Could You Have A Neptunian Loving Problem?

Could you have a Neptunian Loving Problem? Here’s how to tell.

Please answer, as honestly as possible, Agree or Disagree to the following questions.

* You sometimes prefer Fantasy Crush Scenarios to actual real relationships.

* You are Pisces Rising, Sun or Moon.

* You always feel more fond of your lovers once you have broken up with them.

* You enjoy reading legends such as that of King Arthur, his Queen Guenivere and the Knight Lancelot and could easily imagine such a scenario occurring in your own life.

* You have Venus in Pisces.

* You make no apologies for preferring the ‘in love’ stage of a relationship to the ‘working at it’ era.

* If a partner is neglectful or cruel, he/she cannot blame the other person for taking refuge in fantasy or a bizarre love triangle.

* You believe in the karmic concept of soulmates, Twin Flames and so on.

* You have Venus conjunct, trine, square or sextile Neptune.

* You fall in and out of love very quickly and with seemingly little control – almost as if a magic spell has been cast upon you and/or the love spell has been suddenly broken.

* You have Venus, Sun or Moon in the 12th House.

* You would rather be an archetype from a fairy tale or a poem than a stereotype in a cliched news media write up about ‘relationships.’

* You don’t usually online date because you prefer to let ‘fate’ play out in this regard.

* You tend to attribute karmic significance, an element of destiny having bought you together and spiritual depths to people you find sexually attractive.

* Love is stronger than death but you’re also out the door when it gets to the farting in front of you stage. Less is more.

* You have trained yourself out of drunk dialling but you sometimes still drunk text lines of appropriate poetry or music.

* You prefer Yearning to boring relationship discussions.

If you answer yes to four or more of these, you definitely have a Neptune Loving Problem and should seekΒ  help via the 14th Dimension, just beyond your base chakra during the next Void Moon.

Image: Henry Justice Ford – The Fisherman and the Siren

189 thoughts on “Could You Have A Neptunian Loving Problem?”

  1. Sweetest Surrender

    The frustrating thing about having these qualities is that noone ever measures up to the ideal love you know to exist. Except another highly Neptune, Pisces lover. These relationships never last forever unfortunately because of the highly mutable nature of Neptune. It will be the dreamiest romance to ever exist, filled with tender moments, stolen kisses, and complete merging. But when it gets ugly it can be filled with just as much manipulation, cheating, and escapism!

    Sigh what to do?

    I love you fellow Neptuanians, but as a Neptunian myself, you guys are a pain to be around when things go bad:'( Running into someone else’s arms, misplaced morals, and strange sense of right and wrong. We are frighteningly the same, comfortingly similar, and just soo right for each other, but can never stay with each other.

    I love all you Neptunians out there <3

  2. Only answered no to one.
    My Venus is not in The sign of two fishes which I cannot spell.
    It is in the 8th house tho.



  3. Very interesting: the divine Leonard Cohen (birthday today) has: Venus conjunct Neptune in the 12th house (in Virgo), Sun in the 12th house, Moon in the 6th house in Pisces (which also make his Moon almost exactly opposite his Venus and Neptune). Famous Blue Raincoat, I’m Your Man, Everybody Knows….

  4. venus in 11th in aqua squares neptune in 9th and neptune opp moon in 3rd, pisces asc.

    not sure how all this works out quite, except it’s some kind of strange triangle. i hate triangles as manipulations and spot them a mile off every time…lose respect and that’s it, rel over. don’t do it myself and think its manipulative.

    don’t like romance entertainments makes me sickly. i tend to fall for unusual genius, was chronicly lovesick *unrealistically* from dec into mar* recently with beautiful and brainy collider witch, against all my own reality cognitions. later realised he was up for gymnastics with me, but then what, me going insane, he feeling awkward or wierd next time we meet – no, made right choice not to take fantasy to sex.

    exp made me see just how deep and crazy my emo’s get in regards to love, and see that sex is a completely diff situ. don’t want a lover or a silly dream or fantasy ever again, rarely do crushes etc, as older and see it’s addictive and dangerous. sex and friendship that is mutually satisfying, yes, princes and fantasies – it’s just another form of drug. i’m sober and dont drink, thank god !

  5. Neptune and venus in the same house but no aspects but in scorpio. c’est domage. What if you have mostly water and air – neptunian mist? haha

  6. Ive been meaning to jump on here and put my hand up for neptune romancer…. totaly fantasy fantasiser!!!!

    Wanna keep it real, but Ive almost forgotten how….

    Oh well….. what to do….

  7. Thought it was interesting that Venus-Neptune oposittion Iva (yes him again πŸ™‚ ) song……”I don’t believe anymore” haha

    Since I have that same opposition I realized when I listen to his words that he’s sorta the male version me.

    There is a remix on youtube of that song and it’s cool..

  8. Yes. I definitely have a problem. Venus in Pisces (in 12th house) square Neptune. I have always had a fantasy love life since I was about 3 and feel a certain degree of fulfilment in it, even at 41. My current romantic crush is Rowland S. Howard from the Birthday Party – who was a talented poet, songwriter, junkie. now dead from hep c related liver cancer. What is that? What am I thinking? It scares men off more than if there was a real contender. It is bizarre. I freely admitted it, but at the same time, I can’t help it. It’s like a closet addiction!

  9. Hmm, 10. I am a Gemini with Venus trine Neptune the closest aspect in my chart. However these being in earthy signs, I am able to cope with the farting & the ‘boring relationship discussions’. I am intensely dreamy & spent my teen years staring at Pre-Raphaelite art & reading Romantic poetry to feed these cravings. I also have Moon (in Aries) square Neptune so very susceptible to illusions aka delusions & problems with feeling/ understanding/ dealing with emotions. When I first read about moon signs as a teen in a national newspaper supplement it gave my moon as Pisces (inaccurate times) & that made a lot more sense to me, as I never fitted my sun or rising in my mid-teens.

    My most Neptunian relationships have been with two people who never knew about it, & still don’t to this day.

