Getting Back Together With Venus Retrograde

Is getting back together with Venus Retrograde a good idea? As in you’re re-thinking your decision to split? Or, is it astrologically bad?

Venus Retrograde naturally entices even the most stoic mind down the path of “what if…?” It is a time when the prospect of closure, revival, or even just contact with an ex can seem more appealing.

It’s also just the Retro-Venusian Voodoo; strange echoes of relationships gone by haunt perfectly normal waking moments. That’s if they’re not sending you strange messages already.

Or you turn around a perfectly ordinary street corner and bam – there they are. Or, propelled into a social media e-sleuthing session, you discover data that makes you unaccountably miss them. Less savourily, you feel a surge of belated possessiveness. It’s betrayal, god-damn it, they belong to you.

Pull the hell out! There is a stage beyond Love Zombie, and that is becoming a necrophiliac of love.

It is a fantastic phase for therapy around relationship choices and drawing a line between you and the romantic past. And by line, I mean more like a border with flashing lights and drone patrols.

But getting back together with Venus Retrograde is not a good idea. Wait until Venus Direct and then reassess. Retrogrades have many useful purposes, but they’re not traditionally suitable for starting things that you would like to endure.

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  1. Hey we’re in Gemini, trickster territory or the Magician in the Tarot. First it’s this then it’s that. Which is it?

    Keep your channels open, stay focused and follow it all the way through.

    Call it down – attain clarity. For the new to arise the old must die.

    I Ching by Hilary Barrett Hexagram 49 Revolution:

    In the moment of change [Venus Transit] there is truth — sincerity and sure knowledge.

    Here’s something for Gemini 17 degree from Star Sparks Elias Lonsdalle

    Gemini 17 A magic coin that has only one side

    Being suspended within an atmosphere, a feeling tone of something happening that cannot be really as perceived and yet here it is. All ordinary mental projections stop at this point. Something arises which is uncanny. The path becomes to pursue this uncanny sensation where it leads.

    The experience which follows is very hard to track with in words. A certain essence is alive, is moving, is leading us through. Yet what we stumble upon is shadow, is everything which that essence is not about. We continue our one-pointed pursuit of the essence path. And at the same time we encounter in our field the undersoul depths script with counter-messaging and every kind of sabotage and extreme complication which could be drawn in for any purpose

    Yet something about that uncanny atmosphere of something beyond calling us, keeps motivating us to stay with a level of experience which would seem to be crazy-making and absurd. We hold out before our inner eye the willingness to be shown that which is extraordinary and staggering. And then we keep sensing all around us everything but what we seek, long for and are diving toward.

    This shadow play is confoundingly mysterious and multiple. As naively straight on as our impulse carries us into, somehow somewhere it becomes anything but that pretense image. Everything fragments, atomizes. We stumble upon a nightmare. If we can hold ourselves steady on the inside of this barrage of chaotic impressions and sensations, we will then back hrough to the other side. The fruits of our labor will be a calm, sober, clear and undeniable state of consciousness. We have seen everything and somehow we have held to our innocence and our longing for that which is beyond comprehension.

    We do become the miracle embodier. We do allow the mystery to bring us all the way through. And in order to get there, everything in us which is false must go, no matter what.

    [I pray for clarity – I pray for the souls to unite in a spark of knowing bliss – telepathy is two way communication/communion – may it be so]

      1. Scorporation, Inc.

        To some, to me, telepathy is like radio: I turn the knob this way, I pick up this station/frequency; I dial the other way, I pick up other frequencies. It’s no more magic to me than my artistic abilities: gifts, definitely. Magic, not so much.

        So my telepathic partner realizes her gift, too. Good for her, good for all of us! Like someone said earlier in this thread, telepathy is something we’re all capable of, and I agree wholeheartedly. Like drawing or making music, some of us just seem to come by it naturally and without instruction; others take some instruction first. Either way, it’s all good. All the same.

        I don’t attach my ego to this telepathy by believing it to be somehow supernatural or special or magic or anything. It just is. It’s radio stations. Whatever.

        I want to see the band! haha As far as my telepathic partner is concerned, I’m changing the channel/turning the radio off for now. Enough listening: time to experience.

    1. age of aquarius

      Wow! Thanks for posting that, Andru!

      Interesting, my friend-in-telepathy has his Sun at 17 degrees of Gemini also conjunct Mercury and Eros…..wonder what he’s feeling during this time of transits and eclipses! I guess I could tune in…….Like you said, Scorporation, it’s like tuning into a radio station, and the frequencies have to be aligned…. I’ve turned down the volume on this guy lately, but a little bit has come through, mostly through music.

      Anyway…..what an amazing eclipse time/Venus retro/Venus in front of Sun/ time this has been…..and I’ll be interested to see what the next couple days bring!

      During the first part of this eclipse time, the annular solar eclipse on May 20th, I got food poisoning right on that day, while out of town and alone and had to go to the hospital in an ambulance. I felt very alone but surrendered to the experience and got through it. I joked later that in essence, albeit involuntary, I did a 36 hour fast during that eclipse window! Ha ha! Maybe that hardship, that little trial by fire, opened me up more to the energies of that eclipse…….we’ll see….
      May everyone’s pain transform and release!!!!

      It’s been pretty amazing to all of a sudden find kindred spirits right here on this thread who have had telepathic relationships such as I have had. I do not take it for granted that we all shared and connected at this time.
      As someone else stated, it is good evidence that there is another way of relating emerging and, yes, it’s always been there, but more people are consciously participating in it, engaging it, it would seem, and willing to talk about it.
      I am delighted! Thanks, you guys! 🙂

      1. age of aquarius

        …..ha ha! Haven’t ‘tuned in’ to telepathy-dude in months but after all the writing about it I’ve done lately, I guess the vibe reached him ’cause tonight, out of the blue, he started tweeting away after months of silence…

      2. Age of Aquarious and Scorporation, you both mention, turning off or turning down this telepathy at will. How do you do that? I don’t seem to have any control with this – it comes when it comes. It’s a soul resonance. I’ve wondered if the moon triggers the resonant communications as there are a plethora of connections in our charts?

        There’s also a lot of restraining factors keeping us apart until the field is ready, so to speak. Restraint can be such a gift – a hard lesson to learn.

        Anyway, Gemini 17 is the midpoint Venus/Sun degree between the 2004 and 2012 Venus transit, which were respectively Gemini 18 and Gemini 16. This year’s transit, meeting of Venus & Sun, is on Gemini 16 – here’s a bit:

        Gemini 16 A single sunflower wilting and dropping it’s seeds

        Giving the self over. Being ready, fully ripe to sacrifice, to renounce, to offer, to become aligned into the bright spirit of the future and the emergent energies arising on every hand.

  2. Scorporation, Inc.

    You know what, though? On the flip side of all that, I no longer have the umph to run a few errands without needing a nap. I can’t get through most days without needing at least a few hours sleep in between things… It’s sad. I’m running out of time. Sometimes I feel really optimistic and like I have greatness to share (yesterday), but most times I feel realistic and like I don’t have the energy to entertain a real partner (today). Whatever. I’m tired, and I’m going to bed. That’s all.

    1. Scorporation, Inc.

      Great: now I can’t sleep.

      Well, what did everybody expect: it’s a full-tilt waxing moon in Scorp, along with all else heavily planetarily-aspected. My astro said something about not pretending that shit’s normal, and to speak the truth. With Saturn bearing down on my Uranus-Merc conjunct, well, I’m keeping it real, yeah?

      In case anyone’s tempted to provide sympathy or cheer-lead, please don’t. I’m not trolling for either. I just have a lot of heavy shit on my mind, and it comes and goes…

      Developing primary progressive multiple sclerosis was not in my plan lol. It’s been a lot to adjust to, and just when I think I have a handle on it and can manage it, I don’t. It keeps changing. Everything changes, of course.

      I know it doesn’t help that I have very demanding work, but so far I’ve yet to figure out another way to pay my bills. Stress, in general, wreaks havoc on my body, and if any of you are single parents– truly single parents, not with weekends “off” while your kid(s) stay with the other parent, or with some kind of financial help from the other parent– not that that’s not stressful, but, it’s extra-stressful doing it Totally Alone. And I do it Alone– mighty fucking well, if I say so myself. Also, I live in the United States, where health care is not a given: preventative care, and anything not associated with big pharm, is not part of my “provider’s” m.o. I’m strapped on a lot of levels, over here.

      So, a lot of stress. Really tired. Sometimes I can’t sleep because of neurologic pain/symptoms regardless of how tired I am (take tonight, for example), and then I fight the (natural) urge to be really cranky, too– because it’s not how I want to be. Not really.

      So many of us want to know what to expect in life, at least day-to-day, and we want the comfort in knowing that if we practice this or act like that or figure out how it all works, then tah-dah: mastery, serenity, peace. I’m not going to go all cynical on everybody– complete cynicism goes against my nature– but, well, sometimes life works like that, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes really shit things happen to good people who do all the right things, and maybe their lives end on that note; sometimes really shit people have seemingly great things happen for them/their lives end on an awesome note. Like anyone, I get tempted to figure out how I can “get it right,” or, “make it better,” maybe I look at the planets or Jung or Oprah


      but so often the only train of thought that seems logical is to just Let It All Go. Who knows, whatever, just try to stay haute as best I can at any given time, forget what the planets are doing or what the textbooks say. Forget everything.

