The First Fifty Days Of Pluto In Aquarius

Pluto has been in Aquarius for 50 days and we already have the paradigm-flipping Google A.I. announcement, cybernetic robot snakes being sent to explore the sixth largest Moon of Saturn, ‘orbital warfare‘ exercises, seismic socio-media-cultural developments and Douglas Rushkoff renouncing the digital revolution.

Oh and Michio Kaku’s Quantum Supremacy was published – Silicon Valley is apparently about to become the new Rust Belt. Quantum Computing uses subatomic particles that can (via ‘qubits processors’) be in more than one place at the same time.

I read somewhere that recoiling at new technology is an indicator that you’re aging in which case call me a million year old vampire. No, seriously – I love tech but some of this news makes me want to live in a secret mountain lair activating hemp.

But at the end of the Pluto in Capricorn era, garages can cost a million dollars and secret mountain lairs are presumably a trillion or fenced off for orbital warfare purposes hah hah. But seriously, how did we go from ‘wow, smart phones are cool‘ to ‘it listens to everything, emits radiation that ‘is not expected’ to be harmful and it’s compulsory.’?

As for the A.I. searching, there are an array of concerns – from people worried it will have inbuilt bias to publishers (small and large) concerned that it will essentially scrape all the info it wants, mash it up into a technically new piece of content and serve it up without attribution.

Personally, I’m also selfishly concerned at the narrowing of results into an anodyne paragraph or two. Where is the A.I. that we can get to make algorithms and make admin phone calls for us? Anyway, the announcement was made during Mercury Retrograde with the Sun near Uranus, so it will evolve in some maverick way or be scaled back by the end of May.

I wrote a more directional guide to the imminent activation of Pluto in Aquarius (via a square from Jupiter) in the Daily Mystic for Fri-Sun but broadly, all the new-era signals are live and pinging off.

Like an actual Aquarian once invention or reinvention mode is initiated, Pluto in Aquarius signals are not particularly subtle. As always, there are threats and opportunities.

The Pluto in Capricorn economy will give it one good hurrah when Pluto retrogrades back there in the 2nd half of the year but money is not only reasserting its value; it’s (a) moving away from property/earth and into the air/sky/tech/cloud/ideas.

There is also a high chance that – since March 23 – you’ve experienced a distinctly paranormal or metaphysical scenario in a life area that corresponds to Zero-1 Aquarius in your birth chart. I put it down to Pluto in Aqua accentuating our awareness of Space Weather but then again, Pluto is currently in my 12th!

How did you find the first 50 days of Pluto in Aquarius?

Image: Frank Fazetta – Diena 

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  1. I have been looking at newspaper pictures of anthracite gray warplanes in the sky, flying over Ukraine these past days… They seem to be an embodiment of the dark side of Pluto (death, destruction) in Aquarius (sky technology).
    The planes even look like like the hooded god of the underworld, Hades

  2. Seen on Reddit today – can’t recall the exact one sorry – “Why are Chat GPT and Bard so fuqing verbose?”

  3. it listens to everything, emits radiation that ‘is not expected’ to be harmful and it’s compulsory.’ SO true AND require we contribute to supporting lithium SLAVERY. Governments increasingly shamelessly require you to be part of some satanic web of horror, yay, but now its quantum bullying, its multidimensional! You can’t exclude pharmaceutical genocide stats without being aware AI taught to lie is AI that kills. Well whatever, I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike, I want to ride it where I like. I gaze at the stars as my loving friends & soul family. Alive, conscious and very much part of my journey into Love. Which is, after all, the only thing that matters. Love to you all, you star-kissed beauties!

  4. So interesting, thank you Mystic! Had a little dig into the astro of the 3 names mentioned – Douglas Rushkoff, Michio Kaku & Frank Fazetta the illustrator – & all are mega Aquarians with prominent Urani (had to check spelling, coz Uranuses just didn’t seem right, lol). Plus in Rushkoff & Kaku’s case, with their natal Pluto opposing their Suns, so i guess we should listen … astrology, eh?

    On a personal note, i’ve been more than a little freaked by all this ever since i read The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, just before covid struck (great combo for incubating a different future). So now reading about quantum AI has me wanting OUT offa this train ASAP. Absolutely fascinating as quantum AI sounds, i feel that it will be curtains for most of us if this takes off. In the meantime, i plan to enjoy what time i have left on this planet. I already have the mountain lair, and the hemp seedlings will be ready to be moved outdoors v soon, according to plan.

    1. According to plan?? Lol, just realised i had *Melanie Safka belting out According to Plan in the background.

      *Another mega Aquarius hippie of the 60s & one of my childhood idols …. (must be trans SN on my Neptune Rising => i.e., potent memories rising)

      So many Aquarians!

