The Amazonian Fires Astrology

The Amazonian rainforst fires are particularly sad to see as Uranus settles into Taurus; the sign of (among other things) trees. There have been a few recent posts about them and in one I describe a recent “trip” I took during acupuncture. It is impossible to adequately describe but I was in a forest and connected to a sentient tree matrix.  I came out of it with the distinct feeling that they were transmitting that they were in trouble. It felt like an appeal.

My idealistic version of Uranus in Taurus is that we sort this s**t out and that part of the transition to a post-capitalist, apres-neo-liberalism economy will involve significant environmental reforms.

Personally, I don’t eat meat or dairy foods. Nor do I own a car or fly unless necessary. I rarely buy “things” but spend $ on subscriptions to content that enhances my life and companies like Living Libations. I’ve been eco-green, whatever it’s called since I gave up meat at the age of five. Dairy took heaps longer.  I don’t have Christmas Trees – ever.*

Why is this relevant to the Amazon? This vital “lungs of the Earth” is being destroyed to make way for cattle farming. Films like Cowspiracy make this abundantly clear. Even if animal rights is not a particular cause of yours or you feel that meat is necessary for human health, the effect of factory farming on the environment is incontrovertible.

It’s hideously symbolic of Uranus (sudden) in Taurus (cattle and trees, to use old-style symbology). But it is also part of the Saturn-Pluto 2020 scenario – the age that we have been living in since the early 80s is coming to an end. Like many endings, it’s messy and replete with ancient regime people trying in vain to maintain their crappy system.

As I have said before in various Uranus in Taurus posts, the future is more localist than globalist. Why should we have Frankenstein chrysanthemums grown with fuq knows what pesticides flown in from another country available at our local store? Or ship animals overseas in miserable, evil conditions to be slaughtered in a foreign country because…religion? How come the sun is evidently ‘bad’ but we take vitamin D supplements that double as rat poison? How come there is endocrine disruptor in my eyeshadow and raisins shipped from the other side of the planet at the supermarket?

If more people bought local and eschewed meat/dairy, along with fast fashion and endless leisure flying, the planet would start to heal. And big corporations who wanted to maintain their revenue would be forced to die or figure out what people like us might want to buy. If governments had to back reasonable wages rather than importing people to stunt wages growth, communities would be healthier. The government would have to fund innovation, not rely on housing and assets bubbles along with cheap debt.

In the absence of any clear and obvious administration willing to undertake structural economic and environmental reforms, we can only try to live our lives by values that don’t fuq the planet.

*They’re a huge cause of deforestation and why? So a live tree can die in your living room? That lovely scent of pine is it sadly emanating away its life force, while draped in EMF producing lights. It’s tree torture.

FYI the Pagan custom was to ceremonially bring in a branch of the tree to have in your house at midwinter. Not the whole damn tree cut down. The purpose was to honor nature and various deities, with the evergreen a reminder that Spring would return. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, it makes even less sense in a midsummer Christmas.

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  1. A letterhead from the intrepid Sally Browne made of brown paper with darker brown fingerprints in rows says
    ‘It’s Not Who’s Right -It’s What’s Right For The Earth, Each Other And Ourselves, has been on my wall since ’93.

    Land is being cleared, destroyed, cut to ribbons all over the world to make way for crops to feed her overburdened population. It is said palm oil plantations being the worst offender. The fires in the Amazon( Amazonia the movie showed us the magic of the planet’s lungs) are symbolic of the breath of life being strangled until it expires.
    Food guru’s gave talks 50 years ago about the serious danger of plastic-gladwrap the enemy. Juice veggies to heal anything. Fast for a period of time.
    The first T-shirt with ‘Think Global-Act Local’ was first seen in ’90. So awareness of forthcoming dangers have been around for a while, sadly those in charge didn’t get the message.
    According to the Hero David Attenborough it’s just about too late for Gaia to be healed by us after the damage done.

    The Turtle cried now she weeps.

