Alchemy Baths Every Night Till The Eclipse

We could, seriously, do an Alchemy Bath every night until the Eclipse. The Full Moon in Aries one in early October, that is. Seven weeks or whatever of non-stop Alchemy Baths.

You probably already know what these are – I did – BUT the term “Alchemy Bath” is from the astrologer Steve Nelson.

My version of it is a the whole box of baking soda + a kilo of epsom salts & voila – energy shift, toxins (both literal and psychic) leeched out, minerals infused and skin softened.

You can go off your head googling the rad benefits of Alchemy Baths, add grated ginger or lavender,  play Hippy Whale Music,  burn a black candle and cast spells or skulk in glorious sloth.

The Alchemy Bath will still work. The only “rule” is that you need to get up and go straight to bed afterward, no stuffing about on anything electronic,  no product – just zonk yourself straight into bed.

Your sleep will be rejuvenatory beyond belief and you’ll dream incredible dreams. Alchemy Baths turn leaden emotions and low spirits into some psychic version of gold. They’re especially useful in high-intensity astro like this.

Who’s in?

Image: Jim Steranko

82 thoughts on “Alchemy Baths Every Night Till The Eclipse”

  1. ShineFromTheInside

    This is the concoction I use when taking normal baths (bi carb soda + magnesium sulfate + lavender oil)! Who knew they were Alchemy Baths!

    It’s great to use as an exfoliator too, just be sure to really moisturise afterwards!

  2. Sounds fab! If it hasn’t been mentioned already, don’t forget to buy the aluminium free bicarb for an even more alchemical soak. Also very good for a gargle or two xx

  3. I do mine with Ylang-Ylang & only soak for 20 minutes so as not to re-absorb any toxins (since I’ve heard this, Mars in Virgo wouldn’t allow me to sit there any longer) and then I do a plain warm water rinse. SWEET dreams!

    1. Ah, never made that connection. Water moon in 4th, conjunct Neptune… of course baths are what I turn to when I’m out of sorts- my sanctuary.

      One thing I love to do is oatmeal in an old (clean) stocking, tied at the end, in the bath. Don’t know if it’s got any psychic benefits, but the water feels silky and lovely.

  4. Okay! I take baths almost every day anyway. They are definitely one of the upsides to being single.

    I’m into the astrology now. My Libra game feels tight. I got hit on and flirted with more today than I think I have all year. Nothing special going on today, just going about my business and not letting anything derail me.

    This is the first part of a Saturn exam I’m getting. I know the rest of it will be here with the eclipses and will probably not be as easy as this part, but I am ready.

  5. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    I have to do them in a tin bath…have only done epsom salts, will add some baking soda next time! Maybe some ginger too!

  6. This sounds PERFECT to me! I wouldn’t be able to do it every night, though. Probably just once a week until then, perhaps I could pick the most astro-auspicious day each week…….

    Man! I am really LZ-ing and then Lilith-self-righteously-pissed off at my current love situation. Just like the astro says we shouldn’t do! But…..I’m not acting on it. It’s an inside job, working with it within myself. Wrote out all kinds of intensive telling-off letters, and then my feelings of longing and intense desire, and of course did not send any of this to him! And I won’t……we don’t really stay in touch day to day, no cutesy little texts or anything. It’s kind of ‘clean’ that way….. In one of the songs I wrote a line says ‘never known something so pure’…… and this song wasn’t written for him, but it kind of fits. Although, I don’t think the true nature of our connection is very pure. It feels like there is energy from the past there. We have some nodal connections: His NN at my Ascendant/ SN at my Descendant. His Saturn and Pluto are flanking my SN. There is some transcendant and some heavy energy between us.

    Anyhow……………..I’m gonna do these baths! There is so much GUNK I need to get rid of in my energy fields!!!

    Also, I just LOVE what someone (sorry I can’t remember/find who it was, but thanks!) said in the last thread about not wasting a Neptune transit on the guy that was in her life. That was brilliant and just what I needed to hear because I have Neptune transiting my Moon at 7 Pisces right now. It was on my Moon for quite awhile, then backed up into retrograde and will be running right over my Moon again soon, I imagine.

    1. of course take with grains of Celtic salt as I don’t know shit about your particulars flowerchild, however I have had SN rels and just bear in mind that with those heavy-hitting SN connections, this strong bond you feel might be about bringing you karmic lessons rather than a lifelong love. Aaaand, Neptune. all the best x

      1. Yeah, at 46, I’m not so interested in any more heavy hitting karmic lessons. Perhaps the lesson here is to side-step the whole thing. He makes that pretty easy in that he seems pretty ‘whatever’ about the whole thing even though he keeps coming back, too.

