂
        Sorry darling it brought out some memories, tread lightly on all you come across, absorb what your body tells you only or an excellent naturopath or Mystic. xx

    2. Let’s all just bang on pots and pans, play our Tibetan bells and wind chimes if we have them, until we find the right frequency.

      In regards to fear, I wholly believe that our beliefs and experiences determine how our body reacts to outside influences. Some have become obsessed with their dietary restrictions, or with cleanliness, yet they constantly suffer or feel attacked in those areas. I think this virus is here to teach us about relinquishing control…

  7. Got into the tub today and felt my skin tingle, smell of chlorine.

    Because of course.
    Great idea.

    Eye roll emoji.

      1. Ah in some states, and at different times, our water supply is more chemical than at other times. Have had some horrible showers! Won’t let the bath run if it smells so chlorinated.

  8. Saturn in Pisces

    Looking for some advice from the astro experts here and from others whose charts are being massively activated by… everything right now (the ephemeris is so scary!). I am a Capricorn Ascendant with a lifelong history of being a “scapegoat”/suspected of ulterior motives/accused of cheating or being selfish when I genuinely try to do something good to help others, etc. I also have Neptune conjunct my Ascendant and people tend to project onto me, and I suffered from terrible boundaries as a young person that permitted many abusers to enter my life. Pluto/Saturn on my Ascendant taught me strength, boundaries, and to be comfortable asserting my personal territory, but I am currently struggling with the resurfacing of abusive folks from MANY years ago trying to destroy my hard-won professional achievements on the Internet for no reason other than pure malice, and I want to know if any other Cap ascendant folks or folks with similarly problematic placements have any metaphysical/energetic strategies for deflecting these super strange incidences of being randomly hated. How have other Caps succeeded in getting rid of “scapegoat energy”?

    1. Simple. Stop thinking in terms of indignation and flat refuse to give a fuq about their validation. The more successful you get, the more people will grumble, whine and credit your achievements to a fluke or mysterious machinations: anything but acknowledge talent or hard work. They can’t “destroy” your professional achievements. And, related, a certain style of person resents it when you do “something good” for them – even if they ask, because they feel it puts you in a superior position.

      These characters are normal, like mould. I have an utterly untested hypothesis that you’re more vulnerable to these sorts of people when you have too much mould/candida in your system/mould in your house. It’s probably also that a part of you is not fully comfortable with your success/achievements and feels weirdly supported by such ramblings. You don’t need a metaphysical/energetic strategy – you need to not give a fuq.

      1. Saturn in Pisces

        Mystic, thank you for your response, and for making me cry! “It’s probably also that a part of you is not fully comfortable with your success/achievements and feels weirdly supported by such ramblings” – this has occurred to me more than once. I can accept that I am energetically inviting these responses through my own doubts, as frustrating as it is. And you’re right – the solution is not to engage, not to perform some anti-scapegoat ritual, but to *not give a fuq*. Writing this in big letters above my desk. My new mantra.

        100% with you on the mold and candida possibility. It seems metaphysically significant that I am supposed to be MOVING to a new apartment later this week (yes, in the midst of lockdown…) and, when I first signed the lease, before the lockdown, I felt that I had *finally* released and moved past elements of my personal history that was constantly dragging me “back” (considering the place I am currently living, where a lot of “past” energy and very potentially mold lingers, is actually going to be demolished in a few weeks…).

        I should mention Uranus is ON my zero degree South Node-Sun conjunction right now.

        Today the Sun is exactly conjunct my Aries Moon. Last week I had been a coward, giving in to the haters – but today I woke up and sent a blunt call to arms to my team, assuring them that the response to haters is to FUCK them and that we will be changing NOTHING about what we are doing to respond to malicious online hate against me specifically.

        Thank you, Mystic, for your caring comment and advice. <3

    2. After reflecting on mystic’s learned comment too,

      Cap approach (boundaries and psychological separation, the view from above): pity them.
      Exercise your right to pity them and their lives where the best they can truly manage as members of the human race is to fling crap at someone else who is actually having a crack at a decent existence.
      The shortest prayer in the world: “Fuq them.”
      Your successes, whatever these are, reflects their sense of their own shortcomings. And they don’t like it. And that is very much their problem. Not yours.

      Pisces (Neptune) approach: pray for them. Metaphysically, love can embrace everything that exists. “This, too.” As long as your past experiences mean you’re comfortable enough with that. Well-wishing can be a surprisingly helpful approach to transmute fear and defensiveness. That is their stuff, this is your stuff. It’s clear these creatures need some love, even if it’s from one higher self to another, and asks nothing of you personally. May all beings be at peace. And It doesn’t mean you have to let them in or take on their crap, fwiw.

      1. Saturn in Pisces

        Brilliant advice, Pi, thank you so much for reaching out. My initial response (before the overthinking) was perhaps what I should have stuck with – “surely folks have something better to do while quarantined!”

        I’ve indeed tried to pray for them – and, for the part of me that doubts my own success and invites this, the part of me that is uncomfortable with massive positive change and wants to get stuck in the mud because it’s homeostasis.

