The Piscean Complex

Pisceans are omni-faceted but they have one particular trait that is so integrated, it’s really more of a personality complex: the Piscean Complex.

Pisces presences whichever aspect of themselves they feel is the aptest for any occasion or person. Alternatively, they’ll spin up the most crashingly inappropriate one as an escape mechanism, automatically without conscious effort. They have a huge drop-down menu of different vibe & personae.

Depending on the moon phase, hormonal fluctuations, atmospheric pressure, and/or the dream they just remembered, Pisces will keep their latest performance low-key or ramp it right up to ‘memorable.’Β  When quizzed on anything personal, they’ll spectacularly change the subject or stare at you aghast. Yes, they’re pre-ghosting you.

Yet periodically, Piscean people completely lose their cool due to not being understood.


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Well, that explains my daughter (Fish) and my ex-crush(Twins). LOL! A little hard to deal for this Cappy. But I love them to bits anyway.(Desc in Gem)


Touche, Mystic! You’re onto us Pescadarios. Ascendant, Mercury, Sun, Moon in Pisces with Neptune conjunct MC. Friends and family are shocked when I turn the volume up on parties that have begun to bore, well, everyone! It’s a weird zone, that, true to Pisces, is easily tapped with the aide of adult libations.


I’m a Virgo and after years of trauma, I understand my Piscean mom very well. Too sensitive is what she told me – only because that was the thing she deplored in herself. After years of tears, I grew up to be just like her. Being all things to all people is a ready-made way of not letting anyone in. I’ve learned this and hope to overcome it. I want to love someone! One thing that has helped me is just listening to my mother. That makes her feel heard which is more important than being understood. I ask the… Read more »


Thoughts are “Yep! As is life!”


Hahahaha! I can’t help by laugh at this. It’s so true. I’m a Piscean Sun and Moon and a Gemini Rising. I’m super mutable.

12th house virgo

Pisces and Gemini, sure. But not Virgo and Saggo. They are consistent characters. Perhaps characters who can’t say/know/have what they want. But they can be one character unlike the two-faced signs. Libra is more like Pisces-Gemini in that regard imho


Yep, this is so me. 12th house Neptune rising & Virgo Stellium.
I don’t do it deliberately, but I feel when I kick back & relax I am a mirror and it’s only in retrospect that I realise…


You know how quantum physics determined that certain quarks will be observed wherever the observer thinks that they are. They still have not (?) – in the labs at least – established the mechanism for this
Maybe we say Quantum Pisces.
Just a thought .


This was inspired by Hermes26’s idea above.


I find it amusing now that Breaking Bad’s Walter White actor is in real life a Pisces.
And his tv dealer name is Heisenberg, and it was Heisenberg who discovered the Observer principle.

A heisenbug is a software bug that seems to disappear or alter its behavior when one attempts to study it.
So now, I am thinking ‘Heisenfish’ or Heisenpisces, as in, “she was acting sooo Heisenpiscean at the party last night”.

Year of the Phoenix

I love the QP term “spooky action at a distance” could this be a Pisces thing?


Could we call it the “piscean rubix cube” due to the multitude of facets available that can change at a moments notice?


Oh the truth of pisces dc. If I was the most stable person ever (which I totally am not) I would still look like a way more erratic fish than I ever mean to. Werkin the progressed dc in aries, using pisces in the 5th only for poetry. If anyone wants to talk to me they have to be face to face now or im just a hologram that isnt wuite com i ng through


My Pisces ascendant FEELS THIS! My Scorpio cuz likes to tell me I have multiple personalities cause I jump between personas when talking to different family members/work colleagues/neighbours etc.


Perfect timing, as usual. I just found out the birth time of my BFF at work. He is Pisces rising with Jupiter exact on his ascendant (my best guess was 20 min. off). He has so much personality and makes people feel accepted and cared for. I told him he was a pollinator. Well, I am a watery Scorp rising with an 8th house Gemini stellium, so when we started working together, I was like, “your personality is real cute, but what do you have going on underneath?” That’s where the real stuff is but not everyone is interested in… Read more »