  2. I’m going to just say no here. Indigenous people for thousands of years stewarded this land, and ate the animals they helped to preserve on it. Veganism is virtue-signalling, because it is not at all looking at the entire picture. Land is cleared in the Amazon for all sorts of ventures, soy and cattle being the top two. But if you are not looking at the broader picture, you are part of the damage, and the broader picture doesn’t include meat/dairy eating or virtue signalling that you don’t, the broader picture is the dispossesion of indigenous people full-stop. Mystic, I love you and have loved you for years, but we are both white Australians, and yes, your talk of veganism is virtue signalling. You live on occupied land. You benefit from your occupation. Stop talking about what you do or don’t consumer, and instead find ways to cede your power to Aboriginal people. Donate money. Employ them. Elect them. White veganism is built on exceptionalism. I’ve had a different sort of white privilege – I’ve spent time in other people’s countries, largely countries where people don’t get to eat enough meat, like West Africa (could equally be North and Western Australia, or the Pacific, or….) , where people suffer from a particular kind of malnutrition. There are literally billions of people all over the world who have no choice in anything, least of all what they eat, and billions of people who are malnourished, and, not coincidentally, almost all of those billions of people are people of colour and/or Indigenous people. No more talk about diet in relation to the Amazon, it’s shallow, pointless virtue signalling overwhelmingly done by white western women, and deep down it bears actually no relation to the root of the problem, which is white supremacy and its love child, capitalism. White vegans should stay quiet and listen to Indigenous people ONLY on this issue, they only have the answers, Now watch me get firebombed by white vegans (sorry, my experience is you all are often really violent and also that you keep animals as pets).

      1. when they can get it, if the fishing rights haven’t been ceded to other countries, if they still have access to their traditional lands, yes they do. My point is complex protein deficiency.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Seabird I love your grounded. big picture view. Also your gutsy courage.

      You have made your point eleqountly.

    2. Interesting points; I don’t think I was virtue signaling, rather responding to various messages on social about my apparent “not caring” about the Amazon. So I was trying to say that I try to do my bit for the environment and I’ve already said that I was hugely influenced by Cowspiracy! I am not sure how that automatically negates other issues, such as indigenous land rights or food scarcity. Unfortunately, if I was going to be across every issue besetting the world, I would need to shut down the site as I would be unable to afford the time/money it takes to maintain it. Or do you mean I should give it to indigenous people? And, this is probably another incorrect thing to say but my site developer is of Syrian and indigenous Australian ancestry. However, I hired him for his brains, not any particular ancestry. Also, I cannot actually “elect” anyone as that is more of a communal, democratic outcome but yes I have voted for indigenous candidates at various times. But thanks for the assumptions about my charity donations, voting and hiring practices.
      I have never been to Africa as, obviously, you have but I thought diet and agriculture were incredibly important as a factor there; centuries of varied agricultural practices (with a village having multiple, varied crops) were undone so that they could allegedly make more money growing monocrops for profit. Of course, it was a disaster and these brilliantly functioning little ecosystems were wrecked because they’d changed them to grow – say- coffee or whatever for a corporation. And, I am probably getting this wrong because – whiteness – but I was watching indigenous Brazilian people on tv the other night talking about the ills that cattle farming had bought to their land. And, sorry but environmentally, dairy, in particular, is hugely damaging. Monsanto is massively invested into the dairy industry, pumping milk full of hormones and worse. We can disagree but I think it is a bit patronizing to say that my views are irrelevant because of something that I cannot help or that big agriculture and its associated products are irrelevant.

      1. No, I didn’t say that what you were doing had no impact, what I was saying that the link between veganism and what is going on in the Amazon is in no way getting to the real roots and is in fact deflecting attention from the real issues, and so in this context yes, it is virtue-signalling unless it’s backed up by deeper work which is the real work of handing thing back over to the people who know how to steward it. Capitalism will sell us anything we want, and currently it’s selling us a peculiar brand of veganism that is having its own negative impacts, not least of which is the way it completely deflects attention from capitalism and exploitation itself. I am not picking an argument here, I’ve known you and this blog for over ten years, I was a subscriber back when. But you are a white western inner-city dweller as am i and i think you are missing the point. Cattle farming is in Brazil because of a demand for meat, but if it wasn’t cattle it would be oil, or gas, or soy, or wheat or goji berries. The issue is that the Amazon is being exploited for people the likes of you or me. If you own a mobile phone and drive a car, you are complicit and all the talk of your diet changes absolutely nothing for the people who are losing their lives and their environment right now. If everyone went vegan I can guarantee you that the Amazon would be burnt to the ground to farm cashews, acai, macadamias and inland spirulina farms – if you get my drift. Meat farming sucks and is heavy industry but meat farming is NOT the problem the Amazon and her people are facing – colonialism and market capitalism are, and talking about your meat consumption or lack of merely obscures the real issues at hand. Capitalism is very good also at selling an idea as a saviour – currently veganism and ecofashion are it, and from my industry viewpoint eco fashion and fair trade is a total bloody crock (I think I can say it, I’ve been working in these issues for over two decades), and veganism is privilege on a stick. I just wish people would think deeper and stop this kind of reactive ‘Oh I don’t eat meat and dairy and if you didn’t this would have a huge impact” . Because it wouldn’t. The market would just switch to finding some other cash crop and burn the Amazon down for that. Look at the Congo. It used to be gold and diamonds that caused the slavery and internal wars. Oh, but i don’t wear gold and diamonds are blood-stones, everyone knows. But now it’s phones and computer chips. So what are you writing on? So what am I writing on? So yes, the Congo is being torn apart and has been torn apart for years for us. For you and me. For everyone you see with a smart phone. My husband, born in Centre Afrique, has four of them and also flies over 100 days of the year for his work – his miles are intense and he alone could possibly be the cause of the entire greenhouse effect. It’s structural. It’s what capitalism is making us do. The structure is sick and tinkering at the edges and then talking about it is exactly the kind of distraction capitalism encourages. Eat meat or don’t eat meat, meat is not the issue. The issue is structural and it’s about power and racism and if you are not looking at that properly, you are doing nothing whatsoever to help, and if you are advertising that meat is the problem then to me you are actively obscuring the real problem.