    3. Energy is always in flux, constantly changing, and the quickest/easiest way to do that is to change your energy through physical activity. Look into kundalini yoga. Stop seeing yourself as having this or that energy. Move it, transmute it, alchemize it.

      1. Saturn in Pisces

        Amazing wisdom, libraquarian. I have been curious about kundalini for a long long time and I will look into it. And yes, energy is always in flux, and I can choose how I wish to direct my energy. I can stop identifying with “being a scapegoat” and choose to become something else instead.

    4. Wish Upon a Star

      Yes I agree with Mystic Saturn in Pisces. We’ve all heard the old adage the best revenge is livingwell.

      Please don’t go into analysis-paralysis mode or wondering why they are doing this to you? It will drive you crazy.

      I know it hurts
      I had weird Neighbours that were very nasty to me. Some people are just nasty and can’t help themselves, some people are mentally ill. Which was the case for me.

      Honestly they just sound jealous.
      Keep prospering.

      The singer Morrissey wrote a song about this. Apparently he has a lot of Capricorn in his chart. If you’re feeling really low just listen to it.

      1. Saturn in Pisces

        Thank you Wish Upon a Star! Indeed the best revenge is success and happiness. What is the Morrissey song?

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        I tried to find it but I couldn’t Saturn in Pisces. it is the first or second opening line to one of his famous songs.

    5. Hey I am Mars in Capricorn which squares Pluto, Sun, Mercury-Chiron conjunct, Uranus, and also a strong multi-conjunct 12th house, as well as Piscean Sun. Also my 10th (Cap ruled house) is Virgo and has Lilith in it. While my Virgo ruled 6th has Saturn in Taurus (but you’re asking about Capricorn, right?) I got a Capricorn and a Virgo sibling and I go to them ALWAYS for my emotional responses to work stuff, and boy do they re-inforce me, advise (and i listen!!) and respect my self-autonomy.

      I manage a team of people who scapegoat me, treat me like the errand-bitch while coming to me with minor issues they could sort, as well as having their major more important professional issues brought to me by escalated seniors. I always try to treat them as a team, and always have their backs, and i still end up cleaning our office environment and doing the bits as well as the bigger stuff. Just as I found my start this year to LIFE balance and calm, i got hit with sneaky complaints. It hurt. I was more than indignant, i felt betrayed, and yet here I am still leading the silent and self-absorbed team through a crisis. That will never be acknowledged by them, but while it would a relief, that is NOT WHY I DO WHAT I DO.

      Mystic says: “They can’t “destroy” your professional achievements. And, related, a certain style of person resents it when you do “something good” for them – even if they ask, because they feel it puts you in a superior position.”

      Well, that last part is certainly a light flash. And guess who has the ears and confidence of the bosses?

      EMOTE! Feel what you feel and LET IT OUT! Get validated but with realistic, wise advice that might even mean you need to change approach or tactics. Be humble. All of that really is Capricorn. They are Mer-Goats, and believe me they do have deep emotions. They’d never have that wry and incredible sense of humour without that. Use that, too! Find some comedies that share and make light of shitty scapegoating people. You won’t get a hug from watching anything but your mind will get a sort of one 🙂

      1. Cheers, Pi! What are you enjoying atm? Or thinking of enjoying? Also, from a Saggie Piscean to a Geminian one, here’s a comedy mind hug for you! No joke 😀

      2. Saturn in Pisces

        I am sorry for your difficult experiences with scapegoating as well milleunanotte! Your focus on the “real” reason you do what you do, regardless of others’ validation, is very inspiring!

  9. Wish Upon a Star

    I just want to reach out to you beautiful people. I am having a biopsy for my right breast for cancer tomorrow. Don’t feel sorry for me please as this makes me feel even more sick. My departed mother came to meet me awake you go. She has a lot of Pluto in her. She only meets me when it’s a matter of life and death. I’m cry this afternoon and I remembered what it was like to feel like an infant grabbing her neck and she cuddling me. Her taxi driver that drive me home was French. He mentioned the first Star Venus. He said Make-A-Wish. My mum said Que Sera Sera. I wished for prosperity. I had a big laugh. I just want to say to you all that I love you very much and your thoughts are very meaningful and they’re have helped me alot if I don’t meet you again in this life I will meet you on the other side. I still miss jackaman

    1. I was meant to see this. I’m going through this atm (final results pending) so I understand the roller coaster you’re probably on. No feeling sorry here Wish just sending you an abundance of power and love. You are a bright star. Love and hugs xxx

      1. Aqualady, it’s so nice seeing you respond to Wish and her to you. Hope your time is quiet and calm, with the peace of less outside noise. If you have any needs for stuff, I do hope you can recognise who can get it safely for you. May you be in good space and energy, with all you need, and finding Aqua inspirations from Elsewhere during this space xx

      2. Thank you so much Mille. xxx It’s crazy times for sure yet there’s a peace that unfolding as everyone has to stay home. No problem getting stuff thanks to thoughtful people in my life. Nature is coming back in a big way too which makes my heart sing. There are butterflies everywhere where I live – not sure if this is happening elsewhere but it’s wonderful. Transformation is afoot.

