Post Saturn-Pluto Ennui Syndrome

As you would expect from such a staunch astro-presence in Capricorn, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction worked overtime to deliver remarkable results. Catharsis – tick. New paradigm – totally. Since this alignment first formed in April 2019, it forced growth through stressors that were super charged with psychic relevance. The result? 24-7 depth-analysis. Hard schooling. Definitive realizations that are becoming your foundation materials. I know I keep saying this but write out your top lessons or wow-factor breakthrough discoveries from the last several months and make those your new credo.

There are no planetary alignments for years that will match this one in the material and spiritual intensity stakes. Of course, you’re tired; you’ve spent the last nearly a year struggling with whatever your Saturn-Pluto nemesis was. While you made yourself more worldly wise and spiritually woke, your news feeds turned hyperbolically surreal. It’s exhausting. Even caterpillars in their chrysalis get to sleep through the transition.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto Has Been A Hard Schooling

It all intensified from Halloween and then climaxed mid-January. Saturn and Pluto, particularly in Capricorn, deal in governance and leadership. Who is now more self-governed, aware, and a better leader in their personal lives? I bet most of the people reading this would assess themselves as vastly improved in these areas. But barely anyone in actual government seems to be governing. Or legislating. Leading? So we’re fatigued after a really intense ten months and adjusting to new life settings. Who has the emotional bandwidth to also parse the governmental settings?

But one of the Saturn/Pluto outcomes – aside from the fires, economic, climate and pandemic threats – has been the realization that many people in government see themselves more as facilitators of public-private partnerships. The public pay, the private profit, and guess who the middle man is? It’s beyond merely disagreeing with the politics of a particular government. Most times, they’re not even performing the basic responsibilities.

Define Your New Credo

The USA is tipping trillions into the overnight money market and preparing to bail out hedge funds and in Australia, the catastrophic bushfires after the government ignored the warnings of scientists and firefighters for years was apparently not enough. Now their protection against a virulent new threat is apparently to give out pamphlets to people disembarking from flights out of the affected area. The tourism dollar is evidently a concern. If you ran this plot through a bunch of experienced script editors, they’d tell you sober up and then do something more nuanced and realistic.

So, post Saturn-Pluto ennui is understandable. But think about this: the alignment has done its job. And revolutionary Uranus is in Taurus. I wrote before that it would be a revolt around globalism, tourism, money, and ecology but this is dramatic, even by Uranian standards. The same free movement of trade and people also makes contagion so much more mobile.

Should economies really be reliant on tourism and fossil fuels to a gargantuan extent and assuming that tourists aren’t visiting to see scorched earth, can the two co-exist? Is it healthy to have money devalued so you go backwards by having it? Could globalism do something good by enforcing world-wide environmental standards?

The New Resilience & How To Get It

Think about times in your personal life when a crisis evoked enormous change. That is what’s happened but it’s society-wide. And just as your transformative eras didn’t happen with some glorious smooth transition over night, neither will this societal one. But it is evolving.

The higher concentration of Air element  – all the Aquarius energy – makes it easier to conjure a more spacious perspective. Ideally, turn your new credo into something you can see; a piece of art even. Or, if you’re big on symbols, a sigil.

As Jupiter tracks over the path of Saturn, en route to three conjunctions with Pluto in a row, your new credo will help you prosper. Yes, even if you feel you forged it out of sulphur, steel and stone, more than light and happy visualizations.

Your mid-2019 to early 2020 change was not a scenic detour or transient fad: it’s a significant and enduring spiritual consciousness morph. The more you understand the psychic shift within, the more adept you are at aligning with the socio-cultural, geopolitical and economic shifts ahead.

76 thoughts on “Post Saturn-Pluto Ennui Syndrome”

  1. I don’t really know where to put this question so I’ll write it here, I’ve just learnt that my progressed Venus (natally direct, but has been progressed retrograde for most of my life) is stationing and turning direct the rest of this year. I’ve googled of course, with limited and kinda predictable info I guess, but can anyone direct me to a useful and more complex source for progressed astro? Xox
    Also what are tertiary progressions? Why is it all so complicated lol I was just mastering (not) normal progressions..
    Oh!! Also I realised that my progressed Leo moon is now coming off a conjunction to my natal Saturn. That, and normal transiting Saturn is on my moon rn, pretty much for the rest of the year. Sigh. Is this why I have been feeling so uninspired and dead inside this past while? Despite some basically good progress in other life areas?

    1. Progressed planets changing direction is super significant and I want to do an astro report for it! You will experience a shift, a resurgence in your Venusian vibe – keep us posted!

    2. I checked my Venus after reading your post Pi. Secondary progressed retro. It’s just happened in the last couple of months by the looks of it and is a couple of years by the looks of it…

      Hmm – yeah as chart ruler I probably need to get my head around this.

      A report would be good MM!

