The Business End Of Venus Retrograde

This is the business end of Venus Retrograde in Capricorn – the phase when every single Venusian issue* intensifies, just as the planet is on the verge of turning Direct.

Like any Venus Retro, you can anticipate an amped-up focus on the past. You contemplate the paths not taken or the paths you took but now think you should have dynamited.

But this is not a goo-goo gaze back or even something to address with a yogic shrug/chakra cleanse/ritual. It’s in Capricorn, remember. So the mind naturally turns to harvest, crops, and gardening metaphors – soils, the season, invasive weeds that arrived via weird winds.

You don’t want closure: you’d like to invoice – for the time, seduction money, cul de sacs presented as freeways, rigor-rictus from bright smiles when your psyche was resisting and well, a hefty ‘sundries.’

Are the wisdom and gravitas represented by this particular Venus Retrograde worth the angst-tripping? You’ll know by March when Venus re-encounters Uncle Pluto.


*Love, Art, Sex, Body Image, Intimacy, Pleasure, Creativity, Relationships, Sensuality, Decor, and Money Attracted, rather than Earned, as such.

Image: Dynasty – the Eighties version.

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  1. I’m a venus type – taurus sun, venus, jupiter all conjunct and a libran moon – and my word for this year is harvest, or bounty. Makes perfect sense now!

  2. I adore this post and that graphic from Dynasty is honestly The Best Thing EVER.
    The Venus Rx has been outrageously intense and I don’t fully understand how yet or everything that has changed. The involvement of Pluto was powerful. I feel like there’s some completion of things that happened when Saturn was in Sagittarius. As if something destabilised me back then, something plutonic and vital to my identity which has run its course or healed stronger now. It’s all quite nebulous still but evident at a sensory level.

  3. “The paths not taken or those taken that should be dynamited”. This is very important. The eternal argument between free will and fate. I believe there is both. To move into the depths beyond conditioning and our filters is not an easy task. I have seen perhaps six people who have been able to do it and stay grounded and there is no mistaking them. They emit the “glow”. I wish they would teach but, of course ,they don’t because it is a process that no-one can teach. It has to be a journey that you wish to undertake with your heart and soul. No excuses. No turning back. No giving up. Kudos to them. The Brave and Courageous. There is much for us to learn.

  4. I am thoroughly impressed with Mystic’s ability to describe astrological events and time passages in poetic prose, which, I think, shows things in entirely new perspectives, so kudos to her, and may they keep coming.

    Anyway, to stay on topic, I have found that, yes, I have “attracted” money, but it’s got some kind of major karmic debt associated with it, which, at first thought, has to do with deceptive practices and disloyalty, but there’s something a lot deeper going on, so I decided to just go with it (Pisces rising). But there is a (secret?) part of me that want’s to dissect it.

    In another real ex-relationship that ended badly and had tsunamic repercussions on me and my children, both financially and emotionally, I had almost been obsessed with the desire to be “paid back” by my ex-partner, especially now that I’m retired. Well, I realize that it’s never going to happen and I am more able to release it. Much less than willing, he isn’t even capable, and that might say something about how inept I was in my romantic relationship.

    Almost all of December and January have been about restructuring relationships, redefining my place in life, reconsidering people and situations that I had discarded, rebelling from social expectations, reflecting on my life by reviewing old photos and writing a text about them, reorientation of my spiritual life but still rejecting “gurus”, re-living old relationship dynamics, reassessing my boundaries, reevaluating my relationship to my place and family of birth, especially my mother.

    I don’t really understand WHY I am able to see so clearly and to release this emotional baggage. Why is it easier for me to release lost causes now?

    Perhaps it is Jupiter transiting my 12th house, my “Guardian Angel”, someone in a post some years back, is giving me the space and the tools to process all of this muck and make art (Venus) out of it. Heck, if I “survive”, I might even publish.

    Perhaps it’s the 10th house Venus in Cap retrograde.

    Perhaps it’s Saturn transiting my 12th house…

    In an earlier reply to Wish Upon a Star, I mentioned the discovery (through a CAT scan – Neptune in 1st house) of a brain-health issue, which I am handling with supplements, walks, and sleep. My “Guardian Angel” 12th house Jupiter transit saved me, and I am set for a “re-birth” when Jupiter crosses my ascendent into my 1st house.

  5. Also off topic, and maybe part of Feb Monthlies. The full moon in Feb is a direct manifestation portal of August 2021 Leo New Moon. Does anyone have experiences of things waxing and waning with New Moon and Full Moon cycles in various signs?

    1. Re: August 2021 Leo New Moon “Lion’s Gate”

      As a moonchild, I feel all manifestations of the moon, but with the APPROACH of the Leo New Moon at 16 degrees (natal ascendant at 16:33 Pisces), squaring Uranus in Taurus, it brought me shocking realizations about my health and a stark reminder of the shortness of life; that I was wasting precious time, which I now realize (Venus retrograde in Cap) was a blessing in disguise because it was the perfect time to set a new intention for my life, or to prepare for whatever comes next (Saturn transit conjunct 12th house cusp).

      Medical professionals missed key details (Mercury in Leo moving towards opposition to Jupiter) and seemed to focus on my outer appearance and seemed to think that I was faking it. Venus, in intense trine to Pluto, was also moving toward opposition to Neptune at the time, so confusion was the dish of the days approaching, during and after the New Moon. It was an extremely frustrating, fearful, and painful time, with Saturn (and the moon) in opposition (which I also have natally – Saturn- Moon).

      Jupiter in 12th house, even retrograde in Aquarius, was also a blessing, in retrospect, allowing me to “get my head straight”, almost literally. Why this was about my head, I believe, has to do with Neptune retrograde in my 1st house, although I’m not sure. I was in a daze for months afterward.

      1. Yes I understand the concept of wasting precious time. I’m sorry you had to go through that pain.

        Go Well Mystic Rose


  6. Wish Upon a Star

    Off topic: Sorry.

    I just wanted to reach out to emg. Jupiter will be crossing my Ascendant Pisces Feb 8 – 17.
    I have just read the blog: why is the lead up to this transit so hard? The blog and the comments are very helpful.

