An Aquarius In Love With A Taurus Rockstar

In Love With A Taurus Rockstar

Dear Mystic,

I am crazy into a Taurus rockstar. Waiting to see him again has been crushing. He is literally my dream guy, and if you would have told me that I would be going after him, I would have said you were insane. Last Summer we shared a meet-cute at one of his shows. Girl likes band. Girl goes to show. Rockstar sees girl at show and proceeds to stare at her the entire time. Girl and rockstar see each other outside of venue, but rockstar’s tour manager drags him away before they could speak. This has essentially haunted me ever since and I have wanted to see him again so badly.

We live in the same city and I’m pretty sure he’s still single, but we have not run into each other. I suppose we’re on the same psychic wavelength, as we’ll both post the same things on social media. There are all sorts of little signs and synchronicities that point to this being a go. I have been trying to be Zen about this and let it unfold naturally, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t growing impatient. Not sending him a DM has been difficult, but I could not bear the possibility of a negative outcome. I have no doubts that we would be absolutely amazing for each other. Or at the very least be the hottest couple on Earth.

Impatient Aquarius, Trying To Be Zen

His band is a pretty big deal, so anytime I talk to people about this, they scoff. Our synastry chart has heavy Pluto and Neptune aspects, so perhaps that’s contributing to the intense feelings and longing. Oh, did I mention I’m pretty sure he may have written a song about that night? Ugh, it’s too much. Any advice on keeping calm during this waiting game? He’s playing a show in our city soonish, but the in-between has been rough.

If this is posted as an Ask Mystic, My only request is that you pleeeaasseee keep it positive (i.e. no “rockstars do this all the time”/”who do you think you are” type of talk)? I’m trying to keep my vibe high and would like positivity thrown onto this in every way! He’s an admitted shy guy, so him deciding to say “screw this show, hot girl!” isn’t something he’d do lightly, from what I’ve gathered about him!

Impatient Aquarius Trying To Be Zen, In Love With A Taurus Rockstar. 

Dear Impatient Aquarius,

Actually, I legit know of a long-time together couple who met in this way. He is a name-recognition musician and she was in the front row of a relatively intimate gig that he was doing for some reason. They met, hit it off and the stars were aligned. So it’s not impossible, like dating a Martian or something. But without being ‘negative’, your attitude toward this does not strike me as being Zen. At least, not “Zen” in the classical style of being unattached to the outcome.

So I’m not scoffing and I sincerely have nothing but warm wishes for your quest to be Mrs Taurus Rockstar/Hottest Couple On Earth etc. But red flags:  Where does the avid conviction that you will be absolutely amazing for one another come from exactly?

No offence but that does sound a little, you know, fanatical. As you know, the word “fan” comes from “fanatic.” That this Taurus Rockstar finds you “hot” is perfectly likely, you made eye contact and talked post-show. So far so good. God-damn Tour Manager.  Probably a Virgo. A cock-blocking Capricorn? Who knows?

Mrs Taurus Rockstar

BUT (and remember, I am possessed by Saturn at the moment) there is a troubling leap from Guy Whose Talent You Admire and Who Is Hot-Locking eyes with you + potential mutual chemistry to fervent, intense emotions.

So it’s not a matter of cold-showering this but perhaps more of it giving it its due. Examine the emotions aroused by this circumstance. Is there a chance that it’s not so much about Taurus Rockstar as it is about the vision of your SELF evoked by picturing yourself as Mrs Taurus Rockstar, the social validation and lucre etc?

In which case you could nurture your own Inner Rockstar/Performer/Talent and run into him again – Uranus willing – at an industry function?  Other than his charisma, talent, lyrics and social media expression, what do you like or know about him?

Or, if we just take this quest as a given, you need to think clearly about it. Other than direct messaging him (and probably getting his social media manager) how are you going to see him again? And is the fan role where you, as an Aquarius, really want to be? None of this is meant to be ‘negative’ or to diminish your feelings but I do think it would be cool to do some self-examination at this point.

What is the plan here? Logically, you need to develop your own profile and vibe to get in the same room as him. Otherwise, you’re just aspiring to Alpha-Groupie status.

And, step away from the synastry analysis. Obsessing over the intra-aspects of someone you’re not actually with or near to is, sorry, a Love Zombie trait.

What does everyone else think?

Image: Mario Testino – Vogue Paris

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  1. Here’s my take on this scenario.

    It’s so easy to get swept away with the notion of a romance like this, and let’s be real, magical and miraculous things happen every day.

    But if you want to be in a relationship with someone exceptional, you have to BE EXCEPTIONAL. Showing up and being hot is never going to be enough for someone who can literally take their pick. You might get laid, but that’s about it.

    It’s not just about how you look. It’s about presence. Intelligence. Energy. Wit. Charisma. Charm. And having your own delicious life which is already full, because if said exceptional person can sniff out that you are just waiting around for them to be the magic, it’s over before it even began.

    It’s about ENTERING THE ROOM before you ENTER THE ROOM.

    And a big no to being needy, clingy, possessive, insecure. Vulnerable, authentic, and real? YES! But you have to show up as a full, complete person. Otherwise, you just become another job, a chore to manage.

    This applies to all relationships, not just those with famous people ;D

  2. God in heaven!
    Aqua babe, my personal opinion is that you sound like having a maniacal behaviour. You’re egocentric, incredibly immature and rude. Mystic gave an excellent answer to your obsessive letter, straight, rational and empathetic 100%. If you don’t see this, it is because girl you need a reality check-up, that no doubt will come sooner or later.

    You didn’t need anything other that caressing your mania! And no, it’s not dismissive and unsupportive, it’s the truth.

    Mystic, if I were you, I wouldn’t answer or reply anymore. It is for no use. She has to grow-up and prevention of aries moon balls exploding is hard, it takes time.

    I should know. Virgo sun, Aries moon, Scorpio Venus, Leo Mars, Cap Rising.

    Not an English native speaker.

  3. You didn’t even talk to the guy. He doesn’t even know your NAME. No one who’s ever been in love believes that this is how it happens in real life. You sound like someone who wants to be in love but has no real world experience to guide her to i,t so instead, you’re following a Hollywood film script about a ‘perfect’ connection that falls out of the sky (or in this case, the local rock venue).

