Is It Normal To Wish You Were Another Sun Sign?

Samantha from Sex and the City reading The Secret

Is it normal to wish you were another Sun Sign? Or to even lie about it? Mystic advises a Libra who has Sun Sign envy. And yes, it’s normal but it’s usually just a phase – part of the self-discovery journey.

“Hi Mystic

I am a Libra and whenever I read your posts about Aquarians I always wish I was one! Do other people have Sun Sign envy?

The other sign I envy is Sagittarius. But I am glad I am not one because they seem like the sign most likely to never marry! Aquarians and Sagittarians are full of life/energy and attract attention while remaining detached and unconcerned about what others think of them. I love attention and admiration but I get tired of being so vain/conscious of how I come across all the time.

Sag and Aqua seem to breeze through without having to look in every reflective surface, carry a minimum of 4 lipsticks at all times and never leave the house without a teasing comb in case their hair goes flat. I wish that was an exaggeration.  I am a beauty/product junkie and a control-freak. But I want to be Bohemian and serene. 

What can I do about Sun sign envy?


The Envious Libra.

Dear Envious Libra,

I understand Sun Sign envy because I used to have it. As a teenager, I read the Seventies Astrology classic Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs and wanted to be Aries. My Sun Sign is Pisces, depicted by the author as as soggy, passive and lunatic. I think she may have originated the notorious “Pisces is the dustbin of the zodiac” phrase*. Then and there I decided I was really an Aries.

It’s a bit like when you claim to live in the swankier next suburb over, despite being technically in the less appreciated one. In fact, one of the reasons I got into astrology was to “prove” my Aries status. And then, embarrassingly, I went through a stage when I said I was Scorpio, as they seemed to have more sex appeal.

So I get it. However I think you can move beyond this by appreciating the natural symmetry and good judgment of Libra. And look at your entire birth chart, you may well have Aquarius influences or a strong Jupiter/Uranus. Working those areas of your chart will give you the extra nonchalance you desire!

Astrology does not dictate, it illuminates and reflects. You can be what you want. And what’s the bet that there are Sagittarius people gazing at your composed image in envy, wishing they had the patience for a proper self-maintenance regime? Or an Aquarius – even now – discreetly marvelling at your discernment!?

*Update: It wasn’t Linda Goodman who coined this revolting phrase – it was an astrologer called Vivian Robson.

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  1. Lol. Im a Sag Sun with Aqua Moon.

    I think Aquas come off detached really great, but in reality I think there is so much more beneath the surface. I know I am capable of getting terribly emotional. I dont have any planets in water signs except my Jupiter in Scorpio. It lends me a Dark Moon flavor, but helplessly watery and emotional? I dont think Scorpios get helplessly watery and emotional, right? Thats Kataka and Pisces territory I would assume.

    I had a hard time trying to figure out where it comes from, but Im now thinking its actually from my Aqua Moon. Once I give my heart, Im as emotional as my Kataka and Pisces buddies.

    On the up side, my Aqua Moon is great for being able to have out of body experiences on the daily. Always able to detach and watch the situation from a 3rd perspective… I have to remember to be in the moment sometimes. The Jupiter in Scorpio gives me stealth when doing this though.

  2. I have Aries sun, I also have the S. node in Aries. So I don’t really seem like an Aries to most people. But I definitely can be very Aries like at times.
    I have Aquarius in Mars. I like it for the most part. I have never herd of Aquarius being vain, or caring what people think, I do have a vain side to me, but if I don’t have time to look good, then I don’t have time to look good, everyone is just going have to except it, because I will not be late trying to look my best. I’m not a morning person. But now that I’m out of high school & can do more of my own thing. I love make up, and love experimenting with different looks! Whether its a natural easy going look, sultry night look, retro, or whatever else.(must be my Gemini rising) I wish I had more time on my hands to practice with hair. Yes I do hate how Aquarius’ have the rep for being dethatched. I feel that way sometimes. I think that my Scorp moon & Pisces Venus make up for it a little bit though.

