What Would Be A Lucky Totem For My House?

Ok Mystic, community challenge time!

The interwebs have been trawled, your House Witchery has been scoured, my unconscious has been plunged (ok, exaggeration – it was more like a 2 min elevator pitch, whatever), and nothing entirely addresses a need I have. And that need is to fill a blank wall in my home office – but with what???

I want an auspicious subject, almost spell-like. You see I’m right at the super awks part of a career change; shiny new degree in the creative industries but no job. And I am simultaneously yoked by debts to a stale but successful technical career. And I’m doing all of this out of my home office, which I LOVE. It’s got a north-facing window for soft light, a little couch and awesome lighting for every mood and job. Add to this the brand spanking DIY bookshelves to finally give my books a worthy home and a monochrome color palette. I don’t care if it’s not Feng Shui compliant, I love the vibe in this room. So the last element to add in my office is a biiiiig image to fill the blank wall, and given what I stated above that image needs to radiate serious creativity/prosperity energy.

A Lucky Totem That Encapsulates Creativity And Prosperity

However, I can’t find a myth, or symbol, or element, or whatever that embodies creativity and prosperity, so I’m asking for help. Mystic, I know you’ll get the importance – I remember the desk runes and your frequent advice for how to House Witch in modern ways for modern times.

Because, as practical and powerful as Feng Shui can be, some of the imagery is very ancient Asian mythology which is cool, but I have no relationship with that. I’m not gonna look at a painting of a frog chewing coins and think, ‘Yeah. Empire building.’ The one idea I kind of like is Mer-Goat. Don’t know why because I have empty space in Cap, maybe it’s the water-earth combo or the cool hybrid creature thing. But then I think of the scary patriarchal Capricorn myths, and it puts me off. 

So, audience question time: what image does the community think I should put on my home office wall to encourage creativity and prosperity? And it can be anything, because my mission is to paint it myself. Apart from being a fun little project, it will add more power to the summoning of awesomeness. 

Mystic, thanks for building a community/safe-space where we can put questions like this out there. Can’t wait to read the response!

Yes, I get it and it’s particularly problematic to whirl around evoking deities that you have not even a slight concept of. So you could do a gigantic dollar sign a la Andy Warhol or a magnificent mountain image? Pentacles? They’re not so much Capricorn but they’re the Earth ‘coin’ in Tarot.

But every time you do something with intent – whether it is a tattoo or a painting – you are activating that energy. So I would not go around lightly invoking Saturn-Capricorn Vibe without a clearer concept of what it is doing in your birth chart.

So, I would go with the symbol/imagery of whatever is in your Fourth House and – as you want this to be a prosperity totem – the sign on the cusp of your 2nd house, the $$$ sector. See your Astral DNA if you are not sure of the sign.

For example, if Pisces was your second house, you could do a gigantic wave and some Pisces symbols?  If it were the Sun or Leo, giant glitter paint sunflowers and lions?

What does everyone else think?


There is now a designated Astro-Decor report that deals with this precise scenario! Delineating the sign in your 4th house – as well as any planets etc that were there at your birth – it describes your home personality and aligned colors, styles etc. Go here for more info!

83 thoughts on “What Would Be A Lucky Totem For My House?”

  1. What an exciting place to be, both figuratively and literally! Using the second house cusp as a starting point is a really good idea. You could consider a ritual, something small and easy, clearing your mind and asking for the right object to be brought to you. As you seem very open to suggestions, this might work as you aren’t invested in any particular thing. In my Piscean experience, you’ll absolutely know it when you see it.
    This post tho’… it has set something off in me and sent me on an alarmingly brutal (yes even for a Mars in Virgo) dark moon cleaning / laundry/declutter bender. Never mind my big deadline, I’ve been mopping, binning and culling all day. Something about your query resonated at such a fundamental level. I’ve recently ticked over another anniversary of leaving my marriage and suddenly my living space doesn’t have enough future in it. Everything about where I live feels stuck instead of safe. Overnight this has happened. New moon on my SN.

