Conjunctions Are The Strongest

Conjunctions are the most important aspects in astrology. Look to the tightest conjunction in your chart for an idea of who you are.

A conjunction is when two planets (or Sun/Moon/Ascendant etc.) are right next to one another. Tight means one or two degrees apart. It means that the two energies in question are forced to get along and work together.

It’s like a compulsory merger that, harmonious or not, strengthens both entities.

A conjunction of – say – the Sun with Venus is compatible by nature. Ditto Warrior Mars with Change God Pluto Pluto: it is intense A.F, but they have an affinity.

A conjunction of Moon-Saturn is not so simple to manage, but the struggle is what makes one.

You can see your most exact conjunctions in your Astral DNA birth chart interpretation.

Ignoring all the other points, focus on only the conjunctions for a version of You-Redux.

You might be surprised at how non-nuanced but apt concentrating on your tightest conjunctions can be.

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  1. Wish Upon a Star

    I have Pallas conjunct Gemini Sun in 4th house, Venus in Cancer conjunct Jupiter in Leo 5th House. The upcoming full moon will be illuminating this.

    Par Fortuna 10* Saturn 11* Eris, Circe and Peresphone 13* In Aries 2nd house. 2nd house also has Lilith in Aries 18*. Saturn is opposite Mars in Libra 8th House: Aaaarrgh I just realised Chiron has transitted over the 13* recently. I have natal Chiron in Pisces 29*30 min.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Oh and I forgot Pluto and Uranus conjunct in 7th House. Great article Mystic, I’m glad I stumbled upon it. It would be great to rehash it for the newbies as it is important. I was pleased to read about my Pallas conjunct Gemini Sun 1 degree apart, 4th house.
      Apparently I am a good story teller. Gives me inspiration and courage to write my novel from My Den overlooking a beautiful forest

    2. Wish Upon a Star

      Oh and Vesta conjunct Neptune 9th house, part of a Grand Trine. I am Pisces Rising so I feel this flame very much.

  2. My Asc is at 6 degrees Aquarius….sun and venus at 2 degrees & change. Mercury 25 deg cappie.

    Inquisitive is definitely spot on for me…I always need to know why-why-why & am forever finding things to explore…usually of a mysterious nature.
    Sometimes I think I am a little TOO self aware…and have to remind myself that other people aren’t so hyper observant/paying that close attention to me…

    thanks for the insight uber virgo 🙂

  3. My closest conjunction is between Venus & Sun…they are almost smack on top of each other in my 12th house (which is mostly Capricorn but transitions to Aquarius right near the end. Venus and Sun are just barely in Aquarius.)

    Any insight for an astro beginner such as moi on this?

    Also have Venus conjunction Ascendant, & conjunct Mercury.
    Sun is also conjunct ascendant and Mercury.
    Mars in 9th house (Scorpio) conjunct Midheaven
    Saturn i 10th house ( Sag ) conjunct Midheaven.

    Thanks oodles…!

  4. My Moon and Ascendant are less than a degree apart in Pisces. Thankfully, I have the Sun, Pluto, and Saturn in Scorpio in the 8th house, and Mars in Virgo in the 7th, to balance out SOME of the dreamy, drifty moodiness.

  5. Are we still doing this?

    My only major one is Moon conjunct Jupiter (by 2 degrees) in ARIES! (in the 7th).
    Jupiter is retrograde in my chart. Does this matter?

    The minor conjunction is between Pallas and Lilith in Pisces in the 6th.

    1. I must be tired, I read pallas as Dallas then. Imagine that. your inner shoulder padded joan collins. awesome.

  6. Loving the variety of conjunctions & DIY interpretations!

    Moon conjunct Jupiter, in Aries – lucky, gregarious & optimistic – in the 9th house, philosophy, travel, politics.
    Moon conjunct north node – as above?
    Mercury conjunct Chiron in Gemini – interest in healing, spirituality, currently on a mind-body journey so am learning mad skills in this area
    Venus conjunct midheaven in Taurus – I’ve never considered being any other than an artist & following my bliss 🙂

    To be honest i feel like venus-neptune trine defines my inner life. My sun is (largely) unaspected…

  7. All in Virgo 12th House:
    Ascendant 21′
    Venus 17′
    Saturn 16′
    Sun 14′
    Mercury 8′

    So all very close together

    1. Great Juno Herby, you are really doing some VIRGO there! : ) You could be our Special Virgo Case Study! Where are your lovely Moon and Mars?

    2. Herby there is lots of stuff about 12th house Suns or loaded 12th houses peeps being famous for something but it occurs usually later in life. I think has some good articles re this.

      1. Hi Fluidfeline – Thanks for the tip. Not sure that I’m ever going to be famous unless it’s in my own lunch box *grins*. I’ll have a look at astrodienst because I am curious about the fact that my 12th House is fully loaded.

        Incidentally, my partner’s 12th House (Taurus) is also loaded up (Sun 26′, Mars 22′, Mercury 15′).

  8. elderly lioness

    I have Sun (11) Saturn (12) Pluto (12) in Leo in the third house. Also have Mars (23) Uranus (24) in Gemini in the first house.

  9. Okay, so mine is Lilith conjunct Jupiter at about 0 degrees in the 3rd house
    in Kataka. Can anyone help with this? I don’t know anything about Lilith really.

    1. Also True Node conjunct Mars in Virgo in the 5th house at 1 degree, and Saturn conjunct mercury in Virgo in the 4th house at 1 degree.

  10. Mars-Venus 1 degree in Sagg in 1st.

    Also Merc-Vesta 1 degree in Sagg in 1st.

    Sun-Lilith 3 deg in Scorp in first…
    and Jup – Eris 1 deg in Aries in 6th…

    Hmmm. . . that tight Mars-Venus makes sense too I can tell You. .

  11. I’m new to astrology but I find it fascinating.. This is the first time I’m figuring out my conjuncts, so it’s really cool!

