Pisces, Aquarius Rising

“You’re Pisces, Aquarius Rising…You were born to be loved, but you don’t realize it.”

This is not how i would necessarily interpret being Pisces, Aquarius Rising and I AM that.  Great line though!

How i wish La Piscine explored this theme at length. But this late Sixties New Wave Chic Noire French movie is more focussed on simmering lusts amid ostensibly bourgeois folk.

It’s a super-Neptunian movie. Wine, Sobriety, Fashion, Yearning, The Ocean, A Swimming Pool Around Which People Do A Lot of The Drinking & Yearning.  A fractured Father-Daughter relationship and a homicide add some Pluto in there. And then there is carping about career failures to bring a touch of Saturn.

Question: Where is the interpretation of Pisces, Aquarius Rising being “born to be loved” but not realizing it from?

Francoise Hardy – my favorite Sixties Supermodel Turned Astrologer?  Or is the character simply attempting to deploy astrology to her seduction cause?

It would not be the first time someone has tried this on, obviously.

Image: La Piscine

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  1. Hubs is Pisces/Aqua rising. He’s a lot like how I imagine Einstein would’ve been, a little shuffly and shaggy with his slippers and “that’s cool, man” sort of vibe, but with this crazy hair and far-out thoughts and random brilliant truth-bombs. He’s not obsessed with anything, like how I get. Mostly just chill, with a few flashes of lightning here and there to make him zingy. He adores me and likes being in love, but honestly, if he hadn’t met me, he’d be one of those messy-pad, Star Wars-loving bachelor nerd types.

  2. I have experienced this a lot. I tend to analyze every situation, symbol, person deeply and thoroughly, but then it often happens that some people see that I am creating problems for myself. Like, when I am discussing about serious issues or philosophise about some things, I have often got answers like: “hey, you don’t have to take things too seriously, you are born to be loved and you don’t even realize it”. So some may think that I am worrying over my life or things that I shouldn’t, but instead I am making connections. Misunderstood that way. I’m Pisces sun, Aqua moon

  3. I feel like as a pickup line, it would work only on people before they’d experienced a major Saturn transit to say, Venus or moon. After that, you’d have to be pretty immune to the raised eyebrow situation. Perhaps. 🙂

  4. Ok, I’m a Pisces Moon 1st house, Aquarius Sun 12th house and rising. This is the sort of thing that I would never have agreed with when I was younger but I now identify with it very much.

    1. Although, I’d like to add that pretty much anything I see like this in a movie I would assume is just some random bit of poetry a writer thought sounded right but, you know, that writer may have channelled it completely unconsciously as well.

  5. Slightly off topic but I’m awed at one of mm’s thoughts about Pisces moons- maybe just Pisces in general that we are subconsciously affected by whatever media we consume ( so play to it if you’re trying to get one lol). The other day I looked down at my weirdly (for me) preppy outfit after binging a southern reality show and realized this is so true. This post is inspiring me to watch some la piscine!

    1. Pisces Moons are super sponges, I have always wanted/tried to become whatever was my favorite character of whatever book I was reading. Day to day I find it very easy to dress myself, and I love very specific clothing and my favorite pieces I will wear to tatters because they’re irreplaceable, but when I’m meeting someone new who I want to be seen by as my truest, most comfortable self I always feel a bit shaggy and uncertain like nothing quite suits/expresses the most updated version of me.

    2. You know, maybe this would explain my increasing consumption of romanto-ero-literature after bathing in Multi-Libra vibes for so long. Bloody hell. Those mars in Libras. I’ve been researching. *Raises eyebrow*

      I made a clean exit from a (semi-professional) encounter with the younger multi libran recently. Oracle said just be more mysterious and sophisticated, or something like that. Ok no worries. I needed to redeem myself socially a bit anyway. Wore cool shoes though because #geminirising, or whatever. Ha

      1. ;), not really the bodice rippers, Barbara Cartland is a bridge too far… I’ve just discovered Kathy Acker, whose eclectic-theoretical-fiction-multimedia style I think I find really inspiring too. And another writer whose work I haven’t really paid attention to before. I am not into the kind of tawdry and obvious stuff, it just seems, like, well I could just dream up my own trash fantasy instead surely (Capricorn moon ever the emotional economist? Sigh/lol).
        Anyway.. never say never.. #mutable hahaah x

  6. My only relationship was with a Pisces-Aquarius rising. They were definitely loveable and to a larger degree they knew they were meant to be loved and were loveable. However they have a tendency to choose lovers who are not quite able to do this (myself included.) They wind up being co-dependent caretakers. (Even though its one of the most gentle patterns it is still co dependency) When I still wondered about it my thoughts went to 1. either they’re too idealistic/’detached’ or 2. they want to be loved so much that they lay themselves out for their partner (who in this person’s history are always ‘strong’, but numb women.) and when the bubble pops they’re so startled by the dishonesty.
    This person would bend over backwards for their lover, but have some serious gaps when it comes to general relationships with platonic friends.