    I wish I had more Virgo in me. I’m not always good with the details and lack organization sometimes. It seems that Sagittarius, Capricorn and Libra females always have their shit together with work and school, and have an awesome social life too. Like their life is perfect and that they are perfect. Ahh it’s also very hard for me to admit it when I am jealous. LOL
    I love being able to do everything, but I need down time too or else I get burned out. I have to have time set aside just for me, to unwind, soul search, and whatever else. (Like today! Thank you snow day! Last week was very rough for me. No work and school for me today) If I have too much down time, or spend it working at home, I feel like wasted youth, but if I’m always out of the house whether its for work ,school or outings I can get really stressed and feel really unstable and will eventually get really edgy and shut down, because then I just feel like I’m living to please others and not my self and that I’m living for them.
    My ideal life is balanced. And that’s what I try to aim for. But I usually do choose spontaneous stuff, over stability.

  3. Hm- Another vote here for Capricorn.
    yah I know envy is no good and as a Capricorn I’d probably have to cope with more of the heavy hand of Saturn. I don’t care. The Capricorns I know are seriously awe-inspiring. Besides- Virgo is pretty much Capricorn-lite anyway.

  4. capricorn is always portrayed as a status obssesed bore. i always wished to be an aries, aqua or a sagg obviously.

  5. I’d love to be a mystical & mysterious Pisces. I’m currently irritated with my chatty, overly-sharing Leo-rising persona… need to cultivate Gem detachment/Scorp sophistication FAST.

    1. ooooh yes!! i am a leo-rising over-sharer as well!!!

      i am so much of an open book! i would love to be mysterious!

  6. Scorpio or Cap. With Sag Sun and Gem Asc, I can be pretty ditzy at times and find it hard to finish what I start.
    The other thing is that with multiple Scorp conjunct, people always mistake me for a Scorp anyway, and have always felt more like a Scorp. Always found the typical stereotype of Saggs being tactless, loud and crass a bit insulting.
    I don’t know, I just admire signs that seem to have determination and perserverance. I wouldn’t mind having a bit of that.

  7. Envy of any type is debilatating. Your giving away your power. Funny how it is a key ingredient of material success in the western world.

  8. Mauvellous Capricorn

    I was born two weeks prematurely, and have always thought that if I’d arrived on time I would have been a great Aquarian, and related to that, wonder sometimes if someone our astrology also isn’t a function of our conception, as well as our birth. I greatly admire Sags, my mum was one, but now I know that I have a large Sag contingent in my chart anyway. I always passed by those places that do up your astrology charts in my teenage years, and thought about one day having mind done. Thanks to the Internet, I now know more than I probably would have anyway. 🙂 I also read Linda Goodman’s sun signs as a teen, and of course Caps are presented as slight head cases, so alternative points of view on the Internet certainly helped with that.

    I think my chart would most benefit most from a Virgo and/or Libran influence. But since I am actually pretty content with my chart as is, and I’d have to change something achieve that, I think I’m pretty content as is.

  9. Woman w multiple Hoofs

    slightly off topic . . . but am giggling this morning (after days of non-stop weeping – a relationship concluding) after noticing: that as soon as a relationship is concluded in context of ‘I adore you, I’m afraid of living without you, but I can’t be with you’, ie, working my ego, I literally rise from my snivelling ashy existence and am full of bravado and detachment and am c’est la vie incarnate . . . if this isn’t Aries in Venus/Mars I’m not sure what is!? (Which is quite possible, I just play with this stuff in a vague, making pretty pictures kind of way!)

  10. Linda Goodman’s got a lot to answer for, like the Pope, altho i did do
    a trip on the pavement AGAIN yesterday, same place as 3 years ago.
    The council has a lot to answer for now as well.
    Huge bruise on right wrist, scaped elbows, so damn you Linda about
    Saggs’ being graceful then kerthunk…splattered on the sidewalk!

  11. owh envious Libra I feel your pain. I also wish I were a Sag or a Aqua…

    Unrelated but…
    The Sag that Got Away phoned last night at ten to four… pissed. I felt really good because I told him to piss off as I was in bed with Taurus BF..

    But then didn’t feel so good as I wished I wasn’t…. Erggh

  12. Yeah, I would like to be a Cardinal sign! They get more respect and you know what – they deserve it. I would like to be a Capricorn – so humorous and tough and independent. Or a Libra – they have a sheen… Some of the ones I know are a little unrealised and messy on the inside, but still.

    Linda Goodman does quite well with Saggi’s I think, I like her style!

