What Does Saturn Return Mean?

At Saturn Return you acquire worldly wisdom that drastically improves your life. But, the school fees are expensive.

Saturn Return occurs every time this planet returns to where it was at the time of your birth. That’s every 28/29 years. It is invariably a phase when we reckon with time, our history, and stature in whatever society we are in.

If you don’t do Saturn, you can’t access the Outer Planet genius of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Or, you can, but it’s an erratic frequency.

So ideally we get three Saturn Returns a lifetime and while the first gets the most attention, it’s also the most confronting. Saturn is the Time God – aka Chronos – and Saturn management becomes easier with age, really.

Saturn Return – along with Mercury Retrograde – is probably one of the best-known astro-passages to the non-cosmic public. Ignore the gloom-mongering.

At base, the Saturn Return meaning is just a super-intensive version of any Saturn transit and, as such, it works if you work it. It strips away fluffy delusions and cute little veils you may have draped over unpleasant realities.

You don’t need them, you never did and now you can see that. Once you remove all that clutter, you’re left without enablers or energy vampires to go out drinking with. Soon, you won’t even miss them!

Saturn Return – the first one – is simply when Saturn gets to the same place that it was when you were born. It happens for the first time at about the age of 28/29 for everyone.

Saturn takes that long to go around the Zodiac cycle. Before the first Saturn Return, people often feel invincible or as if certain aspects of ‘grown-up’ life don’t apply to them.

What aspects? Anything from rules about not drinking tequila all day to flossing your teeth or paying tax on time. It can be when you realize harsh relationship lessons; that bad boys turn into bad men.

Or that love can be true at one point but fade nonetheless. And, that people you’ve slept with are quite different when you’re no longer sleeping with them but have possessions, children, or money to argue about.

But Saturn Return  is a fantastic time to take yourself and your goals more seriously. You look around and realize that you are no longer automatically one of the youngest people in any group.

Emotional scars itch. You can be poignantly aware of defeats and the time you’ve wasted in the past. But Saturn is not the sort of astro-energy that rewards wallowing. Turn your regrets into a practical action plan and watch the Saturn Fog dissipate.

Decisions are weightier than they’ve felt before and if you skidded around responsibilities or hard work earlier in your life, guess what? They’re upon you.

The good news is that you can work your way through a Saturn Return. Having a coherent plan, cutting out the crap you know is bad for you and working like mad are all time-honored Saturn Return mastery techniques.


…the first Saturn Return is the hardest. Demands to get an accountant, grow up, or pay $$$ for dental bills seem so non-fabulous. It invites comparisons to peers and their earnings or achievements, along with those of older people when they were your age.

It evokes father issues and the eerie awareness that you can’t trade off youthful naivety or cute bubbly charm, if you ever did. The second Saturn Return is easier because you have more time-seasoned wisdom to draw on. Saturn rules the sort of knowledge that can only be learned over vast tracts of time or – yes – the hard way.

It’s more challenging in that people in their late 50s are evolving their self-maintenance regimes to support their joints or needing to digest disillusion with the way certain things turned out.

A classic second Saturn Return SNAFU would be the combination of elderly parents, disappointing children, and feeling less ‘seen’ in society.

Or dealing with work irks that seem like deja-vu even as you’re fuqed off with your appearance or metabolism. But the bonus? Enviable aplomb when handling most of life’s vicissitudes.

When the Time God swings around for the second time, you’ll have reliable instincts and a hard-won calm. You won’t mobilize valuable resources to deal with a threat that barely warrants a raised eyebrow or lose your chill-serenity over a faux romance.

You’ll have an epic cool that you would have longed to have when you were in your 20s. Or, even your Thirties and Forties.

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  1. I´m about to experience my first saturn return. I guess I have and idea of the themes that will show up. And of course, a lot more that I could not know right now.
    Fortunately, I always loved the archetype of the Hermit (Sometimes I feel I resemble a bit of it) I see him as the Wise One. I´m in love with wisdom, it´s deep as Pluto, liberating as Uranus and you can merge like with Neptune. What else to say?
    My Saturn (17º Libra) is exactly conjunct my IC, square the nodes, in a looose conjunction with Pluto, and it does not recieve any other major aspects.
    I had issues to access my own power, specially in family relationships. I belive one of my issues will be (IS) to learn to set boundaries in family dynamics, and to finally leave home and live on my own.