  2. It has been a whirlwind reunion with the Mutable Toro. I’m so glad for Saturn-Pluto school of 2019 because otherwise I’d be a wreck by now, with Neptune squaring my nodes.
    I got his birth deets…he’s Toro sun, rising and Venus. Mars and Merc in Gem, Sagg moon. Lots of good news from the Sleaze-o-Meter, lol. Also, and I would welcome any thoughts on this, his Asc is conj my MC and my Asc is conj his IC, Dsc conj MC. The angles overlap. His Jupiter in Leo exact on my Asc, My Venus conj his MC. HIs Psyche on my IC/Neptune. His Toro Venus on my MC. He feels significant.

    1. He sounds pretty yummy, Chrysalis, as do those connections. It sounds like he would love you for who you are. And also perhaps offer a subtle, new angle (view/perspective/take) for your Neptune IC… And (as you’d of course already know), Taurus and pisces have a fabulous real-world sensual connection .
      If it feels significant then your pisces intuition and cap moon sensitivities already know
      I’ve been reading that Saturn and the nodes are also worth a look.
      Certainly a chatty power-flirt with that moon, mars and mercury 😉

    2. Oh and is he back from the trip? Have you seen each other again…

      I’ve been seeing some interesting stuff with my Toro (“my” lol, not even yet) in the Davison chart and synastry. Maybe that’s worth examining too? But I bet you already have hehe 😉 x A lot of other analyses aside (his node is conj my descendant at 3 deg), the impression I’m receiving is that if we get together, it’s to help each of us learn about ourselves in a strong, very jupiter-Venusian connection. So it’s compelling, feels real some how, yet fun/loving, and he is very very attractive… sigh. I just love to look at him. * Heart eyes behind sunglasses emoji *💓

      1. Yep he is back and we have seen each other. It’s just fantastic, it really is. Obviously early days, Cap moon keeping watch etc etc, but I like him a lot.
        We are both in word-related fields, so the Merc-work is next level. Plus my Mars in Virgo and his Venus in Toro are very, very compatible *fans self*
        Your Toro sounds lovely, Pi. Jupiter-Venusian will be delightful, light-filled energy as a bit of an antidote (or a reward?) after Saturn-Pluto. xxx

      2. Yeah, maybe. My emotions are pretty tangled up because I don’t know what the connection is meant to be. I have to keep chopping off stupid tendrils of “but what if”… Of both the good and bad variety

        “Live in the now, pi!! Enjoy the moment!!”

        *Pi half heartedly motions ‘oh yayy’ then slumps back in chair, party hat askew*

        Like I don’t want to blindly assume we are meant to be in a relationship. Or even meant to sleep together for that matter. but when my only advisors are saggitarian women with personal planets in Scorpio then lol.
        But it (the relationship bla) is a well worn track and hard not to stumble into. Not that he’s exactly available anyway, I guess. Trying to respect the pace of things, my capricorn moon recognises skin in the game and is taking everything way too seriously *facepalm* and his Gemini moon is an outrageous flirt and he’s a gotdamn Taurus so .. gawd I don’t know. Maybe I just up the flirting ante and lock out any misplaced ideas of seriousness. We could bond via our pisces things.

      3. I find Taurus men sexy but lazy and a bit slow (and possibly conservative) for my 100 miles an hour mercury and gem sun, but the toro feels safe and comfortable bc of my Toro stellium incl. moon. My advice is make a pass and you’ll know, I know its awkward when it’s not requited (recently drunk texted an associate, now a close friend, who’s been single for 6 months and (I thought) flirting and he responded by setting firm boundaries! anyway, I’m glad to have it resolved so I can clear my head space to someone who *is* interested).
        Your comment about advisors made me want to say “what about your own instincts and wisdom?” Tap into that, don’t worry about what saggi scorp women say!!

  3. Feeling so jumbled right now.

    Partner is having to find a new place to live and is looking to buy a house for the two of us. This happened on January 7th.

    The last few weeks have been the most emotional roller coaster I’ve been on since my young co-dependent love affair years. Find a house, fall in love, mentally move in; inspection finds it’s a house of horrors. Do it all over thinking you’ve learned boundaries; find dream home, freak out, and find someone’s offered cash over the asking price. Oh and the house he put an offer on out of fear after the first one was inspected; when I walked in I cried, it was so awful. Pulled out. Agent is talking about our champagne tastes on a beer budget; but I believe in magic.

    This intensity won’t let up anytime soon, as when we do find a place, there is the fact that I’ve never lived with a partner before, and we will be merging a reactive dog and two geriatric cats.

    And yet I feel very alive! Just wishing I could keep up with household tasks during this hunt– living in squalor with no clean laundry just adds to the chaos….

    Astro? The Saturn-Pluto conj. is square both of our midheavens…

    1. Definitely not something to rush into D. We bought when the market was raging, people fuqing each other over, over priced horrible properties being touted as dream homes.
      The old saying the worst house in the best neighborhood is still true.
      Don’t listen to agents.
      An old apt with good natural light and high ceilings beats a big house where the lights are on all day. ( when you inspect if the lights are on during the day walk the other way). A private garden or verandah however small is essential.
      The rule that overrules all the others. If you need to sell will you at least get what you paid for it.
      There are others but I won’t go on. Good luck, it’s a massive decision. You’ll know it as soon as you see it. You’ll know deep in your heart that this is your place and then let the universe do the deal x

      1. Thanks for your thoughts, David.

        The market is desirable and tight here, the neighborhood we want even more so. I can’t believe people carving up the basement into bedrooms and calling it a spacious home! It’s inhuman.

