Channeling Saturn In The Bikini Shop

Gemini Love Advice By Synchronicity

Kylie Jenner had a baby,” said the girl behind the counter in the bikini shop. I looked at her, trying to decipher the intent of this statement. Her vibe was Mutable, mercurial, with kinetic energy and nervy gesticulations. This conversation could go anywhere.

You look like you know things,” she said. And then I realized she needed help. She was in her early 20s and pretty but wired, like in the aftermath of too much champagne, Space Dust, and – I sensed – a bad man situation. As if telepathic, she said she had been dating a degenerate arsehole, who kept trying to get her to “do things with his friends on yachts” that she didn’t want to do.

She wanted to know if I thought she should break her lease, tell all this to the real estate agent to get out of the lease, and move back home with her parents. She sounded panicked. She said she was going on “another date with another man tonight, one of his other friends” because, you know, fuq the degenerate arsehole who wanted her to be a yacht girl.

She Was A Mutable Wanting To Just Run

And then, fingering little triangles of silvery metallic super-costly bikini substance, I channeled Saturn.  I said that the real estate agent wouldn’t care how strung out her dating escapades had made her and that I thought moving home would be a bad idea. Her whole face had drooped and paled when she said the word “home” – home was not home, you could tell. She was a Mutable wanting to just run.

“Are you a Gemini?”

O.M.G, yes.”  I said to stay put, don’t date/party for at least a week (she was super young), block the degenerate arsehole, sell some of the clothes he “inspired” her to buy, to catch up with rent, try to meditate with an app or something and get some sleep. She was aghast; “how did you know he got me to buy clothes? They’re designer but discounted, off a friend of his.

Then she said that she didn’t want to let the D.A down as he was expecting her to go to this thing and meet his friends. I said that no doubt he had other girls who would fill the position and that Gemini people officially needed to reset their vibe in February.  She said she would. It was like she just needed someone who “knew things” to validate that it was okay to rest, sleep and not have to play the ‘sexy girl’ role, let alone the rest of whatever that relationship entailed.

We hugged and I left the shop. I  hadn’t bought anything, but I think my Gemini love advice channeled Saturn.

My theory: if you likewise “know things”, Saturn in Capricorn is a good time to share with the people who don’t yet know them. Thoughts?

Image: Keiichi Murakami

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  1. YESSSS MYSTIC!! I love this! This is what life’s about spontaneously channelling what needs to be said and heard. Happens to me all the time, I don’t know why I’m saying what I’m saying but it happens to be exactly what that person needs to hear in the moment. I always get a ‘should I say this’ doubt before I say it and then they validate it with an unexpected emotion. It’s beautiful to be able to help people in such a seemingly effortless & undeliberate way. xxx

  2. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

    We’re *all* still learning … I like to think that we all Know Things of one sort or another, and that the young ones actually teach us as much as we teach them (if we are open to their brand of lessons) 🙂

    And yes, part of loving yourself is making the conscious choice to put yourself around people who also truly love themselves, and who can and will reflect this love back at you — not putting yourself around selfish, untrusting people who take from you and manipulate, abuse or exploit you. Let’s hope this Gem girl sees the light promptly and makes “positive friending” her new M.O.

    1. I think that is so true, about the young having lots to teach as well, each generation is really very different, I feel so energized when I am around my nieces who are all in their early 20s. I love them dearly, so clever, fierce and brave.

  3. I’m an INFJ and I am learning the exact opposite. When to not share when I “know things”. Which is most of the time. I am the inverse of that girl so couldn’t say I walked out of her conundrum anyway.

  4. Props, you handled that well. I’m a magnet for those people/situations, still learning to cut to the chase/be concise.

  5. faithfrancesmoonbear

    Oh my god. This has been me for the past few days. I’m having my Saturn Return in a year too. I had been tackling more the grounds of Ahimsa and how to apply that in the more challenging situations! Currently having my YTT 200h as well!