    On the odd occasion that rock gods and fans do connect, trust me, it requires a lot more than astro synastry to stay together! You sound as if you expect some sort of higher force to guide you two together, which is a recipe for a doomed relationship no matter how it begins.

    Try spending a LOT more time looking at guys around you and developing relationships with them that are based on intimacy, understanding and mutual respect. This is what holds 90% of all couples together, regardless of how they first hooked up.

  4. This is a very good point. It can be annoying when a random coworker is trying to flirt when you’re just focused on doing your thing at an office, performances are the office of creatives. Also I would love to read recollections of 80s b list modeling

  5. Im really enjoying how many people chimed in with a variant of “Rockstars? Meh. Been there, done that.” This has gotta be one of the most interesting bunch of subscribers.

    1. While I’ve never been with a rockstar, this post is reminding me of a New Year’s Eve in the late 80’s, when I was about 17, and I locked eyes with Ian Astbury of The Cult outside a recording studio in NYC’s West Village.

      Although the moment passed– there was no social media to DM him on, plus he was a giant star at that point– I remembered that moment fondly for all my life, as a “what-if” moment.

      Of course, now he looks ridiculous and I’m so glad my 17-year-old self was not exposed to celeb madness. I couldn’t have handled it.

    2. I also had a thing with a rockstar. Front row, locked eyes, talked after the show. We drove many hours to see him the next night in a different city (sigh, love my friends). We exchanged emails, wrote each other love letters (was awhile ago when we wrote long emails like we used to write letters). I went to see him ⅔ of the way across the country twice and we didn’t click. It blew up in a puff of smoke.

      Was super fun, though, to get into shows on the list.

      1. Also re the “I think he wrote a song about me.” I was convinced he wrote a song about me but alas it was about his ex-gf. He just changed her eye color when he sang it and I was in the audience. Still, it was amusing and a nice memory.

    3. I think a few creatives with drives from soul purpose are on here, even if they are not formally creatives as a job (plus many who are).

      Also many witches and glam shamans. So being in orbit of other glams is a given.

      Even before and between my side life as performer i have met and/or known some famous. But never as a fan, isn’t that funny? I mean i’ve def had fan meet-cutes but was kinda busy just being in the life to think about it, except for looking back now. You give your mateship, maybe love, and space when you truly underatand where the boundaries between your life and theirs are. Saggis always offer mateship and good times first; Pisces, the understanding of space and this incarnation’s living space.

      In my case it is the music world where i did belong, but most strongly in the art world, where i don’t perform at all.

  6. Hey badass aqua babe, just want to drop in and say who cares who you are and who he is. If you have a beautiful connection it will be noticed by both of you and it will develop from there. Forget about all the extra fluff and yeah try to chill out in the meantime. In twenty years from now he’s unlikely to be known by anyone but maybe a little cashed up. I dated a ‘rockstar’ once, we met when he was semi big through mutual circles but over many years it was the pressure of the band manger, tours and entourage that made us come unstuck. It tore me apart emotionally. Fame is an ugly thing.

    1. Oh my, yes (crying w laughter emoji if it doesn’t show up). I checked back in tonight specifically to see if it had gone to defcon five

      1. saturnplutoflux

        Haha same, between busy moments at work I’ve been checking back for the next installment!

  7. In terms of communication strategy, most definitely slide into his Insta DMs with a personal message. It’s just the reality of the times right now and you can’t rely on getting into the same room as him by chance. These guys are on tight scheds and trust me, are already cruising Instagram in every city before a show and messaging some models to come backstage. You should ASASPTUALLY take this chance on yourself but It goes without saying that you need to look the goods and be as hot as you say you are to get his attention! I’m a celeb assistant and it’s like Tinder up in the DMs for every single one of these guys right now. When you are mega famous or even sorta famous, the nondisclosure agreements make every weird thing the assistants or anyone in that tight inner machine that sees this shit, just immune to the weirdness. I’ve read instagram/snap sexts out loud to my bosses and it’s by far not the least weird thing that happens in my day. Send the message <3

    1. There’s a reality check.

      I hope you have an exit strategy, that sounds like it could be kind of awful in the long-term, tending to these people?

      1. I guess I’ll find out. I do think there is some ‘soul eroding’ that can happen long term, but I think what’s worse is getting used to an adrenaline rush-y environment as your everyday norm.

        I think the OP needs to realize that these rockers can be mega narcissists, and no matter how intense and personal the initial connection seems, it might be a blip on his radar and he might have totally forgotten about you. Seriously. Those moments where you feel like your eyes lock and the entire world pauses…well, they have a handful of those every week, maybe every single day? Then it’s on to the next. Just remember that. They wake up in a new city every day with a whole new set of stimuli and hot grrls. Every. Single. Day.

      2. Genuine Question: What about the female performers? Obviously also charismatic and super fanned on but…?

      3. Good question! I myself don’t have experience with them besides the guest appearances! Haven’t gotten much insight into what goes on in those dressing rooms

  8. Imagine future you – say, when you’re in your 60’s…..even without knowing how it will end, do you think you will regret not giving it a go? I suspect you will.

    Of course, it might end up being a terrible mistake. Are we suddenly not allowed to make mistakes? Says who? And, aren’t there valuable lessons to be learned from mistakes?

    So, you would do well to have at least one contingency plan.Remember, the old planetary ruler of Aquarius is good ol’ Saturn, so you can do this!

    I have a few suggestions – and I wish someone had given me these kinds of suggestions when I’d experienced the intense energy generated by almost unbearable attractions.

    Firstly, this energy means you need to keep on top of your physical and psychic grounding exercises – so go for daily barefoot walks on sand/earth, keep your house in order, pay your bills, stay connected with family and friends, keeping your talk about Taurus rockstar to a minimum, stay invested in work/career development, participate in your other hobbies, eat well and keep partying in check. And make sure you are using/have a number of contraceptive options at the ready for when rock star is back in town. Having read through the discussion here, this energy has rubbed a few people up the wrong way, that’s an indicator that the energy could explode in your face if you don’t manage it.