    The comments also talk about the Jupiter transit through the 12th house. Very enlightening.

    Emg I’m just wondering if this Ascendant transit will be happening for you soon?

    1. Jupiter in 12th is big, spiritually huge. There’s just no bandwidth for the outside world. Rest, dreaming, creation, prayer of your preferred type. Eat simply and sleep. You’ll be back soon enough. For now it’s about your soul x

      1. Gee I wish I knew this before it started Sam. Your comment in that post was especially helpful. I totally get the no band width bit. Anywho I still had chemo brain for the most part of it so no point beating myself up.

        Saturn is in the 12th now so I will take notice of that. Any tips?

        As a Pisces Rising, Gemini Sun and Taurus Moon can you tell me which Transits I should be aware of? Anyone? Mystic?

        1. Hmm, they do say (mystic was it you who said this?) to do the transiting planet, work on the house opposite. So for saturn in your 12th this would be your 6th house. Health, paperwork, sending emails in time, due diligence, attention to detail, pet-sitting, vacuuming, nutrition.. those kinds of things. In a way you can manage, not flogging yourself. I think saturn / chronos (not the same gods? But I am blending them here) in your house of mystery and hidden things would appreciate these kinds of mundane offerings and libations. An elderly man of few words keeping the temple floor swept and the gardens tended, even though the people of the city preoccupy themselves with daily life and might not come to worship. Devotion does not need to be showy. It will all be in place for them when they need to come back.

          1. Beautiful thoughts, Sam, love these words. ‘An elderly man of few words keeping the temple floor swept and the gardens tended, even though the people of the city preoccupy themselves with daily life and might not come to worship’. 🕊

          2. Wish Upon a Star

            When I read this comment a few days ago I got a beautiful visual and I was comforted. You lit that sandalwood stick for me and I was centred and at peace. Thanks Sam. And yes I was already doing the 6th house health thing with a liver cleanse and am slowly tackling paperwork. That’s my kryptonite.

            Oh well I used my pendulum today to choose some bach flower essences to start on the new moon tomorrow. Hornbeam came up to tackle procrastination.

            Thanks Sam. Don’t be a stranger and don’t hide that light under a bushell.


        2. Uranus cj moon would be good to confirm. And check your progressed moon sign and house (and inner planets) and what it is aspecting x

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            My progressed Sun is in Leo, late 5th house , Moon in Taurus,3rd house (also natal), Mercury in Cancer, 5th house (also natal), Venus is Virgo, early 7th house along with progressed Uranus conjunct Pluto (oh boy do I feel that) and I natally have these 2 conjuct natally, Mars in Scorpio just entering 9th House.

            Uranus was on my natal moon some time ago. And I felt it. Then had a reprieve but it will be coming back again, not sure when?

            I’m not too good with aspects yet. And I have just finished a liver cleanse and my brain is moving slowly, Looking after my 6th house hey.
            I will reply to your other comments when I’m feeling better. What do you make of these progressions Sam or anybody.

            I would appreciate your thoughts.


    2. Jupiter is crossing my Pisces Acs starting March 11th, and Jupiter’s been in my huge 12th house for quite a while now, almost a year.

      Halfway into 2021, I literally retired from a well-paid teaching job, living the life of a recluse. Jup in natal 6th house Leo, I took care of animals while others went on vacay, then I discovered a brain health issue, which made me focus more on my inner life.

      10th house Cap Venus saw me rekindle en old friendship with a Cap female that I thought was over and done with (not romantic – girlfriends from high school) and take 45 years of physical photos and digitize them to create photo books and write down family recipes with anecdotes and history.

      Jupiter will cross my ascendant after my month-long trip back to my place of birth to help said friend release her things, her house and her past. Revisiting the past, renewing old friendships, helping my friend renew her life, revitalizing myself.

      1. I am confused. Not sure if you are emg? But I don’t want to blow your cover. And I’m sorry I don’t remember the brain health issue. I’ve forgotten things pre, during and post chemo.

        I also reconnected with an old, very dear friend from my 20’s. She’s still in Melbourne and I’m in Qld. It’s funny: you don’t know what you have till you lose it.

    3. Hey hi 👋. Yes both jupiter and saturn in my 12th. Neptune on my asc as I type. 21 degrees. So it’s arriving very soon. It’s all been rather fraught, Italy etc and now my mother has just broken her ankle so I’m heading back to the uk to help her out. Not that comfortable about that but 12th house Jail ??? But I have felt that I’m about to find my next vocation !

        1. Hi emg it is so good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about your mother. Will it be a nice change to go to the Uk?

          I too have Jupiter (just about to merge with my ascendant) and Saturn(starting out)in my 12th house. I am prepared for Saturn as I have read up on it. I actually like the effect it is having on me. I just finished a week of liver cleansing with quality herbs etc and using the last quarter wane of the moon. I am ready for the Lunar new year. And the new moon in Aquarius is a new start hey .I feel more aligned and centred. Not so reactive. My blood sugar levels were a bit high, so to help me lose weight I needed to give my liver some cleansing first. I want to rediscover my discipline to live a healthy life again.

          Best wishes for finding a new vocation. Apparently this year is the Year of the Water Tiger. I’m a Fire Goat.

          I vaguely remember Neptune on my Ascendant now. Nebulous? How is it for you?

          1. Fire horse here. Haven’t looked at the tiger year yet but bring it on. 12th saturn for me last time was a reckoning and a removal and I can feel the same thing coming. Jupiter always takes before it gives so that’s removals too. Then Neptune is great deceptions or delusions but I’m seeing them and no longer doubting myself. I just have a feeling I’m growing ever more authentic. Plus I’m now very very adept with my animals plus people whispering. Health not amazing, weight awful but I’m just going to have to go back to living on sunshine and vitamins. Have a feeling that a lot of stuff is about to depart my life. I’ll become leaner again. How are your trials ? Bringing any depth and width and colour ?

              1. Neigh! Yes exactly. Utterly non conformist sovereign and has to go experience it to learn anything and that involves tumbling off cliffs and swimming seas and bucking the trends.