        We are looking for old, and with outdoor space– not hard to find here, but in demand.

        Barring the Big One or the economy tanking, the property will increase in value.

        An experienced house buyer said the same thing to me: you will know, and say: what are these other people doing in my house?

        I trust the magic. It hasn’t failed me yet. x

  4. The party is just getting started… for me lol. Saturn is currently today, conjunct my ascendant in the 12th. It will pass by, turn retrograde and then pass back by before going direct again. Next, Jupiter and the SN will cross over, then once all that happens here comes Uncle Pluto with his extended stay over my ascendant. Lots of 12th house stuff and lots of transformations, now and most certainly coming up. One by one they will trickle out from my 12th house and into my 1st and slowly away from my ascendant. I am excited to see the person I will become!

  5. “ It all intensified from Halloween and then climaxed mid-January”

    Very accurate for me on a personal level, after a couple of years of forcing myself to shut down all my intuition and natural ways of being/perceiving in order to build a career in STEM I had basically a mental breakdown in early November after being tipped over the edge by finally reporting ongoing sexual harassment at my job…which retriggered past trauma. By Thanksgiving I wasn’t functioning at all and went on paid leave, where I find myself now returning to my self through rest, somatic practice, writing, and creative experiments.

    Doing a lot of thinking/feeling about how I want to be in the world when I return to working and what things I’m willing to guard and not give up. I had given these jobs everything I had over insecurity. I am a good engineer with a fantastic work ethic, but I’m highly sensitive and corporate environments with homogenous masculine energy are tough on me. It rubs off on me and my sort of symbolic/meaning making way of being goes into hiding. It’s like the procedural computer consciousness rubs off on me from thinking this way 8 hours a day.

    Increasingly I’m also finding myself called to more mission based work and really assessing how to identify my values and then live them. I was in survival (poor) mode for so long in my late 20s that I gave up everything for a good salary, interesting work, health insurance. I thought I made it. But it’s just the new baseline from which I negotiate a new level of how I want to live… which may mean slightly less money… but I don’t care.

  6. decided to stay sober for the next years, until i really want to drink a glass of wine again. a decision – with no particular reason- I made overnight around Halloween, after already not drinking for almost a year.
    bought a print of the Magician a couple of days ago, lol.

    1. I used to be a binge drinker and now I can’t hang at all… after almost 2 years with no alcohol I had some drinks over the course of a month. It was novel the first time at a concert and then quickly I realized why I had made the decision in the first place. Life is just so short and I hate wasting hours in bed with a hangover and the depressive waves I get after even like 2 drinks.

    2. I think it’s good to remind yourself why you decided to stop. Telling us is a good thing too. One of the foundation stones of my philosophy is ‘all things in moderation’. Elimination can often mean unnecessary aestheticism and gives too much power to things. I treat drugs as if they were entities, beings. If you’ve decided not to see them and you just happen to bump into one, do you just turn on your heels and walk the other way ? Or would you just smile say hello and after a quick catch up, a warm goodbye. I’d say the later is better for your health and self esteem in the long run.

      1. I have way too dominant a Saturn to kiss and run with things. I go full on cold turkey. Only way for me to do it. Maybe it is also the heavy amount of pisces that pervades too. So I am either Vegan or Paleo, happily can take or leave alcohol and have never gone near a drug as I have no idea what on earth would befall me if I did. Biggest issue I think I have is sugar. OOOOOOooooooo sugar. That is my crack cocaine so again I have to leave well alone. Because if I start on a bag of gummy bears I am three bags down before I know it. Bizarre

      2. You are right ! They run headlong into stomach and I’ve no idea how they got there ? Bags of them. It’s terrible.

      3. Marsilio Ficino, the great Renaissance astrologer, thought that “pleasurable, refined foods like white sugar” were an antidote to Saturn!

      4. i have sun square neptune natally, it also trines my moon and ascendent. it took me ages to figure out that i am MUCH better off staying sober (and also much more connected to my spirituality and creativity). i had experiences with all sorts of drugs and these were usually linked with very heavy energy vampire relationships. as i said, it took over a decade for me to find out, after neptune transiting my virgo venus i realized how excessive i had been and that it had almost destroyed me. i realised: i pretty much consciously knocked myself out in order to not admit what was going on and to continue my journey of “martyrdom”. so, couple of years later I was drug free, had left the last toxic person behind and did not feel like having a glass of wine at night. a need i had felt until that day every night before. that is when i stopped drinking. and last Halloween i felt like i really dont want to drink again. like ever. that’s the story, no asceticism, no martyrdom, no self-righteousness. also- i do not mind at all when other people drink! not preaching, just preferring tea over booze;)

  7. Yes, the echoes remain (or is that the clean up?) but the heat is off. I have also been considering themes around the last time the nodes were at this point either SN Cap or NN Cap and I can tell you with almost no uncertainty I’m back to an old theme from 81-83 so a) that’s great as it feels like a root that can be pulled out and b) it’s been hard to stay in front of the theme or change the course of things as it feels a bit auto and I almost think I need to let it run a bit auto so I can watch it from a removed perspective and then be decisive in where I’m going to plant my shovel to dig. It’s kind of the same and kind of different and the variation is to be expected given the time passed.
    I expect it might remain in that vibe till May and then I’m looking at Node returns. That should be interesting after all of this! I would like to be optimistic… really I would!!