    Mystic, I get the impression this is more than a little tongue in cheek given the Neptunian love hints the scopes et al are often filled with? The Oracle is the most Neptunian temptation going to a fantasy crush addict like myself πŸ˜‰

  10. Venus in Pisces…yep, yes to 8. Guess I’ll be looking up where the 14th Dimension is now…

    Weird though, I’ve only ever had one “karmic” relationship (if you could even call it a relationship) and that only happened very recently. During Venus Retro, lol. Jury’s still out on that one. I’ve got pretty strong Uranian/Ariean energy in general so all this woo-woo stuff drives me up the wall, especially when it’s true!

  11. HOW DOES IT GET FIXED I’M WONDERING? It’s so far as that it is the only way I have been into people and once it gets turned around I’m like, see ya normie. Cap moon presents the wall, and venus in pisces creates the illusion. Almost as if I’m more comfortable with it being one-sided, even though it makes me feel sad.

  12. I must be blessed with some kind of astro to combat a good wack of this despite having an exact conjunction for venus/neptune in sagittarius 6th house.

    I make a big point of actualising my fantasies, on as regular basis as possible. I need to manifest and process them. My imagination would run me unhealthy otherwise. But yes, love/sex/connection is an alchemy of sorts. Not a dreamy one soul outlook for me but I love the coming together and making hardcore sex love nest.

    I think I outgrew a lot of the more negative aspects of this but I am still very giving in love and would climb a mountain or 7 for my lover no questions asked. Uber slave material here.

    As for love, fantasy crushes annoy me. I would rather be living it out with someone than wishing about something I could be having, that said I am a magnet for stupidly difficult obstacles with partners, esp the leaving country/town thing. I always meet people in mid life upheaval. I’m like a mini pluto transit.

    1. Totes down with the fantasy-actualizing Ms. – I’m the same way. It’s only been recently with La Leo that I let so much time pass before taking a bite off the fruit so to speak, because I cannot stand having my thought-heart-loin space a-wandering deprived of words-love-sex.

      That being said, I’m not a slow-builder with attraction, it either instantly zings or not. I used to question myself over this, but it’s how I’m built – when a man wants to be friends first for a lengthy period of time, he has literally disabled my interest and it will be more difficult to get it roused much later. No prejudice against the slow build but I have to know the attraction is there period.

      So I can absolutely relate to the consequence of living it out, my effect is more truth serum – and yes, a little plutonic with a good dab or uranus thrown in. I always feel like I’m a shock to someone’s system and it teeters between being welcome and unwelcome.

    2. I think I spend more time fantasizing about work honestly and what I want to put my energy into than just lovers, that’s the tricky part, it’s not a lust exclusive drive. Esp in the 6th. Much tougher to manifest the magic fantasy land into the day and grind than to bed a lover and create a nest

  13. I am venus in pisces, pisces rising, venus in the 12th and neptune trine venus conjunct ascendant so I think this blog was destined for me :-). What’s worse is I have venus opposition pluto (exact) conjunct descendant. I have been in and out of profound (and impossible) love scenarios all my life, some of which have utterly transformed me. Yes, I prefer yearning to real relationship scenarios although I have only just come to realise this and channel the outpouring of soul need into my arty and spiritual side. I’ve been married for nearly 18 years and my partner is an innately sane man with an extraordinary beautiful soul but I’ve never really been passionately in love with him like I was during all those heart crushing love scenarios. Extraordinarily we are very very happy together. I think he grounds me (God knows how), and we are devoted and faithful to each other (although I’ve been desperately tempted sometimes). I’ve come to realise that someone who adores you, is devoted to you and who truly cares for you is worth a thousand ecstatic/almost love affairs.

    1. Best Neptunian in a Supporting Role

      So beautifully said Cygnette. I feel the same way about my man. He grounds me. Being a Sagg, he has taught me that real life, attacked with an adventurous spirit, can rival my fantasy world.

      1. Well put :-). Instead of living out a fantasy in your head, you get to create a wonderful adventure… and with all that imagination in tow it’s usually a grand one! …

  14. Bull with sting in tail


    Brilliance , sadness and
    What I must have, when I
    What I would, and would never
    What I lack, with
    What I have when I am
    Sky, night and rain for when I
    Thoughtless action when I am
    Long forgotten when I am
    The momentary fragility of pane and
    By new light’s cure, and some


  15. My Goddess, I’d have given anything for you to go, “Of course, you peasant, I am Urania, Goddess of Technology!” then cue the flashing lightning rods and thunder..

  16. Well, this can also be a Saturn issue. Venus in Sagg, 12th house, semi sextile Sun and Saturn.
    I love my loneliness but I long for connection.

    1. age of aquarius

      “I love my loneliness but I long for connection.”

      Ah! Exactly that. I think my whole post could have been summed up by your to-the-point sentence.

      Anyway, I can relate to what you’re saying, for sure!

  17. 12th house virgo

    12th house Venus Square Neptune, 12th house Sun and, yes, I sometimes prefer fantasy crush scenarios to real relationships – only because the “real” person isn’t channeling all that they are behind the scenes into the manifest world. Its really awkward to feel someone in the Neptunian way and then meet them and watch them act like a dunce, you know? No synch between mainfest/unmanifest.

    I’ve grown to truly value that I can love someone without it being “real.” Its been hard to get a grip on, but I am def learning to love my Neptunian Loving Problem. For example, Uranian Scorp went awol since April…he’s psychic and its like we’ve been dating telepathically. When I don’t let my ego freak over reassurance, its fine. And, honestly, he will either get it together and this will be “real” or it won’t, nothing for me to do. Karma – him being with me actually isn’t priority number one in the Universe. We each have to confront our own karma and we’re all interconnected. Anyway, the feelings are soo…magical…dreamy…and just plain good. And, as much as his Venus-Mars-Uranus in Libra comb thinks its had free love, it never really has – Neptunian love is free. I mean – how much freer can you get than love without talking/sex/reassurance/conditions? Absolutely unconditional. The relationship – if it comes – will come with tons of conditions (ones I’m not sure he will ever meet). But love is a force of its own. Love isn’t under control of anyone. I think I am less delusional than other less-Neptunian types about that. You have to be brave to soak in love, to let it flow, to not freak out about wanting to control the outcome or the love object (and if you do LOVE them, why would you want to control/change them? Then you are loving your ideas, not them). Walking in the woods last night, I actually stopped in my tracks from the force of it, let it tingle all down my spine, and went home and got about my business.