  2. I am just coming out of mine and man, do I feel free. Or rather I didn’t realize how weighted down I felt until I got through it. I had a child already (at 27), and was already married (wedding during my husband’s saturn return). But for me, the return was about house and career. Neither of us had owned a home (he was 34) and were so resistant to it. I actually was really not wanting to do it and almost felt like my husband forced me. It was a good longterm financial decision and I am ok with the decision now but I was really scared and pissed about it. And then a few months after that a boss of mine quit, dumping all this responsibility AND opportunity on my lap at work and I got to rise to the challenge. I can”t even believe how much more confident I am at work than I was just a year ago. Early motherhood was a huge growth experience and gave me confidence just by getting through it, but the saturn return for me was all about the usual “adult” stuff. House/financial growing up and career. Not dramatic just a year of a lot of work. And even after it all, I still hate a lot about homeowning. But it is what it is…

    1. Is saturn in your 4th house? It sounds like you did really well – good on you for getting all that big life stuff going on and remaining sane.

  3. yup- get ready to get very serious about any creative pursuits and/or the decision-or not- to procreate. saturn return in the 5th means you’re going to be compelled to actually in a grown up way make the things you want to to create actually happen. good luck!

  4. Black Oak's Daughter

    Does anyone please have any advice for me? I’m 29 in three months and I have Saturn in my 5th house…

  5. Im almost 31 and I believe Im pretty seeing the other side of my Saturn Return.

    It came on around the time I turned 28 and was pretty desperate as to what I ought to be doing with my life (marriage & babies vs career & travel) Once I could see thru the panic of getting Older it made me realise that time really is of the essence and that how I spend it (as opposed to killing it) is important. I realised I needed to just get on with my craft as best I could because it was what defined me and therefore it was what I needed to contribute to this life.

    Its true that Saturn is a kind of “life coach” who gets you conscious of your skills and your time developing them as opposed to being so caught up in what other people might think of you and how you appear to others. Being more selective (eg friends, fashions, things I say, do and think) has been a boon from Saturn.

    In my chart Saturn and Mars are both in Leo which has given me the strength and confidence to emerge into my field. Its still a work in progress but I feel these two planets give me a lot of male, audacious energy and I am eager to engage in projects that inspire me. I think I also am less pass-agg than I used to be; or at the very least it has helped me to curb these tendencies.

    Of all the planet-gods, I think Saturn is the quiet one who teaches by example rather than lecture. He is very much a grandfather Gandalf type figure. His words are sparse and profound. He will listen to my inane chatter but inevitably cock an eyebrow and ask “Is that so?” as he smokes away at his pipe.

    1. HH, sorry I think he is more a more serious/harsh god than that. BUT if you are an ethical, hardworking person, he will reward you; astoundingly. But, any flaw will have to be rehearsed again and again to his favour (flaw = laziness, dishonesty, rest-on thy- laurels, easy-come-by-it etc). At 31, you maybe haven’t grasped Saturn yet, but you will, and I agree, not all bad, I sometimes welcome Saturn.

        1. Hathors, where to start on Saturn!? I have him sitting within a degree of my pisces asc in the first house = harsh childhood, “not there” parents, only physically, grow up too quickly etc. At Sat return I had completed first degree after leaving school early as a rebel at 15 (which is just after the first Saturn squ??) – thought I knew everything then (ha!) – wanted to continue with post-grad but scorp hb convinced me to work so we could buy house, get ahead etc and I could go back later. I earned waay more than him back then. Well that didn’t happen, after 2 children and no career support from him. The worst Saturn transit was probably at the age 41-42 – transit to my Leo sun in 6th – hb leaves, best friend involved blah blah, followed closely by 7th house Saturn trans opp natal Saturn in first complete destruction (at the same time trans Uranus in first house opp my natal Uranus in 7th). Unbelievably life/persona change). My modus operandi has changed – so much less control freakery would be the upside, and curiously freer if that makes sense.