    On the world economics stage… hmm, yes the repo debt that the fed keeps playing with to manipulate markets is completely nuts to my basic mind and.. those of many economists. The trade wars between USA and China is another interesting theme that will probably take the decade to resolve and cost all of the world extra cash. We can add that to our unimaginable debt levels – on everything everywhere – so I guess that makes it ok! Maybe the moves to digitalise fiat currency will have some influence in how this debt is managed going forward as it is unsustainable and heading to a more not less kind of situation. Maybe everything will get wiped, well everything that isn’t personal debt I mean.

    The stubborn and fixed ways of Taurus can also be seen in the early shake up of Uranus. If you’re not sure you agree then let me tell you as a Taurus rising if you want to push me to do something I don’t want to do I’ll just dig my heels in further. I won’t necessarily get annoyed or even discuss it but I won’t move till I’m ready. That can mean I need more info, I don’t trust the thing/person, it isn’t of value to me (yet maybe?) or I am just unsure etc… so Uranus in Taurus will possibly be about innovative ways of encouraging those with entrenched beliefs to consider and try new ways of doing things. We tend to have a bit of a global cluster fck of this kind of personality in fairly prominent positions.

    Watching myself with some of these shorter transits. Feeling the Mars vibe and is currently on Mercury – little centaur wants some traction like yesterday and wants to elbow others out of the way with a mouthful of rah rah. Mercury is also conjunct Lilith so um, not helping. NN on Mars is trying to help (I think) and Venus Neptune on Chiron are unquantifiable right now.

    In the meantime it’s a beautiful sunny day and work is done. I’m aware that I’m feeling a bit edgy at the mo and wanting to bust out and that’s really about this whole journey of recent times. If nothing else Mars will let you know where you’re not feeling that!

    1. The first part resonates re the nodes and the sense of familiarity and anticipation.

      My exact nodal return is around 2 April but the vibe is already similar to 2001 (3 September) and perhaps also to 1983 (around 22 January). I remember more about the 2001 return, as I’d made the decision to make a major change on my birthday that year (in the spirit of enough stagnation, this has to change).

      I also actually took steps that day to bring it to fruition (applied for course; decided to lose a significant amount of weight and sought out help) when the north node was at 7 degrees cancer (7.32 if we’re being precise). That point will be 10-11 February. But this time it’s against a backdrop of tr Uranus in 3rd H trine natal Uranus in 7th and sextile natal Venus in 5th, plus tr Jupiter in 11th H trining IC and natal Jupiter in 4th H (today) and trining natal Pluto in 8th H and sextiling my MC. In 2001, Saturn and Jupiter were in Gemini, where my sun is.

      I’m hovering, waiting to move on a major decision. I think I know what that decision is, but am waiting to see how to make it all work.

      The decisions in 2001 were genius. A lot of work to make the changes but the taking of those first steps felt incredibly empowering.

      1. Good point and I am probably in a similar kind of head space. I know what I’m thinking about doing won’t be something I can just flip on shortly after if I feel like it. It’ll require a commitment of time and energy.

        Thanks for the reminder on Saturn Jupiter for 2001.

        The 2001 Node phase is also of interest and there is some focus that probably echo’s that phase and yes, anticipation around outcomes. I don’t think they’re going to sync but maybe I shouldn’t write that off as there’s a number of months yet. The 80’s stands boldly front and centre. The 80’s… sighs, there’s too much so good think the node’s break it down into smaller chunks.

        Hovering can be quite a normal kind of process for a mutable sign before locking in on direction or outcome. It can generate a mix of feelings. I have found that once I commit the ‘how’ starts to reveal itself but won’t always do so in a way that coherent and not sort of whimsical and lacking dimension until I do.

        A lot of your chart will be lit Stella. You’re a Jupiter Gem too!

      2. I liked the point about hovering. And yes, when I made those decisions in 2001, I had no idea how to make it all happen, but just the key decisions.
        When I said they were genius, that’s obviously with the benefit of hindsight. But I had nothing to lose from giving it a shot. And that’s the essence I have to remember.
        I’ve thought about that earlier time period. 1982 was my first year at Uni. I was enrolled in Medicine but after 6 months dropped out and changed to arts. I’d passed enough to continue in Medicine, but felt emotionally overwhelmed by it at the time. It’s a decision I’ve always regretted in some ways. The period from 1982 to 2001 were wandering. I know all who wander are not lost, but shit I was.
        I’ve become involved in medical research projects via consumer involvement in these projects. Around 12 months ago, I had to attend the hospital for a project meeting. I stepped out of the lift and had a strong sense that I belonged there.
        I’ve thought about what medical type work I could do but then think that maybe my involvement can just stay as it currently is. This time the pivot is more around work and life, but as my NN is in my 5th house, it’s got to do with creativity. Will keep hovering for now…
        But a theme of this Saturn-Pluto period is the blinkers have come off re a partner/ colleague. I can’t unsee what I’ve seen. I’ve just sat with the knowledge and my feelings on this.

