Saturn In Pisces For Pisceans

Saturn is mere months* away from being in Pisces and Pisceans are starting to talk. Or more accurately – issue some cryptic expletives and change the topic. It’s understandable. After the fuqery of the past few years, who wants a planet with a reputation like Saturn in their sign?

Enough with constrictions and life lessons already – we need to clone Jupiter or reprogram a particle accelerator to alter Saturn Rays. Contemporary Pisceans don’t want to hear a single word about maturity or Marcus Aurelius. Disclosure: I’m Pisces and when I remembered that Saturn is in Pisces from March, I was actually at the hardware store asking if they sold scythes. It was for a gardening concept but still.

The following tips and/or perspectives are written for Pisces people but you can, of course, extrapolate.

(1) Saturncore.

Saturn is a Time-God – not the only one, btw – and the prime effect of this energy in your Sun Sign is mind-blowing, staggering awareness of Time. You’re sharply aware of Tempus Fugit – the old Latin axiom: It doesn’t mean ‘time flies’ – it means ‘time flees.’ Add a tax bill, tight, armoured neck muscles and a loose or sore tooth for the full fuq-it Saturn trifecta.

It’s almost as if delusions, poetic protocols and blowing money on vaporware or magic have a muscle relaxant and anti-plaque effect. But recall that Saturn scenarios respond brilliantly to data, diligence and a coherent plan. Castrophizing is not a strategy.

Saturn in your sign is also an effective counter to the worst Piscean impulses – your nemesis emotions like guilt-tripping over misplaced ideals or Love Zombie escapades, applying magical thinking to anti-magic people or indulging a martyr complex.

(2) Saturn In Pisces Is Less Amped

Saturn is less potent in Pisces than it has been in Capricorn or Aquarius AKA the last five years. Saturn rules Capricorn and, depending on who you talk to, it’s the former or co-ruler of Aquarius. Whatever, they’re affiliated: Saturn is super strong in both signs and two major, rare planetary alignments further strengthened this influence.

The long-reverberating Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 2020 was more like a gang merger in some cybergoth thriller and then that segued into the long-running Saturn-Uranus square. Saturn in Pisces doesn’t pull any stunts like that: it will sextile (good) Jupiter + Uranus in Taurus and trine the Scorpio South Node.

It does align with Neptune in Feb 2026 but in Aries!

(3) Saturn in Pisces As Performance Enhancer

Saturn inspires the non-Piscean desire to put things in a linear time context – deep dive historical research benders and wild insights from raw data are very saturnine. It can feel austere or dour when you’re accustomed to your personal surreal process but see it as an augmentation. The magic will still be there when you’ve emerged from the archive catacombs or finished your spreadsheet.

When Saturn is in your sign, you can work more or more effectively. You revile short cuts and feel compelled to find better ways of doing things. But you’re not calling press conferences or vibe-based – you’ll not only be in the ‘engine room’, it’s where you’ll want to be. You can see the success potential.

Note also that some Pisceans were born with Saturn conjunct their Pisces Sun. Eg: the iconic dancer Sylvie Guillem and brilliant Justine Bateman.

(4) Feet Therapy

It sounds wacky but you know how in medieval images of Zodiac-body symbology, Pisces is the feet? Zooming on your feet is a way to alleviate/nurture Piscean problems. When Saturn is a factor, it’s not so much foo-foo pedicures as foot mobilizing or exercises, thinking about gait & footwear, DIY massage, acupressure and getting to know your feet.

It works! And, of course see a podiatrist or similar if you need to. But the initial saturnine ritual is simply you giving some nurturing attention to your feet. Two concepts: Toe spacers/separators – life altering – and that the Pilates Virgo says feet arches correspond to the pelvic floor.

(5) Your Late 2015/2016 Paradigm Is About To Pay Off

You’ve been increasing your magical consciousness and becoming more metaphysically sophisticated since Neptune arrived in Pisces over a decade ago. The Saturn in Saggo square to Neptune from November 2015 to October 2016 would have been productive but psychically + emotionally an ordeal.