        1. I agree that the issue is structural, still think factory farming is “a” problem and do not agree that veganism/plant-based diet is a lifestyle trend being sold to us. It’s patronizing towards people who have chosen it or come to it via trauma as I did. I was 5 when I went vegetarian. And you probably did not read my post but no, I don’t drive. I did not know that about the Congo and computer chips. It’s difficult though: if I were to cede my site and business to an indigenous person – as per your earlier post – I would not need to have an iMac. And I am already working on a mobile-phone free life for various reasons. But do you think the indigenous people who benefit from my ceding them “my power” would want the time and expense of keeping the site going? It becomes a bit mind-bending and I fear that like most people, I don’t have the luxury of an ideologically absolutely bang-on stance. Everyone gravitates towards different causes or themes, for complex reasons. I also support child abuse charities,
          they are focussed on just therapy, no structural dismantling, no particular class or race narrative that I can gauge- are they also “actively obscuring the real problem” and thus complicit in your eyes? Or more doing life-saving work getting survivors of child abuse robust therapeutic intervention + supporting them through court cases. Or, if they’re white privileged should they cede that “power” to an indigenous person?
          AND FYI from media this morning -“There’s also evidence that the current food system is unsustainable. “Worldwide, animal agriculture provides 18 percent of humanity’s food calories and 37 percent of protein, but uses 83 percent of farmland and one-third of the planet’s fresh water, and is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the world’s cars, planes, trucks, ships and trains combined.”
          BTW after this I am never doing another post mentioning any “issue” again -I do them because people ask and as they often want an astrological perspective on current events but I’m out.

    3. The fires are quite clearly the result of the new Brazilian governments encouragement of farming in the Amazon, no? Curious to know how you think apportioning blame on non-Indigenous vegan Australians will stop the fires raging? – from a subscriber (who eats meat) and calls the Central Desert home.

  3. Thanks for this Mystic. The best Christmas I remember as a kid was when we got a small potted tree and kept it in all winter to plant in the spring. I believe it was the only Christmas my parents didn’t fight … Coincidence? Who knows. Taurus sun and have always had a dialogue with trees. 🙂

  4. Wish Upon a Star

    emg I tried sending this email this morning.
    Here I go again.

    I wouldn’t call Bridget out there, more grounded, real and compassionate.
    After my bad run with alt therapists she was the Lotus that rose from the shit

    I knew in the session that this was right. Energetically it felt good. So I suppose I was being retaught that there needs to be a good repoire with the practitioner. If there is no connection it is better to move on.

    You know that feeling when you meet the right practitioner : magic happens.

    Bridget has a simplicity about her and she picks the right herbs. For me she hits the nail on the head. I find most practioners just get in the way, but not this gem.

    The herbs she uses are Mediherb. Practioner only products. Most naturopaths in Australia use this line.

    All the best emg.


    1. Wish Upon a Star

      emg her name is Bridget Young.

      She works at Sunshine Health Gympie, Queensland, Australia.

      She does do Skype. Just google her.

  5. Hi Mystic, I just remembered I was one of the persons who sent you a dm on IG with a link to a video of the fires but it was only because I read a comment of yours in one of your pictures asking someone sources about the fires or something, ans someone mentioning was never.meant to be any kind of pressure around it, it was because I saw that comment of yours and because..well I know you are a tree lover like me 🙂

  6. Unpopular opinion: I was vegetarian, then vegan, then raw vegan for a number of years. I’m pretty sure a number of health issues that I’m currently resolving have to do with this. A genetic test showed that I am someone whose body actually needs animal proteins and fats. Plant fats make me fat. I do what I can to eat humanely sourced protein.