    Let’s see.. I’ve got:

    -Sun (12 degrees) conjunct Uranus (9 degrees) in Capricorn
    -Sun conjunct Neptune (14 degrees) in Capricorn
    -Saturn (25 degrees), Venus (27 degrees) and North Node (28 degrees) again all in Capricorn.

    Not entirely sure what this all means, though, but thought I’d chime in. Somebody is bound to be fascinated by all the different possibilities that make a person unique.

  12. I have—
    Sun conjunct Venus and Lilith in Cancer in the 10th house.Have always thought of myself as just Sun/Venus, sweet and lovable.I did not know Lilith was in there until recently.Haven’t been able to find out much about Sun conjunct Lilith,not to mention Venus also.Would that make the person a bitch? Have read somewhere that Lilith is somewhat similar to Pluto.Still don’t know what it means.Does Lilith have something to do with jealousy?
    Saturn conjunct Vesta in Capricorn in the 4th house.Not sure about that one either.
    Uranus conjunct Circe in the 11th house.Don’t know.Would like to know what it means.
    Chiron conjunct Ceres in the 6th house.Cooking as a healing experience.
    Mars conjunct Eros in Taurus in the 8th house.Sexy and intense!
    North node conjunct ascendant from 12th house in Virgo.Not sure.

  13. Neptune conjunt Uranus in Capricorn (4th House). Both planets are retrograde. I am unsure of what this means exactly, but the fourth house is also very personal so perhaps I am unwilling to understand. Halp?

  14. Hiii. Rookie-to-be-astrofiend here. ^_^

    My tightest conjuncts are:

    Mercury Conjunction Uranus by 2 degrees in 5th house Cap.

    Saturn Conjunction Neptune by 2 degrees also in 5th house Cap.

    Mars Conjunction Pluto by 8 degrees in 3rd house Scorpio.

    Not sure what they mean?

    1. visionary artist with super insightful / cerebral work that rarely sees the light of day ‘cos you are hyper-critical of your own product??
      just a stab… 🙂

  15. I have a conjunction between Mars (leo), Mean Node (leo) and Jupiter (virgo)… each are only 2 degress apart.
    The other conjuction I have is between my Moon and Lilith in Libra.
    It could be that its still too early in the morning… but I have little idea what these may mean.
    That I am lucky when I am being glamourous? And that I am hard nosed when it comes to women?

  16. Well this is a fascinating thread to read through. Nice DIY topic Mystic!

    I’d not thought about it before, but my closest conjunction is True Node (12th house) and Ascendant, they are half a degree apart. True Node is exact 0 degrees Virgo.

    I’d always thought of myself as the Sun-Mercury conjunction in 5th house… That’s very me – but it is nearly 6 degrees…

    In truth, and WTF, also within one degree (2nd mega conj) is Moon-Mars in Virgo… But I’m not a Moon-Mars guy. I mean, witch with a willy, yes. And girl power asteroids too… But Moon-Mars??

    Maybe it’s the Mars that gets the Moon treatment, not the Moon that gets Mars’ed up…?? I am a mothering willy witch, don’t you know… albeit with Virgo Moon tough-love…

    1. aw don’t go flipping moon mars, i LOVE moon mars. My fav moon mars boy is a piscean hairdresser but he’s very protective of the women in his life not with a alpha complex issue and he doesn’t sulk its very productive. Tough love indeed.

      yay 5th house sun merc x

      1. 🙂

        you are very right – I am super protective of my kin. in fact i only ever get ‘scary’ when someone crosses / threatens one of my soul-sistas, then I am fierce and decidedly Sekhmet.
        hhmmm… I like your take on Moon-Mars much better than mine.

        1. I think its great in the right doses. need an evolved soul to make it shine. love the protection of sisters x

  17. I have my moon and asc in sagg, 1 degrees apart.
    Also, saturn and neptune 2 degrees apart, in capricorn and in 1st house. My sun is in leo, but I don’t really “fit” as a leo so much, I think I’m more like a sagg, athough I’m very earthy too… I guess I’m really grounded in reality.
    Uggh, I’m trying soo hard to be all spiritual and awaken my third eye and visualize and stuff, but I think everything is against me and I’m gonna be earthy and grounded forever.

  18. I’ve got three.

    Moon/Saturn in Sag 9th house. I’m quite rigid. I have to sort of force myself to have a good time. But I did amazingly well in school.

    Neptune/MC in Cap. I do have psychic moments. Career-wise was always straightforward, but lately I’ve been struggling.

    N.Node/AC in Aries. Never got this very much. I’m lanky?

  19. My angles and asteroids seem to like to cozy up with others:

    My North Node in the 12th House is 22 minutes from my Aries Ascendant.

    My Saturn and Vesta are within 2 minutes of an exact conjunction in my 1st House.

    My Undersky and Mars are within a degree with Mars in the 4th House.

    My Uranus and Pallas are 20 minutes apart in the 6th House.

    My South Node in the 6th House sits on my Descendant.

    My Ceres and Juno are within 3 degrees in the 7th house (and with a slightly larger 4 degree orb form a stellium with the Moon).

  20. Only tight conjunction is Moon-Neptune at 2 and 3 Sagg in the 5th … yes, definitely a ‘signature’ in my chart — dreaminess, illusion/disillusion in romance, strong emotive intuition, spiritual, emotionally charged creative work. Also tendencies to excess in drink, and passed through a long magic mushroom phase which I think of as having a totally lunar/neptunian quality…

    But I think of clusters of aspected planets as also distinctive: e.g. have Merc & Mars in Leo loosely conjunct and Venus Saturn in Gem also loosely conjunct, so Merc exactly sextiles Venus and Saturn exactly sextiles Mars … feel as if this group of planets is quite active in my teaching career, whereas the Moon/Neptune thing while signatory is also quite private.