      3. Sp where are you ? If in Australia most of the major hospitals have grant programs. I noticed Prince of Wales in Sydney last year had $500k to allocate to people via grants that had good ideas about all aspects of running a hospital. These were not grants for medical research, more grants to improve the user experience and customer outcomes.
        After my recent experience with having both my parents in this hospital certain things became clear to me that I felt could be pursued under these types of programs and I was encouraged to apply. I haven’t but maybe someone with your skills could look at it more seriously.

      4. Thanks davidl – I’ll look into this.

        Yes, there are so many things that can be improved from a ‘user experience’ in any hospital, let alone in a whole public health system.

        Have you signed up to the Consumers Health Forum of Australia? They often consultations where they seek out people’s views and experiences on different things.

      5. It sounds like you are already in a position that ideally lends itself to knowledge gathering and either altering course or making something more widely available in the community in the medical field.

        There’s lots of different ways to be engaged in what I’d probably call and view broadly as health rather than just medical. The reason for medical intervention it return a being to a state of health right.

        Maybe it’s about getting creative in how you think about this theme? Creativity is essentially using our imagination so it’s not always about what can I make or do in a physical sense so it is still a fit (in my mind at least) for exploring and given that the opposition of the 11th has the old description of hopes and dreams etc as well as community and how we’re involved or interreacting with groups broadly. Hovering may be the actual creative approach? 🙂

        I had some lost years there too but I don’t know if I thought all of them were at that time.

    2. Hmmm, I’m back in 81. I have no doubt about that, cause I chose to return to the place the space the vibe that nurtured me then. In a linear sense it’s backward. In a spiral sense a return. In a circular sense a beginning and an end. Nothing to root out here, in fact happy the root was still here. Last time (81-87 this place took me in fed me, inspired me and then propelled me into the ‘next’.
      It’s like sitting snug in a big rubber band that’s attached to a sling shot. Slowly you are pulled back and further back, the tension on the rubber gets tighter until it reaches that point way back, An exact point is reached, the band needs to be stretched back no further, any less and the release will be a misfire. I’m now in the stillness of that space that moment and enjoying the reconnections. The release is coming but there is no hurry. It’s has to be a good one with true aim. I won’t be back here again in this life. Last time was a closed eye release, maybe this one I’ll try and keep at least one eye open.

      1. We all have such different experiences or maybe all experience the same sorts of feelings and themes at different points in our lives? Anyway, I won’t get too philosophical….

        1981 was a change of course that would take me some time (a long time) to alter and I’m not intending to connect to life forms from that period be ancient parts of myself or other humans. That said the significant move I made a few years back has thrust me into a bit of a recapitulation theme and I’ve had to just roll with that and trust that this is part of the reason behind the move.

        Segway to weird encounters of the 1981 kind…. (yeah you could possibly play the X files theme in your head – it just started up for me upon typing :D)

        Several weeks back I pulled up at some shops that were familiar to me in youth. I got out of the car and noted a car had pulled in 2 parks over with an empty space in between. I just casually looked as this female exhaling smoke and eyeballing me and was hit with a bolt of recognition.

        A surprise encounter in the sunny spotlight

        So, this is someone I’m not keen to reconnect with ever for many reasons that don’t need to be shared here but loosely stems from no alignment in beliefs and values and an integrity mismatch. I’m aware that they’ve tried to get in touch or find me over the years. Historically this kind of encounter has caused an inward anxiety as I tried to pre-empt it and have a loose script at the ready in case I was ever caught off guard.

        No it can’t be
        Is it?
        Fck it is!
        She’s looking
        Does she know it’s me? She has to right…
        Hmmm.. what do I do?
        Just turn around and walk away. Ummm it looks like she doesn’t recognise you?
        And go
        Exit complete
        All systems functioning within normal ranges

        I don’t know if that’s how my head went – I know I ran a few thought processes but no adrenaline or cortisol. I wasn’t in fight flight but I was hyper aware.

        It was like she’s snuck up behind me which was also pretty ironic as some of her behaviours were beyond what I could see or would believe at the time and downright sneaky and nasty. I turned around and there she was looking right at me and I’m calmly gazing back across this short distance of sunny open space even as it felt like she’d moved out of the vehicle and was now in my personal auric field.

        Seconds stretched into that out of shape forever moment and I settled into ok, well here we go ready or not but it didn’t happen and even with all this going on I can emit a calm aura and just execute essential plans (Cap Mars maybe).