        The draw here for both of us, I think, has been his Venus conjunct my Mars in Pisces right on my MC and opposing my Pluto in Virgo on my IC. Angular planets and a gnarly Mars/Pluto opposition and his lovely Venus has fallen into that mess….

        1. Flowerchild, as mystic keeps saying “if the best you can say about the relationship is that it’s karmic…..”

          And do you really want to be with someone who is “whatever” about you??

          Of course he’s gonna keep coming back for sex.

          1. Exactly! I think when I was younger I perceived karmic connections as ‘exciting’ and therefore thought that they would go toward a positive/idealistic outcome but learned through the years that those types of relationships were mostly the opposite of that. So, in this one, since it’s looking like I’ve caught another of these fish, I think I’d better run in the other direction!

            And yeah, of course I don’t want to be with someone who is ‘whatever’ about me. It’s part of the reason I’m able to stay away from it for long periods of time because it makes me lose interest, too, when someone is like that, though in the past, I might have got more magnetized. At the moment, I feel ambivalent. Very attracted, yet not going to accept, in the long run, less than total love and devotion.

            It boggles my mind why he would return for the sex…..especially after so long apart. He’s 32 years old, 14 years younger than me, and he’s hot, so why bother with me? I think why he bothers with it at all is because he is experiencing the karmic connection too but he’s unaware of that whole world view so he doesn’t know why he comes back, it’s unconscious on his part. Perhaps he’ll find someone he really likes more his age and then disappear…..
            The growth here for me, is that this would have upset me so much in the past, but it doesn’t now. I can entertain both the fact that I am insanely attracted to him and really love him and feel a bit obsessed, and also the fact that this is just not going to go anywhere, and if it does, it’s not going to go anywhere ‘good’, so it’s best just to acknowledge it and then leave it… In the past I would have slit my wrists over this one…..

  7. There’s more heat in my body from practicing ashtanga (all that ujjayi breath + super-vata nature = I’m burning up all my water and can’t stay hydrated) and gonna try out their castor oil Saturday bath ritual…castor oil is pretty magical, I’ve used it on my abdomen before when I was having digestive trouble and I’m curious to see what it does for the joints and muscles. Ordered some essential oils (ylang ylang, iris) to mask the smell and get my aromatherapy on. Done epsom salt soaks before but not noticed very much of a difference though baths are always A+ because Taurus moon.

    I can feel myself enjoying being in a semi-manic state and about to burn out. It feels great now and I’m being super productive, creative, and sane (my former barometer for whether or not there was a problem) but I know the patterns. When I go SO out there SO fast in my mind I feel euphoria because I feel like I am solving a puzzle and sewing together significance. Then when my brain needs a rest I get frustrated, having to exist within time (because when I am in flow I am outside of it) triggers depression, self-flagellation, and a panicked or desperate need for even more escape. So I want to re-evaluate my attachment to these states and cushion both the up and the down, break this dichotomy of “out there” and “down here” by infusing synesthesia, ritual, and reverence for the cyclical nature of this place into everything I do. Some times are for expansion and some times are for integration…being unnaturally stuck in one mode or the other is the only problem.

    1. I like how you describe the dual patterns, Rache, as being within time and outside of it.
      Have noticed recently how this manifests in my life, though i feel it as artmind and organised mind, and have been aiming to understand how it works for me so I can access both, as in shift states easily without feeling blocked.

      Like in the last 10 years I have become increasingly tuned into organised mind. This has brought me some material benefits as in buying a house etc but really led me way away from artmind. And the financial difficulties and uncertainties of the zap zone these last couple of years have brought me back to artmind, which is very healing for me phsically, as my body is less stressed and i feel in a neptinian flow vibing with me and the dog looking at plants near the lake everymorning
      (which is different to my marsuranusvirgo in 12th organised mind in high gear, reading everything, planning weeks and years ahead, fretting about disorganisation etc).

