Ellen Ripley, Space Marine and Capricorn

Ellen Ripley Astrology? Yes, Ripley from Alien has a birth date:  January 7, 2092, at the Olympia Colony on Luna.  That is official.

A Capricorn, she has Moon in Sagittarius but does this count if you are born ON the Moon? She also has Venus, Mars + Jupiter in Aquarius.  Neptune features prominently in her chart and is opposite all the Aquarius.  So this could make one paranoid about a slippery and hard to define but flamboyant “enemy.” She did have an intensely hostile and highly threatening alien life species to deal with, and nobody believed her.

Competent and an ex-Marines corp advisor and obviously of rank, she was trying to do her job and stay detached from all the on-ship bullshit. (Venus-Mars-Jupiter in Aquarius can detach like crazy, outer space could have been quite relaxing, at first) Then the alien egg popped and everything went to crap. But still, she battled away. Capricorn work ethic reporting for duty. She even saved the spaceship CAT.

Ellen Ripley Did Her Astrology Energy Brilliantly

Her Moon in Sagittarius is square Uranus. The classical astrology textbooks have this down as “unconventional mothering,” and well, Ripley had an incredibly crap run in that regard. Impregnation by a hostile alien is probably the shittiest Moon-Uranus manifestation on record.

Her Mercury conjunct the Sun in Aquarius made her a woman of few words but concise when she chose to share:

“Get away from her you bitch” (said to giant acid-goo-venom oozing alien insect thing).

“That’s the only way. We’ll move in pairs. We’ll go step by step and cut off every bulkhead and every vent until we have it cornered. And then we’ll blow it the fuq out into space! Is that acceptable to you?”

The business trip on which she encountered the “xenomorph’ was her (1) trying to bring in the money as a single parent and (2) her Saturn Return.

Thoughts? BTW if you like the Ellen Ripley Astrology Notes, you may like the Sun Signs In A D-List Sci-Fi observations.

36 thoughts on “Ellen Ripley, Space Marine and Capricorn”

  1. Unicorn Sparkles

    Didn’t she spend something like 70+ years in cryo sleep? That would put yet another spin on the Saturn return bizzo wouldn’t it?

    Nothing like a cap that has her shizz together. And if I was on her spaceship I’d follow everything she said. (Cue Bonnie Tyler I need a Hero) it would be the only hope for getting out alive.

    1. agree. i am wierdly worshipful of capricorns. their no-bullshit survivalist sense of what is required kind of turns me on hahaha

  2. Ripley was so hot ! I first saw the movie when I was 20 ? She was not like any woman I’d ever imagined before 🙂 When she got down to her undies and got down to business I nearly wished I could be on that doomed spacecraft with her.

    1. Unicorn Sparkles

      The second film was on pay tv a couple of nights ago. Still can’t watch it alone in the dark. At least not without hiding my head behind a pillow for the scary bits.

  3. Goddamn I love a striking woman with the skills to pay the bills and execute alien kills. Sigourney, you my girl! <3

  4. Her steely resolve makes my Capricorn moon resonate.. <3

    Ps lol mystic
    "Outer space would have been quite relaxing, at first"
    "Had quite a crap run in that regard" HAHA HAHA

  5. God I loved her so much. One night, aged 21 and having just gone through a huge bunch of bullshit, I watched this film then jumped in the bath and shaved all my hair off. It was awesome. People (read, men) left me right alone for the duration it took to grow back, and it made me feel fierce and safe. I still think of it as my Ripley period.

    1. Exactly. When my hair grew back I went down to my local one night and some hideous block said to me ‘geeze, you’re actually quite gorgeous. saw you a while back and thought you were a lezzo. Wanna drink?’ . Which in a nutshell justifies my short-term solution of shaving my hair, and my long-term solution of very rarely dating Aussie men (or going to pubs).

      1. Ha ha!! Precisely. Those are the sorts of pickup lines one gets in pubs. Aussie blokes excel at calling you up when their wife of 15 years dumps them because they remember you fondly from that time you both lived in a squat in your early 20’s and…I don’t know, perhaps we could just erase the last 15 years…(read: perhaps you’ll shag me and that will make me feel better)? Every Aussie I meet that’s not an Aussie is a Kiwi. Two gorgeous Brazilian male students of mine once seriously cornered me to ask why every Aussie girl they asked out ran screaming when they suggested going out to dinner or a movie, and then dropped them home politely. I told them they should take the girl to a bar and then offer to fuck them. That’s what we are accustomed to. I went over to the dark side and got a French one.

    2. Ha! That’s great. I did the same in reverse. Had super short hair and then superglued a long braid on. Overnight people started being more polite to me, shopkeepers wanted to talk to me, people stopped yelling abuse from cars…

  6. My fave series of all time. Terrified me as a child, analyzed as a budding art student (monstrous feminine anyone? ) and a great perspective maker. Having a shitty day? Alien bursting out of your chest? No? Then maybe not so bad.

    1. I am fascinated by the monstrous feminine too. We “abjectify” it so intensely in (western and other) society. (At least they have goddesses for the energy, in other parts of the world) Likewise I am partly repelled but the fact that I feel that makes me want to investigate *why* I feel that way.

      1. For me the monstrous feminine in Alien was about the actual horror of pregnancy and childbirth. The Queen was the end game of biological determinism – endlessly, voraciously reproducing just because she could. Ripley was wonderful I think because she didn’t come across as one-dimensional and was a great foil for the Queen’s excesses.

      2. I can see that, and I did have a child, but was not what I was thinking…it is different, a wonderful wild energy to be free creative…without necessarily being destructive or possessive

        Biological imperatives can involve narcissism – but if what is born can be, grow through individual expression that it is originality.