    If you’re vegetarian or vegan I’m glad that works for your body. I’d love to live like that, but I can’t. Each body is different. For awhile now it feels like this “plant based diet” trend is becoming a proselytizing fanatical religion.

    It’s possible that the Amazon rainforest is burning because of the demand for beef. But let’s not forget that the indigenous tribes of Brazil recently won a landmark case to stop drilling oil on their land. The answers are not as black and white as some of us would like them to be.

    1. I’m glad you mentioned that not all humans have the same metabolism and that for some a plant based diet is just not right and therefore mistreating that animal. I’ve spent years trying to encourage people to clean their diet, understand they need half the food they consume and to eat what their own DNA requires. I’m vegan when and if I get a chance as my body utterly thrives on it, so I called myself plant based but I do wish we could get it out to the masses to really get into their health, understand their requirements and one size does not fit all. My hunter gatherer aqua was an avid meat man but now is an avid plant based with meat or fish a couple of times a week and mostly wild sourced because he can! I’d much prefer the world to think this way instead of stuffing our fridges only to throw it away or makes ourselves ill in a completely different way from obesity and it’s related crap. Here endeth my rant but I’m really pleased you’ve found your way.

    2. As someone who doesn’t eat meat/dairy/eggs and has had enormous health improvements and also does it for ethical reasons, I want to share that I have the conscience that it’s an ideology and that an ideology seems always seem the right thing to those who choose it. Even democracy is an ideology with flaws. That can be discussed. Communism. Socialism. Monarchy. And a lot of traditions around the world. So, yes, whatever we choose we need to be open to the idea that maybe it’s not “the truth”, or maybe not everyone’s truth. I wholy agree with you. I do believe animal living conditions need to be discussed and that consumerism needs to be seriously discussed too. It mau not be the main reason now for these particular fires but it is a big part of the exploitation and devastation of an unique habitat that is Amazônia.

    3. So I take it you only eat bivalves then, since they are the least sentient option. They contain dha, cholesterol, saturated fat, carnitine, creatine, and taurine, same as any other animal. Or did you go back to eating all the animals, like pretty much every other ex-vegan. If it was really about health, you would only eat the most minimally harmful option. Which is bivalves.

      Also every species has a species specific diet. There are no pandas that need to eat meat instead of bamboo. Barring extreme liver damage, impacting someone’s ability to produce their own cholesterol, or an extremely rare genetic abnormality keeping someone from producing their own taurine, carnitine or creatine (all of which can be supplemented for actual ethical vegans with these disorders), all humans can survive and thrive on vegan diets.

      The official statement from the American Dietetic association, all whom know more about health than anyone here: It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes.

      1. I’d watch the official word there and let the individual decide. We’ve all heard the official line and know full well it’ll change given time.

      2. Melody, you assume a lot about me, and give way more credence to the ADA than I ever will.

        I enjoy bivalves from time to time, but I’m also mindful of the amount of heavy metals I ingest, since that’s one of the things I’m successfully chelating out of my body under the care of an amazing integrative medicine MD. I’m done with quack naturopaths who have only made my health and finances worse.

        At this point in my life, I have zero interest in a 100% vegetarian diet. I eat vegan meals on occasion with certain family members. That’s enough virtue signaling for me.

  7. I completely agree with the localist instead of globalist trajectory life will take under the new paradigm. Thank you for your work.

  8. Thank you Mystic. Used to want to come back as a solar panel … if there was an after being thing. Now want to be back as a tree. Maybe not in Brazil.

  9. Wonderful post. Thank you.

    I’d like to also mention Mystics “Seven Years Ahead Report” I purchased it on 22 Aug 2019, only to discover after I purchased it that I have three transits that began on 22 Aug 2019 and they are so perfectly accurate that I felt this amazing sense of gratitude and magic …

    I had seen this Seven Years Ahead report mentioned before but for “some reason” I bought it on the 22nd …

    Thank you for your honestly, insight and amazing dedication to sharing

  10. digitalresourceress

    Thank you Mystic! “Armchair activists” and virtue signaling really do just seem to fuel the flames of social drama, the resulting smoke of which does obscure the real issues that start in small moment to moment lifestyle choices many believe are too insignificant to matter

  11. Bravo! Nowdays people can’t just blame the big guys, yes they do terrible things but they need the people and our money to do so most of the time. Think globally and act locally is a great moto. Even people who don’t want to go vegan have to educate themselves about what’s going on and why it’s not traditional or typical or whatever anymore to eat meat and dairy, it’s a mass prodution chain that empovers the human being the animals and the planet at the same time. The Amazônia forest is becoming just a big cattle circus. It’s sad. It’s more than sad, it’s disturbing. But it can easily happen with other produce, that’s where I agree with you: locally to buy locally is a tremendous political force. The farmers need us. The world need us. If someone read this and eats meat and dairy, please consider slowing down. Hugs to our Amazônia. ❤️

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Meat/dairy eater here. Yes I will consider slowing down. I have just come off antidepressants and my palette has changed due to it. My appetite is lighter, I graze now like I used to. Instead of eating hefty meals with red meat (it did ground me) my palette craves a lot more vegies and fruit. My body needs high vibration food now.