    Good luck, and I’m hoping you report back with good news x

  9. Cap Sun/Can Moon/Taur Rising/Aqu Venus here.

    As a self-admitted LZ who loves a cheeky synastry stalk, I get it. But girl, you need some chill. You are massively projecting onto this coupling. And you are dwelling on one maybe moment of connection. At this point it is more likely than not to live up to what you think.

    I work in the entertainment industry; I used to work very closely with celebs. Still friendly with a fair few ‘celebs’. These moments happen more than you think, even to the quiet ones – I always felt entertainment life was a series of moments, of connections, of intense but relatively fleeting and fluid good times. It doesn’t make it any less meaningful but it does make it transient and short lived.

    If the magic and the synchronicity is strong, there should be no doubt that you follow this. But you need to action it and you need to read the next interaction very clearly and not place any meaning on it, regardless of how magic it feels (and I’ve been there mate…i get how you are feeling).

    Good luck. If you feel so strongly about something, you need to action it positively. Life is not one connection, it’s a series of them. Go to the concert and see what happens. But you do need to let go and let the universe decide as you are coming off as way too into this and trying to control a situation rather than let destiny play out. I hope it works out for you – would love to know what happens next.

  10. My very adventurous, young for her age friend got plucked from the rock concert crowd by band crew. Met stars, band, crew them backstage, and at party after. Got flown cross country to watch recordings, etc. Not my thing but I was happy for her. She is unusual in her beauty, lust for life and inner drama.

    She enjoyed as it unfolded- and maintained her job, life etc.

  11. Okeeeee so story because this post is mebbe the most well timed of them during my MM membership.

    Last night I randomly got free tix to a concert of one of my favourite musicians. Didn’t buy tix 1. too expensive 2. huuuge venue 3. my love is deep in the heart not amid the crowds of drunken hoo haws.
    Buuut when I get free tix and choose the right pal to go with I’m chillin’.

    I also had a sneaking suspicion of following synchronicity – there’s a chance I could finally meet this guy and really just say ‘THANK YOU.’ His music, his work ethic, his creativity has been a love of mine for 16 years.

    And there’s a very large chance this guy will turn up at a particular bar which is so small, dark – little divey with a lover’s touch. And out of the 5 bands playing I know one guy who is the only solo performer.
    If I hadn’t known him I wouldn’t have bothered to go (did that 4 years ago – same guy, same bar and remember asking myself ‘what the hell are you doing here? you’re fanning and you made a pact to yourself never to meet someone you admire in fan mode.’ – so I left and I still keep this pact. Respect myself too much and while I’m not famous I know what its like to be on the other side of a fanning person. It’s exhausting and mostly un-fun.)

    ANYWAY – yesterday, sitting with my pal, watching our pal playing a killer set by himself and my sitting pal looks at me and I just know that the musician I love is standing behind me watching my pal play, while within safety of his 3 casually dressed body guards.
    (to note how much this pact means to me – 6 years ago I was at a show hosted by this musician and upon finding out he was simply in the crowd, I turned heel the other way not looking because I would be too embarrassed that I had nothing to say and all the gawking to do.)

    So last night, I don’t turn around, I don’t indulge my friend who’s trying to get a nonchalant selfie (later he tells me it was more for our performing pal as proof that this well known musician was there in the crowd.) and instead get up and worm my way through the crowd, past the entourage and go to the bathroom. Because my chest was growing so electric that if I had sat I would have literally started bouncing on my seat grinning madly at this man.

    But all of that is to preface that later in the night when it was less crowded, I deliberately went to get money from a machine, hoping to somehow find a way to meet this beloved musician of mine and not just be another stare-gawker. Universe was like ‘I gotcher back!’

    As the people parted and I pass through there he was, by himself, leaning against a railing, no security guards and I SWEAR his stood up a little straighter when I walked towards him….BUT I IGNORED HIM!! I walked by like he was invisible! go to the cash machine which was out of order, made a noise, and walked BACK past him without looking. Spent the rest of the night in my imagination like I would have some other chance to meet him (see way too deep in my imagination that I LITERALLY distracted myself from actually saying hello to this person)
    and (BTW, thank you Mystic for pointing this out because I never want to do this again now) looking at my phone and his natal chart and it was like Golum was in my head looking at those sweet sweet precious contact points. (I won’t even bother listing them because I have no idea what they actually would mean…just the fact that there were contacts I was like ”mmmmyea’)
    My face lit with the blue screen in a dark red room while the actual person whose natal chart i’m looking at I just pretended didn’t exist.

    Talk about a reality check. And of course never saw him again that night. Drank more than I usually do and smoked cigarettes which I have quit – so feeling a little woo woo today. Actually woke up crying because I was really confused by my own behaviour. Then cried a lot more and a lot harder when I get real honest with myself about my behaviour. Fack.

    1. It happens to the best of us, Rubent – I have done kinda similar. Was once (late teens) at my rock-god’s concert. It had been a monumental saga getting tickets. But i had to go – I’d had many a fantasy regarding our meeting and eternal love & there i was, front row, swaying in a hot love trance, believing he was performing for me alone, then at the end of the last song he looked directly at me & motioned for me to go backstage. I froze – it was like a bucket of ice water had been dumped on me. I grabbed my friend and fled. We smoked a scoob, went skinny dipping & was stung on the ass by a jellyfish. Never fantasised about rock-god again.

