Honesty In Dating: Pisces

Currently I Am: Omni-Tasking – posting dating profiles I have no intention of following through on, purchasing trace element supplements from an inland sea nobody knows about yet, listening to binaural-beats infused recordings of thunderstorms, reading about a WAG’s cellulite lawsuit on the Daily Mail, uploading Nietzsche quotes to my iPhone, visiting the Vestal Virgin tombs on Via Goitto via Google Street View, ordering brow nutrient gel with peptides, taunting an ex in hyper subtle mode, recalling fragments of my last dream, googling strange symptoms, rebalancing my chakras and reading a million word article in the Atlantic about the Brexit. You are but one of many browser windows of opportunity.

You Are Ideally: Unavailable.

Turn Offs: Wife Work, Most of Your Friends & Family, Scheduled Dates, Rigidity, Hoarders. Note: everyone is a hoarder compared to me.

Interests: Mythology, Poetry, Art, History and E-Stalking

Our Ideal Date: Time is but a tyranny – there are no “dates” – there is only the Flow (for ordinary people) and the Hyper Flux (for Pisceans).

How You Can Get To Know Me Better: Show up, talk about Jung, Djuna Barnes or Babylon etc and don’t ask me any Curriculum Vitae type questions or talk about your ‘credentials.’ The status quo gives me hives.

Turn Ons:  Seriously? Another Eighties revival already?

66 thoughts on “Honesty In Dating: Pisces”

  1. I had the poor judgement to date two Pisceans back to back. It’s a lot of fun until it isn’t. I referred to one as “the wishy washy fishy fishy” and the other as “cold fish”. Thinking of swearing them off for awhile.

  2. Oh my gooooood. My Venus is in Pisces and it’s sort of upsetting how true this is?? With a Uranian/Martian twist for me buuuuut basically…yep. No wonder I can’t do online dating.

  3. Lol… I am now dating yet another Pisces.. ” Time is but a tyranny – there are no “dates” – there is only the Flow (for ordinary people) and the Hyper Flux (for Pisceans).” bwahaha

    1. That statement on “time” is beyond accurate. Time, reality …. Mystic’s Piscean insights are brilliant!! All concisely stated

  4. lol….my daughter showed me snaps of a site she joined, “bumble” ..it was created by the woman who helped start tinder (but broke up with cocreator…lawsuits ensued…etc) …anyway… She has been so busy with getting Phd etc…she decides to do this (pisces on dsc). The pics, to me, look so much like guys looking for guys, and I say so. She replies “mom, ppl are so fluid here” …um ok. So much what-ter lol

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha

    You are so spot on. LOL MM, everytime.

    I have pisces ascendant and venus.. and althouh I’d like to think I’m quite grounded in relation to my love life/affairs with my Taurus Merc and Cap Moon …

    The piscean in me is so untouchable and irratic. lol nooone understands
    except fellow pisceans.

    but when two pisceans get together.. guh not good

  6. CURRENTLY I AM:Making faces that mak make me look perpetually sad/bored/condescending, e-stalking on lock (I am a muso therefore I don’t have a regular job so I’m always on Facebook promoting my shows, bemoaning the lack of conventionally pretty women with marginal guitar skills and stalking women I don’t understand and make me feel vulnerable). Drinking is a must at all times. Writing cryptic statuses where I convince myself that I am a sensitive man.

    OUR IDEAL DATE: would be me playing guitar in my bedroom quickly followed by sex with a woman who isn’t you while I think about you and long for you with my heart.

    IDEALLY I AM: A superstar, adored and out of touch. I will hide my life in a box if I am not.

    TURN OFFS: Responsibility, check all that apply but rank “emotional” at the top. People who don’t prioritize my life’s work which is studying rock history.

    How a Capricorn views Pisces Sun/Venus men while wearing a “NO BITCHASSNESS shirt on. It’s Saturn square Neptune after all.

  7. The photo though. Near perfect. Also I want that star shaped light installation thing. Noted too the glass of cognac on the rusty side table.