      I need to drop stress. I’ve been trying to deny this, been fighting this, but no more fighting– I need to face it: I need to drop my work/school. Mine’s not the right occupation for someone who’s body takes a shit under heavy circumstances. *That* is stressful, though: how stressful is it to not know how you’ll keep the lights on, put gas in the car, etc– esp. when your child is still too young to get a job (thank you, Child Labor Laws). I don’t know, it’s like 6 of one, half-dozen of the other… Did I mention I’m tired?! Change careers, now? Seriously? Fuck me.

      But I can’t think about it, the consequences, I mean. Change is here. Today. (My astro said something about that, too.) So stereotypical of my sun, I know… What can I say?

      There’s a party tomorrow in my honor. It’s ironic now, but… All of my tribe will be assembled, it’ll be lovely, no pressure.

      May the Moon be in Sag when I wake, ffs. haha

      1. No wonder you’re so tired, Scorporation. You’re right, noone can tell you how to handle those core things, health, income, family etc on a blog. I know you don’t want sympathy and i don’t pity you, but i feel deeply for you.

        May your tribe hold you in loving arms tomorrow. May you find solid steady practical support. May you sleep restfully for now xxxxxxx

  3. 12th house virgo

    I was thinking of all this soul mating talk and a line from the Grinch seemed appropriate “it came without packages, boxes, or bags.” Ah, unconditional love. Odd it pains us so much to feel love without “proof.”

    I finally have a Venus Retro tale. There’s this odd Libran who looks like a ginger-Jesus. He and I went to a psychic circle in the States a year or two ago. The medium was an Aborigini woman who said he was an Atlantian from the future. Dude is weird and freaking out on my Facebook photos. Ha! He’s not an ex-lover. Will never be.

    1. Scorporation, Inc.

      The only person I’m absolutely sure I feel unconditional love for is my son.

      As for my telepathic partner… Sometimes I think she takes advantage of this whole situation and it really pisses me off. I’m pretty pissed off right now!

      Full Moon Eclipse eruption warning in 5, 4, 3, 2,

      And I’m sick of being alone. Sick of raising my son alone, sick of doing fucking MS alone, sick of being alone! I deserve a good partner– my son and I both deserve it– and I deserve to be happy, and I deserve it NOW– right the fuck now– not when the cosmos are aligned just so and this is just so and that– No! I deserve it right the fuck Now while I’m still able-bodied, while I can still pretty much get around and fucking enjoy myself! Now!

      My telepathic “partner” can get bent! I’m sick of being alone.

      1. 12th house virgo

        Scorporation, Inc. – first, a-fuquing-men! I’ve got friends coming to stay at my house this summer. I am so looking forward to listening to my daughter talk to someone other than me. I want to know her through other relationships. I want her to know me through other relationships. Its wearying, being so self-sufficient, being so alone. I invested 13 years in a family (via marriage) that now acts like I’m dead, bascially. And the family I was born with – let’s just say I did the right thing by letting go. I so want a family. And its not something I can force into being, you know? It takes cooperation. And I wish that love could be the center of that. I told Uranian Scorp – I don’t care what his story is. I don’t want to deal with his man-shell (ego). But the ego is real and what keeps us apart. I could cry, cry, cry about how lonely I am. But it isn’t his fault. It isn’t his job on earth to give me what I want or need. Its my job. And, apparently according to the Universe, I don’t need a family right now. Fucking pisses me off, but I try to surrender quickly least Pluto rip me a new one.

        BUT! It is still true that I am deeply in love. It is true that I am more capable than I ever realized. I’m so fucking sick of my capableness! It is true that I diminished my self through my relationships in the past and that I would rather be alone than do that to myself – or model that behavior for my daughter – again.

        I don’t know what a family is or how to make one. I know its not an act of will or efficiency. I have faith that if I hold the space open and clear, the right persons and people will come into it. And I have faith that feeling love isn’t a bad thing, even if that love isn’t going to end with a person sleeping in my bed. It just isn’t going to end, and that’s OK. Immortality and acceptance are OK. For now, I have the space to provide safety to people in my life. I will trust that they will gravitate to my vibe. One day? I don’t assume to know who that person is yet.

        Its great that you love her – even though she doesn’t deserve it. You don’t have to be angry with her to know what you need. Other magic can enter your life. I have to have faith in that or else I wouldn’t breathe. God bless.

        1. Scorporation, Inc.

          Yes, I so hear all of that, 12thHV. I too pulled us out of a bad marriage because it wasn’t healthy for my son and me. He never has to worry that he’ll be captive to some seriously messed up home life/partnership of mine, because I’d never have it– hence, my being alone. And yes, being alone is definitely preferable to being in an unhealthy relationship!

          You’re so right: my telepathic “partner” doesn’t deserve me! I deserve Better– so much better! And I want a real, better partner to materialize Right Now. Five years, waiting… Five years…

          Thanks for listening, and the feedback.

          1. 12th house virgo

            I’m trying to be nuanced here…hmm…everyone deserves love and no one deserves it. It just is. You love her. So what? Have you really been waiting just for her? I say this and please know that I do empathize with the pain/loneliness – and feel the same. But when I start getting judgmental about my partner (telepathic or otherwise), it inevitably follows that I start getting judgmental about myself/my life. So…she isn’t around. Have you really be waiting for her? Is she responsbile for solving the lonely problem? Or – is it that you’d be lonely either way – phase of life, troubled times, all that sort of thing? How much is she the cause of it or the relief from it, you know? Do you get the nuance? It isn’t about deserving or not. Its about accepting that you are NOT in control of who is in your life. Threats, wants, whatever, doesn’t change it.

          2. 12th house virgo

            I guess the point I am really trying to make is – when you let go of neediness and I-deserveness, you are free to feel in love. Just that. And it feels good to feel that way. Like a really nice drug. Dose responsbily, sure. But I don’t see a value in throwing out what’s magical for the sake of what’s quantifiable or controlable.

            1. Thank you for this great non-tabloid exchange between you and Scorporation. This stuff is really happening to real people and only those who have experienced such telepathic loving/lovers, in differnet guises, can understand. Others must scratch their heads.

              Something great is birthing here; an evolving way of relating.

            2. Scorporation, Inc.

              Yeah, I have been waiting for her. And she knows it.

              We will have to disagree on the “I deserve” perspective. I believe that “I deserve” is empowering; it’s an I statement to the universe that declares one realizes one’s own self-worth, and one’s entitlement to happiness.

              I do agree that everyone deserves love, happiness, complete attainment and fulfillment. If anyone said, “I deserve to be loved/happy/etc.!” I would emphatically agree, because Everyone deserves.

              I get angry with her when I feel she’s taking advantage of the situation– taking advantage of me. I am not a practicality, something to get to eventually, or anything. A whole, real partner will meet me half-way, will be present in my life, and let me love her/him and (s)he me, in real physical space and time. That’s what I’m all about: no less. And this person will be incredible: no less!

              I have been loving and patient– and human. I have been as real-time present as she allows me to be. I deserve to be happy, and this telepathic thing doesn’t do it for me.

              As I am responsible for my own happiness, yes, I must try again to make room in my life for the wonderful partner I deserve to come through. The problem with this telepathic partner is that our ties suck up the space in my life for a real, great person to manifest. So again, I will sever those telepathic cords and free up that space.

              Yeah, I suppose I can’t get too angry with her: some people will take from you as much as you let them, right? My happiness, my responsibility.

              1. Scorporation, Inc.

                I find nothing magical in telepathic partnership. To me, Magic is creating a real growing and evolving relationship, with lovemaking and squabbles and snoring and work and leisure time together. Creating and growing a family, getting old together… To me, *that* is magic!

                1. Scorporation, Inc.

                  And finally– haha! sorry– I’m not “needy”– I’ve been *wanting* Her! Ever since we met– Bam! Her! Totally knocked me on my ass! Our telepathic relationship has told me that she feels it, too: our connection has been undeniable.

                  On some level, though, she doesn’t think *she* deserves– so she translates my knowing and desire into something less-than. She projects that crap onto me, and warps what I know and understand into “neediness,” I think. And that’s too bad… For us both. I can’t make her see, make her believe she deserves, and I’m not happy pretending like this telepathic thing is enough for me.

                2. 12th house virgo

                  Scorporation, Inc- I so love you right now. Ha! Keep your heart open and all sorts of strange creatures fly in. I hope you get more, More, MORE than you ever dreamed you deserve. Sincerely – blessings to you and your boy.