  13. spaced out pisces

    Linda Goodman did a real hatchet job on us Pisces. Never mind the usual insecurities of being a teenager and that most Pisceans believe they live in another dimension anyway..She made us feel terrible about our sun sign on top of it all. What a cad!

    I love Aries folk they crack me up with their enthusiasm and bravado but the low types are snarly and jealous whilst maintaining an unshakeable belief in their righteousness. I wouldn’t go so far as stabbing one in the head, but a well aimed head butt isn’t out of the question

    As for a sign swap. Capricorn, successful, sexy and funny and so natural about it 🙂

    1. it’s amazing- did we ALL reaqd goodman as teenagers and then somehow or other end up here?!
      i don’t mind, ‘TIS FATE

  14. gemini leo rising

    I’m jealous of the water signs – especially Pisces. I wanna be deep, soulful, artistic, psychic, mysterious, empathetic, etc etc etc! But I have no Fish in my chart, boohoo.
    I’m also kinda jealous of Aquarius too. And Leo.
    Major sun sign envy over here.

    1. Haha your frustrations sound EXACTLY like mine. I am a gem w/ leo rising too!! Aquarius & Pisces seem like the special mystical cool ones 🙂

  15. Never liked Scorp.
    Never understood Piscian adores Scorp. think about Jesus inn love with Jesse James’ Tatoo girl.even Gross. But I saw it happens alot.

  16. The Leo Socialite

    Well i have always loved being a Leo, obviously, but i thought for a long time that i had Scorpio Rising and that it explained, you know, the stalking, the baudelaire lifestyle….this is a euphemism…too much smoking, too much cocaine, too much crying – not enough sleep..obsession….then i found out that i had libra rising…it seemed wimpy and then what excuse for the, um, lifestyle.
    Am now balanced. But occasionally like werecatt miss the other.

    1. When you explain it as the Baudelaire lifestyle it makes it sound so much better. That’s me described to a T. Not Balanced :mrgreen:
      Love Being a Scorpio …. hmmm

  17. I don’t have Sun Sign Envy as Scorpio is just fine … would be nice if it were balanced out by a different moon but noooo, am a double Scorp. Scorpio obsessions make a whole lot of sense to me. The trauma thing is getting a bit old though. Some different planets might be good. The Taurus Rising has always confused me as I don’t think I’m anything like that, and don’t understand Taurus traits at all.

    The rest of my chart is mainly Sagg & Libra, all air stuff … so I’m all emo and creative but no settle-down and look at the business side. Although I’m getting better at it. I need a creative/business partnership to be at my best, according to Mystic (what I suspected for a long time).

    Venus in Sagg is fine but Mars in Pisces is a bummer given that I have a preference for men. What happens is I come over all strong (Scorp), and then have no idea what to do with them next (Pisces). I am doomed, especially as I’m looking for a Cancer man presumably with Mars in Pisces, which sounds like it might be frightening.

    1. scorpalicious robot

      “I come over all strong (Scorp), and then have no idea what to do with them next (Pisces)” LOL.

      oh nooooooo, that would totally suck! I don’t think a Cancer man is a good idea – too much watery wishy washiness, especially if he has mars in pisces too. You need some earth energy – a Cappy or Virgo.

      1. I tried a Cappy and a couple Tauruses (Taurii?) lately but all were pretty but incomprehensible. My dad was a Virgo … I got on well with him. Not sure I want a boyfriend like my dad though. Freud would of course say otherwise. 🙁
        Think I will join a convent, or just have sex online in avatar form on Second Life. 😛

      2. scorpalicious robot

        hmm, i dunno Ms. I’ve never, ever, been attracted to a Cancer man.
        My Cap rising has an aversion to Cancer energy.
        I don’t have an issue with female Cancer sun signs. It’s the venus, moon and mars in peeps’ charts I can’t handle and Cancer rising is the worst!!! sentimental, sooky, wet blanket goo-goo… euuuuw.

        Nice to hear of your conversion. 😉

        Tati, back to celibacy for me too after my disasterous online dating debacle. Couldn’t be bothered with men at the moment.

