Feb’s Plutonic Love Weirding

There is obviously scope for some sort of cultural-socio-political disruption/further fuqery following Pluto’s return to Aquarius on Jan 20/21 but this is not about that.

I’d like to bring your attention to the fabulous mid-Feb line-up of Venus, Mars and Pluto in Aquarius. They’re conjunct from Feb 12 to 23 and I’ll be detailing it all exactly in the Daily Mystic updates when they return next week.

However, it’s definitely the most out-there Valentine’s Day astro I’ve ever seen and at Zero degrees Aquarius, it resonates with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at that exact same degree on the December 21/22 Solstice back in 2020.

The pandemic – which was more of a Saturn-Pluto production – definitely screwed with our experience of that profound aspect but it did initiate a new phase of development, thought and more.

And the mid-Feb plutonic convergence will reward or reveal the results from whatever innovation you sparked then. If you’re all like ‘enough with the waffling about innovation, woman’, get to the good bit – I hear ye! But even if you’re planning the greatest mating coup in history this Feb, it invariably links back to some new form of genius you hatched in late 2020 or early 2021.

Still, Venus-Pluto, Venus-Mars and Mars-Pluto alignments on their own are remarkable but when all three occur together, something rad is up.

To figure out where it’s influencing your personal energies, just check out the house where transit Pluto is in your year ahead transits report, if you have one. I may also see if I can make the Daily Horoscopes show a bit further ahead in Feb, so you can see what else is being zapped up by this power-house of an aspect.

But broadly, think a la the birth of something unconventional or unprecedented in the realms of love, art, creativity and/or enterprise. Passion, plutonic drives and regenerative to the max yet channeled via a cool Aquarian prism.

It will link back to late 2020/early 2021 but really, it’s from the future, reflecting the nouveau-everything Pluto in Aquarius era.


Image: Amy Lincoln

46 thoughts on “Feb’s Plutonic Love Weirding”

  1. What did I begin at that time? It definitely brought its own version of love weirding. I relaxed a few expectations (i.e., the person needs to live within 130 km) while also making a little wish (‘hmm, I’d love to meet a guy like that character on that TV show!’). I had a whirlwind long-distance romance with someone like the TV show guy. However, the weirding also included Neptunian elements (high and low, and a Neptune transit squared my ASC and DSC). I found I was actually pretty happy, objectively speaking, with the distance and seeing the person every other week. We had great chemistry yet also genuinely liked and admired objective things about each other. But, low-Neptune elements lingered and things had to end.

    Perhaps what MM writes about is a signal of fate saying, “wish again!”

  2. Um. Had not realized this bit of solstice magic…December 21, 2020 was the day I removed my IUD at home after getting into some tequila because I decided contraception just wasn’t aligning with my values anymore. An ex pressured me into getting it “installed” in 2017 and the relationship ended in 2018 but every time I asked my OBGYN about removal she said I “might as well keep it just in case”. I didn’t like the idea of a device inside me or my doctor’s attitude so I took matters into my own hands quite literally. Glad I did it. The Astro alignment is pretty spooky!

    Pluto is in my 12th house this Valentine’s Day which is also Ash Wednesday. I feel like this will make sense in 2/3 more years, maybe?

  3. I unsubscribed from my dating app around mid December 2023 when Mercury went retro because I was fed up with it. Actually at first I snoozed the account and then I decided it to unsubscribe the app.
    I was thinking of re-activating it around mid February (more around the 17 cause the actual Valentine Day cringes me out) if the work that I am doing with my therapist will have sunken in enough for me. Had no idea it was going to be such a heated “out there” time 😅

  4. The election for Post Pluto Return US in November is looming as another monumental ‘moment’ for US and the World. Pluto will head into Aquarius for keeps 2 weeks after the election on the 5th.

    Trump, Jan 6, BLM, pandemic have all brought up classic Pluto themes, but Gaza seems to be sealing the deal by revealing just how broken things are. And I have never seen the US so isolated in the World.

    I can’t even imagine how this will play out, and the global knock on effects too.

    1. To tie into the theme of this post, I am now dating an American 60s Virgo with a Sun, Venus, Pluto and Uranus stellium. And yes, he is a gardener extraordinaire.