  4. Well ex lover who i totally want nothing to do with cause he sucks was cruisin for sympathy and whining to me on FB. whatever. the big news is I’m going to see my father in person for the first time in 12 or 13 years. he left when i was 14/15, i’m 27 now. and I’ll be seeing him probably ON JUNE 4th. I wonder if venus retro ever has anything to do with parental reunions?

    things with my present guy are GREAT. i fuqin love him. and i don’t know how he deals with me. he’s as sweet as pie. and pleasantly kind of a dick (in a funny way). the worst of venus retro in gem for us has been many misunderstandings of whether he’s joking or not and whether i’m joking or not. that’s pretty much it. he has natal venus in gem, me in sag. HA

  5. saggyaquaofnyc

    LITERALLY THE DAY I FEEL OFFICIALLY OVER IT, i get a text. Different cities and haven’t seen in months. I was certain this would not happen as i read this article days ago. It did and the convo fizzled after my aqua self took to long to respond to each text. Gem has gf and older. at first im like wtf, what is there to talk about and realizations of how i blew his image up in my mind etc came about. Decided not to give it another try at a conversion today because every sign is pointing to no. Rotten, I was doing so good. ugh, help.

    1. 12th house virgo

      saggyaquaofnyc – that in my humble opinion is the Universe testing your resolve. If you felt better and at peace, why let another’s actions affect that vibe? I totally get the heart-strings pull, but the Universe basically doesn’t. Hold your resolve for best results. And be kind to yourself about the fact that’s hard.

  6. Well…took a major chance with an old friend from school by sharing a week in Bali to celebrate his 50th. Have only seen him like 4 times since school. We live on the same latitude but on opposite sides of the country.
    The trip started with me missing my plane which meant flying out on the eclipse 20th May…. He is a Toro and I ze Crab
    I have had the most amazing full on love experience of my life….
    In the days since returning 27th, I have been unable to talk to him via my devices all being f’ed up including my home phone which is totally dead (tho my service provider says different…..
    Ok so; feels karmic etc… I’m all over the place because he’s comming here to celebrate his Mums 90th b.Day in Aug and has asked me to be his date, which means meeting his entire family including his kids….scary shit.
    Trust me to fall in love during V retro; THIS IS ALL GOING TO GO PEAR SHAPED right?????? I’ll suddenly wake up and find I’ve been drugged and WTF was I thinking? Right?

  7. greenfirespirit

    Most of what I’ve read about this venus retrograde and venus transit is about stuff coming up (coming back) to be finished/eliminated etc. BUT there have also been several mentions of second chances – reunions that have a more positive “meant to be” sort of vibe….SOOOOO how will I know which it is? O.K. I admit I desire that he is back cuz he’s meant to be back and this time around it falls into place with ease and grace….could this scenario be possible?
    he’s a libra with sagitarius rising
    and I’m a gemini with scorpio rising

    1. I’m in the same boat, seems so right. (see post below yrs)

      I guess I should just be celebrating the wonderful opportunity I have just experienced. I have never felt so loved and cared for in my life…. Thank you Venus xxx

  8. Moon Calendar from Creative Cronies also says that
    it’s ‘an intense and cosmic portal indeed’.
    And that Vensu was the most important planet to the Mayans. A time of perfect harmonic resonance.
    How inspiring.

  9. Aqualeoscorpmn

    My retro venus reunion is with this blog, Venus is traveling across my 11th which does rule blogs- I survived the libran gavel, lol and am gonna put more venus into my replies.

    I think people take them the wrong way when I forget a few of venus words. Pluto in Libs my only libra placement.

    But like libra Barbara Walters can tame the people passionately debating at her table. I gotta give it to libran placed for there ability to bring together both sides in a way that makes it as comfortable as poss for all parties involved.

  10. oh yeah profound dream i will be the courageous mermaid and cut the line, the sea is ruled by neptune’s dream and it has plenty of fish, crazy kool school of colorful new peers. “remain in the light …. no mediocrity”(MM)

  11. Just had a thought..

    So, I accept it’s not really advisable to go making ‘drippy’ contact with our ex’s, but what sort of contact is wise exactly?

    I’m wanting to close the book on one completely, but do so peacefully and respectfully, and not provoke any further negativity. I’m not really sure how to go about doing this at this point, and I’d kinda like to do so in conjunction with the upcoming eclipse as it feels right to do so.

    On the other hand I’m really not sure how to treat the other ‘ex’ in question during this time period, the one which this Venus-Rx is seemingly hinting at the ‘second chance’ sorta thing with. Honestly I’m somewhat afraid to even so much as say hello, even in a calm friendly manner, which I think is pathetic really but yeah, admittedly there’s a pretty strong fear of going against the Rx energy and just plain fuqing up…

    Any thoughts?

    1. 12th house virgo

      Oran_Mor – retros are for going over things and if your intention is true about closure – follow it. I wanted to end a bond and did so on a during a moon that was advertised as unviable for making contact. But since my intention was to end, it worked. If your’e intention is to settle and bring peace – maybe retros are the right time? Just my opinion.

      1. Sounds about right to me. I’ve been pondering over exactly how to do this the last few days but I’m getting there. I know my ex is going to be pretty hurt but the fact is I have to do what I have to do, demons must be exorcised, etc.. I’m just being extremely careful as to not be aggressive about doing it.

        Everyone has the right to set themselves free, right?

    2. “Fuqing up” as a fear that you’re not going to read the external signs right shows a lack of connectedness with your internal guidance. I’d be more concerned to follow what you think you feel and see how it comes out. Hone your ability to read yourself. Take the zillion variations in astrological charts. What goes on with your planetary placements and alignments at any partiular moment can’t be covered by a generalied statement.

      Do the thing you fear (making intuitive decisions) till you don’t fear it anymore. It’s another one of those learn-by-doing situations.

      And as far as provoking negativity, sometimes it’s unavoidable.

      Trust yourself. You’ll do fine. And if you don’t, learn from it. And you’ve still done fine.

      1. Well said amigo. Ultimately I always try my utmost best to follow my intuition with the utmost integrity, but I am only human and I falter at times even when I have no intention of doing so.

        Can be pretty tricky with so much on ones plate at once, but I can’t help but be somewhat amazed by how well I’m actually juggling it all..

  12. I seem to be on a perfume bender. I can’t stop sampling new fragrances and ordering samples online. I need a hotline/call-in place that will talk me down. How many different scents can a woman wear? Usually, I am a one-scent per year (or longer) kind of person although I do switch it up every couple/few years.

    Other than that I am obsessed with flowers. I guess this is better than obsessing on ex’s (???)

    1. PS– I just remembered that I went on a scent hunt and went into a whole new place with scent during 2004 (the other Venus retro). I was on a quest then, as well, and got into the whole layering thing–but that was pre-recession when every scent had tons on product options. Now the labels are more cost conscious and only provide the bare bones of a line. *sigh*

  13. Wow MM how could i survive without your magic? hmmph hmmph yessiree last nov. lost contact with lover cuz he unexpectedly fell in love?!? called on me apr.3 i ans. cuz i dropped his contact number did not recognize his # and now he is forever trying to gain my attention and invites into my life huh well idk do i play fish or cut the line? mermaids on neptune time wait it out till august?

  14. Aphrodite Rising

    Really weird this should come up right now. I’m arranging a reunion with my uni mates from the late ‘sixties, early ‘seventies when I holiday in the UK in Sept-Oct, and one of them suggested my ex turn up, a guy I haven’t seen since 1972. Weird stuff, can’t work out if I want to see him or not. He told me, in front of everyone on the kibbutz, that I always “had to be right”, (yes, end of relationship, full stop) and couldn’t see that I absorb information like a sponge, facts, figures, people, conversations. And then when my Libran step-daughter was here this past weekend, she was exactly the same – great memory for events, facts, conversations – validated my own good memory and the way I absorb information.

  15. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

    man it ain’t raining = it’s pouring!!

    frolicking home post PRINCE with a bestie, (yes that symbol formerly known as a man), dropped by a friends BBQ. by then it was late, & we were fairly well seasoned having danced our pants off to the little big guy ….. & without warning – BAM!!
    usurped in a glance by a very tall, funny, smart Crab …. barely leaving each other since. the opposite of where I’d been for the better part of the last decade.

    cue Le Ram, ricocheting unprovoked vitriol via SMS & email – all communique was duly ignored. the silence, from me, is said to be deafening. plus he’s bleats were easy to let slide, whilst the very tall, funny smart Crab vibes sensitivity. emotional maturity. being solid. reliable ….. those of you who’ve been around here for the duration of Le Ram saga would understand the diametrically opposed scenario that had emerged. L’Ex – no idea there’s another contender in the ring …

    so tall Crab trumps, thus far – serving lashings of sweet morsels not present (not even once) during Le Ram years…
    either way – the future looks a hell of a lot brighter for having had the experience, no matter the duration of the newbie….

    Le Ram landed back in town after some high-faluting jaunt & emails escalated to voice mails – the piece de resistance being the 3 minute APOLOGY …. that’s SORRY / I APOLOGISE (more than once!), backed up by offers of a 7 star holiday, & a load of other stuff that he succinctly rounded off with ‘well I understand this is all too little too late …..’

    SO the accelerated ‘getting to know each other’ with Le Crab snagged on a few expected glitches (age difference) – whilst Le Ram continues his pursuit. staying disconnected from outcome whilst amping up Saturn Girl fortifications is working thus far,

    I feel like a charactor from Karen O’s ‘Stop The Virgens’ (cant wait to see this weekend ….. with Money Mark!!) …..

    how long is it until the end of July?

