Neptune Googles Are The Ultimate Illusion Accessories

Great news! The mystery backers behind Neptunian Life Coaching have updated Neptune Goggles, their cult (literally) eyewear product. After all, why take drugs when you can be a drug?

Neptune Goggles are the exact opposite of Saturn Dating Goggles.  They are designed to diffuse reality, not bathe it in a stark light of skin blemishes and overdue tax. But the update takes them well beyond the classic rose-tint of standard-issue Illusion Accessories.

Custom-scented, they offer single touch dimension warping controls and the ability to toggle between ‘scenes’ without commitment. Why plan when you can improvise? Automatically amplify any attraction into an inter-stellar, karmatic, quantum relationship. Tap into under-utilized hormonal powers to reactivate your Fate Matrix.

Options: Merge fantasies with other Neptune Goggles wearers, recover objects lost in past lives (Earth only) and access Paranormal Tinder. Adjust the optics to mute or blur out incompatible frequencies.

The Neptune Goggles are extra potent when Jupiter is square Neptune or the Moon is in Pisces near Neptune.

The cost? Variable and in installments.

Image: Hiro – Tilly Tizzani with Acetate Visor – New York 1966

20 thoughts on “Neptune Googles Are The Ultimate Illusion Accessories”

  1. beautiful photo…yes, who needs drugs when you are a drug?
    I have Neptune in Scorpio 1st House. “I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.”

  2. Thank you for putting such a magical and positive spin on this Neptune energy. I’ve been so scared and anxious about going down a LZ wormhole. Now I can just put the goggles on. Ahhhhh.

  3. I’ve got Uranus at 17 Sag and Venus at 21 Sag, so I’m heading into a Neptunian era- until 2022….. and in 2022 Neptune begins to square my natal sun neptune conjunction until 2028.

    Nine years of Neptune. And I pulled the nine of swords and the nine of cups today.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Forewarned is forearmed. I found out at the end of my Neptune sq sun what was happening from Mystic. And I’m new to astrology.

      Nebulous is the best to describe how I felt.
      They say your psychic awareness increases. I have always been psychic. but I found that my self healing was activated more so.
      I have PTSD and didn’t have access to good help so I found that I hit rock bottom and healed myself psychologically. I had an abusive, weird neighbor who was a catalyst for the healing.
      I had good occ therapist who I relayed my realisations to and she said that me discovering these things on my own was phenomenonal.

      I have had previous good psychological help so I am not suggesting that it is for everyone but to me it was kismet.

      Previous to the healing I felt like I was losing my identity and ego. I was extremely compassionate, which was great. I loved solitude. Loud aggressive people irritated me . And the low life came out of the wood work so be prepared.

      But coming out of it I have a steely strength built from my psyche. I drew a card from the tarot today and it was the Lion with Power.

      So it is a huge platform for transformation. Friends may look at you and not really notice anything but believe me you will notice.

      So this all happened for me in a small, quiet seaside town tucked away from the real world. The sea and nature was my refuge.

      As my ego is returning I am realising that I have out grown this town socially. To be honest I knew that from the start but I came here for the peace and quiet. So I will eventually move on, which is a bit sad because this place is a spiritual home.

      Anyway enough about me, I think your outlook and lifestyle will hold you in good stead for this long Neptune transit.

      All the best, Go Well! x

      1. Beauty. Treachery. I feel like Neptune is the mermaids with bloodied fangs.

        I think a seaside town is ideal for a Neptune transit.

        Thanks for this, cheers me up enormously. At the moment I live in a mountain town, by a wild, fast, cold, green river.

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          Don’t move, where you are sounds beautiful.

          I’ve got a good feeling about your Neptune transit.

          I think it is different for everyone.

  4. Mine haunted me in the shower with a random fantasy of moving country. I mean, is it possible to at least have a reality check in, whilst we also check out>?

  5. I did watch Caroline Hirons flick through of Hello and Goop magazines…and now this delightful post. This is absolutely brilliant, thank you MM.

  6. Wish Upon a Star

    I had a beautiful Neptune moment at dusk tonite. I was walking home after reconnecting and playing with a 3 year old girl I used to baby sit at the local fair. When ever I go to carnivals I step back in time.

    I was walking by the bay , I felt like the town was hugging me, my passed over dad was with me. He guided me to this town.

    This feeling was similar to that I had when I walked down streets of bayside holiday towns and felt as if I was walking amongst the town ghosts. Not spooky, just surreal.

  7. Bwahaha, this is your funniest yet Mystic. Random ghosts, variable payments at a later date rofl. I’m a Neptunian (how is it possible to be one with a Virgo moon? But anyway) and I of course relate and consider myself duly warned.

    I’m born with a Jupiter – Neptune square in Sagg-Pisces, but the other way around: Neptune rising in Sagg (12th) sq my ruling planet Jupiter in Pisces. Mutual reception and a bit ahem expansively dreamy. And now this! After all the Saturn sq action the past few years, what now? Lol

    Actually, I consider 2018 to have been a year of depossessioning (told you I was Neptunian) – of old patterns, qi vampings, inherited possessions containing energies no longer desirable to be around, of programming and, well, other entities.

    A line of salt on the ground and step into 2019 with strong boundary setting, and I envision this year as being one of refilling but now with helpful and desired energies.

    May 2019 be empowering for the highest best and good for all. And leave the stale behind. Shed a skin.. Happy to be here with y’all xx

  8. Wish Upon a Star

    Yeah, I think Saturn has too much of a hold on me. I just don’t want to drink anymore.

    And I’m too scared to swim in the bay as the deadly tiny Irikanji jelly fish is on the rise. The pic above feels like a timely reminder.

  9. I have this natally … So I can only imagine what the next few months are going to be like. Surreal and subliminal, but I have to say Saturn has toughened me up.

    Love me some magic mushrooms and blue devil hoochie juice, but I can honestly say there’s a time and a place for everything … And in my world right now, the time is for neither!

    Happy New Year Mystic (and members)! So glad to be charging into the next calendar year as part of this awesome community.

    1. I have a Neptune jupiter grand trine in water that takes in my pisces asc. I’m big on Neptune but don’t drink or drug as Chiron and Saturn sit at the asc !! So I can get as goo goo as any but it’s got an edge. Wonder what this square will feel like apart from normal ?

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