    2. Factions not to be mentioned seemed determined to bring the USofA to its knees.
      Opportunism from the unmentioned.
      Saw this the other day:
      Socialism…you have 2 cows. Give one cow to your neighbour.
      Communism…you have 2 cows, give both cows to the government, they may give you some milk.
      Fascism….you have 2 cows, you give all the milk to the government & they sell it.
      Nazism….you have, the government shoots you & takes both cows.
      Capitalism…..you have 2 cows, sell one, buy a bull.
      The last one may not appeal to everyone’s ideology but the alternatives very unappealing!

      1. How about a more socialist approach to capitalism? So, when you get calfs from the cow and the bull, you keep one for yourself and sell a second calf with the proceeds going to those who have nothing…
        The dilemma with capitalism is that people tend to get more egocentric once they become ‘owners’. They ‘need’ more and more. The most generous people are often those who own very little themselves…

  5. Mystic’s post is like a Plutonic push for change, giving me a chance to heal.

    The 2020 Saturn Jupiter conjunction was opposite my natal 5th house Uranus in Leo, the transiting Sun was conjunct Mercury on my 10th house cusp, transiting Venus was conjunct my natal NN in Sag, and Neptune and the Moon were conjunct my Pisces Ascendent and 12th house Mars. What seemed auspicious turned out to be anything but… I had not really begun to process those years yet.

    With more awareness now, I’m trying to get ahead of the coming Pluto-Mars-Venus alignment opposite natal 5th house Uranus. My thoughts are of course deal with 11th house relationships, but not of the romantic kind. I suppose that is a very fint possibility, in the sense that anything can happen, but Mars opposing Uranus might entail frustration or anger bubbling up, while Pluto opposite Uranus seems more transformation and long-lasting. With Venus in the mix, I think it might have a softening effect, or make me more artistically creative. Seems like an earthquake waiting to erupt, anyway.

  6. Good news day after 3 months of gruelling health glitches. maremma owner HAS home insurance & that covers their dog whom i found out has nasty hip back leg problems, hence her chomping on me from unexpressed pain, expressed it on me.
    Seems there can be a substantial payout. Money doesn’t actually buy health but will pay for some well touted health & well being supplements & it will buy comfort for my skinny ass.
    Didn’t check out the car i bought from a person that came from Wuhan….should that have alerted me?
    It doesn’t have electric windows making it difficult for Daisy to hang out the window without contortional movement from me.
    Paid double that it was worth as felt naked without wheels in the drive = freedom & escape. And he delivered it to my door. Sometimes need to do what’s easiest not what is best!
    It was the day Mercury went direct so still in shadow zone. Didn’t test drive it
    Have always felt Aquarian since ‘Age of Aquarius’ was sung in ‘Hair’ so the Venus & Mars action is on side for me in my relationship to myself. Comfort IS love to me.

  7. The Lion & The Centaur

    Oh boy. We have a Valentine’s day romantic getaway planned with Mr Sagg and I really hope that I can sprain his brain into some totally new and unhinged neural pathways regarding sex. He’s Mars conj Jupiter SQUARED by Saturn – poor baby. I’m a Venus square Mars, filthy 8th houser.

    But 2020 – it was existential dread re the ecological crisis and simultaneously my 1st house Uranus revving so so hard with Taurus era eco innovations, trying to get my start up off the ground, believing in all the great things… And being reduced to a cortisol-maxed out, chronically migrained, brainfogged, indebted, cynic and beaten-down pulp of a person. Now I feel the Uranus engine revving again and my body has been acupunctured, somatic yoga’d and avoid-everything-diet’ed back to health and my mind has been weeded of internalized capitalism, internalized neoliberalism and all sorts of productivity = worth as a human programming.
    I can also feel the existential dread – Gaza, Trump, Putin, NATO & Europe’s safety etc. Winds of change is playing on repeat in my head. I don’t think Pluto in Aquarius is going to be a walk in the park.

    1. Mr Sagg huh? You the Lion hearted. Sagg like a physical workout sexually, positions that are yogic or pilates orientated, long distance runners, usually with great bodies.
      Never known them to be that imaginative boudoir wise but when they are, they are!
      Stop watching world news, it’s not worth the distress. And yes it’s looking like not only Iceland erupting but domino effect is happening. Poor Gaia. All that heavy metal polluting the landscape. All that useless money being made by the manufacturers of said heavy metal.
      None of those leaders are having great sex as they are making war not love.