  6. Oh mon dieu! This is pure alchemy witchy plutonic vibe channeling in the awesome to heal this generation of our past naive and sexy younger selves… I’ve been having dreams every night this week telling me what the next steps are to release and expand into the infinite… my mission is clear, thanks for sharing! <3

  7. Typical Mystic, I know you are an astrologer but with flashes of extra knowing things!! I always remember a reading you did that mentioned the vibe of having an affair with your lecturer bahahahaha

  8. FireSunna-AquaLuna

    timely, just shared “Gemini people officially needed to reset their vibe in February. She said she would. It was like she just needed someone who “knew things” to validate that it was okay to rest, to sleep, to not perform” with my gem daughter (with her its work/family/study/stuff) who just reached out about hitting a wall, lucid dreaming, fatigue n “things just not feeling right”, love your synchronicity, and story telling, always loved your way with words (and art choices). gem daughters, bless lols

  9. I tell myself this things but I agree that you need to share, though Saturn does not strike me as a “sharing” things kind of planet.

    1. Saturn is teeth: you take in food prepared or grown by others.

      Saturn is your spine: your posture is affected by your external daily lifestyle, dictated by work, transport etc

      Saturn is your boundaries: your interactions with others, work/life balance, physical emotional mental and soul.

      It’s not “sharing” as in giving and receiving so much as the quotidian reality of living as a body, as a mind, as a feeling being with a soul.

  10. OMG that’s me today. Was talking to someone and mentioned my new hairstyle brought to me by an angel (MM) who let me in on the metaphysical hair etc. and how am also detoxing who said she thought stopping coffee would help with fitting back into clothes as I went on about all that the LAST time I saw her. So weird that she thought to try my things and I didn’t realize she was looking for help!

  11. I’d call it a service to the sisterhood MM. Well done and thank you on behalf of all 20 somethings on the threshold of That abyss.

    1. My 20 year old self could have done with some Saturnian sister laying it out for me like it is. The best I got was an old lady asking me ‘why did you cut your hair off? A woman’s hair is her crown!’ I prefer my crown to be made of diamontes, roses, and the tears of my enemies.

  12. My favourite Capricorn is fab for passing along life knowledge to those who don’t yet know things. She’s like a Saturn hotline. Ask and yes shall receive the obvious, pragmatic, “I know you don’t like it, but just do it” answer.

    Saved my early 20s butt a lot.

  13. Lol good thing you were there as the reset person. She needs some major grounding and a new scene but I’m sure she’ll turn it around

    1. I think too, sometimes when we are young it takes getting burnt or almost…side eyeing a weird sketchy situation that you find yourself in. Realizing the drama, attention or entertainment factor is not worth it at all, and a dark pattern. When you’re ready to leave Saturn appears

      1. This just made me wonder if we are ever old enough to suss out all sketchy situations? How many times do we get burnt and how many different ways? I feel like I’m still learning about sketchy situations…maybe better faster quicker…I’m still getting burnt. I’m still learning. And I don’t have the excuse of being young. Certainly, some of are more easily spotted now, and many sketchy situs are not even on the table anymore (thank goodness) but some still fuck with me and I learn.

      2. Haha firetryin and Mille I am young and touche we are all still growing and learning it’s a good point. I had a moment of stupid drunkeness last Wkend for example. Some batty healer told me I was a super old angel soul which is true but also true: haven’t even hit the sat return yet

      3. When I was 19 going on 20, but lying that I was 21 going on 22 so I could drink with the traveling salesmen (talk about dark, sketchy situations), every night, of fair season, I had a woman, one of the traveling folk, stop me and look me in the eye and say, “You are different. You are not like your friend. You are wiser and better than this.” It was a slow acting balm to my brokenness. I was a mess for decades but I was also healing. A lot because of her.

        We are wise and we are human.

      4. Also, talk about mentors showing up in the midst of personal chaos. She was/is important and she was only there to me for a few words.

    2. Umm, sounds like my last year, needing major grounding and a new scene, and still working imperfectly on turning it around, with Mystic’s Daily, Oracle, Tarot and posts with incredible commenters as my reset.

      And i’m well out of my twenties.

      Haha, Mystic’s amazing commenters, tell me you’re not still growing! 😉

  14. Yikes, this viscerally reminds me of certain scattered states I was in in my early 20s. Sometimes I romanticize those crazy days but ultimately I am liking how I feel post-Saturn return. Hope this girl takes some of your advice and takes time away from the chaos to reflect.