    1. Crystallised future

      God! I’ve just tossed the idea of keeping up with a Virgo lover who has his Moon and Chiron in Pisces just off my Saturn and not too far from my Venus, and my Moon in Cancer is bang on his Venus. His unreliability and constant change of mind combined with long conversations on soul mining (his own) drove me nuts!!!!! I’m a multiple Pisces and I’M supposed to be the one who appears and then disappears in between deep contemplation!

      To top off the drama, His Mercury is on my Mars in Virgo, and my Mercury in Aries is bang opposite his Mars in Libra. CONFLICT with a wistful pull!

      I would love to know his exact birth time to gather which houses his planets are placed. So intriguing! So good in bed! But he’s like a ghost. And he accuses me of giving him karma! I’d love to know if it’s good or bad karma but figure I’m better off without him.

      I hasten to add, this is no reflection on you! It’s just your Pisces Moon comment got me going aye. 🙂

  8. Classic!
    Hmmm… Pisces Sun mercury here… Between my cap moon, Aries Venus and mars Aquarius, I don’t really go for the health-flake thing.. the analytical “read the peer-reviewed data” skeptic in me is strong in this regard… Or maybe it is my Jupiter in Toro that prizes simplicity and time-tested Rules For Healthy Living…
    Then again, I am an aromatherapy freak and so on so yes there is the duality for you

    Pisces me = long walks/swims on the beach, daydreaming for hours, sitting by the water…

    Turn-offs are spot on though. Rigidity. Ugh. Loosen up, guy.

    History – dont care. Truly. Not interested. History is clutter imho… Only want to know as context for current-world.

    Browser window of opportunity hahahahahaha

    Insanity alerts…yes…

    1. Insanity is the reality you don’t want, lol the unreality you do want is actually quite sane :-))

      I have a dear pisces sun friend who is absorbing copious quantities of drugs to stabilse her erratic swings…I relate, sort of, but what is these were her portal to paths of creativity. It is a huge leap, but its possible. Her very impossibility is absolute magic. On the other hand she is so much more “vast” than most I know…her knowing…

    2. Crystallised future

      History, yeah. I just don’t care. I recently went on a dinner date and it disturbed him that I didn’t ask questions about him. I replied well there are a million things to talk about besides ourselves aren’t there?

      1. I’m enjoying that we can comment on old posts except that I think everything just disappears into the abyss, haha
        Agree, Moved On! I get a good feel for someone based on how we converse, and where the topics go – easy to pick up on opinions, biases, sentiments, fears, stuck-ness, as well as the cool things – openness, self awareness, calm state of mind, courage whatever. The life story dump can come later, surely. I’ve known guys – not even dating – and they just splatter every detail about themselves at you before you even start to speak or vibe the connection. And then they wonder why you back away fast. What’s the astro for that? It’s like they’re seeking absolution or maternal pats. I say: seek a therapist.

  9. Cosigned as a Pisces Rising/Moon. However, if a sane babe showed up to a date talking about Jung, Djuna Barnes (!!!) and Babylon (especially references in vintage reggae) AND they put out, I’d want them to be 100% available.

  10. The Daily Mail mention was just everything!

    Pisces Moon + Midheaven here = this is so life right now!!

    I’m happy that someone gets me <3

    Can't wait for the Taurus and Gemini profiles

    1. Year of the Phoenix

      Hobbies: cooking, light Budgeting

      Likes: clean fingernails

      Dislikes: poor use of apostrophises

  11. Browser windows as far as the eye can see…

    Time is a tyranny in Saturnine perspective; just an illusion through Neptunian lenses.

    Hey I bought the drinks. What else do you need?

  12. Why am I relating so hard? I have nada in Twinfish, not even asteroids.

    Oh, wait. 12th House Stellium, led by Neptune squaring an 8th Moon. Heh.
    Timberfake’s ‘Cry Me A River’ is like an anthem to me. Watch my floowww..

  13. Pisces moonbeam

    Omg …. Haven’t read beyond Binaural beats infused thunderstorm recording because seriously ?!!!! Are those fer real?!!!! Hot damn. Must acquire immediately!!

    1. They can be so good, as long as you relax and focus. You have to let the waves and vibrations oscillate between your ears, as if meeting in the middle of your mind.