    2. You enjoy that yew forest & wild flower sanctuary, it sounds absolutely the most important thing anyone could do!

  5. I mentioned this in the horoscope comments when it happened but…Inhave Pluto squaring my Scorpio Sun right now…am a Sun-Pluto person with Mars in Aquarius…the day it switched over, actually the first couple of hours, I felt a really strong, strange energy emitting from my hands…like reiki but different. And also just, like, felt immediately that I had access to more power, like the energy I had to muster to do anything during Pluto in Capricorn was suddenly wayyy too much for Pluto in Aquarius, which feels like a void in some ways? Or like an open space. I now have a new love after divorcing in 2020…hes a quintuple Capricorn with Sun conjunct Neptune & Uranus…Im his Pluto transit to his Venus which is at 29 Capricorn. Waited to sleep with him until Pluto in Aquarius which has manifested into my first bdsm relationship. Of course lol.

    I noticed the google curation right away and hate it. And then when a coworker lost her husband, google was filled with fake obituaries about him, pulled info from various places on the internet but mixed in with details like “he passed suddenly” which was clearly overheard via the smart phone, given that this was all generated within a day of him passing. Obviously we all know the phones listen in due to ads but this was the first time I saw content created that way…

    1. wtf! fake obituaries with real details… we’re already in philip.k. dick territory :(((( feel really sorry for your coworker :((((

      1. Seriously!!! I know I felt terrible for her, as if the whole situation wasn’t bad enough.

    2. I’ve been there with a Sun Cap, it’s something indeed. I suspect I’ll hear from him again. Usually when his in the end and then new relationship phase. Perhaps catalysts for each other. He mentioned once having feelings for me and I thought “intellectually I dig your astro and sexual energy and that’s it.” Got myself a love compatibility chart from MM and this helping me immensely.

      I took a friend to receive a healing last week and the vibrations were felt through his feet. I’d told him I see and heard things, the colours of the world are amplified for me. My friend is high octane Aqua and needed this to refuel. I welcomed him into the soul tribe and his return to music and sobriety and evolving well.

      AI trickery and database security is horrendous and I’m deeply sorry for your coworker.

      May you continue to nurture the new experiences babysinclair 😘

      1. Lol it’s definitely something. Thats fair, I’m glad you had that clarity. What sign are you? With mine we have a crazy synastry chart, his sun is exactly opposite my moon, his Pluto has a tight conjunction on my Venus with Mars at a loose opposition and in my 8th house at that 😭 I can’t think of a better scenario for my quadruple Scorpio ass lol.

        Thats interesting about your Aqua friend feeling the vibration in his feet..reminds me of the dynamic of the ruler of Pluto in Aquarius being Uranus in Taurus!

        Thanks. I know right, just awful, way to make a terrible situation even worse.

        Thank you S!!! 😘

      2. A quad scorp ass 🤣 my mind thought hello: spicy 🌶️ and then I remembered the Seinfeld episode, with Kramer having the ASS MAN personalised plates on his car.

        I’m Sun Kataka, Cap Moon, Aqua Ascendent.

        Absolutely need to check the Pluto placements for sexual relationships and Lilith too 😉. I’ve found the Mars and Venus (mine both in Toro) interesting as I find this evolves over time. I tend to live in my Sun and Moon world, which can be ok if it wasn’t for Saturn in Leo 😸

        The 8th House could be a title…..❤️ happy and safe weekend babysinclair ☺️

  6. Thank the gods & goddesses for Mystic & crew people around however limited in number have me feeling they have no empathy, no solid core & damn right dumb. No not dumb just unable to read the room.
    Their foolishness & follies keeping me connected to them which means i will either send them to coventry or shoot them with some arrows of truth. If only i wasn’t so sensitive about other’s feelings.
    Sometimes anger can fix or fuq situations, it always seems to be ‘draw the sword or light the lamp’ choices & knowing when to do which one.
    An Aries & a Sagg annoying me when so peaceful alone.
    If you can’t learn something from someone or they teach you something you don’t know, can’t really see (at this stage of my life) their purpose in it. The Sagg is turning into a stalker & the Aries space dusting herself to Mars.

    ****sigh**** soz to download, no sleep- anger kept me awake, mes enfants, forgive me.

    Frank Frazetta an Aqua, has artwork framed in the 80’s, total fantasy depictions to satisfy my Neptune.
    Another blast from the past on my Taurus node it must be.
    The amazing Body Guru is here from Mumbai for 3 weeks teaching Pranayama. Haven’t seen him for 10 years. He has developed true Body Totality combining complete physical workouts with yoga meditation & energetic breathwork. So proud of him & looking forward for him teaching me one on one, it will be a healing like no other. Those liquid eyes that project love & the lilting melodious voice…
    Yes i’m in the middle of the sacred & the profane hoping the sacred has the stronger pull. Sometimes i think i’m living the book ‘Initiation’ by Elizabeth Haitch.
    Yoga gives her memories of past life as an Egyptian priestess (married to Daddy Pharoah) about to enter into the absolute profound knowledge but gets waylaid by a handsome Roman soldier, has sex & end of initiation as celibacy the golden rule.
    The old channel the sexual energy to the pineal (or pituitary). Banned form further teachings, goes to sleep in the pyramid for 2000 years until voila, in the 1930’s meets The True Guru & memory activated.