    1. A few other peeps have mentioned the ‘clear your mind, focus on space, it will come to you’ process. I will try it. And thank you for the super nice comment and 2nd house suggestion. Annnnd, totally behind you on following the urge to purge, especially if it’s based on past relationship stuff – that stuff is extra swampy. I recommend burning or shredding things if you’re able – very satisfying 😉

  2. I keep picturing something along the lines of a collage. especially considering that youre thinking of doing it yourself.
    To take the time to collect images/styles/ideas/colours/totems etc. that simply say something to you. Collect them without judgement for x amount of time (maybe now until Uranus gets into Taurus?) and from there see if there are any recurring themes or patterns that stand out from what you’ve gathered.
    And then turning that into the motif if it resonates.
    This wall sounds big and because of that it strikes me as an investment which would take time not only in painting but figuring out what parts of your psyche want to be represented on that wall in that space to keep you up, focused and into your life.

  3. Hmnn as I change my nail polish, (Libra crowd with Gem Mars) I recommend rotating art. Plants feel too fussy- as planets and cusps evolve from fire to earth to air to water, maybe a color and theme but not über intensive permanent work. My natal 4th is Aqua but progressed is Aries- and Neptune still there since….

    Love the Mer Goat as she navigates and flows so is mistress of many realms!

    Recently I stripped old dusty swags-90s window “treatments” from LR- so much better- moved art around- and retired “important” pieces.

    Maybe incorporate vibe that your prosperity flows from many sources- not only one magical place/totem.

  4. Concerning the feng shui imagery I couldnt agree more. I really dont feel any connection to that and I totally loathe the waving cats and the weird spiralized bamboo. In regards to your home office, I very much believe in coloured walls. I would paint the wall golden. Gold always symbolizes wealth to me, and I think it would go nicely with your blue colour scheme and would gently reflect the little light that a north facing window provides. 🙂

    1. I love the idea of a gold wall shedding its golden hues on the rest of the room with all it’s cosmic attributes – it belonging to the realm of Sol & therefore super-creativity. Think i might act on this idea of yours Melissa M, thank you!

    2. Yeeeeeah, gold…… People have mentioned pentacles so far (don’t know why I didn’t think of that before, duh) but it’s too literal. Gold is a subtle way to do that and I agree with you about reflecting the soft northern light, it would make the gold look rich not gaudy.

  5. Whilst here, may I ask if anyone has any useful Pluto/Scorpio high-vibe symbols?

    Doin a house purge/smack-my-wych-up today, whilst listening to House wychery mp3 and it turns out my IC is Scorpio.


    1. Phoenix, eagle, majestic birds of prey who swoop but return to the aerie. Fawkes from Harry Potter.

      Swords, warrior culture. Saw an amazing exhibit of weapons down Samurai culture at our local museum last year. Tea pots, little dolls.

      Scorp is also instruments of healing- herbs, alchemy, beakers….

          1. My Mars is Gem and Pluto square in Virgo so I relate more to the less chthonic Scorp- my love of hospitals not withstanding- Scorp is altars of sacrifice too-

    2. Not many people relate the dove to Scorpio, but it is the ultimate totem of High Scorp (after the scorpion, eagle & phoenix) as healing & spreading
      peace is the ultimate power of Scorp – one who has gone through transformation/phoenixed.
      Would be a nice totem to tune your IC/home to – probably not as funky as the others, but having one’s home as a peaceful sanctuary certainly helps in life.

      1. Definitely relating to the peace within and that is exactly how I relate to my home space. Its weird but I have a painting I began last year of a place called gunwalloe, a beach where I connected really strongly to a slow-worm, a female legless lizard who had recently lost her tail (in battle I assume or, as survived prey hunt). At this beach is a kestrel, who is the most serene hunter I have ever witnessed. Perhaps it is time to finish this painting and place it by my door. I think a dove is also going to come into this space somewhere.. just need to find a non-cheese version 😉

        thank you for the suggestions – really helped me focus today, whilst hus-wyching xx

        1. I have watched kestrels at beach in Gunwalloe!! … it’s gotta be the west country’s totem bird.
          Yes doves can be total cheese – but i don’t mind Picasso’s peace doves. Or for cheese with edge check out Banksy’s *armoured dove*.