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        Aqua lady I’m getting butterflies too. They are black-on-white today and they hovered around me.

        The other day and orange one was sitting at the bottom of the stairs gently flapping its wings. I was in awe watching it.

      4. This is very cool Wish. 🙂 I had one greet me at the front door as I was about to put the bin out. I kept talking to it and it hovered around me for ages.

    2. Gosh! Well, I love that your mother visited you and it IS really good astro for excising things that ought not to be in your body, if that is what this is.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks Mystic. The image I got when I first found out was an Amazon woman that had right breast removed so she could carry her spear.

        And I do feel the timing is right.

    3. Lots of love to you, Wish, and thank you for being here and your contribution… I think you’ll be back, and I hope so xxxxxxx

    4. Wish Upon a Star

      Hi Folks. I think I was being a bit melodramatic with the meeting you on the other side bit. That’s what happens when you drink a bottle of wine. Apparently I turned into a Caribbean. Lol. I’m ok.

      I’m just awaiting my biopsy results. To be honest this thing I’m treating this thing as a novelty. I really have contact with Mum on the other side she descended about 2 week ago. And she is a big help.

      It’s like she’s turned off the worrying part of my mind. My psychic awareness has turned up a big notch. I feel that my spirit is strong and when I had a cry the other day I let go in a very big good way. Somehow I think this was meant to be. There is a lot of guidance with this and there is a lot to learn.

      My dreams are full of messages.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Oh. Uranus is just about to transit my North Node in Taurus. My Taurus Moon is next. loose conjunct.

      2. That’s interesting. Certainly big changes for you and I feel it in a positive way. Does it feel like it is getting you back on track somehow? It feels like the current astro is pulling me into line especially with all this covid19 stuff too even though I always do feel quite in tune. I’ve wondered about the astro – I’ve got Uranus approaching my Venus, Venus conjunct Saturn and curiously Saturn almost exact Q to my Chiron. I must go read mystics year ahead report. 🙂

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        Yes Aqua lady it is so big wake up call for me. Healthwise and in many other ways.

      4. Hey, super curious about you turning into a Caribbean, tho! Especially given your Help from Elsewhere Tunings, and with my own sort of understanding of family cultures forged (not borne of, but tightened and deepened) during slavery in those areas, and how everyone endured. Some of my clients have a Creole background they are not fully into just now, but i see how it informs them, even in their beautiful ways of connecting with me. You have clearly connected with the value inherent, and the love there (believe me it is super friendly, communal and close/closed but dispels fears through love and warmth.) Great channelling, Wish! You know you’re passing a bridge, don’t you. Light and calm xoxo

      5. Wish Upon a Star

        Caribbean LOL.

        No Elsewhere tunings I don’t think. But who knows?

        I just enjoyed that scene in the movie Meet Joe Black with Brad Pitt. He is in a hospital and he is talking to an old mystical Caribbean woman in that accent language. I just love how that language,accent conveys emotion and is so to-the-point. It really drives it home. They are very efficient with words and they know how to use pauses correctly.
        They kind of sing: so sweet.

        I’m a Gemini and if I really love a language or accent I can imitate it very well. I was drunk and in shock when I did that post. So I really just hooked into the emotion of that language instead of using uptight English. And I was using voice to text so the magic happened. LOL.

        I also love the character Calypso on the Pirates of the Caribbean. She is amazing. I am a Pisces rising after all. Millie your words are very thoughtful and it is great to be able to connect with someone who appreciates these things.

        You have clients that are Creole? Where do you live? What do you do?

      6. There’s a lot of release that goes on for sure and getting rid of old patterns. So much to learn. Wishing you the best with your results. If follow up tests are needed try not to worry. Apparently this is a thing and I wasn’t told which made me worry more. This is where I am at now. I’m loving that your dreams are guiding you. I’ve spoken to a number of women who’s dreams led them to get checked in the first place – this was what happened to me too. Us fabulous females are full of wisdom. *hugs*

    5. Much love, and tremendous healing power through all these witches on this site for you xoxo Someone’s definitely got you, holding you close and transmitting through the living.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks Millie.

        HEY FOLKS can we also hold this healing circle for AQUALADY as she is going thru the same thing.


      2. lol you’re a sweetheart I only came in here to show you love and be an ear (keyboard) if needed. xxx

    6. Good luck. Your vision of your mother is beautiful. Pure energy. Pure love.
      It’s been an honor chatting with you. Cheers!

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks SR. YES it is pure love.

        Last night I got it. My mum is letting me know to rest against her body like I did as a babe and she is putting me to sleep and giving me loving healing.

        It is a yummy sublime feeling.

        Normally I don’t go to sleep quickly. Now I do.

    7. Hey wish, I’m really late to this. I hope you’re ok. Stay connected here whatever the outcome. Thinking of you. xxx

  10. Yesterday the Norwegian government informed us that they will use an app to track peoples movement via their phones, in an attempt to reduce the spread of the corona virus, like they have allready done ( successfully) in South Korea..Wellcome Saturn in aqua!
    ( for me, personally, quarantine has been good. As i work from home as a theacher i get full salary, and no noice. And plenty of time for art, fresh air, and garden)

  11. Ugh. I’m 28. This is happening in my 12th house. Yesterday I realized I need to switch industries because I work in hospitality and it’s not as stable as I expected it to be. Also that Alzheimer’s runs in the family and at some point over the next 15 years I will have to become the caretaker for my dad. Send help plz.

