Mercury In Taurus Has Benefits

Mercury in Taurus has many benefits, retrograde or not. Whether you’re born with it or looking to maximize this annual visit of the Messenger God, read on.

Mercury in Taurus sounds cognitively dissonant. The fleet-footed (winged sandals, for fuqs sake) Mercury in the verdant Zen fields of our Taurus.

But when Mercury is in Taurus, methodical thinking and productive relaxation are easier. You’re less likely to whirl around in a blur of faux research. This annual visit is good for:

*Suavely giving yourself the time to rationally assess the situations at hand. Valuing your wisdom enough to give it space to reveal itself.

*Making over your soundscape.  New playlists!  The return of mixtapes!  Experimenting with binaural beats, white noise, the Schumann Resonance, fresh genres, Tibetan Mantras, drum & hum, your own compositions – the whole gamut.

*Upping your Yin via the Yogic/Meditation/Sleep hygiene end of the spectrum.

*Don’t scoff but it is good for gardening. You can communicate with trees, planets & nature more readily with Mercury here.

*Focusing on your $$$$ in a relaxed and grounding way, quietly pruning off excess here and nourishing what you want to grow. You don’t have boom and bust consciousness – your thought style is more organic and it works.

*Transmitting sensuality or conducting conversations about intimacy and sex in a really cool, eloquent fashion.

*Doing normally difficult money dialogue with immense gravitas, projecting so chill that you come across super-powerful.

When You're Born With Mercury in Taurus

With or without professional training, you probably have a beautiful, melodic voice. It’s the Mercury sign of Ella Fitzgerald, Barbara Streisand, and Stevie Wonder.

You’re a throat-chakra-aligned transcendentalist with time on your side. People who think Mercury in Taurus is slow-paced are overlooking a vital factor: you excel in strategy, as well as fields that require patience: long play investments, engineering, diagnostic medicine, teaching, horticulture, and diplomacy.

Your intensive listening style and serene air also allow you to capture an extraordinary volume of information. You can see it at work in the reportage of doco filmmaker Louis Theroux.

Mercury also shows your style of self-expression and creative output. Mercury in Taurus creations tend to be substantial and lasting. Think Herge with the Tintin range of books, Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series, Lena Dunham’s Girls or George Lucas and Star Wars.

Downsides: You can resist changing your mind and send scary scorn rays toward those you deem flaky or fickle. And, your seductive voice gives some people an entirely incorrect impression of your interest levels.

*This is from my Astral DNA birth chart report.

44 thoughts on “Mercury In Taurus Has Benefits”

  1. Thank you, had to laugh, my robot vacuum is anticipating the Mercury retrograde and the suction motor failed. Add to that and I am working thru some lifetime patterns of addiction to outmoded patterns of behaviour and I think you have hit the nail on the head.

  2. Wooo, as someone with a natal Taurus Merc RX I’m pretty excited for this! I have 6 retrograde planets in my chart so I always feel like the vibe is so very “me” when just about everything in the planet is retro.

  3. “Hard up for a root” LOLOL. I do love our Aussie vernacular 🙂

    The retro will pass back and forth across my Taurus MC and Jupe so am hoping for big career messages.

  4. I started this kids club in my local area. The kids are putting on a play and so were rehearsing. Its written and directed by them. Kids being kids – the one directing said shut up to another kid. Both teens who dont get on well with each other but nothing nasty. The parent came in and took the girl out of the house where i hold the sessions and shouted at the girl outside the house told her off for saying shut up. Ughhh how petty. I had already sorted it out between the kids in class. I was mad. Told her it was disrespectful of her to not even come and speak to me about the situation. She said it was not my problem but her problem and the girls. What?? Problem between a grown up adult and a teen who innocently said shutup to a stroppy rude teen? She said i wouldnt understand because im not a mother. If not caring about the feelings of kids and what another mother might feel at knowing her kids was screamed at on the street then ii think im more affectionate and caring than i gove myself credit.

    Honestly what is wrong with people? She came up with weird excuses – i was speaking full of feelings, am not responsible for the kids when they come to the sessions, am not the mother of the kids. This is one messed up individual!

    Honestly i get so upset when i lose my cool because im so hot headed and say things i later regret. I know saturn passing through 3rd house = local area issues, neighbours, communication.

    1. So manu realisations – this is related to last eclipse in libra. Nothing happened then but always does. That cycle was all about 1/7th houses. Ive experienced a relationship with a narcissist before and her energy just reminds me of that. She provoked and blamed and the saddest thing was she has no feelings through it. Accused me of talking while feeling. Well yes, im human i have feelings.