  6. Go for gold by
    A. Leaving the space until inspiration gives it time;
    B. Honouring your MC in that inspiration, along with your 2nd;
    C. “Curing” your 8th with a resonant tiny symbol that mirrors another more powerful one in the restorative, non-work “home” part of your house…like bath, home gym or workout clothes area, kitchen, lounge of home seduction etc

  7. what direction is the wall facing? depending on N/S/E/W, I’d go with different approaches … if it’s East, easy, peasy, that’s Air, creativity … you can look to the correspondences for that direction to bring in those energies, specific to your intention. i like the ideas of mandala, and sigil-craft. i’m also seeing a collage of imagery … maybe some prosperity and creative dieties, elements, colors, plants, animals …the possibilities are endless, but if you gear up your south facing wall with earth energy, you may not be inviting in the strongest witchery …. imho, ymmv

      1. i have always been taught East is Air, and yes, sun, dawn, new beginnings, intellect, South is Fire, West is Water, and North is Earth, with Spirit being at the Center. these are standard magickal correspondences, but I know TCM has a completely different system, so I am sure others do as well. the point being to align your intentions with the energy of your environment via directional correspondences, whatever system you subscribe to, for the strongest possible effect.

  8. Wow! Just saw that this got posted and have been scanning before I head off to work. So many awesome suggestions and clues on how to narrow down the subject. Wish I could thank everyone individually, but I’ll definitely reply directly to some of you over the course of the day.

    And keep the suggestions coming! (But no more crystal things or glitter please – defo not my speed!) 🙂

    1. You said you already have a Georgia O’Keefe painting in there. It must mean a lot to you since it has actually contributed to the main “pop of color” in the space. Why not re-create it as a giant mural? It would connect with your past sources –the things that kept you going and brought to this moment– and amplify them.

      Which O’Keefe is that, by the way? Just curious.

  9. Macramé wall art !! This new earth era energy feels very aligned with source vibe. Back to basics, solid, quality materials. Something about all of this just feels right. Very grounding and inspiring. (Hanging glass terrariums with succulents too !!)

    1. Like the idea! Wonder if too much earth, tho, in the solid earth energy of the astro. Feels like there is a need for metal or water or air flow, crispy clean colour accent with flow

  10. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Well, obviously the Mer Goat appeals because this is the NEW EARTH ERA! Regardless of what you have in Capricorn! And nothing says “empire building” like Cap. I think you need to go with your gut on this one.

    1. Yeah, I was thinking along those lines too, so this is really a test. The community either validates my gut or rejects it.

  11. I think it would go 10th house, cap symbols, and what is lurking in the 2nd & 12th. I would also consider a giant fuqing mirror and some serious cleaning plants, with a water feature, or cool misting particle accelerator (ultrasonic diffuser).

    1. When you wrote ‘particle accelerator’ I seriously instantly thought of the Large Hadron Collider and I can’t think of anything more creative than recreating the conditions of the Big Bang! Thank you, there have been a lot of suggestions that cover the prosperity symbolism, but your suggestion (whether you intended it or not!) trigger some cool ideas for the creative symbolism!

  12. A totem animal image. A beautiful owl maybe ? Draw or paint it yourself and incorporate the symbols you love into the image. Do you know your totem animal ? If so go from there.

      1. Its intuitive and personal. I think you know it already. To help you can look at the meanings of each totem on the web or there are great sets of animal totem cards around. Mine is a dog, I think I always knew that, and they do to.

        1. Thanks David. I’m going to dream on it. Wolf came immediately to mind but have been doing a guided meditation w wolf for over a year so perhaps just circumstantial.

        2. Took me ages to work mine out. I’m a Chinese fire horse and have worked with horses for years but no. Love cats big and small, no. Wandered about, wondered about and finally one full moon I was out walking in our very beautiful steep sided valley and before me were two hares. Flitting and darting and leaping. Luna magical and etheric. Hit me like a bolt. My totem or familiar is the hare. I need search no more.

      2. Hi universali, ceremony held by someone else is a great way to receive this information. Its about intention setting as much as being open to which animal it is, so find a good practising shaman, (man or woman). Good introductions are vital to get the boundaries, clarity and history of a practice whilst being held by someone else, means you can really ‘let go’ to explore you inner realms xx

        1. And thank you DoraD. I’ve also been seeking out a shaman for safe and guided journeying for some time. I have a natural mistrust of ‘guru’ figures so waiting for the right one to pop out of the woodwork… so to speak

          1. Pixie Lighthorse is lovely. She has some journey work up on SoundCloud. She lives in the high desert in Oregon, and has the permission of her people to share her journey work. Xxoo

    1. My spirit animal already lives as a tattoo on my wrist, reminding me to be calm, highly evolved and to have sharp teeth 😉 Also, I want this image to help me along just this phase of my life (which I hope won’t last forever!), whereas I feel like spirit animals are a lifelong inspiration/lesson/protection/whatever. What do you think?