    For those of you with prominent Neptune, Liz Greene has a great Neptune book btw which you can read part of via Google books…

  21. Odette-in-Libra

    This enters a lever of astrological interpretation that I’m not nearly up to, but I’ve been reading through the comments, trying to learn, so here goes.

    Closest conjunction:
    Venus in Virgo in the 5th house 1.06 degrees conjunction to
    Pluto in Virgo in the 5th house (AND the 4th house – how is that possible??)

    Mystic Medusa said earlier that Venus-Pluto conjunction means you’re good in bed but can’t do “casual.”
    Too modest to attest to the former (Virgo thing?), but I strongly relate to the latter – I’d love to be casual occasionally, but it’s just not in me.

    And my Venus-Uranus conjunction (only 3.19 degrees, but still) hints that I’ll be divorce-bound if I do get married.
    OK, understanding now why my love life is… complicated.

    How does the 5th (and 4th??) house fit into it?

    There are other conjunctions (Pluto-Uranus 2.13 in Virgo, Sun-Mercury 2.53 in Libra) but Venus-Pluto is the closest.

  22. Wow Mys, I can’t resist jumping in too. It’s that Uranian desire for the flash tempered by the Virgo lightening analysis that says “it can be done”.

    Here’s the tightest conjunction in my chart: Mercury at 19 Gemini in the 9th conjunct Uranus at 20 Gemini conjunct MC at 22 Gemini.

    Knowledge comes to me “out of the blue”, I am struck speechless at times and then I can diffusely ramble on too. I feel different wave lengths and pulses all the time, I read people and situations before I meet them, if a low grade electric current, such as an acupuncture device, passes through my body it makes me instantly ill, my own visualizations are picked up by others and spoken back to me verbatim. Weird, eh? It’s a tricky reality when Uranus calls the shots, trying to be normal but not quite understanding what it is.

  23. scorpalicious robot

    I only have two conjunctions – Neptune 3º and Eros 2º conjunct Scorp Sun in 10th house. AND Pluto/Uranus in Virgo 1º in 8th House.

    I kind of get the Nuptune/Sun in 10 – Still haven’t decided on creative path/career or easily disillusioned.
    But what about Pluto/Uranus in 8th? Hot karmic, sudden and unconventional sex?
    Definitely get flash psychic dreams.

    1. you are SO a photographer

      re pluto uranus in virgo in the 8th – compulsion to wash hands frequently and suddenly before sex? Under the fingernails afterwards… LOL

      1. scorpalicious robot

        I WAS a photographer, kinda still do it but not passionate about it anymore. I left my last full time job to pursue it professionally but woke up one day and meh, lost interest. *shrugs* Still not sure if it was due to a fear of success or whether just really over it.
        I still have plenty of dreams where i’m taking photos of amazing landscapes or i see something incredible and try and take a photo but there’s something wrong with the camera. I’ve also had heaps of dreams of art exhibitions and beautiful paintings and wake up thinking “i could paint that!”
        Definitely not short of inspiration!

        A psychic told me i would be good at watercolour. Something i haven’t tried yet. Very fitting for Neptune.

        LOL – re washing hands. Doesn’t bother me really but I do sometimes find bodily fluids (sweat especially) a bit icky. Venus in Libra, Mars in Virgo you understand!

        1. weird. I think you actually cameo’d my dream last night talking about you and photography. Then I went to the cafe this morning and they had a floodlight and it reminded me. x

          1. scorpalicious robot

            My first cameo. Oh that’s so cool. 🙂
            I had a dream about David once and Mystic plenty of times but nobody else as yet.

          2. Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

            I’ve had Mystic appear in my dream too, robot. Well, not so much in person but via a report. I received a Venus report from Mystic, and the specific word she used was “blessed”. 🙂
            Initially I was a bit confused as it was only a page long, and I’d expected about two pages, but then I realized that the manila-type envelope itself, the folded env., it had stuff printed on it!! Though not in the traditional print sense, it was more Braille-like. Later I had my aha moment, in that I’m supposed to ‘feel’ the report/message. 🙂 Anyway, Mystic was very, very positive about what she had to tell me in the report. Had the dream on 31/12/2009. 😀

        2. interesting dreams – wonder if the camera not working is about you waiting for the right technology to be available?

  24. I have a few conjunctions in my chart but I think the most interesting at the moment is Jupiter-Uranus at 8 degrees in Sagittarius in my 7th house…

    Sun-Asc-Mercury-Mars-Chiron all within 10 degrees in Taurus in my 1st is pretty full on.

    No idea what my Venus-Mean Node conjuction in Gemini in my 2nd house suggests though? I don’t really know much about nodes.

  25. don’t have my chart but I know the ruler of my chart – mercury – is exactly conjunct the ruler of my sign – venus in the 5th. Is 100% who I am. There’s 5 conjunctions in that house of moon, asteroids and neptune too. And I have 3-4 generational conjunctions as well – they just amp everything else up but luckily I’m not alone in having them so there’s potential for duck and cover.

  26. Am I the only one with Sun conj. Saturn? 2 degrees difference. In virgo no less – my 1st house AND sun sign. No wonder Saturn in Virgo was so frigging difficult, and life changing. AND why this retrograde didn’t hit so hard, as that conjunction is in the 2nd-4th degree of Virgo.

    Perhaps peeps with this conjunction don’t do astrology as it’s not ‘real’ and practical enough.

    If this is the case, then perhaps my moon conjunct Jupiter in gemini/12th House balances it out? -5 degrees separated.

    Then I have a REALLY fun one. Pluto, Mars and Venus, all conjunct each other in Libra, my 2nd house. No strange mythical archetypal relationships for me at all then… oh, except that one, and that other one, and… 😀
    -Pluto and Mars separated by a degree, with Venus separated by 6 degrees from Mars and 7 degrees from Pluto.

    I may have to ponder that conjunction some more.

