Aid For Aquarians

This year is nuts, obviously. But for Aquarians it’s next-level nuts. They’re not used to being outweirded so a cynic would argue that they’re just jealous but no, it’s deeper. They – you? – need help and here it is. Yes, it may apply to you if you’re an Aquarius Moon/ Ascendant person or if you were born with a Saturn-Uranus alignment.*

Aquarius Fuqery Factor One: Saturn in Aquarius.

It’s easy to pontificate about harvest gods and self-acceptance when Saturn isn’t in your birth sign. Then Saturn steals in, mundane reality intrudes on your groove and before you know it you’re apprehensive about aging, status or security. You can track the incursion of Saturn via your browser history: observe the segue toward questions about teeth bones and tax factoring.

It’s hard on any zodiac sign – the novelist Henry Miller referred to Saturn as “the stellar imposter” and “that lymphatic globe of doubt and ennui.” Adele blamed her divorce on Saturn and the most popular Feng Shui products are anti-Saturn cures – they call it Wu Wang or the ‘Five Yellow Star.’

But it’s trickier for Aquarians to integrate because they consider ‘normality’ to be – at best – a mood disorder. They’d tweak it with Fibonacci numbers and a parallel dimension they spun up with their garage particle collider if they could. The classic Aquarian trope is to not feel as if they’re from ‘here’ – often from an early age – but Saturn is always ‘here.’

Aquarian Fuqery Factor Two: Saturn’s Dystopian Backdrop.

If this had occurred even a few years ago, the Aquarius could have burned off damp Saturn vibe with exercise benders or an ambitious trip, clubbing, bodywork, sunbathing, hikes, therapy, whatever. In pandemic-land, even if some of those things have been ostensibly available, they’re not the same. A sign as airy and cerebral as Aquarius needs massage to help ground them in their body -not from a friend or a lover because then they feel obliged to respond and their mind will power up.

Freakier still, Aquarius is arguably the zodiac sign most dubious of authority, government over-reach and of corporatocracy. Saturn in Aquarius would have bought such concerns – along with ancient angst – to the surface anyway but they are massively amplified by the 2021 backdrop: talk of freedoms taken or returned, the narrowing of discussion, cognitive climate dissonance and a host of other phenoms. If you define Saturn simplistically as ‘restrictions’ then Aquarians see Saturn embodied everywhere they look this year.

 Aquarian Fuqery Factor 3: The Psychic Quake.

Before the 1781 discovery of Uranus, Saturn ruled Aquarius. Actually, Saturn ruled everything. It was the outer limit of the known cosmos. Saturn is still sometimes called the ‘co-ruler’ of Aquarius but really, it’s Uranus. Some Aquarians are more saturnine and others distinctly Uranian but many are an uneasy** blend. Who hasn’t been surprised to discover the secret saturnine hustle or insecurities of an Aquarius who otherwise acts like a freelance Chaos Magician?

Saturn has been in terse alignment with Uranus all 2021 and this won’t back off until January 1. This square hasn’t occurred in these signs since 1522/1523. For Aquarians, the Saturn-Uranus square opens a psychic rift that is as metaphysically intense as the geophysical Canary Islands volcano rift.  Many are fearing that they’re failing at both Saturn goals (linear, easily recognized by mainstream metrics) and their defiantly unconventional Uranus goals. Because this is a fixed sign square, it can seem more immutable than it is and Mars in Scorpio is about to add more pressure.

Aid For Aquarians

There is more on this in What The Astro-Fuq? but the current situation is not locked in. The Saturn-Uranus square is exact for the third time on Xmas Eve and then it fades out by January 1. After that there are no more tetchy Saturn to Outer Planet aspects until 2028. Saturn in Aquarius over 2022 won’t be the piece of work it was this year, especially for Aquarius people. And when Saturn vacates Aquarius in 2023, guess who arrives shortly after? Uncle Pluto.

The last Pluto in Aquarius was renowned for revolutions – literally – and extremely progressive. Beneath this year’s travails, Aquarians have been humming away with fantastic ideas – growth-centric Jupiter is still in Aquarius – and the weirdness has liberated many from having to pay fake homage to anachronisms. Despite the awkwardness of it, could the metaphysical healing and new depth be prep for Pluto in Aquarius success or even leadership? Yes!