Nice πŸ˜‰


I feel this hard and see it as a great thing. My Gemini mom always used to say, “all the world’s a stage.” I guess I took it to heart. As a kid, I used to adapt my entire vibe and communication style to whichever teacher, babysitter or friend I was with at the time. “You’re talking like Sara,” mom would say when I got home from hanging out with Sara. As I got older, I integrated this skill (is it a skill?) into my personality, to, as you said, call on it in the presence of different people or… Read more »


lol SO familiar. My MC is Pisces in a mutable cross with Sag Uranus in 6th, Gem Chiron in 12th, and Virgo stellium (IC, moon, mars, venus). Neptune is also in 6th, conj. Cap DC. I sometimes think of myself as a shapeshifter — one year I’m all about working in nonprofits for pure causes, and the next year I’m all about attracting financial abundance and power, and when people act surprised I’m like “keep up.” When I shop for clothes sometimes I literally think of outfits as different costumes, and my office decorations, etc., as set dressing. Phoenixing is… Read more »


Read some other posts and totes agree with others — though I can see the humor in calling it a complex, b/c I’ve lived it, it’s also an amazing gift we mutables have.


Laughed in recognition at your description of getting jobs. I interview quite well even if I am not convinced about the job. It’s the gem rising talky talk and the Pisces Sun mercury trying to work out what they want (no I do not lie in job interviews, that is a terrible idea ftr)
These days I am much more comfortable interviewing THEM in my own interview! I want the job to be a good fit so I do a lot of thinking about what I want too, and make sure that I ask πŸ™‚


Interviewing them is a great tactic! Keeping that in my back pocket for the future. Yes, I agree — I never lie, but I get so focused on the positive and what other people think is great about the job that I can fog up my own vision. Remembering what I’m looking for and asking about it helps.


I can relate to this v much, having Neptune Rising and aspecting every single planet in my chart – including square Moon. (NN and a formidable cluster of goddess asteroids in 12th too) I call it the NAIAD* syndrome: *Neptune And Integrational Anonymity Dichotomy* Though i don’t view it as a conscious thing – there’s no choosing from the dropdown menu – it just happens – an instant morph. I’m sure that Neptune rising was a great help growing up – having to change cultures and schools so many times. It was survival by morphing and shapeshifting. Tho never intentionally,… Read more »


Being a Pisces Sun & Aqua ASC with Aries Moon- skipped the multitude of blah, blah, blah answers most focused on self and not answering your question..I jhave to say – .the ability to ADAPT to the environment or change in response to the energy of a person or a situation – like a Chameleon is NOT a complex …its a God given TALENT…… comes hand in hand with the Pisces highly evolved empath and psychic skills……we are tuned in…….natural shape shifters with good intention, call it a complex if you must but you obviously don’t understand the true purpose… Read more »

Year of the Phoenix

I think the Virgoan Sun/Pluto/SN kind of makes me more solid less ephemeral plus that Scorp Moon/Nep means you really have to have a good argument for me to even consider the possibility of changing my stance on anything!

Have a Sag Mars and Gem IC so no stranger to open mindfulness just no time for shallow puddle reflection

Swan song

What I wanna know is…..what is it about Pisces men? Don’t they just love to play hard to get? Ya know Courtney love chased kurt cob ain for a year. I was with a Pisces for 12 years, he called us cellmates! Before I got with him he had no qualms in casting me aside to pursue a more glamorous woman! Even when they are not even that good looking they put up a smoke screen of pure hotness and have a gag of women wanting to, well you know. They seem to be more seductive than a Scorpio but… Read more »


Deep down I think they need their Mommies and then a separate person to be the one to chase after. Their relationships have to be split in two. That’s where I think their mutability is evident.
Imho Scorps got the skills for the ills that these Pisceans are too lazy to acquire.


Skills for the ills. QOTD


That is just the confidence booster I so needed my Cap Moon sis. Thank you Pi x




Yes. You have described my experience too. They chancery hurtful and they don’t care that much.


Tis the season to review the year that was and the Piscean XFactor of influence. I am suggesting that I’ve had some sort of electro magnetic pull swirling me towards the male born March 6th. Two of these fellas born of different years yet followed each other. Big booze hound Neptune influence at play here for both these lads. Could it be a Freudian (Daddy issues) saga being played out here? Might be as I don’t even know his dob. I think that with the other mutables you already kinda know what the territory is and what to expect. But… Read more »


Pisces Sun, Moon and Mercury here … “Adaptable” for sure: Unconsciously morphing into whatever you require, fitting myself into and around your shape. It comes from love, I think, just wanting to be more in sync with whomever I’m with. Over time, separate “personalities” can emerge for different circumstances. For example, friends from art school would get a different version of me than relatives or people I worked with in a very conservative business environment. (Pals used to have fun making my head explode by inviting people from these separate universes to the same party.) I’ve got Cap rising, so… Read more »