        And I would say I see there are horrors with pregnancy and childbirth but what I found is that more often “high level” male specialists dish out great fear here…I had an obestetcican that was borderline licentious in his perspective…imperfection in body is lovely and some women are traumatised by post partum procedures. If women have tears, or damage healing mindset is much more comforting, than a view of horror…

        Some men cannot make love with women after child birth…even though women can heal…

        Some younger midwives are afraid of blood, women’s pain but the body has to cleanse of all…imagine having to protect them emotionally from this while your body is undergoing a radical change.

        This says a lot to me about societies attitude to the monstrous feminine.

      3. Before God was a man, God was a woman. Temples were basically brothels and human sacrifice was considered a part of life. The story of Abraham is the story of how and why a male God was introduced and eventually took over.
        Abraham prepared his first born son Isaac for sacrifice but was stopped at the last moment by a male God who stated that human sacrifice was to stop.
        This combined with monotheism meant that there was only room for one ‘personality’ of God.
        This was foundational to all the Abrahamic branches. In fact the site of the planned sacrifice of Isaac is the site now know to Jews as the wailing wall. Solomons Hebrew temple. Built on top of this is The Dome of the rock mosque where it is said Mohamed left the earth. All on top of each other. Add to that Jesus was crucified not far away.

    2. Lol, I know this scenario…my pluto conjunct uranus is also opposite mars lol…which is conjunct chiron!

      I just try to channel it through more creative means, healing art rather than temper or sex…

  7. And Lilith! Isn’t there a pic of her in Bitchcraft as the personification of Mars conjunct Lilith (may be part of Lilith first house, I don’t have it in front of me). I got some of that. Sag moon & Mars conjunct Lilith.

  8. The bigger question, what sign is her Earth in? I could probably calculate this accurately, if I knew the lunar Longitude and latitude of Olympia Colony and a birth time. Since the Moon did not appear in the sky around the Moon at her birth, it is really only a hypothetical point, like how we calculate Earth in geocentric charts, opposite our Sun. Since the Moon orbits Earth rather than the Sun, I’d calculate her Moon as opposite the Earth.

      1. I’m trying to conceptualize it, it’s tricky shifting to a Lunar frame of reference. The Moon always faces the Earth the same direction, so the Earth sign would depend solely on the Moon’s position in Earth orbit. A Synodic Month is about 29.5 days, so Earth would change signs about every 2.5 days. Your Earth Return would be every 29.5 days. I suppose you could consider a Lunar month as equivalent to an Earth year, except that the Moon is still going around the Sun once per Earth year.

        But none of that answers your question. I don’t know the answer. I suppose we will have to analyze the charts of a wide range of native-born Lunarians to determine the influence of Earth.

      2. Lieutenant Riplicorn is needed here on Earth to get rid of the predator aliens in our midst..

      3. That is a very interesting question. I have been considering non-terrestrial astrology for a while, but it never occurred to me that a planet’s ruler might be displaced because you were born there. Like for example, if you were Aries and born on Mars. There are no answers to these questions because nobody ever asked them before.

  9. Didn’t have a tv growing up. Instead we had books. I used to be fascinated by the Geiger Alien book of my Piscean father.
    Totally imprinted on Ripley as my femme warrior heroine. Can you believe Alien came out in 1979? I was five! It still looks good today.

    Ripley’s Astro is perfection.
    I have a Yemeni-Danish Capricorn Israeli girlfriend who could totally be Ripley.
    She has Sagg Rising and Aqua Moon. With Moon square Uranus!!
    Dead ringer for character vibe and resonance. (She also had a terrible relationship with her mother and was an unusual mother herself, though she improved with age).

    Weaver really reminds me of a darker young Nicole Kidman in that bottom pic btw!

    1. I love Ripley’s character but why does it have to be so tough? I just cannot fathom the tough medicine she has to swallow…sure its great to be able to fight for one’s rights, for ethics, for your associates even, but what about some emotional nourishment?…

      This is an extreme picture maybe I cannot get…And I truly endured some serious tough love…but at least my hippy mother was artistic, passionate as well as free and fire powered (mars conjunct pluto leo opposite her ascendant)

      Lol, I AM moon square uranus, with very early cancer moon to very late degrees virgo uranus (conjunct pluto)…
      My moon is pivotal to experiences of strange growth in a unusual way as it is sextile to jupiter conjunct regulus & ascendant, exact trine to ceres, mercury…it is also conjunct betelgeuse (?) in the 10th…I have close women folk around me who see me as eccentric, but I look after them, am open, nurturing. It is really a case of expressive love, being allowed to “flow”.

      I remember “gravity” breast feeding my child for nearly two years until I had early arthritus…My child was upside down “U” to stop her reflux…and she has always loved being so as long as I can remember (She has exact uranus saturn opposition). It worked. She was starved by placental problems, so tiny when born, and now she is huge…jupiter pisces 7th sextile taurus stellium 8th. She was fed every two-three hours for six months…then we fed her solids on top…She’s an aries tiger, so fairly fierce, but with a big heart (mars in leo).

      Lol, and Aqua sun, vesta, scheherazade all conjunct 6th…
      Is this why I fall in love with men with hard uranus moon aspects, or vibe like my mother (aqua rising conjunt ceres)? A man who with visionary ideas around parenting, incredibly nurturing, having been unhinged at some level, yet very free, detached…Reason over feeling?

  10. OMG Awesome. LOVE Ripley and the Alien movies are among my faves of all time. So outer space-y, creep-tastic and kickass.

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