      I’m into the ones that help get you to orgasm hands free. I haven’t got the full Big O from one yet, but so far a few (and I’ve tried as many as I can find) have definitely got me very turned on and, uhm, let’s just say ready for it….;)

      Anyone know…do you get what you pay for with these? I’m running out of free ones, lmao.

      1. LOL. Have you tried driving your car over speed bumps to amazing music blasting through your system while you dream in another technicolour dimension?…

        (But dreams are often pale compared to shared real heavenly love, except when the non real is more relevant…)

        pisces mars chiron conjunct, retrograde mercury pisces opposite jupiter conjunct ascendant…
        Oh and neptune square sun…neptune trine mars, sextile pluto, uranus…

  14. Year of the Phoenix

    Only known one Piscean, she had the kind of flat where there were tracks between the rubbish leading from the door through the lounge to bed to kitchen to bathroom ….. Not a lot of cleaning up going

    1. Hilarious! The Pisceans i know (loads in my family) – don’t seem to have a middle path as far as house maintenance goes. It’s either extreme minimalism of Zen like dimensions – or house is a labyrinthian museum of every object they’ve ever encountered since birth – Cancers got nothin on them.

      1. Year of the Phoenix

        I admit to a tiny pool of fish peep experience – just remembered 1st boyfriend who I still know, yep to museum of every item they ever encountered….

      2. I have been both extremes. Currently obsessively leaning towards the Zen. But Pisces are magpies for shiny things. We collect our cabinets of curiosities. But in my experience, the hoarding is when in lower Neptunian mode, life too hard to give a fuq about cleaning. But the Zen/minimalist feeds the haute Neptune like nothing else. Laser-like clarity making room in the brain for all manner of mystical insights and psychic connection to the cosmic underworkings.

      3. Ah yes I can relate to this! Pisceans often inhabit the extremes don’t we. It’s the balance that is the challenge.

    1. Hello oh similarly named one.

      I’ve just disentangled myself from a Venus in Pisces, year long ‘interaction’…

      I felt like my brain was exploding so tricksy were his evasions and subtle ploys, yet despite his elusive behaviour, and me clearly stating if he wasnt interested then there was no point maintaining the illusion, he didnt let go without a fight? Such a headf**ck.
      Not helped by a Scorpio Mars and sun Aires,Capricorn moon/neptune.
      He didnt know if he was coming or going, Arthur or Martha – and nor did I by the end…
      Talk about irrational behaviour causing unnecessary confusion and drawn out pain – says my Virgo mars 😉

      I feel a lot better now Ive read this article.

  15. Hmm not sure if this is me. I am a fish, but I didn’t like dating other fish, they were lovely and charismatic but drove me fuqing mental. We would duck and weave and miss each other completely. Also – booze. Too much, and slippery.

    I loathe 80s revivals, I only want grunge and trip hop and funk. On the beach with wind blowing in hair and roll your own cigarettes and a six pack, outside the fence so you don’t have to buy a ticket or follow stupid bouncer rules maaaaaannnnnnn later on someone can light a fire and play a djembe and we can talk about how shit capitalism is and how cool it would be to make our own shoes.

    1. As a funk-child I can relate to this post, lol. 70’s and 90’s are my fav eras musically, also add Hip-Hop to that mix as when the jazz samples overtook the funk samples the music became…richer. No brainer I love jazz-funk fusion, yes?

      I keep waiting for my fav 90’s clothing to come back. The silk babydoll slip dresses. The all (real) leather outfits? Well, I’ve been on that, lol. Everyone else rocking the faux. Leather is my weakness despite my refusal to eat beef and rarely partake in dairy as I hate the cruelty to cows but I own my hypocrisy. But what I REALLY miss are those loooong pencil skirts. The ones that went past the knee, they buttoned inside AND had the 3 buttons on the waist with a slit. Circa 1993 they were HUGE, well, at least where I was at in Australia at the time (Brisbane).

      Goddamn I miss that skirt, lol. Let’s take a road trip to Daniel Day Lewis’s Italian home. He can cobble ;P <3

      1. Haha! Yes! I

        I have been waiting for a/my grunge revival but I passed on most of my clothes years ago. I couldn’t do leather but I used to wear these red vinyl pants that drove ‘me wild until I spilt red wine on them and they were lost forever. Totes fish.