            1. Wish Upon a Star

              I understand the bit about becoming more authentic. This also means removing the people who don’t appreciate my authentic self. And strangely when I am authentic around these people they just want to take. So slash and burn time.

              Fire horse. Yes I can feel that. Just give me a neigh and flash your mane when this little goat is climbing the mountain.
              I don’t think you should go back to sunshine and vitamins. Fire up that horse metabolism by nourishing your body in the right way. Do you know what I mean?

              Something interesting happened to me a while ago. A manifestation of sorts. I listended to and watched the song Wonderful World by Metea .Sort of melancholy. Had the lines: I need a friend. I kinda went into a trance. Then I got a message on facebook from an old, dear friend from my hometown. Late last year I had a dream about her. It changed my outlook totally, for the better.

              1. That’s the stuff. That’s the exact stuff I’m experiencing. Subtle synchronistic things that are blatant now. You dream this person they pitch up. You tune out only to have your daydream appear in your lap. And I’m now realising all the stuff previously witnessed was leading me here. Oddly enough I’m in my best health on sunshine and vitamins. I’m one of these people who thrives when fasting. So I’ll find the right balance for my next chapter. You have a strong instinct and sometimes it can be your calling to give. But only give when that action feeds you. I expect you are one of life’s servants hence you’re meant to give. It’s your gift. And in living it out being that it should feed your soul. So only give and serve when it feeds you to do so. I now know I was literally born as a genie in a bottle poof “what do you need ?” Poof whada you need. Poof whada you need ? Or I arrive with a silver tray. Where you looking for this ? Or this ? Was it this you were missing ? But only only when it fires me up.

                1. Wish Upon a Star

                  I Dream of Genie. Remember that series. I reckon you are alot like her, charming and warm. Thanks for the advice about giving. You’ve got the nail on the head.

                  I had a nice moment today. I bought a beautiful teal diary for the start of my New Year. Thought I would try my luck with a scratchy. Was it me talking to myself or someone else pointing out the ticket.” It’s a gharish Hot pink but you will win”. And I did. $8 but the thrill and confirmation was the jackpot.

                  You’ve got to smile and laugh. And let go.

                  ❤️ 🌝 ❤️

                2. Congratulations. You are on the right track obviously! Woo hoo. Exactly that. Confirmation. And with that you can move on knowing exactly the voices to listen to.

                3. Wish Upon a Star

                  You make me sound a bit cray cray. Lol.

                  Mmm that’s why I should keep my stuff to myself. I’m a sensitive fish.
                  Thanks for the reminder to protect myself. Less the babbling brook more High Priestess energy.

                4. Oh emg I was doing a liver cleanse when I wrote that so I was a bit sensitive.

                  And as of tomorrow it looks like I will be doing a no screen detox for 9 days as I couldn’t pay the bill. Oh well, shit happens. I think it will be good.

                  Can you feel all the magical Pisces stuff happening. The conjunction, the New Moon in Pisces. Wow !

                  I also wanted to check in with you as I watched the news and saw the current weather in the UK. I hope you and your mother are ok?
                  Be careful possum !
                  I won’t be able to reply till about 2nd March. New Moon Pisces time. Best Wishes lovely.


                5. Love this emg… ‘Only give when it feeds you’. And the genie in the bottle visual too

                6. I have just reread this comment now. And thank you so much for the advice re: feed my soul.

                  Yes the penny has dropped. When it feeds my soul I am supported.

                  And fire is a big part of you !

  7. Speaking of all things Venus – the Saggo scopes for the coming week feature Joan Didion – vale. I wasn’t aware she’d departed but the the article link is on self respect a timeless theme and I think, apt.

    1. God yes. Joan Didion’s influence has been so enormous it’s as if everyone now is either derivative of her or …maybe her opposite archetype, party girl. That on self respect piece is insanely good and that it was penned for a vogue article even better. She had such a wonderful, precise way of holding back. Such minimalist prose and so conservative in all the best ways. The way she stood in the midsts of all that bohemian decadence and documented it so cooly. Surgical precision and pared back style. The way she wrote about grief after losing her husband and daughter is just as profound and naked as anything she wrote before. Even in the interviews she gave before she passed she sounds perfect as ever. Such a mind. So powerful.

  8. Can I also use this space to say how much I am looking forward to MM’s return from vacay and restart of dailies. 😁❤

  9. Been putting thought into what colours I will wear this year and which fabric I will use. Really spending time sketching out the designs and being more mindful about what I want to make myself. I’ve made some beautiful bags since I started this journey and will make a wallet soon. Sewing underwear and pyjamas and day robes for drinking tea and reading in. Since lounging is a thing Im doing such a lot of lately I might as well be dressed to enjoy it. Dresses are currently all I want to sew and I have to really convince myself to make more practical items. If it was up to my whimsical nature life would be all prairie dresses and nothing else. I’m channeling Jo Marsh and have ink stains on my hands and an indentation on my middle finger courtesy of the fountain pen that has possession of me

  10. This made me laugh (biz end of Venus retrograde)
    I was asked to participate in a market research event being held on zoom which I was paid handsomely for and enjoyed being a part of. It was the company that I buy my hair colour from and they were interested in how shopping behaviour has changed pre vs post pandemic. There’s nothing a Sagittarius rising person loves more than being earnestly asked for their opinion.

    1. There’s nothing a Sagittarius rising person loves more than being earnestly asked for their opinion’ That is so true, I have Sun in Sagittarius and love to be invited to share my opinion 🌞

  11. Business end of Venus Rx in Capricorn? Just found out that we won our class action suit against the government at the EU Court of Justice. We will be repaid the whopping great fine our government *illegally* imposed on us. The injustice happened about 5 yrs ago (i bitched a lot about it here) when Saturn was in Sagg & transiting my 2nd house (finances). I’ve had a major gripe against the planet ever since – considering i play legit & take meticulous care over my finances & taxes, while zillionaire crooks & corporations stash their mostly nefariously earned money in fiscal paradises to avoid paying taxes and get away with it. Yes, feeling vindicated but hollowed out by the rage & angst of the past 5 yrs. Class action suit against Saturn, anyone?

