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This year’s Solstice Sunrise was live-streamed from Stonehenge but they’re putting a motorway under it. It encapsulates the surreal irony of 2020, a cryptogram of a year. As I write, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is about to be exact and, as detailed here, it’s associated with significant cultural and commercial shifts.  (See part four of the Turbulent Times series for a deeper take.)

It is a good moment for a ritual or an acknowledgment. But remember that it’s not a New Moon or an ebullient Mars-Jupiter line-up. Meditate on the higher, utopian ideals of Aquarius or set intentions if you like but remember the essential nature of the two planets in proximity. They’re power-players – this alignment is potent but it is not goo-goo.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is also parallel Hekate – the Witch Queen – whose name reflects none other than the original Ancient Egyptian force/deity of magic – Heka. She’s more ancient than Jupiter or Saturn FYI.

Any time on the day of this alignment is powerful or do as the druids did and wait for the Full Moon after the Solstice – December 29/30 in this case.

Whenever you’re doing it, be clean and relaxed with minimal distractions/clutter.  Face the direction of the Sunrise in your location, light a candle and think Air: Imagine a bird-familiar, flying out to see what needs to be seen. If you wanted to be ultra-Aquarius, a drone lol. Or, visualize the breeze bringing in new intel. Be on alert for wind, thunder, and bird omens.

Some examples: In New York, the conjunction is at 13.22 –  168° to 172° South-East and the Sunrise of the day was at 121° – Uranus Rising in Taurus means your focus yields an unlikely but rewarding juxtaposition of ideas.

In Los Angeles, it’s at 10.22, Aquarius is Rising, Jupiter, Saturn & Hekate are between 127 to 130 degrees and the Sunrise direction was 118. This is excellent as it will be easy to tune into the Aquarian mood.

Sydney, Australia has Saggo Rising (ruled by Jupiter and at the Galactic Center degree) at the time of the conjunction – 05.22- and Sunrise occurs shortly after – at 5.41 – at 119 East. Brisbane is the same, only an hour earlier and the Sagittarius Ascendant is 22. Auckland, in New Zealand, owns this – the conjunction is rising shortly after the Sun, at 7.22 am.

The conjunction remains close all week and, the Sunrise point is supercharged for the next three days. Activate that, make it an altar if you like, and deduce or create your role in the new culture. Jupiter-Saturn is a new reign; claim or express your sovereignty.

The year began with Saturn-Pluto conjunct and all of its geopolitical implications. Then it ran with three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions and now 2020 wraps production with Jupiter-Saturn. It’s an s**t-load of Outer Planet action.  Everyone has Information Overload Fatigue – can we add Epochal Alignment Fatigue? Evolution Ennui?  And, of course, the plague – still.

Geopolitically, we’re arguably already in a Gray War – neither (thankfully) Hot nor a Cold War where you’re non-speakers but spy on one another non-stop. A Gray War is predominantly cyber and propaganda. In tactics that will be familiar to anyone who’s survived a certain style of relationship, you’re officially allies but the opponent pulls a number of hostile stunts that fall just below the threshold where you’d have to retaliate.

Your most important Jupiter-Saturn ritual may be a data & privacy audit. I guess it is not that surprising that the pivot into Aquarius is like living in a cyber-punk mini-series.* Really, it’s excellent turf for Generation X people hah hah.

*For grittier info, see the Financial Astro post from a few months ago: I’m about to update it with the results of my ‘astrological trading experiment.’

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  1. It’s Christmas day and we will be arriving to Brisbane, our new town, in a few hours! We spent the last weeks of Capricorn Sat/Jup throwing out every non essential in our lives and left the day after the conjunction. Apparently we sacrifice the present to gain the future? So what an amazing time frame to make this move. Hope it is auspicious and blessings rain down mightily on us all!! Thank You Mystic and lovely people. (My PIAB t-shirt made the cut FYI). 🙂

    1. This sounds very auspicious Sphinx! A dear friend is seriously considering upping and moving to Queensland as the houses/surrounds there are of the type she envisions raising her young family within. Much more space and connection to nature available for more reasonable price…

      Heaped blessings on all of you, I see you in my minds eye, sparkling and thriving xxxx V

  2. I had just put holiday cards in a postbox and turned to triumphantly march down the boulevard when I felt it. A bird had pooped on my head. Really, I pictured my familiar as like, an owl or raven? Apparently it’s a scruff af city pigeon tho. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. For what it’s worth – a grainy amateur photo from my smartphone of the conjunction rising over the Indian Ocean in north Perth, approx 8pm AWST. It did look like a large star with a tripod tail, behind it – but then am pretty sure I need to get tested for spectacles!!
    The most amazing thing was all the people – the beach, surrounding streets and carpark/dune walks were absolutely crammed with people of all ages, all looking for this Christmas Star.. 😃 It confirmed my suspicion that maybe, everybody believes in magic – but only some of us admit it. 😉 Maybe we are all looking for hope, all star-gazing secretly.🤩 (hope my tiny photo attaches – sorry if not). X

