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Respect For Aquarians

Respect for Aquarians involves shredding a few myths about them. They’re not rebels or (usually) overtly political. That’s Sagittarius vibe. Being part-ruled by Saturn and a Fixed sign, Aquarius people* like to conserve energy. Ask them a direct question and they may lecture rant in response but it is not their mode. At an early age, most of them clock the government as hopelessly non-progressive or corrupt and structure their …

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Aquarius Today

Zeitgeist City – Aquarius Today

Aquarius Today is an agitator and a time-tripper. “In-the-moment” is irksome so they’re doing “in-the-future.” Why the chrono-weirdness? Chiron + their ruler Uranus in changeover mode are echoing the epochal shifts of 2010/2011. But this time, Saturn and Uncle Pluto are in the picture. They’re gradually moving together in Capricorn, influencing the Aquarius subliminals. They’re Uranians adjusting to a stronger input from the Aquarius co-ruler Saturn than usual. The urge …

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The Leo Cow Whisperer

This all came about via a Chiron Sun transit. Allow me to introduce my new rescue cow Fehu (an actual Taurus) with his minder Hedley, a Leo Jiu-Jitsu practicing, tech whiz animal advocate. Why, you may ask, does my cow need a minder?  Or how come i even have a cow, living as i do in the inner city?  Fehu – the name is from the Norse rune – is …

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Strange Transit Of The 1950s

Want a super-weird example of a Uranus Moon transit? On November 30, 1954, Ann Hodges, a 20th Century Double Aquarius, became the only known person to survive a direct meteor hit.  She was napping on her couch after lunch when the giant rock shot through and whammed into her hip. It left a massive bruise but otherwise no injuries. Thinking it was “one of the neighbor’s kids”, she stormed outside …

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For When You Want A Massive Inspiration Jolt

Are you Aquarius and seeking a new role model? Look no further than the Bessie Coleman astrology. She was a double Aquarius who defied convention to do precisely as she wanted. ” If I can create the minimum of my plans and desires, there shall be no regrets. I decided blacks should not have to experience the difficulties I had faced, so I decided to open a flying school and …

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Astro Interview with “Love Witch” Anna Biller

Here is my Anna Biller interview! She is a triple Aquarius who ignores Mercury Retrograde but has a healthy regard for the Three of Sword. She’s the writer/director of The Love Witch She has a brilliant eye for retro femme archetypes, witchy aesthetics and irony. She intrigues the fuq out of me so i asked her some questions about her creative and magical process. Q: You clearly know your way around …

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