        Also missing doc martens and platform boots. I live in the tropics now so I don’t even wear shoes anymore let alone anything that’s not a cotton dress. It’s awesome, but I remember that feeling of being hot and hip and i would like to feel like that sometimes.

        Brisbane!! Thank you for the ‘gurge! I saw them on their tour a couple of years ago (for about the fifteenth time but I love their old stuff better than their new stuff hahaha) and I even reached onto the stage and grabbed the set list when the lights went out. My trophy. What a hullabaloo.

  16. Crystallised future

    Ahhhahahaha! Triple Pisces here along with Chiron and a shitload of asteroids all in the 8th house. About the only description I disagree with is ‘unavailable’. I nearly choked on my beer mystic. Thanks for the description of we slippery, nebulous but also steadfast in our soul twin fishes. Perfect.

  17. Mythology? , yeah that’d be right. Often their own 🙂 That aside. I’ve had and have wonderful Pisces male friends and adore Pisces women usually. They see the world in a way that is always unique and often unfathomable. Pisces is the last sign, in theory they have come to fruition. Standing on the shoulders of all the other signs, they have begun to turn away from conquering the material world to unlocking the invisible world. This means that whatever befalls our fishy friends they will probably get the last laugh. In my view it’s unwise to underestimate their depth of knowledge due to that sometimes flakey seeming veneer. I also excuse their tendency to depression, I mean imagine coming to fruition and seeing the vacant desires and corruption that rules the material plane still hold sway. Cheer up fishy, you may get to escape this earthly prison when passing from this life. Don’t look back, it’s not your fault.

    1. Ditto. I was uber surprised to find out the biggest bish at my last spot was a Pisces. Feb born mind you as all my friends are usually March but yes, the ONLY Pisces I’ve ever met in my entire lifetime I don’t vibe with. Or should I say she doesn’t like me. I never did anything to her except blaze myself authentically. And encourage her any time she was scared of herself. Ah well.

      I am usually telepathically bonded to fish folk, and my 3 lecturers and I literally read each other’s minds. We don’t even have to talk – the other “gets” it. Pisces Rising with a 4-planet stellium in the 12th, Taurus sun in the 12th included.

      1. you’re a pisces rising with a taurus sun in the 12h? curious how that might be – I’m a pisces rising with aqua sun in the 12th

    2. Thank you…”escape the earthly prison” too apt…pisces mars chiron…exact trine to neptune 3rd…and mercury pisces retrograde…so the usually implausible is actually known and felt…

      Thank heavens for anima, spirits

  18. This is SO my Pisces friend! Except about the hoarding. She got out of an abusive relationship two years ago and has been hoarding ever since.

  19. My Pisces Moon can relate to a few, lol. No e-stalking but ‘unavailable’? Been furiously decluttering inner ish so that has been BANNED from my psyche, subconscious and non ;p

  20. Baahaha – Pisces 7th house sun, Saturn, Merc plus 8th house Psyche and Chiron currently having a Neptune transit and SN/Chiron on my Psyche.
    Have recently started dating again and I can relate to all of this 🙂

  21. “You are but one of many browser windows of opportunity”

    Haha… brilliant Mystic.

    All of it is… and so YOU!

    I have Sun conjunct Neptune so I’m always “recalling my last dream”…. walking down the street, on the bus…. in art history lectures.

    Yesterday in my an art history class I decided to sit right up the front so i could recall and relive my dream of the art history lecturer from the night before. It’s the fourth dream I’ve had about him. Weird because its not like i think about him all the time.

    Anyway, love those dreams. Espesh since my love life is a barren wasteland. And i don’t even care as long as I get to live it out in my dreams 🙂

  22. I got the envys reading the ‘Currently I Am’, i am up to something similar, something i do frequently, but not often enough to be malignant. Does anyone want to hear the truth, really!. 🙂

  23. This is a perfect synopsis of my “interests” ever since Neptune parked on my South Node in Pisces! Will I ever be Sagittarian again ???

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