Mars in Virgo Benefits

Mars in Virgo has its hellish aspects, to be sure. But the Mars in Virgo benefits include diet genius and heightened self-discipline where required.

People born with this placement can delineate Martian subjects such as lust, rage, and ambition with precision.  When Mars is in Virgo, anyone can access these fantastic characteristics.

The hellish aspects? Paranoia re punctuation, pronunciation, and nuances of text messages and insomnia from lying awake in analysis mode.

It is a very difficult Mars to switch off or even dial down. It’s Virgo Vision cranked up into over-drive. You have to remind it that sleep or even phases of not thinking non-stop are actually productive.

If you do not have this as a natal placement, Mars in Virgo benefits are only available once every two years for approximately six weeks. Schedule this phase way the hell up. It’s fantastic for micro-admin and details mastery.

Ideally, do not book a holiday during this Mars time. Unless, of course, it is a health retreat or a venture that involves learning a new skill. You’ll achieve brilliant results.

Image: Steven Meisel 

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  1. Mars in Virgo. Today I have been quietly contemptuous of nincompoops (and happy that word is phonetic). On the one hand I felt like I wouldn’t be laughed, chaffed or spat at and the other recognised how my Cap Asc Saturnine objectivity was balanced with my requirement for Cancerian Desc/Moon forgiveness. As an example, the driver behind me honking his truck horn and attempting to intimidate me into traffic stirred no usual response from me other than an inward smile of acceptance while I took my time to safely merge into traffic. All the while I calmly uttered for him to blow it out his arse.
    I’m thinking my Mars in Virgo is a little like taking speed to neutralise ADHD.

  2. Virgo scopes day no big discussion tomorrow!oh damn:( let’s see how its received, it’s been a long time coming. Love related and have all that venus/jupiter/north node action to look forward to over the weekend.

  3. Mars approaching natal Pluto in Virgo, then. Will crunkle over Lilith in Virgo first. Both Oppose Sun.

    This will be a Mars square Mars transit. Wondering if a fifth square by transit will neutralise the four squares to Mars already in chart. Or the t-squares.

    Am already a little remorseful at being a dingaling clumsy Sagittarius Rising, unless i can really sharpen that arrow. Feeling every flawed action keenly, but very much in the practical. And only my own just now, not so interested in others’ weak spots, as i had been recently.

    However, I’m a bit fast when wielding knives, blades etc and cleaning. Efficient, i hope, except for the quick pause to stem a glitch, stop a tiny bit of blood. Nice clean nick so flesh knits tight seal. This is literal but also metaphorical. Submitted a team plan for 2018 but want to edit it to truly slice out deadwood, and create space for growth in the team. (sorry, deadshits, two years is a long time to give rope)

    Took time to bathe then commune with psych energies, though, compared to nine minutes best time on usual 45 min house task, from conception to cleanup. Needed to work out how to be best support for some mates’ unresolved angst, compounded just now by external circumstances that will take some time. Real slow real painful for them.

    Can’t fix, can’t jump forward in time, can’t speed others’ wound release and healing. I’m not a poultice. Though having said that, the heat of Mars on my 10th Pluto dig-up 5th Sun, square 5th Chiron-Merc, square 11th Uranus etc might impact more than just me. Lilith Virgo in 10th…bitch is in the details and the nurturing prune for harvest.

    Must absolutely get the fine art of process down pat. This is all singing to my Mars in Capricorn 2nd house. I know details are not the vision. Feeling that big picture and not getting caught in detail is the weirdest clarity for me.

  4. I don’t have Mars in Virgo (it’s in Capricorn), but I do have Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto in Virgo (notice the use of the Oxford comma) plus three planets in the 6th house.

    The photo above hits like a tuning fork on my Virgo sensibilities. I love the calm volupté of the knife on the napkin, the muted palette, the healthy foods, the textures…

  5. definitely upgrading my diet…ive even given up booze for one week now…it has been v hard..the harder i find it, the more i think i have to do this…reading recovery literature….hip sobriety website is amayyyzing..thankyou for that heads up mm.
    and i have rescued a gorgeous fat tabby called princess!
    love her x x

      1. no-she died…with us, and is now buried in our garden.
        this girly is someone we chose ourselves, she’s nine.
        a little difficult-shes had a rough time…we’re on a journey together!
        the previous girly came to show me what i was missing in my life…its been pretty magical really x

  6. Is mars in virgo or is it mercury or both, that is beneath my sudden borderline BPD (Borderline Psycho Disorder)? Despite my efforts to switch to less-caff, I am still feeling wired. Belated realisation thanks to this post? It came on over the weekend, realised a lot more sharp edged than usual – that or i really have become a city girl again or i’m just tense/claustro and am going a little something something

    1. Hahaha no it’s not just me, irate customer called, e.g. venting his clenched-jaw rage the first person who picked up the phone (me), sure no problem we can fix that up for you (nothing to do with me), crikey if that’s how he is with a minor administrative glitch I’d hate to see him in a fender bender or a lost phone
      I’m wondering if he’ll make it through the night without a heart attack or some kind of acute neurological disorder
      Godspeed, Tense Bloke

  7. When it’s mars in Virgo you text your moon in Virgo people for constipation cure alls, need 10x more outside grounding time, curse Leo opulence every 5 mins for your pants feeling too tight, need alone time for lists of lists

    1. re: lists
      I use a whiteboard these days –
      > more readily updateable
      > stares at you all day to inspire / motivate / chastise / coax / spur into action
      > more room to manoeuvre things & info
      > physically erasing entire sections of text is kind of earth-magick-y

  8. I have 0 deg Mars in Virgo too. Am thinking of ditching my smartphone as it suits me too well.. but then I wouldn’t be writing this now 8D ..