    1. omg please report back RLP re Stop the Virgens, on whatever post is latest at the time! I can’t afford to go and… I watched an interview with her on the creative process behind it and…aaaagh *frustrated musician here*


      1. Karen O IS my goddess!!!

        years ago Pav bought them out – when they were indy nobodies & she was the most captivating woman let loose on stage I’d ever witnessed!! performance art ….

        we hung out for a bit – she was seeing an Australian guy at the time …..

        if yr in Aust find podcast from JJJ radio interview yesterday …..

        yeah yeah yeah!! 😉

        1. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

          ^ ^ ^ whats with the disappearing Gravatar /// ^ ^ ^

          *heads back to tend deadlines ….

          1. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

            OK – now I have worked out who I’m talking to you get the whole story PI / UP!!

            Karen O’s show was one of the single most mindblowing things ever. that’s EVER. production design – BEYOND!!

            walked up to her after the show & put my hand out & said hi – I’m RLP. she was a lot more guarded than when I met her before she was super famous. I then sent to Nick Zinner & talked photography his books & suggested we run a show.

            then got overwhelmed by the company I was keeping when quiet gentle Money Mark came in. hearing him play in the Sydney Opera House took me back to Mike’s Keyboard Repair Store in a nano sec – that & all those epic Beastie Boy rifs …. so I stared & tried not to dribble.

            Hot Crab gives me free reign on his decks (also a DJ) – have ordered Money Mark’s epic album on vinyl.

            that show was worth selling first born to get to. wish I’d listened to those who know & went twice.

            you were with me in spirit!!

            xox 😉 xox

            1. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

              PS I took Le Ram as a divorce present – we held hands so tightly knowing it was the last dance. he watched me front my intendeds (Karen O girl crush now on overdrive) ….. & said ‘you are remarkable. what can I do to get you back’.

              ‘notice me 10 years ago, not now!’

              am so happily ensconced in the new era – his shutting door after horse has bolted is not really a problem. not for anyways :-)!!

      1. Ms … word me up on the Kataka … have no priors but tis a wonderful break from *RAMS!!!

        all good in your hood hotstuff??

        xox 😉 xox

          1. Rocky, if you are still around, wear masses of silver, bracelets, rings, necklets of good quality silver for Kataka men. This i know attracts them.
            Moonstone even if you have.
            Rams and drama, o tell me about it, reason i didn’t marry ex-fiance.x

            1. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

              BINGO!! Pegs am always chunked up with tacks of Silver – up the arms, never leave house without massive silver arm cuff, the parrot …. so vibing right there!!

              Oh to be away from the psychodrama is psychologically liberating. Le Ram is been stung bad, thankfully smart enough to see that me disappearing is wholly of his own doing … seeya cowboy!!


        1. Hood is good sweets, thanks for asking x

          Though there is a hateful moan of the girls re crab men on here I have to say that the loyal steadfast shell of granite that is kataka is totally amazing when an invite is extended to share the shell. They make wholesome and something slightly old fashioned seem totally amazing. The right ones have EQ that will blow your mind, views on love that will kick your arse and let you ebb and flow in ways that make you feel totally like a woman. The epic game play of fire signs (when challenged) needing to get off on drama will be a welcome swap for a crab who can hold his own and show you love. I still talk to my, erm, younger super crab of previous abode and he is still one of my favourite people ever. Some say that the moon is about the mother (ruling planet of crabs) but to me it’s about being a real woman x x

          1. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

            excellent re things rocking & rolling in your life Ms!!

            your insights resonate & perfect timing – the crab shel – just struck that for first time this week – makes perfect sense … yes re wholesome, yes re mind-blowing EQ – yes re the real woman aspect ….. added bonus – he’s French (but lives here!)

            first Kataka – worth Le Wait!! 😉 XOX

  16. Hahahaha re: the Leo uber-text. Anyway, this explains why guy I briefly dated last year (also a Leo) sent me a “what’s up” text over the weekend. Deleted his # months ago but thankfully Blackberry retains some record of previous texts so I knew it was him. Not responding! In any case, definitely struggling to regain Sagg-ability at moment. I know it’s supposed to be intense, but honestly am looking forward to Eclipse in my sign next weekend!

  17. cripes, we so lucky to have your wisdom mystic! yes, psycho ex now bailed up in the bush getting our self sufficiency dream underway (but alas not for me, well, with him anyways..)oh but i cldnt help noticing him bare chested glistening in the sun tending to the vegetables and playing with our children…libran fantasies ensued and the pull was so strong that when the children went down for their nap i had to throw them in the car and get the hell outta there before i jumped his bones right there in between the cabbages and kale…lucky for me last weekend i accidentally uncovered (my 1 yr old opened his phone up on incriminating mush txts!) revealing full emo extent of the love tryst that went on during our breakup (ouch!) and his true manipulative colours (Eww)! thanku universe for hammering home the message! In new living space now up to elbows in nappies and poop, hectic but happier and thriving.

  18. The Double Trouble Scorp

    went to see the guy i’ve had a weird affair with for two and a half years in paris. felt utterly lonely and melancholy. don’t know what to think and what to make of him. it’s been on for too long, also, to change now, i think. although i wouldn’t know whether to change the whole thing by giving it up or by suggesting we tried a serious relationship. we’re utterly anachronized (if that’s a word) – he’s been into this for long, but i was hesitant; now the roles are reversed. or maybe they’re not and i’m just in a venus retrograde terrible melancholy mood?

  19. age of aquarius

    Retro Venus is transiting my 12th house.. Resurfacing of a seven year long telepathic ‘relationship’. He is a Gemini Sun so in synastry his sun falls into my 12th and now retro Venus transiting that…. This connection has taken place pretty much in the astral plane this whole time. I got frustrated with it after awhile and ignored it for a long time but it comes back to the fore at times and it’s been on my mind again, I guess due to the transit.

    This has been a lonely experience for seven years as it is difficult to explain to others because it is intangible.

    I have asked this telepathic partner in telepathy to meet with me physically face to face but so far hasn’t happened since the first time we met. Logistically and circumstantially, I can’t even see us meeting or reuniting during this retro, it would be kind of a miracle. I have found so-called ‘closure’ with this situation in the past, but from time to time he does still re-surface. I guess this will be with me my whole life… *sigh*

    Anyway, maybe this Venus retro will bring THE final closure..? I won’t hold my breath, though, as every time I think, this is it, finally done, he comes back…

    Anyone out there understand this kind of thing…?

    1. 12th house virgo

      OMG -yes. Been in back to back telepathic relationships for nearly three years now. Sucks. Sometimes I think its all a cosmic conspiracy to make sure I never have sex again. LOL! It takes a lot of discipline to accept the connection and not freak or get angry about it. Sometimes I think “This is such bullshit – none of this is real, none of this is happening” and then the wisdom voice in me says “since when do you get to call what’s real around here?” I mean, we like to believe in magic when it isn’t so…nebulous, yeah?

      Not sure what to say about the situ for you other than – yes, I do very much understand it. My natal chart: 12th house Venus in Virgo squares Neptune in 3rd house Sag like a curse. 🙂

      The last connection – I tried so hard to get rid of him. Eventually, I did get some closure about it but it really helped to have the new guy come in a clear the space or take up the space if you will. I just wish someone would occupy both the woo-woo nowhere land of spirit and my bed at the same time. Maybe someday.

      1. age of aquarius

        Wow, thanks 12th House Virgo! You totally understand! It’s validating to know others go through this type of thing, too, though I wish it on no one, because it is, in the end, quite emotionally painful.

        It was fun and interesting at the beginning, but now I have no use for it and, like you mentioned, it feels like a cosmic conspiracy to keep me from having other connections, sexual or otherwise. This situation really has blocked me in ways from other relationships, though I have tried other relationships.

        I try to ‘turn down the volume’ on this telepathic one, but sometimes it comes roaring back in…
        I was told this person is my twin flame, but really, I don’t know…. I’m not sure the purpose of all this, but I also know twin flame connections are no bed of roses. They’re pretty heavy duty and not the ‘romance’ people might confuse them for.