    1. Working (at least) partly from home sounds good for you… what about becoming a boutique spirit producer or gourmet home made food producer? My local cafes stock the best cakes that are only sold wholesale not retail. (If that kind of thing is of interest to you?) Lots of people will be changing industries and there will also be lots of opportunities for new industries and jobs over the next 5-10 years I think.

      1. Gary Small wrote an excellent book on Alzheimer’s prevention (with lifestyle, brain training etc.). Recommend! Unless it’s a known inherited disease (haemophilia, Huntington’s etc.), it’s not “in your genes” like an irrevocable life sentence. Yes, certain circumstances and/or lifestyles can trigger the genes in question but Alzheimer’s, cancer, and a lot of other diseases “run in the family” much, much less than they’re often presented as. At the very least, the unfoldong of that condition it CAN be considerably slowed down if your father decides to take it seriously. Another book I’d recommend (it’s thick but you can flip right to the relevant chapter in the first half, and then read more on the adviced lifestyle in the second half of it): How Not to Die, by Dr Michael Greger

      2. Also: drops of concentrated curcumin taken daily and weekly shots of vitamin B12 improved my aunt’s condition CONSIDERABLY when she was already showing consistent symptoms for Alzheimer’s. I believe it would have delayed the whole thing if she made some lifestyle & nutrition decisions and also started taking the described supplements earlier…

      3. The b12 thing is interesting. I have a deficiency (along with a few others) and I definitely subscribe to the idea that lifestyle and nutrition is everything.

      4. My dad is always game for trying new things but changing his diet is a point of resistance. I’ll definitely be checking these out for myself! thanks!

      5. I don’t know if working from home is for me. I’m the kind of person who needs boundaries and likes to feel that my home is a sanctuary. It’s also very difficult to motivate myself at home versus at my place of work. I thrive off social contact and being super active on the “floor” at all times. BUT I have always loved being outdoors and doing manual labor. I’m an amateur woodworker, gardener and all-around tinkerer. So maybe I end up buying a farm?

      6. Gardener!! Horticulturalist, Arborist!! or small farmer producing beautiful produce!! YES

      7. Yes! I am in exile right now (hah, Saturn return in my 12th house) because the lack of work in the tourism sector means I got put on leave of absence.

        I didn’t want to pay expensive rent overseas so I said fuq it and defected back home, where my family asked me to quarantine for two weeks because lord knows what I have in my system.

        So they drove me to a beach house we own 2 hours away and left me here with some nonperishable food but I found a local farm that DELIVERS and I experienced such joy getting a box full of beautiful fruits and vegetables! Now where to start…

      8. Yes, indeed, such JOY! Many of us are fortunate to have the people and warmth around us that we do. Glad you have yours xx

      9. I work very well in structured environments (north node in Capricorn), but my Libra/Aquarius everything means my home is a flowy unstructured oasis of relaxation meant to embrace my Venusian side by relaxing, allowing space for all my creative projects and entertaining friends. Work from home, c’est pas pour moi.

  12. So Saturn has entered my 10th house and passed my MC, meanwhile on the other side of my MC (26 Cap) Mars, Pluto, Jupiter and Pallas are within 2 degrees in Cap. What does this mean?

    1. from Jessica Adams
      Jupiter was in charge of the whole world. Pluto was in charge of the underworld. Put them together and you have ‘the biggest and best’ which Jupiter rules – and sheer power – which Pluto rules. Put them together in Capricorn and it is about politics. Big business.
      These unusual patterns spell opportunity and change. They also spell the downfall, very specifically, of any person, group or organisation which had total control before, or was abusing power.

    2. Hi Gemyogi, if I apply Jessica Adams’ information about Saturn, Mars, Pluto, Jupiter and Pallas (close together) to your personal chart, and take into account that they are all conjunct your Capricorn (?) MC, I would say that you yourself could be that ‘biggest and the best’ Jessica Adams speaks about. Your MC signifies your position in the world. So you could gain a very influential position in the world, in business or in politics or any other Capricorn related field. Maybe, ideally, for all this to manifest, this group of planets in Capricorn would also need to be connected to your Sun or Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars. By the way, the Pallas factor is very interesting. Pallas, the wise woman, the intellectual daughter of Zeus. On the other hand, it could also mean that your Cancer IC (where you come from, home, roots) is under great pressure?
      I am curious to hear other people’s thoughts…

      1. Lol… I don’t think I could stand being in politics, I’d punch someone like Scummo or Pauline Hansen or Malcolm Roberts. I couldn’t listen to their lies and bullshit. I guess I could become some sort of guru? Definitely not interested in business, I love art and am organising my life so I can work part time and have time in my studio and thinking about my artwork. Thanks for your interp 💜

  13. Wish Upon a Star

    Hey EMG?