    1. One of the more heartbreaking astro finds was that Bruce is in that early decan Libra. Man those guys are trouble. And I’ve experienced a bunch of them.

      1. Hahaha yes probably trouble or at least tricky. Libra men bring out my Lilith too. Hasn’t Bruce been married for a long time though?

      2. Aww man, my experience is exactly the opposite. Megalomaniac powertrippers, every one one them…and I’ve know/dated/still have to deal with at least six.
        totally don’t even bother with the Libran pretense of diplomacy. Violence involved as well too.

  7. If the dialogue is from writer/director Jacques Deray, may I offer this laissez-faire astro interp: his sun is at 0 degrees Pisces opp Neptune in Leo and trine a Cancerian moon… Merc in early Aqua. Lovely astro for a film-maker. Perhaps he was himself Aqua rising and either knew it or sensed it???

    1. Oooh nice one. So that’s where the whole Pisces theme comes from. My theory on Aquarius Rising was because it just sounds a hell of a lot hipper than say Cancer or Virgo Rising. It was considered tres hip to be Aquarius at the time – what with the song “This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” being huge then too … Hair & all that.

      1. I agree with your theory – it was the zeitgeist of the time. I must watch this film. Such improbably beautiful people! And the art direction… the pink of the glassware, and the flowers, the green of her dress and the foliage behind. Just stunning.

    2. Just checked J Deray’s horoscope Chrysalis (my v pernickety Pluto in Virgo) & apparently his birth time is 10.15 am – so making him a Gemini Rising.
      Also, you will be happy to know that his Gary is conjunct Mercury in Aqua & on his MC – no less. Explains a lot regarding some of his other more bloke-y/gangster films.

      PS Gary conjunct Pluto today.

      1. Oh fab you found his birthdate! (Fellow multi-Virgo here lol).
        LOVE that his Merc is on his MC.

        And thank you for the Gary reference! Brightened my day
        If Gary is on Pluto then he’s just cruised past my moon and Lilith. I’m sure I felt the vibe. I have been wearing my ugg boots a LOT recently xx

  8. Personally, I’d say anything — astrologically accurate or not — to seduce Alain Delon in his prime… Oooh la la – c’est magnifique! Now, where’s my time machine?

    1. My first thought! Haha, I am she is attempting to intrigue and make him look even more desirable to viewers…as if that was necessary to add to the script.

  9. As an Aqua rising, Aquarius is not the sign that was born to be loved. In fact, if there is any sign that couldn’t care less about being loved, it’s Aquarius, the anti-Leo. If someone does show love, we’re the sort to run away, disappear, or push that away unless it’s hopping on a UFO with a space cowboy to Mars. Even then, there will be some other motive there that has little to do with love.

    I’d venture to say that Pisces in general is the sort that is the epitome of “born to be loved and doesn’t realize it,” but not when coupled with Aquarius rising. A more apt quote for that combination would be “born to be loved but doesn’t want it.”

    I think this is just the film’s way of trying to be some sort of new age edgy without properly knowing the source material. Pisces with Cancer rising fits the quote better, but the way the words of the signs themselves sound doesn’t have the same otherworldly verbal and visual aesthetic as the Piscean/Aquarian combination.

    1. Oh my, I though just the opposite! Leo ruling the 7th house of intimate 1 on 1 relationships is just so lovely in love! Maybe not for everyone – but for their beloved and their lucky friends, they are just devoted and loyal as they (most coolly) come!

    2. This is so off topic MM I have to say sorry, but PF I peeked at Ricciardo’s chart.. triple gemini (moon mercury Jupiter.. Media Darling <3), mars and Venus in Leo (Hero, and super hot), mars square Pluto in Scorpio (get out of my way), triple cap (generation signature?), north node in aqua. Sun exact Chiron in cancer: charisma, understands the battle/struggle.