        I guess it’s all for ‘spiritual growth’ but, again, it’s turned into a lot of pain…
        I suppose I have to continue to focus on myself and not put too much energy toward him.
        I’m lonely, though…… I do think this transit of Venus to my 12th house has pointed up my loneliness and that has created some depression for me since the transit started….
        Ah well, thanks for listening and for sharing your experience! 🙂

        1. 12th house virgo

          I don’t buy into the twin flame thing. We aren’t made half of anything. We’re whole beings. The Creator would never make your well being contingent upon the spiritual condition of another. But, yeah, karmic-spiritual relationships are painful. I find the less I try to control or judge my feelings, the better. The more I use my anger/frustration/loneliness to notice and articulate what I want to Source, the better off I am. The pain indicates where you need to heal as well – it isn’t all about the other person. Frankly, I’m sick of bettering myself alone, but that’s the task given to me and with a connection like that you can’t avoid the issues. If you can’t work it out with this person, you CAN work it out within yourself. Ultimately, the last connection I had ended not because the other person healed, but because I did. And I’m sure he feels the same connection he ever did to me, but it doesn’t rattle me any longer because I healed. I have no compulsion to check in on him. He’s, sadly, in the same place he always was. These connections are very painful and traumatizing. But, really, they teach you how to live beyond ego. There is nothing to grasp in a love that – according to ego – doesn’t exist. Even though I wish I didn’t have the connection I do now, I realize that it wouldn’t be possible to love someone so unconditionally if I hadn’t been so blown-up by the last one. Someone has to be an unconditional lover around here, yeah? Ultimately, its a lesson in the way God/Goddess/Source loves each one of us – invisible, beyond ego, and without condition. So if you feel hurt by this connection, there is some lesson there for you to connect deeper to Source. As I said – I’m sick of my schooling, but there really is no avoiding it. Best of luck to you. You’re not alone.

          1. age of aquarius

            Thank you SO much, again, 12th House Virgo, for your words of wisdom. Very helpful for me, and I appreciate you taking the time!

            I do think this is a call for me to have a stronger relationship with Source, and when I’m in the flow and streaming with that connection to Source, I feel the best I ever feel. I guess I get side-tracked at times….we all do, I suppose.

            I, too, think the ‘twin flame’ thing is just a head trip and a construct. The more I investigated the concept or definition, the more I felt wary, and I don’t like the idea of another person or soul potentially vamping my energy, either.
            Best to keep one’s own counsel and not give energy away to what drains you..
            One of my teachers said ‘people, places and things are re-sources but they are not THE Source.’ Best to go with the real thing, go straight to the Source!
            Thanks so much, again. I feel uplifted by your words and re-focused in a positive direction. 🙂

            1. 12th house virgo

              Anytime, age of aquarius. Thanks for the note. I’m a double virgo and I love being useful to others. Good luck.

              1. toomuchgoingon

                Good to know there are others out there processing this weird stuff. My ‘telepathic link’ has chosen to turn his back on me without so much as a recognition of what has been going on between us (two years of intense mutual longing and soul-gazing – but nothing else!) which has been hideously painful to go through without a resolution, but I agree you can heal yourself if you are prepared to face the pain and understand the lessons. You have to feel sorry for those who chose to walk away from spiritual growth but I understand too well how fearful these connections are, so not everyone is ready to face themselves. Hopefully better things are around the corner from taking this particular journey.

    2. Scorporation, Inc.

      Oh gawd: I so know what you’re talking about. I wish I didn’t, but I do. Mine’s been 5 years– and counting.

      I say I wish I didn’t know what you were talking about, and then I feel like, “Oh, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” So, a lot of ambivalence. Because it’s horribly painful at times, lonely, stifling, etc., and then it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever known.

      I’ve tried to leave it– really really tried! Conventional wisdom tells me that a partner exists in 3D, not telepathically. So I indulged a crush a couple of times, dated someone… and it was all wrong. I felt like I wasn’t being honest with those crushes and the person I dated; I felt like I wasn’t being true to myself. I’ve tried leaving it for a “real” relationship, though, because that’s what I really want– but only with my telepathic partner, apparently.

      “This has been a lonely experience for seven years as it is difficult to explain to others because it is intangible.” Yes! Not being able to discuss it, the intangible nature of it… Lonely, stifling.

      My telepathic partner seems about to materialize, then she doesn’t; then she seems about to, then she doesn’t– for 5 years! It’s enough to make a person rip her hair out.

      I love her beyond belief, but sometimes I feel that I cannot tolerate our telepathic status another minute. I’ve cut the telepathic cords so many times– just to have them grow back. “Drunk a whole jar of holy water, but it won’t let go…” (Badu)

      Saturn’s been in my Libra 7th house for how long, and I thought that maybe it was something to do with that, with lessons and all. Saturn’s still in Libra, but now into my 8th house, and on my Uranus-Merc conjunct.

      I don’t know what any of it means. But, I hear you, aqua age.

      1. toomuchgoingon

        I wish there were answers too Scorporation. I’ve heard these things can go on for decades which is just too hideous to contemplate. Maybe we should form a support group – it’s so hard for anyone who hasn’t gone through it to understand.

      2. age of aquarius

        Just now seeing your comments, Scorporation. Wow, so many of us are experiencing this! I wonder what it’s all about…..?
        Like 12th house Virgo said, the ‘twin flames’ idea just doesn’t cut it as an explanation or even as a stand-alone concept.

        I mean, I think telepathy is something everyone is capable of, but it’s the emotional side of the connection and for me sometimes I just ask the universe over and over, why can’t I also connect with him on the earthly plane? The answer I get over and over is that this is a spiritual experience, not a physical experience, but I do not like that answer!

        It just comes down to feeling like a head trip and, as both of you have shared, and is my experience too, it does seem to have an adverse effect on having relationships with other people on the earthly plane.
        So then we’re all stuck in a sort of purgatory, right?, feeling blocked to those right in front of us, and chasing ghosts in the etheric….very lonely……
        You know what good has come out of it for me, though, is that I’ve written about six really good songs that pertain to this situation. That’s what I did with all that energy, I wrote songs. I sing them and play them on my guitar. Funny, because my ‘telepathic companion’ is also a musician…

        Anyway, yeah, since it’s such a lonely and frustrating experience for so many of us, a support group sounds perfect! Well, I am even grateful for this little pop-up support group we have just had. It has actually been quite healing and validating to converse with you all about this. Thank you all so much! 🙂

        1. 12th house virgo

          Connections are nice if you just let them be. No shit – its hard work. But its energy work. It is magic. The other day, sitting at my desk at work I could feel Uranian Scorp feeling stupid about how crazy his ex is. And it was clear like a conversation between us and I said “So what? I was married to a gay guy for 11 years.” And I laughed a big belly laugh with him at what fools we are. So intimate, you know? Beyond intimacy in that magic-telepathic way. Why should that hurt me? To have something so sweet and need to prove its real? I no longer let myself put conditions on what’s real love. I let it overwhelm me and I let go fear and anxiety. I won’t give the magic of having an invisible friend to my ego. I try to surrender quickly to my karma, let the transcendant untie the knot, and practice letting go into my own expansive heart.

          1. age of aquarius

            Beautifully stated, 12th house Virgo! I really find your words very soothing.
            ‘Intimate’ communication…yes!
            Another thing I experience is remote viewing with this person. Like, I’ll be going about my day and I’ll get a visual flash of another place, location, and then find out later that’s where he was. It’s like we look through each other’s eyes.
            Do you experience remote viewing?

            I think the hurt or pain that comes with this connection is just the longing and longing and longing to be physically close, but really, this person is closer to me in telepathy than just about everyone else that is actually physically close to me, so there’s the irony. …and that’s also the intimacy that you described. It’s real intimacy!
            It’s the ego that is longing, right?, not the soul, because the soul is already together with the other soul, no boundary, no separation.

            Perhaps this Venus retro transit is affording me one more time to revisit this situation with my telepathic friend and to come to terms with it once again, and you all and this conversation showed up as the vehicle for going to this next stage of acceptance. Acceptance, acceptance, surrender………leading to Joy!
            Many, many thanks!

            1. toomuchgoingon

              I am really enjoying reading all these brilliant insights – they’re really helping. I agree so much with you AoA, especially on the intimacy thing. I have never experienced anything so intimate as this. I think ego death is the answer to dealing with the pain. As 12HV says, allowing the pure love to overwhelm is fine (why punish ourselves right?) without the toxic needing/wanting/longing, which is just futile given the circumstances.
              I do get the flashes of events too. So odd – I have never really thought much about that aspect, but I get shown stuff from time to time. :O

  20. The only reunion I am having is with myself. I told the two men I see that I need to focus on me right now. They patiently wait for my contact, which I appreciate. I am Venus (as a female; not some kind of bats declaration here). As it transits through the signs I become a different aspect of that Goddess. So I’m retro-ing into myself, and it feels just right at this moment.

  21. Yes, the ex wants to… I don’t know, probably have a fling. But no. There was a time when I would have considered it, but after running into him a few times, I can see that we should not have been together in the first place and I am remembering why we broke up. No, thank you. Time to meet the new fish in the sea. 🙂

  22. Electric Eel Libran

    Sweet! I think fair Venus would be impressed by your toilet fixing skills. Spray some rose water on it and call it a day! =)

  23. Uh-oh… Over the weekend, I needed an emotional “reset” due to a recent death of a close family member so I bored-dialed an ex-beau who showed me a great time. I guess as long as I don’t expect it to last or go anywhere, it will be cool, right??? **Gulps**

  24. I excused myself to cry in the bathroom last night over my ex-husband. It’s been 11 years. Then, was pissed at myself for doing so. It seems like I never get rid of the feelings I have for people, even if I’ve physically moved on. Irritating. It could also be that I’m now in a relationship with someone who makes me want to stab them in the face repeatedly. ::shrug::

    1. The Double Trouble Scorp

      what sign are you? it’s not an entirely unknown reaction to me! in a way the people you’ve once loved have a special place in your heart, even if you curse them every once in a while… 😉

  25. The Green Witch

    The light bulb has finally flashed.
    Venus in the fourth – the house of home and family – and the last week has just brought up the issues that led to me distancing myself from my sisters for a long time. (Over the last couple of years I have been trying to build bridges but I’ve recently inadvertently acted as a catalyst, raising ghosts that have not been put to rest). It’s been interesting, though, understanding that these are feelings I used to have when I was a kid when I realised that people were lying and not behaving honourably. Now I know its their fear and shadow they are projecting because they can’t face it (and someone has to carry it). Sadly, I don’t see anyway out of this family situation but by getting the hell away as fast as my little legs can carry me.