      1. Ahh I love this! Perth is my town but I haven’t been able to see it yet. Wasn’t keen on the crowds. Thanks for posting xx

      2. Hi Chrysalis, awesome!! a real live MM member in my home town!!😃💕 Arrghh The Busy At This Time of Year – am always asking metaphysical questions like, how did I create this on an esoteric level?? Every time. Even watching the conjunction I was totally on Mummy duties and trying not to think of my to-do. But I stilled my mind on Hope 🌻 and memories for the kids. Take care in near-40 degree heat today dear Chrysalis – hopefully we can catch up in the New Age of Aquarius in 2021!!🦄💗

      3. Thanks Libraquarian!!☺ A friend told me today that some of the other viewing beaches here in WA were packed, too..💫

  4. The grey war description is excellent. Look forward to reading about your astrological trading experiment. Disclaimer. Because this conjunction is happening in my second house I have been musing on this subject in an abstract way only. As an interesting rabbit hole.
    Like my fantasy of becoming a private detective, a thousand miles from real life but still fun.

    1. I legit think that privacy auditing for everyday people is THE growth career of 2021- a good start would be to pull together a protocol for it, gaining the skills you need as you go.

  5. I have had so much trouble getting rid of stuff for years now, as I’m sentimental and it seemed like the objects of my past were all-important. (That’s been a problem this year as I live in a very small apartment.) Today I felt ready and eager to finally begin de-accessioning my history. As my tarot reading tonight said, “The past is another country. You emigrated.” Now, the amazing love letters of my youth will always stay, but a lot of things can go and a lot of energy can shift. The conjunction is in my 10th house, and Pluto is approaching my 25 Cap MC for a two-year dance, so that’ll be interesting too.

    1. Good work VenusRules – totally hear you re shifting totems of the past. Am glad you are keeping the love letters!! Good luck with Uncle Pluto in da house – the P-Man is trining my ascendant as I write (squaring nodes too), but instead of feeling empowered I am reaching for the Bach’s walnut essence while continuing the declutter..

  6. I’m facing East and doing kundalini yoga with a marble heart knick knack I bought on impulse in 2017. This conjunction is dead on my 0* Saturn and I need to remind myself that the granite vision is always watching…

      1. It’s always on my mind. I suppose that’s useful for a Saturn Return. If only I weren’t a Love Zombie with Neptune cruising through my 1st…

  7. Last thing last night I deleted a years worth of sent, admin and deleted emails, my work account is also my primary account so it was significant. I have 1 email in my inbox from Abraham Hicks. Clean, purged, gone! Wonderful. Bird omen? A crow looking at me from the YouTube shite my son watches, and I can hear a real one outside.

  8. Thanks Mystic, another awesome read! Standing at my kitchen window this morning in Newcastle NSW waiting for coffee pot to brew and right past my window flys a massive black cockatoo with yellow markings on tail. I read a Aboriginal Dreamtime story about these birds when I was a child and have been fascinated ever since. Bird omen. I will take it!! Happen season, sun, moon, stars, planets everyone xx

    1. Crystallised future

      2 days ago in the early afternoon I saw what looked like a giant piece of bark hanging in the highest tree I can see in the neighbourhood from my deck. Intrigued, I grabbed my binoculars and although ‘it’ looked like a live something I couldn’t make out what it was. Later that afternoon I was able to see ‘it’ was 2 of the largest black red tailed black cockatoos I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m assuming when I’d spotted them they’d landed after a long flight and had been sleeping all afternoon – such was their stillness. Yesterday morning there were 4 more black cockatoos but nothing like the size of the 2 I’d spotted the day before. I haven’t seen them since. They seemed to be as big as dogs.

      Just before reading your post I was researching aboriginal folklore for Mackay here in Qld and there is nothing. It’s so annoying – their knowledge of weather and their ancestral legends are almost a secret. Wish I knew a site that had it all collaborated for all of us to read and enjoy. Particularly about weather patterns. Apparently 2011 was a ‘mum and dad’ rainfall year. This summer will be ‘the daughter’ and what havoc she will wreak is way more than ‘mum and dad’. Hmmm. I’ve already got my cyclone plan in place!

  9. This is great to read, at sunrise this morning..thank you!
    Ritual facing the sunrise ..tick
    Candle with affirmations & intention setting ..tick
    Feeling the glorious Air energy..tick
    Happy solstice, Yule, Christmas, Great Conjunction & universal flow, everybody X

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