          1. scorpalicious robot

            “harsh childhood, “not there” parents, only physically, grow up too quickly etc”
            That’s so Saturn isn’t it FF. I have Cap rising. Exactly the same childhood.

            Less control freakery sounds good though.

  6. No doubt I have missed this discussion but will add a few comments…

    I have a nasty face off between saturn and my sun and saturn and uranus (that is also in hard aspect to my sun) it is the eternal struggle between mad cap freedom and grown up serious duty – i had a lot of anx during my saturn return about whether I really wanted to be a commercial lawyer (no) or an ayurvedic massage therapist! – sautrn helped me accept my serious side so no i am a law academic (research in india) that allows me to spend time in india and do lots of yoga but still satisfy my need to be serious.

    so go saturn return – tough times but good, I feel set up going into my thirties!

  7. I’m 29 and a half now. Where to begin…the best of times and the worst of times.

    My sense of time feels warped. Two days go by and it feels like a week. I _am_ the Hermit at the moment and would rather be alone to read etc than hang around with frivolous company.

    Flee a three year destructive, crazy-making relationship amidst a final flourish of scandal and vitriolic fighting between four people.

    Decide to not focus on men at all and focus solely on career. Move country due to better career prospects.

    Meet someone who I fall deeply in love with anyway – and I say ‘oh so that’s what its meant to feel like’. Drawn magnetically into this beautiful relationship…which requires…another country move. Career on hold as career prospects not so good for me in new country.

    Two months after I get to final new country, I land up in hospital. All my relocated planets are in the 12th house where I live now but I could feel the hospital visit brewing from afar.

    I could go on and on, but I do not hate Saturn, I say thank you to Saturn. Thank you for sparing me for worse things, for teaching me and for sobering me up in a way.

    I have saturn in the 7th, so my ‘anal plan’ would be to…..have a stable committed relationship? Have stronger boundaries with ‘open enemies’?

    Think I’m getting there…I wish I had a support group though, there have been many miseries and chaos, and I feel like I have post-traumatic stress syndrome.

    Loved reading all about other’s Saturn Returns, thanks for sharing!

  8. scorpalicious robot

    With a Cap ascendant i’m well acquainted with Saturnian energy but I had a wonderful Saturn Return – i bought my first apartment, had a job that i loved and couldn’t believe i was getting paid for it. I figured it was Saturn’s reward for having such a tough upbringing.
    Between then and now i’ve had a few really horrible soul-destroying, Saturn transits where i’ve worked my arse off – 6 years at one company. It felt like punishment at the time but in hindsight i can see the experience i gained and the contacts i made have enabled me to have the lifestyle i’ve always dreamed of. Saturn and i are buddies now 🙂 Work hard to make him happy and guaranteed you’ll get rewarded. Saturn = tough love.

  9. I dealt with post natal depression in my Saturn return. I’d floundered for 5 years trying to cope ineffectually/ignore/drink my way through it. FINALLY like you said Mystic, I had to break it down and deal with it. It involved dealing with my own childhood trauma’s as well – naturally. It was a heavy yet liberating time when I finally waded through the quagmire.

  10. Earth bound Aries

    My Saturn return coincided with getting married (at 28) and having a wonderful entree into domestic bliss – never thought I would ever find someone as lovely as my boy. It was great to feel like I had joined the ‘real’ world and would not wind up, in Bridget Jones parlance, alone and half-eaten by an alsatian. Then there was the negative – by 29 I was working in a great job, doing quite well, when along came an evil Scorp to rain on my parade. She and I instantly clashed and then she rallied around all the others in the office against me. It was so horribly reminiscent of the worst elements of school (bullying, silent treatment, left out of lunches etc). The story only ends happily because she left the organisation before the year was out, but the scars of that year lingered long after. I know you have to take responsibility for your part in any conflict, but what it did expose was how vulnerable I was to feeling out of the loop, unpopular, powerless – it’s like a weak spot with me.

  11. Thanks Mystic – this explains so much. Particularly the two lists I wrote the other day….they went something like this….