    This was fun Mystic, thanks for the DIY astro. Off to look up bf’s one now.

    1. I too have sun-saturn conj – within minutes of each other, also sun-merc 3 degrees – all in 7th (pisces). Not sure what it means, altho have had ‘interesting’ time through recent saturn-uranus shenanigins….

      I’ve learned a lot through the many comments on this post, Mystic, thanx!

      1. I’m in the sun-saturn conjunct club too, under 1 degree (does that mean within minutes???) -Taurus 12th house.

        Venus-Mercury 1 degrees – Aries 11th house.

        Neptune-Jupiter under 1 degree – Sag 6th house

        Now I need to find out what it all means! Great post Mystic. This is fun

  27. Uranus conjunct pluto in Virgo 3 degrees.

    Sun conjunct Mercury in Aqua but that’s 4 degrees. Once again I don’t know what that means.

  28. I have Jupiter at 25 Aries 7, and Chiron at 25 Aries 9, in the 9th house.
    I definitely feel my calling is in living and working overseas, particularly in the field of aid and development.

  29. There are quite a few but the tightest are:
    Same degree- Uranus conjunct jupiter (sag) 4th house
    1 degree separation- Sth node conjunct neptune (sag) 5th house
    1 degree- Pt fortune conjunct sun (taurus) 9th house
    1 degree- venus conjunct north node (gem) 11th house
    2 degrees- mars in 9th conjunct mercury in 10th (taurus)
    2 degrees- mercury conjunct chiron (taurus) 10th house
    3 degrees- Pluto conjunct Saturn 3rd house

    Is this an astrological mess??? I have a lot of research to do…

  30. matthew-minerva

    my chart is no joke – FULL of conjunctions!
    can someone help me interpret?

    Sun conjunct Mercury in Saggo – 10th house – 4 degrees
    Mercury Conjunct Jupiter in Saggo/Scop – 10/9house – 6degrees
    Mercury conjunct MC -Scorp/Saggo – 10/9th house – 9 degrees
    Mercury Conjunct Pluto – Saggo/Scorp – 10/9th house – 7 degrees
    Jupiter Conjunct Pluto in Saggo/Scorp – 9th house 0.19 degrees
    Jupiter Conjunct MC – scorp – 9th house 2 degrees
    Saturn conjunct Acsendant Pisces- 1st house 5 degrees
    Uranus conjunct Neptune – Cap – 11th house 2 degree
    Pluto conjunct MC 2 degrees

    please help people – im kinda lost lol!

    1. wow dude I have heaps of conjunctions too but not all are as close.. that is a hell of a kit. where is mc pluto?

      1. matthew-minerva

        scorpio! lol Ive got 7 planets in Saggo/scorpio so my chart is pretty one sided but everythings like bang bang bang!
        MC is 26 degrees in Scorpio and Pluto is 28

        1. hah. if you were older I would suggest we date.
          I am sun merc uranus scorp and venus neptune moon sagg

          seriously though I that is power to come into. use it wisely x

    2. year of the fox

      I think in the original directions you are to discard any conjunctions greater than 3 degrees…so only tight conjunctions.

      so jup conjunct MC, Jupiter conjunct pluto, Uranus conjunct Neptune, and pkuto conjunct mc are the main ones that count…
      i think…

  31. sun neptune juno tight as in sagg in the 8th house, and north node pluto conjunct close in libra in the 6th…

  32. My tightest conjuct. is a 1 degree Venus-Uranus in the first house in Scropio. (with Mars very loosely conjuct Uranus – 10 degrees). I definitely fit the passionate about gay rights and standing up for the marginalized bill. I also have Mercury(in Virgo) within 3 degrees of both my sun(Libra) and my north node(Virgo) all in the 12th house. I don’t really know what that means though.

  33. Astarte and Sun within 1 degree, Jupiter and asteroid Euterpe within 2 degrees, with Venus also swimming around nearby – all in Pisces.

    Calliope and Mercury are smack bang on top of each other in Aries, and Calliope and Venus are within 3 degrees of each other across Aries-Pisces border.

    Lilith and Circe also on top of each other at 0 deg Gemini.

    So… dark songwriter/musician lover-lady? Yes please. I knew executary work was only temporary.

  34. okay either I am reading this wrong…or my chart is full of conjunctions…

    Mercury 1 degree (5th)
    True Node 1 degree (6th) – not sure what a node is, will look up…
    Mean Node 2 degrees (6th)
    Jupiter 3 degrees (5th)
    Neptune 5 degrees (2nd)
    Pluto 7 degrees (12th)
    Moon 9 degrees (3rd)
    Saturn 9 degrees (1st)
    Chiron 9 degrees (7th)

    Add to this:
    Sun 14 degrees (5th)
    Mars 17 degrees (2nd)

    Plus if we really want to go crazy & include the rest of the planets:
    Uranus 22 degrees (2nd)
    Venus 25 degrees (5th)

    Is this wrong? should conjunctions only be in the same house?? AH!
    & what happens when Moon-Saturn-Chiron are all at the same degree?
    research time…MAJOR research time….

    1. Looks like you are reading what degree they are at in each sign, not the difference between them
      easiest way is to look at an astrodienst chart and look for clusters.
      true node and mean node pretty much the same thing
      looks like you’ve got merc and jupiter conjunct in the 5th.

  35. I don’t know if it matters if they are separating or not. And what if they are not planets?

    North Node/Ishtar 0 degrees (3rd house)

    Jupiter/Neptune 0 degree (sep) (12th house)
    Mercury/Venus 1 degree (sep) (5th house)
    Pluto/Lilith 2 degree (sep) (10th house)

    I also have Mercury/Vertex at 0 degrees and Venus/Vertex at 1 degree (5th house). Just reading stuff about Vertex (pretty new to me)…very interesting take on things. Talks about it indicating “energy to be cultivated in this lifetime”. Why didn’t I find this earlier??? But I digress lol

    So if the closest is who you are mine would be Merc/Vertex. Communicating my self-worth creatively?!?