The opposing viewpoints. Yes. You know I was just thinking about the Kardashian thing and I am pretty sure that in a previous MM post I had affirmed my support for the K’s to do whatever the hell they want and it’s a fascinating part of modern media social phenom etc etc. And yet the other day there i am on the other side. So…yeah. *shrug*


Agreed. They’re trifling but I also have a really hard time knocking a hustle.


so true. Mainly cuz pisces as an archetypal energy isn’t about individuation; it’s essentially the antithesis of ‘personality’. Pisces is like baby in the womb, no idea it’s going to become a separate entity from the mother. Aries is the first realization of that separateness — but eternally eludes pisces. in a way human nature ‘taints’ pisces, but pisces elevates ‘human nature’ (i think mark twain said something similar about cats & humans? lol). it’s like how does the conscious ego (the sun) learn to function healthily as such when its mission is to surrender itself? it’s fuq’d up challenge… Read more »


erg that needed some editing


As a Pisces, may I offer that the reason we get pissed that you ‘don’t understand us’, is precisely that you think our personality flips are fake, a mask, or somehow manufactured? They’re not. It’s just how we are. We’re not remotely unstable and we’re not faking it. We’re just reflective of the people and atmosphere around us, and it’s not conscious most of the time. Luckyshell is spot on. If you aren’t affected by the things around you, “you are either are in a bubble or you’re just not paying attention”. Pisces are like the Fool in MM’s tarot… Read more »

Crystallised future

Perfect! And people who do not understand our mutuability also don’t understand we reflect back to the person projecting. Perhaps they don’t like the mirror image?


Right, it just happens. We have multifaceted personalities and if you feed one aspect you’ll bring that out. It’s not my fault that you attached an assumption to that one aspect and were disappointed to discover that I’m an entire person.

And to Peregrines point, being flexible isn’t the same as being unstable. I understand the frustration though. If someone prefers fixed conditions, their inclination is to control the unpredictable. Some people just don’t operate that way. Attempting to change them is actually pretty condescending.


Gemini, 7 planets in Mutable signs. For me persona shifts are more like unconscious adaptations. I don’t realise that I’ve morphed into someone’s ideal projection until I notice my new accent. Rolling with change, including reacting to the subtle cues being megaphoned by your body language, is what we do! Approach with caution. As for the unstable personality thing – Yes it would be nice to say “I’m so and so, and this is who I have been and will be forever and ever!” Except, how boring! And if you think that “who you are” isn’t affected by every new experience,… Read more »


Sorry, but I know someone who does exactly this. It’s manipulative, toxic, fuqed up & fake. I am one of the few people who have seen the outright distortions this person pulls depending on whether they think you like men, women, are a pal or an enemy. It’s seriously messed-up. & I say this as a mega-mutable Gem with strong Sagg vibes in my chart…


I also say this cuz it mainly seems to lead to heartbreak & backstabbing once they have vampirically rinsed whatever susceptible, unfortunate soul who has crossed their path/ got the money fame or connections they wanted.

And in case this just seemed too mean, I am friends with a lovely Pisces guy who doesn’t seem like this AT ALL to me.

Maxene Schreck

I have had a similar experience, my first real love was a Pisces and he was manipulative scum.

But I think there is a difference between being deceptive for one’s own gain and being able to genuinely adapt well. I have seen others since who do amp up certain sides of themselves but it’s all in the interest of who they are around, almost in a completely selfless way because they are trying to be relatable to the people around them.

It’s a fine line though.


Guilty. Guillllllty. But Pisces is only my rising, and with my Scorp heart/soul, it’s more of the lil’ mask mask mask that comes out to play with those I don’t know that well. I feel true with those I love. But goddamn does it take me a long time to lean into getting to know those whom I love…probably because (I think?) I’m hard to get to know! The ability to adapt has so many positives. Knowing when to be “appropriate” – it’s a shifting/mutable target, you see. Being “inappropriate” is sometimes the way to go, depending on the company.… Read more »


All the Pisces I know are talkative, dramatic, attention-seeking, and more Leo than any Leo I know. It’s like the Aries being next to sign rubs off and creates fire in them. The ones I know are also clever, and shifty in a kind of innocent, cheeky seeming way, with a tendency to vague out. I really like Pisces, but I can’t say I trust them to behave in any predictable way. Which is fun normally and my Gem Rising loves that. In a crisis I have observed some seem to try to play all the tracks on their drive… Read more »


SO TRUE about vibing mega-Leo!!!