      And I recently found out that I am almost 45% kapha, next 30% vata, then pita the least, which surprised me as I have a lot of Aries placements. I may have been a lot more pita when i was younger? Got an electronic readout of this before doing a Lucia light strobing treament, which was awesome btw

        1. Mine is Teiwaz, Warrior, symbol -> the arrow. I write with arrows so commonly in pen eg that’s my bullet point. Tiw is the God which is the Norse equivalent of Zeus/Jupiter. There is also a left hand link as well as the ability to outsmart wolves lol 🙂


          1. Scorporation, Inc.

            Nice 🙂 Admittedly I don’t know much about runes, haven’t worked with them (in this life). It’s high time I learn, considering my Germanic heritage and this vague rage I feel in my solar plexus when I consider the way Hitler manipulated them… They’re very interesting, must learn more about the runes!

            1. Oh I see, the poor Germans were manipulated by Hitler into starting a world war, murdering around 8 million Jews, homosexuals and gypsies the list goes on.
              Just following orders ? Right. Must have been hard for them.
              Next time you feel that ache in your solar plexus bend over and give yourself a nice big uppercut. It might bring you to your senses.
              The idea that one person is responsible for these crimes against humanity is ignorance in its worst form. And perpetuating the idea just makes other ignorant people feel comfortable to chime in with their horrific lies. As can be seen below.

              1. Omg, David chill – Scorp Inc was talking about the runes and symbols such as the swastika being manipulated – not the german people.

                1. “Next time you feel that ache in your solar plexus bend over and give yourself a nice big uppercut”.

                2. Scorphy,thanx babe..if others knew how muc I hurt at night when I come home from massage..

                  How can I put 4h

            2. This has to be one of the most disgusting lies I have ever read. I’m not sure why you hate Jews, I don’t really care. But to express your hatred that way is pure evil.
              Why not take your foul soul to some other blog that is set up for this kind of thing.
              Here’s hoping you step in front of a fast moving bus in the near future.

              1. Now I will put a rider on this response. The line appears to connect my comment to yours. If it doesn’t dismiss this comment. If it does my following comment will allay your concerns.

                We’ll harsh words especially after you did not ask for clarification. First of all it would benefit your understanding that I do not hate the Jews. If the Gazans stopped fighting and their insurgencies there’d be peace. If Israel stopped fighting there’d be no Israel!

                Second Hitler was a political opportunists and his heritage is in Jewry in part. Like many, most have multi heritages. So saying that does not make me a hater of Jews. He stepped into take power and exploit the unrest of the German people over the somewhat harsh reparations of WW1. Why Hitler used the “Aryan” race is a complete mystery as his physical visage was not that of what he was supposedly supporting.

                In fact my closest friend, in Sydney, is a Jew.

                To wish me under a bus is unusual.

            3. I’ve had mine for a couple of decades but confess I don’t use them much currently. Love the way they feel in my hands though, resonates with my earth energy or harks back to days of yore..
              Centaurus 🙂

    1. “too much trying (and buying) random shit in an attempt to control your fate is delusional and wasteful”

      I hear you!! Not even a fan of Feng Shui and I’ve had it professionally done too. Waste of $$. It’s bullshit. During the most awesome times in my life, I didn’t even know Feng Shui existed. I had an untidy abode with stuff under my bed *quelle horreur*… heaps of lovers and all that good stuff…. Not deluding myself in thinking that buying a new bed is going to change anything now. Not that I can afford it on my student budget. So MEH!

      I have natal Saturn in the 2nd. It squares my Jupiter in Taurus in 4th.

      But like you said – nothing personal. Just not my cup of tea.

  8. Simple question: No bath in the house. Recommendations on substitutions? Kiddie Pool? Ice Bucket Challenge Alchemy Bath? Get my roommate to spray me with a hose while I rub baking soda and epsom salt all into my pores?

    1. I don’t have a bath either 🙁
      But I do foot-soaks.
      Just get a big enough bowl or plastic basin to fit both feet, find a place to sit comfortably, place towel beneath the bowl, ease feet in and relax.

  9. I need one of these muthafuqin baths, i’ve had the insomnia for a week. Mars on Saturn in my sign, right?

    astro revision discovery: When Mars conjuncted the North Node in Oct 2012, it did so on my DC, just as a majorly fated and important relationship was starting up. Far out, hey? I knew the NN there had tripped something, don’t know how I missed the Mars Factor before.

    Enjoy the alchemy astro homies, sleep deep, dream big and wow, everything is about phoenixing right now!