    1. Kim Falconer has a fantastic take on the Vertex in her book “Astrology and Aptitude”. From memory there is an article on her website too. Link to her site above left.

      1. Thanks for the info ff. When I was googling Vertex info I went to Kim’s site but didn’t get as far as the article. Coming back to Mystic’s site saw your post and now I’ve found it. 🙂 Checked out the book on Amazon too. Think I’ll have to get that one. I love how you can browse in some of the books to see if it’s what you’re looking for. Do you know if you can get it here at all (from a bookshop)? I’ve never ordered from Amazon.

        1. Not sure, you could try phoning your local bookshop, but i brought it online with no dramas. Fantastic book, a must have imho, you’ll keep going back to it.

          1. *waves*

            Thanks. Did you order it from Amazon? Funny, I read so much and yet I’ve never ordered books online. l’ll try a couple of bookstores and if no luck online it will be. I think Amazon has an Aus section – didn’t see the point of it being shipped from the US if the books are avail here.

      1. Had not heard of Lilith (except for Lilith Fair) before coming here. Checking out info about her I became fascinated and now I can see why. I believe in total equality – whether between lovers, friends, society. Still navigating the 10th house stuff though.

        1. equality in the workplace or working to gain equality for peeps – or alternatively tantric massage or sex therapist?

  36. Sat-Venus at same degree 29 Taurus, Jupiter @ 29 Scorp /Neptune 1 Sag both retro and these four oppose each other – constant bickering.
    No idea what overall pic means, just solved Sat oppose Nept, plan is slowly integrate the rest to life course evolution.

    Just before this MSG, a Libra alcoholic coworker reappeared in my office and this Pisces rising is having a hard time to fend off his life anger – out to breathe fresh air

  37. My tightest orb is Mars/Neptune.

    Is that why I attract men with alcohol/drug problems?! (or ‘enthusiasms’ as one self-justifyingly put it).

    Next closest are Mercury conj Uranus and Pluto (within 3 deg)

  38. Sun conjunct Mercury at 16 & 18 degrees, 8th house. Hard to articulate the depths of/ feels pretty intense, not really a one sentence answer for it, deep joy at best!

  39. Moon conjunct Saturn in 11th house in Capricorn. I hate it. I hate my birthtime for having this conjunction in my natal chart. Hate it…the wound in my chart. Hate it.

    I KNOW..Jungian analyst Marie-Louise von Franz said that the wound is the site where the gods can enter. It can be the jewel/gift if one evolves through it..blah..blah..bugger moon/saturn conjunction for a lark….

  40. Venus Pluto in the fifth… and… of all planets, in Scorpio. Boo.

    Romance and fun for me is a mixed affair, let me say!!

    1. Venus Pluto means you’re good in bed lol but you prob find it impossible to have anything remotely casual!

      1. unpredictable pisces

        I disagree, maybe…? that much younger man who i had a fabulous full-moon one-night-only cliff-face fling with has a LONG TERM GIRLFRIEND!! and he has venus, moon, pluto all close tog in scorp…?? sun in Virgo…maybe he has mars in the sign of Cheating Scumbag

        1. Its totally your fault for being irresistible UP. Poor boy didn’t have a chance.
          High five on the LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP destroying anyways. 🙂
          You said it yourself, it was fabalus ? You want more ?

        2. unpredictable pisces

          crazy thing is, he did ALL the chasing. I was kinda nonplussed, flattered of course, but ‘yeah well let’s see now, i am sort of preoccupied atm, can’t we just meet for a beer or something?’ I mean, he seemed interesting? And if i knew for a moment that he actually had a g/f i would have not contemplated this AT ALL! not cool!! UP does not do the ‘other woman’ thing.

          I learnt about the g/f via some intensive “research” later on. I think he totally underestimated my powers of info-gathering? or that i even cared enough to look? talk about callow youth. that’s what you get when you disappear in a puff of smoke, with nary a polite “i’m leaving town, thanks and farewell”, boy-o…. ?!

  41. I only have 1 – how unfair!! sniff sniff. Jupiter conjuct Neptune in the 6th house at 3 degrees. I sounds boring … but anything in the 6th sounds boring to me .. all that selfless giving crap! lol

    1. Do you thrive off a daily routine prowln? Aint nuthing wrong with a 6th house, John Lennon had a crowed 6th house..I have mars and saturn conjunct in 6th by 8 degrees… it girlfriend *high five* jajajja

      1. I only have 1 conjunction too! Ceres and Jupiter in Pisces in the 9th house. I mean Ceres…it’s hardly a planet afterall (all respect Ceres).
        So it means daily routine is enjoyable Sassy? That’s lucky as my 4th houses Pluto and Uranus…
        John Lennon made fun of disabled people I don’t see his 6th house doing much for him in that regard I must say.

        1. That sounds cool. Like nurturing philosophy, study or something like that. You can really get immersed in cultures etc? Teaching mediation, eastern religions…

          Yeah I go bats if my routine is fuqed up, daily routine, Your life…

          Classic John Lennon line which is very 6th house I think

          “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”

          His sense of humour was kinda of ironic. I think he felt disabled on the inside, but of course that is not good to make fun of.

          1. I do need routine as I am quite ADD and I get very lost without some system. I think loads of people are like that though.

            Thanks for that assessment, I have lived overseas lots and always end up with a decent accent and am extremely imitative of gesture and expression – not to be big headed, it’s just people don’t ‘notice’ me after a while.
            So even if my personality doesn’t suit the environment (Japan for eg…argh) I sort of fit in in a weird way?