Whatever the cognitive or material gains from that period, they’re about to be extended by Saturn in Pisces. I don’t like this term but this phase will ‘reward’ your slog over that 11 month period. You may even enjoy a satisfying ‘you were right’ revelation.

(6) Lean Into The Cynicism – Seriously.

Sick of being people’s fave performance dolphin/confession booth/secret Muse? Fuq that too. With Saturn in your sign, feel enjoy having the mindset of a trillion year old operator.  It’s preferable to being naive or having your reactions set to perma-indignation. A high speed rail announcement again,” you’ll cackle to yourself, recalling the corrupt tendering process for the library in Ancient Carthage.

Even if you’re a dewy ingenue, you’ll feel your wisdom and experience. Expressing them is the most likely way to get/stay ahead. Trying to act nonchalant when you’re a Pisces doing Saturn makes people suspicious. Some may also stand ready to accuse you of having the latest narcissism variant the second you drop roles you’re bored with but which benefited them.

Yes, cynicism has a bad rap but it helps to offset the Pisces tendency to canonize people they have a crush on or be hooked into imbalanced friendship dynamics. Go with it! Eye rolls and disinterested shrugs can help to exercise eye muscles or release your scaps.

(7) Structured Magic With Rad Results

Saturn in your sign IS a time when you need to keep your eye on the main mundane games in your arena – it’s true. But you know that when you beam your consciousness into practical matters, you’re beyond. This part of it is just a mindset.

Saturn likes structure and so do you but you like to build something and then tear it down to rebuild. Saturn is more into enduring structures. So see this phase as a time when you can and will build lasting, resilient whatevers. It doesn’t mean you need to take on conventional values or spin up a facade – the structure will work for you. Pisces is an ocean not a fishpond – everyone knows this.


The last time Saturn was in Pisces was the mid-90s.
May 22 1993 until June 30 1993 and then January 29 1994 until April 7 1996

If you were born in the Eighties or earlier, recalling your experience of Saturn in Pisces the last time around can be helpful. Obviously it was nearly three decades ago (!) and you, society etc have evolved since then but scan for key themes.

These cultural vibe prompts may help: Saturn in Pisces started with Kurt Cobain’s demise, Playstations were launched and incredibly cool for a while, Grunge and Gingham were concurrent trends (totally Piscean dichotomy), Bjork launched her arguably most iconic album – Post – but also had a hell of a Saturn Return.

The Macarena became the most repeat-played song in human history and everyone saw Toy Story. Cable television, unknowingly enjoying its last big burst of mass media primacy pre-internet, streamed footage of Tonya Harding’s trial for hiring goons to attack her rival ice-skater, OJ Simpson’s attempt to elude police capture, John Kennedy Junior in a bandanna, on a bike – whenever he left the house and Princess Diana’s ‘I adored him‘ interview.

Pisceans Erykah Badu and Helen Fielding (Bridget Jones Dairy author) both debuted in the first months of Saturn in Pisces – their originality immediately capturing major interest. Think also slip dresses, fake fur and more prevalent tattoos and piercings. This time around, Saturn in Pisces comes with Pluto in Aquarius, upping the disinterest in convention.

Yet something strange happened to perfume in those Saturn in Pisces years and it was tangible enough to alter the scentscape at street level. Many more men started to wear fragrance – perhaps influenced by Issey Miyake’s pour homme launch and the unisex CK One – and scents in general became more watery, with top notes of melon or green tea.

Thinking about what you smelled like then is bound to evoke some sharp saturnine insights. And think also what did you build? Or foundation? Saturn transits are most appreciated after they’re done but they improve with age and incrementally.

Remember your most enduring achievement or realizations of the 90s Saturn in Pisces and your 2015/2016 demolition + rebuilt job for an idea of what you can most successfully build on from March 2023. Thoughts?

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  1. I have two friends. Both Pisces. I hopped on the post to find some tips for support if needed.

    anyone who wants to buy a house in the Dom Rep here? Think invest at the ocean. Could be a good sat-in-Pisces-idea… 🧐

  2. No. 6 is a welcome relief. Eye rolls and shoulder shrugs :✔️

    Oh Sensuous Bjork. CKONE ….might buy me a bottle.