      Then I had an amazing experience. My naturopath gave me high grade liquid herbs. I took the first dose. It was an initiation and alignment. Viscerally and psychically I saw configurations of different species of herbs. My mind/body was integrating them. What an experience. My sweet gentle self was returning. I shed sweet tears.

      I’m a Taurus Moon/Pisces Rising. I felt the trickster Uranus tricked me into coming off the antidepressants. It worked.

      I am now really feeling, rediscovering and appreciating my Pisces Rising side.
      I will nurture her with good health, Goddess only knows what gifts and treasures will follow.

      Thanks for listening.

      1. I’m so happy for your journey. I know there are a lot of fake happy news around veganism, how some people become happier thinner and win the lottery 🙂 but I need to share my experience. I was a big meat eater along with a cheese connaisseur, that’s how I was raised and it was a big part of my culture. Around my twenties I stopped eating meat but continued with dairy. I had struggled with depression in the.past and it didn’t make a change. Then I saw this interview with an artist, a vegan singer that I never saw or heard again or remember the name, he was talking about how much eating greens changed his life and energy. Almost two years I gave up all dairy and naturally increased my green intake. NOW, that was a differrence. I feel like all the dairy was pulling me down and the greens, raw, juices, soups, whatever, inside the bread, as a side, etc that completely changed my life. Some people can say it’s a coincidence. But..I’m always happy..even when I’m sad you know? I wish you all the best ❤️😘

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          Not sure if the reply was for me RT?

          Any way. I could never go vegetation.
          I lived on a Buddhist retreat for 6 months 10 years ago. Vegie food made me depressed, fat and low on energy. One day I craved animal protein. I ate half a roast chicken quickly. My mood improved drastically.

          Later I found out I am O blood type and need meat. Dairy not so much but thankfully feta is good.

          I find this whole obsession with clean food a bit neurotic if I am honest.
          My Taurus Moon loves to enjoy food. I just follow my palette. But I am craving more vegies and fruit lately which is good.

          1. I’m an A so vegan really suits me and I too cannot diary for the life of me !! But I’m gluten intolerant too so life is raw veg beans pulses and I utterly adore the chick pea !!

          2. Yes it was, English is not my language so I never know if I expressed my message across, what I meant was that greens did change my energy completely, I’m not a eat clean type, I like a lot of traditional foods that don’t involve meat or dairy but the increase of greens in my meals completely changed my emotional balance.

            1. Wish Upon a Star

              I’m happy that a good diet improved your emotional balance Rita Tocta.

              Recently I ate a whole lot of vegie koftas and falafal and my gut (which is the 2nd brain) loved me for it.

              Energetically I felt a lot lighter.

          3. There is no scientific to evidence to support the blood type diet. It was made up by one guy with no research. Eating anything that is high in calories (including someone else’s body) will boost dopamine and improve mood.

      2. Does your naturopath do postal herbs? I need a really out there vibrationary herbal plant medicine person I’ll skype I’ll post a letter but please let me know who they are !!

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            emg Ignore this message above about the email. I did a long reply this morning and I had my own personal weird mercury screw up.

  12. Sing it Mystic. But let’s be conscious not to replace an industrial meat-heavy food system with industrial vegan. It’s large monocultures (soy, corn, etc.) deeply dependent on chemical inputs/ fossil fuels that are also a huge contributor to climate change. Hopefully, local, organic, regenerative food is where we will arrive on the other side of this mess. From what I understand we cannot just remove animals from ecosystems because herbivores/ ruminants are essential to soil health—nature is brilliant and evolved over eons. Anyway humanely raised meat, raised in NATURAL conditions, eaten once in a bloody blue moon is apparently OK if you really can’t give it up. Cross addicting to industrial, GMO soy—hello Impossible Burger— or ‘vegan’—hello, plastic—handbags, etc., is not the solution. Vegan is great but we absolutely have to stay away from THAT shit. xo

    1. Super agree, industrial vegan is scary. But hopefully most are not like that. Local produce and cooking at home is both a spiritual and political act nowdays 🙂 I had some chickpeas leftovers, they where not more than a spoon of cooked chickpeas and I was throwing them away when I suddenly thought “if I had grown these chickpeas myself, although they are just a few, would I throw them away?!” The answer was obviously “NO” so today they were smashed into a beautiful sandwich with soup, yamm!