“All the Pisces I know are talkative, dramatic, attention-seeking, and more Leo than any Leo I know.”

I think the reason could be fact that both of these signs are in quincunx. I read somewhere that signs which create one quincunx triangle like Leo the top with Pisces and Capricorn as sides, are very compatible with each other and one includes in another.

Thats why my sister solar Pisces, lunar Leo just loves dramatic atmosphere around her person.


Well this is pretty much how I survived my very scary childhood. My mutableness made it easy for me to simply become what / who was needed in any given situation. I would ‘blank out’ and simply absorb the other person and lo and behold no conflict and relative safety. I recall moving schools and people barely seeing or remembering me for weeks/months. I turned myself into a shadow, a ghost. Even today I sometimes introduce myself repeatedly to people because I assume they will have forgotten me from a week ago. Unfortunately I took these ‘skills’ into teenage/adulthood and… Read more »


I was thinking along those lines as well–survival sometimes depends on invisibility, but when you get out of the danger zone you have to rehone those skills. As you have.


In the same boat. Surrounded by violence in childhood, and now that I’m an adult, I can literally be standing in front of someone, yet they don’t always see me. Still trying to figure out how much of my “fragmented self” issues are a result of being a Piscean chameleon and how much is due to C-PTSD. I also pick up on psychopaths that way. Every bone in my body just KNOWS. I wish I didn’t feel it since people I confide in about it find it easier to assume I’m just being judgmental until they’re directly screwed by the… Read more »


Guys, the psychopath thing is intriguing . What’s the deal with that?x


My first instinct is to say check your Neptune placement and what that is pinging off?
I only say this because I can tell when someone I care about has shot up. They don’t even need to be near me, I feel the drug in me at the time they are using. Have also experienced this cursed gift in crowded shopping centres.
I do think C-PTSD (esp early childhood) gives the psychopath early warning system.
Will report back once I check this out myself. I could be swinging in the totes wrong direction.


I can’t explain it via astro, only that growing up with one as a parent and then getting stuck with one as a boss for a while honed my instincts pretty sharply. I say ‘stuck with one’ but in the end I suppose I ‘chose’ it, limited resources, learned helplessness etc etc. It was a long time ago now.


Thank you both..
Yes maybe it’s that learned awareness.
Considering how you both are attuned /sensitized to that energy it makes me wonder if I’m the same but for very lunar (ish) types, tricky women (men too but probably more women in my case) where I am now a bit better at picking up on the emo slip-n-slide before it gets too fuqed up. And back away fast.


Sag Sun/Neptune, Pisces Rising, Gem Moon. This is all so resonant to me. When I ended up in Al-Anon meetings a few years back it hit me like a ton of bricks that I had no idea who I was because my entire life was spent facilitating others, colluding with others, disappearing behind my own eyeballs and hiding from others, and then just being exhausted for reasons I didn’t understand. All of this used to be survival but I’m slowly learning how to take up my own fair share of space in this world. These are very very very common… Read more »

Maxene Schreck

Also, after reading this my first thought was of Mystique from X-Men. First of all her name is Mystique and Pisces are the mystics of the zodiac, and secondly she has the ability to psionically shift the atoms of her body to duplicate any humanoid of either sex, wearing any kind of clothing. I would additionally say that she is insightful: “With over a century’s experience in posing as other people she has picked up the uncanny skill of being able to identify people posing as others based on body language and changes in behavioral cues.” Yes, I am a… Read more »


I can not agree with you more. Shapeshifters, mind readers. The Mutable Mystique!

School of Fish

I have a big rant about the dis-associative side of Pisces that is troubling, but it would take me an hour because of the many layers and just emotional complexity that Pisces tends to get lost in! Hope you have a better year fellow Pisces πŸ™‚ Saturn Scorp transit Sun was just work work work all year long!

Maxene Schreck

If they weren’t so slippery I would say a chameleon would better represent the fish folk.

I am part fish folk myself: pisces moon and mars. I am multidimensional. .


Gemini Sun, moon in Virgo here. Oh my god YES. Sometimes I ask myself – who the fuq am I???? A mirror of everyone else’s interesting or functional personality traits; a conglomerate of others mannerisms and feelings. I know deep down there somewhere, there is something GOLDEN; I get glispes of it every now and then, in which I get the chance to pry open those depths a little more with each seridipitous moment. So I’m mystified by the concept of having a real self, and in moments of strength I recognize it as something I can tap into indefinatley.… Read more »


I think the perfect name would be the ‘Zelig’ complex.
The character Zelig from Woody Alkens movie of the same name was the ultimate mutable.