    Thanks Mystic.

  3. Pisces Sun here conjunct Mercury.. Saturn in Pisces 1993 I birthed my first daughter (Aquarius sun) we are both Taurus rising with Moon in Scorpio, she is in midst of a narly Saturn return lets hope this improves for her… 2015-2016 was the tear down of part of our transport/DG permanent contact/ business when we lost a major contract and a huge step in for me to begin my rise into building my own business .. I’m about to relaunch, Venus & Jupiter in my 10th whoop and its going to be very handy having the Saturnine influence to get sh*t done, my days more structured & the numbers in alignment over the next months..

  4. Here I am, all Pisces Stellium in the 1st house, dreading and looking forward to this transit all-in-one. I tend to get the transit before it happens and if that’s what I’m feeling now it’s not so bad. Dreary, depressing, and existential, yet also grumpily motivated to do something about it. I’ll do it but I hate it and I’m not going to pretend to like it vibs.

  5. Ok, Pisces sun here (opposite a Virgo moon) with a Cappy stelly and Mercury in Aquarius—November ’15—October ’16 absolutely kicked my butt but also taught me a ton. I am now equally dreading this and excited? But heck, Saturn, I wanna break!

  6. Dude I have my ascendant and a 7 position stellium in Pisces. And a Pisces husband. And coming off yet another Saturn Return at 59-60, turning 61 when Pluto changes signs in late March. I’m cynical alright. Permanent twitch in my left eye. Wiser than Marcus Aurelius, I’m taking no-bullshit-anymore from jerk family members, employers or idiots in authority. Living in tranquility and quiet, and it’s fantastic. Offloaded so much shit in the past few years, ready to jettison even more unneeded stuff, bozo people, bad juju, etc. My moon in Cappy is Saturn’s best and oldest friend.

    1. Hey the way you made me feel after reading this comment was so good and validated that I copy and pasted it to my notes.

      Can’t wait to print it out and stick to bedroom mirror.


  7. CK One would be my portal key back to the last time Saturn was in Pisces.

    Same with Kurt. Did anyone listen to Courtney Love on the WTF podcast just released the other day – she’s got some stories if you wanna dive in! Love her too.

  8. Thank you for this! I am natal Saturn in Pisces (Sag sun), and I first got seriously into astro in 2015. It’s been quite a ride.

  9. Many comments but I do want to mention the tendency to canonise crushes, astutely put mystic, my hands have callouses from carving plinths out of stone – building castles on sand – for them. Very 7 of cups. Always at odds with my moon, sighing at me ‘you KNOW this won’t work.’ ‘yes but it could..’
    No more.

    1. Did not know this interpretation of 7 of cups. 🙂 Castles on sand is usually 10 of cups for me.

      Anally Retentive Virgo Rising.

      1. Ah, really? I’ve never quite figured out 10 of cups. So that’s interesting. To me though, 7of cups tends to indicate daydreaming, what -ifs, etc. Not necessarily bad, but plenty of blue-sky thinking.

        1. 7 of cups in RWS seems temptation, confusion, too many choices to me. I also use Wildwood for more existential/profound tarot. There, it represents grief and mourning…an aftermath of a missed chance because one was too occupied with distractions. Light Seer’s seven of cups is also about making the right choice, when so many wrong ones abound.

          10 of cups is flaky only in RWS and Light Seer’s. I LOVE my Wildwood 10 of cups, superceded perhaps only by my love for 10 of pentacles in that deck. 🙂

          1. I like the use of different decks & interpretations, that didn’t occur to me. So far my MO has been to get to the more universal message. Tarot has never come easily to me. I see different decks as different languages but saying the same thing, but maybe tarot isn’t like that though.

            If I’m not using mystic’s online cards then I just use a deck that I received as an Xmas present a long time ago, and interpret using google. It’s a strange deck and many of the illustrations still rub me the wrong way and are a bit distressing tbh, so it’s been an exercise in frustration, patience and necessity, on the way to insight. I’ve had them for 30 years now and I think we’ve turned a corner recently! Lol.