    By the time I’m 30, I want to:
    *have made a significant contribution to the world through my job
    *be living in a home that brings me peace & joy
    *be in a meaningful relationship
    *be contributing to savings/investments
    *own a piano & a dog

    On the way to 30, I must remember to:
    *eat thoughtfully & be active
    *spend time building & maintaining friendships
    *appreciate my family for who they are
    *not feel guilty for being true to myself
    *be open to new experiences, people & possibilities
    *work with purpose
    *spend money carefully
    *read good books, listen to great music, travel

    Also explains slight existential crisis which has included more drinking than I’ve ever done in my life (I was quite the goody-two-shoes in my teens & early twenties), getting some seriously funky haircuts, dressing much more stylishly, creating firm boundaries for my family (which has remarkably resulted in my two older sisters coming to me for advice about how to manage our mother!), and fostering some genuine work-life balance.

    Glad to hear from the above that I’m not the only one!

    1. I keep putting off writing my list. I get the feeling I should have done one when i finished my course.
      Maybe I should spend my Dark Moon in doona cocoon, making lists…

  12. Actually, now that I think about it, Saturn was the first in a long line of lesson style transits that taught me how to stay in the moment. With Saturn staying in the moment meant focusing on what had to be done right now, and doing it well … rather than always wanting to be someplace else and having one’s head off with the pixies.

    1. scorpion_tongue

      sometimes having fun with pixies – is just that more fun. saturn is so damn serious all of the time. 🙁

  13. I had four years of Saturn transits. First the Saturn return at around the age of 29 which lasted I think just over two years and then Saturn went into Cancer for two years. So it was mega crunch time. I had to grow up. Big time. Paid bills and long standing debts, lived by myself completely self supporting for the first time ever, stayed in one job for nearly two years for the first time ever.

    It was horrible and I hated it. But I did it and somewhere in the middle opportunity started to knock in the form of freelance work that turned into my own business, which then allowed me to follow that dream and kick the day job.

    In many ways Saturn was good, but it did make me kinda hyper vigilant and a bit control freakish. Since then I’ve had to learn to chill out somewhat, to not try and “fix” or “control” everything, since it’s impossible anyway and simply strangles the spontaneity out of life. These days I guess I do what david was talking about a few blog posts back – be “the feet” and get out of the way in terms of big picture. I leave all that stuff up to my higher spiritual self … but that’s a Pluto story

  14. Champagne Bearing Aquarian

    Mystic, I love your take on the Hermit. I often think of him as a bit of a passive old bloke – sitting around ruminating about life in his little cave, but the idea of him actively venturing out to confront thorny issues with only your own little light – it makes him almost like The Fool, except he’s got a mission and he’s armed with the courage of his convictions (And as an Aqua with about a bajillion planets in Virgo, that image is*so* satisfying! Oh how I love symbolism)

    My Saturn return is this Spring, coinciding almost exactly with Mr CBA’s, in the fifth house. So I’m betting there may be fertility issues / unplanned pregnancy (which would make life oh so amusing at our Catho* wedding in Dec) or perhaps resistance around the fabulous new work/life/$$ generation plans we are trying to develop – i.e. maybe they will seem too frivolous / not frivolous enough.

    Those who’ve made it through the other side: knowing that the storm is going to hit is one thing, but does it make a difference if you’ve already started working through your shit well in advance of Saturn Return?

    *Auspiciously, the date coincides with the festival of a traditional Celtic goddess – am still figuring out how to subtly work in a few of these themes into the day.

    1. Yes! He is the Fool – and he is not stooped down due to infirmity nor sloppy posture. He is looking down at the treacherous ground. If you have ever walked along a bush track or similar at night with only a torch light and the darkness all around, it’s like that. He is the guide – all the heaven of the Fool and maybe even the Magician & others – these are mediveal archetypes – focussed in on helping to keep you alive and safe right now. I often think those sort of whistle-blower people are very Hermit and Saturn at a certain point in their lives. If they succeed they are lauded and come across very Uranian but when they’re plodding away, their talents un-sung & doing vastly unsociable hours of trawling through shit that does not really make for good small talk nor cutsie-pie seduction they’re the Hermit. The slow real work of saturn.

