When You Write Your Venus Into The Song

Well she’s walking through the clouds
With a circus mind that’s running round.
Butterflies and zebras
And moonbeams and fairy tales
That’s all she ever thinks about.
Riding with the wind.

Jimi Hendrix
“Little Wing”

Hendrix had Venus in Sagittarius, conjunct the Sun, in his 12th House.

So, Venus is a super-influencer in art and aesthetic. Call her the Ultra-Muse.  She also embodies romantic ideals, in this case, Sagittarian/12th House ones.

The 12th House Venus person values the metaphysics of love over practically any other factor – the more grounded in ‘real-life’ it is, the less appealing. Gravity is not a turn-on to them.

And Venus in Sagittarius adores the Mutable people, breezing through the clouds, wind, your head, whatever…


Image: David Bailey

83 thoughts on “When You Write Your Venus Into The Song”

  1. After following the posts below this particular blog for a few days, I just have to say how much I love this subject! Musicians expressing their Venus through music and words, it’s an endlessly interesting topic, Mystic! 🎼

    1. Dear Calcifer, I hope you see this !! Finally replied to your lovely comment below after that heavy full moon – hope you well, beautiful !!❤

      1. Last week’s full Moon was a heavy one indeed! Good to know you are feeling better. In spite of the heaviness, I found it very interesting to experience the intensely fixed energy of that big full Moon T-square. So different from the hectic, outwardly directed energy from a square in Cardinal signs! In my opinion the fixed energy manifests much more in the body, it felt like an implosion, instead of the typical Cardinal explosion. And sure enough I threw my back out (doing better now 😊)

  2. I wonder where the Venus in Aquas are? Perhaps it’s the classic country tune, ‘How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away?’ “Haven’t you heard of the hard-to-get game” – hilarious stuff.

    1. Hahaha! love that bill hicks song! it’s a fave in this household. 

      Lockdown and sleeting outside so been trawling through my record collection & found quite a few Venus in Aqua singer song writers:

      Carole King (multi Aqua): her Tapestry album is predominantly all about friendship, like You’ve got a FriendSo Far Away, Home Again.

      Janis Joplin’s Kozmic Blues classic Venus in Aqua lines:

      I ain’t never gonna love you any better baby
      I’m never gonna love you right
      So you better take it now, right now, ohh.

      But my all time favourite is Nina Simone. She didn’t pen many songs (her unique interpretations were enough to infuse the songs with her own meaning, lol!) but she did write this awesome & utterly pertinent one: Revolution – her freedom loving 1st house Aqua Venus sextile Uranus message: 

      And now we got a revolution
      Cause I see the face of things to come 
      Yeah, your Constitution
      Well, my friend, its gonna have to bend
      Its more than just evolution
      Well you know you got to clean your brain
      The only way that we can stand in fact
      Is when you get your foot off our back

      (you have to watch the youtube video of this)

      1. Nina! Watched the NF documentary ‘What happened Miss Simone’ about her early this January. It felt like she was ‘in the air’, with all the Aqua energy coming in. Her piano playing was beautiful and unique, but she was a tormented soul for sure 🌟

      2. OH I only just saw this! A stellar list of Venus in Aqua writers and some of my faves. Tapestry turns 50 this year.

  3. I need to be blonde again – embrace the future with white hair.
    The only thing I want to have and hold is Bitcoin
    8th house Venus in Leo.

    1. Still holding off on buying bitcoin although I can’t take too much credit for that. It’s more technical issues and it’s rapidly growing popularity overwhelming the apps than restraint on my part. Fine. I’m in no hurry. Hair is lighter and still in great condition. I chickened out (doing that a lot lately) and washed the mixture of chemicals off my head much sooner than I should have. Concerns for the quality overrode my desire for results.
      All good. Going slowly is the best way.
      I’m strawberry blonde now which is fine. The important part for Venus in Leo is that it’s in fabulous condition and falls nicely. Learning to cut my own hair has been so liberating. I can’t ever see myself returning to a hairdresser. Think of the money I’ll save there alone. Probably more than bitcoins jk

  4. This full moon just gone is conjunct my Venus. I’m just starting to enjoy the vibe now. Full moons always make me restless and electrified in a way that I find it hard to even be with *myself* let alone anyone else. I’ve been blessed with solitude for this one and I’m enjoying the space so much.

