Seething Is A Part Of The Process

Happy New Moon and stand by for Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. If you spent a good part of your Dark Moon – aka the weekend – in a funk, fantastic. Seething is part of the process.

It’s like some dark alchemy of the soul where your brain becomes a crucible for resentments and shadow emotions. Dark Moons are always suitable for surfacing such feelings, and the lunar prelude to a New Moon in Scorpio is especially so.

You can try to eat, orgasm, positive-think, or booze them away, but then they stay leaden, never turning to gold. Think about this: How many of your most liberating decisions and great ideas came after confronting your shadow selves?

It was also excellent preparation for the mental metamorphosis of Mercury in Scorpio. There is but one condition; the seething. Yes, of course, the standard Mercury Retro cautions will apply.

Back up your data and be mindful of details. Avoid signatures on big-deal contracts. Allow extra time for delays. But really, it’s the data backed up in your psyche and circumstances from long ago that are more likely to capture your focus.

As Shamanic Neptune is in league with the Magician Planet, this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio will be one of the most metaphysical Merc Retros on record. So, think quickly: what was the core theme of your Dark Moon funk?

If you had to turn it into a one-sentence plot point or character motivation in a story outline, what would it be? Come with it fast because you don’t want the layers and styling. That’s your go-topic for the next seven weeks.

Seething is supposed to be out of context and off-brand. You do it at 3 a.m after a strange dream or hypnagogic episode where you’re between worlds, looking for a mysterious machine or lost object.

You’re not asleep, but you’re hardly awake; you don’t know what the missing thing is, but it is crucial. Or you’re trudging furiously through freezing rain to be somewhere you don’t want to be, questioning every primary life choice to date and hoping your card is not declined.

In Utopia, seething is done in yoga or via eloquent words, but the nature of it is that it’s so heavy and awkward. Your back is too stiff or you too energetically sludgy to try and think. Maybe you don’t want to encounter a person or explain a thing. Bonus points for being in a stained t-shirt or psychologically charged telephonic queue.

That’s the stage of your seethe when you’re about to enjoy a fantastic insight. And Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio will be full of such moments. You have already begun it, congratulations.

Image: Barbara Karinska

90 thoughts on “Seething Is A Part Of The Process”

  1. The Crabby Water Monkey

    I’m feeling this so much, I was smirking as I was reading. Jaw tightness is ever apparent, headaches, not sleeping well and some super anxiety-based dreams that have left me waking up feeling more tired than when I first went to sleep. Then came the rage. If I didn’t use it to fuel the pace at which I got through stuff at work, I would have raged at someone (glad I didn’t). Today was a tad better, but then my car decided it didn’t want to start, which left me walking in the rain. Not to mention the fact I actually lost my keys 3 days ago – someone found them thankfully – but I never lose things! So yes, I’m feeling it.

  2. I am so full of rage my humour is sharp as a razor; I consider this to be more wheat and chaff test sifting of everything and everyone I’ve ever set as a priority and or, meaningful. So seething, in fact, I’ve almost bitten through my nocturnal mouth guard. Yesterday, during a cathartic therapy session re: frustrations of the here and now, (no more churning of old, thank you and please) a vision came back, a dream of a hawk moth. I went home and illustrated the instructional mind-scape, felt instantly sick and went straight to bed. Transformation is here but also remains dressed in an old T-shirt and pyjamas. Just you wait December/jan 2020. JUST YOU WAIT

  3. I spent the last two days seething, all right, and last night I did indeed have an epiphany. I did some journaling on it today and feel like I’ve made some real progress. A lack of gratitude and taking people for granted (and me with a solid gratitude practice) led to rough Mercury retrograde issues, led to qi depletion and vampires, leading to the first illness I’ve had in years. I hope it goes away soon, now that I’m working through it.

  4. Trying to decide which seething to focus on.
    Saturday was my one day off so I set out to the grocery store in my old steel toe boots since it was raining. Was writing a petition about resuming the train from my neighborhood when I got on the wrong train on my transfer. The warning came on that it wasn’t headed my way so I got off and decided to walk.
    Two streets in the sole of my left shoe completely broke off and I hobbled the rest of the way to the first store selling shoes and socks since my foot was soaked. Found a pair, went to try them on and there were two left shoes in the box! The other was never found. Threw on other pair in my stack and left to hunt down the sock section. Now I’ve got to find someone who wants this pair because they’re too big. On Sunday the T never showed, the entire inbound route through my side of town was shut down but they posted no signs so I had to borrow a car to get to work.
    Anyone have any thoughts?