  15. Last night I met a girl – a Buddhist girl – and for whatever reason decided to channel her age – got it right – then she asked how many siblings do I have and birth order – two older sister – right apparently – then – where did I grow up – I saw a beach.
    I’ve never tried doing this before in this way.
    She was more blown away than me.
    I know things.

  16. I love this!! Thank goddess for women mentoring women. Who knows just how degenerate this arsehole is. The whole yacht/friends thing- I get nightmarish glimpses of that final scene in requiem to a dream, intercut with a Natalie Wood montage. I pray she is and will be ok.

    1. Well, she clearly seeks her own “lessons” or better to say, Learning and Experiencing Opportunities 🙂

      So, if she is not quite okay yet, she will grow and evolve in her own time and in her own way. Just like many of us here who came through a fire. Some seek the fire to be burned up in it, and some seek the fire for warmth and heat, and might find we’re close to burning, and have to hatch escape.

      1. Oh yes, I can get a bit “wrap you up in my cancer moon coccoon”. I guess ok is, just ok, not completely safe from any and all negative experience. My sister met me at the door with tears streaming down her face when I returned from one of those shitty 3am booty call situations and told me I was worth more than that, and I never did it again, she was telling me exactly what I wanted to hear, but I know the feeling of experimenting with how far I will go, how much of myself I will drop off at the door if there is a chance to merge : /

  17. All I know is Saturn doesn’t wear a bikini let alone enter a bikini store, a swimsuit, yes. This girls great need must have drawn you in. I do wonder though what’s going on with people who clearly know they are mixing with the wrong people and continue to do so ? Maybe a lack of understanding of how much damage can be wrought by this ? People must learn that however Teflon they think they are that there is nothing truer in life than you become what you mix with.

    1. Loneliness, insecurity, the need to be needed, wanted, lack of self worth…alll these and more lead people to be drawn to those who will prey on their weaknesses…as in the vicitm always manifests a bully.
      The only MUST in life is to love one’s self.

      1. Yes but how, but how Virgo Rising? That is the life’s journey for many of us. Davidl – unloved or difficult childhoods, sexual abuse or shadiness are some of the very commo reasons. Damaged people who are already damaged and just to be wanted or needed as VR notes.

      2. This is the work of a lifetime…I should know having dealt with feeling unloved and unacceptable by my mother, ignored by my father. We then establish patterns of behavior to compensate us for our lack and look to others for validation that we never got at home. And will never get from others…until we find a way to validate ourselves. We have to undo…unlearn, de-program. For me the route was yoga…total immersion in meditation and study and practise…spending years in India in ashrams…with Gurus.
        One can consciously begin by eliminating all negative influences. For me that meant leaving the past behind, and all that re-inforced the negative patterns; people places. I learned how to be alone…on my own…and found support wherever I went, attracting those who perceived my inherent value and inner beauty.
        I still have next to nothing to do with family and am living happily full time in India…the home of my soul and the place of my fulfillment; inner peace…that is reflected all around me. When you come to love yourself, everyone loves you.

    2. She’s a Gemini in her early 20s ffs.

      Also beg to differ about Saturn and bikinis. Some of my finest swimsuit moments are attributable to Saturn.

      1. But, I do relate to going past beach wear shops in my trackies with a coffee in hand as I headed back to the grindstone of Saturn in whatever format that took at the time

      2. I said I don’t understand Pi , not that I was unsympathetic. VR and J above have listed some possible scenarios and maybe they relate to this woman. Maybe they don’t . Is every girl that chooses these type of companions a victim ? I’m not sure. I know plenty who aren’t. It’s just a flaw in their own character you know. They aren’t all victims of abuse.
        Aside from that, seriously what makes you feel the need to be aggressive with me ? You only seem to unleash it on males around here ? Now there’s another thing I don’t understand. My remark about bikinis as opposed to swimsuits was just having a bit of a go at the saturnine character ? Is that ok ?