        BUT she simply did not recognise me. I don’t know how. We locked eyes and I knew as I wondered whether she did too. I think it’s very unlikely that she would and would not open that mouth of hers. All I can deduce is that my energetic form and vibe has changed so much that we don’t even vibrate the same way on the same earth. It’s almost like I was invisible.

        Anyway, this was like a release of some sort. It was a weird kind of end to something I didn’t know was active and I congratulated myself as I split the scene. Some things don’t need repeating and closure doesn’t always come in the form one anticipates.

        As a Sun/SN native I am only too aware of the circular nature of time and connections even if I can’t get the full picture immediately. It’s a journey that continues to reveal much that really isn’t easily translated most of the time.

        Reconnecting with my roots in one sense has been very cool and yes, probably quite comforting even as I consider my next journey. I suppose what I’m saying is that there was more in this last move I hadn’t necessarily factored in and also didn’t think needed any more digging but it turns out there is a small perhaps but significant piece of the puzzle that I think will either be in that timeline or the door to an earlier one. Either way I’m digging on the surface if that makes sense… not digging deep into the never-ending thread of a question will always lead to another. Sometimes it’s just an experience like this one that says ah – well there you go it’s all changed… c’mon mind. Catch up.

        I think that was an eye open/closed moment even as I felt like I might appear as a startled deer but inwardly knowing I was as decisive and calm as a samurai.

        And we could probably wrap this little tale with the more upbeat star wars tune 🙂

      2. There she was still stuck where you left her so many years ago. A prisoner of her own deceit and by this time insanity. She didn’t recognize you this time because she didn’t know or recognize you last time. It was all about her then and now. These types of people find it hard to live with themselves and their pasts, amnesia is the only way they can go on. Last time she saw you as a target, this time she knew to keep clear. You are not the person you were , you have become, grown, developed. She’s still there in 81, see how far you’ve come x

      3. David – I love this response.

        I agree but it’s had an entirely different effect reading it from outside myself like this and particularly after the experience. It’s like parts of my being heard it for the first time even though I know it already.

        That’s clicked something a little bit differently for me.

        I’m grateful I’m in tune with those subtle energy shifts internally and what they mean.

        I’m grateful for your words.

        It’s such an interesting phenomena isn’t it. Everyone will experience this too – whether as that person (and therefore not being aware of it perhaps ever) or as someone they know or from someone sharing a story etc.

        Thank you x

      4. Gawd and when you think about it imagine being stuck in 81, with the constant whine of back to back New Romantics hits …Thompson Twins, Kajagoogoo, Human League, Spandau Ballet … hold me now awww hold my heart ….stay with me blah blah on a loop, nooooooooo, . I’d be like ‘kil meee’. Actually I think I’d rather be waterboarded by Satan In hell while listening to jazz fusion through really poor speakers.

        All my love C x

      5. HAHAHAHAHA!!

        It was not a style of music that I could get into either being a forever fan of guitar (which no folks just to be clear – does NOT include a keytar)! Keyboard used with sensibility is allowed but everyone should consider that there is only one Rick Wakeman and one is probably plenty.

        It still isn’t and yet here it is continuing to breath in some altered reality. I mean how does Pseudo Echo a) lay claim and take all the popularity and success for a song they weren’t the first to perform successfully and b) still get local gigs around town on the basis of that one feat of BS to nostalgic applause?

        1981 was for Stevie’s first solo album, Journey, Pretenders, Floyd, Sabbath, Zep, Lizzy, Bad Co, Mac, Alan Parsons, Rainbow, Halen, Neil Young, early Stones, remnants of good 70’s funk and folk etc. I could go on but I can’t remember. I was fortunate to know a human with an extensive and eclectic vinyl collection and a song by song dj approach at times. He really opened up my music world – rip.

        I will give some new wave cred to Depeche Mode. I think they endured and evolved. I don’t think I was really into them back then but appreciated their thing later.

      6. Reconciling with the past to move ahead. Maybe the south node is about the spiral back to remember, not necessarily to return, but to note where you were, where you are, to then move on the next loop on the spiral upwards towards your soul’s destination.

      7. Absolutely.

        And I always find it interesting when I think I’ve done that and I’m confronted with a situation that affirms it (like this) and realise I’d possibly held some doubt and discomfort about whether I had or not lurking in the back of my psyche. Great to flush that out!

    3. Was at the gym, and Lennon’s “Watching the Wheels” started playing on the radio. 1981 calling! I looked around and everybody had their AirPods on. I didn’t feel disconnected, I felt free!

      1. Look at you showing up with a kind of perfect for the mood song without perhaps even realising. Random syncronicity is sooo good eh!

        Good to read you ICP 🙂 x

  8. Hi Mystic, I understand if it’s too personal and/or would reduce its power but if not, could you share one of your new credos?