    As to machine learning AI, the future is here ready or not. Seems a choice to either put our energies, talents & desires into nurturing the earth under our feet or putting them into the Cloud.
    The electricity quantum computing uses is insane.
    Another bigger Hadron (or hard-on) collider being built.
    So much energy being used to find out how it’s made searching for the energy of creation, and with space voyagers probably passing the pillars of creation.

    Apologies for length of rave, reckon i’m on a contact high from hours around the Sun & Rising Aries, a lot of Ramzilla in one person
    Will print an ‘I survived an Aries Space Dust Party’?

    Merci beaucoup for THIS space.
    LUVU all.

    1. Pegs it seems like your boundaries are being comprised. So often with the people in our past we somehow give them a free pass because we have had some type of deeper connection at one time in our lives. Fire signs can be VERY persuasive, aggressive and downright destructive if you don’t control the conversation. You also seem like a soul that people want to control, that’s just the nature of being a powerful woman. Which probably runs through many past lives for you…….I had my own intrusion lately with my first Leo boyfriend/love (why are Fire signs circling other fire signs lately??) who after all these years is STILL attempting to find me/get back together, even though he is married with a family and we are both not a match at all. I had to do my own psychic protection with the help of the universe & Smoky quartz. But that’s a whole other situation. Find your grounding and remember our energy can’t be compromised when we vibrate higher than those attempting to breach our peace ✨

    2. You know it Pegasus. If I was the fainting type, someone could wave a bottle of Aries Rising salts under my nose and I’d wake up. They’re the prince to my sleeping beauty. (But that’s a me problem)

  7. I’m just napping all the time? I thought PL in the 12th was intense but this AQ is just weird. PL will op my Venus in Leo in the 7th house, God only knows what that will entail….I am an artist so hopefully it opens up new layers of creativity, if I can stay awake!

    1. Ma Huang & Bamboo tea. Guarana is a bit caffeine like, makes you want to run around the block not draw it.
      Students use Modafinal. So do many music technicians to enhance conzentration & creativity.

    2. I have been napping since the end of April, when I got covid for the first time… In between the naps I work very hard, or rather ‘in between the hard work I nap a lot’. It’s either recovery from 15 years of Capricorn, or it is the getting used to the very new and different vibe of Pluto in Aquarius… Could also be the influence of Saturn in Pisces… I can’t really figure it out, but I noticed a few people mentioning sleeping more on this thread

  8. I am close to people who work in AI ‘safety’ (there have been plenty of suicides and mental breakdowns) who have been warning me for years about the profound, existential and ubiquitous implications of this development. An analogy I find helpful (if just to stay functionally sane) is the splitting of the atom. Many scientists warned against it. It caused massive devastation, but somehow we managed to bumble through some regulations with nuclear energy and even occasional disarmament of nuclear warheads. Not particularly comforting, I know, but sometimes humanity’s messiness and incongruity can save us from outright annihilation. Just don’t assume there are grown ups in a room somewhere solving the problem. We need to keep talking and talking and raising awareness and discussing our despair and excitement. (hashtagwrittenbyarealhuman)

    1. “We went into the jungle, there were too many of us; we had too much money, too much equipment and, little by little, we went insane.”
      (Francis Ford Coppola)

    2. In Demon Seed by Dean Koontz published in the1970’s, had the quantam super duper computer refused to do something was harmful to the planet & refused.
      That seems to be where AI is headed, sentiency or maybe iv’e read & watched too much sci-fi 🙂

  9. Great post – really enjoyed reading the links, especially what Rushkoff had to say. Feeling for everyone in the blog going through so much. There’s definitely that feel of being between major chapters right now. Pluto at 1 degree aqua is smack bang on my descendant. In the week leading up to Pluto going into Aquarius on the 23rd, my family of origin (whom I have a 7th house “partnership” type relationship with) had one of the biggest crises/flashpoints we’ve ever had, and all triggered by a nasty scam. My family of origin and I were all early adopters and enthusiasts of computers and the internet too – we were right into it before the masses even knew what it was – I remember explaining to people what the Internet was! – but this far reaching and nasty scam – which would NOT have been possible at all in a pre-Internet world – has left a really sour taste. The complete lack of morality of these scammers at helping themselves to the money and data of vulnerable, elderly members of society, whilst pretending to be of service, and how they even happily stirred up conflict between family members in order to continue with their misdeed, is not something I’ll easily forget. Whatever forward path we take with technology, we need to make wise choices, with eyes wide open to abuse and misuse. It feels like we’ve spent the past decade or so dazzled, even hypnotised by the dancing flames of technology and letting it free burn. My wish is that we make wise decisions about what direction we want humanity and technology to head in the future – may it be for the greater good, or not at all. (Okay, stepping off my soapbox now!)

    1. Thank you for your comment Scorpleocap.

      Sending you compassion and understanding as I hope things are improving for your family.