  18. I’m a Pisces, Libra rising, Scorp moon. I never had sign envy, but wish I could change some placements of my planets into different houses and signs! Maybe put Taurus in the 2nd in Cap, change my venus in the 7th in Aries to Libra or Cancer, etc…

  19. I recently found out on a trip home for Easter that my time of birth is 10:40pm, not 2am as I previously thought, and that as a result I am a Scorpio Ascendant instead of Capricorn.

    So I am a bit devastated as I have been working the whole Cap vib to the max for a couple of years now and it has been working well for me.

    I’m in the awkward position of having to ‘come out’ to my friends now as a Scorpio Rising and it seems like everything has changed. it has really thrown me!

    1. Lol – I had a similar experience – my birth time has never changed, but I was given a 3 year overview a few years ago, and it had my Asc as Gemini…. I went nuts. Gems (and I love them but…) drive me insane, no way was I changing myself into a Gem Asc. I went on to Astrodienst and rechecked my chart, then rang the guy who had me as Gem Asc and he said, um no… you’re an Aries Asc… ooops.

      Ooooops? Nobody messes with me – I am Scorp, Aries Asc. Bite me.

      1. yeah, i wouldn’t give up my aries rising either, i am ecstatic to have that drive..

  20. Wanted to be a nice dreamy Pisces for years, was sick of being such an obvious Scorpio! These days I have a little Auqarian envy, if only for that level detachment, I’m never detached from anything and it’s exhausting.

    1. comments on this site make me feel so much betta about having emotions and even ok about having acted flamboyantly on them when i was younger, w disastrous results. Thanks for admitting to yr emotional life! My associates here in stepford rarely do…

  21. Here I Virgo again

    I don’t know so much about sign envy, but I do kind of wish I heard less of “Oh a Virgo, are you a perfectionist?”.

    It’s right up there with the barbeque conversation stopper “Oh an accountant, do you like numbers?”.

    If I were to have a sign envy, it would need to be a sign that gets a good opening line. Does anyone else out there get a repetitive response to their sign? Would be interested so I can decide on my sign-envy

      1. I know its like other signs don’t have any and its just you with all your secrets voodoo and knives.

      1. unpredictable pisces

        no one ever really seems to give a shit that i am a pisces. It is quite possibly that we elicit the least interest of all the sun signs ? hmm

  22. Yeah Linda Goodman was my first introduction to astro too and was seemingly fixated on the idea that a Cancerian’s only reason for existing was to make babies, bake shit and stash money under the mattress. I tell ya there is NO money stuffed under my mattress, yeah ok I like to bake but babies … meh! No-thank-you. I don’t do the soppy, wet blanket goo-goo eye thing either. Blehhhh

    Honestly I wanted to stab her in the head. Or send her a decomposed rat skull filled with 3 month old used baby nappies and rotting cupcakes.

    Well I was only 15 and a Goth!

    No sun sign envy here I’m afraid. As far as I’m concerned – yer all mental!


      1. hahaha .. I’m flattered! I suppose the lips and hair are reminiscent. And I do tend to curl up into a foetal position with something slapped onto my ears (pillows … ipod … hands) whilst yelling “can’t hear you can’t hear you can’t hear you!!!” to the world on a regular basis. I guess it is a bit me actually … I wonder how big her boobs are. :mrgreen:

    1. thnks for that complete pyschological assessment PC. LOL Maybe your signs arn’t as conflicting as other peeps. I sure get confused between aqua and leo and scorp. Thats why i wish for more cap to sort these guys out. Al,tho I do have cap in my 12th which keeps me sane workwise ( she says typing this at work) oopps see there goes my Leo again. Mental? Taxi!

      1. *chuckles* I included myself in that remark Leogroover. We’re all MENTAL! … except for maybe some Capricorns.

    2. Now thats my kind of baking!! rat skull filled with crap!!

      After reading similar lame-o crap like Linda Goodman’s as a teen i would claim to be a Gemini. It always sounded so much more exciting and daring.

  23. I am a Leo rising, and wish it was Cancer rising. I don’t like it as I seem to attract only Leos into my sphere, and they have never treated me well… I also have major self-esteem issues, with Saturn rising, and being Pisces sun as well, my external persona just never ever matches my internal one and I have only ever attracted the wrong sort of men into my life.
    I also hate my Venus and Mercury being in Aquarius as that sign just seems so cold. I wish I had Venus and Mercury in either Pisces, Aries, Taurus or Scorpio.