  5. I felt like burning a bath house witch.
    So I went to ground and seethed and cooked and went on long walks to water.

  6. Lovely reading here.
    Yes, this last weekend indeed began to feel to murky. What I’ve been feeling this last week or so, is spot on, i.e. contemplating the freedom of new, self expressive vistas, – unemployed for the last month – from a perceived standpoint mired in mud. In other words, confronted with my unresolved internal conflict between fulfilling mundane financial responsibilities & establishing a livelihood that which makes my heart sing.
    Aries Sun/Taurus Moon/Gemini Rising

  7. I had a dream that I grew a herb garden and the only thing that grew was parsley. Then I was suffering horrible stiffness on the top of my feet. Yesterday I saw a big bunch of parsley but didn’t buy it. Dah I just made the connection today.

    The parsley would relieve the stiffness. But now the stiffness has gone. Next time I will act on these signs quicker.

      1. Sorry, that was rude on my part, I’m just exhausted by my own egos relentless need for things to be”real” so it can say “look what I did” while the soul applys salve after salve for all the shit I “do”

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          It’s OK SK. I don’t mind a bit of Scorpionic directness.

          Yes my neck was realigning and it came out as stiffness. Yesterday I went out to do a big grocery shop and errands. I felt old, stiff and irritable. I couldn’t think straight.

          Today the shift happened and I realised that yesterday was a huge transition for body and mind. And it was a fuqin hard day and hard work
          I’m glad I pushed through it instead of staying home because movement helped.

          Don’t be so hard on yourself SK. The ego is a hard taskmaster.

          Hugs to you.


          1. “and still I seethe” could be my new fun phrase. I shouldn’t apologize this week, practice for when my agency is fully engaged. Still I needn’t dole out advice. . Seasonal changes gonna be seasonal changes

  8. My weekend, quite by chance, involved chanting along to “Give me life, give me pain, give me myself again” from Tori Amos’ Little Earthquakes at 2am with an old school friend. Suitably scorpionic huh! It was weird but I just got a sudden urge to listen to it for the first time in years (if not decades). On a separate note, I’ve sustained a few air-guitar playing injuries since that late night music marathon that I’m still trying to recover from. 😊

  9. Seething is walking with me since yesterday’s New Moon.
    Glad to know it’s part of the process. I am friggin’ furious with frustration. But it’s crystal clear to me that I MUST find a job that I love. The old “as long as it pays the bills” (considering that it barely does that) cannot fit anymore in my life. There are very few things we are in control of and work is one of them.

  10. Mercury Retrograde normally does’t hit me too hard, but this one is already terrible, and we’re not even out of the shadow zone. I bought a phone, it was delivered to my front porch when I wasn’t there, and promptly stolen. Between my carrier and the post office, I’ve spent about two hours in telephonic queues. Also, nobody can hear me on my current, dying phone so they yell and yell and hang up on me.
    I can’t seem to get the dishwasher installed at work because the company doing it is unprofessional and irresponsible; I spent a full two days trying to get hold of the first guy on the phone: no call, no show, no respond.
    There are other things too, but here we go: communications-related snafus (how fitting for a Mercury Retrograde – so much involving phone issues) , important appliances getting screwed up, etc. This is going to be a messy six or more weeks, isn’t it?

    1. The veil, updo, ye olde English countryside behind her AND THAT COAT
      oh that coat
      that fluffy white cat looks a bit like the “homeless” (he’s probably a Sagittarius) one who lets me pet him most mornings
      he’s agressively affectionate or totally standoffish
      so I’m guessing his moon is in Scorpio

  11. My seething confrontational dream definitely counts. I woke up foaming and the dream stuck with me even days later. Ruthlessly culled sons “ripped, stained and torn” t-shirts whilst not caring if mine was unashamedly grotty-ish. Mercury will be exactly crossing my Neptune in Scorp and triggering Mars in Taurus. Power angry!