      Ok resume pisces aqua transmission

      1. His gorgeousness completely dazzles me. We have a mars Saturn conjunction in Leo, his Jupiter exact on my ASC, my mars on his aqua node exact. I’m adding him to my Role Model pantheon (and pin-up wall…SUCH a babe) he really deserves this win:)

    3. Was in Italy’s national motor museum last week (drooool) & thought of you, Pf – though of course you don’t really like Italian cars…

    4. This is what I was trying to write… but you did it better! And I didn’t think of the Cancer rising…

    5. As an actual multiple Aqua, I disagree. We just don’t buy into the codependent crap that most of the world thinks is “love”–and this persistent misconception that Aquarians run away from love is actually us running away from fuqtards or people we sense want to “change us” or make us “normal,” or impose goofy neediness and demands in the pretense of “responsibility to the relationship.” Or worse, suck our genius up for themselves. At worst, we don’t understand interpersonal responsibility the way other people seem to; we don’t expect shit from other people, and we don’t remotely understand how they seem to think they’re entitled to whatever it is they think they’re entitled to…especially without having laif it out and discussed it first. Which is invasive and power-tripping. So when we run? What we’re really avoiding is the power-tripping. But I have Venusconj.Epona in Pisces as well, so yeah, I run free.

      But I agree this phrase was used only because it sounded cool, not that is was supposed to mean anything.

      Fun fact: Brian Jones used to have Anita Pallenberg dress him up like Francoise Hardy.

      1. To clarify: I have always found it very true of us Aquas what Linda Goodman said so long ago: “Aquarians of both sexes place a high value on friendship. Aquarians rarely realize that their definition of friendship is interchangeable with the definition of real love. The Water Bearers never ask for more in friendship than they’re willing to give in return.” (;-) I realize it, which is why I’m friends with pretty much all of my exes which always upsets current lovers. Which is mystifying to me.)

        1. If you love something, set it free. I deeply feel this when I am in love
          Like, proper real love, not infatuation. How can it be called love if it consists of control and limitation? Naturally, I ask for the same existential freedom in return… Thank you for articulating all this x

      2. HAHAHAH…with my Venus in Pisces and Pluto Rising…I know whactha mean, mang!

        In fact, I’m having it right now with a beautiful Scorp/Aries Rising…trying like hell to preserve the amazing friendship (Uranian) (while trying not to drown in Venusian/Plutonic compatibility (people around us say we sizzle) without it turning into the Tower tarot card.

        1. Oh I know this feeling. Exhaaalllee… Breathe, chill.. let them exist… Like cats and horses. Good men scare easily hahaha

        2. I hear ya Pi–it’s rough…his Venus/Jup conj. is bang on my Moon/Uran conj. My Mars right on his Asc. UGH.

    6. Randomly continuing though. Niki Lauda is a pisces sun (cj. Mars), Gemini rising. Capricorn moon too. I know right? And he has aries north node.. It makes me wonder if this was why James Hunt was such a good foil. He needed someone to compete against, who was also a kind of adversary-friend (libra south node… I think this polarity more than any other needs this, someone who genuinely pushes us but who also understands that our competitiveness is pure, not deatructive or political, and it is more than simply being a competing force, it is a kind of an expression of the will to live).
      He was only 27 when that crash happened. So young :/

  10. I think it has to do with how humble Aquarius and Pisces combo can be. The material world is an afterthought. We’ve evolved beyond romantic love, even if we still have a faint memory/premonition of what that meant to be? The idea of lusting after another is a cool desire. We idealize, we intricate another with the semipsychic self that sees the beauty of how the other could be… so never stopping to wonder if the creature in front of us hasn’t also evolved beyond their own basic lust. Throw a little mystical dreaminess and it makes the lusty muggles well, lusty. Because dontcha know so many want to prove themselves worthy of love that the lusty muggles just fall down and worship. But the pisces/aquarius wants the object of their desire to be worthy of them and worship for the material plane’s sake is just so…trite…

    1. And I forgot to mention how pisces morphs to the ideals of whoever beholds them… born to be worshipped and doesn’t even know it.

    2. I found myself gasping at parts of this – talk about nailed!

      The synchronicities I hit on this site are fabulous.
      Thank you MM and everyone.

      Greenwitch – Gem sun, Pisces moon and Aqua rising.

  11. motherofunicorns

    oh that’s me too. Not sure about the first part of that quote, but definitely relate to the second part of it.

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