    1. That’s funny SPAMLR, cause for a while I thought I was a virgo rising, and has sorely disapointed to be a leo instead. And of course it gave me that same bloody saturn rising thing you got. Leo males kinda shit me too.
      But dear, you’ve got that fiesty aries moon to help your Piscesness into some action, and I have my lovely pisces moon to amuse my Gem sun with its waffling. So maybe we both just get regular haircuts and vibe sun and moon instead?
      (I so need a haircut too)

      1. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be a cancer rising, all that only being interested in making babies, baking shit and stashing money under the mattress. No thanks. Thank f’ my mother kept it in just that few minutes longer.

      2. I can assure you that this Kataka rising isn’t terribly interested in baking unless it’s raining & I’m bored witless (rarely). Stashing cash anywhere? I make sure there’s enough for the bills not the greatest of savers. All those numbers make me giddy. Making babies? Well, err, it’s fun making them but have 2 only, I’m not terribly maternal, in fact, I’m the hard parent. Kids should be seen & not heard lol…

      3. Shell- that sounds like the sort of mumma I wanted to be!! If only I’d popped out 15 minutes earlier….
        I so need a haircut too, lol.

  24. Would love ths discipline of a Cap for just one minute. What I could do! (said with heart wrenching cry) i am hopeless I can’t say no to anything or anyone? what sign is that? i have them all in me but mostly Leo Wanna pls and spread the love.
    it has got me into trouble again. where was my aqua when I needed her. Scorp is my downfall also. Scary to others would not envy that but lots of fun!! (said with a saucy grin)

  25. Linda was my first teacher too.

    I’d like to be a fire sign for a week each. I have no fire in my chart. I used to freak about being Kataka moon & asc but now…I’m accepting of it.

    She’s right about this Aqua not giving a fuq what the masses thought, for me that’s the case anyway. People see this as other traits, arrogant, cold, airhead etc. But really were just minding our own business & we know exactly whats going on around us despite how vague/bats we appear. The Kataka in me does care what family & those closest feels about me but hey…

  26. Oh mystic… My first exposure to astrology was through Linda’s sun signs book too… And I think the upset at reading my own Virgo profile is only just beginning to heal!
    I do think she was rather sweet on fire & air over earth & water, which I suppose at first glance is easy to do really.
    I’ve always had a secret crush on Capricorns (but only male cappy’s) and female librans… Oh, to be able to change astro for a day!

  27. Stress Princess

    Oh I’m a Lib rising and wondered why my Narcissism was insane. Mirrors everywhere in my house. Can’t go anywhere without checking my reflection like a paranoid supermodel in every surface, however reflective. I couldn’t work out how this could be when I have no Leo in my chart!

    Cap sun has always fascinated me. The idea that I was something beyond my family. I wasn’t just one of them with middle class aspirations and living in dull mediocrity. I was a “december capricorn” and felt that was just so special and glowing and mystically fab. That’s how I got interested in astro.

    Capricorn just has that important, “I’m better than this”, “nothing will tear me down” vibe for me. Always has. Love love love it. But yeah, I did always say my rising was Scorpio because someone figured my chart out wrong yonks ago. It just seemed sexier and darker than bimbonic Libra.

    But now I like that I’m Lib rising. It’s softened my “never say die” Cap ambition as I’ve gotten older (not necessarily more mature) and made me really believe that nice guys, not a-holes, should finish first.

  28. unpredictable pisces

    that painting is a wildly similar likeness to my Divine Virgo Bestie. she has oodles of leonic and scorp/8th house influences, i love her to pieces and she knows me better than I know myself, possibly.

    i do wish i had the scorpio skills to stare down the opposition, manipulate with ease and detect subterfuge 300 kms away. At other times i am glad that I care less about these things.

    I’ve also at times wished I had the healthy self-esteem of a fire sign – to not have all the endless moments of crushing self-doubt. Or the stable, focused, persistent reliability of an earth sign [particularly during performance evaluations…*sigh*]. and their libido – mine comes and goes with the tides i tell you.

    I’ve wondered what it would be like to be Libran and thus actually care whether i was in a relationship or not. I would like the tact of a Cancerian.