  12. Several more weeks of of this? ,
    please say it isn’t so.
    All seethed out. & this song is incessantly popping in to my head
    And ‘yes’ it sounds promising, but can the magic just fuqing manifest already?!!
    “Oh, oh, oh
    It’s magic, you know
    Never believe it’s not so…”
    Ps: Does anyone have an Ultra-effective housewitchery cure for claiming back sacred sanctuary space?
    Pluto & Saturn are straddling my Asc. New Moon in Scorp conj Venus in 10th. The Merc retro activates Part of Fortune in the 11th.
    Massive phoenixing in the The Works but I can’t breathe, need my sacred space back, ASAP.

    1. Sacred Space by Denise Linn is my fave! She talks about making your space a beacon of light in the world but it is super practical – I adore her books, but this is the best one imo. Get it back!

      1. Thanks so much Sphinx. This is awesome, I’ll get right into it!
        Sox for the delayed response.
        All the very best xox

  13. Mercury in Scorpio activates my Grand Water Trine which includes my natal Merc. in Pisces so I’m feeling all the magic and luck lately (though admittedly, impatient with mundane hold-ups and obligations). But I can definitely attest that every sweeping, positive change I’ve made in the last two years came right on the heels of an epic seethe that instantly clarified something I wasn’t seeing, but seemed obvious in hindsight. The seethe is the caterpillar struggling out of it’s cocoon or the phoenix just when it lights on fire. Flashpoint, a few moments panting in the rubble, then alighting on new wings that weren’t there before.

    1. The time in the cocoon is hard btw. For the caterpillar isno longer a caterpillar when it is in there, it looses all form, and turns to liquid. Then gets the new form of butterfly.

    2. Thanks for those visual descriptions KB. They have helped Me understand the process I have gone through immensely. And thanks K Rowling for the flashback of the Phoenix on fire.

  14. Was too busy organising my Madre Scorpia’s birthday shindig to seethe. Being busy is the antidote to having feels, or seethes, I guess. Certainly I feel neither awake nor asleep! My thoughts are as symbolic as my dreams. And my cards were all declined today. Then a social worker popped by asked me what happened to the me she met years ago? That I needed to find myself again. Actually considered her question, meditated, then realised I hadn’t lost myself, luckily! It was just I wasn’t projecting the mentor face she wanted to see. But I am not impulsed to provide that currently. It was sweet of her to ask though.

    1. Ugh I AM always suspicious of those kind of advice, usually is just someone projecting something or even trying to steal my energy by false-empathy. Glad you haven’t Lost yourself lol

      1. Haha, she is gorgeous and meant well, I did question myself after I met another psycho psych for my sweet autie Cap, as did she, but it’s all ok. There is a point where where I am at where reaching out to others for help is a bit childish, reactionary etc when I know what is what.. but it is water off a duck’s back. She perceives blocks where I see just another disappointing search for a mentor I probably don’t need. It’s a place of “not needing” right now. I just like interacting!

  15. Yesterday when I came home from work, the whole wall on the opposite side of the lane had collapsed!! This is directly opposite my house.
    I have had a nightmare with this guy angle grinding day and night., so much so that I am moving house, he’s fucked my my peace so much.
    Big karma, thanks universe for exposing this snake.
    I had one of those chinese mirrors pinned outside deflecting his toxic energy, I thought it wasn’t working.
    He was up all night , shoveling bricks and rubble right outside my fence.
    It’s all I can do to not go insane.

  16. I think Jupiter around my descendant must be having positive effect. I’m getting tangled up but then like a rubber ball just bounce away, thinking ” this doesn’t even m a t t e r” I dont think I even care about people at the moment, I need to be back in my creative space. Also this is Scorpio right, plenty of sex can surely fix a lot of things lol
    Instead of seething, I prefer to use brooding or the odd deep dive…

  17. Oh my, yes the seeth. So much this weekend over some hideous pond scum behaviour (not mine). But I didn’t bite I just left quietly from the scum proceedings and took myself home. Writing letters and burning them seems to be a good way to go rather than imagining myself with some kind of sword that cuts the heads of muggles and shuts them up for good.

  18. This weekend was really full on seething, and I’ve been seething all year to some extent with Pluto and Saturn grinding back and forth over my IC. I ended up digging out my ancient laptop, looking at old photos, missing my dad, not missing all the Neptunian ghost men I’ve had run ins with… Glad to hear it was at least good timing for it, and I did have some possible revelations about career direction amidst all the funk and angst.