    I live in Australia and I just heard on the news that Italy has just recorded a decrease in the Corona virus cases. So it looks like maybe you are just over the peak. I’m not quite sure.

    I remember reading a recent posts of yours stating that you might admit defeat go back home. Can I suggest you just be patient and wait it out. It looks like Italy will be the first to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    In Australia we are in the infant stages of the beginning of this virus. If you move somewhere else you might have to go through this process again.

    I don’t think it is a time for rash decisions. Can you just try to relax bunker down and enjoy your place?

    We all love you and our thoughts are with you.

    xoxoxoxoxocoxoxoxo !

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Sorry to flip flop emg.

      After I posted this message I really had second thoughts. You were are the only one that can judge what.to.do. Trust your instincts. I know you have a lot of Mars energy so you will go your own way.

      1. Your first post was heart, and caring, however it came across. Your second also caring and more understanding. Such empathic power.

      2. That is very true. Mille. If there is anything about wish it is that there is a kind compassion running through all that is posted. And to respond to you wish, I was having a bleak moment and should know I just need a bit more faith. Yes we have had two days of pretty hefty reductions in new cases 15% per day I hear so I have everything crossed that we are over the worst. We will know at 6pm local time when figures get announced for today. My captain is worried about me and wants me back in the uk but I think I am sticking it out and staying with my instinct to come here in the first place. I feel now after two really productive days that I am finally making progress. I managed to get into the top floor of the house today. It was sealed off in 1967 and hasn’t seen the light of day since. Today the sun streams in through the full length windows that open onto the balcony and let in such a breath taking vista. The house now feels like a home. It’s a vast floor space and it will be the bedroom suite. All open through sitting area bed area and bath. I cannot wait. Over fifty years and now it is open again. Feels good. Tomorrow I may take a lump hammer to a wall!

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        I love you EMG. You are like the opposite of me. When you feel that life is dragging you down say go fuckyourself and carry on. There is always a higher light that will carry you on.

      4. Hey, you are freaking awesome, and your posts here are important for me, too, so THANK YOU, LADY, as you get your ladiness repaired and lit up nicely xxxxx

  14. Thank you Mystic
    My fiancé and I set our wedding day for March 20.,2020 . We cancelled due to the epidemic / pandemic. We are hoping for May . Is there a date that works and or doesn’t work in May ? Love in the time of Coronavirus. Thank you for all your guidance and work . Happy in Texas . Planning / Strategy in business and love . Double Capricorn moon in Taurus . Doing the work moment to movement .

  15. Wish Upon a Star

    So last night I was going to watch Q + A on the TV re: Corina virus. But the electricity to the TV went off. So I grabbed a torch and went to the fuse box. But the safety switch wouldn’t budge. Set in concrete it was.

    So I admitted defeat and had my well needed shower and went to bed.

    This morning the switch flipped. Realised this arvo it was my Aquarian, Capricorn Moon mum from the other side saying turn off the TV, shower and go to bed. Ha ha.

    1. Love this, Wish Upon a Star… It is comforting to think that our loved ones on the other side are looking out for us and may even send a little message now and then

  16. In 2019, I was experiencing Saturn transits to sensitive points in my chart (which is tied to the charts of people who mean a lot to me), so we experienced a few reckonings together. It was also a bit of a return of the time I came of age, finished high school, and stepped towards college; Saturn was at this place back in 1990 and 1991. It was a taskmaster, as usual, but possessed a nice Aquarian energy (which I usually grok very nicely). After learning from some knocks, I met people and situations that expanded and eventually morphed what was then my working class, American midwestern world. This “return” should prove interesting!

  17. it’s making me realise that I actually am an extrovert, despite my unusually quiet social life phase, even before this. wouldn’t it be nice if all the financiers of the world went bust and the private money was re-allocated to the actual providers of useful things like nursing, medicine, waste and infrastructure service ppls, etc. how’s that for income redistribution. i reckon Ceres (ceres –> grain, –> grain store as an original signifier of accumulated wealth greater than need, at least in the Levant which is more or less the foundation region of western society maybe, i think we over-apply ‘feminine’ mothery concepts to ceres – my cap moon aesthetic (realist?) preference is the giant combine harvesters of the american midwest and industrial silos at container wharves as signifier of modern food security, wealth as trade capacity) is one to watch there, wherever she is atm. or something, idk. i should get back to work 0.0

  18. As a Sagg with Cap rising, you mean Saturn is off my case???For a while anyways.
    Love me an Aquarian so guess this time will be much lighter, more intelligent, more inquiring, more detached from day to day routines.
    Have suddenly renewed my interest in esoteric information from ’97, the flower of life, keys of enoch, Drunvalo, develop -your- light -body stuff as what is happening now could be preparation for that dimensional change that’s been predicted for over 20 years.
    Like the new ‘organic gyms’ ideas happening, using whatever you have handy for workouts, rocks, tins of food, scarves, tennis balls etc. A time to be wildly creative or die from boredom if you not 🙂
    What about writing that story that’s been in the works forever?
    Time to redecorate the house, redo the garden, redo myself…lol.
    Actually what i really want to do give everything away, zen myself down to the total minimum, like really really minimum,almost nothing. Preparation for death, i mean transformation.
    Yup radical, very Aquarian.