    Neptunian Loving Problems are wonderful if you accept the positive feelings they bring and don’t let them take away from your real-life boundaries and needs. Boundaries are key. I mean – who would say dreaming is unhealthy? Its always about balance. Let feelings be feelings in the feeling realm, and let life be what you do/say/eat and all those other things we are MEANT to control. Keeping that balance helps loving relationships manifest. Here’s to having more of those in the world for the good of everyone!

    1. As a venus 12th houser I do despise online for myself. Not for anyone of course. But I want fate to work for me without the computer.

    2. Great post 12 (house Virgo – from another 12th house Virgo Sun and 12th house Venus (tho in Leo).

    3. Thank you very much for your post!! I needed to read/hear from someone else with my “problem”…. In my Solar Return for this year, I have Venus in my 12th house and I’m in love with someone who is married and doesn’t even know about this. Unconditional love is my lesson for this year.

  18. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oohhhhhh “Oh noooo, I just can’t trust the internet, I don’t go near it. I don’t even have a mobile phone you know”

  19. age of aquarius

    I have Pisces Moon……….AND also Neptune in the 5th! I think Neptune in the 5th adds an element of fantasy and sort of yearning for what can never be and basically being unrealistic and overly romantic about romantic endeavors. I’ve always had really impractical relationships as well as years-long yearning crushes on unobtainable people.
    I don’t know if I’ll ever be cured from this…….well, I don’t like it, whereas I used to just live it and play into it, but it’s sort of messed me up for a more ‘real’ everyday relationship so instead I’m 44 years old, never been married, probably never will and have had a string of crazy relationships but now I prefer to stay single and have been for years….. wish there could be a middle ground but as I said, I think I’m ‘cooked’ for life from past experiences and would rather be alone than be in an ‘underwhelming’ relationship. This week, just for fun, I made a profile on, online dating being something I haven’t tried in about 8 years, and after I made the profile –I hadn’t even interacted with anyone yet– I already started to feel this sense of constriction and limitation that I’ve always felt in relationships. It just felt really bad ….so I don’t think I’ll sign up for the service…

    I don’t know…….I think I need to get my sh*t together in some way, grow up, or somethin’…… probably not going to happen, though, as what would be the motivation? I don’t mind being alone and I don’t have kids or want any….. I’m so ‘cooked’ I can’t even get riled up to have a rock star crush anymore….I used to be the queen of that!

  20. OMG! I answered yes to 13 of these!!!!!

    Venus and moon in the 12th house……

    My Taurus love is mars in Pisces and he feels at ease with me to let his sensitivies hangout.

    1. Wow, you are lucky with a Taurus person. Mine is SO close to the chest. He is Taurus with Leo rising (I think).. don’t have his exact time. He runs when he gets close. I love his sensitive side, when I saw it, but once he notices it … swish.. he’s gone for a bit. In this case it has ben 7 months. Sad face.. since I really think he can do it. I know he wants to but he just gets SO scared. Love him no matter what anyone says!

      1. oh…..
        Leo energy can be like that(if that is his rising).
        Good luck!
        I’m a crabby sun and really need them to be able to show their soft sensitive side to me, and be nurturing as well. Yet still be a man…

      2. Yep – I agree, CM. Hottest guy I ever knew had Mars in Pisces. Love to him was like an art or a religion. I have Pisces sun stellium so we spoke the same language.

  21. Sadly, moon in the 12th house- this is all too true- despite all the beauty and sorry in it, it can also be a very lonely place..

  22. I was a little worried after the magical tea you had before the match !

    Re the internet comment, i would have said, ‘No, but i’ve heard of it”

    PS – You are the ruler of the internet, and pretty much the only reason i’m ever on it !

  23. Is that all it takes? 4?
    I probably answered yes to 90% of those questions. I become obsessed with people -men- and become secretly possessive of them. I have Neptune tightly conjunct my Sag asc, and I become infatuated so easily it’s ridiculous. I never make a move, it usually never goes anywhere, but I still compulsively feel like part of them belongs to me (Venus square Pluto, and Moon in Toro?).
    And I like the farting in front of you stage, because then I get to fart in front of them too – we can fart together, how romantic!

    1. Thanks for the laugh Messy Leo.. a toot here, a toot there.. here a toot.. LOL!! Romantic musical on farting with the one you love!! πŸ™‚

  24. hiddendragonqueen

    yes to 12 of these (all except the pisces) and also neptune on the DC. if love isn’t fully neptunian i’m 10 miles away, and i completely love and accept this. i’m “saved” by two aspects, the first being my 12th moon/venus is in taurus (and in no aspect to n), so the lovely fantasy does ground and become real. secondly, and more important is neptune trine saturn. if it’s a fantasy and nothing else, i don’t even begin. if it’s fate i jump in (n opp jup), let the dreaminess begin, and fall HARD. which is where the karmic cancerian and i am at the moment… swoon swoon swoon…

    1. hiddendragonqueen

      oh actually no on the ex stuff… moon/venus opp uranus in scorp. never never look back romantically…ever.

  25. You can also be really hurt by an uber-Neptunian when they keep longing for their ex (disaster) or whatever, but once you understand them, you can handle it better. Like it must be hell not to live in the now and not to ever have ‘arrived’.

    I have a bit of venus-neptune so can understand (sextile – brag), but to be soaked in it plus 12 house is your own undoing.

    But you are loved nevertheless.

  26. Ugh.. and double ugh!! My problem is once I find a guy that I have chemistry with.. I am stuck. My heart is totally taken. I am stuck right now because I have no desire to meet anyone else because my heart is taken by someone who I had been with for almost 2 years. Casual but he drew me into his life and once close kicks me to the curb. Last one was in November. I txt’d him a couple of times, some with good responses but the last couple no responses. I haven’t seen in 7 months. Just simple hello’s.. but I am now letting go. I can’t do anything so what’s the point. It isn’t meant to be. I am fine alone.. I am complete being alone unless the guy who I have great chemistry with is available. Otherwise, I am not interested in anyone else. Maybe it’s a separation phase that I going through.. grieving but I just don’t have the energy to entertain a possible interest. It’s not gonna happen. Still working on me! I can’t lose sight of that.