  8. erm well almost to the day of pluto moving into aqua is th epa’s t day of my tenancy.
    hello pluto in my solar 4th hse!
    im leaving the beloved town i have lived in for 23 yrs and temp moving in with the gardener gem ex
    thank god, otherwise i would b up the creek without a paddle
    i really hope Mystics correct abt scorps finding a power lair suited to them…think i need to to try & save a deposit tho… 🏡🦂

  9. My 5th house is at 0 degrees Aquarius and that’s where Pluto will beeeeeee! I’ve been told it’s a creative > energetic rebirth but I’m VERY open to some love action too lol 🥰

  10. Ah when Jupiter met Saturn. My life went from Jupiter to Saturn overnight. Things were getting so big and fun and whipped up, me the ringmaster, and then Saturn burst the bubble. It was bats. I was bats. And a number of people really did believe that some portal was going to open to the 5th Dimension in some spiritual bypass move, but 2021 just got more fractious and weird and ugly. Life got incredibly small for me, but I started an art course in mid life after not showing any ability previously. With a number of fixed placements to transit and square, I feel Aquarius from the opening move. My secret love affair grew very strong in this period though – he Mars, Pluto and Uranus tightly conjunct in Virgo (and a cute Neptune and Venus conjunction in Scorpio).

    I have been reflecting on this time period a lot. I look forward to seeing how Feb plays out.

      1. Chrysalis yes. I’m trying to recall late 2020 tbh, I think the radioactive dust from the mushroom cloud of early 2020 (that triple conjunction was on my moon) was just settling in. I don’t need any more depth-charges for a bit mhmm.

      2. On a high-minded note though Chrysalis, in hindsight, how did it end up for you, from a transformative perspective..? Is it ok to ask ?

      3. Joining the late-Cap moon support group.
        Hi, my name is 5HC and I have been whipped and whipped and whipped to nothingness by Uncle Pluto.

      4. Sure thing Sam … it was a lot of pain and loss and then I rebuilt from scratch, creatively and romantically. Everything that happened was necessary, looking back, but sheesh it was tough. Just another ‘rebuild from scratch’ situation after Neptune on my Venus and then through Pisces. The best thing has been that my partner’s child has natal Pluto exact conj my moon. So although I am not a mother, I am having a maternal-adjacent experience, and Pluto has transformed/revealed this aspect of myself I didn’t even know was there.

  11. Zero Aqua is the cusp of my sixth house, in which I have nothing except Venus right at the end, conj my DC. The end of 2020 was a huge time for me, professional and personal wins after years of hard slog related to Saturn/Pluto through my fifth house. My relationship is still going strong but I’m at a professional crossroads, not working and unsure what comes next. Also dealing with some niggling health issues once and for all and attempting to put in place some new habits to solve them before they get worse. Ideally this will manifest as some creative/professional wins born out of the successes of the past couple of years, and not an Uncle Pluto blindside move like the one that marked his entry to my fifth, haha.

    1. We have near identical houses. I am 3.3 degrees Virgo rising. So, I am going to still enjoy 🫣 Pluto party in my 5th for a bit.

      1. Ah I am v late Leo rising! We’re almost astro twins 🙂 Pluto in my 5th ended up great. I hope you’re maxing out the transit in brilliant ways 😍

      2. My hair is my biggest expense – it’s no longer big but it was in the 80s, and into my dotage I might go there again. Weirdly, friends at my high school who I reunited with decades later remembered me as always being obsessed with my hair. Not in a vain way – I seem to need good hair to feel ‘whole’.

  12. Will Mercury (and Pythia) sweep through on the 5/6th to make informal futuristic announcements?
    My MC is at 10 56 Aqua but Circe is at 3, my husband’s Pars Fortune at 1 aqua and Lilith at 29 36 cap 11th H. Dec 22 2020 was the last day of an temp promotion of a fully hectic year. I ended up getting the sack in March 22 but that’s how the cookie crumpled, let the Pluto conjunctions shake this love snow-dome up a bit!

  13. Aquarius is my 10th house (it begins at 25 Cap). I know I need a new life purpose/new chapter/path, so this February action sounds so intriguing! My only natal planet in Aquarius is Chiron at 12, opposite Uranus in Leo, square the nodes in a heck of a fixed square. Pluto transiting in Aqua will square my Neptune, Sun, Mercury, NN in Scorpio over the next years. But I sure am glad to have Pluto off my moon and midheaven in Cap.

    1. the Pluto – midheaven transit people I know have all 100% transitioned into a new life purpose/chapter/path. took a while starting from the MH crossover but it’s there.

      1. Mine is so slow in coming. It’s challenging to figure out what long-held things to let go of and what things might have new life.