    2. Totes this. I’ll also raise you a preference for native meats esp. kangaroo in Australia. And maybe lab meats if they get affordable. I see vegan ‘leather’ and wonder when it’s going to end up in the ocean or landfill. Been reading lots about circular economies and the move from owning to leasing with products designed to be returned to the manufacturer for redesign, reuse of parts, etc. Less need for more raw resources, more ingenuity, less waste, less plundering of nature. But how to transition to that? It’s still gotta bring the ka-ching or no one will invest in it.

    3. According to the UN, animal agriculture is the single biggest driver behind climate change. “Naturally” produced cows release even more greenhouse gases because it takes longer to get the animal to the weight where people want to kill them and eat them for 20 minutes of pleasure. There nothing that prevents someone from being vegan and also being zero waste, buying second-hand, and eating local. And ethical vegans are more likely to do all those things, because ethics are a central to their lives. But by all means continue defensively deflecting rather than facing your own cognitive dissonance.

      1. Melody no one said vegans weren’t ethical. I think it’s a great practice and hope more people make the choice to do it. But it isn’t the only answer. As Seabird posts above, a huge proportion of the world doesn’t have the luxury of that choice. And when I think of all the deforested land that I’ve travelled through in Australia the most biologically barren were monocultures. At least with cattle country there were stands of trees. Not nearly enough but better than cotton, wheat, etc. Biodiversity loss is driven by agriculture and property development at least if not more than it is by cattle farming. I hate it when these conversations devolve into dualistic thinking, because there’s no progression to solutions if people identify too closely with one answer.

  13. Oddly, these past few months, I have been paying attention to trees. Growing up always surrounded by them, I guess I took them for granted. They were just always there, never thought about them. Now, when I am out, walking my dog, or just walking about, I have been stopping to gawk at them, wondering how old they are, how much life they have seen. Maybe the trees really are trying to warn us.

  14. When I read the headline and looked at the photo, my mind jumped to Amazon Women building camp fires! So much more positive than the reality.

  15. TRUTH!

    Thanks Mystic, Also thanks you for the reminder that I always wanted to be mother christmas and RENT trees with awareness and love and I need to Stop with perma-plaster sticking of consumerism to diswade my body from feeling world ills. We medicate in so many ways. Lashing out is desperate, panic driven and ultimately fear, with a pressing need to spread the shitty feels.

    Agree with sentiments of overpopulation here also.

    Also>source of news images. So many from the Cali fires and not in fact amazon fires, which has been stragetically burnt for +30years (not an excuse, simple observation)

  16. I needed this today. I am having a very hard time curbing my spending even though I have no money. My husband and I normally work one full-time job and one part-time job each. Both of us were unable to receive part-time positions this summer. As a result we have been relying heavily on credit cards. At this point I have thought about filing bankruptcy next year. I simply don’t know how long I can make it. Even though we both make decent salaries we also have a lot of student loan debt and a lot of credit card debt. Despite all of this, this morning I woke to an email from my favorite store announcing a 70% off clearance. Of course I want to buy clothing that I don’t really need. I thought I had solved a lot of these personal issues. Last year I refused to buy clothing because I knew I didn’t need it. And I was able to save money by doing that. This year I have not bought a lot but I feel that old pattern creeping in. Because of my looks and pressure from my workplace, I allow my clothes to support my self esteem. I am a larger woman and often allow clothes to work as a barrier. Plus, although I do not work in an occupation that pays a lot of money there is pressure from my boss to meet her preferences. She has very specific aesthetic ideas when it comes to clothing. And you cannot find this in clothing that is truly affordable. I truly should not care anymore. I recently completed a doctorate degree last year And she told me there would be no new positions available for me or any possibility of a raise. It’s not because the money is not there, it’s because I’m not one of her favorites. So why I keep trying to gain her approval, It must go back to my self esteem issues and the need for acceptance.

    1. Put on the Focus and Space Clearing music and declutter in every spare hour until the New Moon at the end of the month. I will gift you the music if you don’t have it. It’s VIRGO season. My fave decluttering book is the Karen Kingston one. I know Marie Kondo is more ‘in’ but KK’s book is an hour-long read that is super motivating. Your boss is an Energy Vampire and the dynamic sounds unhealthy. Guaranteed it’s an echo of a relationship with a relative in your earlier life. If you are not working as a model, front of cam tv work, in a fashion store why the fuq is your wardrobe an issue? Seriously? Mercury in Aries Advice To Be Initiated The Moment You Read This: Unsubscribe to all store emails, see an accountant or debt counselor for a debt plan – probably cutting up all the cards and transferring them to a debt-consolidation loan is the best move, donate or sell excess clothes and pare it down to a simple work wardrobe of a few simple items. Like one Maria Rinaldi (Italian plus-size designer) skirt/trousers with various tops. Go and get boxes plus heavy-duty garbage bags for your decluttering. It clears and shifts energy so fast.

