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You know your Sun Sign but do you know your Home Sign? Astro-Decor is a fabulously uplifting natal astrology report that focuses on your home sector energies via an amusing but informative outline of your Home sign personality and delineations of the Sun, Moon, planets, asteroids and/or fixed stars that may also grace this sector of your birth chart.

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11 reviews for Astro-Decor Report

  1. Maisie

    I absolutely loved this too and Mystic was spot on about how I had unknowingly lived above tunnels. Like the previous reviewer there wasn’t anything in my 4th house planet wise but I was interested to hear about two stars I’d never heard about. Loved all the information, just wish there had been a bit more x

  2. Cat

    This described my home vibe and how I feel about certain objects (e.g. mass produced over handmade) perfectly. I got to know the why of my values around the home space. It is validating. I enjoyed the tips of what to add to enhance specific vibes. I also loved that I naturally had many of these representations.

  3. avalon

    DUDE, omg, read this report, and decided to implement some of the suggestions re: my Astro “power” aesthetics… changed out all my curtains (for ones in the color suggested by my report ✨), and considered some new metallic decor… and I swear ta god, as soon as everything was installed, the vibes felt SO TRUE, and sooo good, it cannot be properly articulated. Alluva sudden, I love being at home. 🥰 Thanks, Mystic! 👍🏻👍🏻

  4. Wish Upon a Star

    I have my Gemini Sun and Mercury in Cancer in the 4th House. I have always wanted to live in 2 places. Queensland in the winter and down south in the summer. This was confirmed by astro decor. I won’t give too many details away. But I will say that the recommendations were very interesting and not something I would have thought of. It’s like a good friend pointing out something that is good for you.

    You know if I was designing my own cabin I would use these recommendations. Especially about having a pot belly stove in the centre of the home.

    The colour recommendations are easy to do with cushions, rugs and tapestries.

    Love it !

  5. Scorpleocap

    For the mega mystic member’s price, this is a bargain and a good read. I got one for myself, and it is almost freaky just how much Mystic gets the quirks of my home persona, especially the influence of Pan…haha, feeling a tad exposed! 😂 🤦🏼‍♀️ I think it would be extremely insightful to get this for someone you are planning to live with, or to better understand someone you already live with. It definitely describes the unique home quirks! There were a couple of helpful recommendations too, but I think this report would be most useful for better understanding the home persona of a current or intended housemate.

  6. EdgeofJupiter

    The last few weeks (Mid June, 2022) has been what it must feel like after getting blasted out of a canon ( circus type). Get up. Feet on the ground, think, don’t think, just take off the goggles and helmet and gloves and hold on tight to… ..whatever. Ordering the Mystic Astro-Decor was so good. The report was simple and spot on. I had begun de-cluttering and searching for some vital thing that eventually fell out of the unexpected. The report was just like that. Refreshing and easy. Thanks Mystic

  7. bosslady

    It was about what I expected, which is a solid affirmation of what I thought about Jupiter in Taurus here. The extra attention given to the placement of Lilith in the 4th I hadn’t thought of before, but now, yes, of course it’s like that. For some reason, there’s a glich that said I have the moon in the 4th house, which I don’t (8th here), but everything else is accurate. Seems to be a theme with the purchase of this course and Taurus at the IC… Uranus is currently activating and there’s moving boxes and chaos here currently. I wouldn’t mind seeing an IC report that includes transits!

    • Mystic

      Hi, thanks for this! I just emailed you as the birth data you entered for this was for ten days earlier, which is why the Moon showed incorrectly!

  8. Alchem

    So much information..I never expected any so much..Thankyou MM..🦂

  9. Kimmik

    Loved it! As a triple cancarian I loved the insights for a virgo home persona. Clearing argument-residu with Palo Santo, I somethimes felt a bit funny doing that but not anymore. As a Dutchie I somethimes struggle a bit with the therminogy but it is always worth the while. <3

  10. Ro

    A fun and interesting report. Definitely hit some true points. I really liked the addition of a star I’ve never heard of before, since it was totally unexpected, and I got to learn something new.

  11. The Lion & The Centaur

    I loved this, it was so affirming (and fun)! My Taurus IC vibe is so different from my fiery Sun/Moon/Asc that it can be hard to grasp. But this report was spot on! I always say that my home and the things in it need to be made by someone who LOVED them while making them. That’s why I own antiques. Synthetic sweat shop produced stuff gives me the creeps, I want none of that in my space!

    Minus one star for being such a short read, my 4th is empty so not much to mentally ‘munch’ on.

    • Mystic

      So happy you liked it but there should have been something that showed in the 4th, so I will email you re this!

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