      Having experienced stalking and other offences I’m aware of certain safe guards being in place, however it’s a complex and evolving process.

      The concerns I have are with Government departments use of this technology for personal account verification. What safe guard protocols and procedures are in place in the event a cyberattack occurs?

      There are real world implications here, it’s a case of people being targeted without knowing until something incredibly serious occurs. One doesn’t want to be on the back foot in this situation. The compliance and liability issues need to be addressed.

      1. One has to get used to no privacy at all S Sweetie, as i mentioned not enough dedicated security experts.
        Medical records used to decide what drugs to sanction what to raise the price of et al.
        IN the words of Dylan ‘when you ain’t got nothing you got nothing to lose.’

      2. It’s an ongoing DV matter with serious implications and the reality is, this ain’t my first rodeo.
        Twice my ex has tried to kill me. In hospital 2020 and in a hit n run 2023.
        That man did 8 years imprisonment and my ex brought him back into my life. After I’d been making reports to the authorities during his parole. So I’ve been dealing with this is 1993. Kinda over the fight here. Next step is a complete change and that costs a lot of cash.

        Thank you for your reply Pegs. Hope you’re keeping warm SA 😊

    2. The new criminality, and they are unseen. Previously it was solo woman getting scammed into romances & letting all their money go.
      Crypto currency, banking, the dark web & cyber crime one step ahead and not enough security experts spending massive amounts of time & dedication getting ahead of them as these dudes spend 24/7 keyboard hacking.
      Good wish Scorpie Cap alas not in our hands. I wish i has learnt programming & coding.

  10. The last 50 days of P in Aquarius? In that time we have sold our home of 25 years in a city we’ve lived in for 44 years, gotten rid of 2/3 of our stuff, sold both cars, rehomed our beloved cat and moved to Spain for three months. I am taking my first teaching sabbatical in 44 years. Then we go back to the States, and fly cross-country to find a new home on the opposite coast, then fly back and move us, our cat and my 87 year old mother who has major health issues and has needed a lot of care from us into said new home across the country. AND transiting PLUTO is about to cross my nadir into my 4th house!!

    It’s taken us several years to plan this–I could see and feel this coming and figured we’d better work with the energy and not against it…..

  11. My brain is going so deep it hurts, writing is taking me forever. I can’t just write a glib little blog or letter anymore. I am rewriting so many drafts of everything because I can’t be satisfied with the superficial layers. My dreams are bizarre like I am in some matrix, and trying to understand the very tech-orientated dreams. I seem to be constantly asking people that second question which gets me the detail I need but for many observers, it is considered rude.

    I have decided to just let my hair turn silver, rather than constantly going to hairdressers and spending money on an image that seems outdated. I have noticed many female friends doing the same, and they are in their 40s and 50s.

    I am in constant back and forward with negotiations for the sale of Intellectual Property with large international publishing companies about technology I developed during the peak pandemic, we go one step forward one step back. The first meeting happened in October 2022 and it is back and forward. I now plan my meetings around specific Mercury moments and Mars moments and it seems to be much more helpful in making progress but it feels like there needs to be a very subtle reading of the lines. The lines seem to be forming around a woman’s view of the future and more traditional male views of the future.

    I have a Natal Mercury 0 aqua in the 5th house and natal Chiron and North Node 0 degrees Aries. I feel constantly charged and wondering how I can become a renewable at this rate.

    1. @aquahair – Thank you for sharing 😇 I had an early dream this AM after the direction of post 3am…of being in the Matrix and the extreme brilliance of colour that is encapsulated within. I assumed it was having eaten vintage cheese 🧀 because that stuff puts me in the zone for snooze.

      Check out Saturn and see what is happening there, my fellow dream league.

      We know the answers to the questions however at the core is a self care question? How did you feel upon waking? Why do we dream the weird is the colour we dream the spirits of time? 💜

      1. Thank you I will have to reflect on the colours. I have a sense that in all the videos that there are groups and the groups are separated from each other in some ways, wanting to connect on a deeper level but unable to do so.

        Last night dreams may have been prompted by watching the last Guardian of the Galaxy series(one of the few Marvel series that are enjoyable) On a side tangent feel that it was an interesting example of pluto in Capricorn meets pluto in aqua. In that it was the end of a franchise (so Pluto Capricorn) and about a group of people who discover friendship (Aqua) and how part of their battle was the large corporation and its creation of artificial beings and world.