    1. Crystallised future

      How’s the transit of those two effecting you? My son will be having the same in a few years time, a few years after squaring off of his perfectly conjunct Mercury and Venus in his 12th house. I look at it with alarm at times but don’t have time to study it this year.

      1. I was expecting family issues to come up with the IC transit, and family relationships have moved into different phases – my mother is getting older, my sister got married. It has manifested more though with stressful but necessary career changes. I left the job I had been in for 15 years and am retraining, spending a lot more time at home and battling DIY/plumbing issues to turn it into a place I can work from. Along the way I’ve been watching my country (UK) turning into a basket case. Contemplating, really for the first time, the idea of one day moving to a different, saner country. So all that murky IC home/belonging stuff has come up one way or another, but focusing on the practical seems to help.

        1. Sometimes I find that reading for my opposite Ascendant (I’m cap rising, so cancer) actually trends to be more accurate a lot of the time. Maybe it has to do with projection or something?

    2. Have the same mostly…. My IC is 24 Capricorn, Asc is 21 Libra, so mostly have been focused on the square to the ascendant. It’s brutal. Am trying to leave my marriage, but there are no rentals available in my town!! Weirdly of the 6 that have come up in the last month FOUR of them are on my street, and one of them was filled with my future roommate’s ex-boyfriend……………………

      Also have a crush on a philandering, emotionally unavailable scoundrel, and have bought leopard print covers for the seats in my car.

      I look cute all the time though?

      1. YES! Pluto-Ascendant transits are when you go secretly insane but everyone wows out at how good you look -I did a post on my Pluto square Ascendant transit ages ago; if I can find it, I post here. It was the weirdest vibe ever. Like being in a David Lynch movie.

        1. Yes, please. It’s 1000% a David Lynch film. In fact, I live in a tiny depressed former logging town in Oregon (literally in a national forest), so more specifically, it is Twin Peaks.

          1. Omg bliss witch and mystic, when Pluto was opposing my ASC I was living in a town that Lynch would have exploited to the max if he was living in Australia lol. Relationship implosion too, which gave it that extra dose of banality and dissociation, but not as officially ugh as divorce tho. (I assume)

  19. Mystic, I have been refreshing your site all weekend hoping for a post like this to validate the 4 am post-insane-emotional nightmare roller coaster of angst and anger i have been experiencing for the last three days, heightened all the more getting my period on the night of the new moon. The dreams have been painfully vivid all about a core emotional abandonment and caretaker fatigue wound, rousing me up at 4 am every night, in a struggle between a calm gratitude over what needs to be healed/let go and then a deep desire to summon a dragon and literally burn my entire past to the ground so I can claim my greatness. Then, in the day, still ruminating and seething on all these resurfaced memories and missing my deceased loved ones who did love me the way I need and missing them really terribly. A dark, dark angst bus ride. Pluto and Saturn are also in my 12th, so you know, this weekend was like the midterm exam of that whole transit.

    Thank you for this post & thank you to all those brave to share their experiences below. Sending you all the energy and resources you need to pheonix the fuq outta this. I got my pen and paper ready to make a mental note to keep this work going throughout the retrograde, when hopefully, I too won’t be paycheck to paycheck. Seriously, this post ticked off every box I am experiencing right now. Phewwww!

  20. I just wanted to cry (rare) and hide: of which I didn’t and managed (via ‘thinking’ about tears forming in those skull sockets !REPLICANT! and afternoon napping. Damn you, Cap rising. I swear I’ve never seen a damn Cappy Sun cry.)

    I went into a funk. Watery murky sloshings this dark moon. Determined to discover something, anything, liferaft-esque for ongoing familial pressures, I writhed around a bit (Leo Venus needed a stryggle show), then went straight for it. I unearthed my, my husband and son’s charts to attempt to integrate our personal dynamics for Ultimate, Heck, even just Basic please, Astro Aligned Family Functioning.

    (Already with the insights!)

    This will be a productive AND seething seven weeks whilst I wade through CHARTered territory.

    Sunday I began researching, documenting and attempting to better understand all our placements, personal Eeek! areas, and little Try This tips highlighting the Please Note points for us Earth Suns Three: A Guide to This Family.

    (I need to keep my Virgo Mars, Merc and Sun busy mmkay? Who am I kidding, the bitches just run off ahead and do this sort of Mercurial hustling without permission.)