    Mine are still formulating but one, (based on something I read here) is something along the lines of; ‘Magic is pragmatic’ or maybe ‘Idealism is not contrary to pragmatism but essential to pragmatism.’ An eg would be that it’s both idealistic and pragmatic to know that the exploitation of people/Gaia/other sentient beings is wrong in both a moral and practical sense. Somehow, up until recently, muggles, their overlords and their systems had managed to convince me to give up my power by persuading me that I had to choose between the moral or the practical. Other versions of this choice include; kind or sensible, generous or rich, conscientious or healthy, magic or scientific, productive or happy etc. Maybe my new credo is ‘Beware false dichotomies.’

  9. Honestly I don’t know, like I met a taurus and moved house, not in that order, the conjunction is in my 7th house but other than trying not to fall in love with the hunk, who comes with… circumstances.., it’s not really been earth shattering,? Unless I’m really really downplaying the Toro impact? Like maybe I’m just part of his sun Uranus transit :/
    & a relationship has v limited forseeable ability to become real because of reasons? Idk :'(
    Hope you’re all alright out there x

    1. That sounds like a tricky one. (The sitch, that is, not the Taurus).
      Maybe with all the earth and your moon, you’re just realistically looking at the whole picture, and pacing yourself accordingly. x

      1. Could be, Chrysalis. He seems legit. The situ is … Maybe it’s meant to be exactly how it is? I don’t know. I’ve figured he’s basically a triple pisces Toro, ha ha ha ha ha ha. Serves you right pi. Anyway he’s another permutation of “men who can’t be with me” but without the standard emotional issues or “literally in a relationship” this time so that’s an evolution, either way I’ll tick that one off in the Venus chiron textbook, or was it the chapter on abandonment issues? Anyway whatever. I’ve got laundry to do * shrug emoji fatigued housework and a swim might switcheroo the old braino off for a bit
        Mwa xo

    2. In the broader 7th house theme would it not be about how you engage with a broad range of relationships Pi including biz and personal? I’d also anticipate themes related to where you feel you hold power or don’t, how that makes you feel and what you would like to see in terms of outcomes. This may or may not align with what is but will be useful data never the less. Luna is very subjective and easily bogged down in making something about itself during all of these transits in Cap. Jupiter is still there and both Saturn and Pluto come back. I am pretty sure my Moon is a later degree than yours and I don’t get a full on conjunct again, just a skim past within a couple of degrees… it’s nearly complete.

      The Nodes are also in play. Step back and give yourself a broader view… if you can and if you can’t right now then be self compassionate x

      1. Thanks centy, (new nickname lol), yes I’m always wary of branding 7th house as the romantic everything, too. The theme of where I believe my power is centred does ring true, actually. Thank you. Dealing with the libran Virgo Neptunian boss is a biiig part of this and I think that work dynamic is more of a qi drain than I am willing to consciously acknowledge at this point, primarily for financial stability reasons just for now. Hard to describe clearly without a bunch more words. Ah,….Saturn being loss and fear, so maybe I need to check in with fear of losing (something) if I define that relationship more clearly and in a way that meets my own needs…. Woww hmmmm
        My moon is last degree of cap , although the Pluto Saturn thing is more likely to be having its combined effect in squaring my own Venus (aries) and nodes (conjunct Venus etc). So in the context of romance and profession, the tie-in is wierdly connected as far as basic house and planet stuff goes.
        Honestly by the time this guy properly renovates his situation then Pluto will probably be on my moon, so.
        Interestingly, one thing I guess I have been exploring since the Saturn Pluto thing is what I want in relationships, and getting muuuch more clear on boundaries – mine and other people’s. So spending some time thinking on ethically non monogamous relationships and all of the options that can offer me, has been a good way to confront a lot of fears, assumptions and (til now) un-identified needs or beliefs about myself and others in relationships. My two sadge friends have been super cool to talk to about this. Anyway, plenty to say .. as always
        Thank u xx

      2. Hehe, I can totally live with that. I was scorchy for quite some time! I still kind of feel that in my bones particularly these last few years and wonder if I ditched it rather optimistically as opposed to leaving an era behind.

        Ok you’re later degrees than I. Totally got that out of whack! You’re in the combustion and heat phase and I totally get that! You’re still under the subjective microscope. It’s intense at this point. Am on a separating conjunction and it has been noticeably less intense. Hang in there girl you’re doin’ great!!

        My work dynamic and even my general living dynamic is and has been an ongoing drain and dissatisfaction. It’s been a let down. Not this epic flat smack in the face but a reminder I’m not living in line with my inner truth and that will always be indicated in some way somatically (body – structure and bones = Cap) and emotionally (Moon and other subjective and less conscious influences). I think that the Moon is pointing toward what is and what must be let go of as it is a false version of emotional nourishment. Structurally and fundamentally.

        How brutal is that eh! You’re not imagining it and even if it seems sane or smart to hang on it may not be possible. At least under this axis and houses depending (mine are 2-8) it’s clean and clinical (disclaimer – once you get past subjective!) when the Moon is Capricorn once you’ve sorted your feelings out.

        One might yearn for more sentiment but there’s blessing in the starkness that allows the Cap Moon to cut through to uncomfortable and maybe avoided truths. It really is quite a gift Pi and I am sure you’ll feel that too even if that’s not true today.