      1. Hi there Yogi, the visit to Melba was a disaster, took me 4 weeks to remove it from my mind. Would had had to marry for that house, and i ain’t no wifey material especially not to a very sick grumpy old man.Would rather be free and live in happy gourmet- poverty.
        Come to Adelaide the city of light when this fiasco is over, drink some champagne while we do some meditations…lol.

      2. Ha ha, I was in Adelaide for Womad… so lucky to attend such a beautiful festival before festivals got shut down!! Also street art at Wonderwalls Port Adelaide, stayed with my beautiful friend in Queenstown. I’ll have to look you up next time xx email me so I have your details pls kerynjane77 at gmail dot com

    1. Funny you should say, Pegs. Have been gardening just this very morning and thinking if I do this regularly this could be my ‘gym’
      I like lifting weights and yoga, but always complicated to pull time out of my day to go somewhere elseto exercise. So much easier step out the front door!! (or back door)

      And thankyou for the reminder about writing that story…

      1. Hey Ronnie, whilst doing dishes (by hand), i do plies, aka ballet squats, while sweeping do pilates bracing, pulling navel to spine. Even do leg bends whilst on my nebuliser! Of course you can incorporate all modes of bodywork in every day movements.
        My action orientated energy went into people when working, now it goes into cleaning, you know that Mars in Virgo thing.
        Have a book called The Science of Art, now that’s the most zen you can do after all that movement, sitting, painting and creating.YES to THE BOOK. From mind to hand, it makes us feel exciting and interesting even if it’s just for ourselves to remember how we made it, what we overcame, our badges of honor…:-)

    2. Hey, honey, one of my new (but really long time building deep) work mates is medical and also Sag with Cap Rising like you! Before I read the rrest of your post, I ask you to bless her as one of your astro-tribe. She’s so freaking grounded and amazing and called this crisis a while back. She’s close to tears a lot of the time (just between a Pisces and you), but stoic and clear as freak to all and sundry. Pegs, we need you, that is she needs an energy like yours and I ask you to send it. She’s tall, packed to betsy with womanliness and strength, strides, loves and laughs and is on the frontline xoxoxo

      1. Women Rule. My love and compassion (same thing) is on route to her as a fellow star companion as i write. Know that Sag stride, it’s like being on a mission where ever you go.
        Sending you safety, sanity and silliness to enjoy your world while we are on pause. Blessings Millie.x

      2. Told the Woman! She of course loved your immediate support and understanding of her stride 🙂 Thank you, she needs and loves every bit she gets. She is connected to Police and Armed Forces peeps, so they are of course preparing for much much more than we are. (I am trying not to get bowled over by what i hear, because i do not want to add to stockpiling hunkerdown mode. I figure as a citizen, that is what i am required to do, since I have less to do on any frontline.) My Cap grandmother says this is worse than the war because the enemy is unseen. Her gen, and her past educational opportunities mean very much that the unread is the unseen, and the verbally passed on could be the right thing. Taking that quietly and as cheerfully as i can before i prepare to contact her to check in in a few moments xxx

  19. About to celebrate my first Saturn return in 1 degree of aquarius. Have a feeling its aobut to get weird!

    1. Hello there fellow saturn returner! Our degrees are close too 🙂 Which house is yours in?

      I think we will be okay – i mean we get to say we started ours during a pandemic LOL. It can only get better from here (i hope!) 🙂

      1. Natal Saturn in the 8th house. How about you!?? Yes, it is going to be a crazy weird year!

  20. Saturn in Aqua is the chillest I’ve felt in YEARS and its squaring my sun exactly right. now. Listen: as a libra rising, and a quadruple scorpio (incl. a sun-=pluto conjunction)… it’s been Saturn in Libra, Saturn in Scorpio (the hardest), my first Saturn return in Sagittarius (the easiest because I was so enthusiastic), and then Saturn super strong in Capricorn conjunct one of my rulers Pluto. Is the decade or so of doiing Saturn account for the serenity I have right now as it squares my Sun? I don’t think I am in bride of saturn territory I need to revisit that post now…Damn I didnt realize quite how much my Libra rising was suffering without the air for so long.

    1. You and Saturn are doing the dancing alright. I always consider myself quite at home with Saturn but you are having a time of it. And yes very often we just keep on keeping on and it’s not until things pass that we look up sweating an say oh phew, glad that’s over, I hear ya

    2. What a ride, babysinclair! Similar here.

      Saturn in Libra (my moon), then Scorp (my rising), then Saggo (Sun), then Cap + Pluto (my career & money house) … I feel like it’s worn me down and toughened me up.

      Mystic summed up my feelings in that last paragraph … All over the place, but still with a sense of inner peace and the knowledge (deeper than that – maybe a grokking?) that I will be ok. This too shall pass, and I will be able to navigate whatever brave new world emerges.

      Glad you’re embracing the serenity.

      1. Yes, I completely agree! I feel accepting of the situation and prepared to handle whatever comes next. Glad you’re feeling it too. I was gonna say a silver lining to the situation but I guess with Saturn the proper analogy is a steel core.