    1. I feel you my dear, I feel you. A lot of troubled, previously painful issues with my mother have come up and been put to rest – years of pain and rose-colored lenses of looking for assurance. I’m glad we can let go and move on this transit.

  26. Torn between the old and the new.

    Or perhaps not so much torn, as considering the old and the new.

    It’s a Gemini thing.

  27. Anyone else having this Venus rx affect
    issues with women in their lives?

    I have a natal Venus rx in Gemini, 4th and 5th house
    cusp. this entire period has made me wake up (with the aid
    also of lovingly blunt Aries husband) that my mothers lack emotional depth will always be as such and I should stop believing I’ll ever get her emotional response to any events in my life. I also went back to my alma mater this week, an all girls school, after almost 10 years, to talk to young women abou t overcoming their fears and how to strengthen their uni track … this was very intense for me as it resurfaced some feelings I
    suppose I didn’t deal with properly (had miserable time my
    final two years as best friend stole my
    boyfriend and made a humiliating mess
    out of me). I’ve been reconnecting with amazing women who I haven’t seem in years – I guess there is unfinished business between us

    on a more soulmate note, although husband and I legally married on the 9th, we have two more spiritual ceremonies coming up these next two weeks. he has Gemini smack on his mc, Venus in pisces directly on my mars. yes we are psychically connected artists.

    1. Yep, having trouble with the women in my life, not my mother, but female friends and feeling like I am on a different more authentic frequency vs immature nonsense.

      I have distanced myself a bit trying to figure out why I feel so discombobulate. Venus is my ruler. Am so exhausted too.

      1. Oh and venus is retrograding in my 4th and saturn is transiting my venus.

        Am recently single after 4 years (two weeks ago just before venus went retro) and have moved into my own place, and trying to figure out my next career move whilst being true to myself even if it means temporary loneliness.

        And my budget just got slashed due to aforementioned singularity.

        But quietly jumping for joy at my New Freedom because the relationship wasn’t right for either of us.

        1. Jesus sunrise… Sending you support laughter love and a bloody good um something… Whatever you might need at a down and out time.. Go girl!

  28. Ok, so dating a new guy (Cappy with Sag rising + Venus conj Uranus in Scorpio, am I insane?) it started 3 weeks before Venus went RX so I’m feeling like it’s kind of only vaguely associated with this transit. Thing is he lives in the town where my ultimate love affair started over a decade ago so I’m having to revisit the place where my life basically went wrong and finally processing the massive damage from that. It’s too complicated to explain here but needless to say it’s very bizarre and very Venus RX. Added to that the first visit I made, I went to take a book of my shelf to read on the train, a book I haven’t moved for a long, long time and about 10 photos of the troublesome ex fell into my hands. Spooky, I could have sworn I’d got rid of them years ago.

    Added to that the Virgo I was crazy about for almost a year popped up at the weekend, of course. I haven’t seen him in months and I was hoping that I’d suddenly become immune to him but no such luck. Staying clear though, it would only end in tears and I know it’s just a Venus RX test

  29. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much like I mean nothing until now. It’s horrible. I want to meet someone new, but why bother. I’ve spent since mid-April constantly reminding myself that I’ll be the apple of someone’s eye someday…. Someone who isn’t a stalker.

    1. Oh I’m sure you will. Two months ago my romantic life was a wasteland of tumbleweeds and sadness, now I literally have offers coming from all angles. It’s totally bizarre but it can just change, trust and I’m sure you deserve someone who isn’t a stalker!

  30. Funny, I live with an Ex, this almost happened last night, winter has hit, it was cold, she kept pouring me more red wine, we got mildly intoxicated… BUT, we both resisted. The urge was that strong that we were texting each other from our rooms after we went to bed. On reflection thank the olde ones I didn’t go there.

  31. Nada. Went this ex trawling of memories last month with such efficiency and microscopic evaluation that now on reading this I thought oh…should I be thinking about x? And nothing. Not even a twitch.
    Better things to do:-)))

  32. They’re crawling out of everywhere old lovers. Leo lover texting, puppy dog eyes when he passese. New one is being hilarious! Yes the games have begun as you said Mystic 🙂

  33. had had first comms with SO for 2 weeks and was able to support him after a difficult time. I’ve been weird to andso focussed on anyhting but venus themes. which is good. so i say it will pass me by as i have more important things to do like look after myself.

  34. I miss my ex ( suppressed rage mixed with sooky la lah) and Ive got a crush on a new hot and far more suited x…. So I guess bang on : )

  35. managed to tie up loose ends last week with anyone vaguely past harassing me. Money has been halved though due to unforeseen events so while there is a good slow mo action with actual career, I am about to get zap screwed lively unless something comes through while I am resting a cracked rib. The square and eclipse much stronger than venus for me at the mo. Trying to take good advice and cruise on romance with lots of communication 🙂

    1. ahaha Ms, I got as far as ‘tie up’ and thought, ooh, what juicy stuff has Ms got going on this week?! hahaha sorry scorps on the brain 😉 x

    2. Electric Eel Libran

      Oh my! I hope your cracked rib heals up soon! Hopefully it was obtained doing something fun!

  36. Mentioning rats, my beloved twin champagne coloured pets, Jack & Henry
    (after Keroac & Miller) are amazing their Vets by how long they are living
    with their a serious congenital respiratory disease, due to diet. Vets commented they eat better than them. They are on 2 different antibiotics
    daily but still, just as well this is so as they are costing me a escape holiday via airport.
    This is what love can do, but do try and have yourselves lovers instead of
    4 legged furry creatures when you reach my age. Just saying 🙂

    That Indian Goddess of Rats will surely give me a good rebirth for looking after her Dead Poets & Scribes alternate life. Her name starts with an ‘M’
    as they all do.

    1. 🙂 There is a heavenly merit to all of us who fight for their pets’ health. Yes, that is what love does.

    2. Sadly two of my pets have died within the last two months. My favorite this weekend…sigh. However, I read somewhere or my mom told me, that when a pet dies they give their soul for something that you greatly need in your life. Wow! my hubby is a Gemini. We’ve had a rough time of it for 2 yesrs (jobwise ,etc) He has started a business and is up for a job offer. The dualities abound. I very much am into “symbiols” if you will. Is this a sign that our lives have turned a corner?
      Once again our lovely pet friends sacrifice for their humans. So glad to hear that your pets are doing well under your expert care! :0)

      1. My sympathies. This is a situation where replacement
        therapy is a good thing.
        Was told by an animal whisperer that animals have a collective soul not an individual one, so i guess that means they will never be lonely in the after-life when they join their buddies that have gone before them
        in the Happy Hunting Ground.

  37. My boyfirend hates me!!!! He’s being a total a**hole, rude and extremely difficult to be with…….We’re not getting on at all and I’m falling over backwards to keep things together and he’s never really satisfied with anything I do – i’m really not looking forward to the ZZ next weel – anyone got any ideas?

    1. LibraLovely, oh my god, let me speak from experience when I say GET RID OF HIM!

      “My boyfriend hates me” is NOT OK. Boyfriends are meant to love and canoodle and buy you surprise chocolates, not be shits. I don’t know how old you are but if you;re on the younger side, guys can do this when they’re too chicken to admit something bigger. So you get to to the dumping instead of them.

      you are young and beautiful and your whole life is ahead of you, you do not need this shit, other men can love you BETTER, you seem to be doing your best to no avail, it;s up to him, just drop all comms until he can sort his shit out and if he never calls, then good riddance and buy that ticket to Buenos Aires / Seychelles / Greek Islands (I hear it’s cheap these days) / Cuba / Paris / Berlin / get the picture?

      you may need to take this advice with a grain of salt, because this hit a nerve and I dated a complete fuq-face for FAR too long, what a waste of time when I could have been spending my twenties with real men not aggro pothead tradie small town jerks.

      WOW feeling that mars square lol
      peace y’all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        1. WOW You guys are soooooo amazing!!! I’m on the old side of young!!! HAHAHAHA Have been with him for 13 years……..Yes I should dump him and sell the house we own – I knew that – I just needed to hear it!!!!! thanks all you gorgeous people xxx

          1. oh wow, ok that’s serious business… well, you know, make sure you have covered all the relevant relationship solutions first… maybe you have.

      1. xox rockstar libran publicist xox

        being consumed by out old in new re affairs of the heart – I can entirely bypass the fact I spent 9 1/2 challenging years with a guy who didnt appreciate me – only to walk into dream boy …. oh the change the change – so awesome!!

        ditch the guy who doesnt appreciate you & jet off for inspiration – @domestic trif speaks so much sense – espesh now she’s taking her own advice!!