            I’d love to find cards that have more uplifting images and interpretations that are more immediately available to me though.

            Thanks 5hc

    2. Gah!!! This is such poetry. What a talent. Non-intended to make you feel self-conscious – apologies if I do!!!
      And totally get the 7 of cups reference!
      E. Xx
      (I too, have many callouses – from my earlier/past lives! – it appears Mars in Pisces is literally The Love Zombie blueprint. But the good thing about Neptunian goggles is that they are optional/disposable. AND – I hve found you can use your telepathic skills for the castles built on rock, as well as sand! 😉 ). X

      1. That’s true EStar. Maybe I need the power of discrimination inherent in the Swords suit to cut the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. When my heart starts to build new arteries that include someone else though, the blood loss is kinda intense once the blade has been swung.

        I like the double edged telepathic deployment. If only the love object would agree with my assessment. I try to be patient and play the (ugh) game. Castles really do seem to do better on rock, don’t they x maybe I should date a geologist (I’ll boost out of this surprise blue mood shortly dw

        1. Ohh, honey. You keep your solid gold (but still fully healthy and functional, lol!) heart and vessels for you and you alone, sweetheart. If you find another solid gold heart, then good!! But keep the river flowing between, I reckon. Or mysterious crystal amethyst geodes..??? I so, so relate to blood loss, metaphorically and physically – but you can’t give from an empty cup, as the saying goes…<3

          I like the geologist idea?? I once read/heard that nobody has ever heard of a terrible geologist (lol!!), there is something about their work with the earth, maybe? There are always exceptions. Who knows – and yes to double-edged telepathic powers!! Lately I have been ignoring mine – it is really hard to refine any prophetic messages (for me personally) from fear/insecurity-based case scenarios. That’s where I need to channel the Queen of Swords!!
          Blessings to you, dear Sam. xx

            1. You’re v kind. It sounds rather plutonic doesn’t it, when you put it like that. Maybe you’re a supportive Pluto messenger without realising. I’m in the final (??) stretch. If so, thank you (thank you anyway xx)

              1. Hiya dear Sam, this means alot!! I have Mercury opposite Pluto almost to the exact minute, natally – and it scares me. Am so relieved and happy to accidentally be a supportive Plutonic messenger, you’ve no idea!😄🤗 Thank you for sharing your inner moonscape, it is a beautiful place. XOO

          1. If it helps, I find that bow-and-arrow concepts help to dispel a haze of fear or insecurity.
            Thank you for the heart advice 🙂

            1. This is perfect. Just perfect. Thank you Sam – I will ask the bow and arrow to guide me in meditations this very eve!!☺♐
              (My Saggi daughter is also a very quick – and blunt – guide to certain dilemnas too, if I share them with her. I like the airiness of an arrow, too – a bit lighter than the sword!!) Xx

    3. Pluto over my moon sorted me out well and truly in this regard. Never again. (Not easy for a Neptune-sq-Venus to say this). I hope Pluto over your moon hasn’t been too much of a punish. x

      1. A bit of a punish at times yeah.. but whatever.. I think it’s led me to a place where I just can’t be effed. A bit like Gwyneth in sliding doors at the end after all the crap, no one expects the Spanish inquisition etc.

        The transit has been happening at the same time as 2 other outer planet transits (plus Venus stationing direct in my progressed chart, I discovered) It doesn’t mean I’m strictly business now but it has helped me understand why e.g. my long-standing 5-planet Scorpio crush is so direct and serious even when he’s joking around.