      1. Oh dear, that sounds a lot like me. Saturn in Cap at 29.35, squaring sun and merc, opp mars, conjunct jupes. Plod, plod, plod, unsocial hours, trawling through shit, whistle blowing and speaking up for the underdog, finding the way for others, talents unsung ….. and that’s just the day job!

  15. scorpion_tongue

    I have alot of Scorpio in my chart.
    Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio and
    Scorpio rising. yikes!
    investigative nature I think is similar to Virgo’s ability to be analytical.

    1. that must be it i’ve got venus mercury moon and neptune in scorp. I wonder what david lynch’s chart looks like…

      1. I am so LOVING YOU and your scorpio ways from afar ST – nice he’s a wood rooster – I am a wood monkey we share the same numerology too – i always wonder if the peeps you love and revere are really just reflections of yourself you are admiring? Their expression of an aspect of yourself. They are obviously better at expressing it but do it in a way that is pleasing to your eyes / ears / soul ? Davidl would know he’s the sage haha hempmeisterD.

        1. scorpion_tongue

          I share number 5 also!
          I started wondering the same thing too. It’s as if it’s a secret language and when you find another native it’s a relief to discover you aren’t alone.
          I like that they described David as “Jimmy Stewart from Mars.”
          I picked up similar vibe 50’s conservatism mixed with Cap/cusp/Aquarius/Neptunian otherworldly insights.

        2. OMG he has dark moon lilith conjunct his ascendant in scorpio and moon in the tenth – he is channeling these energies in such a positive and powerful way. Thanks for finding this ST.

        3. scorpalicious robot

          i would agree with that theory about peeps you admire being a reflection/expression of oneself and I can see how you and scorpion_tongue admire Lynch with all those planets in Scorp! I ADORE him too.

        4. scorpion_tongue

          I also love Jimmy Stewart.
          thx! Scorpalicious.
          I wonder how many of his fans share scorp planets or similar planets as him.

        5. what is it about jimmy stewart ? I’ve never got it. Maybe it’s a cultural thing. Am I missing the point? Find him so aggravating.

  16. honey i don’t know who would get bored first me or the reader but it is somewhere in my chart to write a book and wizened crones with psychic powers have told me it’ll happen so maybe you are right :o) I have some sad news ST I discovered I was wrong about my mercury in virgo – that must have been you I was thinking about haha! Mine is in scorpio – but I do wonder if we have similar neptune or something seeing as we can both detail the corsages and outfits of supporting actors in non-climactic scenes in obscure movies…

    1. scorpion_tongue

      From what I have read I doubt it would be boring!

      Does anyone know much bout astro-topography?
      If I live in a city that transits or activates my Saturn- will it ever get better or just get the hell out?
      I feel so much more alive and carefree in LA, that activates my Venus for example.

      1. Aqua Cap and I live by this – we move to places where our astro is activated specifically to achieve different things – it works but sometimes in unexpected ways – ie where mars is means you get work and shitloads of it but also where you have to deal with pent up energy and sometimes aggression. Sydney is where my mars and neptune cross for instance – wise mystic told me this would be good if i was a world renowned martial artist but I am not and Sydney is 100% out of control for me – i end up in weird situations with vice oriented people which can be fun but not a good lifestyle choice.

        My place of birth has Pluto right through the middle of it – it runs the length of the country – It brings an interdimensional jet set angle to life.

        I am presently somewhere where my neptune in the 6th (finding the purpose in our work – and with neptune gives it an artistic angle – it also activates intuition) is activated right now and have found a creative job I enjoy more than any other before it and am doing well with it and experiencing much synchronicity with my new boss.

        If you have a skype consult with Mystic she can look at the lines – it gives another dimension to life ST – if you know which energies are amplified where you are you can adapt your behaviour to suit using your chart as a guide – and if you wanted to deal with a hard transit and soften the blow you could locate yourself somewhere that makes it less overpowering or immobilising. Or you could just choose a nice place to go on holiday like where your venus is.