  12. Dear All,

    this post and the comments got me full on. Wow. I agree, that Mystic gave a rational response and I do not fully grasp why Aqua Babe didn’t feel quite satisfied with Mystic’s approach.
    However, I have a story to share, which might be interesting and definitely fits the context.
    9 years ago I fell in love with a drummer of a pretty famous band. It was mind blowing. I was working as a camera woman at the band’s concert in a gigantic venue and the moment our eyes locked after the gig back stage, time stood still, I knew we were meant to be together. Of course, or unfortunately, he was a future faker, telling me he is separating from his girlfriend, technically already single, wants to marry me – I believed. I checked synastry, oh the Nodes, Neptune, Pluto, it was all there. I daydreamed for a year, meeting secretly, getting lost in his wonderful Neptunian fantasy world (his Mars conjunct Neptune in the 12th, no offense my Dear Neptunians – as a Solar Neptunian I am aware of how difficult it is to deal with substances, the truth, fantasy world, dreams etc…). Yes, I lied to myself. From the very beginning. I ignored my dreams, which actually threw red flags at me, everywhere, the universe screamed at me, I interpreted everything the way I wanted it to be/see. Same with the Astro, Synastry checks and all. It HAD to be karmic. And it was, alas not in the way I thought, or wanted it to be. We did get together, my family fell in love with him, like me they ignored his “flaws”, even my friends believed what I tried to convince myself of along the way of a 4 years relationship.
    No saying this is the same situation here for Aqua Babe (sorry I keep out the Badass, but it feels weird to call you like this as I don’t know you). I wish everyone the love of their dreams and yes, fairy tales happen, it did happen to me, later with somebody else.
    But before I got almost 20k Euros stolen from, lied to on a daily basis and ended up not married, in huge debt, with his entire family hating me as I had the guts to leave him, when I just couldn’t stand the delusion anymore. I am glad, I did! I have come to terms with this experience, I paid of the debts, I stood up, collected the pieces of my broken self and am glad I learned this lesson as it made me understand my own Neptunian Lows much better.

    As Mystic pointed out, her take on Aqua Babe’s situation is Saturn, as MM is Saturn possessed. I am, too, after literally surviving Saturn Square Sun last year. And a good Saturn, Haute Saturn is as wonderful as any other Haute energy. It gives perspective/s, it gives patience, it gives clarity. And the foundation to actually enjoy the wild rides with Uranus and Neptune.
    That is what being human is about, getting the facts right, even if it takes a while. Respect, not Selfishness. Truth. Not delusioning ourselves, and also, this is how astrology works, right? This is why we are cherishing Mystic’s insight and ingenuity, and blunt, on point intuition, wisdom, knowledge. Plus, that Mystic has the guts to actually get it out there. To share, to help. For all of us.
    So please, let us all keep up the good vibes. And no, you can’t seek counsel and tell the counsellor what you want to hear. Isn’t that obvious?
    Sending Love,
    Squared Virgo

    1. Unicorn Sparkles

      This sounds exactly like something I would do.
      Don’t ruin the fantasy, don’t make myself look a fool….

      I always wonder whether with some people it’s a past life thing or the universe steering us away from something that isn’t ready yet…

  13. Okay, I do think you need to calm down before you do anything, be it with contacting the person or putting yourself in front of them at the show. And I’m saying that as someone in your situation right now (btw, I’m Aqua rising, so this is especially interesting to see someone else going through something similar).

    A few months ago I went out on a date with a champion in a specific sport/game/etc, not going to give specifics. I suppose it would be the equivalent of being a rockstar that community even though he’s not actually famous. The date went extraordinarily well, we had a ton in common, there was a lot of obvious chemistry, but for whatever reason, there was never a second date. I was really crushed afterwards. In my head I had constructed this notion that he was perfect, but really, is he? Maybe, maybe not. Our synastry chart is through the roof fantastic, but I don’t really know him that well.

    Still, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him. As much as we would sometimes like to be able to control our feelings, sometimes we can’t, and that’s okay. Those feelings and intuition can sometimes be profoundly spot on, so considering you two have met each other before, I think it’s more than worth a shot. I do think that too many people give up on the things they truly want for silly and arbitrary reasons, however you do really need to be in the right mindset in order to move things forward. After reading the question, the response, the comments, my first thought is whether or not you’ll be okay if this doesn’t work out the way you’d like it to. I know that’s not positive at all, but you need to make sure you’ll be in a place where you won’t be completely devastated nor turn obsessive. You need to invest something else in yourself with something you truly enjoy, something you can fall back on just in case it doesn’t work.

    As an aside, even though that might not sound positive, I sort of have an “all the eggs in the basket” mentality with this stuff. If you don’t have a back-up plan, the first will inevitably fail, and then you’re left with nothing. Have something together before you move forward, and your extra happiness will shine. It will help you whether or not this works out, and it makes or breaks the difference between admiration and desperation.

    I really hope this works out for you.

    1. Such good advice, Miss Leo! We MUST have a Plan B (and even a Plan C).

      I too have dated someone on and off for the last 4 years who was a rockstar in the 80s and is now the darling of the stock market after floating his company. After 18 months of living in separate cities, we had dinner together and he declared “I want you back in my town and I’m going to make it happen.” Yeah, right. Have heard these sorts of declarations before and then he ghost bolts. I happen to be seeking a new job and have been diligently applying for them the past 6 months and he could help as he is well connected. And he promised to put a good word in a strategic ear for me. BUT I also created a second game plan for myself, enrolling in a year-long breakthrough training program in leadership and managing teams.

      So whatever the outcome of job hunting or the ghost bolter suddenly changing, I have something to focus on that makes me stronger and wiser in my field!

    2. my theory with the no second date thing lines up with Leo Socialite’s answer. It’s probably that he liked you, as a hot leo type and more. But to commit to the demands of a relationship while having an intense focus on his (or her, for that matter) profession and probably are away a lot, would be an unwise move. Maybe that’s the page he was on. (MAybe he feeds off hot dates as qi nourishment, who knows)

  14. I think you are so triggered by what Mystic said precisely because it made so much sense. This fantasy is obviously filling some emotional void for you, hence the out of proportion vehement response to kind pragmatic advice, but this guy is a real person and deserves someone who will love him as a flawed, fluctuating, real, person.

    Would you still be into him if he had cancer, became emaciated and broke, and wouldn’t be able to perform anymore? Would you want to be there to hold his hand as he died? Because that is the sort of potential reality we must be willing to face and accept, if we want long-term monogamous true love.

    I believe our thoughts do create our experience in that we experience EVERYTHING through the medium of our thoughts. But there is also obviously an objective empirical reality we must line up with to manifest our desires. Otherwise we run the risk of being the person in the mental institute who believes they are Napoleon. In double blinded placebo controlled studies endothelial cells respond differently to different foods because of automatic mechanical responses governed by natural laws. That can be repeated over and over and over without the input of beliefs. This is science.