    1. Tell me about it dude!
      I have never worked so hard in my life.
      I just feel so close to end of one journey and the beginning of another. I can’t afford to take my eye off the ball now. At least that’s how it feels.
      Oh and insomnia, check x

  10. I’m a Taurus – I live for alchemy baths! Been doing them all my life but not knowing there was a name for them. Rad.

  11. I’m IN!
    Coincidentally and because I’m psychic except when I’m stupid lol I happen to have 25kgs of magnesium sulphate (that’s Epsom salts right?) lying in my bathroom just waiting to be used up.
    Stupid ex brief but transformative (via reflecting my own unresolved crap back at me so disturbingly it could not be described as anything but a massive awakening actually thought it was a big bag of drugs?????
    Have morphed into career focused sociopath and don’t give a fuq about men or their feelings. Sorry guys, I’m all used up, try next door.
    I am now so over “the occasional drink” or sex just for fun and rescuing cute guys with complicated lives it’s freaky.
    Literally do not give a SHIT.
    NO more fuss to give as they say.
    Hilariously I misread Voila in the post as vodka and went “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaqt?”
    Are you High?
    Have a reading with Steve booked for tomorrow evening!
    (gloat gloat)
    Also was looking at cheap flats and with a bit of massive, determined effort on my part I could conceivably get on the property ladder this year without anyone else’s help.

    Best news of all (yeah I saved it till last)

    I finally found THE PERFECT ACCOUNTANT / FINANCIAL PLANNER. Through Meet ups!
    Go to meet ups guys! They are awesome!
    He TOTALLY gets my biz plan and even got the analogue vs digital joke in my email after the first meeting.
    I said “I want to deal with you, not your boss because your boss feels analogue and you seem digital.”
    He is giving me a reduced rate because of all the referrals I will send him via my biz plan, has his own co which btw is totally paperless 🙂

    1. Fantastic! Well done.

      Property – big yes. Fingers crossed. Every queen needs her own castle.

      An accountant that ‘gets’ jokes should be cloned.

      Happy for you 🙂

      1. Thank you MiM
        Yes, he SHOULD be cloned.
        He’s actually a very tall, handsome black dude with the coolest female empowerment – yeah digital mindset ever. I met him when Jupiter was exact on my Venus and it was my Venus return too but I meant what I said about being off sex. I’m just over it.
        Maybe I could go for something Tantric and deep in future but bleh. Even just thinking about it leaves me cold.
        Writing about it however, different story altogether.
        Still dyslexically struggling with formatting and structure but slogging away every day. Only doing Alchemy baths and yoga for a while…
        Feel so tired and slothful.
        The mate I was going to India with in late Sept has to do some family thing now so we are looking at moving it forward to Feb. Feb sucks here anyway and I might as well crack on with the writing. i’m in the flow. It’s just much slower than I thought it would be.
        Feel very very bitchy. I laughed when I saw the Lindsey Lohan picture and nodded like a dog in the back of a moving car when I read the post.

        My level of bluntness is verging on sociopathic right now. Some idiot tweeted me publicly on my feed about “The Other Woman being defect where her rival fails” Oh sorry by idiot I mean a man who pays me to write but is in love with me. I just went OFF. In retrospect it’s amusing but I said that the song was pure sarcasm with some black humour thrown in and added the “Woman Is The Nigger Of The World” quote by Yoko Ono.
        I could not stop the tirade, adding that the word RIVAL implies that women are somehow in competition with each other, not for jobs or financial security but for the attention of men. That in our society girls are taught to prioritise marriage yet boys are not generally raised to have the same value system. I went on to mention how many married women cry themselves to sleep and that the implication that marriage to a philandering hypocrite is culturally deemed to be the optimal choice and that women who choose to spend their lives a lo ho ho ho ne are to be pitied? really? I don’t think so Mr. I don’t see why women are not encouraged to be sexual beings in the way that men are except because it makes us easier to control as a gender. The threat of being outcast or raped, killed, whatever as a single woman is massive and obviously many women marry for security because it’s frightening to have freaks trying to get into your flat in the middle of the night and I live in a democracy with an awesome police dept. I said that my RIVALS are patriarchs, bigots, racists and fundamentalist but NOT WOMEN.
        Pfff as if being married to a philandering hypocrite is going to make you happy and being single and free is not? There is an insidious kind of 50’s fake “girl power feminism” I’m seeing a lot of which makes me sick. Young girls are given the message that they can have ambition but not be too ambitious otherwise they will threaten THE MAN.

        Cuppa Lilith brew anyone?