        Obviously if your lines cross a war zone you have to exercise caution and if you hate the cold you don’t go to Siberia for the weekend because your lines are good there. It’s totally magick and it helps to assimilate the idea that you really are the one steering the vehicle. You may find you have good relationships with peeps who are from places where your lines are convivial. It works in many ways. You’re obviously a traveller in the mind as well as the world so I’m sure you can make it work for you.

        1. You can look astrotravel lines on astro.com. Of course not suggesting that would be better than consult with Mystic – I’ve had one and thoroughly recommend it. Very interesting life NNB and I’d read your book. Never thought about actually moving to increase power/wellbeing when needed, only thought of holidays. From memory Melbourne was a good place for me and I’ve never been there. Going back to research it again. Thanks for that tip.

        2. Thanks for the reminder FF. My best places are Newfoundland and west of Melbourne. Could also retire to Sydney! Unfortunately all my best options don’t cross land masses. Perhaps I should become a pirate after all.

  17. I realised I was having mine by accident and my life had been a bit of a car crash before that so I immediately had my first astrology chart and consultation done. That guy passed me on to another astrology friend and he gave me a medieval reading which was totally focussed on alchemy.

    I did it armed and consciously, living alone with a pile of esoteric and occult books. I stopped going out, having sex and imbibing nefarious substances. I visited wacky spiritual places with my up for anything lunatic friend and sat in geodesic domes while people played didgeridoos.

    Serendipitously found my soul mate aqua cap living next door – not engaging the bottom chakras when you fall in love at first sight is a good lesson to learn. It provides a high level of understanding of love and seems to give previously unknown longevity to the relationship.

    Quit my job in advertising because it made me feel hollow, went to thailand to “go bush” got caught up in someone else’s strange scenario and ended up having to fend off men with guns – I am obviously scary because simply yelling and pointing at them worked. Left there pretty much straight away on an equally scary 12 hour bus ride past overturned burnt out trucks and through police checkpoints and bomb scares – and thanks Qantas you didn’t suck then – pre age of terror I arrived at bangkok airport 15 minutes before an international flight, checked in and got on – that would never happen now. Aqua Cap even had his chefs knives with him as hand luggage and they didn’t find them til we were almost on the plane – hilarious confiscation process ensued prior to boarding but after our bags were on plane. Flew to place of my father who does not celebrate christmas he is a heathen of the highest order – I had never had one with him ever! He forced us to get out of bed and eat fruit salad with him and the mad step mother (they are raging vegetarians – no meat in her pots thank you) to celebrate the coming of a lord none of us believe in. First and last christmas with dad – realised he was not a positive energy to have in my world – walked out his front door last words were fuck you on boxing day felt good have never looked back (spoke to him briefly a few years later when I found out about all my other siblings but that’s another transit ;O) Gave up smoking cigarettes the same day. Holed up in a borrowed apartment in paddington playing chess for ages then went back to my country of birth.

    Shacked up with aqua cap in a lovely house across the road from the ocean with a view across the Bay of the hill I grew up on – downstairs from the guy who was the channel for jesus who had loud sex and next door to the best pastry shop ever. Grew a vege garden, worked at home met many new peeps, protested relentlessly against the genetic modification of food, worked in an occult store. It was the first time I found “home”.

    I LOVE SATURN – because I was forewarned and my life had been a madhouse prior it seemed to be the time when it all fell into place. My saturn is in the tenth in aries.

    1. o and by he way not that vegetarians are mad just that those particular vegetarians are mad old squatting hippie turned wealthy capo right wing cliche. i was a vegetarian before i met aqua cap but he’s a chef and he made flesh taste good so i converted to the dark side.

  18. Oh – and another thing. It was when my first baby was born (I was 29) that I finally realised that it was my parents who had both left me as a child because they were doing self-absorbed 1970s hippy shit, not because I was a horrible person. And that I was capable of being loved and of being a good mother. My parents were gemini and pisces and divorced when I was 7. When my own daughter was 7, my mother (in her late 50s) moved back to my home town and seemed unable to realise that my daughter was not me and I still existed. My mother died of leukaemia last year as Pluto left Saggitarious and entered Capricorn. My father is completely irreconciled because I won’t accept his 3rd wife as my step mother.