    2. Libragirl…so sorry to hear all that. have you been on Rori Raye’s site “get the relationship”…..all this type of weirding is explained and how to deal with it. I cant vouch for it just yet as I’m in the experimental stage with someone who went all distant around November but is still around & doing my head in! Life seems like one big guessing game at the mo. For an Aries that’s TOTURE.. Problem is being in LOVE! otherwise he’d be dead at crossroads with a stake in his heart

  38. I always find it’s the ones that I want nothing to do with contacting me during retros… but I guess my Gem Venus isn’t big on going back at the best of times. This time it’s my father who I have barely spoken to in 15 years – I knew it would happen the second I saw the 93/94 reference in the daily scopes the other day!

  39. nope, haven’t thought of an ex until reading this…
    there’s too much to look forward to without needing to look back.
    although, i guess it works for some people.

    1. Same here. Been there, done that. No longer interested in old weird relationships. Happy where I a and who I am with.
      I do love a good mystery but, none of these exs are really that interesting to me in a romantic way. Do hope one ex-stalker, criminal eventually gets caught though.
      I’ll take this transit and watch retro film noirs and shop for vintage clothes instead.

  40. yes, i did bonk the ex a few weeks ago after a 6 month hiatus. now he is sulking that i won’t move interstate to re-unite more permanently. in the past i probably would have but even though i enjoy talking to him and still find him attractive yada yada i know that nothing has changed re our dynmanic together so i’m not budging, or calling…. just thinking

  41. Mostly, I am minding my own business, Mars in Virgo 6th house is only missing a whip. I have been working non-stop, finally made a dent in my to-do list but almost broke down over the weekend noticing how people enjoying themselves. Will I ever get a break?

    So far nada from any ex, other than the Scorp with whom my connection is at its last throes. Venus retro keeps bringing people from my past – unfortunately almost all qualified as Qi vampires.

    Yes, count me irritated.

    1. Totally agreed – it’s fantastic! 😀 I’m glad someone else is feeling this, I’ve been worried I’m doing the Rx bats wrong! :p

  42. hmmf, was wondering what had prompted my long lost almost ex-husband to drop me a “hey you” via facebook no less…if i ignore him hopefully he will just crawl back down a drain somewhere…

    1. silence is deafening – delete the comment so there’s little temptation to reply should Saturn girl ethos wane?

  43. Retro madness with a jolt when changing the sim card into new mobile yesterday and all the numbers i had deleted 2-3 years ago re-appeared under names and numbers.. Butch was there. No i will not. However tempting it is to set him up and extract a little revenge.
    Just shows nothing really gets deleted in techie gadgets.

      1. What’s weird is that you have turned up, A Saggo
        as Butch is-was AND you haven’t posted for a while.
        Long history of Sagg men, & me my alter egos, but do not worry, Beezie, you are safe 🙂

        1. Haha, synchronicity! Well I am of the female persuasion, Pegasus, just a big Dennis Hopper fan 🙂 I can relate – I have a history with Taurus men… all romantic partners to date have been Taurus Sun or rising.

          1. OMG it IS Dennis Hopper! And you are a GIRL, no wonder your comments seemed gender bender to me that, or you had a sex change.
            Thought you were height challenged as a man…lol. As a girl you have doll like proportions.

            1. Hahaha, your comment has cracked me up! How did you come to the height conclusions – I’m curious because I am of wee proportions. Maybe I should change my avatar to something more accurate 🙂

      2. I agree, very weird. Sometimes we can’t let people go… they will find their way back. If they don’t show up then it wasn’t meant to be.

    1. bull with sting in tail

      Hi Pegs, just an explanation, in older phones, the option was to store the numbers on the phone memory/ and or the SIM card, you probably deleted the numbers from the phone and not the card

    2. Pegs – dong go there …. just hit delete or take a few long lost contacts & trash the SIM – do it!!


        1. Hi there RockStar, it’s been a long time between drinks. True, once deleted it should stay deleted.
          Hope all copacetic in your neck of the beach.

          1. just off 9 week deadline & prepping for the next phase … see the story way down below re current beach antics!!

            hit delete Pges – out with the old, heed Mystic’s wisdoms re perfect time for transformations / ditching olds ….. *ponders how to self-administer said advice …


  44. Thus far the Venusuianisms have been fairly internal and highly intense. The retrograde started by establishing the theme fairly obviously, the day it started was the first time I saw this mystical partner of sorts since just before christmas, which I think was a bit of a task in overcoming shyness and re-establishing a basic connection. When our little thing started back at the end of Oct/early Nov it was under some pretty confusing and intense circumstances to say the least, really wasn’t an ideal time for such things to begin but I understand there were universal reasons for it.

    I’m really not sure what to do about the whole thing to be honest, in fact I’d go so far as to say I’m feeling extremely lost, and yeah it does hurt a little, the whole ‘not knowing’ aspect.. Admittedly though yes I recognise there are numerous things I need to be getting on with in other aspects of life, and so I am. The most difficult thing I’m finding actually is dealing with it all myself, I’m only really just discovering how until that crazy event late last year I relied so heavily upon my ex-partner for emotional support, even through unspoken/sexual means. If anything, I’m using this Venus-Rx to give her and I some closure to move on. If I want this beautiful new flower to blossom, then the plant’s dead and wilted leaves must be trimmed off..

  45. Retro-Venusian weirding is popping up everywhere, in totally unexpected ways! I found out last night my ex has started seeing someone else – a chick he slept with while we were broken up around March-May last year. At the time he said he ended it w. her because it didn’t quite fit – trying to work out why he’s gone back. We’ve been broken up for about seven weeks now… so I was a bit hurt but not in a way that I expected. I feel totally detached from him, but due to events last year (cheating, lying to me etc) I hold so much anger towards him. I thought breaking up and space would help ease that, but whenever I hear from him, see anything from him online etc the anger just comes back full throttle. So last night I told him I can’t have him in my life anymore. The decision is linked back to his behaviour and the choices he made last year, and I think he’s starting to realise the ramifications of his actions. I feel relief, and of course sadness. But mostly relief.

    Then this morning, an out-of-the-blue brief communique from an absolutely gorgeous rock star who approached me in March when he was on tour from the US. I had just broken up with my ex, so was not interested but I’m now secretly hoping the opportunity comes up again in the future, and taking it as a sign from the universe of the potential out there.

    1. Been there and no communique and removal of all stuff, including music, shows, anything associated with that time is best gotten rid of… every reunion with my ex post break up has been emo hell (his venus is smack on my chiron)… so get away from it. rock star could be cool, but depends on what frequency ur vibrating at now as to whether it’ll be worth while… jus sayin’

      1. Oh wow, I am not sure I could get rid of everything that was accumulated when we were together – I’d be left with practically nothing! We were together for five years… but the Venus on your Chiron does explain the pain you’ve experienced with your ex. Ouch! There doesn’t feel like there is much option but to get away from him if I want to grow and transform – the Zap Zone seems to be making things incredibly clear. The Rock Star is now back in LA and I’m in Aus, so chances are slim anything will actually happen with him – at this point anyway… but his reappearance today has made me realise how much my attitude towards men and relationships has changed in just under two months. I wasn’t even open to the idea of a dalliance w. him before but now I’m seeing we are actually not that dissimilar 🙂 I’m very Uranian, and I’m finally starting to own that!

  46. Other than being hit on by strange, down and out types who thankfully have no place in either my past or my future, nothing else is coming in and definitely nothing is going out. I have more than enough mierda to attend to.

  47. no wierding to speak of. although it’s the birthday of a particular Gemini today whose heart i allegedly broke about 16 years ago, i think about him from time to time and many times thought I may have made a mistake. it was one of those ‘too keen too soon’ things on his part, and while I later realised he might deserve a chance, these people must know i am NOT to be rushed in matters of lurve. i mean you can’t MAKE someone love you. or want to go to bed with you for that matter.

    either way, i never ever ever hear from my exes or past love interests. i am actually surprised by the deafening silence. Mind you I am not friends with the ex-boyfriends for good reasons (i.e. they are fuqing jerks). ex lovers though, different story. oh well. Venus and I continue our estranged relationship MO

  48. I’m totes getting with the Uranian / fuq it / zap zone. Mars is AGAIN on my Uranus/Pluto conj 1st house and I have binned so much material and emotional merde in the last 48 hours. I am so cutting through.

    Yes, Venus retro weirding… I keep getting ‘messages from the cosmos’ about the awol lover. I don’t mean actual communiques from him, lol. But other stuff. It’s freaking me out. Feeling a bit haunted. Yes since Neptune / Chiron bingling with my sun I’ve become psychic off the scale but I’ve now asked the cosmos to stop sending all the interference re him. It is too heartbreaking.

    Also, there are newly invigorated attempts to revive current love sitch, so yes, a reunion of sorts. Suddenly seeing all the fab things I like about where I’m at and wondering if I can bargain away the rest.

