Mars conjunct Pluto

Astrology and The Black Supermodels – Part 2

After the ultra-Neptunian Donyale Luna (Astrology and The Black Supermodels Part 1) broke the barrier, Naomi Sims hurtled straight after her and into the American public eye. She was born in the post-World War 1 baby boom, an Aries with Mars, Saturn + Pluto conjunct in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius. A trio of linked Fire sign features like this is called a Grand Fire Trine. People who are born …

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Karma Secrets Of The Tabloid Geishas

Nobody can accuse the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of slacking off. Of course, it’s in Capricorn, so exceeding expectations is part of the deal. I have done dozens of posts on this thing, and this recent take is the most somber. I would leave it there but people are apparently interested in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – more specifically, is this a Saturn and Pluto linked event? Yes, in that …

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Astrology, Aspergers and Uranus

Astrology and Aspergers seem unrelated. But are neurally different people explicable via astrology? Are Aspergers and associated ‘spectrum’ modes of intelligence just Uranian? As described here, the ADHD personality descriptions read like a list of Mutable characteristics. After a plausible Mars in Virgo style rant re mismatched socks, a Scorpio male accused* me of being Aspergers. *I say “accused” as he sounded accusatory. I don’t think it is a crime. …

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Ask Mystic: A Parental Saturn Freak-Out

Is having natal Saturn in the 4th house somehow bad? Mystic advises a new mother who’s worried her newborn baby has this placement. Summary: It’s fine! Dear Mystic, I am pretty embarrassed to be sending you this email, as I know you receive tons of emails from people having astro freakouts, but I just had a baby (2 weeks ago) and I am v hormonal so please be gentle with …

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Can Eclipses Worsen Headaches?

Can Eclipses cause headaches? It sounds irrational but many people report that Full Moons amplify aches and pains. And an Eclipse is just a super-amped New or Full Moon. Dear Mystic! I’m a newbie subscriber (last year) from the Philippines. Thanks to my friend Anjeline de Dios who introduced me to, I’m now a full-fledged Scorpio-Taurus healer-housewitch running a healing space here in our hometown!  Anyway, the reason why …

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Ava Gardner Frank Sinatra wedding day

Frank & Ava: Mars Square Venus In Synastry

For a brilliant example of Mars Square Venus In Synastry, look to Golden Era Hollywood stars Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner. “…He had, at last, found a true partner in the opera that was his life. All his other women had been supporting players, but Ava was a diva with a soul whose turbulence equalled his own. Both ­harboured profound feelings of ­worthlessness, which expressed ­themselves in volcanic furies.   …

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