    I love magical thinking. Magical thinking has given me a lifeline at many points. But I still make a point to believe things in proportion to the empirical evidence, because that IS being more aligned in a law of attraction sense. So while I believe things without evidence for functional emotional coping reasons, I believe things with evidence far more. And more importantly, I act on them. There is a framework to this game we have agreed to play. The more rational I become the better actual results I receive. Mystic gave you the advice that could work. If you were really lined up with this scenario manifesting you would at least pause to consider it. It would not create a firestorm in you. That said, this heightened emotional response is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and change your current trajectory to one you would enjoy more. Every unpleasant emotional response is an opportunity to raise awareness. And awareness is power. The more awareness we have the more choices we perceive. The more choices we perceive the more preferential choices we can make.

    Now, I am an artist by trade. I love metaphor and fantasy and subjectivity. The Neptunean realm is beautiful and fun and fascinating. But trying to magically will yourself into a relationship with a specific person is not realistic, or even, ethical.

    I wholeheartedly believe you can manifest an amazing soul mate connection of some kind. But you have to line up with the reality of what that would take. For you. With your background, blind spots, and preexisting roadblocks. And if you are terrified of pain and rejection to the extent gentle feedback sets you off, you are nowhere near achieving that.

    Some of the most intense love I ever experienced was holding someone’s hand when they died. It was one of the most precious exquisite moments of my life. Love is fundamentally about expanding our capacity to unconditionally appreciate what is. That is why the marriage vows are not I take thee in marriage as long as long as we are hot, as long as we have social status, and our meticulously crafted facades both hold up.

    No, it’s for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live. If you NEED love to happen within strict confines, you are not experiencing it. The good news is the more we acknowledge and adapt to empirical reality the more we can shape it to our ends. This is why the material advances of humankind have come not through magic, but through science. Magic is indispensable on an emotional experiential level. But if we want tangible relationships, tangible health, tangible wealth, the more we line up with objective reality the easier that will be to manifest.

    If you want to be with this person you have to become a match for what he wants. Which may or may not be possible or even desirable for you in actuality. It is far easier to manifest the underlying essence of the experience you desire with fewer conditions. If we genuinely care for someone, we do not generally want to manipulate them, via magical will or otherwise, into wanting us. Instead, we want them to possess the same autonomy and freedom we would choose for ourselves.

  15. I think it’s pretty unfair in general that our girl brains are on fall-in-love autosetting and these rock stars get to come in, make us fall in love with them, and leave us spinning all sorts of love dreams in our brains. UNFAIR. i demand restitution for the hours ive wasted!

      1. Well I hope this date is a real goodie with lots more to follow. I must say I am so the other way round. See him, bed him, talk later.! Oh we are all so different.

      2. To not bed with me is totally what just happened???!!! When I had my HD reading the guy said ‘you are 0-100mph in a split second with no emotional involvement ” I had to agree. My friends who take weeks of deciding to even see someone, completely do my head in.. As I can’t see it that way. As I say we are all made up so differently.

  16. And yes to what Mystic said about obsessing over synastry connections. I’ve noticed that every artist of any kind to whose work I feel a deep connection has significant synastry connections with my own chart — including those who were dead long before I was born. Hardly surprising, if you think about it. Even looking at this with a person you’re not actually involved with, but want to be, is a an LZ alert of the first order.

    1. I’m not so sure, I did a close-ish synastry check of someone who sends me into emo-bliss whenever i see them speak, and it wasn’t to, say, confirm that we should be together, but more to understand the energy in my chart that they were …. activating. That process was bloody hard-won though, after a lot of previous examinations of intense feelings for others. At the same time, To retreat to some kind of backroom technical analysis of my / one’s sentiments, without actually leaving the house to *live* them… well what’s the point of life then? We don’t push ourselves and grow in new wonderful ways in a life that is governed by sensible decisions.
      this is not to rebuff your words, I’m more using your comment to extend my own thinking.. x

  17. I’d say forget the rockstar & go straight to the therapy you badly need. Your behaviour on here has been narcissistic, delusional, oblivious, manipulative, ungrateful, & frankly appalling. Mystic, you don’t owe this person anything.

  18. Unicorn Sparkles

    Virgo sister to my aqua sun self 20+ years ago:
    You always ask for advice and then get annoyed when it’s not what you’ve already decided.

    She really has the patience of a saint.

  19. ahhh i remember my 20’s , laying in wait just like a spider, thinking i was the hot thing all ready to nab my rockstar-meant-to be.
    impulsive romantic obsessive Youth. what hard falls we all eventually take.
    i’m in my 60’s now and looking back with amusement and some sorrow on such a ride through life. i think all the things mystic said were right – on .
    much love to all.

  20. I’m an Aquarian… and this afternoon have been massively fantasizing about a dude I barely know, bit wow, the sparks and the sense of “he is the one’ ” is rocking me… I do believe in love at first sight, I have heard this stuff does happen from old ladies/men who tell how they met. Yes rare, but still.. it does happen now and then.. You can meet someone and feel an amazing vibe/soul connection… I have been trying to tell myself that I’m being illogical etc, but my heart and soul seem convinced. Maybe Aqua women are being struck big time with such soul mate vibes right now (?)

  21. I think it was Aristotle who said
    The mark of intelligence is being able to entertain an idea without having to accept it. Any advice ever given stems from someone’s else’s view of reality. It’s up to you to run it by your own reality receptors and decide if it’s making any sense for you. If it does add it to your acceptance list if not discard it or mark it for later.
    I agree with another post on this. You sound so like me about 35 years ago, deeply driven by pluto and Neptune and no matter what you’ll experience your life your way. It’s a ride. Go enjoy it.

  22. there was a post ages ago from an actress (?) going to SXSW and having a major major thing for a man who was some kind of key player. The comments ranged from Oh Honey, No to “it’s your freaking life, your time, your experiences, sand no one else’s, so go live it”

    Another comment mentioned chiron – this is true, you know, by avoiding potentially non-whatever (or very yes-whatever) connections, are we denying ourselves valuable life experiences, stories, new feelings, new horizons? hmm.