  13. I think i would like some of the titles of fantasy porn. This old libido needs a stir. Will get back to you when more awake.

    1. Hey P x have you heard of rule 34 ? The rule states that whatever object you can see around you, anything, there will be a porn category for it. 😉

  14. I moved into a new Power-Lair back in May, and hated EVERYTHING I saw for art for my new space. For me personally, I really love feathers, find them in the strangest places, and see them as a symbol of protection. So I had my sister, who periodically paints, do a giant sized, glittery feather in the color scheme I have in my house to hang. It’s brilliant, I love it, and it feels completely perfect for me and my space.

    Moral of the story: Have something created, or do it yourself, that means something to you. Any item that you resonate with, put it on a canvas and get it up there! Stop thinking so hard about the “right” item, because what you connect with is the right item for you 🙂

    1. Yeah, I over think things 😉 Very happy to hear of someone else who has done this, and confirming that it’s the personal connection to the image that matters most, not so much the symbol itself. Thank you 🙂

  15. Really personal taste contingent, but what about a quilt? There are quite a few old patterns that reference money: egg money, stacked coins, fat quarter, coin collecting. Maybe look up some Gee’s Bend quilts for inspiration. You can probably source something antique pretty reasonably, especially if you live in the US. A lot of families still have these lying around in chests but they’d be great on a big office wall.

  16. Do a 3-card Tarot spread (with your own deck, ideally), asking the past/present/future for best outcome of your business, then paint the three cards on 3 different canvases and frame separately, hanging in order horizontally on the wall. 🙂 Or you could just choose your 3 favorites that feel most auspicious to you (Magician, Empress, Ace of Pentacles? My personal favorite is the Star, a la my avatar) and line those up on the wall. Or a triptych of a nature scene – either way I’m seeing THREE images working here. Is 3 a good number for you? Do you know your Birth Number (birthday + birth month + year numbers added together and reduced to 1 number)? Just curious. I’d frame in silver or gold.

  17. or a spectacular candelabra. that’s a little more flexible and mobile. you could change the colour of the candles, move it around, according to whim.

  18. I’m feeling into this and the hit I’m feeling is a weaving, started on the left side, with items related to metal or tech, perhaps repurposed materials. As you move from left to right, the woven items will gradient into more natural materials and colors. It will be a huge square or a large rectangular horizontal shape. The purpose of acknowledging where you are making $$$ at present and transitioning into a new financial quiver of talents…honor the past, the present and the future. When the assembly is completed, it could be assigned color or pattern as felt necessary or could be cut to some outline of landscape. Just an idea.

    1. This is SUCH an awesome idea! I won’t do it for the big wall space (definitely don’t have time to weave something of that size with two careers on the go!) but I could definitely do a smaller version of a space above my desk. It’s relevant too because I’m trying to juggle/exploit both disciplines so that they complement each other (and not just dump the old career) and the interweaving symbolises that perfectly. Also, I have a tonne of scrap textiles, wires and zip ties that need to be put to use, haha! Thank you, this has really inspired me 🙂

  19. Last year, I spent time meditating in every direction of a new-to-me studio space. I asked each direction what was required and listened. I cleansed every ounce of that space (physically and energetically) and soon found that some totemic symbols were permanent and some temporary. Clearing the space and sitting in each direction can be an aid to our sourcing own feng shui/energetic needs and also helps to convey perception from every angle.

    Ganesh is a firm favourite of mine ( yes yes, empire but he likes sweets..) ; the obstacle un-blocker of champions always wins in my book and is a nice start, if not a permanent fixture in my home. Also you mentioned a window in the North, a perfect place to welcome light and the element of air; so I would consider a feather here; one you have found and which speaks to you. Secondly, carnelian is a very supportive crystal, especially for the strengthening the feminine and any creative aspect of ourselves.