      1. Thank you Mystic. I will definitely follow your advice. I must note that I work in education. It’s been invaded by business types and a capitalist mindset. I got into it to help but didn’t realize others had different intentions.

    2. Unicorn Sparkles

      I was thinking declutter and garage sale items you’re no longer wearing or using. Use that money to fund anything new. But it for you. Not her.

  17. Totally woke. Nice one Mystic.
    Poor trees, terrifying for life in the Amazon ecosystem, and our planet. There is a feeling growing within me of when is all the planetary build up of fuquery and me me me culture going to explode? Hong Kong, UK, USA, Middle East and Nth Korean politics, protests, Prime Ministers ignoring nations worried about their homes drowning, Xenophobic leaders building walls and separating children from families, fires in pristine rainforest… not a lot of good news stories. I’m desperately hoping the people of the world gets it asap.
    I’m so grateful for those like you MM leading by example. and those changing other’s lives, beliefs and mindset through love, kindness and small magic-moment-belief-changing words, gestures and acts. 🙌🏼🌿🌏✨

  18. My only additional comment to your well written, intelligent post would be that humans have to recognize that we have grossly overpopulated the planet. We cannot reverse the effects of global warming and crazy capitalism, without also addressing human overpopulation. We are neither more important nor more intelligent than other species. In fact, compared with most creatures in nature, we are too often kinda dumb. It seems to me that crooked leaders of greedy corporations want overpopulation to continue so that there are more people desperate enough to buy unnecessary crap.

    Just as a fun and rather necessary antidote to being an American citizen at the moment (until we hopefully can move back to Europe), I have begun to consider myself half-Elven so as to distance myself from some of the more dumb qualities humans evince. You know, lembas bread, magic wands, fun stuff.

      1. I agree completely! The lifestyles are not sustainable that’s the problem, that’s our problem..we can still make plenty more babies lol 🙂 to blame overpopulation is like when they usually talk about hunger problems in “3rd world” countries. The problem was mostly the war. There are plenty for all of us with knowledge and work. Nature is super abundant and fertile in most places. I just discovered I’m accidentaly growing quinoa on my backyard.

      2. Thanks for your opinion. Studies show we are displacing other species because humans are over populating the planet. It is not only the lifestyles humans choose. Our extra bodies make it so other species cannot live. Lovely and cute as human kids are! We do need to curb our reproduction.

        1. I agree with you 100% Acqualuna. It’s our lifestyles, but it’s also just the sheer number of human bodies on the planet.

  19. People are feeling disempowered and overwhelmed, which leads them to lash out at those who are seen as authorities and role models, like yourself, Mystic. Isn’t it so Saturn/SN/Pluto in Cap projecting onto a perceived Cancer/NN duty of care? It’s like a child tantrum, because one instinctively feels their existence being threatened. People aren’t taught to self-reflect, self-soothe, and to achieve emotional self-reliance.

  20. I don’t even have a blog and the demands people put out there for others to follow drives me mad. The rainforest is unique in its own right, but seriously how many places have completely decimated their ecologies? It always comes down to money and humans seeing the earth as a commodity. Absolutely care about the corners of the earth but put your difficult emotions to good use and get rid of your lawn or something like that. I’m not saying it’s right but the people there are trying to get the money so the real change comes from how we live.

    I live amongst farmland myself (used to be forest, shocking) and its tobacco harvesting time. I had a really interesting conversation with my children about gasoline alternatives and my eight year old decided she wants to be a scientist to find a way to make gasoline out of tobacco. My son was very confused about why no one had invented a different way to fuel already. They both didn’t understand why they never learned about Elon Musk in school. Then I taught them about lobbyists, particularly the fuel variety. This is not about the precociousness of my children but what types of conversations we can be having.

  21. Yeah, there are a thousand eco blogs and news outlets that should be covering this. Seems silly to snark at you about it. At the risk of being an “all about me” American, I heard that there may also be a connection between the US-China trade war and the fires. It’s making US soybeans super expensive, so China’s going to Brazil and asking if they’d like a shot at the soy market. And Brazil’s absolute knob of a leader said, basically, “Sure—just let me make some more room for farmland.” Bye bye huge stretches of forest.