  9. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    This week I have become so focused on tasks that I have lost weight…

    Helloooo Mars in Virgo

    Sleeping has been more difficult…

  10. Mars in Virgo native

    Mystic you get me!! LOL “paranoia over punctuation” is literally my life!!

    But on a good day, this placement is rad + I’m loving the energy

  11. Haha, I have Mars in Virgo in a Virgo Stellium. Decided to go sober (no alcohol, caffeine, hard drugs, plant medicine ok) on August 7, with the Full Moon in Aquarius, it’s been excellent for me.

    This past Full Moon in Pisces, my Wealth Wallet arrived and I’m leaving behind outdated attitudes regarding money, abundance, and self-worth (6H Chiron in Taurus). Tapering off my low thyroid medication and started an adrenal fatigue diet…gave up grains, gluten, and high sugar fruits. I’m obsessed with making lemon berry gummies with grass-fed gelatin. Medibles with CBD just might become my new side gig!

    Taking the pepper mace off my keychain and swapping it out for MM’s Mercury keychain instead (inspired by the latest post from the girl in NYC).

  12. The Lion & The Centaur

    Another Mars in Virgo here!

    If you don’t count in the overstressing, I enjoy my Mars return. Random window cleaning and decluttering urges, fab dental hygiene (I’m actually seeing a dentist tomorrow, as well as an ophtalmologist and getting some bloodwork done), perfect grammar and OCD level precision. Love it!

  13. *squints*

    The pilling on her top is driving me bonkers – how’s that for Mars in Virgo, LOL? The rest of the photo is so aesthetically pleasing from a tactile perspective, though – I want to touch ALL the things! Perhaps that’s why the shirt is like a record scratch for me – I understand the intent to show texture, but would have picked a different fabric; perhaps something with a silky, satiny feel….

    1. I took a closer look at this too, and I think that its texture is a consequence of the nubbly yarn (e.g. hand-spun or made with that effect), such as linen/flax or raw silk. Also based on the “unbleached” tone of the thing. Unbleached handspun linen tunic top is rather old school Virgo maiden I hear, but then again I don’t know one Virgo who’d be able to cope with the slightly-too-close-to-nature surface texture and low-intervention hue? Maybe I am wrong tho. I only know Urban Virgos after all (for whom the scent of chlorine bleach is an aphrodisiac I hear)

      1. I loved the top, it looks like organic handspun linen wool blend from a Corsican sheep fed only the finest herbs. It’s the lack of a plate and the stranded knife that are throwing me out..

        1. beats me how she is going to cut up those things with a butter knife too 🙂

          napkins make good plates though. straight in the wash, and more crumb/drip catching surface area, easier to eat if on e.g. couch, they don’t break, look cute, throw in washing machine when dirty, can shake crumbs out more easily… list goes on 🙂

  14. Mars in Virgo is my reality, and Mars returning just makes it worse – or is it better? 🙂
    I’ve been on a massive declutter bender – I don’t have a lot of clutter but I’ve been on a drive to get rid of it and get my home super-organised. I have just got to get my merde together with a few issues, mostly career-wise, and I’ve been awake at night analysing/making lists and yes some berating myself also. This happens every moon in Virgo so I am used to it but right now it’s at Defcon Five. I am at war with my procrastination.

    1. I think i remember a Mars on my Capricorn Mars…sheer hell on my self-irritability.

      Sorry, Chrysalis, would love to offer sage wisdom, but can only offer empathy. I did all the things i would advise, but without the real love for myself at that time, i just felt inadequate and frazzled.

      Love and the sweet place of comfort to you. May it be always within your reach xxx

  15. Thank you so much for this @Mystic.
    Mars is in Virgo yes but it’s kinda “OFF” for me still.
    I’m Virgo rising but it’s a 8° virgo so neither Mars nor Mercury have still reached my first house and are still sitting in my 12th.
    My physical energies are very low right now.
    But I’ll write myself a note with this tips for when Mars reach my 1st house 🙂

  16. “Paranoia re punctuation” it happens every five years or so! I missed a class! so what you say? I. AM. THE. TEACHER. and the blighters didn’t tell anyone happily sitting in the library on the computers or playing candy crush (5 levels even) or some insane game. They said they had a lovely time just chillin’ out. The librarian thought to call me with ten minutes left. HFS
    and “pronunciation ” I am learning Italian via audio…the word for exit cracked me up! Uscita 🙂

    1. Umm, what is going to happen when Mercury and Mars hit my natal conjoined Pluto and Uranus? and then Venus? EPHEMERIS here I come – Mars 29th Sep
      dom dom dom dooom

  17. Gotta figure this is a cool time for writin’ out plans or lists.

    Cosmic organizational mojo got its smartest sneakers on rn — complete with Hermes wings — an’ mebbe the problem with the cerebral overabundance deal is how we gotta accept that all (potentially anxiety-indoocin’) thoughts ain’t specifically meant for NOW.