    1. 12th house virgo

      I’m with you, fellow Virgo. There is no “entertaining options” with me. I’m either into it totally or not at all. And I can’t play-act some inbetween. But I can learn to let go gracefully (albeit, painfully, begrudingly, bitterly at times) Ha!

      1. Yes, letting go.. I agree with your entire statement. Just tell me it’s over and I will let go.

  27. Best Neptunian in a Supporting Role

    My recent efforts to work Haute Neptune must be working because I laughed at most of this list…though being an archetype does sound nice. Hi, I’m Lilith, I’m just going to lay down some feminist knowledge on you and then drift back to Archetypeland until my next installment. Hang on, I seem to have conflated archetype with super hero. Anyway!

    So I have Sun-Venus-Mercury conjunct in Pisces on my midheaven, all squaring Neptune, which is conjunct my Moon.

    I totally agree with many of the comments here about karmic relationships. They come with lessons and are mostly hard, if not fuqing diabolical. The real ones sent to make you really grow, anyway. One karmic relationship shattered many of the above-listed delusions for me. Such fun!

    Where I’m at right now, I think the beauty of Neptune can really only be found in spirituality and transcendent experiences of music, art, literature, etc. Maybe the occasional trip. But I’m definitely signing up for Neptune Fantasy Island! Dissolvable marriages by the hour, can we have drive-thru goddess temples for the ceremonies too???

    1. 12th house virgo

      ” if not fuqing diabolical…” LOL!

      “drive through goddess ceremonies”…mmmm…I feel the need to brainstrom set-design for that one πŸ™‚

      1. Hopefully you get a mug of that diamanda tea Mystic imbibed on your way through πŸ˜‰

      1. Best Neptunian in a Supporting Role

        Thanks! I had the most hilarious dream a few weeks ago that inspired it. I was at the Oscars (crazy) and every time an award was announced, inside the envelope was a fan letter to me, pfft!

  28. * I prefer the term ‘serial infatuation’

    * Does Pisces chart count? I.e. most planets in mutable/water signs

    * if by ‘feel more fond’ you mean ‘think about obsessively’

    * prefer Victorian rather than medieval, but close enough

    * No, Scorpio

    * ‘In love with being in love’

    * been there, done that

    * Yes

    * Venus conjunct Neptune.

    * See answer 1.

    * Nope

    * Yep

    * The worst thing about omens is they are so damned ambiguous

    * Que Sera, Sera

    * unless its me doing the farting

    * lots of unsent emails sitting in my ‘drafts’ folder

    * correctomundo

    Is that more than 4, I’ve lost count…..

    1. Now that I think about it, my answer to ‘* You fall in and out of love very quickly and with seemingly little control ‘ is

      ‘falling *in* love is easy. Falling *out*…….no so much. Bloody hard actually.’

      1. Probably because you’re a Scorpio. When you fall out of love with a Scorpio they think it’s a trick; they just don’t believe it’s possible.

        A Scorpion showed me some photos of myself in an album. I started flicking through the pages (his frozen face!) and saw different women, not the flash-glam dramas i knew about but clearly different relationships. Was full of questions but didn’t ask (he would have said already, yes?) This was the first time i could really respect what it means to a Scorpion to hang on… a different way of getting to a state of profound appreciation for a person long gone.

      2. I’m not Scorpio. I have Venus in Scorpio, which, on the whole, has been a right royal PITA for this Virgo/Cap.

      3. 12th house virgo

        I am so relieved but also kind of pissed off when it happens that I do fall out of love. The last “love” was so brutal emotionally, you’d think I’d sing in the streets about getting over it. But there is still something unfortunate about the fact that something so powerful could lose its power over me. Not the person, per se, don’t like the idea of a person having power over me, but I once thought I couldn’t live without the connection to him and now thank God that its gone.

    1. …though nothing in my chart re: Venus or Neptune seems to apply, in either my natal or progressed, so I guess I’m just weird.

  29. Venus in 12th house. It’s been so long i can’t remember, but it’s a hellava
    dicky placement for true love quite problematic. Could explain why living
    with someone doesn’t appeal to me with it’s nitty grittiness, like bed head
    morning breath and en suite bathrooms. Need to keep the fantasy alive.
    Could explain the many previous long distance relationships as not so up close & personal.
    Twin flames & soul mates? Doesn’t hold water, anyone in your life can be deemed one of those, for a time…..karmic though is a yes.

  30. Oh dear. Tick to nearly every bullet point. And yes, have no qualms triangulating under duress. I think it’s an antidote to becoming a needy frump when I’m being taken for granted. Suspect that my Venus Pisces Pluto Virgo opposition might amp up the Neptunian love problems/ solutions though.

  31. Yes, the above is totes me. And the trouble is lately hard-faced-bitch finds herself drifting away and giving into fantasies of ‘falling in love again’ …
    God. What a dumb-ass! Some one slap me now – after all, Saturn is coming for me…

    1. 12th house virgo

      Zaiborg – are you a Scorpio? I get the sense a lot of Scorps are going to get Saturned by love. Perhaps its just the feeling of tail-end Saturn-in-Libra angst.

      1. Yep, Scorp with Aries rising….and I can already feel my resolve weakening re: L O V E.
        Oh Lordy….just kill me now – quick and painless.

      2. Hahaha, tell me about it. Am Scorpio/Aries Rising, this Martian warrior doesn’t need stupid love…oh wait. I’ve been resisting for 8 YEARS but I feel it coming. Powerless.

      3. Scorporation, Inc.

        Saturn’s gonna get Scorp loved– that’s what’s going to happen! “Saturn, you’re a mean ol’ daddy, but I like you. I like you, I like you…”

      4. 12th house virgo

        Right? I think its funny. I am so loving a Scorp right now. And he’s got so much karma to confront in his own life. I’ve never really bonded with a Scorp before but I feel like I really get him. And I do feel like Scorps …for them to take on all the Saturn-ness (I mean, its not like a Scorp can’t take pain/endurance/etc)…for them to take on the self-ness of Saturn, there’s got to be love on the line. Saturn in Virgo SUCKed for me, but I suppose there was other astro going on besides just Saturn. I feel like Saturn is going to make Scorps kind of mushy-gushy. Like, seems nice to me, but maybe being mushy-gushy is hell for a Scorp? Anwyay, time is coming for you all to stop lurking in the shadows and shine your light…shingin light…so unScorp, but…is it?