Pisces Moon, Saggie Sun + Mercury, Gem Rising plus 4 more planets and practically every other astral body out there in a Mutable placement…. yeah. On a good day I will muta-morph with every song that comes on, shifting from one end of the spectrum to the other like light thru a prism. And I will enjoy every minute of it.

The Venus Fly

Pisces Moon/Gemini Rising. Def “get” the “not being seen” vibe when living in Australia. It always does my head in that “smiling faces sometimes” folks here have their baf behavior excused while genuine folks are projected upon. I conclude it’s a Tall Poppy Syndrome ‘thang.

Exempt for ONE toxic Piscean at my last place of work (I’m convinced her chart must have low vibes) Pisceans and Saggs have been soul medicine during my lifetime. Beginning to attract the Haute Geminis after years of toxic twin energy. Viva soul nourishing relationships! πŸ™‚


Pisces rising here….. This is amazingly accurate, especially the drop down menu!


Rings true in my experience!


O M G! Haha, yes! I would consider it the ‘Pisces personalisation’ of any encounter. I can even feel it seconds before talking to someone & immediately I know I can seize upon the mood of the interaction. It’s fascinating! I just did it this morning, I toned down an interaction because the other person seemed a bit distracted & was just flitting through the initial greeting. I had some business to do with them so I needed to know I had their attention. I recognised the understanding thing a few years ago & try to not get too caught… Read more »


Triple conjunct Gemmy, moon, venus & sun with Fish Rising

Rhonda Neilly

Leo. …Pisces ascending. …Gemini moon. This describes me very well. Not an act though. ….for me it’s just goin’ with the flow . I can swim upstream when necessary. ?


Yes. Much, much yes. I have a Pisces Ascendant, and a ton of stuff in Gemini. I think having a mutable (esp. Pisces) as Asc would multiply this (you know, Asc being how you present yourself to the world). Anyway, I do this all the time. I have a whole closet of masks to put on and I change them at a moments notice. And lately I’ve been very existential about how no one understands me/it’s all an act/I’m not free to be me. Honestly, I think it might be tied up with my perfectionistic tendencies–trying to have everyone like… Read more »


My Pisces is driving me batty …don’t know about the rest but his fight or flight personality never wanting to be in any kind of commitment , even if it’s a lease agreement because the water sign never stays still or wants to stay in one place for long and mood are like the moon and tides .. UP And then Down , High And Low … … My Being A Virgo , I have a need to set my roots but I know they will never be with him unless he’s given the freedom to wander and come back… Read more »


Hahaha. Maybe πŸ˜‰ I would definitely distinguish it from an ‘act’ though. If I’m understanding mystic properly, I l kind of consider it more as responsiveness. If I’m with active, sporty friends who are talking about their latest dive trip, I’m not going to stick to talking about how I spent all weekend in the studio or whatever. Or be all purist teetotaller when I am among booze industry pals. Or vice versa for that matter πŸ™‚ . It’s just , kinda, you know, polite to let things keep flowing, rather than drop a stubborn ole block of “homie don’t… Read more »


And it’s also nice, speaking from experience, not to be / feel judged for your subject matter. So fish person is like, ‘ok if it makes you happy that’s super cool, tell me more about options trading in the Asian market’ and so on
But mutable /fish person has to be careful of whom they would like to listen to them in turn. Yes. As has been said above.


Yes, I agree on the responsive/reactive nature of Pisces that comes off as fake or flakey to others. They put on a mask? No, I think it is not so conscious or intentional of the Pisces person. It just… happens, & as you say Pi, it usually comes from a good place of respect & genuine interest. This responsiveness is imo largely a function of the Pisces Porous Problem– which isn’t a problem *until* Pisces realizes how many of the talkers they know have made assumptions of them without inquiry (perhaps from indifference or disinterest, or just total inability of… Read more »


And that’s why I feel the Neptune-Saturn square is super relevant & empowering for Pisces. The end.

School of Fish

Love this!


Brilliantly put as always Ankhy xx


This is a Pisces thing? I thought it was a Libra thing.

Pisces Moon here in 6th, 1st house Libra Sun conj SN, Virgo rising, Gemini MC so all mutable angles. Stelliums in Virgo and Scorpio, 1st house Uranus rising at 0 Libra conjunct late Virgo Asc, Chiron just opposite at 0 Aries in 7th.