  10. Pisces rising with Jupiter in Pisces conjunct my ascendant at 5 degrees. Last time Saturn went through Pisces, I was about 18 – had gone through a period of crisis for about five years and had been pulling out of it/finding myself for about three years. I got super skinny and fit, met the love of my life that I ended up with for 14 years, and got into university. This time around feels similar, although circumstances have changed of course. I pulled through another period of crisis (everyone around me died) and started pulling it back together November 2015. I have my daughter from that same guy that I met last Saturn in Pisces, university paid off and I have a lot of stability, great job, a home and travel. I’ve been focusing again on health and fitness to make my coming 50’s and 60’s happy and healthy. Thinking about meeting someone again now that my daughter is in her teens and doing her own thing with friends. But on a more casual basis for traveling and fun dates – and no one that “needs” me for anything. Pluto in Capricorn taught me not to worry about fixing anything for anyone, except my daughter, and only if she asks for help.

    1. “Pluto in Capricorn taught me not to worry about fixing anything for anyone.”

      This is sage advice. I’m also a Pisces Rising. This is a bad habit you are making me aware of. Thanks.

  11. Hmmm. Saturn is coming around a second time for my natal pisces Saturn 6th house.
    93-94 I was at art college and just loving it. I hope it means I get to make art all the time like I used to in those days!! Saturn may just help me make it concrete…

    1. Thanks for the encouragement guys!!
      I was listening to a podcast the other day that says during
      mid 90’s- there was grunge, supermodels mid 60’s- psychedelia
      mid 30’s-movies, jazz
      last time Sat was in Neptune there were some really haute Neptunian, interesting cultural expressions evolving despite other restrictions in the world.
      Hoping to be part of this next sat-Neptune zeitgeist

  12. I have a triple second return thanks to its retrograde in 2025-26, Mystic assures me it’s normal/frequent, I was terrified. Saturn returns do have a reputation. Jupiter just passed over my natal Saturn/Chiron, Neptune to eventually follow. Mmm off to find a-whatcha-me-call-it table, emphhhsisis? (Ephemeris)

    1. Hi JacQui, just deleting my long-drawn out story of my great triple-first-Sat return because
      a) Mercury is about to retrograde. Yikes!
      b) It is conjunct Venus, my Taurus-rising (and Lilith cj Jupiter in Taurus aspect) ruler, AND
      c) they are both square my lunar nodes.

      So… I will “re-visit” this “retro-spection” – another time! ha
      Luv earthstar.. xx

  13. ’93 started my use of essential oils & called it ‘Aromacology’ after studying theory for 12 months 13 years previously. It took that long for them to become easily available w/o sending overseas for them.
    Incorporated it with breathwork because figured with the expense one should breathe them in very deeply.
    Wrote Honeycomb-Streaming a cellular spoken visualisation based on ‘listen feel breathe’. Hired a black American from LA for the spoken word on looped music, & a ‘feel the hands of love touch & nurture you all over, the voice of the hands, the hands of the voice’ etc.
    She one of the original coloured girls that go ‘doop dee doop do doop’, from Louisiana via LA, who came out with Billy Ekstine fell in love & stayed.

    Wanted the bodywork technique to bring the feeling of being in French Polynesia to people, a sample of paradise on a cedar massage table with a Bose system.
    25 years i breathed in those magical oils, never became sick, never a cold & always kinda blissed out & smiling.
    Since enforced retirement health isn’t beaming with joy & energy, those oils sure kept the boogey man away.

    Who was it that said ‘ageing ain’t for sissies’ Bette Davis?
    She then said her makeup box was her lifeline, something like that.
    Well she had the eyes 🙂

    (This rave is because perfume was mentioned…lol).

    Yes..the use of perfumes became more subtle in early 90’s, nary an Opium or Poison to overwhelm the senses. More Dune & single note based ones.
    Still not found a Gardenia, apart from Annik Goultard’s tres expensive one, that brings a YES THAT’S IT to me.
    A New Year a-coming Wonderful Wise Women & we are going to excel at whatever we chose to do, have beneficial relationships with whoever we chose & bend the magical rays of life & love to our will.
    Shall we?

    1. We shall. 🙂 Love your stories! You have been told a gazillion times, dear Pegs….WRITE! Pretty please? It will be such a hoot to read!