      5. 12th house virgo

        Ha! I’m so loving a Scorp (who I haven’t seen in a billion years or communicated with in months) – that I can apply that love to all Scorps at the moment. How Neptunian in that?!? Must have a sense of humor about these things. πŸ™‚

      6. Scorporation, Inc.

        All of us crazy diamonds are going to shing on– just you wait, 12thHV. πŸ˜‰

      7. Shine onnnnnn you craaaazy diamond!!!! \m/

        … in the mood for some Floyd now πŸ™‚

      8. Yes, it’s the whole turning into the mushy-gushy thing I’m worried about!
        I only do the Epic love affair – the star-crossed lovers/Romeo and Juliet sh*t. – Beautiful, poetic and….tragic.
        The last one (Crab-man) I fell for almost three years ago turned me into this sweet hyper feminine Thing, Complete surrender and willingly gave away all my power. How HORRIFYING! *semi-barfs a little*
        Truth is I’m scared sh*tless to ever give into those kind of emotions again – yet, a little (stoopid) part of me would kill to feel that kind of a soul-connection again….
        Cue Saturn – the Head Master from Hell – waiting patiently in the wings with cane in hand, ready to whoop my ass, good and proper.
        Ouch – this one’s gonna hurt…

    2. i feel the same zaiborg. i indulge some lovey fantasy then saturn girl comes past and shoves her clipboard in my face saying “you Still haven’t done THIS and THIS and omg STILL THIS too get a move on pisces”

  32. Ah there lies my old addictions.

    Great to read over it though – sort of like an ex-smoker being asked to pass a lit cigarette to the person next to them …

    No doubt that they would flare up if I gave them a chance. A chance that would open up as soon as I neglected my creative energy … make art not fake hearts .. or something.

    Neptune in the first house, trining venus, and mars, and mercury, and moon in the twelfth.

    1. Ah, FireyG, you said exactly what has been speaking loudly to me through much synchronicity… 5th house stuff is ultra important, trining my 12th house stuff as it does. Particularly as i have Aries intercepted in 5th, containing Mercury and Chiron.

      Without proper creative action, production, exploration i know well that i could easily fall into Neptunian love addiction. Real love is better by far.

      Were you FireyBovine? It’s just you almost sound like an old friend.

      1. Hey Mille lovely, yes! Tis me, I morphed, so lovely that you recognised ‘an old friend’ … x

        Ahh what you mentioned, I relate very much … for me its the 6th house, including my sun and chiron intercepted in taurus, and they oppose moon and uranus … so Huge Slow journey trying to ‘free’ my sun/wound/healer and to create positively rather than via delusional love/cluckyness

        must dash, pack and go get the breather I so need with my lunar mother, xx

      2. I’m so relieved!!! i was going to add, “like an old friend but shinier and more solid.”

        Then i thought oh what if it isn’t her, and ol’ FireyB is reading and feels gutted?

        Oh god you have shone a light on yourself, darling heart. That dream of the medieval hide and the horsey astro to go with… Epona is a Celtic Moon Goddess (Druidic Celtish Gauls…part of my ancestry…Mystic’s q to you made me stock still). In awe of your work xx

  33. I just started a Neptune trine Neptune aspect, and this is going to be around for a long, long time, since Neptune moves so slowly. Trines are supposed to be harmonious aspects, right? They better be. I’m also having a Uranus trine Uranus. I didn’t see either of these coming.

    1. Enjoy those trines, Charles. I have Neptune square Neptune and Uranus opposition Uranus for… a long time. I don’t know how long exactly. The Neptune time is so long i read the year it changes and forgot it instantly.

      Natally all my 12th house dreamboat stuff in Sagittarius (Moon Jupiter Neptune) trines 5th house stuff (Sun Pisces, Merc Chiron Aries). If you already have plenty of structure and dsicipline, which i think you do, then it’s possible your trines won’t dissolve into lazy life-active fantasy, but provide insight, imagination and innovation in your work.

      1. I dunno about structure and discipline, that’s probably not one of my better qualities. I can do the structure and discipline thing, but it seems to be all misdirected. But then, I just had Saturn transit my natal Jupiter. I have a Yod with Saturn and Jupiter pointing at my Sun/Moon conjunction, so I’ve always had “challenges” with the Jupiter/Saturn thing.

        Anyway, I’m never sure what to do with Neptune. Natally I have Neptune Rx at my IC and Mercury exactly opposite at my MC in Taurus. That is a really weird axis (especially since it’s right over my nodes). And for a while, Neptune has been retrograding back and forth over my natal Pluto, that was weird. Now wham, right into a Neptune-Neptune trine.

      2. I have no proper understanding of the Jupiter Saturn thing, as Jupiter only trines stuff in my own chart and seems pretty happy where it is. And i’m trying to get a grip on yods and kites because i have some odd shapes in my chart i’m trying to nut out. Sorry not to offer anything.

        However, I am very intrigued by your statements about Neptune: “never sure” and “weird”. I imagine a Taurean could find it weird but what exactly is it that feels weird? What is weird in the world of Charles, if i may ask, on a purely astro-understanding quest.

      3. Well, what’s NOT weird about my life? By “never sure,” I mean I’m always trying some method of interpreting those aspects but I am an amateur so what the hell do I know? But that Mercury-Neptune opposition seems to be the major axis of my chart. Mercury in Taurus at my MC, on my S Node. Then Neptune Rx in exact opposition, in Scorpio, at my N Node. That has to mean something, I’m not sure what. I figure, with Mercury opposition Neptune, I’m supposed to be a dreamy, head-in-the-clouds thinker, or a mystic. But with Merc in Taurus, I’m too grounded and practical for that. Maybe my cards teacher got it right, he said, “Charles, you have great mystical powers, the only problem is you don’t believe in mystical powers!” One thing I have noticed though, when Neptune is retrograde, my tarot readings are uncannily accurate. It’s like the heavens open up and I can see into everything. It even freaks me out.