      3. no mention of the word victim in my comment dl 🙂

        enjoy plenty of your comments here. recall e.g. the teamwork on the post about the sportsman organising mid-flight dick pics

        It’s when you stray into what sounds to me like hubris, or what I consider a not very well informed perspective on certain kinds of womens experiences, that I get the shits with your ideas. You can thank my aquarius father for inadvertently encouraging his daughters to argue with him, for my readiness to respond?

        also I have more aries in my chart than anything else, you’re not the only one who gets to pick fights on this blog bb love from pi mwah xoxoxox

      4. I want to add to this. I think what you say is often fairly sound, from a certain spiritual perspective (except for the above comments).
        At the same time it’s pitched at a level which strikes me as overlooking the complex, messy, human element that we all get stuck on, Or, the ways in which these situations come about in the first place, and have to become aware of before our process can get to a point where one just jumps straight to, say, forgiveness etc.
        Your comment above sounded like a little too much like you were condemning or writing off this young lady, e.g. she has a character flaw, she chooses to socialise with not good types what a silly girl, (that is the tone that I read it) – a lack of understanding of how much damage can be wrought by this? yes probably – but she did know, intuitively, and maybe she simply didn’t yet have the right inner resources – why is that, we could ask? – to know how to choose her own wellbeing or (what sounds like) safety.

      5. Yeah agree on that. Even when we reach a certain level of spiritualism it’s an ego trap to think that we’re beyond human problems

    3. No, and Pisces might not even wear or need one, but is suddenly drawn to “wander in” to a place, which turns out to be a “situation”.

      Then it turns out that somehow the Piscean is there for a Reason, not No Reason. Pisceans can intuit and channel any of the 12 energies, if they choose, or are able to go with that flow. If the Piscean is in the right space, and it may be just the astro of the mo rather than a conscious choice, then there is the opportunity to help with wisdom and compassion. That’s the High or fortuitous version. Mystic does it here for us, but she did it in a moment, without editing or prep, and with or without the desire to actually buy a bikini!

      That is the Piscean style i always aspire to. (In daily face-to-face, while i come here to release me, usually.)

      So, if you “become what you mix with”, THERE is the boundary-failure-downfall and the HauteCompassionSelflessSuccess binary of the PISCEAN.

      1. So agreed! Places call you in sometimes.
        Also if the piscean wanted to buy a bikini, nothin wrong with that

    4. I blame it on the nativity of youth. The yacht parties are exciting and fun lures her in, but her intuition is kicking in therefore creating this inner conflict in her.

  18. I have asteroid karma conjunct my sun in cancer. I have always been obsessed with telepathy. when I was about 8-9 years old I used to ask myself what is that person really thinking? like can I read their minds?

  19. Oh wow I hope she takes your advice! Poor kid, sounds like she is drifting without good support.

    I’ve always ‘known things’ and been a magnet for people seeking advice/clarity. (Sun-Saturn-Merc in Pisces 7th, Merc trine Neptune in Scorp, Psyche and Chiron in Pisces 8th.)
    With my current life lessons being all about boundaries – honestly the merde going down is so batty that you couldn’t make it up, so it’s forced me to draw some big lines – I’ve become acutely aware of how I contribute to this dynamic. I’ve always been the helpful one and I realise I tend to do it a lot without being asked…thus drawing myself into other people’s pain. So in the midst of chaos in various situs I am sitting back and not engaging or buying in at all. It’s very liberating. I already feel my energy levels improving.

  20. OMG! Being mutable and just wanting to run away – what is that!?! First time I ran away from home I was 4. Packed some toys and made it to the end of the sidewalk before yelling at my mom for letting me walk off. 30-some years later, a friend’s daughter has the same suitcase. Likely a thrift shop find with a broken zipper. I tell him I will fix the zipper but I don’t know how. I just want the suitcase. Fast forward another decade. I love my neighborhood. Happier at work than I have been for years. And I keep thinking about how good it feels to pack that suitcase…

    1. Me too at 4! Packed a few Halloween costumes in a bag and walked around the block. Mutables lol…love battle weary suitcases too

    2. Sagittarius rising here. I stripped naked and tried to run away with the little boy next door. They found me by the railroad tracks. I was not yet 3.

    3. I arranged my own adoption and cheerily brought my document to my parents to sign, thinking it would solve the problem for everybody. Imagine my shock at their shock!