* Saturn-Uranus alignment years include 1965-1967 and 2008-2010 (the opposition), 1988 (the most recent Saturn-Uranus conjunction) 1951-1952, 1975-1977 and 1999-2000 (Saturn-Uranus squares.)

**This is a whole other subject but the mythological Saturn usurped his father, the Sky God Uranus and much of the Aquarius starlore comes from old Babylon and their Storm God.

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“Many are fearing that they’re failing at both Saturn goals (linear, easily recognized by mainstream metrics) and their defiantly unconventional Uranus goals.” This defines my Moon-Aquan existence right now

Wish Upon a Star

Wtf. My friend/neighbour has just found out his abusive father is dying of cancer. His girlfriend came over today to help move furniture. I felt sick in the guts. I asked how he was going. She said they want him to carry the coffin. He won’t last the weekend. I said no, it’s a trap. I can feel it in my guts.

She said he had diahorrea and sick all day.
I had to stop myself going over as I am way too sensitive on this Scorpio new moon. Dinner and watching Meet Joe Black tonight.
Maybe a cry.

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Wish Upon a Star

“Death and taxes”. No wonder I was shaking today. I’m better now.

jordan river

I an extra pleased to have some Aqua (sun & venus) recognition around the struggle. In most ways, this year has been incredible for my growth and connection with community. I had another baby, I’ve been going deep into Human Design and it’s been a blessing. Then, there are the growth edges that are incredibly difficult in terms of maintaining self-love. My relationship with my partner has taken a massive shift, as I have decided to accept his desire to love other women. The one in question is a gorgeous incredibly bright-energy Taurus, and I myself am crushing on her… Read more »


Geez. That’s quite a bit to process.

Expanding beyond the boundaries of monogamy (and mono-amory?) pushes against *so* many edges. Sexual. Self-esteem. Culture & religion.

Sending you good vibes for this phase of your journey. Remember to be gentle with yourself as you try to hold space for everyone else (sounds like you are, but just in case).

jordan river

Gah, what a good reminder, that I’m holding space for this all to happen. Sometimes I forget how easy it is to do that for others without thinking of how much work it in itself can be.

Thank you for the kind words and good energies!


All the Saturn-Uranus alignments (above) have brought super weird, freaky-swift, shitt-churning life lessons. Same as this time around – especially with Uranus sq natal Uranus too (sitting in the middle of my 10th H stellium). Everything has been blown up & i feel like i’m falling upside down in slo-mo amongst the debris which used to be my life. Aqua rules my IC so i should be used to this sh*t – from the moment i was born when i slid from the doctor’s grasp & was dropped on my head: Welcome to planet Earth – get used to it. 


Thank you never worked so hard in all my life Sun in Aqua Square Saturn; Virgo Asc and Moon in Scorpio. I have been working on a complete revamp major projects that have had me project managing so many people via zoom, online stuff. The projects involve partnering and women in a big way. This week I saw the first peeps of success coming through, with some funding $ for the first time. I have funded it from my mortgage( I hate debt) but the projects should come to fruition in January to May next year. Personally, I have been… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

So I have Taurus Moon trine Uranus, Gemini Sun square Uranus and the Asteroid Uranus conjunct my Pisces Rising. To be honest I never really considered myself Aquarian when in fact I found out I did have those traits from Mystic. I numbed them out with heavy grounding food, wine and beer like a mediaeval serf. And pretending to fit in with my backward, regional friends and neighbours just to keep the peace. But as I have recently undergone some profound metaphysical healing on my own I feel the need to slowly nurture myself by eating etc we’ll again. I… Read more »


There’s this weird subset of Aquarians, often born between Feb 8 – 12, that are *really*. problematic: Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Alex Jones and Charles Manson Yoga inventor, whatever-his-name-is Bikram are all born in this three or four days. They are convinced of their genius, but are also vehemently convinced they are egalitarian populists, and totally authoritarian about it. To this day I am totally surprised Steve Bannon isn’t one of them. As an Aqua with multiple planets and major Uranus aspects, it’s a tad distressing but I’ve learned to accept it. ;-p

Last edited 9 months ago by SheRat

I’m a Super Uraniac and this absoulutey describes not only everything that’s been going on for months running as a subscript but schizz I was absolutely angsting over today to the point of wishing to simply dissipate into the ether. Thank You Mystic!