  19. unpredictable pisces

    my saturn return tips:
    because whatever you do as a youth will show as you go past 30. If you care.

    2. At least one area of work, personal relationship, money or family will sh*it itself so whichever one you KNOW is wavering will probably be the one to crack or morph.

    trying to be brief so that’s it from me…….

  20. I have sun in Cap, moon in Libra and Cancer ascending (just like Mel) and have just turned 40. My saturn return was amazing in retrospect (though I didn’t know I was doing it at the time). I shaved my head and left an alcoholic, swore off men forever and then fell head over heels in love. We got married, blissfully in 3 months, had a baby straight away, I finished the degree i had been slaving over for 8 years while pregnant. A man knocked on my front door on the morning of our wedding day looking for me because I’d been recommended to do a writing job by someone else. The job paid enormously for 7 years and bought us a house. I am still blissfully married (12 years) and we have another child, I did another degree and have not stopped working in my chosen career since. My husband is now reaching his late fifties and I have a feeling we’ll be off flying again …

    1. o i love that you found love with saturn – i always wondered if finding love in saturn returns meant it might be cursed because it’s meant to be when you sort your shit out not invite something (not shitty) in. It’s amazing how swearing off things makes the right thing visible. Nice work CiT – re below the relationship bush flower essence is most excellent for sailing through stupid boomer parent crap some of them never grew up – I’m always amazed by their need to formalise things and repeatedly marry and divorce – why don’t they just live together for god’s sake. They’re such drama queens. Good luck 2 you

        1. Dear no name brand,

          Thank you for your kind words. I bought some bush flower essence. Mostly I wanted to say that your comments about feeling HOME for the first time ever at/after the saturn return are so true for me too. I have never felt more loved or more at home these past 12 years and we’ve now lived in 3 countries coz my artist husband keeps getting residencies around the place. Your life sounds amazing. Good luck to you too. And thanks.

          1. o you’re so welcome – good luck with the remedy – i use it to cope with my boomer scenario – for me it makes everything seem simpler like it separates you from their stuff in a harmonious way it seems to neutralise the energy. Hope it works in some good way for you x

  21. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

    TLS – that was so me! the freaking out at aging at 28 BUT luckily NOT since!! then was G.M of deluxe import designer product empire, sole female in boardroom, in my 20’s with the men SO much older. One foot in the posh pit, the other in the mosh pit…..outside work hanging with local surfers or bands or skateboarders etc. Twas the time I began investing in white goods, entered the tax system & had hot heels & wheels.

    After going hard to Saturn Return turning 40 was a walk in the park!

    THO can’t come at self mani-pedi (love my Vietnamese locals)…..left to my own devices, end up with black feet not toes!

  22. I moved from the country to the big smoke, leaving behind large but not smothering, family and support network. Mostly for career (natal Saturn is conjunct MC) but also, I think, knowing there was more out there. I had periods were I felt completely alone (well I was physically) but came through the other side realising that I could stand on my own two feet, emotionally and financially. Maybe because I’m a fairly Saturnian being, grounding my Gemini rising and moon, I found it one of the biggest growth phases in my life to date and overwhelmingly positive.

  23. my saturn return allowed me to grow into the adult self id been quietly cultivating but had not really let out due to all kinds of identity crises from crazy 20s. it taught me (sometimes brutally) to accept that yes, i want all those ‘normal’ things that i had previously poo-poohed – kids and own home being the biggies. it taught me that a marriage could not be based on fun and socialising together. i learned to slowly respect the fact that no, i was not some wandering happy go lucky gypsy, but wanted and needed foundations and stability to ground myself.

    these were all a BIG deal, as my whole idenity was based on you know im free, i dont want any conventional things, im different etc efc. saturn taught me that a roof over ones head and the desire to procreate does not make me a regressive conservative housewife! (taurean alchemist, as well as many of my cool funky friends who are mums now, have helped me dissolve that dichotomy too).

    ps, my saturn return was on cusp of 4th/5th houses- all about home and kids.

    1. unpredictable pisces

      still battling the housewifey prejudice here, glad somene’s busted thru it, gives me engouragement if i ever take that path.