    1. What do you mean by potentially non whatever?

      If u r crushing but can already see signs that u aren’t compatible for what u want, or amber/red flags, even if it’s just gut instinct, shying away then probs just maturity 🙂

      Well, love is for a short fabulous burst or for a long time, and you can live beautifully in that or by your good self. If you want a life partner, then you need to be prepared for your own strong adventure into self, and into/with your lover. Whatever is given just has to be sincere and purely trusting and with clear boundaries…regardless of the time.

      Sometimes tho u just need the comfort of your good self, and the time to build it.

    2. Ay…i should mention that with strong Chiron in the 5th i am drawn to whatever i need to learn, love and grow. Whether it be the so-called-slutty but oh-so-appreciating aqua venus, or the saturn squaring it! Saturn, Venus and Chiron have strong contacts with other chart signatures/outer planets. It’s not counsel, just a point of view i offer xx

      1. interesting. Do you think that Chiron has magnetic qualities? like pluto? the forces of transformation.

      2. Not magnetic like Pluto, just the simple natural impwtus within yourself to heal yourself tends to drive one towards the only situ where you equally know what’s rare in it, know there’s an unknown, and are willing to make a gamble. Stakes are high and so could the treasure be!

        But that’s Chiron conjunct Merc 5th, opposed Uranus, 11th both squ are Mars Cap 2nd house so perhaps not a doc’s prescription! 🙂

  23. Um, at the risk of being a Debbie Downer, I’m an aqua whose previous toro long term partner took off with, like, a days notice to go be a rock star. ‘Cause apparently kids and partners precluded him doing it prior. Anyway, as with any situation, fabulous Toro rock stars can very well be another Aquas fuq-up of an ex.
    And can we be more supportive of groupies? I read that autobiography “I’m with the band” years ago, by a woman who absolutely OWNED being the best damn groupie of them all. Rock stars spoke very highly of her, apparently she was super fun to hang out with. Frank Zappa liked her so much that he and his wife hired her as a nanny.

  24. Badass Aqua Babe – I agree with a comment above, your responses have been pretty appalling. You don’t want negative vibes man… I’m reminded of Oddball in Kelly’s Heroes. Mystic’s response was measured and healrhy – but I think she should have left your ridiculous fevered longings well alone the minute you stated what you wanted to read in the responses. Don’t get me wrong – we’ve all had fevered longings – but what you are talking about is lust, not love, and a heady obsession with yourself, image, etc. You are literally drunk on dreams,my dear – totally intoxicated, and a little too immature in your responses which in itself equals possible peril – cue hours spent obsessing followed by self-absorbed heartbreak.
    I’ve been caught in longing myself when I was younger, so I know. The best outcome of this is you date, utterly starstruck, until the fizzle bursts. You’re *in-love* with a dream.
    This seems to mirror your need to smoulder seductively next to a *rock star* – already worrying because he’s human, not a demi-God. You just want to look cool, not have a decent union. And it’s about about self-validation, having a rockstar fall for you. This is not anywhere near based in reality, and your unwillingness to accept even a tiny dose of the stuff that Mystic came up with is worrying.
    For the love of God, woman, pull yourself together! What are *you* achieving right now, other than basically being a stalker?
    Don’t get carried away by image and dreams – it’s just fantasy. And you can’t live in a fantasy forever, because your own personal development will surely stagnate whilst you indulge this mills and boon nonsense.
    It isn’t levity – you are over indulging a dream. And no – we don’t all need to be validated by someone in a band, that is actually the last thing you should need! This is going to be someone already having to deal with the heady stuff that stardom brings – already knee-deep in fantasy themselves! If they are trying to stay grounded in reality, groupie adoration is not going to help them to feel normal and human.

    If you’re not studying right now, I’d advise going to college/uni immediately and becoming your own Goddamn rock star. Life is desperately short to Swan about on a cloud of self-indulgent farts.
    Sigh. Likely this will all sail over your pretty little head anyway, but hey, it’s worth a shot.
    Dreaming is fine – if the dream is really worthy. But hey – I really do wish you well – but please man up and handle the reality here.

    1. Absolutely! Everything you said here. OP is lost in Love Zombie central. I’ve witnessed first-hand how psychologically damaging unrequited obsession can be. Pull out now babe. Even if, unfortunately, you show no sign of being able to hear that.

  25. Lmao girl… I could’ve written this 20 years ago. My Virgo rockstar ended up moving away to another state, started playing gigs in different circles, and we fell out of touch. He stayed in my heart though despite the passing years (me Scorpio)…

    And Then! Just last summer I heard through the grapevine that he had moved back to the area & would be playing at a local venue. oooooh I made sure I was in attendance for the show, looking as hot yet not try hard as I could manage, and OMG

    he was sloppy drunk af, looked like he hadn’t showered or changed his clothes in a week, had a good 50lbs extra on him, and he didn’t recognize me LOL I was so relieved! I whispered to the friend I was with, “c’mon let’s get out of here quick before he remembers who I am”

    Was I perceptive 20 years ago but our separation that followed undid what could have been? I felt so certain then. Or was I perceiving something else? Was I drinking too much 20 years ago that my perception could have been muddy? Lmao yeah.

    But I tell this story to say, sometimes shit doesn’t work out & it’s a goddamn blessing. If someone would have told me that back then re this guy, I would have sworn they didn’t want to see me happy. Wrongly.
    So chill. Chill with this guy, chill with Mystic, and chill with anyone who tells you what you don’t want to hear right now. Go have fun but more importantly, Go Find Out. I hope you don’t have to wait 20 years for your answer like I did lol but when the answer comes, whatever it is, it will blow your mind. Promise 😉

  26. Interesting – I have a question: how do you think a loner / shy guy would feel about a pre-emptive airing in the public domain? Especially if you report back later?