    1. This makes sense. We all need to eat locally. For what I read the President of Brazil denied the billions of euros they used to receive from the European Union to help Amazônia forest. A president only refuses free money from a enviroment Protection Group if he is counting on gaining more from another side. He is the kind of assh**** that says that he had sons and then he made a mistake and made a daughter and laughs. I still can’t believe Brasilians voted for this guy. I’m Portuguese and have Brasilian neighbours here that serem clever but than start to defend him. Are they insane?

  22. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Beautifully expressed MM. My first, gut instinct on hearing of the fires was panic but after thinking and !!breathing!!, I know what I have to do. Grow food, plant trees etc. shop local, or, preferably, not shop at all. I have been doing this over the past few years but the planet is speaking and it’s becoming urgent.

  23. hey gorgeous… I love you… I find these kinds of issues give me thoughts of suicide so I am glad you focus on the reasons we are reading your work…
    You have you have responded with grace and wisdom once again.
    and how the fk are you ‘part of the problem’…

    1. Please reach out and talk to someone/seek medical attention if you’re feeling overwhelmed by world news or events; they are obviously sad and not ideal but at the same time, your body could be experiencing them as an imminent danger/a threat. And then the prob is people can shut down all sorts of pathways and not be thinking straight. There is always a way through and astrologically, situations and consciousness are shifting.

      1. thanks Mystic..I have two gorgeous hounds who I adore..and I wouldn’t walk away from..
        I simply close off the noise when it is all too overwhelming in the world..X

    2. Hi, whenever you feel that way remember that that’s how some people want you to feel. Although there are problems, serious ones about the world and humanity, love do wins and goodness in invisible quiet ways, everyday, without apearing on the news. Consider cutting down your news intake, they are toxic pills, I know a youtuber Jenny from WearIlive who shared your same feeling and she is reducing her news intake. Sensibility is a power. Stay cool ❤️🌠

  24. Thank you.
    You may want to read Collapse, How Societies Choose To Fall or Survive by Jared Diamond. written some time ago. He teviews the causes of historical and pre-historical instances of societal collapse—particularly those involving significant influences from environmental changes, the effects of climate change, hostile neighbours, trade partners, and the society’s response to the foregoing four challenges—and considers the success or failure different societies have had in coping with such threats. It is an old book but seems appropriate right now.

  25. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Yours is an astolology blog–I don’t expect to find the latest environmental or political news here. And the people snarking at you should fuq off.

  26. And the amazonian tribe that beat Big Oil in court, only to have this happen a few weeks later…
    Bullies don’t like trees.

  27. Unicorn Sparkles

    I still have hope for our world – reading about Sebastiao Salgado and his 20 year project which replanted 2 million trees in a region of Brazil.
    A decline was visible 20 years ago and the world has done very little to stop it.

    Putting something on social media to raise awareness won’t actually fix the problem.

    And nobody can fix it on their own. We all have to take even little steps. Together.

  28. Thanks Mystic for sharing your thoughts. Highly appreciated. Im getting a bit scared though what 2020 will bring…Many people assume big changes in the world. That in America many pedophile corrupted celebrities will be revealed. Uk is leaving Europe, who is going to follow up ? hge changes are coming up around the world, i guess.

    1. I think there is potential for many good new things! Check out some of the Uranus in Taurus posts or even the Freak In About The Economy one. There are threats and opportunities. The ‘everything is fuqed’ mantra is just as simplistic and non-nuanced as the ‘everything is awesome’ one.

      1. The Year of The Phoenix

        Too right! People do have the power, individually and collectively. We can change and change fast, especially if our lives depend on it. I am so inspired by Gretel and the school kids, the circle economies and the potential for humanity to live in a socialist, eco loving, future.

        I believe there are so many brilliant minds out there and when they are turned to innovative ways to navigate through the mess left from greed and opportunism we will have a bringhter future.

  29. We are on the same page but I fear in the minority when soooo many people watch sky news and think it’s truth . 😪

  30. 100% agree, Mystic. Thank you for calling it as it is. The health of the world starts with what you put in your shopping trolley and other everyday habits. Can’t believe people still nark at vegans and vegos and cyclists when we’re simply doing our best to opt out of a bad system that never should have gotten to where it has. Voting for future-minded, eco-friendly parties is also a biggie that people are strangely reluctant to do. Crying over a burning forest in a country run by a psycho doesn’t help anything*.
    (* I totally cry over burning forests and most other things I see happening around the world but I know that doesn’t help vote out rich male dictators and destroy capitalist patriarchies which are the real threat to our future.)

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