    Honestly, one of the best things I placed on several walls in my home, where shallow display shelves so that I could create shrine, in the direction of choice, as and when I needed to. Permanence, comes with time. I can hear your excitement for your new space (yey) but honestly, sit and wait and or, use more clearing and re-enforcing energies to support the symbols that will come.

    Addition: being so up for transition, I also have a MASSIVE pin board so I can put up big paintings, colour and inspo as and when I want. The phrase ‘mood-board’ makes me want to yack but I love a blackboard because I can change my mind and re-do whenever I want #sizeiseverything


    1. I never looked into Ganesh before but he/she/it sounds cool! It would be the ideal symbol, but like with the Feng Shui example, not something I relate to so… :/
      That said, I’ll take your advice about sitting, waiting, and meditating on that space whilst focused on that space – I feel like I can almost grasp the image I need but it’s just below the surface, hence asking the community to help me push it up. So thanks for providing that push 🙂

  20. Mountain.

    Either an Ansell Adams style giant print, or you go “bring me a mountain for my wall” and you will see it in a gallery window or something. If you’re a bit Aquarian , get a neon mountain custom made for that wall .

    Capricorn has nothing to do with the patriarchy
    But it has a lot to do with structures and systems. One of which happens to be the above, at present.

    1. Oh I didn’t even see mystics suggestion in there. Feel validated lol . As soon as I saw “capricorn” and that vast wall, it was the first thing that arrived in my mind

    2. wait, you said paint it yourself. too easy. a nice free-hanging canvas as a soft line in contrast with the hard surfaces and edges etc. ? balance, u know.

  21. What about creating your own magic sigil? There are several instructional videos on YouTube about it. I particularly like a couple from Grant Morrison the comic book writer who is most enthusiastic about them 😀 Perhaps you can pick an astrologically significant-to-you-and-your creativity/wealth date… maybe something Venus related as Venus represents art/value/wealth … and spend it creating your sigil. Better yet, since ancient lore has it that sigils are even more powerful if they are occulted/hidden, you could bury your sigil under layers of an intuitive painting like Jacqui suggested in a comment below or paint it on the back of the canvas, I think the most important thing is that it is relevant to you and your goals, that you “charge” it with your intention. It could become an annual ritual… or a moon ritual, changing as your needs and goals change. You could add some kind of token of gratitude every time you hit an achievement marker whatever that might be to you and Update it with new visions and goals as they occur to you.
    You could also create an alter to your creative spirit, piling it with books or images from creatives you admire, a special candle which you light every day as you enter your space (you can light it just for a couple of minutes to initiate the creative spark… I often light a candle to honour Vesta as one of Mystic’s Oracle prompts suggests. Vesta is a major muse for me. I recommend beeswax which is clean burning, emits negative ions, plus bees are linked to productivity & prosperity … a jade or round-leafed plant in a red pot and placed atop a mirror (for prosperity and energy), quotes and inspirational images that evolve with you and your ambitions, anything significant to you personally. I do various versions of these things myself and they can be very powerful and sustaining. The idea is to do something that changes, evolves, waxes and wanes like the moon and ideally, something that grows continually echoing the process of creation and sustaining the cycle of creative energy.
    Best of luck to you!

  22. I’ve always been rather fond of the 9 of Pentacles lady in the Rider Waite deck. She seems like she has her shit together. But if you want something less branded, how about a tree? Better still a loaded fruit tree with deep roots and a generous canopy with lots of birds flying in and out.

  23. I don’t know about an image but I can help you with size. All Posters.com have wall murals that can cover a whole wall and look like you are walking into another dimension. There is other stuff as well. The selection is huge.

    And the categories and filters will help you choose.

    1. I love this! As a teenager I babysat for an artistic couple who had a gigantic black and white print framed on a wall and I’ve loved huge prints since then. I don’t even know how they got it into the house, maybe it was built indoors.

  24. As a gut instinct to your request the image symbol that comes to mind is some sort subtly rendered version of the birth of venus by bottecelli goddess arriving on the beach in the massive clam shell; subtle blue green atmosphere of the ocean in the background with the fully grown-realised women nude and draped with all that luxuriant hair–would give the room presence and inspire–for what it is worth. Nice challenge!

  25. Hello and thank you to this enquiry, a wonderful question.

    A massive achievement is in completing your creative qualification and that you have a space in your favourite creative area which needs filling. This is my kind of question.