  21. I hung out in this community as a young adult going through the zap zone (remember those days?!). Now doing my saturn return – Aqua 5th house 0 degrees. In the week and half build up to saturn ingressing, I lost my job and the guy. Adulting very hard with all these sudden but predictable changes.

    I am upset he never fully closed the door on his ex all the while reassuring me he had. And my hungry heart bought the lies. I thought I could spot these future fakers a mile away but more work to be done. It hurts to have been betrayed like this – for none of it to have been real, just projections. And for me to have betrayed myself like this. I am weepy, then hopeful, then unsure of what I want in terms of love and relationships. Unsure of how much more my heart can take.

    Having seen how Cap 4th house saturn transit has helped me come face to face with my parents ageing and accepting the reality of some of their behaviour – I’m sure this saturn transit will be growth inducing too. I’m exploring options of changing careers and exploring, exploring in this time of forced solitude.

    Anyone else have experience of Saturn return in 5th house? Or 0 degrees etc.

    1. Nice to see you again! Sorry to hear about your recent losses, but sounds like the relationship wasn’t sustainable, and now you are free to find someone better for you. There’s a lot of terrible stuff happening but also a lot of kindness and solidarity in our communities, and opportunities to change/improve what’s not working. Keep well and be kind to yourself.

      1. Thank you for your kind words 🙂
        Be kind to yourself resonated a lot to this 12thH virgo sun! X

    2. Yes I’m just completing 5th house saturn flavoured stellium that passed over my venus – for the last three years as these passed over invariably 3 x per direct/ retrograde & then forward movement…
      Pluto /Saturn/ Jupiter/ mars all ran over & reshaped natal venus.

      1. Basically this transit meant I had to realise the inevitable. Cycle of life themes, duties & responsibilities – as opposed to personal gratification, to cultivate solid boundaries, structure in important relationships, to transform the dynamic with figures of authority & to undertake tough lessons in love. When in the 5th, matters of children are usually at the heart of the matter and this was at the helm of my path. It was a road into maturity, mind, body and soul, but very worthwhile.

  22. I am more into a “pushed into the future, big brother but not as controlling (yes it’s Saturn but is going to be in Aquarius” and also a new ecological era.
    The air is getting incredibly clean and pure. Transport is a lot less necessary to be connected (I am working from home and not need the actual “in-person meeting”, though I miss being with actual human beings) while the Internet / VPN and all of the IT systems will become more dominant.
    Then from August to November, we will go back to the old era but with the feeling that it cannot be like that anymore. And then is fully Saturn in Aqua from December on.

    1. I’m hoping this creates a Paradigm Shift, more workers can telecommute, more metings held in Zoom/conference calls.
      Less traffic, less stress, less population=better for the environment and more productivity!

  23. I’m taking it day by day and focusing on putting ‘cleanse and renew’ energy out into the earth. I’m slowly deep cleaning the house and performed massive damage to the vines and invasives on my forested property. Burning them all with the underlying desire to burn other invasive energies as well. Witch at the edge of the woods at your service.

    For those mentioning personal transits, Saturn is opposite my sun, the apex of my t-square. I’m nearing the exact of my Uranus opposition, I was born with Uranus conjunct my ascendant. I’m not speculating but it feels huge for these personal transits to occur while everything else is going on.

    Here’s one for the Saturn in Aquarius 4th house transit coincidences: I was cleaning out files and found the survey map from the original owner of the property. Her parcel was sectioned off from the family farm, the rest became a preserve. The owner had the same name as my daughter, who is an Aquarius.

    xo stay safe everyone

    1. Wow amazing that the original owner had the same name as your daughter… sounds like you are where you are meant to be. Thanks for working to restore your corner of the earth!

  24. Basically the same as you. With the addition of Neptune directly opposite my Mercury/Jupiter conjunction, it is making me feel a bit like it’s all a dream. But I know it’s not. I want to write it out, exorcise my thoughts and feelings but with my two kids being off school and me home schooling them any mental energy is going their way and not mine. Sending positive vibes 🌟💞🌟

    1. So you are a late Cancerian, if I understand correctly, EMG… Just like my mother (18th of July). The conjunction opposite your Sun cannot be easy for you. Best wishes to you, and hopefully better days ahead once Mars leaves Capricorn. Even if Pluto is there to stay for a bit…

      1. Yup I am in that last Decan of cancer. It’s been ok ish until now. It’s felt like I had the impetus at last to shift my life radically but then on doing so, bam. Thank you for thinking of me.