    1. Congratulations Scarab! I love a David & Goliath – justice prevails kinda story.
      Im particularly pleased that it’s you. ❤️ Well done.

    2. I recall and 5 is a Venus number and she can also be related to fiscal matters. 2016 was a full Venus in Gemini and the Saturn square Jupiter era. Saturn was also opposing the 8th. Taxes, alimony, other’s money versus your money and how you would choose to spend it.

      That was a challenging time for me as well and not without it’s costs that are still being born in one way or another.

      Interesting (and random) I’ve just been given money owed from incorrect salary from a job from that era. The process started in October and has been completed. It affected many also but the difference is I was unaware it had happened and it’s not exactly a retirement fund lol.

      Take those hard earnt wins and the satisfaction of the scales being tipped the right way. Hollowed out by rage and angst – let that empty space be filled with something of your choosing now that something that had to be borne can be released x

      1. Thanks for your sage advise & astro round up, Centaurus, it really fits. Plus I just realized that Uncle Pluto rules my 2nd & he/i wasn’t gonna let go of the issue till resolved, one way or another . 

        I also remember you & I having a good ol moan during the Saturn in Sagg era (in Mystic’s Astro school – I miss that) even before my financial fuqery, and how shit that really was. It had deep repercussions for quite a few people in my sphere, too.

        Anyways, Nature , beasties, & building good home base(s) are keeping me out of trouble ATM. Well, as good as can be with Aquarius on my IC and all the insane action happening there ATM. Aqua is never conventional – and it’s taken me 6 decades to fully & consciously enjoy that aspect of my (home) life. Though a bit trepidatious about Pluto’s arrival there soon.
        Love your unexpected but due windfall – give yourself some pleasure. Hail Venus. xx

        1. Saturn in Sagittarius was the actual Worst. When I think it’s rough I just cast my mind back and, yep, not so bad.

        2. I think the reason I mention Venus is that she’s perhaps underestimated at times or seen too literally as popping out of a clam shell all doe eyed and willing to be loved and give love. She’s hard too, ruthless if need be and I’ve begun to watch her a bit closer (my chart ruler) as I haven’t always pinned her for some outcomes initially. Some of the retrograde action of the last decade might have seen Saturn or Pluto as guilty but wasn’t – it was a retrograde or linked back to the Venus star pattern – observations I don’t yet know how to distill but trust my instincts none the less. But yes – I had better bow to my chart ruler 😉

          I miss Astro hacks too and that was the last time I recall Kim around sharing her wisdom. I look back at Saturn Saggo as a harsh landscape and costly.

          Aqua is my MC and I have Uranus Pluto 4th. It’s not something that can be summarised in a sentence but really what is? We only pick one cherry from a tree and describe that quite often and use the remainder as the stage if we’re aware of how many are even on the tree to begin with. Life’s like that.

          I’m Pluto Uranus 4 and right now despite any effort to the contrary I am in between a solid base again. It’s stable enough as I can create that but the broader landscape is that I know it’s not where I’ll remain and I know that I must for now. I have come to accept the movement and disrupt and have noted bigger cycles at play and encouraging myself to retain my adventurous spirit as it rubs against a want to feel settled. An old rub between earth and fire broadly… and linked to the Saturn Saggo era.

          Pluto will likely take you deep but you know that given time on earth and natural wisdom and sight you possess. I have a feeling Aquarius can keep your view above it all even as you’re taken in and down. Pluto is also a grand friend for honing one’s sense of self and reminding us of our choice and personal power.

          I’m glad of your win and I would also add that whilst Pluto helped it was your energy that held – without that ingredient it wouldn’t matter what help we had from any of the gods (yes – invoking the mythology of astro) it may have been lost or fleeting. Flourish and how exciting – home(s)… Aqua IC showing it’s muscle and probably assisted by a recent Jupiter transit xx

          1. I’ve heard you mention tracking Venus before, funnily enough around the same time when i was paying more attention to her (she’s my chart ruler too) But i must admit i only tended to remember when my creative juices were being stimulated or having particularly enjoyable experiences; or when spending money on beauty & art didn’t bring on the guilts.

            However, your words sent me trawling through my diaries & legal documents & lo & behold, when the sneaky & illegal Royal Decree was passed through by the government, Venus was in Capricorn & exactly opposite my Sun (Pluto was too, though by 4ºorb).

            And when this ruling was passed this week, she was retrograde & opposite my Sun. Holy fuckaroomy!

            1. AAAAND for more Venusian action, when i was actually fined which was just over 2 yrs after the illegal decree was passed, Venus was conjunct natal Saturn in Cap (while trans Merc-Pluto in Cap were opposite my Sun) ….all exact….. sheesh.

            2. I don’t recall Venus as your chart ruler. This changes everything. Yes, watch beyond those themes. Could be quite illuminating. Venus direct station yesterday.

              I’d count 4° for Pluto, particularly with the Sun and check Mars – what you will defend – given the 2 and a bit years.

              Holy fuckaroomy – hehe love this!

              1. My Leo Mars has been trine Eris (under 1ºorb) for years & it doesn’t take much tinder to light my fire. Funnily enough, trans Mars was ON natal Saturn at the time of the ruling. Probably why i’m still seething & feel like doing something painful to the mofos responsible.

                1. Transit Mars Saturn doesn’t surprise me. Lol Mars Eris comment…is a taming of fire over a sustained period whilst keeping it from going out or running rampant no doubt.

            1. Yes she is definitely that in antiquity. Hera, Aphrodite and the trojan war. I’m personally a bit loose on this interp though as I see those themes as indirect or having roots in other reasons eg as a protector of love, a lucky or victorious symbol to bear on a shield, a prize to be fought over or the polarising outcomes of love gone sour and jealousy. That said I do respect Liz Greene and value her work 🙂

              1. Hi Centaurus, nice to hear from you!
                As I understand it, the mythic Aphrodite wants what she wants and will go to great lengths to attract it / make it happen. She is quite egocentric and focused on her own pleasure…

                1. Yes she is. All the gods do such a great job of illustrating low and high characteristics dont you think 😀
                  I don’t disagree with that at all – I just don’t see Venus archetype as Goddess of war in her own right as it’s not the motivator even if say.. winning is. The drivers are more as you state.