    2. This is all so interesting, aquahair! Thank you for sharing.
      You have seem to be receiving the broadcast of Pluto freshly in Aquarius, with your Mercury at 0 degrees there… I hope you keep sharing your experiences 🌞

  12. Pluto- if-i’d

    Pluto is on my Mercury retrograde (29cap)4th house, which is Nataly square Saturn in 7th . .
    its like step up or step off
    learn to speak up for yourself and say no to people walking all over you then running away and pretending it didn’t happen
    or being oblivious to their effect

    my whole nervous system is being restructure – looking forward to Pluto in aquários and the end of endless Pluto transits

    not looking forward to the ai- and also hoping it brings out back to nature but hopefully not in an Armagedon way .x

  13. The startup incubator Im in began in March and we have been going full steam ahead with a scalable tech productivity solution for traditional industries. Absolutely feels like the absolute right time for all of this. Pluto is at the end of my 5th house and trine my Taurus Moon and sextile my Aries Sun. My Scorp Sun tech husband is also in this with me and Pluto is inconj his Leo Saturn.

    This week I def felt change fatigue and had to take an entire day to just chill, which felt wonderful.

    Very excited about this new era- I absolutely want to be the signal as Mystic says and make positive contributions for the greatest good in the process.

  14. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Who here has actually found AI helpful? It’s impossible to get any kind of customer service from big companies…I feel like every new tech development is just an excuse to sack workers or chip away at their right.

    1. Agree Lux. If there’s a choice I’ll choose to check out with a human not a machine at the supermarket. Also, having tried automated bots on websites, let me talk to a human please!!
      The original idea of robots was to get them to do the grunt work leaving humans free to invent, be creative and reach their potential (and also have more leisure) but I think it’s been highjacked by capitalism and billionaires for their profit. I think we the people must revolt.

  15. The people on this blog are just the best. Thanks MM for creating a forum where we can share and discuss. Love the blog.

  16. Since Feb 25th I have got a new (secondhand) dog, new secondhand car, new secondhand job (I’ve worked there before) and, well going back six months, I’m back in my home after an absence. My newish home I’m returning to.come to think of it even my old boyfriend dropped by but I think he’s moved on hurray. Capricorn. Did I just live thru how many years of Pluto hell? Think I did.

  17. Pluto is on my 8th house cusp for the next however long. As a counterbalance I will be doing my Leo 2nd house for quite some time, which includes dealing with my Leo Saturn. There will be an opposition by transit at some point which will also be the first Pluto transit from this sign/house. I’d love to make that as creatively (materially?) productive as possible. Then again it’s a Pluto transit and natal Saturn. Oh well, there’s nothing like a challenge. I have time

    1. The 8th to the 2nd sounds like it could be very materially productive. Pluto in the 8th people, and I have known a few, often become magnets for money and often without trying. Especially if aspecting 2nd house planets. I would look forward to a windfall if I were you. Good luck with it Sam.

  18. 🫨 this is how I feel ( idea> spend 1 minute tracking down icon in three apps) Technology is making leaps for example a PS blogger showing how it’s done but most people’s software doesn’t have the extended tools, interest turned to annoyance. Same Pluto still in 12th house, AC at 10 56’ but Bacchus at 0 Aqua so everything seems extreme one way or another.

  19. Penelope Darling

    I feel totally at sea with all this new fangled whatsamacallit. I can’t tell if I’m missing something or I’m very stupid but I don’t see how AI can replace anything of real value. I feel hopeful actually that it will force a return to face-to-face, relationship based communication. For me the last fifty days have been an intense rollercoster of thesis flow, family crisis, thesis writing block, depression…

    1. <3

      I know you didn’t ask for any of this so I hope my comment does not come across as presumptuous.
      I have always enjoyed Umberto Eco’s words on thesis writing. A quick google brings up an article written by him published on the MIT Press website.
      I am not sure what kind of difficulties or blocks you’re encountering for the writing (other than the challenges of family and inner life and I hope that the path through that eases soon xx), his words do help to being a sense of belonging to a group of people who have faced the same challenges, and can give courage where ours may momentarily be ebbing:)

      Depending on the thesis there’s also a a very helpful person (Iain Jackson) on L*nked*n who posts regularly about writing a PhD but really it works for any research I think.
      Just think – in three months, six months time you will be in a completely different position from now 😀 How exciting – good luck – wishing you inner sunshine and steadiness, outdoors freedom time, and peace all round… may the words arrive on your page as easily as a bird alights on a branch xo

      1. See after all that I didn’t even know that he had written a whole book about it! Haha thank you isa

      2. you’re welcome sam 🙂 . I imagine the article is an excerpt from it. I bought in 1989 or 89 (!). I had just learned how to use a pc, but the info on how to create your own filing system, cross-referencing, etc was still very relevant (no internet at the time).

      3. what I most appreciate about his advice is that it is actually enjoyable to read and far from dry and ‘instructional’. This seems like a wise approach, not only because someone like him would avoid shouldering his audience with a more textbook-y format anyway, but also because little else would land amidst their fragile mid-thesis sensibilities 🙂

      4. Penelope Darling

        Now I’ve read a bit of his advice he reminds me strongly of Strunk & White’s Elements of Style

      5. Penelope Darling

        Sam, thank you so much for taking the time to write me! That’s very kind and I will follow up on your recommendations. I’m well supported but, as you seem to also know, even the most well resourced PhD can be very challenging. I have been using Pat Goodson’s Becoming an Academic Writer, which is fabulous. Also I work with Helen Sword a lot, too. Sending YOU bright and joyful wishes. Your comment suggests you are a generous and thoughtful person, we need more of that in these trying times.