      Last eclipse was in my 1st house. Reminders of liberation, taking care of my energy, giving credit to myself. Im making this more of a deal than is – typical of having been in contact with a qi vamp and the after phase of you wondering wtf just happened!

    2. “Because you’re not a mother”
      Oh god fuq off. (Not you obvs.) She actually said that??!
      So basically she (“responsible adult”) yelled at the teenager for yelling (not even) at someone else, a peer. Practice what you preach much, MOM? Lol

    3. Mummy has boundary issues. Perhaps.
      Sorry this clearly sets off my “overly fussy mothers who need some perspective pronto” alert haha

    4. I cannot stand “out of whack” parents. If my kid fucks up, I own it. If he doesn’t, I go to bat for him. But I choose my battles. Bullying? I will speak up. Racism? Don’t get me started. But shut up? But if my kid is being rude? How can I be mad?

      Some parents out here are so mean, so vicious, and so deflective. I had a mega bad experience at my son’s former school which fell apart due to parents NOT banding together in the face of a toxic, corrupt school council and new principal (which I warned the former principal about 6 months earlier when I said he wasn’t the “right” one – I was right). I cared about ALL the kids and keeping the school community together for THEM – the parents only cared about their single child. It was sad, and some of these kids had nervous breakdowns from losing their school community.

      People need perspective, they need to know when to be a lioness and when it put their own cubs in check.

      As far as “you’re not a parent” I’ve met non-parents who treat parents like they’re idiots, or twist shit to be about them not being able to conceive. People need to keep their baggage away from kids – the last thing kids need is to inherit any more BS. I know this from experience.

  5. So Mercury goes retro on my north node in the second. Maybe I rethink income strategy ?! Gods know I need to !
    But I’m definitely using the Mooooooo mantra.

  6. Interesting- I wonder how this will play in with the new moon in Taurus? Both form a T-square with my personal planets.

    I’ve been thinking about getting a massage. Is that Taurus enough?

  7. The lil emerging ostrich ferns are out and it’s so exciting. I welcome them and gently pet their fuzzy stems. I’m ready for forest zen for sure. I’ll be like Ferdinand of the forest, listening to the singing waters and petting the ferns. Yesss. The more time I spend out there, the better since the retro is in my 7th house.

  8. Jupiter and N Node, Pluto, Mercury… Wow that’s lots of keep-it-real-or-get-real earthy activity in my (as I call them) “house(s) of other people”! – the 3rd, 7th and 11th houses.
    Not to mention our friend the Moon bringing the dreamscape / feels home every 9 days or so in that ongoing, productive earth trine. Hmmm.

    Ok so I stopped to think (hey there is Merc in Toro for you “stop and think” LOL)
    I decided my motto can be “reach out and touch someone” til July … Have a natal Jupiter trine coming up around then too I think.

    Thanks mystic
    Winged sandals? you bet your flip flops #mercurychartruler

  9. The Crazy Crone

    Plants don’t talk to me: crystals, rocks and stones do, and they’ve been shouting really loudly at me in recent times. Back to combining art and crystals. Fun and magic.

  10. 12th House Virgo

    Well, I’ll be having my home remodeled for the retro. The project initiated around the time of the eclipse, but the construction is going to be during the retrograde. I am hoping the emphasis on “re” as in refinance/remodel, will appease the retrograde gods.

  11. I love Mercury Retros!
    I negotiated (and then re-negotiated) the best deals ever during those 🙂
    Peeps just dont know what ‘came over them’ and sign, but I do.
    This time its in my 8th house- hmmm, interesting.
    It affects me the most before, then after.
    Always do repairs before it starts, or wait till after.
    Need my car serviced- so better do it now (merc+travel+work+commerce)
    Thanks MM – you delivered again!

  12. On one hand, Mercury in Taurus sounds lovely, esp during Spring. On the other, not so much: Mercury rx in my 2nd house. More delays, you say? To that I give a resounding, sarcastic Yay.

    1. More delays AND theft concerns! The Merc rx will of course be in opposition to my Scorpio bits, so yes, I see the potential for drama central re material resources… But thanks for the heads up, Mystic: forewarned is forearmed & all that.

      1. Yep – ordering a truckload of salt.
        It started early here – during this last Merc-Uranus hook-up, all of the bikes in our apartment block were pilfered – even tho they were in the building, locked and tied up. Mercury – patron saint of thieves in league with Uranus?