                  Always nice to to chat with you Calcifer 😊

    3. Thank you all for your support. Can’t believe those of you who remember my bitching about it at the time – it’s been so long! I must of been rampant🙄. It’s just that while the government was nailing small fry innocent people, it was actually at the same time granting amnesty to massive fuqers who had pilfered and swindled millions. It also transpires that the king himself was embroiled in huge scams at the time with his mistress, who’s since turned on him and spilled some beans, so he’s had to abdicate in favor of his son and now he’s virtually in exile in Saudi with other crooks & crims. He went from hero to scum the time it took Saturn to traverse Capricorn. Sometimes there is some justice.
      Thank you all for your support. Can’t believe those of you who remember my bitching about it at the time – it’s been so long! I must of been rampant🙄. It’s just that while the government was nailing small fry innocent people, it was actually at the same time granting amnesty to massive fuqers who had pilfered and swindled millions. It also transpires that the king himself was embroiled in huge scams at the time with his mistress, who’s since turned on him and spilled some beans, so he’s had to abdicate in favor of his son and now he’s virtually in exile in Saudi with other crooks & crims. He went from hero to scum the time it took Saturn (& Pluto) to traverse Capricorn. Sometimes there is some justice.

          1. The woman who was the kings mistress was the ex wife of a guy I dated for almost a decade. She was this impossible ideal I would never live up to and he was still so in love with her. When I saw the articles about it all I had that PHEW “dodged a bullet” shudder in gratitude to my 20 something self. Walking away from people like that was one of the smartest things I ever did. At the time it felt like a huge loss to be dropping out of the circle socially and romantically. I was hugely in love with her ex but yeah. The cognitive dissonance around those people was crazy. Insane.

            1. And how interesting that the timings of those peoples shady shenanigans surfaced at exactly the same time as I got my funny old broken down house. That was in many ways the beginning of my real life (is how it feels) I remember being in a homeless shelter and chatting to Centauris and I think you Skarab and someone else who’s name has changed about the north node south node switchover of the railway tracks. Something I still don’t understand the theory of but it’s practical application seems to have taken okay. It was a terrifying, harrowing time which I had become so accustomed to dealing with I only became aware it was over in hindsight.

              1. I remember Invicta. It was quite a journey for you but look how you’ve phoenixed. Kudos to you.

                The SN and NN are one of my favourite aspects to explore in a chart. By switch over do you mean the SN was transiting the NN and vice versa? I imagine it allows a different glimpse into the set and forget approach that can happen with SN to have a NN focus and also a way to extract the things still of use in the now from the SN.

                Michael Lutin describes the nodes as the bottle and the meeting. I daresay I don’t need to expand on which is which 😀

                1. i think Invicta means that the NN & SN switch places if you were born in the Southern Hemisphere, according to Mystic’s theory. Maybe you missed that post? Should check it out: “Announcing My New Takes On 21st Astrology – Part One”

                2. I eventually found a way to understand that post and the idea M was sharing. At first it confused me mightily but I see it as an axis now with a gravitational force or similar, like a see saw holding two hemispheres of the brain together.

                3. Oops, Centaurus was right then.
                  Yeah, i loved Mystic’s take on the Nodes, it made more sense to me than any of the other explanations i’ve read.

                4. It’s still the lunar nodes right… lunar language is of the subconscious and not always a clear mission statement lol. Definitely about holding both energies imo not pulling more toward one or the other…what I’m thinking of writing is the future and once I’ve typed and posted it’s past. We’re always holding both. Its how we hold an energy and even that isn’t a static approach. I see it as constantly moving even when it’s appearance is fixed…I mean is it really or is that a perception? No energy is ever fixed – it’s always moving and what was or will be is always changing. I like the seesaw image…to keep balance we’d be centred but of course we know we can’t stay in that same spot indefinitely so it’s a bit of a dance. Life eh 😊

                  What has been helpful for me has been to map all returns and opposite returns and squares in a a timeline looking for themes and landmark events.

                5. This is insanely cool and you’re so casually dropping it but it makes my brain explode every time I read it. I kind of understand bits of it.
                  I think 🧐

                6. Lols. Last paragraph went so far over my head I laughed it off. Bottle? Meeting?
                  I dare say you might?
                  will Google Michael lutin.
                  but yes. Exactly. It was a small but distinct window of opportunity for me to climb out of my life and switch a few crucial things around and get them in alignment with my values. None of the decisions were logical or well thought through or even conscious and I was very afraid I wouldn’t get it done in time. I went beyond the usual hubris of hoping for the best and had the chance to understand how those who are my biggest critics see me. And to realise that they are right.
                  fortunately I did make it back in time and reached my body before the window closed and none of the trains crashed while the drivers were asleep.
                  It was a moment. Having some kind of an explanation-even one I didn’t fully understand helped a lot existentially.

            2. I do remember part of your trajectory from what seems another life. I have much to say but not gonna waste time discussing these privileged chancers, as i am in the middle of moving AGAIN & am exhausted, cold (power company got the dates wrong) & surrounded by boxes. Sorely tempted to start burning our belongings to keep warm. So anyway, all i will say is count your many blessings because you’ve come a long way, Invicta. xx

                1. I still have to watch my tendency to sneakily get rid of stuff. I hate to hold onto anything but it’s a quality I so admire in others. The ability to curate and maintain things of the earth (even if they don’t feel like they relate to who you are currently) is wonderfully Capricorn and grown up. I’m childishly brutal and always tearing things down and pulling them out at the root. Its highly compulsive behaviour and I suspect it will always be a part of my creative process. Fortunately I have friends who live more conservatively to temper my impulsivity.

              1. Thank you. And I hope you find home comfort asap and get to unpack your boxes and really enjoy the nesting experience of your new place.

                1. Thank you! Power is now on, it is a light and airy place & i can hear the seagulls laugh. It is on my Moon/MC line & feels like home.

      1. Remembering is a kind of validation and an honoring to the journeys shared.

        I think we’ve all been a bit rampant at different times – nothing like a hard transit meeting injustice as a catalyst.