    2. daily routine??? faaaaaaark no. I’m hopeless at it. I manage to sustain a routine for the whole of five seconds it takes to come up with the idea in the first place. I’ve got a weird arse dichotomy going on with routine – yes. On the one hand, I do fare better when I manage to get one going for longer than the five seconds aforementioned. On the other hand they give me the shits .. as in “oh god not BREAKFAST again. I did that yesterday fer fuck sakes!!” It probably doesn’t help that I have no earth in my natal chart and an Aqua Mars/MC.

      I think this conjunction manifests more on a spiritual level.

      1. I will probably fare better when nutrition comes via some sort of implant or cosmic osmosis and robots are available to do the daily chores. 😉

      2. ha! I totally relate to this.
        I also have same asc and neptune. esp the breakfast I ate that yesterday ffs. I will fall into my work think only of lines and shapes in colour sequences and forget to eat xx

  42. I have a tight Sun 27Taurus Moon 25Taurus conjunction, 11th house. I have a weird exact conjunction/opposition, I have Merc & S Node at 1Taurus (10th house), and NeptuneRx conjunct N Node at 1Scorpio (4th house). I’m not quite sure what to think of a Merc/Neptune opposition right over my nodes. I have a really weird chart.

  43. i have two at the same degree:

    mars/jupiter conjunction at 9 degrees virgo in the 4th
    sun/neptune conjunction at 20 degrees sagittarius in the 7th

    i have a few other conjunctions, but they are wider. no oppositions in my chart, everything is along the bottom (i sometimes think this is boring…)

    1. Mars Jupiter is fab! Really daring and chivalrous. David Blaine the illusionist daredevil is Mars-Jupiter…you lucky in real estate, dreamy in love?

  44. Salacious Sagg

    Hey FF good luck with the search for home. How are your little ones coping with it all? Would you perhaps consider a sea change?

    It amazes me how we put up with stuff for those we love. I must confess, it is my daughter who keeps me put, otherwise I would be a roamer. Her Dad has decided to go have babies elsewhere and has discarded his responsibility as Dad to her. I just dont get it, this young chick with a much older guy having babies routine! definitely his Ur-Anus is conjunct something!:) Is there a planet called Penis??? Or a Wankerpopolus? We really should name one thus Mystic? Can we please? I am sure many here would heartily aplaud such a move!

    1. Thanx SS. Yes my two coping fine. They’re staying at their dad’s while i pack up and move. We share custody week about which is working after a long hard road involving therapy for daughter and education for my ex. Still have the last hurdle of property settlement split which will end up in court for sure. Expecting it all to be over when Saturn leaves Virgo finally in July (7th house for me). Lucky my mother is os so can stay in her house and as stated elsewhere i can store my home contents securely at a friend’s property for free. Will buy a place after battle over with ex. I’d love to do a seachange but have to consider kids, school, friends, family, situ with ex etc. So staying put for now but an os jaunt is definitely on the cards for maybe September.

      Your daughter is probably better off not seeing her dropkick dad from the sounds of him SS. *hugs* single parenting is not easy.

      1. Salacious Sagg

        FF am so glad that things are surely moving along for you finally. Hope you have help with the packing up? Good luck with the property settlement. Methinks you will end up with the bulk of care eventually, so do hope you get a fair settlement FF. I have noticed that once guys start dating and having babies elsewhere, they are not as diligent with the previous fruit of their loins!!

        You can see my brain has gone a bit wacko this arvo, just want to go hooooooome from work and have a bath and a nice red wine!

  45. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

    Venus conjunct Uranus
    Venus conjunct Neptune

    Venus conjunct Uranus I feel strongly, as I am an Aqua, double Taurus.

    Today I found out I am an INFP on the Meyer Briggs test. Two women who were of this type were Mia Farrow (Aqua, Taurus rising) and Audrey Hepburn (Taurus, Aqua rising). Interesting…

    Mercury in Pisces appears to be close in degree to my eleventh house too? I don’t know if this means anything.

    1. Liz taylor is the classic Venus-Uranian – you have them all in Cap so Pluto going over – that will be FUN!

      1. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

        “In traditional astrology, the Venus-Uranus conjunction has often been billed as the “classic divorce aspect” when found in a personal horoscope. This may be true. Guess who has Venus exactly conjunct Uranus in their chart? Elizabeth Taylor!”


        The same site talked about how venus-uranus conjunctions often accompany a passion for gay rights and standing up for the marginalized.
        Other examples were Ellen DeGeneres and Cher.
        Maybe it’s in my destiny to be a gay icon?
        That would be amazing. I want to be an Amy Sedaris or Liza Minelli or Grace Jones! ^_^

        1. I’m Venus-Uranus too, in Libra in the third. Add in asteroids and I have Eros and Pan in the same couple of degrees. I’m not quite Elizabeth Taylor, but although I’ve had long relationships I’ve never yet seen one as permanent. I love getting to know someone new, love the fun and excitement of it, but always keep a part of myself back. I like to feel I could walk away if I needed to. It’s the way I am, but it has it’s downsides. Sometimes it’s only when a relationship ends that I realise the strength of my feelings. In non-romantic relationships I definitely see it as a positive; I enjoy people’s differences and feel energised when I’m coming into contact with a wide range of people.

          1. Odette-in-Libra

            Crap – really? The classic divorce aspect? I haven’t even gotten married yet – doesn’t bode well. 🙁 (Venus-Uranus conjunct 3.19)

            I *am* very supportive of gay rights & pretty much rights in general – not clear on how those two go together though, but maybe it explains why there are so many single activists. 😉

          2. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

            I was just telling my sister before I read this post how I could see myself having a life full of really intense, passionate long-term relationships that last awhile but then knowing when it’s time to move on and having a breathing alone-time period…

            I’ve had two of these so far and I’m only 23. But I’ve been single for a minute now…don’t care much for “dating” but meet people by getting out, going to shows, biking around in the summer…

          3. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

            Odette – marriage is kind of a dying institution though, no? Not that I have anything against successful marriages at all! Just the divorce rate is so high and the reasons people get married these days are very different from in the past, to the point where I think that maybe marriage needs to be redefined. Maybe this will be a part of Pluto in Capricorn…or maybe we’re just ahead of the game…

            I dunno, I’ve never had any kind of childhood or adult fantasies about marriage and kids – I’ve always wanted to be some kind of cool, detached, globe-trotting independent femme fatale type. And the idea of being an old cat lady in some dilapidated historical mansion always sounded not so bad to me either.