        Now the Yod also puzzles me. But one astrologer told me not to worry about it, nobody really knows how Yods work. I dunno, maybe SHE just didn’t know how Yods work.

      4. So, a Taurus, you don’t trust the mystical gift you have until it provides a reliable structure or framework that you can be sure of, that you can confidently read meaning from.

        Neptune or mystical gifts don’t often work this way. For instance, i may read so much about systems and esoteric patterns and search carefully for crosspoints in different religious and occult faiths and dogma. And this is useful, because there’s nothing i hate more than well meaning but hazydazy new age misguided tomfoolery (and i’m surrounded by it, of all places, at WORK, how that grates! It’s not even relevant to my work but out it comes from people’s chats.)

        Yet, my deepest connections to those gifts and insights come randomly, symbolically and like milky glass. If i hadn’t studied anything perhaps these would not occur in the way that they do. But the study itself is of no direct use to unlock meaning.

        In my case, i’m known as a ‘doubting Thomas’ in some areas. But that is because i have childlike simple faith in certain obscurities; i just FEEL it to be true and refuse to share those beliefs because i will not have anyone arguing it away.

        My favourite frustrating line comes from a brilliant film, A Serious Man by the Coen bros. It reminds me of Ecclesiastes, that deeply depressed realist/pessimist who somehow has this great faith. Both the film and that book of the bible appeal to my sense of humour very much. I think he uses the word useless more than i thought possible.

        Anyway, the line doesn’t sound like much, but the context in the film makes it a scream: “Accept the mystery.”

      5. LOL that is me, the skeptic mystic. I’m always looking for tangible proof, even if it’s only an intangible pattern.

      6. I read my Sue Tompkins “Aspects in Astrology”. There is a lot so i shan’t post all the bits but respond to where your words relate to the text.

        Major problems revolve around the area of faith… right or wrong. Craves meaning in the personal or religious sense. Faith must have a clearly defined form: dogma, distinct rites and rituals, it should be definable, though the nature of exitence really can never be known. Genuine faith (Liz Greene) is about knowing in an intuitive and nonrational way. Finds doubt difficult to live with.A fear of having abundance as well as a fear of poverty, both material and spiritual. Facing doubts and fears to find true faith in the self and the life process.

      7. ROFL you remind me of a scene in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Deep Thought is about to be switched on, to solve the Ultimate Question Of Life, The Universe, And Everything. But the Philosophers” Guild protests. If the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, And Everything is answered, they will be out of a job. The philosophers want the computer to leave some unsolved mysteries, to give them something to do. The Philosophers’ Guild representative says, “We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!”

      8. 12th house virgo

        I have a Yod too – Venus and Sun in 12th house with Jupiter in 6th Pisces. Its soooo much energy! Can’t quite make sense of it either. Jupiter trines Saturn in Cancer. Neptune and NN in 3rd house Sag. I feel like Jupiter in the 6th does a ton for me. But it feels repressed, somehow, held back, always. Like my Sun and Venus in the 12th – so frustrating – but Jupiter lets me flex my muscles in an unlimited way. People are amazed at the fact I always have a project going on – but I MUST express all that pent up energy. My point being – I think the pointed planet on the triangle is the way you get to express the others. Its hard, soo karmic, and soo entangled, as much as I work it – the yod – I can’t understand it.

      9. 12th house virgo

        Charles – could it be that expansive (Jupiter) responsiblity (Saturn) must serve your emotional and extroverted self? Sun/Moon is the facuet on the yod, so I think.

      10. Yeah, I’ve read that essay several times before, since I have multiple Rx in my chart. Oh this is good:

        “Neptune R tends to be more vague, more unclear and the individual may not know exactly what they are looking for in expressing their personal creativity.”

  34. Gah! I have neptune : trining my venus/ squaring my sun and conjuncting my mars.
    Just last night met an aqua man whom I wasn’t physically attracted to but mentally and emotionally very much so.
    I love neptune and I love pisces but sometimes its so slippery for my gemini analytical mind. But then again Im talking love and that in itself is slippery.
    Should I continue to follow up on the aqua or wait it out becuase of this venus retro business…. Oh romance.

  35. Aqualeoscorpmn

    Venus in pisces, and venus neptune square,

    Yes to karmic relationships.
    No drunk dialing as i do not drink but have a wierd thing about firat wakup dream dialing my friends. Oddly in the moments first awake i tend to be more open to sharing my dreams, ill have felt so amazing in them i call or text my dreamms to my buddies, then im like what, whyd i share that eariler…

    Like today i had an amzing dream i was DJing on some beach and the young, Grace Jones asked a request, And i played it. All was well.


  36. Oh wow. I have this. Neptune square Venus in Pisces and I totally do a bunch of all of the above. Only thing is I thought doing any of the above was totally normal. Ha ha ha! I’m happily married – it was love at first sight and we married within 10 months of meeting and have now been married 5 years -soulmates πŸ˜‰ I have learnt (from past relationships) that when I’m in a relationship, not to act on my karmic crushes as I’ll invariably fall out of love just as quickly as I fell in love with whoever it is I have a crush on. Plus fantasy crushes are way better than the real thing anyway. In fact, when my Husband does let one rip in bed, I simply drift off into a fantasy world in my head and create some fantasy lover and hang with him until I get over that crush and slip back in love with my Husband all over again a couple of days later. It all seems to work quite well really.

    Could I possibly be a Functioning Neptunian Lover?…

  37. I have ten of these. Nothing in Pisces but Juno (in first, but Aqua rising). I swear this asteroid dictates my relationships more than anything else. Neptune is also on the cusp of twelfth but I have nothing else there either.

    I honestly have no idea how to guage the importanxe of certain signs or aspects since I have a lot of Piscean qualities, but its not strong in my chart at all.