      6. I’ll look those two up! Thank you (and thank you for your kind words). yes you’re way ahead of me. I’m always so excited and curious when I learn that someone is researching/ writing a thesis/ PhD. It’s such a deeply productive process. And fascinating. Good luck 🍀🤞

  20. Been listening to a lot of music, magnesium spray and epic intelligence incoming. As well as 40 day bleed and then the regular cycle returns. Sexual and creative energies returned to source and then some. Lilith and Co all making magical appearances and being recognised as who I really am.

    It’s a wisdom that comes from the land we walk. I’d like more understanding on those of use who are wounded warriors that are healers. The extreme physical shift had me sleep for 24 hours due to too much emotional distress that I’d encountered. Getting my head, heart and body aligned has helped promotion a Chiron balance.

    Technology wise, on the same page with you MM. It takes me a while to adapt but I feel we ain’t looking in the right direction. The water and tectonic plates shift with these changes too. I’ve been feeling it and a friend now knows how to recharge the Aquarian feet. As it’s my Ascendent I receive words and phrases and I listen and not run from it. My friend receives tingles and charges via the sole connecting with sacred ground. I’m trying to assist with this process so that it doesn’t cause too much intensity.

    Been sending the healing globally and so fair is working for loved ones and those in the global community needing positive health outcomes. Transmuting change for all 💜

    1. Uncanny you mention the 40 day bleed as that’s what i’ve just had and that’s a Venusian number (40 days & 40 nights – the retrograde period of Venus). Yet to come back to “normal” and wasn’t expecting it to because peri, but will see. Certainly drags out the pms mood… to me it feels like a long flat line of waiting for something which i don’t know is even coming; tinged with some grief at a past self who is no longer, and preparations for the new self i’m becoming that no longer has the cyclic hormonal rhythm to propel her.

      Strange times. Lots of sleeping also (Chiron on my natal Jupiter rn), and adjusting to a different existence following the loss of my brother. Very hard to parse through what is Pluto in Aquarius and what is grief given that the news of his death came on the day of Pluto’s ingress. (Also on my IC & triggering fixed T-square).

      I find i’m relinquishing a lot of control… tis opposite my Saturn/MC so i probably have little choice but to be humble and accept what is being thrown at me. But also there’s a sense of no longer having the energy to care. It’s like being changed rather than my usual which is trying to change – myself, my circumstances, the world around me. I’m going to call this phase “The Humbling” i think… That in itself is not a bad thing… 💕

      1. It sounds as if you are taking a good approach to all the changes which are coming your way, Mariposa. Could it be that you are also still numb from the news that your brother has passed away…
        In the meantime resting and waiting and seeing seems a wise way to go about things 🦋

      2. Yes, am very much in a numb phase of grieving – i just wrote that in a reply below, but deleted it as non-essential words. (Sometimes i do go on..!). It’s gone from shock to tears to suppression (i was in the process of moving house on a deadline, at the time – because Pluto conj IC!🤷🏻‍♀️), then deferring my grief to support my mother, then my father, then all the tears all the time… then the memorial service (anxiety inducing bring two sides of family together who had not been in the same room for 40+ years) and being enveloped by extended family, and now… just a bit numb. It feels like i’ve run out of tears and feelings – except for little triggers here & there.

        I’ve moved into a new phase of learning – about grief. It’s helpful. I still find it hard to fathom how normal and common it is, yet how unique and devastating it is. It’s giving me a lot more awareness & compassion for people who have lost people, or strangers who may seem distant or sad or shut off… It’s so astonishing to think that we all die and that we will all feel acute loss at another’s death at some time (bar certain circumstances i suppose). I wonder if we need to go back to Victorian era markers of mourning like the black arm bands or veils, or just not leaving the house for many weeks or month..! It seems we’ve lost a lot of those rituals in modern globalised life, where everyone’s expected to “be happy” and strive for maximum productivity and perfection. Just little money-making robots for corporations.

        Am mindful also of mercury retrograde, stationing to turn direct in a few days. No use trying to push the river…(“it flows by itself”).