        2. Odette-in-Libra

          Raché, just saw your comments.

          I was never terribly in love with the traditional idea of marriage either, & I think kittens are cuter than babies – but I’m so intensely monogamous that the “cool, detached, globe-trotting independent femme fatale type” just doesn’t hold any appeal for me anymore. (I was a femme fatale for about 5 minutes years ago & hated it – I’m too much of a Libra & too worried about hurting feelings to enjoy the power trip.)

          I like the idea of being “an old cat lady in some dilapidated historical mansion,” too – provided the mansion is gorgeous, lush & gothic & there is a sexy “cat gentleman” to share the decadence. 😉

      2. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

        Yeah, but Venus is in the eighth house!
        Looks like it’s gonna be intense.

        It’s odd, I’ve been having so many random childhood memories that I had forgotten about bubble to the surface.
        In the past I might have looked the other way, but I feel strong enough to confront them now. I’m not afraid of who I really am.

    2. Hey hey. I was an INFP – (Cap/Virgo) – but somewhere along the way I switched to INFJ… possibly to do with getting into social justice work and, well, being a victim of bigoted violence – makes you a little more black’n’white-ish… or just the aqua venus kicking in… but LOVE them INFPs, I still think I am one 50% of the time. Props!

      1. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

        It’s funny because I think as a kid I was a total INFJ [organizer of my friends, very goal-oriented] but as I’ve focused on my chosen major and minor [philosophy/music] I’ve become less black and white and more of an INFP.

        I want to be more organized though. I am super scattered! I have 10 million unfinished ideas and projects. Hopefully as I regain focus and purpose the organization will kick in again. I am very organized under pressure, but my procrastination and perfectionism is crippling.

        My [Aries/Aqua] ex was an ENFJ, I like them a lot because they are so heroic and larger than life. INFJs are too, but they’re um…a little more grounded and not so delusional. 😉 My sister’s an INFJ [Virgo/Cap/Cancer] and we have always been super close. Often it feels like noone actually understands us but each other.

        1. I think I read INFJs make up the smallest percentage of the community – so it would make sense to feel a little misunderstood. 🙂

          I totally understand the scattered thing you talk about… and the DOZENS of unfinished projects that could have been brilliant were they completed… I think it is an IN combo thing, you’re so focused on dreaming up the future that you don’t spend enough time actually making it a reality in the here and now.
          I get half way through my ‘latest project’ and am already too inspired by the next one to give it the attention it deserves…

  46. I have Saturn 17’49 conj Mars 17’59 in 2nd
    Not an easy one!

    others with one degree orb Moon conj Chiron and Pluto conj Uranus and the P+U combination is opposite Sat-Mars in 8th.

  47. Mercury Conjunction Saturn – 1 degrees separated
    Mercury Conjunction Neptune – 3 degrees separated
    Saturn Conjunction Uranus – 2 degrees separated

    All of them are in 11th house cap. There are not too much information and I feel like Saturn/Uranus/Neptune are harder to figure it out and may not have much benefit to me since they are “generational”

    1. With Mercury tied in there you might be a “voice” or spokesperson for your generational group (11th house).

      1. Ah fabulous, It does seem that I’m heading to that way! Always pushed to be a president of the club or be a teacher/mentor when I don’t really have that much experience!

  48. The tightest conjunctions I have is Gemini Sun 21 Conjunct Gemini Moon 18 in the 3rd house & Gemini Vesta 28 Conjunct Gemini Venus 26 also in the 3rd house.

    The 3rd is jamming! 🙂

  49. North node conjunct Chiron in Gem 1st house 0 degree seperating.

    Just a bit of fun my Venus conjunct Saphho and Daphne in Kataka 1 degree seperating.

    1. wow N node chiron gemini is exactly what my kataka homeboy has. how does that work for you? infact you must both be same year..

      1. yeah and that other conj (Venus conjunct Saphho and Daphne in Kataka) is called the ‘self pleasuring’ aspect innit ?

      2. How does it work for me?

        Im always searching for the deeper meaning behind every bloody word people say, its infuriating sometimes, but I pick up the underlying messages behind the words. I can eerily see/feel peoples weak spots and sometimes I use this to hurt them (tsk tsk) Or that maybe my mars in scorp, ja I was 84′.

        1. oh god you must have uber similar chart!!

          Yes he is so like that and does use it against people also but not at me or I crush him 😀
          seriously interesting blend of amazing heart and soul with sharp as nails game face. Very strong ethic code and sense of honour despite ability to pick peoples weaknesses fast. He mainly only uses this for work. but very clever, with words and use of language, great at debate and will note every grammatical error.

          1. Yes of course you would crush him with your sun-merc conjunct in scorp yes ;-)……You must get along very well. I love love love scorps as the energy seems to be similar and they dont mind my intensity!!

    1. OMG you’ve just defined my mantra for Uranus in aries, I david , for the next 7 years I will be… “totally inappropriate” …. thank you so much.

  50. Astro fun Mystic!

    Tightest conjunction:

    Venus Gemini 29.59 (end of 4th)
    North Node Kataka 1.30 (end of 4th)
    Vertex Kataka 1.35 (end of 4th)
    Mars Kataka 3 (5th house)
    (Moon is 6 degrees away at 9 Kataka)

    Then there’s my doorbitch Saturn in Pisces 3 conjunct Ascendant 1.54 Pisces.