    I usually find it impossible to pretend things are okay that aren’t during full moons but often I’m the last one to realise what the not okay situation is until the full moon switches on.
    Energetically, it’s brighter than sunlight.

    1. lucky you. I’m usually how you’ve just described during a FM. but this was one of the foulest FMs i’ve ever had – i had no idea it was happening & it was on my natal moon & saturn was opposite it. every emotional & physical pain reared up. just vile.

      1. Remember it will pass. I’m great at full moons it’s the new ones that have me buzzing sleepless and wired.

      2. It has passed, literally overnight. Even felt upbeat today; no emo churn, no pain. Bizarre. It was like a 24 hr hell virus – or maybe a parting “gift” from Saturn via moon.

      3. Oh I can totally relate
        This happens a lot with me too.
        Like being in a sauna when that light is brightest.
        Glad you’re feeling better post Saturn lunar detox treatment

      4. I never notice the new moons. I want to be more deliberate about them and curate the monthly cycle. I have to put more effort into creating rituals from now on. I love the idea of new moons and since I have such ahem *receptivity* to the wavelength I must work on habitually creating some regular ones. Feeling inspired

  5. This is completely off topic too…but:
    it was my 48th birthday solar return y’day..and while out and about with my gorgeous 20yr old daughter..I kept getting random compliments from strangers re looking so good. Less about vanity, and more about being a role-model..it enhanced my day. Must have been good birthday aura vibes? Or maybe it was the sequins??! Anyways…x

  6. Off topic, response to my Daily Horoscope reading of the Full Moon conjunct my Mars…it made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Feels good to be queen. Thank you, Mystic.

  7. Venus meeting Pluto today. Let’s muse on the underworld. Oh speaking of this I am having visitations by my dead Dad in my dreams. I’m not grieving, I’m not upset, I’m hardly influenced by his passing but he keeps appearing. Last night I spent nearly all night with him or so it felt. Daft thing is in life he was never smiley or happy or even much concerned about me but now he’s gone he’s in my dreams ? I don’t tend to dream much but it’s on the increase and he’s in every other dream ?! Venus Pluto ?

    1. how do you feel when seeing him/in the morning? When my dad came to visit I would wake up in happy tears, it was so wonderful to be with him again (he died when i was quite young and we were close).

      Maybe your father’s probably letting you know he’s still around, you can talk to him. Maybe have a more honest relationship within now he’s passed 🙂

      1. We were never close. I’m not close to either parent but rather I feel I brought myself up and found my own way. What is odd is that now he is gone he’s hanging about in my dreams. It’s odd because he never was there in life. I just figure there is some issue I have to see or understand. Saying that in his last years when he had dementia I got on with him because I could just let him be. We actually had a giggle together. But that was me in work mode as much as anything. I have been lucky enough to work with autism, brain injured or diseased processes. So I will wait for the epiphany !

    2. That’s cool. I’m into the jungian ideas of “father complex” versus actual father. So the father complex can be positive or negative and developed in particular ways, have certain desires or influence us in a particular way. I feel like the dream father I see is my father complex appearing to me rather than anything to do with the man himself.

      1. Hmmmmmm ok. Never having had a relationship with him never having been bothered by that either so it’s just odd. As I say above I will wait for the epiphany !

      2. Yes, I’m guessing you would know best about who/what you’re encountering when you dream of him by how you feel, and how your body responds. I don’t read a lot of Jung but am interested in the archetype approach too.

        I have been listening a lot to the ideas around ancestral healing and honouring the ancestors and wondering how I might approach it authentically. But also I simply have felt him around through the years (as has my sister) and we talk to him.

