Daily Mystic For Wednesday 6 April

Venus has just arrived in Pisces – for a month! – and some of you would have felt the splash, guaranteed.

Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in this sign are super-compatible: they really are the perfect trio. Highly creative, comfortable operating with a higher intuition ratio, the astro-config is also skittish, surreal and lucky. It’s a synergy so they all ping off one another: if you’re looking for a mad creative jag with massive benefits or a circuit-breaker romance, this will be very you.

It is quite the contrast to the productive but sometimes grim calculations of Mars-Saturn, the vibe that we’re now emerging from. It will be particularly tangible for Pisceans, Taureans, Librans and Saggos but if you want in, simply wait for the speculative but so cool creative or romantic risk to strut in.

Yes, we know that there are less pleasant geopolitical risk factors, heightened tensions and horrible scenarios unfolding – I am doing a Turbulence update soon but the arrival of Venus in Pisces, joining Jupiter + Neptune is GOOD.

Reclaim your inner surrealist xxMystic

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Looking forward to a turbulent times update.

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