    Uranus 8 conj Mercury 10 conjunct Pluto 12 in Virgo (7th)

    Are we talking about asteroids too ’cause i have Lillith 22 conj Ceres 23 in Sagg (10th); Pallas Athene 20 conj Juno 20 in Scorp (9th); and Vesta 15 conj Chiron 17 Pisces (1st)

    No wonder i often don’t feel like a Leo!

    1. Oh dear – Uranus into Aries will be squaring my major self-defining conjunction in the 4th/5th house. And I’m soon to be homeless. Strangely I feel fine, like it’s all a big adventure.

  51. Ive got venus conjunct mars in 9th and 8th house respectively. And saturn conjunct IC. I actually took a long time to enjoy relationships but now I do.

    1. would aries read the script even if it was sent ahead of time?

      best to be made not born
      that is real experience not privilege x

  52. tightest conjunction is only 3.26 – Mars and Mercury, Aries in 6th house …

    scratching my head … off to look at definitions

    1. oooo excited! so, I think this is biggish … because writing is what I do, (Mercury), and Mars energetically Aries happy, and it is my dream that writing, already daily practice could be my income eeek (6th house) . . . god, am I reading this right? Write energetically and swiftly and daily routine will be happy? am feeling so tiggerish at present – bounce bounce bounce – and note this is not a good example of writing abilities – blergh

  53. unpredictable pisces

    jupiter/lilith in 11th house (taurus), and
    sun-merc in 9th house.

    these are the main ones that are on top of each other.

    does that mean I will be a globally-oriented social revolutionista?

    1. unpredictable pisces

      oohh, hang ON, with pisces and taurus:
      a globe-trotting social revolutionista, using poetry and food to inspire the masses to right for their rights to freedom, spirituality and good food… SOFAS FOR ALL!!

  54. Closest/most significant

    Saturn in 12th, Cancer 28.38 tight conjunct Asc, Leo, 0.32 bit less tight conjunct Mars in 1st, Leo, 3. 7
    Saturns hair flipping bitch, with tendency to self-flagellation, over the top responses and talking with my hands

    Sun in 10th, at Gem 1.38 tight conjunct Merc in 10th, taurus, 28.43
    Flighty work obsessed tendency to not be organised and get bored with thinking through things when they aren’t working out as quickly as I would like or i have to actually think through them all the way., unless of course there is a good opportunity for self-flaggellation. and of course i talk with my hands.

    Jupiter in 9th, taurus 3 degrees off my midheaven – so when I can get all the above shit working together – I rock.
    Eros and Chiron within one degree in aries in 9th as well. Active super nerdom brings me much joy and is probably the way forward.

  55. lib rising ramzilla

    Sun conjunct venus in aries in 7th (orb 1 degree). Pluto almost conjuct ascend (orb 3 degrees) in lib. And that’s about to be transitted by Saturn… Just calla me Saturn’s bitch…

  56. Ascendant and Mars conj. in Pisces. I suppose I come off as competitive and independent? My mom thinks so. Since it is Pisces, I’m not as energetic as you’d think. In fact, I tire quite easily. Also, I’ve noticed I never back down from a fight, even if I know I can’t win. Sun in Taurus, btw.

  57. What about NO tight conjunctions. The two planets nearest to each other in my chart are Saturn and Mercury, 6 degrees apart, both in Cancer/2nd house. Any clues.

    Off to work I go, have a great day people!

    1. its called ‘aspect challenged’ don’t let anyone put you down for it SB, not all of us are as lucky as the multiconjunct gifted.

  58. Moon Conjunction Venus natally (7)

    Venus in taurus at the end of house 11
    moon in gem early 12th house

    What does this say about me ? any one ?

    1. actually just remembered UV explaining once, it means i get on with women ? or am I in touch with my feminine side ?

        1. Obviously you get on with women davidl and/or you’re in touch with your feminine side because you contribute so meaningfully to this site. ‘Love your insight.

  59. my chart is weird, its like a tiny piece of pie. I don’t have a lot of trines and harmony in that sense but a lot of conjunctions and general many planets in the same house.

    same degree and one degree:

    venus and neptune 6th house conjunct saggo
    mercury and sun 5th house conjunct scoprio

    venus neptune is hard. perhaps healthy given how wanton the rest of my chart is that I am wandering around for a spiritual connection with all things. Have to make en effort so neptune doesn’t put her goggles on venus ala partners.

    merc and sun. I think this will be most common. but maybe more obvious feature for me as mercury is so dominant in my chart.

      1. hmm. both honestly. they are ontop of each other nearly so its all very strong. Merc/Sun big time cause of asc and 3/6th house a thon
        but venus/neptune is slightly closer and it has coloured my whole life in art/love and the way I relate to everything. venus/nptune conjunct my Dsc too

        if you split me in half I would be one each x

  60. This is so interesting! I’m kind of having one of those ‘Oh god, who am I!?” moments, so this is really like a cool sign!

    My closest are Neptune and Saturn, separated by a mere degree! (12 and 13!)
    Second closest are Chiron (4) and Mars (7).
    But I’m very new to this, so does anyone know what that would mean??

    Basically, WHO AM I?!?!

    Ha ha ha!! XD

  61. Stress Princess

    Ooh, my tightest is Uranus and True Node. Is that particularly strong?
    Both (obviously) 2nd house, Saggo. Uranus 10.03 degrees – true node, 10.23 degrees.

    I have nada idea what that means…

    1. year of the fox

      Maybe to find your destiny you gotta invoke zany Uranian themes & schemes? not sure what that means with Sagg.

  62. year of the fox

    Sun conjunct Uranus is my strongest at 1 degree of separation. I guess I am the weirdo or “honorary Aqua”? 🙂

      1. year of the fox

        Yes those Aquas are very different. I just have a taste the male ones like but I’ve been on a low-Aqua diet. They give me <3 burn. 🙂

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