    Dysfunction be gone, cosmically aided guide forthwith! Welcome to the future!

    Thanks Mystic 🙏🌌

  21. Glad to know I am not imagining these Mercury Retro Blues. But nearly EVERYTHING is fuqing up and nearly EVERYONE is flaking out and the SEETHING is tres real. And had nothing to do with being irritated at the Activated Muggles.

    1. ABSOLUTELY. When I say I am in my feelings. Can’t stop crying but can’t truly figure out why everything and everyone makes me cry. Ready to pack up and drive across country but hard to drive while crying so I sit. And then i journal and then i make declarations and then I seethe. I’m completely on shutdown mode as I am protecting my energy.

      Happy Birthday Scorpios.

  22. Your posts give me perspective and strength to go on.
    On one level things are going well, new job, apartment, and town, all of them upgrades. Only Saturn/ south node inc is trining my fat taurean stellium, and natal virgoan saturn, making me very earthy..
    Adding scorpio waters to the dirt turns it to mud, and turning our Scandinavian clocks to winter time robs us of daylight, plunging us into the endless night of winter. ( still without snow)
    Yet, after the initial dread, and seething came the emotional storm, and realisation that going to work without physically harming anyone is good enough. This is not the time of my best work, but that is ok.
    The fire place of my new apartment is like a new house goddess, giving me much needed fire in this otherwise muddy season.

    1. Hey, I’m right with you there. Moved to a new town 4 months ago and it’s going alright, but I’m definitely feeling like…is this enough? Especially with my social life. It’s weird to not know people or things to do outside of work.

      1. Congratulations on new town! And yes to all!..
        this town is so small that there is apparently one single man my age ( apart from some bar flies), and i am not attracted to him.
        And i dont care. Ihave had years of spiritual roller coaster and Zap Zone expantion. Peak experiences as high and wild as the Alps. ( untill i begges for grounding) Now its the Grind. Totally contrasting paralel reality. I was high as a kite on cosmic love, beaming like the sun, giggeling all the way to work. Now i look like Saturn and Pluto had a grim daughter, trying not to frighten the students.

        1. This made me laugh – Saturn and Pluto’s grim daughter! But she will be the smartest, healthiest and wealthiest girl in town by the time this transit is done xx

  23. Ourladyunderground

    So relieved that it’s not “just me” I could almost cry. Taurus sun/Pisces moon/ Scorpio rising here. Had a horrible weekend of feeling stuck, depressed, leaden (indeed), angry, and just generally glum. Like any progress I had made this year just went down the toilet. It’s good to put it in some perspective. I do feel better today and a bit more “aware.” So I’m hoping I can travers the next few months with at least SOME grace. Thank you, Mystic.

    1. Yup. Can totally relate girl. Super hugs from NYC… this too shall pass. We got this…. or at least wine… we got wine. Lol.

  24. I’m on my period and for some reason this one has been unusually laden with emotionality. Like no matter what is going on, I’m baseline sad, not just sad because anything happened. I haven’t felt like this in a while.

    My manager just quit and I’ll be taking over most of her responsibilities. Our department head lives in la-la land but he gets to decide if and how I move up into a manager role, who he brings in, etc. I feel like I can’t trust him. Everyone keeps assuming I’ll be manager next but I feel very uneasy.

    Relationship resentments are also coming up – specific fights/words/actions come up in my head from God knows where and make me feel angry and like I DESERVE AN APOLOGY but really it’s from people I am now friendly with. We put all this behind us. Should I bring it up or chalk it up to hormones?

    I have to go get my driver’s permit too, which should be a study in seething all by itself. I’ll reward myself by going to the gun range to do some cathartic paper shredding.

    1. Yeah what IS with the out of nowhere past words, fights and feelings from, come on, long ago! Every step seems a crouching, ducking, suddenly plaguing memory. ??
      I feel you.

      I did some vague art doodling yesterday, snapped back into present time and looked down to a hard, angry sort of continuous line drawings of a woman cuddling a boulder.
      Ok then.

      Try that?!

      1. Maybe we are all boulders at this time haha. I actually got a few things done and am feeling better. Still have to wait until December to get my driver’s permit thing fixed but that’s probably for the best?