  27. Hi! I had a similar crazy-as-fuq electrifying “destiny-written in the stars” connection like this with a doctor, a few years ago…
    And it lasted for just over 2 years.
    Completely & insanely fell in love.
    It went nowhere.
    And on reflection, was probs mostly a profound & slightly Freudian encounter, that was deeply intertwined with a blend of father-issues and childhood issues..
    So all I can suggest is to dig very, very deep & honestly assess where any pertinent ‘fate-lines’, and character recognition lies…
    From another badass Aqua xxx

  28. Badass Aqua Babe

    OH MY GOD!! Who would have thought that the comments would be more supportive than actual Mystic (no offense). I’m definitely not fanatical. I like his band, but I’m in no way a stan and have seen them maybe 5 times in the years that I have liked them. I specifically asked you to post this without negativity, but to be honest, you absolutely threw cold water on this and your response was not very kind or positive in my opinion. there was a bit of hyperbole in what I wrote (i.e. knowing we’d be perfect for each other, as obviously I don’t know that for sure, but I have my hunches that we would be compatible). The fact that he’s a rockstar does very little for me, to be honest, except the fact that he tours and wouldn’t be in my space all the time is a MAJOR plus. Obviously I’m not zen about it…I literally wrote that! And to call me a groupie is pretty dissmisive and rude. I already mentioned that he is playing a show in our city, a city I have lived in for a long time, a city in which we know a lot of the same people, so a pass and formal introduction would be nothing. I thought that of all people, you would be a bit more supportive and positive. Honestly, I would prefer that you remove this, as your vibe totally brought what is a fun, fabulous and sexy situation down into the mundane. I’m sorry that you’re going through a Saturn thing, but I’m not and I was very explicit about not wanting the exact reaction that you gave. Thank you so much to the commenters who have been supportive. We all need a bit of levity and sexy rockstar action every now and again!

    Badass Aqua Babe

    1. Seriously? You send someone an email asking a question and you specify what answer they’re allowed to give? Controlling much?

      1. Badass Aqua Babe

        She also changed the title of my email from “Trying to Zen out about Taurus Rockstar” to “In Love with a Taurus Rockstar”… suppose to give it that extra drama and “fanaticism”. Not cool at all and this has really turned me off to her and her site, as her response and handling of this is pretty antithetical to “being positive”. If I wanted “the cold hard truth” I would have gone elsewhere. I was hoping to get an astrological analysis of the situation, not a lazy assessment of who she thinks I am, my mental state and sense of self. This was super uncool, but I’m going to continue living my best life as I have been prior to this and gearing up to be reunited with the sexiest man I’ve met in a long time! I’m spritzing Florida Water your way, Mystic to clear your neg vibes and hope you can get out of your Saturn mindset and into one that’s higher vibing! Life is magical, abundant and fabulous!

      2. PS: Also, it is completely rational that if he has any kind of a profile or a brand, there is a high chance you won’t be direct messaging him but a S.M. person. That’s not negative – it’s realistic. I also said – in a comment – that if you’re sure it his is personal social profile go ahead and D.M him – you have met I.R.L and it’s totally plausible to say hi…etc
        BUT if you msg and it goes through to social media manager you’re putting yourself in a broader category and you might find a generic reply from a social media manager to be a bit of a downer. Whereas if you end up in the same room as him/same circles, this could be magic. I just read over what i wrote and i cannot see the negativity

      3. LightningButterfly

        They didn’t actually meet though, which makes this a bit nuttier…she said they “looked at each otehr” outside the venu but tour manager dragged him away before they could talk.

    2. whoa, dude! Chill on the whole thing. you asked, she answered cool your jets and think about this a bit, it’s not exactly bad. Let it go. Amazingly, you can’t make people say what you want to hear. If you need to hear something different or differently supportive… look in the mirror and speak to yourself.

      1. and believe me, I am treading the line between joyous optimism and ‘can this actually happen’ as well.

    3. Hello – i actually only changed the title for brevity. I am sorry you feel i was not being supportive – i thought was! And i did not call you a groupie. I was saying that logically, if you approach this as a fan wanting to get close to him, that’s the logical “niche”. Whereas if you ended up in the same room as him socially, that would be a whole different vibe, And if you read my answer, it says right off the top that i literally know a couple who met this way and they’re really happy. I took your question seriously and i thought made some good suggestions, I also said to you that i could answer this as a consult down the track when i had availability or as an Ask Mystic which obviously involves my opinion.

      1. Totally. I can smell Love Zombieism. Been there, in love with a famous drummer. Did synastry astro and did not listen to my dreams, waving red flags all over. It was Neptunian through and through. I ended up in shame and stolen energy and money from. As much as I wish everyone the love of their dreams, it isnt real until you get used to their farts. Good luck with your Rockstar, Aqua! (To be clear: no sarcasm or lecturing here) Ps sensitivity to difgering opinions comes with Love Zombieism as well, been there, felt the same. X

    4. This is so weird to read. Mystic’s response to your email reads as level-headed but open to possibility, with some practical suggestions throw in to boot. Your response reads as overly invested and dramatic. Stop throwing your hair around for a minute and re-read it.

      1. Redlipstick Virgo

        I agree – when you asked you were hoping to get a certain answer “keep it up vibe” means don’t tell me this won’t happen so it’s contradiction that you are being Zen when you are emailing Astrologers to ask about it – I think that is the opposite of zen. Also I think Mystic was fair and gracious you just didn’t like the answer – when we manifest and create in the vortex it is NEVER about being with specific people it’s about being loving and drawing love to us not Mr ABC. Once you are in that territory you are just bring a love zombie but I guess in your case it’s a Love Zenbie. Good luck with it !

        Now you are pissed that you didn’t get told he is going to be yours

  29. this, except for the face to face encounter.

    funny: “god-damn Tour Manager. Probably a Virgo. A cock-blocking Capricorn?”

    Important and relevant: develop your own profile and get in the same room as him.

    This was my thinking just lately. I don’t even have a profile. I have some work to do, LOL. (Pi googles: ‘WikiHow: Ten Steps to Building Your Public Profile’ … ahahah)

    The oracle and tarot is being very kind to me about this. That never happens. I am not sure if it’s just being nice because it can see that I am on a longer-than-usual upward trajectory of positivity after such a long time. No matter. I feel good. Self actualisation is go.

    good luck, aqua.

    what on earth would one even write in a DM that the social media manager would read? This is a legit question.

