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Dennis Rodman Is Doing His Taurus

  Dennis Rodman is just doing his Taurus. This story is very Now, and it makes absolute sense. The retired pro basketball player turned aspirant diplomat is a Taurus. Of course, he’s running around trying to steal giant crystals. And amethyst is, as outlined here, kind of special. It’s obviously absurd and, this Earth Era needs metal, not more rocks. But still, there is something SO Taurus about this Dennis Rodman …

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At What Age Should You Stop Factoring In “Great Sex?”

At her Uranus Opposition, Hormonal Sea-Goat asks a poignant question. At what age or during what transit should you stop factoring in great sex? Dear Mystic and Mystic Followers, At what age, stage, or transit should you take “great sex” out of an equation? I ask because i am closer to Uranus Opposition than Saturn Return and i am about to have Saturn roll over my multiple Capricorn Sun, Moon …

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Dating The Zodiac: Taurus

Taurus and dating Once I dated a Taurus who… oh GOD I have never dated a Taurus. Technically, it would be brilliant. But I think my Aquarius Rising must repel them. I mean, there was half a date once, decades ago. He was about 1000 years older than me. I would honestly not have been surprised had he revealed a vampire-like familiarity with the times of Casanova or the Dark …

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How To Seduce A Taurus?

Dear Mystic, How do you seduce a Taurus? I met him on an online dating site. We’ve been in contact via text every day since June 6. We’ve both acknowledged the vibe is there and that a vibe can be way wrong when tested in real life and enjoyable while it lasts. But he doesn’t seem particularly concerned about meeting in real life. I got pissy in a text message …

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Shakespeare Knew His Astrology

Shakespeare knew Astrology. He used it in countless plays and sonnets, often having his villains or weaker characters talking ill of it.   HELENA Monsieur Parolles, you were born under a charitable star. PAROLLES Under Mars, I. HELENA I especially think, under Mars. PAROLLES Why under Mars? HELENA The wars have so kept you under that you must needs be born under Mars. PAROLLES When he was predominant. HELENA When …

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Is My Taurus Dad A Shaman?

Mystic answers a Mystical Virgo who is wondering whether her seemingly down-to-earth Taurus Dad is a Witch! Or, a Shaman? Dear Mystic, My Dad is a Taurus. He was born 27/04/1935. He is a very practical no-nonsense sort of man; stubborn, a staunch atheist and a teetotaller. He likes food, Johnny Cash music, and woodwork. In classic Taurus style, he is a bit of a hoarder. He is a schoolteacher …

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