Last edited 9 months ago by SheRat

PS. Fuqin Uncle Pluto (grumble grumble grumble)

Wish Upon a Star

Grumble Granola ! 🙂


Also would love to hear more about this:
“much of the Aquarius starlore comes from old Babylon and their Storm God”


This is such an ensouling and timely post. I was just feeling a bit bummed this week for not making more from having Jupiter on my Aqua moon-mercury right now–but of course I’ve also got Saturn edging up on my sun and this bigger square. Basically I’m recalibrating to make a big push on hustling to get a long-time creative project out there. So in reality I’ve got lots of long-term goals poised to happen but the reality vs. vision gap has been feeling a bit rough and daunting. SO it’s great to put this in the bigger picture and… Read more »


Sun in Aqua. I am done. Down in the dumps today. This year not only started off in survival mode as a collective, but also recovering from a personal trauma. As it is about to end, I am stalled – romantically, in fertility realms, career wise, money wise. As compared to my siblings, friends and the whole wide world really, I feel like a fish thrashing in the net. And Transit Pluto conj my Cap moon ensures that everything feels super raw. Every little bump on the road is felt deep within my psyche. I am done. When will things… Read more »


What fresh hell is explaining the “eat elk for more testosterone” rugged frat boy podcast debacle and when will it end?

Is literally everything just marketing? Parsing out-of-context quotes from German celibate coke addicts with syphillis from days of yore to sell supplements?

Has it always only ever been this?


Aqua sun venus mercury and with the wider, later end of that Saturn Uranus conjunction–I am STRUGGLING. Been counting down until January 2022 since May. I can say that I have had immense growth. Kicked multiple addictions (I got sober in 2020 but it turns out there are lots of “non-addictive” things that I can get compulsive with!). The hardest part is that my mind is electrically-alive at all times but with fear instead of the usual creative Uranian buzz.


Aqua rising with Uranus scrapping across a stellium. Just did Mercury heading for it again when direct then Ops, Ceres, Mars and NN/Sun. Sheesh crisis city, ready for 2022


Aqua sun and Mercury and yeah, the past few years have steamrolled me flat, I feel about one hair away from being a nihilist.


I must say, having checked out that corporatocracy link and on reflection there’s a lot about what’s happened since the CC that lends credence to the great reset idea. It’s without a doubt the most successful wealth transfer of my lifetime. More so than the subprime mortgage crisis and subsequent bailouts of the banks, more than the “great” wars. And yeah, government overreach and crony capitalism has had a massive shot in the arm. Or whatever. Not sure if we even have the language to describe it perfectly but certainly it’s only the companies that had the infrastructure in place… Read more »


I feel this. A bright spot was the whole GameStop/AMC trading thing earlier this year. I think it really highlighted both the organizing power of the internet and also brought a spotlight to how rigged everything is with Robinhood ceasing trading essentially only for normal people. I watched some of that Vice show “While the Rest of Us Die” on Netflix and it explains how legislature passed in the 80s and 90s resulted in many of the things we are going through now… also really entertaining to hear about how concerned billionaires are with security, not losing their wealth, and… Read more »


This is so true. I’m chuckling at Musk and Bezoz having trouble sleeping. Some consolation I guess. 🙃


Gotta admit I have loved this year. Not every single aspect of it obviously. There’s a lot that’s been and continues to be hard about it but they strike me as things / people and limitations I’d have had to deal with regardless of the geopolitical situation. I’m referring to the changes wrought by the Capricorn Convergence that have affected almost everyone and from the massive outcry on social media, admittedly from affluent extroverts enjoying the perks of neoliberalism and success as defined by the traditional metrics. I’m obviously aware that it’s the least affluent who’ve been hardest hit but… Read more »

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Thank you


Fear of failing at Saturn goals and failing at Uranus goals, aka, failing at life.
Yep, that pretty much covers it.


‘Fear is the mind killer’….quote from Dune.


Can verify; my mind is cactus.


Reading it right now and loving it—yes it’s another male messiah story but also brilliant to see a future totally reimagined via its spirituality and mythmaking.