  24. I gave birth at 28 and spent the whole 29th-30th years cursing the domestic life…

    Now my mother is in her late 50’s Saturn return and has completely lost her mind, when will that stop I wonder?

  25. Decided to get married at my Saturn Return. Was floundering financially until then and the marriage gave freedom from my crazy family, stability, a house (I’m a Cap w/ Saturn in the 4th. One of my greatest fears is being homeless), and cred in my community. Also got my first “real” (read: non-artistic) job.

    Boy did I pick the wrong mountain. Now, with divorce nearly done and Saturn readying to upper square my Sun (Fall 2010) I’m in a driven state to redeem those choices made back then. Taurean friend is helping me plot the redemption. Real numbers, concrete plans keep the neurosis/fear at bay while I teach myself a new career. Btw, Saturn is now cruising through my 9th; will hit that upper square in the 10th. So absolutely planning for new career. new public role.

  26. *high fives Gemmarose*
    Well…. I am turning 29 in a week or so and still seem to be in the throws of Saturn returning… or maybe its just beginning.
    My next door neighbour does stencil artwork and about a year ago a stencil appeared outside my front gate saying ‘Fck off Saturn, Fck off’.
    … I am not so sure how I feel about it being out there really.
    Its not Saturns fault….

    1. Good luck my friend. I’m 29 in two or so. Mine is in the twelve house so all about neuroses, dreams, secret worry, past life crap etc right? Certainly seems that way. Letting go. Letting go. Letting go. Though might make a badge like your neighbours sign. Whether or not its Saturns fault it might make me feel better.

    2. U could stencil a welcome mat with the symbol of saturn on it and put it in front of your door to bring venusian balance to the hood.

          1. scorpalicious robot

            hahaha… exactly. Bring out the slippers for him too ’cause Saturn’s a cranky old man. I see him wearing a cravat and smoking a pipe.

          2. Yah but from the Feng Shui/Housewitchery p.o.v. Saturn comes ANYWAY a la death, taxes and the actual hardcore bit of birthing a child. You can work with trying to gracefully and bravely accepting Saturnine energy but you don’t boof it up! For a good time, you boof up JUPITER or VENUS & it doesn’t mean you’re gaga about the fact Saturn is bound to come around but you’re not laying out the welcome mat…I.m.o

            1. Dear Mystic,
              My Saturn Return was full of darkness, fear and new motherhood. Wasn’t aware of it at the time and it messed me up big time.
              Got through the worst of it to take over full time care of my mum – talk about needing to grow up quick!
              My question is around the 2nd return.
              Both my parents died on theirs – Dad 57, massive coronary event and Mum 58, massive haemorrhagic stroke, but died in high level care 5 years later.
              I just turned 50 and to quote one of my work colleagues…”aren’t you worried?”
              Should I be??

          3. scorpalicious robot

            okay gotcha! So Saturn comes knocking, maybe politely make him a cup of tea and send him off but when JUPITER or VENUS come around you bring out the champers, whack on some groovy tunes and have a party. 🙂

          4. (Can’t get this comment to go underneath): Jupiter and venus sound like a damn good time. How do I get them to come a-knocking?
            I have little issue with Saturn, he is good for a few things (pipe tabbaco for one)

  27. Strangely, I cannot remember anything of significance during that time for me and even had a reading just around then or after? During which the astrologer talked about it a lot and still I did not see it.
    I did, however, experience all that crap when Saturn spent a hell of a long time in my relationship sector starting in my 30th year and definitely saw and felt it’s impact on me big time. Sucked booty but I love myself a thousand times more now.

  28. Ha. Perfect timing Mystic. I am going through mine right now. Like literally RIGHT NOW. Having weekly sessions with psychologist (who is wonderfully also great astrologist) to sort through all the crap of last 28 years and move along. Interestingly got the Hermit in my tarot reading this morning.

    Have also started significant skin care regime (realise not going to have great skin at Mum’s age if don’t actually look after it now) and appear to be morphing from tomboy to an actual (gasp) girl. If any of you have tips and pointers for surviving this I’d appreciate immensely. Seems universe is determined to make this transition as brutal as possible.

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