  49. it is interesting times – have just come out of a ridiculously apt venusian retro experience: a month ago, a work project reconnected me with someone I met twice about 20 years ago – back then we spent only two long afternoons together in conversation. The 8 year age gap kept things v innocent but we liked each other immensely. We never saw (or thought of) each other again until a briefing late November last year. And then work commenced a month ago. And in a very natural way, we fell head over heels for each other. An excellent mix of naturalness, and fire, and conversation, and as if we have known each other far longer than the days that it amounts. It could well be a marriage. But we won’t see each other again until October. So it is all absolutely in the air, yet it feels concurrently safe and light and exciting and free. FireyB x

        1. thanks Gneiss and quintile –
          am spinning out a bit now – further research reveals:
          – when we first met, 1994, it was in the shadow of a venus rx
          – 2004 May venus rx – i emotionally separated from father of my child
          – 2010 venus rx – met a soulmate who greatly assisted swivelling me into place
          – 2012 and here we are … but really, this is all magical, but the real magic has to be in its realtime unfolding … no pressure or anything lol!!

  50. toomuchgoingon

    The karmic crush is having a kryptonite-effect on me right now. Haven’t seen him since November but waking in the middle of the night, every night since the eclipse, full of emo thoughts and unfinished business is driving me wild for reconnection (not that it ever got started, btw).
    Really trying to stay sane but the pull is in full force right now. I skipped out on attending a conference last weekend to avoid bumping into him and have vowed to get through this passage without contacting him – and I thought Mars in Virgo retro was baaaad!

    1. WOW, TMGO… Me too. My guy and I had a disconnect last November. His new biz started also so we haven’t been in touch. Ok, fine. I have reached out to him on a friendly basis and he flipped out one time. But the outcome was clearing the air. He always has this impression that I want a commitment. He has always led our relationship and I never hovered over him. It was perfect for me because I am trying to work on other areas of my life. This past w/e it was a year ago that we had our first w/e together. It was great. I got a little scared because I knew that I was reading too much into it and he eventually got cold with me. Because I am more into him that he is into me I told him it was best not to call me anymore. He understood… that didn’t last long. We got back together and then he brought me out to meet his very close friends. It was again a great night.. but he also, again, got scared and did something that any womeon would have kicked him to the curb. I just let him go. So, no word from him, except maybe through FB several months ago and then something happened with his biz. This is NOT good. This was his passion and he was SO proud of himself. He did any incredible job with it. I asked him about it and he did not respond. He responded to one of my contacts in April but it never panned out. So, needless to say his birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I bought him a gift for his biz. Never heard from him. I will be laying low with him now. We have a reunion in 2013 that he and I are going to.. hopefully that will give us enough time to either reconcile or come to an agreement with having great memories of our 2 year relationship. He is a good guy. Very troubled with his marriage several years ago but he is in my eyes a good catch. He just freaks when he feels close to someone. I say prayers for him every night. <3

      1. If he is a commitment phobe, he doesn’t sound like a good catch to me. Sounds like he was way too much baggage to bring to the table. Men with that many weird emotional problems up front will only get worse later on.
        I’d move on, you deserve better.

        1. I know I should forget about him. He had a great thing with me. I am just tired of looking for someone. He was from my hometown, I knew where he grew up, his profession and his family is still there as well as mine. I just wish he was mature enough to talk about the disconnect so that we can walk away saying “Thank You”… we had a great time together. He ends up losing “girl” friends because of how he treats them. Wouldn’t he pick up on that and change?

          1. However, I had been FBing with a guy who lives in NY that I was really appreciating the attention. But I had to walk away because he sometimes post things on my wall that I think plan stupid.. like “Will you Marry me? ” I cantalope”… ??? It’s too close for comfort for me. He sends me txt’s and it is fun but I am losing interest because I think there is some dram behind it from a girlfriend who knows my Taurus / Gemini and is friends with NY dude. I don’t have a good feeling about her. blah!!

    2. 12th house virgo

      Me too. Uranian Scorp karmic crush kicked-off in December and this week its like his face is in front of me when I wake up even though he’s far away and we haven’t spoken in months. I wish my karmic crushes could involve passionate sex instead of just Neptunian weirding. My relationships never seem to materialize, so I’m not really expecting anyone to show up – but plenty of soulful haunting going on for sure.

    3. Electric Eel Libran

      Dang! Me too…Crush i hadn’t seen in Nov. I’m trying not to think of him. It would be a miracle if i were to run into him simply because he doesn’t live in my area. I really want to see him again, but alas it would take a miracle. The transit of Venus is supposed to be miraculous but nothing big happened in 2004 so i don’t have high hopes this time around either.

      I’m just avoiding the f-tards that keep trying to re-connect with me and other stalker idiots. So far, I am HATING this transit. It’s bringing stupid people into my orbit; people I would rather throw a shoe at. Yet another idiot annoying me 2 nights ago separate from abduction-guy.

      RANT: This is the 2K’s people! If you men are watching it is almost NEVER ok to slow down your vehicle at night so you can keep pace with a girl who doesn’t know you, walking alone by herself ok? Even if you mean well or are worried about her, it will be taken the wrong way.

      I get so disappointed with transits sometimes. They sound so wonderful on paper but their reality in my life is usually some fucked up carny-show hall-of-mirrors. I should stop having transit expectations. 🙁

      1. toomuchgoingon

        So getting you on transit disappointment. Having endured this hideous Saturn transit (and separated from my 16 year marriage) and patiently sat out Mars in Retro bullshit and now this, I am wondering when the good stuff is coming… natal jupiter is conjunct jupiter presently (until Sunday) – awaiting some big news, so there is always hope!

          1. toomuchgoingon

            Nope, and only two days to go. However, big news is pending – maybe Jupiter will be a little tardy with his punctuality. (Awaiting a big funding decision on a TV concept). On the karmic front, I am experimenting with letting go of control, wanting, judging, needs and desires. Trying to create a void in order to channel purity of thought to allow either a) refresh or b) something new to happen. Whenever I get the old urge, I keep telling myself ‘I have faith’. It sends those crazy negative thoughts away.

  51. dash of libra, shaken, not stirred

    I feel exhausted (Venus is my ruler), and yet, I have developed a new code to live by in June:
    1. always take the high road, 2. get with the present, (Thank you Scorporation, Inc – I paraphrase your comment about ‘living in the present’ from last week, I read it and it stuck with me); 3. don’t stoop to conquer, 4. believe only a small amount of what I read/hear. Add to that ‘wear invisible crown’ and ‘come out fighting’. x

    1. Scorporation, Inc.

      You’re welcome, and you’re awesome, Shakin’! Your code is brilliant, strong, and fool-proof: a good regimen for any of us. My faves: “‘wear invisible crown’ and ‘come out fighting.’” Work it 😉

  52. Yeah, Venus just about to go back into my 8th house. While I won’t be contacting him I fully expect to hear from an old fling sometime soon – I know exactly who it will be – he’s “around”.

    1. I hear you, Rosa.
      A guy loved me in High School ( I didn’t know it then);
      I always knew we would be lovers at some point.
      Flash forward years later- He organizes a reunion..
      We meet again and he sends me a beautiful note about how I haven’t changed a bit (I do look a lot younger,
      tons of Yoga, a good facialist, a good colorist, & no sun..basically cleaning living (lol). What was my secret- a pure spirit? a warm heart? how refreshing it to have me hold him in my arms.. Of course, I feel for it.
      We had a brief affair and I broke it off because of his alcoholism..
      For years, I would pick up on him and what he was going through and I was right.
      He took up with a woman who was a Deeska giver in the Oneness Movement in Sweden.
      She wrote that he was her Twin Flame and what a troubled relationship they had.. numerous seperations. After seperation if I contacted a family member to see if he was all right. He would sending angry e-mails after each fight he had with his girlfriend… I told him in an email that I did want to have anything further to do with him. He abused a lot of people who cared about.
      Finally had to file a complaint with the local police department in his town. The officer took the complaint and told me that they knew him.
      A couple of months ago- I learned he has beaten his girlfriend.. She was devastated.. She tried to friend me on Facebook. I deleted her & sent a prayer of compassion from a distance to her ..
      Thank Mother/Father God- He is not part of my life and an ocean away..
      He is in a very dark & ugly place. Sadly he will never come me again…
      IMHO- Twin Flames on this plane are not meant to be.

  53. Yes, yes, YES!!! I was JUST talking to my good friend about how this weekend has been totally nuts for everyone: dreams of exes, weird communiqués, thinking of exes/could-have-beens WAY more than usual. It’s been manifesting in a VERY real way for myself and all of my friends.

    I’ve just been sucking it up and pushing it down, you know? Gotta get work done.

    1. I can so relate.

      Last night I had the most vivid and symbol-laden dream involving a particular ex, someone I have never before dreamt about. The dream even included an articulate conversation that I would like to have with this person in real life e.g. a sincere apology and sincere concern about his health status

      Oh, and I have a date with another “ex” on Friday following a rash of friendly but lurid emails. Mystic’s suggestion that such venusian retro behaviour is a fast track to action with a devil you know is only too accurate.

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