    1. 12th house virgo

      UnicornMoon – having Neptune on the cusp of the 12th house IS important. Neptune is the natural ruler of the 12th. Planets that appear in the late or early degrees of a house are more “important.” So, I’m not surprised you have loads of Piscean qualities.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply. Its actually something that had been bothering me for a while because I had no idea where to go when it came to interpreting thos part of my chart. Nearly everything in my chart is overwhelmingly aspected except for Neptune, yet I have so many prominent traits that show though more than anything else. Maybe it’s because everything is so strong that I retreat into my Neptunian side so much more?

      2. 12th house virgo

        Not sure. Charts are complicated. So, as mentioned, Neptune is the ruler of the 12th house. But what is your 12th house? For example, if your 12th house is Scorpio (naturally ruled by Pluto) perhaps your Pluto is heavily aspect? There are all sorts of patterns in a chart. It isn’t easy to guess at them all blindly or even when looking. I miss things all the time. The essential thing is to know and understand yourself, trust in that over astrology…it sounds like you do since you know yourself to be Neptunian even if you don’t or change identify why.

  38. I think the 14th Dimension should be a Holiday Destination with an all inclusive package featuring free-flowing Blue Hoochie Devil Juice & hour long marriages you can dissolve at the next booth. Yes? No?

    It could beat Mexico for tourism…

    1. Haha..does it appeal to your the Holy Order of Virgoan Cleanliness?

      Actually, temporary marriages do exist i.e. the Sigheh in Iran. Very controversial but oft used apparently.

      1. 12th house virgo

        Cleanliness? No. Its about efficiency! No lost time wondering if the relationship magic is gone. No energy wasted naval-gazing about what could/should/would have been only-if. No fussing/blaming/lawyers/paperwork. Just dissolving. Very Neptunian. Honestly, way to much energy goes into ending things that are already over. It seems more natural to let it go to where it came from – back to everywhere/nowhere. Dissolving is so…ultimate.

      2. 12th house virgo

        Oh…not really about the hour thing. My marriage lasted 11 years – I don’t think I could quit anything in an hour. But when its over, I would prefer it dissolved to being “sorted” or whatever divorce is about.

      3. Meant the same thing you did i.e. cleanliness = clean break. No muss, no fuss, no detritus.

        Alas that kind of thing really depends on the parties involved. But fancy that imagery, like one second it’s here, the next gone. Dissolved.

    2. but other than that FA, a great idea – basically a place you can officially visit where you can actually be involved with the object of your desire, rather than a flight of fancy / unfulfilled longing bla bla… sort of an alternative dimension (well yes 14th dimension there you go!) …

    3. Hahaha, right? Imagine the brochure on that one. “And what will this holiday’s lover be like, madam?”

      “Hmm, let’s see, last time I had Italian and that was lovely, very manly, but I think this round I want something a touch colder, maybe a blue eyed Nord?”

      “Very good choice Madam, we have a good one from the early 80’s, you know fresh but not too green, experienced yet frisky enough for your pleasure – also speaks 5 languages.”

      “Ooh yes please..” hahaha.. obviously you can tell what I’ve been putting on my holiday wish list

  39. Venus (1st) Neptune ( 12th) ( with pallas, ceres & a few others) conjunct ascendent all within 2 degrees in Scorpio – so I think I meet the requirements, but I also have Virgo stellium & major saturn aspects so…..
    *Fantasy crushes mainly in my teens & early crushes – then I got bored.
    *Fell in love with my sons father briefly, after my son was born ( we had already broken up)- he was a Pisces – again early 20’s
    *Love King Arthur Myths, have a Lady Guenivere ring ( 24th b’day pressie to myself)
    * Of course I believe in soul mates – I married mine.
    Hmmm………but I am into working at it all that scorp & virgo, I grew out of most of that Neptune stuff by my mid to late 20’s, though I still have a certain nostalgia for it.
    OH has Neptune conjunct Saturn ( Libra) opp Sun conjunct moon – now that is a problem at the mo……………..but we’ll get there…………………….

  40. Serious effing problemo. Moon – Mars – Neptune dead conjunct and Venus sextile Neptune. Really all applies to me, apart from having 0 Pisces. Just got myself involved in a super Neptunian situation with a super Neptunian Cap/Sag too, it’s like wild crazy fantasy land fuelled by Uranus and doomed to crash and burn.

    On the flip side I’m also hyper Saturnine in the whole Venus area so I crave stability, organisation, super reliable earthy men who have heavy Saturn aspects or who are much older BUT the fantasy is my safety zone.

    1. oh wow, moon mars neptune is a recipe for crazy drama, i’d think? unless of course you have managed to work through the lower level stuff and can now go ‘haute’ higher-level on it all..?

      1. I think I have too much Saturn kicking about for it to do much more than just make me a massive escapist, it’s all in Sag and all in the 9th house too for extra oomf. I’m hyper instinctive and extremely aware of atmospheres and feelings but I’ve never really descended into any addictive behaviour or low Neptunian stuff. Only in my mind. Usually I channel it into my work as an artist, or at least I hope I do.

  41. The Green Witch

    Another venus opposite neptuinian here (with moon in pisces) and rather more than four of those items listed.
    It never ceases to amaze me how synchronous this site is –
    Had just been musing on my relationship patterns and the last ex in particular. Not in terms of ‘he done me wrong’ (which he did!But that no longer matters!)
    It was suddenly really clear to me that each time a relationship failed – and I have ‘been in love’ three times in my life – I felt that I was dying. And a part of me was. But that pain sent me running to my own particular brand of spirituality.
    So I was given a lot. Just wish I could have accessed certain ‘revelations’ with less pain and more personal honesty first time round!
    By the way, met the last ex during a venus – neptune – uranus conjunction and I have uranus in the seventh house. Dionysian self-delusion!

    1. Another Venus opposite Neptune here. I too have spent the last several days musing on the relationships that hurt me. I discovered my share of the blame was about lack of self-respect (Saturn/Venus in 2nd house) and boundaries (Jupiter/Neptune in 8-9 house cusp).

      It does not get them off the hook but I shouldn’t have allowed them get too close. Now, none of them lingers in my circle. From one extreme to the other.

  42. Electric Eel Libran

    Scored a 13 from above. I find some of the things go away or get better now that I’m old. Once you are old you start talking about your bowel movements and regularity. Farts are just annoying now….