    FA was right – shopping list of signs…

  29. I fit everything you said about Aquarians, but it comes with a tradeoff. NOW that I’m older, more comfortable with myself, and better at socializing everyone thinks my weirdness is brilliance and my alien facial features look like a supermodel. But when I was a kid (and into high school) I was mercilessly teased, extremely lonely and had issues stemming from that experience for years to come. We’re neurotic, misanthropic, misunderstood. Although it seems like we’re confident because we know who we are and express it freely in some ways, in other ways not so much.

    I used to envy Libras because they’re artistic AND everyone likes them. 🙂

  30. Margot Valentine

    I tell you what Girls you should try being a Librian with a gemini ascendant and virgo moon, I don’t just need mirrors when I leave the house, I need magnifing mirrors!
    With Love for our vain vanity!

  31. Hmm. I don’t think I’ve ever had Sign Envy per se..though I do wish could go Sign Shopping to acquire certain qualities I admire. More than anything I just get annoyed with the whole “Cancer is a knitting home body who will cry at a hanky” bit.

    It just ain’t true. We may access our emotions (after all this is our “network” so to speak) to pull intuitions, next moves, ideas out of the ether and sure once in a while it makes us look like complete loons, BUT at the end of the day, y’all are still asking US wot we think, trying to get hugs, comfort and well, cupcakes AND hot sex from us. So babes, there’s something there.

    And every sign has so much to offer with such varying core competencies, non? I think the Envious Libran was simply (albeit in a very lovely way) being indecisive and well, comparative (a somewhat Leonic trait at times as there is a desire to be the best and unique).

    If I ever felt a quiver of wanting to be something else, I think I pretty much got over it and figure if I really wanted those qualities then I could at least attempt to develop them in some small measure. I spent part of my youth trying to figure out why (having read a Goodman Sun Sign book) I as a Kataka was apt to end up being a drinker if things went awry while of course being house bound with 5 kids kind of thing, but precisely because I wanted to understand that I launched into looking at astro more deeply.

    And ended up being pleasantly surprised by how multi-faceted every sign is…

  32. We Aries don’t have this ‘other sign’ envy thing. When you’re already the best where else is there to go??! 😉

  33. I was convinced for the longest time my moon had to be actually in Scorpio not Sag because I have serious jealousy and sexophilia HOWEVER it turns out that I need total space and freedom when I am in committed relationships (a v. uncomfortable fit btw. my Sag moon and Cancer sun?) Have had Libra sign-envy because why not truly from-all-angles beautiful (plus in a way so perfect as to be beyond that, above it) instead of merely ‘attractive’?? Also Leo sign envy. Poss. because I have 2 personal planets there and Cancer sun on cusp so why not me the star, happily on stage??, versus (with actual Cancer sun and rising) feeling it yet deeply retiring, shy, uncomfortable with limelight?

    Cancer/Leo cusp proverbially bipolar & I would attest this is true.

  34. cancer gem rising scorp moon

    Boy do I relate to this letter. I think cancer gets the worst rap of all and I often think well under this exterior I am truly a scorp as I have lilith in scorpio as well. All my family are sag and my two sons are pisces and I envy both signs, aquarians and librans and taureans as well. What’s weird is that cancers are most notable for shrewd business, artistic success and incredibly funny, the last being why my sag and pisces family and friends love me, and my humour comes from being ableto see through everyone’s including my own crap and just laugh at ourselves. I think in another era, cancer qualities would be upheld ideals and unempathic air sign would be found to be greatly diminished humans. And fire signs down right selfish. Earth is ok

  35. I’m a pisces/gem/kataka and I spent a _lot_ of time wanting to be a Scorpio or fearing that I was a Capricorn. Turns out that I’m multiple-conjunct Cap, which explains a lot, but like Mystic said–everybody lies about being a scorp at some point in life, and I was attracted to Scorp’s mysterious sexy Whatever. Meh. Still am. 😉

    I liked Cap because I wanted to believe that I had direction. Pisces is often portrayed as being a bit of a directionless wet rag… which is Not Cool. Gem is clever but has no groundings; Kataka is sweet but jell-o on the inside. Caps are stable, razor-edged success-makers! Wanted to be that for sure.