  25. I madly cackled at the all-too-relatable T-shirt + telephonic queue but especially the “… questioning every life choice to date and hoping your card is not declined.” After a weekend filled with heroin-strong mental and emotional compulsions and withdrawal syndrome of trying to NOT repeat a damaging relationship pattern, late last night I cleaned my room, journalled for a bit, did a rather violent salt scrub in the shower and plopped into bed to read a rather aptly (and most scorpially) named Discworld novel, I Shall Wear Midnight. Not disappointed. This quote: “That was the thing about thoughts. They thought themselves, and then dropped into your head in the hope that you would think so too. You had to slap them down, thoughts like that; they would take a witch over if she let them. And then it would all break down, and nothing would be left but the cackling.”

    1. Oh, nice. I was considering ditching all the fiction on my shelves, I just never seem to read , which is strange for a former book worm. But it occurred to me that other worlds are just what I need right now. Thank you 🙂

    2. I just reserved this at my local library. It was under juvenile? It said discworld and the author is Terry Pratchett?

  26. Ha!

    “A Dark Moon Phone Seethe in One Act”

    [Robo-insurance-lady voice]: approximate wait time…three…minutes…54…seconds.

    (paces along sunken downtown river for 28 minutes 37 seconds while classical music loops in approximate 3 second bursts interrupted by robo-voice reassuring me that my call is important and will be answered as soon as possible)

    [human]: yes, so to verify your mental and behavioral health benefits…


    And so begins my (12th house) Scorpio season.

    And with this new moon exact my Pluto-Vesta, I’m geared up head-to-toe for the mines.

  27. Oh I was seething all right. Core theme: RAGE. I was channelling Lilith and I loved it. It was full tilt rage yet with a clarity and calmness that was a little unnerving now that I think about it. Ended up in a brilliant convo with a dear friend who smiled knowingly.

    One thing I don’t really get is how even before the shadow began EVERYTHING went haywire. I think this is the weirdest retro period I’ve ever experienced. By the time Mercury goes retro it’ll be a breeze.

  28. I had a very low day yesterday. I went to the gym and the most recent grief bubbled up with the oxygen in my blood. It needed to come out and so I tried to let it without judgement. I came home, put on my favourite record and curled up on the floor and sobbed. Please help me I kept saying. Please help me. I sat up and I had the strangest feeling of being held by someone. Some entity was definitely there holding me up. Maybe I’m just a batty Piscean under stress, but I’ll take it.

    1. You are not batty C.

      You were being held. I’m a Pisces Rising so I should know.

      It’s funny that you mention bats. On the first night in my new cottage I noticed colonies of bats flying at dusk to nest. Looking up an studying their bodies and wing span brought me to a magical place. I was so happy that I forgot the stress I had just endured. It brought on healing. I threw up the stress in my tummy and cried. I slept like a baby for 14 hours.

      Sweet dreams and healing to you Chrysalis. We heal when we cry.


      1. The crying + inadvertantly calling for help is all too familiar. 🙁
        Well done with letting it all out complete-surrender-style though.

        1. I don’t seem to have much control over the process. Very unusual for me. I hope it’s the final round of Saturn-Pluto detox xx

      1. It felt strangely reassuring. It was a kind of male protective entity is the best I can describe it. I’m talking to it pretty regularly now, assuming it’s still here looking after me. xx

    2. Chrysalis, you’re a beautiful Piscean under stress. I love reading your posts – I can almost feel the water, it’s like a soothing bubbling brook. What an amazing experience. I’m grateful to you for sharing it as I’ve experienced similar and wondered if it was just me. It seems true the old adage “seek and ye shall find”. I hope that protective energy is staying with you and cradling you through challenging times. xox

      1. Thank you it means so much to hear that what I write here means something. Tbh I think we’re pretty lucky to be sharing each other’s journeys in this space.
        Your experience of a protective energy sounds like it was profound… I am glad I’m not the only one. xx

        1. Yes, totes – very lucky to be sharing this space. Hope you are having better days. Although it is okay to have low days. We are Cap moons after all. We are comforted by a bit of good ol stark, barren rocky earth at times! Metaphorically and literally. 😊

  29. I went on a deep radiohead bender yesterday and I think that did all my seething for me, echoing teenage depression and my Saturn return. Oooh Scorpio, my old friend and nemesis

  30. Totally brilliant. My go to? Don’t stay with what you don’t need. Thanks for the nudge Mystic. You are fuqing legendary.

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