    So jus’ write stuff out an’ throw it in a drawer. Regurgitate. Scribble & type. Brain-to-page vomit. tbh anythin’ means frenziola ain’t jus’ whizzin’ round inya poor, sweet braino.

    Coolest & most immediately practical ideas, you jus’ gonna go out an’ DO.

    Other stuff, you gonna mebbe forget about or fail to view as important, but when alla this Virgo schwango is over an’ Mars got his lips an’ fingers on Libra’s sweet, sweet, unifyin’ BAGPIPES, summa that mental collateral is gonna make real sense whenya read it back.

    Meantime, stay offa the kale, spinach & other “brain foods”.

    It is kinda like givin’ energy boost drinks to growin’ embryos rn, tellya.

      1. Just dropped in for a read after a while away and it’s made me want to rejoin as it’s like checking in with old friends.

        Yes The Princess had me back in the 60’s thinking Leary.

  18. I too suffer from mars in Virgo… ugh!!! I did quit smoking a pack a day cold turkey, the same day I moved interstate, and my GF at the time dumped me (who I moved interstate for) all within 3 days of each other… and I still didnt have one puff even though I was living with 2 smokers ( inside the house) SHOW ME THE MEDAL!!! lol

    1. Hahaha!

      I too quit smoking, cold turkey, when I was surrounded by smokers and going through a difficult time. I have no idea…

    2. That’s interesting, I had been surrounded by drug users my entire youth and never been able to handle even the concept of addiction – except as concerned smoking – though i only smoked a few a day. Mind you I am very sensitive to all herbs, tonics, pills and potions.

  19. Yes!

    Self discipline is very important and works in mysterious ways…

    E.g. I gave up coffee last year the exact day after I said ‘I’m never, ever giving this up’. I realised in a few short moments of saying it that I (a) had zero control over my coffee habit and (b) that wasn’t gonna fly. I quit the next day very easily and haven’t had coffee since. I’ve tasted a few but there’s no desperation. I kind of can’t believe I gave it up and how easy it was but then again the benefits have been great. My running has improved (I run everyday), I don’t feel sluggish throughout the day and, my energy is really well balanced.

    The hellish aspects that MM mentioned are spot on! Mix that with being a Triple Conjunct Gemmy in the 3rd House – I’m writing text messages while doing Mars in Virgo analysis at the speed of light! Gemmy instincts just want to press ‘send’.

    Mars in Virgo conjunct Saturn 6th house 😀

    1. agree on caffeine – am much more balanced, centred and function better on a low / nil dose. short-circuiting adrenals helps exactly no one. plus the extra work for the kidneys, etc.

          1. latest research does not account for physiological variations in individuals and may not even use a representative sample of males and females to assess its activity – the first linked paper that I had a look at appeared to use a majority if not all male subjects. so there 😛

            1. Ah yes Just had my gene codes done and I process coffee slowly so one is my limit in a day. Too much is really too much for me. Same with alcohol I process it slowly so I’m a cheap date. One glass I’m away two I’m done in! It’s all in the genes

              1. All in your CYP 450 liver enzymes – which are linked to genes. There are heaps of such enzymes that process different drugs (caffeine – 1A2 mainly) and depending on your genes you can be a fast or slow metaboliser of 1A2, meaning that things likely coffee will either barely touch the sides, or hit you like a brick. Cigarettes induce 1A2, which is why smokers need more coffee for the same hit – they process it much faster.

              2. LightningButterfly

                This is me as well….and seems the older I get the less I tolerate it at all. Quitting coffee is my big challenge ATM…I ha r adrenal fatigue so it’s really ridiculous hat I’m still messig with it at all.

              1. The absence of work your liver does processing booze probably helps. (I want to say that I don’t need a research paper to tell me that caffeine makes me more alert, lol)

            2. All valid points, Pi. Also, the same Dr’s reporting on these studies likely don’t believe adrenal fatigue is a real thing. Ask any holistic health practitioner, though, and they will tell you coffee does tax the adrenal glands. Not to mention it leeches calcium out of your bones; particularly problematic if you’re a woman/have any predisposition toward osteoporosis. From a TCM perspective, coffee is no bueno if you have Yin Deficiency.

            1. Trust me, I’m a scientist! 🙂
              (Feelings are as good as facts if the placebo effect is anything to go by I guess, come to think of it)
              Don’t get me wrong I love and desire the stuff but there are some phases e.g. right now where if my average goes over 2 cups (espresso obvs) a day I feel strung out and revolting,

    2. the withdrawal! eww!!! headaches, nausea etc for 3 days and that was only from 4 instants a day. On decaf now, probs not much better in other ways. What about green tea with a lil’ splash of milk?

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