        Thank you for your kind thoughts 💗😊🌸

      3. ‘It’s giving me a lot more awareness & compassion for people who have lost people, or strangers who may seem distant or sad or shut off… ‘
        That is beautiful, Mariposa. Losing a loved one is bereavement, but there are also riches in it… Still, it can be so hard. Sending you some good energy 🌟

      4. yes, it’s so difficult when people are expecting you (and openly telling you) that you need to be strong for other people first and foremost. my feelings at the time were something like ‘but who’s going to support me?’ :(((((. pluto in the 4th is quite something though. but like you say, no point in pushing the river, it flows by itself. re peri, personally I found it much more helpful to have a steady, even if not super high, level of energy compared with the hormonal highs and lows. but then menopause made me more yang – I can even digest meat, and I need less sleep – so I’m very grateful, yet I understand it’s not the same for all (just wanted to share my experience hoping it helps ). a warm hug,mariposa <3

      5. @Mariposa thank you for your words. I’ve been experiencing some very difficult emotions of late. My brothers have been a huge part of my life. My eldest brother passed in 2020, the second eldest had a stroke in December 2022 and youngest of my older brothers was in a serious car accident 4 days ago. I’m in shock from the news and trying to nurture myself. Right now magnesium and binaural beats aren’t cutting it. I’m aware that I need something more and hopefully I’ll find that. Starting up at Venus in the sky does help, now if only I could fly around up there too. A nice night sky zoom about could relieve my insomnia tonight. Sending love your way Mariposa and I’m so sorry for the loss you’re experiencing with your brother. Holding you in my heart as we live through this grief and honour the love of our brothers. 💗

      6. 💗💗💗 Sending you a big hug S, and lots of light around your brother. He is very lucky to have you in his life. I hope you can let the healing tears flow… Thank you for your thoughts. Kia kaha, wherever you are 💗💗💗

      7. Working the ancient spirit of dream and water flow. That’s always been within me and received two affirmations from my brothers, over this weekend. Love, healing and protection to you 😇 Mariposa 💜

  21. The beginning of Pluto in Aqua finds Pluto opposing my Sun Uranus. I attracted a relationship with a Pluto opposite Sun and Moon individual who has/is altering my perspective. I have found it very intense as it opposes my Uranus and Sun and finding it hard to read this aloof Aquarian. Our synastry is off the scale but he seems to feign indifference the closer we get emotionally. I feel like I NEED him which I really don’t like being very independant and he doesn’t give much away. Both tense and intense. Wish me luck as Pluto will be contacting Chiron soon after this by opposition then Mars Jupiter. I have already experienced the opposition to Mercury and Venus. This feels better but will last for at least another few years. Tired.

    1. oof. I think Pluto contacts are all about ‘need’.. regardless of the outcome lol. it’s so discombobulating. Maybe that other person is experiencing the same thing? good luck

    2. Hi Aqualeo, that is incredible, that transiting Pluto opposing your Sun-Uranus in Leo is translating into a relationship with an intense but aloof Aquarius person! So apt.
      I am sorry that it is exhausting you (emotionally) and wish you the best with that. I have had Pluto transiting my Sagittarius Sun 20 years ago, and it showed me a side of myself which had been invisible until then. Grief, anger, resentment (linked to the past), but also incredible strength and power. It stretched me to the limits but transformed me into a new me. Intense relationships played an important part in that. One thing I also learned was that, at a certain point, Pluto asks you to surrender and trust in a Higher Power (whatever that means to you, it may be different for everyone). This may sound contradictory, because Pluto also asks you to develop your own strength.
      Astrologer Liz Greene says (paraphrasing), ‘I have great faith in Pluto transits to the Sun. They allow one to develop into a real individual’.
      Take care Aqualeo, do let us know how it goes 🌞💛
      PS Your love interest has Pluto opposite his Sun and Moon. This could very well mean that he ‘needs’ to be in control at all times. There is nothing you can do to change that (can’t change another person), but you can turn inwards and get to know yourself better and take care of yourself. Hope you don’t mind me observing that. Speaking as a Sun-Pluto person myself, so I know about the ‘need’ for control and how it can complicate things 🙏

      1. Calcifier. Thank you so much for your insight. It has made me realise the dynamic here – that his indifference is a form of control that in turn demands me to build resilience internally. What an eye opener. I know he cares for me and feels uncomfortable with it as well. I will definitely let you know how it goes. Your advice has really helped ❤️

    3. That last word: “Tired”
      Yes. Says it all really. Emotionally, physically, mentally… just yep.

      Pluto on my IC, opp Sat/MC, square Moon Taurus, square Uranus Scorpio (conj Sun Libra). The hard aspects are just that: hard.

      I think this will be a time that is understood only in hindsight, and for now we just have to live through it as best we can… Wishing you all luck and love 💚

  22. ‘… Money is not only reasserting its value; it’s (a) moving away from property/earth and into the air/sky/tech/cloud/ideas…’
    This is is such a fascinating idea, but I struggle to imagine what this will really be like!
    I guess I am still too brainwashed from 15 years of Pluto in Capricorn (and before that from Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn, since 1985…) Almost 4 decades coloured by the Capricornian wordly ambition. It will be such a brave new world without that, once Pluto has left Capricorn for good next year 🙄

    1. To add to what I wrote earlier, ‘It will be such a brave new world without that’ (Pluto in Aquarius and out of Capricorn). I don’t necessarily think it will be a better world, just a completely different world

  23. Pluto in Aq 12th house. Spacy, napping a lot, not particularly interested in a damn thing except re-reading the Harry Potter series to mentally escape to an alternate universe. Floating in the pool, high on something but certainly isn’t drugs or alcohol. A friend passed away suddenly on the eclipse. Last night my husband was at a fraternal dinner and afterwards one of the members, an elderly gentleman with the beginning of Alzheimer’s who had just been put on a pharmaceutical for the disease, called his wife on the way to his vehicle, told her he was depressed and was going to kill himself – and did. In the middle of a busy public area with diners and folks out enjoying their evening – he shot his head out. I’m beyond trying to understand anything. I expected Pluto intensity but not quite at the micro level this soon. My usual deep empathy has sort of gone off the rails to super-detached voyeurism.