        1. Invicta, darling, I think it’s safe to say we all can feel the emotions just pouring through your keyboard and out of our computer screens and I for onefeel the same way. I am, however, compelled to say this: just as women are not our “rivals”, men are not the ” enemy “. I’m all for girl power but men are an important part of the equation of balance. I’m not solely referring to romantic relationships, but rather any human/human relationship in whatever form it comes in: partner, father, neighbor, friend, brother, or even a total stranger. The universe does not characterize us by gender-of-birth, but has simply created two opposite enenergies that compliment each other (or should) andwhen paired, these energies create the balance on which nature exists. You are entitled to be a solitary bird flying south alone and navigating your way all by yourself, but keep in mind that we birds fly in a V-shape, together, for many reasons. Security, reduction of drag from the air so as not to waste or use energy unnecissarilly that could be directed/expended elsewhere perhaps on something crucial, the younger learning the way from the older, etc. You don’t have to stay with flock to survive, but nature designed us that way for a reason. You don’t have to pair-up to be happy, go ahead…declare and enjoy your independence and strength… But don’t forget that without balance all we are is wobbly.

          1. And now to grab my Epsom salt, bicarb, and ess. oil to round-off my night. Just prepping for my alchemy bath has me in a more relaxed state. 🙂

  12. Stephanie Pierre

    RIGHT ON!!! I”ve been doing salt balts/scrubs with Epsom, essential oils, etc, everyday since the VIRGO NEW MOON. I’ll tweak it by adding the suggested Na HCO 3. So loved that you shared.

  13. Totes in! And I’ll be at the spa and sauna on the weekend… And a full body skin scrub to really let go of the old and drinks lots of h2o x

  14. YES! All of the above and with a good dollop of coconut oil, whatever nice smelling oils take your fancy, and sleep alone. Preferably in star position in the middle of the bed. If you are partnered, just feign an upset tummy/headache and go to bed early.
    I am not on mains water (rainwater tanks here, so one has to be careful with water usage!), so I always say a little thankyou to the Rain Gods and wish the byproducts of my cleansing an ‘Adieu’ as I pull the plug.

    1. Scorporation, Inc.

      Oh I love adding scents to the mix! Libra moon. Set sail…

      I too only use rain water, R. Constant eye on conserving that alchemical bath from above 😉

    2. Great stuff, R! Wish I had a rainwater tank. Post bath guilt-free slumps are one of the major benefits to being single imho, hah.

  15. Scorporation, Inc.

    Oh yeah: the Alchemy Bath! Was mentioned in the scopes a bit ago & I thought it sounded so fab, like just the thing for so many things. Love it. I could commit to once or twice a week, myself. Saturn says.

    1. Buckle (Aries, Pisces Asc, Gem Moon)

      Yes, once or twice a week would be enough for me too!

      My Saturn in Virgo just went:

      1kg Epsom salts = $8
      Box of Bi-carb = $2 (at least)
      x 7 days = $70 per week
      x 7 weeks = $420…
      and $420 = a weekend away instead!

        1. Scorporation, Inc.

          Holy crap! I was just thinking of time constraints, didn’t even realize the cheddar involved. Astounding.

    1. I already sleep beyond belief. My dreams are off the charts!
      Neptune conj Sun. No mugwort required. Tried it. Didn’t work.

    1. Scorporation, Inc.

      Kiddie pool?

      Make a paste of soda & salts & slather it on in a hot shower while you steam & meditate?

      1. fish out of water

        thanks Scorporation, Inc 🙂 kiddie pool def out of the question – I’m in an upstairs flat – paste/slather option sounds more my speed … I especially like the grated ginger &/or lavender additive option – might do it after my therapy session tomorrow afternoon.

      1. Scorporation, Inc.

        Mmm… maybe some music, some scents (in a diffuser if you don’t want to put them in your paste), low light… ahh it’s working already!

    2. Buckle (Aries, Pisces Asc, Gem Moon)

      For many years I only had access to a shower. I liked sprinkling some essential oil around the edges of the shower (just in the corners so that you do not slip on it) and then the hot water and steam makes for a great aromatic experience. Eucalyptus or Rosemary is great for this. You can incorporate the epsom salts etc in a scrub, as you said.

      Also, I’ve been watching the Japanese channel a lot on TV and now I want to get a little stool to sit on in the shower. I got this idea from how people in Japanese bath houses sit down on a little stool and have a wash before they get in a communal hot tub. I think it would be great to sit on a proper stool while, e.g., scrubbing your feet. Sounds much better than balancing on one leg or plonking your bum on the tiles!

      1. oh wow, I just had a tea tree shower and it was fab! thanks for this great tip! looking around for a damp-resistant stool now…. 🙂

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