      2. Cancerians are said to be tenacious and in that sense very strong… so that’s good. I also once read somewhere that water is the strongest element, so in a stand-off between Cancer and Capricorn, it could well be that Cancerians have resources that make them surprisingly resilient

      3. It’s true. We do. I’m in a very normal situation for me. I’d just like a bit of Venus Jupiter time!

      4. By the way, emg – after reading the post by Wish upon a Star a the top of the thread – I just realized that you are the brave person who moved to Italy… I hope this works out for you after all, may Venus and Jupiter be on your side. I have lived in Italy myself and my thoughts are with the Italian people at this difficult time…

      5. Hey grazie. You know the Italians are being utterly amazing. I didn’t know stoicism was one of their traits but honestly they have taken to this lock down with calm grace and gentle smiles. I’ve been impressed by them. And somehow with some remote help I have managed to sign deeds, move in and get the utilities functional as well as having a neighbour clear a drive way for me with out asking. He just emailed and said he’d finished ! And I don’t yet really have a grasp of Italian. Thank gods for google translate! I’ve also bought a car and got into the top of the house for the first time in over 50 years. All in a couple of weeks. In lockdown. Ha.

      6. Amazing, emg, both you and the Italians. Opening the upper floor after 50 years sounds like some sort of fairy tale. Ah… Italy… Around Christmas I had a strange, strong wish to go Genova around Christmas, one of the Italian cities which I haven’t seen yet. And I was longing for a piece of Italian panforte (a chewy cake made with dried fruits, cocoa, and nuts). Those longings seem literally out of this world now, in our new situation…

      7. Oh, what a coincidence, emg… Maybe you could have a piece of panforte one of these days, with an espresso… A little bit of Venus-Jupiter to celebrate opening up the top floor of your house.
        After thought: I just read up on the history of panforte and it suits our times very well: ‘There are references to the Crusaders carrying panforte, a durable confection, with them on their quests, and to the use of panforte in surviving sieges.’

  25. All of these, Mystic. Feeling all of the feels and the thoughts simultaneously and trying to bring about the compute / assimilate while arms deep in ejecting mouse poo poo from out under greenhouse shelves, old birds nests etc ready for seed planting with the new moon. It’s all so much in so many different ways.

    “Could it indicate a bizarre new age of connected isolation? Everyone grounded but ultra-connected?” – I think we’ll look back at this and think, how quaint that we thought this bizarre. It’s the new future, for sure. And how amazing if we could stay ultra Taurean hands-in-grounded with it. Also, see the Black Mirror episode where the protagonist is role play gaming and has an affair with his gaming bud.. lmao

    ‘Saturn-Pluto reaped the consequences, Uranus in Taurus quantum accelerated the evolution and Saturn in Aquarius will ideally be mass ingenuity.” Definitely this, so well put. This is the bit where we wake up inside the game and think, well what do we want to do with this? Spoiler: it seems like a lot of us want to build a society based on care and affection. This part of things bodes well!

      1. Regarding the Mars conjunct Pluto this morning, I was awake in bed when it happened (last hours of the night here). The conjunction (in my sixth house) forms an exact square to my North Node. My body felt ultra-anxious, a visceral experience… Then, today, I spoke to a few friends on the phone, and none of them seemed to be as anxious about the situation as me. Which is comforting on the one hand, but which also feels a bit lonely. My biggest worry is society breaking down under the strain of the Corona virus. I was wondering by the way, if anyone else is experiencing the situation in the same way, so through a deep physical anxiety?

      2. I am having the same reaction Calcifer. Mindful breathing helps, reconnecting with the body / grounding and discharging the anxious energy physically. I am trying to come out of mind based fear and into heart centred awareness which is a day by day process and takes time. I’ve been listening to podcasts by Tara Brach which help massively x

      3. Thank you very much, Ninetrees, for sharing your experience… Especially the part about coming out of mind based fear and into heart centered awareness. I have already stopped reading most of the news last week. And I have started reading a book by Jon Kabat-Zin about mindfulness which had been on my shelves for six years. Thank you for suggesting Tara Brach, I will look her up…

      4. Full catastrophe living by Jon Kabat Zin – what could be a more fitting book for this situation!
        Definitely check out Tara Brach if you resonate with open hearted awareness as it’s her thing x

      5. Yes, Full Catastrophe Living, by Jon Kabat Zinn, that’s the one. Bought it all these years ago, never read it, and there it was, waiting for me on my book shelves, just when I needed it most x

      6. Aside from astro and esoteric studies, Antifragile and Extreme Money have been the most helpful reads for me in prepping for this time: I mention them both in economic posts over the years. Antifragile helped me see that the endless tinkering with and trying to control the economy and other systems has made them far more fragile than they would otherwise be. And Extreme Money details just how whack and hypothetical the stock market has become. For long-range perspective; A Terrible Beauty and The History Of Money.

      7. Yes, it comes when i think i have mastered anxiety and have just done some tasks which make me satisfied, then start to relax. Always triggered by something i read, not the negative, mostly the heroic or sympathetic. Feel I’m not doing enough! But know i need to rest before i can do anything of any service or authentic thoughtful and practical support

  26. Wish Upon a Star

    This is a good balanced piece of writing to the back drop of the daily media.

    It has a certain Aquarian, airiness and one step ahead feel about it.

    Thanks Mystic.


  27. I need my shield up, everyone’s angst is beginning to drag. Work piling up for some (me) and no work for others. Blessings to all XxXx

  28. Fantastic work, M! Reading back on June 2019 Saturn-PLuto post, I see you’d made 4 suggestions for coping – all totally fit the pandemic situation. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction has been sextile my sun/mercury….not sure what that might mean.

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