Exactly this. I don’t have much Aquarius in my chart – I think just the South Node – but gahh I feel like I’m failing to attain “status quo” things, but also my lofty dreams and ambitions.

Meanwhile, everyone else is a rockstar influencer/business coach/entrepreneur … Or now, a crypto/NFT/metaverse millionaire.



Oh, you too?
Only have Aqua Acs, but heavily aspected Uranus and Saturn. Take a look at your planets, might give clue.


Funny, G. Just looked at my current planets and Saturn is really close to that Acq South Node. Meanwhile Uranus is *right* on top of my natal Chiron. Think it’s time do to some shadow work meditation. LOL. Both planets are definitely muck-raking right now in my world.

Last edited 9 months ago by AstroGeek

It seems that way (at least on Instagram). And of course I know it’s a bit toxic, so I do take breaks. But then I fall down the scroll-hole on LinkedIn and see the career primping and accomplishment p*rn instead.

I do try to talk myself off the ledge – but reading more into the Saturn/Uranus situation is helping me understand why it’s been so difficult to even get ahold of my own thoughts. So thx as always, Mystic!


It’s hard to sum up this year. I’m an Aquarius Sun and Midheaven and also a Saturn-Uranus conjunct (in Sagg, 1987) person. While there were many trials and tribulations, I made some decisions last year (ended a very stagnant relationship, moved from the city to the forest, got back into horses, got into a new amazing relationship) that set me up for contentment in day to day life this year. I also really love the covid work-from-home thing, it’s been great for me. I can easily get all my work done and make all my myriad health and bodywork appointments… Read more »


Rachel, you did the work you got the payoff. Horses are so psychic observing you with all of their senses some of which many of us are unaware of, but not you :-).
I’m in awe of the history of horses especially in battles of old, massive training and intuition required whilst carrying more than 150 kilos in man and armour plus their own protection.
Horse racing breaks my heart. ‘They shoot horses don’t they’.
Best of luck and propitious planet for your op in February.


Thanks, Pegasus! And yes they are FAR more emotionally intelligent than us, they can sense the heart rate of another creature at such a far distance! People ask me if horses “sense fear” and that is an unequivocal yes. Not only do they sense fear but all kinds of other emotions often hidden to ourselves. But they are not totally benevolent enlightened creatures. They will push your buttons and see what they can get away with. But I have realized that they have an inherent sense of fairness and justice. It’s part of being a herd animal. They are testing… Read more »


Wow Rache it is brilliant to “hear” from you again! Your trajectory on the horse, into the forest metaphorical, metaphysical and legit irl is fascinating and weirdly unsurprising given how insightful and brave you are. I’m psyched about this new universe you’re creating and these bold, intelligent life choices. Go you. And tell me more, I want to know everything. All of today, and for a while actually but I’ll say recently it’s been dawning on me that I’ve settled into a stultifying status quo bias. After so many costly stands on principle and positive but ego shattering changes I… Read more »


HI YOU! It’s been awhile! I have not lurked the blog as much the last two years but still keep up with weekly scopes and really like the new(ish) daily transits tool. Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration! I was just thinking the other day that I should revisit that as it has been awhile since I have and when I last did I was stuck in a holding pattern that I have broken through. I would not judge yourself too much for perceived stagnation… I am a firm believer in the whole Bukowski stay-in-bed-for-three-days ( think both on that micro… Read more »


Bukowski is the best.


Oh man I’m sad I wrote a really long response to you and apparently it is not here! My internet has been crap lately as my partner steals all of it to upload massive files related to our augmented reality business… Anyways I can be found on instagram @techno_cowgirl and if you are on there I would love to add you and have another way to keep in contact!


Hey so we found each other on the gram and your Jupiter is the most beautiful horse I’ve ever seen Im curious too about the UX you’ve been working on. UX is such a crucial aspect of a thing. It sounds shallow to say this but if that’s not right it doesn’t matter how cool the rest of it is. Yeah I feel 🤮 saying that out loud but you know… it’s so good to connect again and yes I’m keen to meet up when you come to London. If you can tear yourself away from that noble stallion and… Read more »


I’m a Taurus Sun/Mercury and Aqua Moon/NN so when I tell you this year has been kicking my ass it’s a total understatement

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