        Pluto in Capricorn and the broader strokes of redefining power balances and the structures that hold them. Sounds like it’s all been played out in the realm of kings and politics like a modern era GoT. No doubt religion has played it’s part as well. Yes – sometimes there is justice!

  12. Can i tell you about the joys of isolation?
    About not having lovers anymore. The liberation, the ability to totally self actualise & contentment it brings.
    Of not putting yourself out there. Where Tinder is not part of your reality. Such ‘toss away’ relationships of now you see it now you don’t.
    Have seen 3 wonderful relationships in my entire life, when you know the energy of those 2 x 3 align in every way. Of the 3 couples, 2 of them worked side by side 24/7. The other couple were in complimentary professions.
    The ‘opposites attract’ thing often doesn’t seem to have mileage but can be very sexy…for a time.
    Every erroneous relationship leaves us wiser but with more scars on our psyche.
    Those relationships seem to be a process of elimination rather than a manifestation of what we do want.
    In the past was a fan of long distance lovers, the further away the better.
    But then of course…be careful what you wish for….lol.

    1. A wise post and a pleasure to read as always, Pegs. I have been feeling this too, actually. For the first time in a long time I’m genuinely not interested at all in any form of romantic relationship/dating, and you’re right, it really is so liberating!

      I’m not sure if it’s due to the transit in my case (I’m a cap moon) or due to being incessantly stalked for the past 6 months since ending my last relationship (it’s sure been a journey!), but I’m genuinely loving being single.

      The “process of elimination” relationships…oh how that resonates!

      I’ve also done the long distance thing a LOT too.

      1. As much appeal as the couple idea will always hold, I only ever feel like I’m being my genuine, authentic self when I’m single. I wasn’t given the blueprints for functional romantic behaviour and as much as I try to positive think and reprogram my way out of it, life is unquestionably more stable and honest without the sexual and emotional neural hijacking that happens. I’ve never been able to see the objects of my affection as clearly during as I do after. It wouldn’t matter if they didn’t wreak such carnage. Beyond any tragic cliches however, I’m enjoying living my best life and being fully responsible for all of it. There isn’t drama and sometimes it feels empty by comparison. Until I remember how out of control and destructive the drama was. I’m happy to watch a film or stream something gothic and dark when I crave drama these days. Also true crime/ murdery podcasts are more compelling and fun than any bad boy irl. 🙏🏻 😂
        Being able to switch them off or delete them altogether is another massive advantage of the digital version.
        Hits unsubscribe ****

        1. So, so interesting to hear your perspective, Invicta. I am the converse. I live my natal birth chart’s highest energies when I DO have a partner. I take chances on adventures (Sun sq Mars), express my funny mom caring+cool side (loaded 5th House, incl moon), experience ethereal luxury and art (Nep+Jup+Venus conj in Cap).

          Most of my single life has been self destructive or lazily indulgent, but I am now trying to actively change that post a series of outer transits to personal planets.

          Though I would agree that I see my partners in clear light only after its over, but I have a valid excuse, Pisces DC and Neptune transiting my 7th forever, for that. 🙂

          1. Pisces IC here and Neptune in the 4th which is in exactly the same place. That’s an interesting reversal of fortunes we share. I’m trying to change my patterns too and definitely feel I might be veering in the other direction now. I’m stuck and going nowhere in my single life. The thought of being in a romantic relationship is something terrifying tho.

    2. Relatable – the long distance lover and the disinterest in the dance of veils (of truth) to discern something more enduring. Amused by the online versions of this tbh as it’s infinitely harder to see through veils when the energy of another isn’t able to be felt in it’s own right -not coupled with wifi rays, many projections and edits. None of the games appeal, they never did but even less so in these times. Values have shifted. Clarity has been distilled to it’s pure essence. That ground won’t be given away – not negotiable.

      Venus Cap does not settle for less either. The only caveat is that Venus must know her worth or she will… and Cap grows into this over time so I’d say for me it’s been an evolution. Moon merged has likely been part of the slippery slope.

      1. “Values have shifted. Clarity has been distilled to it’s pure essence. That ground won’t be given away – not negotiable”.

        Beautifully said and very inspiring.

    3. Oooooh I can relate. I’m craving my time. Simply to be me and not have to create the facade or win the Oscar every day. Or make sure everyone else is functional. I’m longing for a longer period of isolation and space. Actually it’s what I need most currently. Lots heading into my 12th. Hermit days are a coming and I feel very open to them.

        1. I am realising that it is ok being self contained and reliant. This is a huge realisation and writing it down is gold. People in the past have tried to make this an issue for me. But now I realise it is their issue and there was always an ulterior motive involved. God Damn. What a fantastic Jupiter on my Ascendant transit this has been, still is I think.

          I want to invest my energy in getting my finances in order and doing the things I want to do for myself. I want to really get into yoga, Learn more things: music, singing. Buy my own place. Learn and practice a healing art. Travel. Self discovery. And meet like minded people.

          Unapologetically Indeed !

      1. I also feel the need to simply be me and not create the facade. I’m glad I came across this comment as it expresses emotions that are stirring but I did not know how to express. These stirrings happen a lot and I mostly let them fall away. I now understand what I am doing and will write these thoughts down in a journal. Thanks emg I am thinking out loud now as I need to make a point of this to myself.

        I have just gotten rid of a group of friends that was no good for me. And I was just going for a walk and enjoying myself. A couple walking there dogs that I have seen before said hello to me.
        And then another lady walked beside me and chatted. I knew she was a lost soul and was feeding off my energy a bit. The instinct that this can not go further was very strong. Oh with my Gemini Sun and Pisces Rising I don’t like to hurt peoples feelings.
        But I think she may have gotten the message anyway.

        My instinct says just to breathe and say minimum. Don’t get anxious and talk nervously.
        Be grounded.

  13. Absolutely feeling this. How do I invoice an Aquarian male for accidentally making me his friend instead of his anticipated lover ?

  14. Venus R has been hovering near a trine with my natal Venus and square my natal Pluto. Been tough but productive—not so much w the exes (though the “sundries” made me lol) as with myself. Realizing for hundredth time that I put too much E into fretting about romantic connections.