        So to el Toro…maaaybe let that tempt you to the edge of insanity (might have already been there done that) and let yourself feel the fullness of those passionate flames flush against your cheeks even as you feel it contradict your sense of what is likely or what is realistic. Just be with the feeling. You’ll endure, survive and thrive. You’re a Cap Moon honey… you’re made of a quiet steel nobody sees least of all gets. It’s understated and sure it can be a bit hard to find the happy in there sometimes but seriously sensitivity and depth need not be confused with will and choice and Cap Moon is adaptable and entrepreneurial as well as patient and resilient.

        Typing a bit download style. Hope it makes sense and always good to chat Pi <3 xx

      3. Thank you for this amazing comment Centaurus, I don’t know how I didn’t reply earlier.. you’ve made so many valuable points.
        False versions of emotional nourishment is a interesting way to put things, I’m facing this, wondering if Pluto in orb of moon (ok and well Saturn on moon!!) is actually starting to disintegrate my emotional structure? Then again it’s a Pluto transit, if I’m not uncomfortable then it’s probably not in effect lol

      4. I nearly missed yours Pi.

        Well, I suppose underlying all the nourishment there’s this idea of security and safety with the Capricorn/Cancer axis.

        Some thoughts of how that kind of thing might look specific to Luna as it’s reflected light which can throw shadows and is therefore also projection from the sub/unconscious as well as from other times (if that resonates).

        – predictable outcomes (this can include unavailability, futile quests that affirm particular beliefs, short lived heat, unrequited love, almost but not because [xxxx] and so on.
        – familiar energy or vibration (this life or another)
        – challenges to where we feel powerful v where we give our power away (never more obvs than in an intimate 1:1 sitch)

        I absolutely get that raked feeling of both Pluto and Saturn over the moon and conjunction energy always blends so it gets hard to see the forest for the trees. You’re almost done and it will be clearer even with the thought of a retrograde later this year – that’ll just be a kind of clean up and aha vibe.

        🙂 xx

  10. Remember that song “let’s talk about sex baby “ let’s face it we did and haven’t stopped since, personally I’ve had just about enough of that.
    Someone needs to write a rap “let’s talk about democracy baby”
    It’s not serving us right now. It’s got to the point where people are complaining and blaming politicians for policies that they voted in months earlier. Hello !
    The so called democratic process including the 2 party system Etc needs to be totally reconfigured stat.
    Are we ever going to take some responsibility for the way the world is working out ? Start seeing that many of the problems have our prints all over them ?

    1. trouble I can see with a five or six party type process would be that nothing gets done due to the committee feel of it. There has to be a point where we follow a path that has been decided on. See where it leads and hopefully be wise enough to bail out should it be proving disastrous. Trouble with humans is that we simply do not feel or think the same things. There will always be those who will pull in a totally opposite direction from the others. I don’t know that I have an answer for this apart from trying to find great leaders who will lead, letting them have their time before trying to find the next.

      1. Great read BG.
        “… Dorothy Thompson to remark of the Fascist state, “If it is going to call itself democratic we had better find another word for what we have and what we want.”

      2. “The series’ lead contributor, the Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce, took issue with the question, as philosophers, thankfully, do. “I call this kind of question ‘meteorological,’ ” he grumbled. “It is like asking, ‘Do you think that it is going to rain today? Had I better take my umbrella?’ ” The trouble, Croce explained, is that political problems are not external forces beyond our control; they are forces within our control. “We need solely to make up our own minds and to act.”

      3. “The trouble, Croce explained, is that political problems are not external forces beyond our control; they are forces within our control. “We need solely to make up our own minds and to act.”

        I’m doing a PhD on trying to show how we – the people – can influence complex political issues.

      4. Considering that 90% of people vote for the same party all their lives without consideration of policy then I’d say you’ve got a lot of work to do !

      5. Ah but we know that, as I said above, that some voting preferences are genetically driven. People think one way and it doesn’t change.

      6. There’s a lot of work to do, but it’s possible, I’ve already seen evidence of it in some raw data i collected. We are not helpless in this.

    1. That’s pretty much the accepted average ? 8hrs each 24 x 3 = 24 sleep every 72 hrs. A Sunday sleep in adds 2 hrs and there you have it. Now if you slept 26 hrs straight and then were awake for 46 that would be odd 🙂

      1. Yah I musta done the math wrong, really. I think I mean 26 out of the last 48. 12 one day 14 next. Sat. night I went to sleep at 2am, slept til 6pm today–and that was after pretty much sleeping all day on Saturday. Barely got out of bed for almost 72.

      2. Ok yeah that’s understandable. I know that there is a certain amount guilt or the feeling something is wrong but maybe you’re just downloading the next chapters from source and it was a very big file.

  11. Crystallised future

    “If you ran this plot through a bunch of experienced script editors, they’d tell you sober up and then do something more nuanced and realistic.” Lol, love it.

  12. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    It has been huge.
    I love this: Ideally, turn your new credo into something you can see; a piece of art even. Or, if you’re big on symbols, a sigil.

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