    2. Ooh, I loved Dune. Would that have been an amber chypre? Sensual, earthed. I remember wearing similar fragrances, alternating with fresh eau d’issey types – the only option for hot summers. Could never quite manage a straight floral even then though, florals seemed to mandate a lot of sitting around inside, anathema to sporty fun in the sun to my youthfully un-moderated fire placements. Also remain a fan of wearing men’s colognes I discovered around then.

      Your salon would have been a sanctuary of exotic peace, Pegasus <3 ..would have soaked up the restoration

      1. Dune was my ‘signature scent’ of my first Saturn return era… I wore gallons of the stuff, it’s probably soaked into my DNA now. I can’t go near it any longer – it brings uncomfortable memories and yukky sinus issues in equal measure.

      2. For a man’s fragrance think Eau D’ Sauvage is a total classic.
        Can’t abide Dune anymore also but at the time it was quite delish.
        Have kept all my perfume bottles for the last 30 years, lined up on a top shelf in bathroom, some are truly beautiful.

      1. Thank you Chrysalis.
        Living in the past because there is so much of it….lol.
        No longer wear perfume at all unless samples garnered from Myer or David Jones counters.
        Wait….does Eau de Daisy Dog count?

  14. During the Saturn/pisces joining in the 90’s I got my Shizz together, got qualified and am still doing that job today! So grateful. Im already feeling the urge to hunker down to secure my future over the next 2 years, must have gotten the memo in my dreams.

    love, a Pisces

  15. Well I’m a Pisces Rising and Saturn is currently in my 12th house. I started the 5 Tibetans 2 weeks ago and after the initial cleansing phase (tiredness) I am feeling amazing.

    Mystic wrote elsewhere about this time being a period of more self respect and I am feeling this big time.

    1. I am a Pisces rising and Saturn is returning to my 12th house tomorrow after a few months back in the 11th. I didn’t know about the 5 Tibetans so will look into this. I’m definitely feeling the increased self respect too!

      1. Try 5 Tibetans. You won’t regret it.

        I do the modified version as I am not that fit. Just remember to go at your own pace. Very important.

  16. Oh my second time around for my sun / moon conj in pisces to get whacked by this ball breaker. Talk about upheaval, forced growth, learning from older people in a not so pleasant way, learning new parts of oneself that are not developed – feeling small from essential confrontation and larger than life lessons. Hope it’s easier the second time.

  17. Lovely post! It will be my 7th house and I cannot wait for Saturn to strengthen my shittiest and weakest life area so far.
    Also, I know, this is probably not the place to ask for fashion advice, but what is a slinky and sexy equivalent of a slip dress for women with Nigella Lawson figure, instead of Halle Berry?😥

    1. I reckon go back and look at lots of pics of Nigella and see what she has looked good in? Just thinking back of what Ive seen of her, long, often black and showing off lovely slim waist?

      1. I did, I do! And Monica Bellucci. The all-black, structured, classy goth vibe has rescued me in times when I needed to pull big fashion punches, indeed. I just miss wearing something lighthearted and flirty and a bit twee, like I did when I was in my early 20s. All my cap….and twee and I don’t get along. 😆

    2. How about concentrate on choice of colour like emerald green electric blue silver or gold or mix of all.
      You can wear silky & sexy it’s all about the cut, what you want to draw noticed & what you prefer not.
      Where do you want people to look (apart from your eyes 🙂

      1. Thank you, Pegs. Jewel tones suit me indeed. The good cuts…REAL good ones, are often the price of a mortgage. For example, I am obsessed with the cuts of Alexander McQueen jackets.

    3. Hmm. Vivienne Westwood?

      Never underestimate confidence and body positivity at any proportion..

      Also, judicious use of shapewear unless you’re politically opposed to the concept (which is perfectly understandable)?

      Given the Cap energy, maybe consider a cross between Kate Moss sartorial insolence and Annie Lennox rockstar gravitas?

      Also if a Nigella figure, sexy to me would include a dgaf plunging neckline.

      1. Thank you. Not politically opposed to shapewear, they are just so goddamn uncomfortable! I barely last a couple of hours in them. Then, I get restless and fidgety, which is the opposite of confidence.