  8. I have Venus in Sag in the pragmatic/hedonistic 2nd house. Maybe I’m channeling it wrong but its Saggy vibes have mostly given me several types of trouble in love life (always frustratingly higher libido than my partner’s, for one) and utter lack of grit&focus in any creative aspirations LOL

    1. Same! I have Venus in Sag in the 7th (very close to 8th house cusp) and it’s my ruling planet. Saturn also in Sag but about 10 degrees ahead of Venus. Other than inadvertently still being single at 63, I’m not sure how it’s manifested. Sag Rising Big Ex was the most painful experience of my life and forever a before/after marker. Maybe I’m channeling it wrong also? I’m confused by both my Sag planets, frankly, and not sure how to express them.

      1. I’m interested in figuring this out.. or trying to. I struggle with my sag energy too and am struck by the discipline vs enthusiasm dichotomy.

    2. I’m Sag Venus in 3rd house and I have also experienced the higher libido as serious frustration in a relationship a couple of times. Once it was cause for break up.

    3. This is such an interesting idea
      Intrigued by the pragmatic/ hedonistic conceptualisation of the 2nd house.
      I’ve never consciously thought of it as hedonistic but of course it has that potential and reputation and allure. Very interesting. Comments below too. Making me reflect on the archetype idea again and Jung. The idea of animus or father / mother concept as aspects of of reflections of self and emotional development. When I look back on exes they seem to reflect where my male side was at at the time. Hence the attraction.
      That’s just me though. Thinking everything is about me. All the time. 🤣

  9. One of my all-time favourite albums is Van Morrison’s Moondance. Always thought it was a joyful ode to Life, profound but playful & light-spirited. His Venus Leo (on my Moon) in his 3rd House would explain it. Into the Mystic is a joy – from the glorious beginning:

    We were born before the wind
    Also younger than the sun

    to the crescendo:

    I wanna rock your gypsy soul
    Just like way back in the days of old
    Then magnificently we will float
    Into the mystic.

    Who but a Leo Venus would float magnificently into the mystic?

    1. there’s an album he made with a bunch of people called A Saturday Night in San Francisco which is sublime. It’s live and he sings with John Savanna and his daughter and just loads of incredible artists. So much improvisation and pure joy. Lovely human. Van the man. Doesn’t he have sheep and live in an old castle?

      1. Love that album too. … Well dunno about sheep, but he used to own a recording studio-residence called The Wool Hall near where i lived. Talking about 20 yrs ago. Saw him around a bit, but never plucked up courage to say how much i loved his work. Has a reputation for being really grumpy.

  10. Talking of Bjork makes me think of “Hyperballad”

    We live on a mountain
    Right at the top
    This beautiful view
    From the top of the mountain
    Every morning I walk towards the edge
    And throw little things off
    Like car parts, bottles and cutlery
    Or whatever I find lying around

    It’s become a habit, a way to start the day
    I go through all this
    Before you wake up
    So I can feel happier
    To be safe up here with you
    I go through all this
    Before you wake up
    So I can feel happier
    To be safe up here with you

    I love this, very much my sentiments, but they don’t seem particularly Venus in Aries to me- more reflective of Virgo in the 12th somehow

    And in my teens, my venus songs were Sheila Chandra’s “Ever so lonely” or “Goreki” by Lamb. Definitely my scorp moon emotions but the actual venus in Aries part of me was more into action- I was an accomplished flirt and would set my aim on some hapless target 0_0

  11. I listened to this song sooo much in my teens. I felt like it was allowing me to be my fluffy romantic self – my Venus is of course in Sagittarius. Another favourite Venus in Sag lyric is The Kinks “Strangers”:

    Strangers on this road we are on
    We are not two, we are one
    Holy man and holy priest
    This love of life makes me weak at my knees

    Songwriter Dave Davies has Venus in Sag

  12. Venus is a HUGE deal in my chart. Like Jimmy H, I’ve got her in Sagg, but in my 2nd, in a 4 planet Stellium with Neptune Mercury and Jupiter. Which is one of the arms of my Grand Cross. The only planets she doesn’t aspect with are my Uranus Asc in Libra, and my Scorp Sun – but being Libra Rising means she’s my Chart Ruler too.