      2. Oooo! I think I’d like Pluto to midheaven slow burn transit. Mine is bound to be explosive when Uranus conjuncts my midheaven in 2026. Maybe I will leave the corporate career and run away with the circus. 😆 As a 5 planet Pluto in Cap conjunction survivor, my advice mirrors those who have mentioned it here. Get in front of the wagon and proactively make changes before your life implodes. Also, Walnut Bach essence. (Thanks Mystic for the tip, many moons ago).

      3. Oh yes, @5thHouseCap, I’m all over the Bach Walnut remedy! Back in the long ago (1993) I had the wonderful experience of training to use the remedies at the original Bach cottage in Oxford. I love their subtle and calm presence.

    2. I’m an Aquarius midheaven (and sun) too and I can already feel Pluto preview being like bitch the game is up and getting sucked away from the cushy but stressful engineering career of my past toward my potential lesser paid callings against my will lol.

      From the preview of Pluto in Aquarius last year (and my experience as a sun square Pluto!) I have been humbled and learned to roll with it. There’s really no fighting Pluto.

      1. oh yeah. the more you resist pluto, the more harmful/dangerous it gets. AND tends to be somatized. one of most apt descriptions I found of pluto transits was that they are like hormonal changes (thinking mostly of puberty, but also of menopause), meaning that they’re slow, that there’s no getting away from them and that they will change you forever. sorry for sam who just can’t take it anymore :(. hope you’re getting near the end.

  14. Have evolved (or aged) past romantic involvements & preferred long distance ones that are not underfoot anyway but Feb 14 2020 did have me visiting interstate First Boyfriend with whom i had stayed in touch with from when i was sweet 16 & he 21.
    Just when i realised he was the one 50 years after our 5 year relationship later he passed to the great beyond in 2022. Interestingly neither of us married or had offspring…mmmm…what did we do to each other’s game-of-partnerships?
    Am commenting on Freak in about economy & Post Saturn-Pluto ennui posts.
    PROPHETIC indeed Mystic, how insanely spot one & surely worth a re read knowing what we know now.

  15. Cool. Mine and my crush’s composite Moon-Venus-Uranus conjunction is at 3-5 degrees Aqua. We already have crazy chemistry when nothing else is going on. Ya’ll pray for us.

  16. Penelope Darling

    I think all three of these planets will be in my 8th house on those dates… should I be scared?! I’ll await further news from Mystic!

  17. Feb 14 is my birthday, and my Mercury is at 1 degree Aqua. I am completely single in a way I’ve never experienced in my adult life! Doors in terms of romantic connection have just been shutting, shutting, shutting, since May–it’s not The Plutonic Ex, it’s not the painter who checks the boxes but you don’t connect, it’s not the athlete who can’t sit still long enough to get close, it’s not the sweet army guy who is hung up on his ex, it’s not the men at my new job who seem to conveniently lose their wedding rings when being introduced to me (seriously, this has happened TWO TIMES!)–just my internal world saying no, no, no, and I’m grateful for that because it is protection. But I would love to find the right person for my YES! 🙂

    In Dec 2020 I was almost 9 months sober. I was home with my family for the third Christmas after the loss of my brother. I was reading great books and writing a lot. The Plutonic Ex and I had finally found our footing. I felt beautiful, loved, full of grief and gratitude, and hopeful. Here’s to some more of that <3

  18. This is SO INTERESTING to me. At the beginning of each calendar year I pull from a special deck of cards – one card for the theme of the year and one card for each month. The card I pulled for February 2024 is ALL ABOUT THE HEART in the MOST ELEVATED, BEAUTIFUL WAY. (I’m using all caps because that’s how otherworldly-fantastic the essence of that card is.) When I pulled that card it was almost like it put an exclamation mark over the month of February in the context of the year. There is still some mystery around that BIG-HEART ENERGY, but I can FEEL the POWER of it. So, when I read this post my antenna went up and now I am very, very interested in the magic of February 2024. Thanks Mystic, as always!!!! xo Jess p.s. Dec. 22, 2020 was also a significant, extraordinary day in my life…

    1. I pulled a Rumi card for entry of Sun/Pluto into Aquarius on 21st Jan.
      “Love has come to rule and transform;
      Stay awake, my heart, stay awake.”
      Commentary for this card –
      “Be acutely aware of the hidden teachings and blessings you are about to receive.”
      Interesting in light of the fact that things Plutonian are often hidden.

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