  30. Send him a DM. If it’s meant to be, it’ll ground. If not, it won’t. And you’ll survive, and be the better for it.

    1. Yes i agree actually. They did actually meet IRL so it’s totally appropriate but it needs to be done from the right state of mind/psyche. Nonchalant…

    2. Badass Aqua Babe

      I am WAY too attached to the outcome to send him a DM. Also, he’s a grown adult man and I do not feel comfortable sending a DM to him. He is a Taurus, after all, so if I’m going to do this, I have to do it right: show up backstage in my hottest look, hair flowing, a hint of mystery to draw him in, then hit him with my humor, nonchalant, yet smoldering sex appeal and intellect! It’s in the bag! It’s just the waiting that is making me antsy. I have an Aries moon, mars, north node and it all in my first house with jupiter there as well…patience is a word I’ve come to abhor. I’m excited to see where this goes! It’s a fun, sexy sitch that I am pleased to have in my life!

      1. Crystallised future

        Jeezuzzzz! If I was that rock star I’d be afraid. Your response has been absolutely appalling and demonstrates your reluctance to accept reality.

      2. 😉 If you can take a step back from your 100% valid response, astrologically this is fascinating – Chiron’s just started trawling that 1st house Aries mash-up, it all makes perfect sense…

      3. Being the girlfriend of a rockstar -yes a big one- for the last ten years, I agree. She’s trying to be cool
        But coming across as fucking intense and terrifying

      4. Please know that if all you are planning to draw him in with is your smoldering sex appeal, then you will not hold him for long. Rock stars are famously fickle and easily led astray. You will not be the last one to draw him in in this way.

      5. The moment A Taurus finds out how orchestrated an Aqua can get (this coming from a fellow Aqua) with their nutty professor planning (and the above is a version of nutty professor planning – which is not a knock, just an observation.) is when a Taurus either slowly smiles or charges in the other direction.

        I hope you get that smile.

      6. This is not Aquarius behavior– IMO, it’s the Aries Moon/mashup in the 1st. And general immaturity.

  31. I immediately thought of Jim M and his taumoon(also aqua asc). Im aqua and boy, do i like tau-guys so much. (taumoon here as well). also, she may like the thrill, is what i, aqua gal, would love the most, of intricate romantic-situations”, till u grow old and taurus like, i assume, ja, and crave peace tranquility steadiness feel and u know, ommm feels. ♥this post , is like old me meeting present future me (also had my share of weird magic* encounters u go that’s so meant to be”” feel . sat fix that. scorpio s rturn )

    1. Badass Aqua Babe

      THANK YOU!! He’s literally everything that I have ever said that I wanted in a man! Sensitive, gorgeous, funny, intelligent…even down to the way he dresses (let’s just say we’d look like a hot, “hip” Gomez and Morticia Addams). He’s super interesting and low-key. He’s an admitted loner, which is me to a T. I don’t find anything wrong with doing synastry reports with someone you’re interested in. He’s just a man! When I think about how handsome and strong he is I get all warm inside, and the thought of even just walking around our city with together makes me go squeeee! I don’t really care if people don’t “get it”. My life is super magical. So much so, people seldom believe the things that have happened to me. I’m an Aqua after all! It may sound far-fetched to some, but this situation is actually the least fantastical thing that has happened to me LOL. If this is Love Zombie territory, I’ll take it! I pay attention to the way that I feel and I feel complete and utter joy when I think about him, that night and what could be. I’m going to continue putting good vibes out for us, and who knows, maybe I’ll be back in a few weeks with a tale or two!

      1. Yes, please report back. As i said, i know a couple who met this way and they have been together now for decades.

      2. Yes, update us, whatever happens! Im loving this live astro-shadow-play as an Aqua Venus with a Saturn Taurus square, and a possible Taurus in the wings. Most edifying! 😉 In my case, im not feeling good enough yet for the Taurus but u never know what lurks in the Aqua IC, right?

  32. Uranus is bolt lightning our rocks (Taurus) /star-selves.(Uranus) How do I handle that energy within myself as opposed to out there in projection on another person? “Loving Me, Loving You.”

    I can’t just “do it all” by myself in the isolation, like a fantasy- ie the processing/integration of these evolutionary energies from the safe confines of my meditative closet, within my own well-sealed alchemical chamber. Sometimes my old mill needs some grist to grind slow, exceedingly slow – Pluto. So I get me out there and engage with life.

    Even the agonies and ecstasies of Neptune’s pure ethereal joys and dark deceptions in real-life engagement swing my compass needle as my ship of individuality sails the oceanic astral waters.

    Follow those crazy inner promptings, have the experiences of peak waves and troughs – high and low, assess, discriminate, self-reflect and Know Yourself through it.

    Who knows for how long this meeting has meaning, or how it plays out in real life. I can be such a sucker for wanting to nail something/someone into the other half that completes me for now and forever. And a meeting of one second can charge one, just as 6 decades of partnership can deaden and dull the connection. What to do in either circumstance?

    1. You can’t just vortex your way into a relationship with a specific person that’s not how universe and positivity work. You don’t even know this person yet you are projecting all these behaviour etc onto him. Now you are pissed as after consulting an astrologer you didn’t get yes you will be happily together. Seriously this is not anywhere near going to happen your attitude is bad selfish and frankly kind of obsessive crazy. You have not demonstrated any Zen around this love Zombie oops love Zenbie.

    2. I agree with the whole Love Zombie thing. Not sure what the point in emailing Mystic for her opinion if you didn’t want her honest opinion? Were you just seeking validation? It sounds like you’re choosing to remain in this fantasy by admitting that you are afraid of DM’ing him for fear of a negative outcome. Which would be? Him not feeling the same way as you do? Which would then mean you need to move-on? Or, you know, you could DM him and it turn out that he IS into you and you can move forward rather than dwelling in fantasy and swooning your butt of with all of this “unknowing”. Or – go to his show and talk to him again. Seems pretty simple.

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