    I absolutely value my freedom, especially in relationships – that doesn’t mean I’m interested in polyamory or anything like that, I don’t see why anyone would want that complication – a 2 person relationship is complicated enough, thanks.

    A long time ago, my bf at the time tried to teach me how to play guitar and I told him I was getting frustrated bc I couldn’t just play the notes in a chord, and bf told me what I was doing was called “Hammer on’s” and “Pull-off’s”, and that was how Hendrix played. To this day idk if he was pissing in my pocket or not 🤷‍♀️

  13. Love that connection! He did have a special Venusian vibe, didn’t he?

    My Venus in Gemini conjunct Jupiter 8th house soundtrack is ‘I Would Die 4 U’ by Prince:
    I’m not a human, I am a dove
    I’m your conscience, I am love
    All All I really need
    Is to know that you believe

    1. So beautiful! Love that song too.
      Prince was a Gemini of course, with his Gemini Sun right opposite my own Sagittarius Sun

  14. Hi! Sun in Sagg here…”Little Wing” one of the first songs I learned bass guitar lines to…get a thrill when we play this…my partner and I co-write lyrics. Our first album together was called ‘A Love Divine’…get the gist?

  15. Innerbloom (Rüfüs) does ur for my 8th house Venus in Cap…
    “Feels like I’m waiting, like I’m watching..Watching you for love..
    If you want me, if you need me..I’m yours”
    Mind you, with Aqua sun…this also seems like a bit zeitgeist-like love-like? x

    1. Actually, adding Mica Paris “Should Have Known Better” as my old-school fave …
      Just unbelievable vocals with ultimate love vibes…

      1. Okay..so post morning coffee & with more lucidity…probs ultimate 8th house Venus in Cap song is:
        Jóga by Bjork….
        It has to be. x

      2. Was referring to Mica Paris’ ‘Should have known better’… Björk is always great too though 🌟

      3. Mica’s VOICE??…omg?! Just the most stunning vocals ever…they personify empowered femininity & strength..soul & poise. x

  16. I’ve had so many Jimi Hendrix synchronicities this month and now this post! I’m actually going to Woodstock NY in Feb, where he impacted the culture in 1969 with his revolutionary performances. His natal chart has no surprises, and being a strong 12th house person with my Moon, Venus and Mercury as features, he is my bag,..baby *Austin Powers voice 😂. Oh and gravity, who needs it??!…when you ride the Venusian vibes 💜

  17. LOVE this song. Adore Jimi Hendrix. Venus is my chart ruler & conjunct Vesta, both are conjunct exact his Leo NN-Chiron….. i was 8 yrs old when he wrote this song for me.

  18. Adore this song. And so many musical greats have Venus in Sagg, like Bowie, Portishead. I searched for my music tribe of Venus in Cancer but I guess they are doing photography or something. But it doesn’t surprise me that Lauren Hill is Venus in Cancer e.g. “Loving you is like a battle
    And we both end up with scars
    Tell me, who I have to be
    To get some reciprocity
    See no one loves you more than me
    And no one ever will”. *sigh*

    1. so poignant. still echoes my heartbreak of those years. “the ex factor”, if I remember well. a masterpiece of an album. still listen to it from time to time.

  19. My Venus in Scorpio LOVES Eurythmics – “Love is A Stranger”… Venus is conjunct my Midheaven, so love is one of my life’s big theme (ahem…)

    1. “and I want you so its an obsession”. and then when she says that love is cruel and unkind. here too, venus in scorpio calling.