    But working hard w my therapist on it, reading articles about love with non attachment. All About Love by bell hooks is tying it up and putting words to churning glimpses of clarity. She distinguishes between “cathecting,” investing emotionally in a person, and love, the verb of wanting to help yourself or another persons grow spiritually. She says it’s better* and I highly recommend but I’ve really unearthed the Venusian issues with my work, my values my attitude towards love.

    *the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.”

    Lol this post is so 7th H Cancer Sag rising Jup in Pisces. I’m going to cure my Cancerian will to cathect with intellect and spirituality.

      1. Try online versions, if they work out a little cheaper? Some home insurances have 10 therapy sessions built in. I am not saying conmit insurance fraud, but commit insurance fraud and get access to therapy if you really, really need it. Huge hugs!

  15. This post -esp the graphic- made me laugh out loud- cheers Mystic!!! Is ridic accurate as always: last week I went interstate and had an ex flame (from 27 years ago wooo- that I’ve kept contact with as friend) wanting to occupy every minute at one point I actually hid & only this morning laserbeamed my son’s Dad (also ex by 7 years, also solid friend but aka the cul de sac) via.text at 6am for well, ahem, everything! Holy cow-it was highly unusual- no font unturned! When does Venus ‘gardening’ fin?

  16. Yes I’d like to invoice – retrospectively and current. Perhaps even futuristically – this time line and all time lines that have, or will, intersect with this one. Factors under consideration- standard rate / universal payment terms / interstellar invoicing postage costs amongst others.

    Native Venus Cap. Transit Venus conjunct Mars 8. Transit Uranus trine Mars.

    1. Venus Cap in 12th. Lovers look more appealing in movies and in my imagination than in day to day life.
      Invoice the exes for my time and attention? …fuqing you bet!

      1. My Neptune 7 can relate Pegs and Venus is 8. My comments said more satirically than seriously though as several have come back via th SN/Sun portal there are grains of truth and perhaps the invoices have been written and paid. But – the extra time and attention coupled with a lack of integrity (another Venus Cap trait imo) um – yeah and make it weekend rates 😉

        Venus Cap would invoice more broadly too don’t you think but not indiscriminately. Discerning and measured. Second rate service for a suboptimal product as one example where I’d easily flip the invoicing component, lengthy hold time on a call to arrive at a disinterested smug voice at the other end lording their authority over one and the power to terminate the call if one doesn’t cooperate.

          1. LOL. I think I can thank my Cap Mars 8 for the detatched view and air of ruthlessness. It still mystifies me at times as my nature is very warm and compassionate mostly but if circumstances demand I can flip to tactics with ease.

  17. Rechecked my progressed chart,oh right moon in capricorn. It will be matched up with pluto when I have my chiron return. All the people who “talk to their spirit guides” tell them to tell mine it’s not funny anymore.

  18. One ex- whose North Node was at these sensitive degrees did not get back in touch (caveat: there’s still the shadow zone after the retrograde). Since there was zero contact over the holidays, which are known ‘reach your ex’ times, I’m assured the nails remained in that coffin. I did hide out to get much-needed rest over the holidays instead of avoiding paramours; I was too drained to avoid!

    Another ex- got back in touch and wants to work things out. This one isn’t at all skeevy as the first one. He was lovely, but I guess this time is one to see if our absence opened him to more possibilities. Oh, we’ll see!

  19. where do i fuquing well start…dumped before christmas, ghosted two wks ago, discussing possible dom/sub set up…no no no, its off to slaa i go….

    1. So many more around deserving of your time & energy. ‘Babies to kiss hands to shake money to make’ is your new mantra.
      Ghosting is disgusting immature discourteous behaviour, hope they get spooked!

  20. Transit Venus conjunct my Saturn and transit Saturn conjunct my Venus right now… do I win a prize??*

    *Saturn’s response: YES! More cardio, more vegetables, more therapy! lol

      1. Thank you for saying that—makes me
        hope that my isolation and work might bring me somewhere good eventually. Right now it is a slog!

        1. Life is at its most beautiful in those periods of intense concentration, when reality disappears in that particular moment – ‘the flow state’. In our post-pandemic scatterbrained world, what you have is golden. Cherish it, instead of considering it onerous. 🙂

      2. Hells yeah. Saturn Venus is the most brilliant combination. I’m just coming out of a year long Venus conjunct Saturn transit. It is the definitive LZ cure.

        1. Re: LV–Saturn walked up to my Venus and went retro when the love of my life and I broke up in May (Saturn in exact square his moon!). He wanted to try again in Oct. We love each other but I am an addict in recovery, he no longer is in recovery. He pulled things together through Nov but by Dec things went bad. In the past I would have stayed, but this time I said goodbye, with love. No contact. No internet stalking. No going to our shared haunts. Nothing left to say. I cry about it every night, without fail, but I don’t return to him.

          1. Eish Damnspot, that’s painful. All that crying is deep healing though. It’s a cliché now because it’s true. You can’t heal what you don’t feel.
            As someone who habitually, involuntarily numbs out all the time I am honestly a tiny little bit envious. Only a bc I get that it’s hard. At least you are tangibly releasing that grief. Held inside, besides all the unconscious destructive acting out it causes that stuff rots you from the inside. Better out than in sweet. ❤️

            1. Thank you for your responses! It has been so hard and so painful but you’re right–it means I’m alive and I’m feeling, and there is something precious about that. Numb was my very favorite way to be for so long (not involuntarily for me, quite voluntary), so this is all new to me. I’m sorry you struggle too, but know that I so appreciate your thoughtful words to me today <3

          2. I kind of miss my life being so vivid. I remember feeling like that and obviously I don’t **really** miss it but I wish I could feel that degree of intensity without being triggered.

            Like instead of it being painful and intense couldn’t I get heroines journey vibes and that level of clarity around other choices in life?