    A task I’d like to suggest is paint or create a self portrait in your chosen medium or mediums. In my most creative year; that being Senior Year of High School, this task was given to our class. It was the most fun to do and filled my time during lunch breaks. Basically we had a friend take a photograph of you. I went big and used card that comes in a giant sized roll in the art room and I could cut it to the desired length. I was already 5ft 11 3/4ins (I’m like 6ft in bare feet) and weighing under 60kgs. It’s too large to fit into every postage tube I’ve bought.

    I focused on my face as it drew the most attention and with hair pulled back and my long fingers. I sketched out the five faces one for each member of my siblings. Used acrylic paints in vivid colours and because they are cheap and when watered down allow more slip and flow. There are three images of hands – depicting them holding onto a wire fence because I didn’t what my photograph taken and it was taken in the hot Aussie Summer of 1994. The hands are in graphite and oil pastel as in crayons (the cheap and bright and vivid kind).

    This self portrait is my most proudest achievement not the artwork that hung in the State Art Gallery later that year. It is that creative soul that I’ve returned to and I’d love to finish a qualification in a creative industry that you have so greatly achieved.

    Thank you for your enquiry it has lead me to believe that this art direction was the most important for my creative development as an artist. What is the voice you choose to have today the expression you say to and what does that say about yourself?

    Looking at the man in mirror (it was the devil I saw in my reflection, because I was told I’m just like my father and that’s what I saw). That was why my face looks like metal and hard because I needed the suit of protection. My creativity is a blessing and so is yours. I’d love to see the finished result or an update on your progress.

    1. Thank you for sharing that story S, it sounds like painting that portrait was deeply significant and personal for you. If anything, taking my creative development very seriously (ie; three years for a bachelors degree!) made me a better professional in my technical career, it’s like it woke up my entire brain, not just the ‘left side’. Don’t get me wrong, it was a huge sacrifice (see comment about debt!) but I never regretted my decision for a single second. It may be formal education or some other route but I’m sure fully committing to your creativity will reward you as much as it did me 🙂

      1. Getting the brain firing is key. Crossing the meridians helps with that flow too. I’am very realistic about my goals moving forward.

        The man who stalked me for 5 years took my creativity and visual art potential. As a result I dropped out of my creative life and lost many meaningful relationships as a result. He has returned again some 20 years later (after serving his incarceration and AVO term) and now seems to finish what he started then. So finding a safe accommodation home is my priority.

        I wish you great success and prosperity in your creative career. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me G and blessings on your journey ahead.

  26. I agree with syrynx – I needed to fill a large white wall in new home with all the same energy requirements as it is my workspace as well. I just pulled out the colours that I was drawn to and started to paint on a huge canvas – the painting painted itself and I ended up with a landscape – mountains – tres Capricorn ! The more I look at it the more I see painted into it strength magic the past the future hopes the lot wish I could upload it – just paint – your vision will flow ! KAK

    1. Just replied to syrynx and it’s nice to know someone actually did that. Sounds like the Cap/mountain vibes really resonates for many peoples workplace vibe. Would love to see what you painted!

  27. I love the Lion idea, also a key part of the Strength tarot card. So pride in your work/creativity and strength to carry on

  28. I think if it is something large, an artwork, you should just start painting in the colours that feel best to you for the position of the piece and see where it takes you. Symbols are all right but they can kind of pin down the meaning of things in a far too literal way, making the image just THIS and that is it, which is more like a signpost than art. If this is something that would be in your eyeline as you work, you want something that can take your gaze and let you defocus, dream and conjure.

    1. “more like a signpost than art” – I will remember that, thank you. You’re right. And i have a habit of over thinking, which would make ‘signposter-ising’ even more likely. I should just feel my way into this.

  29. Appropriate Colin McCahon’s “I am” or “primordial garden” by John Coburn or a flat light capturing sculpture. Do post the final product

      1. Yes! I was going to suggest doing an intuitive painting ala Flora Bowley too. She has many instructional videos on her site and also on YouTube. A quick search under her name will net results.

    1. Oooh.. I like the Colin McCahon vibe – bold but almost vulnerable? I’ll post the final iiiiif I’m proud of it, and since I can’t paint it may take some time to get there….

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