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Chez Uranus In Taurus Chic

Some people are early adopters of Uranus in Taurus style. The Future God first moved into Taurus in mid-May 2018, just in time for the Meaghan and Harry Royal wedding. However, it did not establish until late 2019, via a hyper boost from Jupiter in Capricorn. It’s still only at 3 degrees, can you believe it? But the early adopting people are there already, instinctively rebirthing their aesthetic to align …

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Bohemian Zodiac Fashion

Ask Mystic – Astrology Signs Home Decor

Are Astrology signs and home decor aesthetic ideals linked? Utterly. Soon: An Astro-Home Instant Astrology Report. Now: My House Witchery Mp3 and this cool question. Dear Mystic,  We all know the best times of the moon to clean our house and get rid of the clutter, but do you have any advice regarding home decorating according to your moon sign (or other aspects of one’s chart)? I also wonder if …

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House Witchery Home Totem Advice Sought

When choosing a lucky totem for your house, it must be one you’re aligned with. If you’re not feeling drawn toward a particular genre, use astrology! Ok Mystic, community challenge time! The interwebs have been trawled, your House Witchery has been scoured, my unconscious has been plunged (ok, exaggeration – it was more like a 2 min elevator pitch, whatever), and nothing entirely addresses a need I have. And that …

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Capricorn Decor Epitomized

Capricorn decor is timeless. This is the actual bedroom – as opposed to a client job – of Capricorn Jacques Grange, interior designer to the one percent.  It seems so Saturnine – austere, with powerful motifs, the crest-like vibe of the main art – and the bed referencing the Two of Swords from Tarot. He sounds Capricorn too: “I check everything. Every detail,” he tells me. “I love to control …

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Geisha Art

Yes There Is An Asteroid Geisha

Oh, happy days – Katy Perry craps on about geishas and it inspires me to think something along the lines of O.M.G. Is There an Asteroid Geisha?  And yes, there is!!! Now as always with the asteroids, they are for fun. I use a FEW in the Horoscopes, the ones i feel are relevant, but they’re whimsical. Not all of them. But when we talk of Asteroid Gary or Asteroid …

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