  21. Venus Rx is such a vibe for me, I’ve had more progress and fertile thoughts during this period and I’m leveraging off it!!
    Venus Rx in my chart (12th house) sees every extreme of relationship, usually RomCom type meets (cloud parts to see the sunshine before an intense meet-cute) on steroids then nothing lol.
    If it’s debt collection time on energy lost to time/energy suckage from dysfunctional relationships, everyone I’ve ever met and had a connection with should be scared haha 😂

  22. Hey, this is pure eloquence:

    “…You don’t want closure: you’d like to invoice – for the time, seduction money, cul de sacs presented as freeways, rigor-rictus from bright smiles when your psyche was resisting and well, a hefty ‘sundries’…”

    Straight up vibes right now.

  23. “i love you”

    “you keep using that word.I do not think it means what you think it means.” –Inigo Montoya

  24. Mmm Hmmm to invoicing! Put paid to all that bullshit! What does it mean for new relationships? I’m a Leo phoenixing from the last relationship, I have a great solicitor helping me with the invoicing. In the meantime, I met a Cap man on the Dec 19 full moon. I was walking my dog, he was at his car in his sports gear, I said hi to be polite, and I asked if he won his game. We got talking, he asked me if I’d like to catch up (we’d both sworn off Tinder), and we had a drink that night. Kizmet is the only word I can describe the connection. We are from different worlds, no connection but the full moon rising that night. Both of us not looking but somehow stumbled on someone we can’t stop thinking about. It’s been invigorating for my phoenixing, for setting my boundaries. It’s the nice part of meeting someone. I have a spring in my step because I’ve seen myself through someone else’s eyes and now I can start seeing myself again. Anyway, any thoughts on Leo Cap merging on full moons randomly would be appreciated! 💖 ☺

      1. Did you read the part where I’m a Leo woman and he’s a Cap man? 🙃 I’m patiently cleaning and decluttering while waiting for Venus and Mercury to turn direct.

    1. Leo/Cap – that struck me. They are signs in quincunx to each other. I find a quincunx an awakening aspect, like through its being an irritating disjunction. Just checking in on my natal Leo Pluto quincunxing transiting Pluto in Cap. This ain’t no power trip at the moment but yet it is, as well being as a battleground. Thanks for the grist (Leo/Cap) for my mill. Maybe my invoice is for me – my losses and gains on the battlefield with Uncle Pluto.

      1. Thanks Cynthia, that’s interesting to know about the quincunx. Awakening is definitely some kind of vibe here. But as you observe about the invoicing being to yourself, perhaps my random meeting was to initiate an awakening in myself. Learning so much from the interaction – not about him, but my own responses, realising I’ve been conditioned to expect love bombing, and to learn patience. Having a look at Mystic’s latest updates and all the recent scopes for Leo, Gemini (my rising), and Cap, I’ve got a much better perspective and some valuable guidance. I don’t know his rising. He’s on 23 Dec, so originally I thought he was Sag. What a wonderful experience it’s been, with a motivating irritation, kind of like the action that forms the pearl! 💖 Thanks for listening to me! 🌊

  25. March the 3rd is Pluto, Venus and Mars conjunction AND my North Node return plus lots of natal transits eg Juno AC, Hekate IC… watch this space
    ?? is young Rob Lowe adorable

  26. Can Venus’ influence be extended to other connections such as friendships? Suddenly been feeling super angsty about a particular friendship and the amount of time/energy that is getting zapped by it. Which sounds like such a horrible thing to say. But, that’s how I feel. Ready to send an invoice, basically! And wondering why I’m in such a bitch mood.

    Could Venus in Cap be less Dionysian and more about getting our schizz together re how we relate to others?!

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      I am feeling the same big time with friendships. So I am slowly but surely withdrawing energy.

      You are in a bitch mood because you are getting no return on investement. It’s blunt but it’s true imo.

      And thanks for confirming what I am feeling.

    2. Sure, Scorp! Venus can also point to our sense of self worth and what we value, leading to how we feel about we give to various exchanges.

    3. Yep, I just dumped a group of friends last week that I’ve been apart of since 2020. Didn’t expect this Venus RX to be so dramatic for me (usually Venus RX in Leo are historically the most kooky ones)

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Yes I agree it is dramatic. But it doesn’t mean your withdrawal has to be dramatic. For me anyway. I just prefer to fade out. Maybe it’s my Pisces Rising speaking.

        1. Pisces Rising! Didn’t know that, Wish. What’s your sun sign again? The friend I’m having issues with is Pisces rising. I’m thinking of doing a bit of a fade out…

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            My sun is in Gemini and moon in Taurus. And in saying that I now realise and understand why this Venus retrograde is having such an impact on me.

    4. I’m feeling very estranged from one particular female friend. finally realized that she doesn’t get me. I wonder if she ever understood me at all. or if she makes an effort to put herself in other people’s shoes. I’m not let down, just doubting my feelings, meaning, I thought the world about her but was I dreaming? or seeing things about her that were never there? bah… she’s aqua with venus in capricorn btw.

      1. Sounds a bit similar. Sometimes it can take awhile to see things as they really are for a number of reasons. Don’t beat yourself up. Here’s to friendships where they CAN put themselves in other people’s shoes.

      2. yeah, I agree. 99% of aqua people give me the creeps = my scorpio values are quite strong, but I do get along with aqua women (they like the fact that I like their weirdness). men, no chance ever. I find that in their own way they are genuine, yet they are often embarrassingly out of touch with your own reality, in spite of having known you for ages.

  27. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    HAHAHA THIS: you’d like to invoice – for the time, seduction money, cul de sacs presented as freeways, rigor-rictus from bright smiles when your psyche was resisting and well, a hefty ‘sundries.’

  28. I would spend more money invoicing, than getting anything back from my effin karmic past. Write it all off as bad debts and restructure the ownership of future rights.

    1. Just as MM published this, started getting dreams about exes, now two nights in a row. The dreams are as different as the men themselves, but the common theme has been me realizing how unsuitable they all have been – in reality and in dreams. Bad debts, alright. Good to know that my inner accountant agrees with the outer one.

      Is there any hope for Virgo risings powering up to their true potential AND finding an equal, loving partner in this incarnation?

  29. I’d like to invoice Pluto. Big time. For the insomnia, near death and death of everything I love, trauma that’s taking years to heal. And now looking forward to the opposition of my Sun/Uranus. I’m gonna be rich.

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