    But Ms. is right–you’re probably not realizing the great parts about being a Libra/Leo. Beauty on show is it, as well as vibrant and charming and enviously sociable. Some people (i.e., me) would really, really, really like to be those things. It’s wonderful. Don’t forget that. 😀

    1. my mom is pisces dad Cap & I think this desire for structure/order you express played out completely in their relationship[

  36. LibraButWithAriesOnTheRise

    Pfft. I’ve never wanted to be anything other than Libra with Aries rising. Honestly, what could be better? 😉 Hehehe, but seriously, no, I’ve never had sign-envy (which is lucky, because half my chart is in Libra!). But I do wish my Venus wasn’t in Scorp. The intensity is very difficult to cope with a lot of the time. V e r y difficult.

    1. unpredictable pisces

      yo babe/dude (it;’s babe right? lol) . can you tell me more about yr experiences w venus in scorp? i am scoping out a boy with that config. that is, if you have the time, love, inclination etc. ta v much xxx

    2. I am interested in your perspective too, but only because I AM Venus in Scorp! I have finally stopped attracting Scorpio philosophers but what can I glean from The People of the Blog?

      1. LibrabutwithAriesontheRise

        Hey UP and Virgolicious,

        Yep I’m a queer girl. My Venus in Scorp makes me pretty obsessive – I can find myself fantasizing about all sorts of scenarios months (sometimes – eeek – years) after a relationship ends – scenarios where I dramatically express to her how much I hate her/she hurt me/I want her back/ etc etc. Really, sometimes it gets so bad that I’M sick of it, but it is really really really hard to switch it off in my head. Of course I never actually DO anything about it, apart from sending them horrible vibes and wishing them ill/pining for them. And I am so embarrassed to be having these ridiculous, obsessive fantasies that I don’t even tell anyone about them (apart from you, obviously!). It’s like being trapped inside my own skull, it really is. Like being a prisoner in my mind. Icky stuff.

        Apart from that, I need things fairly… intense… in relationships. The sex has to be really very… extreme… and the romance needs to be intense too. The last girl I dated was Pisces, and while the sex was AMAZING, she was just too laid back otherwise. I wanted her to pine for me when I wasn’t there, txt me obsessively, to miss me and let me know it. Whereas she would miss me (sometimes, you know, if the footie wasn’t on. Grrr.), but would never tell me – like when I went away for business for 2 weeks, her friends told me how she’d been moping about, and couldn’t be cheered up, but she didn’t let on at all. I need to KNOW you pine for me… are you getting the picture? It’s all a bit… Bold & the Beautiful. And that, my dear friends, is embarrassing.

      2. i feel your pain! libra sun, leo moon, venus in scorp here too. in fact, i resonate with MOST of this. libra / leo combo seems to be a form of astrological bi-polarism….

      3. yeah know that one andrew. i have scorp in moon and eros and find it hard to contain. I also find my leo/aqua a tad push me pull you ish. I long for my aqua to flouish more and keep me on ice but alas the Leo is on perpetual standby and overreacts a lot. I havev to work hard and recite my new mantra ‘anger is useless’ all the time.

      4. thanks for sharing! (and wowzers)

        maybe all my earth (virgo sun/merc/pluto/uranus, cap asc, toro moon) helps me keep a lid on my more obsessive tendencies, in love at least! but I do create elaborate scenarios that run over months and years, usually leading to nothing, and hold my betrayals close for way too long.

        Someone told me today though that being bitter/angry/whatever is the easy option – it’s directed, simple, focused. Choosing NOT to be angry is more complex perhaps but my-oh-my it can save you YEARS of being bitter. I wish someone had said that to me 10 years ago, before I polluted my mind with endless revenge scenarios . . .

    3. That’s me too and I am learning to love it!

      Wow just read on and I have the venus in scorp too like you! I like my scorp venus

      one foxy chick lol!! Always like venus/pluto in synastry too or it aint happenin for me

      I envy sagis tho, theyre so classy and so cool!

      1. Libra and aries ascendant i mean… all the other posts came just as I was replying to you orignal one!

  37. Oh girl! leo rising libra. That is beauty on show. sure you want to swap it for being mental with commitment issues?

    1. Yeah totally, aren’t aquas actually super vain and paranoid what people think…. the ones i’ve met always seem to be… sorry aqua people out there…

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