      1. Annie (Venus in Scorpio) also wrote a very beautiful song for the 1993 Dracula film, Love Song for a Vampire. My own Venus in Scorpio resonates…

        ‘Once I had the rarest rose
        That ever deigned to bloom
        Cruel winter chilled the bud
        And stole my flower too soon

        Oh, loneliness, oh, hopelessness
        To search the ends of time
        For there is in all the world
        No greater love than mine‘

      2. Reading Annie Lennox lines from ‘Love Song for a Vampire’ again, I realize how bleak the words seem… To come alive, they probably need the context of the Coppola film about Dracula (played by Gary Oldman) and Winona Ryder as his eternal love

      3. wow! I didn’t know she had venus in scorpio! this explains a lot to me. thanks calcifer. I have no recollection of the dracula song. yet I’ve seen the movie so many times (“see me. see me now” <3 <3 <3). I’ll do some research.

  20. I have 8th-house-transit-Cappie-Venus squaring my natal Venus-in-Boots-in-11th (Aries.. ) today! (But almost trining Toro ascendant). I Love Hendrix, but today was about grieving lost creative projects (de-cluttering garage) / learning the lesson to apply elsewhere .. Thanks Mystic for saging these heady days with your Words !!🙏x

    1. Bjork is Cappy Venus! “You know that I love you
      So don’t make me say it
      It would burst the bubble
      Break the charm”

      1. Hiya Sphinx, isn’t music the Venusian antidote to end them all ..? (Softening squares, trellising trines..😄) Bjork is Genius.. Last Scorp season (solar), with Mars in Aries & Saturn in Cap, I got my second wind remembering her “Army of Me” (“and if you complain once more, you’ll meet an army of me ..”). When I (rarely) get really low I feel (even before hearing) Tori Amos’s “Mother” (she has like, described a particular emotion with music & words – spectacular). But more commonly if I’m ghostbusting/distributing it’s Stevie Nick’s Gold Dust Woman; maybe with an encore of Drukma Gyal’s five element purification mantra// Hildegard von Bingen//Luciana Mancini’s “Montilla ..🤣😭 (bit all over the shop, eh ?!) Xx

      2. **Err, “dust-busting” to rhyme with ghostbusting .. Not “distributing”. Auto-correct will end us all, starting with music & poetry, aaaggghh!!!

      3. Hi Earthstar, I do agree so much that ‘music is the Venusian antidote to end them all’. And I can completely imagine that you got your second wind from Björk’s ‘Army of Me’ during Mars in Aries & Saturn in Cap. It also happens to be one of husband’s favorite songs, and he has a Sun-Mars conjunction in Sagittarius (very ‘army of me’) :-))

      4. Ah Calcifer!! It took me a wee while to gather feelings/thoughts after that last *heavy* full moon conjunct my natal Saturn ..(!! Argh!!😔) – But here we are. And your husband has excellent taste!! I believe the funky sounds of Army of Me are due in no small part to Bjork’s collabs (definitely work-wise, and eventually personally, but not sure when) with music producer Goldy. I heard the song described somewhere as “industrial” sounding, but that speaks more to Nine Inch Nails sounds to me (another band I loved in youth). Anyway – am talking more lovingly to myself now than mid Aries-in-Mars and Sat-in-Cap Army of Me days, but it was a good bit of aural Berocca for the time, lol ..😆😂 Hope you are pacing yourself dear Calcifer ..Xoo

      5. Good to hear that you are more gentle with yourself, now that 2020’s epic Saturn-Pluto-Mars square in Cardinal signs is well and truly behind us, Earthstar! Am personally doing a bit better too, work is intense but not as hectic. Take care! 🌟🙏

  21. i love this song….i have Venus in libra….courtly love…? ( i wish )…and castles…?
    the avalon video for roxy music??? mmmmm
    luurve venus…

    1. Love Avalon! I’m sure the Libran slave to style Ferry is a Venusian Prince, and he’s come down to Earth to regale us with his impeccable everything (Venus in Virgo..what else?)
      Astro buff too, as he sings about his Gemini Moon in his album Horoscope.

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