      1. Not feeling wanted by family = Moon in 12th

        Understanding that bonds are what you make not bound by blood = Venus conjunct IC Aquarius

        Feeling family and friends are pretty much same = Uranus Libra 11th trine Aqua Venus 3rd

        Drawing in willing adults who wanted to bring you in = Pisces 5th Sun, Mercury-Chiron 5th

        Drawing up the agreements = Mars Cap 2nd, Saturn in Taurus 6th, Virgo Pluto 11th dissolution opposed Sun, Lilith Virgo in 10th opposed Sun.

        Shocking an Aqua Ma and Libra Pa = Uranus Libra trine Venus Aqua IC Circe 3rd/4th= PRICELESS

      2. 12th House Virgo

        You have a lot of Astro in common with my daughter. She is 12th house moon in Taurus with packed Aries 11th. I have been worried about her Moon, but I see now – especially with your description of it – how it has to do with her father and his side of the family.

      3. Yes, because even if blood does not automatically maketh the bond, respect for the efforts and care of mother, will always be the bond. If she makes space between you, she will at some point come back to honouring that, or deep down always feel it.

  21. I’m so wanting to Saturn-talk a few people in my immediate sphere, but it’s not my place to say it the way Mars squaring my natal Mercury would have me say it right now. Mars is also trine my natal Mars–so I’m all geared for battle and, well, today is not the day to die on that hill. That’s Saturn as well, right? Knowing that the time will come when I will have the opportunity to graciously point out other people’s lack of commitment to a project and the tediousness of their excuses to opt out. Commit or don’t, says I. But don’t say you’ll do it and then scheme how to get out every time working on it comes around. I, personally, have no time to put off. It’s late.

  22. i worked in retail for about 20 years. it’s very often been a role reversal of what you just experienced – people would come in and dump their lives/dramas/traumas on me, not the other staff, and i found myself giving saturn-style (though i didn’t know it was saturn-style for the first 15 years) advice!

    i hope she takes your great advice on board, mm!

    1. Just like a trusted bartender. I also worked retail and end up being asked advice etc…some people magnetize it. I guess we’re lucky? 😉

    2. Im sometimes amazed at the wisdom or sensible systematic strategies that come out of my mouth in unexpected situations.Like this

      1. Yes, so am i. I blame Jupiter conjunct Neptune and Moon in Sagittarius 12th House of the Collective Unconscious, conjunct Rising Sag of 1st House How-You-Go-Forth, trine Sun in Pisces, trine Mercury-Chiron in Aries 5th House of Socialising.

        What do you think is the astro that inspires this for you, Jenelle and LeoTaurusScorp?

      2. i understand only basic things of my chart, but i think they’re attracted by the taurus rising earth mother-y thing and then the scorpio moon hits them :’)

      3. Yes— with a Scorpio moon, people know they can trust you with their secrets, and that you can handle their intensity. It’s a relief to them. I think it’s a hidden superpower.

      4. That astrological combination always comes across as a safe haven to others. It’s beautiful, and i imagine the Taurus and Scorpio keep boundaries very well.

    3. Same. I work at a high end store on 5th Ave, and I’m also an empath. I’ve literally had women cry about their postpartum body and how their husband thinks they look fat (!!!) while trying on outfits. Some days you’re a retail worker, other days you’re a therapist. The oddest experience was when a regular client confided in me that the television studio she worked in is haunted and she was scared to go to work.

      1. therapist – i love it. exactly. i was in bookshops, mostly children’s books, and like you, women would weep about their relationships, their children, their everything!

      2. I hate this notion, that a woman has just had a BABY and the thing that is her greatest fear is that her husband (male world ) finds her unattractive. She is a fuqing proven goddess of earthly creation and our minds have been so warped that what some man thinks of our belly, which has just done the work of champions, is a prime concern. Sigh.

      3. It’s so disgusting and hurtful.

        I recently became quite turned off by someone who has opened up the marriage because after parturition, his wife has no libido. Yet he is up early taking alone time to work out, and goes out evenings on dates, and all i can think is, what if he helped out with bubby or the home more, to give her fewer things to exhaust herself with, to feel him by her side as her equal partner? Of course, the open marriage is one-sided.

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