        1. Damn your bike thief is a tricking bitch, isn’t he? Uranus-Mercury indeed! Ooh & we have a whole month of tricky to look forward to with the retro… Salt up to my eyebulbs.

  13. “A trades person whose
    weirdness around machinery
    constituted some sort of bizarre new personality disorder.”
    This is a tantalising haiku, what on earth does it mean?!

    So Mercury will turn retro at 23 degrees of a fixed sign, eh?
    Is this pinging all those blimming 23 deg of Scorpio tribulations?? My poor Moon is being squared then, by Mercury.
    I will regard this as another hint from the Universe to practice emotional excellence in the form of ‘shut ya trap’.

    1. Why not try for one level higher. Aside from not saying ‘it’ try not to even ‘think’ it. They tell me once you’ve conquered that, the gates of the 5th dimension open wide to allow you in. Reason being of course that outside time (4th) thought is instantly manifest ! Are you ready for that ?

      1. Oh god stop reading my mind. Lol!
        I have been actively avoiding THAT since a few edgy experiences. Times probably up on delaying my evolution but my 12th House is ruled by Venusian Taurus. Tra la laa!
        Where this Mercury pivots over the next while. Bet Pluto will have a few choice words for me.
        (Plus I have Uranus on my Chiron, Saturn on my NN and Mars on my Neptune)

        While we are at it, MM stop reading my mind too! That image!!!!! When we were discussing the Mercury Hack all I could see was Mercury on several telephones at once like this guy. 🙂

      2. Thank you for the reminder dl – re manifestation.
        In fact I think it was Charles who mentioned something similar. In a less cosmic fashion but same idea. Merc in Toro = materialisation.

        Mercury rules my 12th house and 1st house and I am good at doing big-picture manifestation stuff (also strongly related to how we apply ourselves in our lives lol) so I will take this on board…. Cleaning up my thinking. Hmmmmm yes.

        1. Yes Merc in Toro being about realisation materially speaking! So true. I hope I get internet connection at home soon. Am chewing up data on the phone.. eep.
          Having Mercury direct and no internet is not helping my issues with retrogrades (as in I don’t think they are such a thing for me).

    1. 3rd house is a great position for Mercury ! It’s natural home. Even in Taurus 😉 the house of communication, especially with those close, family, neighbors, day to day associates.
      So you are about to experience what I would consider a classic Mercury retrograde. A series of minor disruptions and misunderstandings in your day to day life. All very temporary and easily avoided. The superior mind power you possess, that would usually keep everything moving smoothly along may seem to be not working on all cylinders and even questioned by normally agreeable acolytes. How dare they you might think ? Well it’s all backward and soon they will realise their mistake of doubting your brilliance 🙂 until then smile and nod. Your words can be like weapons and during merc retro they can backfire !

      1. Thank you Davidl. I’ve always wondered if having my natal mercury in Taurus holds me back but I guess all it requires is an understanding of the potential.

  14. I’m a Gemini and my Mercury is in Taurus. How would this transit affect me then? Does anyone have any ideas?

    1. What house is your natal mercury in ? And your gem sun, which house ? Taurus is my 11th house, (friends, groups associations ) so that’s where I’m looking for merc retro effect this time.

  15. Tibetan Mantras, drum & hum – the whole gamut…
    I’ll try out the Taurus mantra … Moooooo
    Apparently, unlike Ommmm that connects you to all things spiritual, the great unseen effulgence of nothingness , Mooooo, connects you with all things physical and comforting. The couch, the bar of chocolate in the cupboard, the November Lilly bulbs that need planting and the warm yummy bodies of those close to you. As a Venus in Taurus I’m going to wait till Mercury conjuncts it and do some semi nude gardening while eating choc coated waffles cooked over an open fire and moooing till the cows come home.

  16. Mercury Retrograde is always mega awesome and abundant for me. I’ve only had one snafu’s ever, which during the one late last year and it was easily resolved. I say very yes to gardening – I plan to pot the last of my plants as well as bring in crystals that facilitate speaking with nature/fairy spirits.

    Seeing as this Mercury is in Taurus – and I have my natal Mercury in Taurus in the 12th, I guess I guess the abundance will be inner and outer! Friggin’ awesome! Bring on the awesome retros. Nope, not born during a Mercury Retro phrase only Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were Retro when I was born.

  17. Taurus rules my 12th house, and Pluto is currently in the middle of my 8th. Ready for those omens and baggage dropping clarity moments. So ready.

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