I don’t work my Aries NN much except in terms of needing lots of solitude. I wonder though if Pisces is a sign of the introvert who feels drained from interacting with other people…and maybe therefore learns to cope by morphing?

Crystallised future

Multiple Mutable with six planets in Pisces and Virgo and North Node Gemini. The drop down menu is correct. I have been told by family members that no one will ever truly know me. Eternally susceptible to the Moon with Cancer a my ascendant and Moon. I drive myself nuts with the different aspects of me being brought forward according to the environment I am in! Its not a conscious decision. I just absorb and reflect whatever is around me. As I’ve gotten older I have become much more selective in who I keep company with. Their personality and social… Read more »


100% this!


This makes more sense to me now…when I was in theater working I would absorb all sorts of other people’s personalities and “energy” and being that mutable grand cross, I had to work hard to not let that “infect me” (Neptune conjunct Scorpio MC). I literally had to shut myself down to protect myself. Once I started working as a stage manager I thus became “management” or “crew”…an object of disdain by talent free actors. Over time I got fed up because the theater wasn’t healthy for me any longer….I’m too susceptible to the environment. ( to be clear, it’s… Read more »


That is it! I have a wide expanse of Virgo planets, plus Sag rising, plus a Cancer moon. (And a 12 house Neptune). I used to bend, reflect, project, morph with each group of people. Would find good solid Cardinal friends to ground me, contain me. Then when I would find that real voice–everyone got confused and pissed off. My best friend in high school gave me a tiny book called The Misjudged Mushroom. It felt harsh to have it so pointedly made clear my running mentality. High school though. Years of growth and learning and stumbling and disappearing and… Read more »


I have Pisces rising conjunct Jupiter. I can put on a fake enthusiasm like no one else.

Nike V

My father is a Pisces–very much so. With Leo rising though so lol, that can be very interesting. And Aries moon, talk about big emotions.

He really does not seem super aware of it though, he totally can go from a grumbling old man to a dressed-to-the-nines party vibe at the drop of a “hey, I xyz is playing tonight!” (always music related–music is his religion)


Thanks for putting it so succinctly. Pisces Sun with T-square to Saturn in Gemini & Neptune in Saggo. I definitely adapt to the situation I’m in. I have many characters I can be, but there’s a me-ness in all of them. When on my own, I’m not too aware of my fluctuations, it all blends into the moment. But in relation to others, the vibe puts itself on, an intuitive thing that happens at lightening speed and my conscious mind catches up much later. I also have Venus Trine Moon and Venus Opp Uranus so the whole emotional output especially… Read more »


As a Sag rising with Neptune widely conjunct; Gemini moon; Pisces Mercury, Venus, & Mars; Virgo NN, MC, & Saturn person I am in agreement with this. Though I don’t ever feel I am being fake I can and do adapt to the crowd. It’s completely natural.

Whatever is going on, wherever I am in that moment is my reality. I rarely need to time to adjust, which I find to me a good thing.


*be a good thing. But “find to me a good thing” works as well πŸ™‚


Sun Sag here and I agree! I do this all the time too but I don’t feel like i’m ever being untrue to myself. It’s just like different aspects of my personality come out more when I’m with people who are similar to the different aspects. That’s how I like to think of it anyway! It depends on my mood and what’s going on though, sometimes I just won’t feel like dealing with that shit and like no one there is on the same page as me, ha. Other times I am 110% down with whatever’s going on and the… Read more »


Yes, me too! Sun in Sagg, Gem rising, and Saturn and Chiron in Pisces (not sure if the latter’s got anything to do with it though). I don’t feel I tire to myself at all – there are many different selves in all of us methinks. But, with Saturn currently transiting my first and seventh, issues of identity and who I am in relationship are figuring strongly. I realise I tend to be who the other person wants me to be – I’m totally tuned into, and respond appropriately to, others’ needs and desires. So, as you can imagine, I’m… Read more »


Sorry, typo…bloody iPad: “I don’t feel untrue to myself”, not “tire”!


‘Just be yourself’.
‘But which self do you want me to be’?




You just described it perfectly. The no-one-understand-us complex. Ugh.

Triple Gemini with Pisces MC. Mastering mutability since 1985.


If it weren’t for Pisces, there would be 11 signs wandering the earth in a fruitless search for Divinity.

Heaven is a silvered surface, says Pisces.

Thank you prayerfully, Mystic!




Not all of us dude.
Either way
Be kind/patient.
Stress is a killer πŸ˜›






Tee hee!




Oh yeah. I hear you. That’s ok. πŸ™‚

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