    1. Yikes. I’m so sorry that happened, intense indeed. All comfort to his wife, family, friends, and witnesses.

    2. Wow. So sorry for all involved.
      Your post has just me aware of something that simply hadn’t clicked. Pluto is now in my first house of Aqua, from being in Cap in 12th. Over the last four years, four of my peers have died – all pretty rapidly and unexpectedly..
      And your phrase ‘super-detached voyeurism’ pretty hits the nail on the head in describing my response when emotionally overwhelmed.

    3. PJS I have some much to say and yet nothing would be appropriate. I’m very sorry for the experience you have been through and all those who saw this unfold.
      Pluto In Capricorn took so many of my loved ones, natural causes and suicide. I hold you my heart and extend what I can to you, from this side of the globe.

    4. So sorry about your friend, and about your husband’s acquaintance/friend. What a horrifying ordeal for all involved. It sounds like you are in shock, which is a perfectly normal response to a sudden death, let alone two. Napping & escaping sounds like the right self-soothing for the moment.

      I’m also in a space of grief after my brother’s death, ‘by his own hand’. Thankfully he chose a place no-one else would see him, and where i suspect he thought no-one would find him either (police did, but weeks later). It is a traumatising thing to go through.

      Sending you lots of love & compassion 💕💕💕

  24. Awesome post, Mystic, thank you! In this intense past week I realized that everything (and everyone) I’ve invested in – for the past year, for the past many years – is at a dead end. I’ve been plowing through and hanging on for SO long but after a couple days of intense old-trauma processing I arrived at No More. I didn’t burn bridges or close doors completely but now it’s just how do I move forward. Keeping retrograde awareness in mind, though! Pluto is in my 10th (25 Cap midheaven), Mercury retro in my 12th opposite Scorp sun. Interesting times. Money is a huge conundrum right now – no flow.

  25. I started 0 degrees of Pluto in Aqua with launching a project and was flying high complete with that goofy satisfaction smile plastered on my face till it hurt 😬
    Finished a Spiritual Healing course which felt like the ultimate universal flex, but somehow now I feel like the Moon when it’s in void wandering space till it’s next sign lol.
    Jupiter is transiting the end of my 6th house, and is currently opposite or squaring three major planets (Mars, Saturn, Pluto) which is seriously inflaming or rehashing areas I generally thought I’d mastered. I guess the pressure of Pluto in Rx is like a detective with a flashlight ina dark room searching for any areas I’ve missed……..
    On tech – I’m in an Adobe Creative Council group which has spoken non stop about the implementation of AI and how this is being received. Which is exactly echoing my thoughts/concerns on what a collaboration between humans & AI may look like in the future…….. *plays AI track by Drake & The Weeknd LOL.

    1. Sesame seed 🙂
      William Bloom who lives at Glastonbury with affiliates at Findhorn, has an online course called ‘Spiritual Companions’.
      Thought that was cute, spiritual companion as a job description.
      An ultimate universal flex, love that expression.
      Was it for yourself personally or to go into practise?

      Collaboration between humans & AI may look like’.
      I really wonder what it might FEEL like!

      1. Very interesting my lady! I also love the English flavor, I’ve lived in London most of my adult life but having a break from England in NY while I reinvent myself like Madonna lol. It was a little bit of both…… my interest in understanding spiritual healing was mostly to uncover who I am at my core, but then my curiosity on learning about blending Cosmic and Earth energies for healing peaked and I’ve had an insight into being able to intuitively receive msgs for others. Something I’ve always been able to do, but never put the label of Clairsentience on it. It’s an upgrade to a toolkit, and now I’m left wondering exactly how to apply this to my journey! 🤔🤔
        RE – AI….. that’s a very real question! There is a lot of understandable nervousness in the creative fields and it’s just. Pluto in Aquarius is already shaking up our paradigms and forcing change. Having Pluto in my 1st house has made transformation a very big theme in my life, so I stay ready to transform but anyone that remains fixed is going to encounter MAJOR turbulence!

  26. I’ve noticed I have an increased ability to step back and assess a situation with greater detachment. This is a blessed relief to me, with a Scorpio Sun and Mercury.

    I’m also questioning how much I dedicated myself to the grind at work during Pluto in Capricorn.

    1. The largest part of my life has been devoted to career too, since 2008… And in a sector which is in complete flux (media). So I don’t know if it will sustain me in the near future… So have I spent all that time and energy wisely? I wonder…

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