        Vivienne Westwood. Hmm..I once bought a Tshirt at (retail prices) from the brand, with a revealing lace back. I enjoyed it. The dresses are too assymetric for my Cap Venus, but I will check them out again. I suspect I will enjoy vintage old glamour brands like Prada or Dolce and Gabbana (Monica Bellucci’s fav looks are from them), but they are at a price point that seems fantastical to me.

        Plunging necklines are everything…in front of my mirror. In real world, there is already way too much sexualisation of women, which I am wary of (Virago Rising), even though I live in a VERY safe city. Maybe when I am a bit (b)older…

        Thank you for the suggestions. It sparked a lot of inspiration. 🙂

        1. Oh, Kate Moss fashion always seems very Cocaine-chic to me, something I would prefer to not emulate. She has done way more harm to the cause against body dismorphia, than anybody else. Well, maybe Kim Kardashian. But that’s nothing to be emulated either.

          Love Annie Lennox, but I have way too much femme energy to pull off androgynous looks well.

        2. Absolutely agree re necklines, have run all the gauntlets also. It’s a conscious choice and one must be psychically prepared / shielded from the usual suspects (both genders, if we’re talking traditional mindsets, plus our internal messaging). At the same time, these days, I consider it a carefully chosen challenge as much as an invitation. A social sh-t test for the un-evolved, and a celebration of being incarnate, f the haters and sleaze bags, otherwise 🙂 xx (I have Jupiter conjunct Lilith in Taurus if that helps)

          McQueen and the vintage classics makes sense given the astro you mentioned. There are definitely designers out there for u.

          1. Edit. This above isn’t to convince you to bare all (or most). More a backgrounder on why i thought of it. Anyway: mercury is retroing around? your Venus etc. Perfect timing for such reflection. Happy re/styling

  18. LOL (Virgo asc) during the last pisceas saturn I discovered pilates.When uranus transited my sun I left my law job to become a pilates teacher.

  19. Oh goodness, it’s almost here – my second Saturn return. I feel ancient.
    I’m a seventh house sun-Saturn conj in Pisces. It will be exact while I am overseas meeting up with my core group of lifelong friends.
    I did a forensic astro-audit back to my first Saturn return. I was astrologically clueless back then. Interesting that I changed careers and moved to the place I still talk about as being the best place I ever worked. Weirdly I’ve recently been thinking about getting back into that kind of work.

      1. Oh that would be fab! *Checks ephemeris* The trine will have passed by the time I am there … I am v late Leo rising, Jupe will be in Toro. But it will be a Jupiter return year for me… better make the most of it, ha

  20. Ohhhh.. Sweet potato chips !! * takes swig of preferred Neptunian courage, straps self into “Good Ship Kronos” roller-coaster ride.* Beam me up, data spreadsheets..😑

    1. But also – pure genius, MM – thank you!
      “Some may also stand ready to accuse you of having the latest narcissism variant the second you drop roles you’re bored with but which benefited them..”
      “Eye rolls and disinterested shrugs can help to exercise eye muscles or release your scaps.” 😂

      1. Hiya Chrysalis, my fellow west-coaster ..🌞how are you coping with the season??? Thank goodness the temperature has been kind – we all good, and hope you are, too..? Second Saturn return, huh?? Meeting with lifelong friends sounds gooo…ood – I hope it brings you Saturnine-Piscean gifts, like accidentally discovering ancient archeological treasures underwater snorkelling with mates, or an excellent tax return from oceanic conservation efforts, or just good shoes?
        😄 (Clearly, I’m a perpetual astro novice, almost 18 years after first Saturn return.) XOO

  21. Last time Saturn was in Pisces was the peak era of my most major romance/relationship. He made scents from essential oils for me and we talked about perfume… a lot. His Neptune square my moon, my Hekate conjunct his Sun, his Mars on my Scorp NN, many more connections.

  22. Moved to London from small town Australia where everyone seemed to know your business and judge, and built my self confidence and sense of purpose. I miss those days… And there was none of this watered down perfume for me at the time. It was Lou Lou and Tresor (in large doses).

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