    I don’t internet date not because i want to let fate have a hand but because i attract fuck-tards when I have no control over the situation. Because Dog knows I can’t rely on fate to find me a man. I’ve seen that shabby matchmaker’s work and I don’t care much for it.

    I don’t understand the drunk texting/dialing thing at all. The phone is like a car. Do not operate while under the influence.

    1. “I’ve seen that shabby matchmakers work and i don’t care.much for it” hilarious, thanks for the giggle….

      1. Electric Eel Libran

        Fate can match you up all he wants, but you still have a choice to accept or not. Thank goodness for small things!

      2. 12th house virgo

        Choice is key. The whole “karma” things in Neptunian relationships isn’t glue meant to keep two together, but learning to make choices based on what you need.

    2. Scorporation, Inc.

      I’ve been very regular, which makes me happy beyond belief! A little gassy at times, but that’s what you get with a lot of good fiber. And there really is no substitute in life for good fiber and regularity.

  43. Does Venus quincunx Neptune count? What’s a quncunx anyway?? … it sounds rude.

    Ummm … yeah I love the fantasising stage. It’s way better than the reality. But I put that down to a 7th house with only moon in sagg to keep it company and an empty/unaspected 4th and 8th houses. So sex isn’t really my gig, settling down really isn’t my gig and emotinal freedom is more important to me than emotional security. As in I don’t seek emotional security in significant partnerships.

    1. Um, yeah. That was my score too. Apparently, I have a problem, too busy in fantasy land to notice. And yeah, Pisces sun and Venus too. Leo moon, scorp rising. I’d float away in a blaze of Neptunia if I didn’t have my feet in Taurus dec.

  44. Currently in a love triangle. One has a Pisces Moon and the other has Venus in Pisces. I can’t escape mystical and fated love attractions. My ex is a Pisces Sun and I still feel drawn to him even with all of his emotional baggage. Lately I’ve had vivid dreams of him. Problem with me and him is that I lose my senses with him and go with my heart. But the heart has been physically & verbally hurt by him which I know isn’t acceptable in any relationship. So, where does one draw the line between unconditional mystical love and abuse. It was an extremely painful decision but with the help of family & friends, I divorced him. Now he haunts me in my dreams…

    1. 12th house virgo

      Mystical love does not equal a relationship. Don’t have a relationship with an abuser – that’s where you draw the line. I understand the push-pull of that is hard. But when some not-quite-fated-mystical love-object is doing a push-pull with me – I imagine what it is that I want to change about them, their attitude – I imagine what kind of compentency I would like them to have or give to them, and then I do/give it to myself. That way, I grow stronger, stay grounded in freedom, and stay loving. Love doesn’t mean abuse. Ever.

      1. I was a naive 21 yr old when I fell for him thinking I could change him. Just put up with it ultimately assuming that one day he would see the light. He could be just the opposite and so kind hearted which made it even more difficult to leave him. I believe in the Law of Attraction so I like your idea of imagry in finding what you want.

      2. 12th house virgo

        When you have a karmic connection, YOU must see the light – no excuses for them. That’s loving. Hanging on to someone behaving badly, making excuses for generating pain (even if its “their” fault) is not love or light. I find when I own the lesson I want to give to another or want another to get, I make progress. Sometimes its hard to spot, and its always a challenge to implement, but its the path to freedom – which is not the path to relationship. Separating love from relationship is key to keeping Neptunian energies in check. Good luck, dear. Being loving doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a life of abusive relationships – it means you must strive forward to see the light in all situations – like it or not. Love doesn’t tolerate. Love loves.

      3. Thank you…I saw the light a long time ago when I was with him. Never had a father figure because my parents divorced when I was a young kiddo so staying with him was trying to prove to myself that I somehow could make it work unlike where my parents had failed. My suffering through the situation was delusional because that is common with Scorpios…we would rather sting ourselves than hurt others. I’m free now and loving it. I guess I should say my Saggo moon is loving it. πŸ™‚

      4. Your dreams with the ex are maybe a reflection of your character. What part is he playing in the dream?. i.e I had a dream that my beau was massaging me. I thought that was swoony but in fact he is repesenting my nurturing side and I was actively massaging myself whcih wsa indicative of my state of mind at the time and has continued. Finally Im looking after myself after months of anxiety. Yay. so look to ther symbol not the actual in dreams is my interp Aqua scopr.
        BTW love your analogy of scopr stinging themselves. Im an aqua /scorp/leo combo and so ofted shoot myself in the foot and sabotage when I don’t feel comfy.

      5. Thank you for your input. The dreams are of reconciliation and moving forward. We had a special connection and It pains me to try to find that again with someone else. Reason being that I’m one that goes above and beyond when I have a dying plant on my hands that needs saving. Problem is that he will never change and I need to just accept that and move on. It’s hard though because we have a child together and that’s a beautiful thing. I want the best for her but I shouldn’t”t have to sacrifice my beliefs and security for the sake of family unity….just because I never had it myself when I was a child. It’s just hard after almost 20 years to be free again even though I’m getting used to it. Actually, my Mars is in Aqua, Sun is Scorp, Leo ascen and Saggo moon.

    2. In the case of any abuse tendencies, even verbal, one must absolutely draw the line. That’s a condition, I believe, and based on my own experiences, of trying to navigate a successful relationship world (and that includes all relationships). If one is dreamy (my hand is up) then one should, for self protection and just healthy practice, drawn the lines firmly with respect to certain things. Abuse is definitely one of those things. Don’t forget you have Saturn in your chart!:)

  45. OMG……………HELP…………..Neptune touches almost everything in my chart. I need the info on 14th dimension/chakras. Should I be concerned? lol


    Just checked off 14 of those bad boys and I don’t know what to do. You just described the last 20+ years of my love/dating life and I’m in an impossible, depressing rut that I see no end to even with all the awesome astro that is supposed to have been/is coming my way.

    What is 14th dimension just beyond my base chakra?

  47. As a pisces sun, pisces venus and venus square neptune… I am guilty of 14 of the above, your honour. Is there any hope for me?

  48. I’ve been through phases when my Neptunian loving is a “problem” but that’s when I’m unbalanced generally. For the most part, I think my Venus in Aries and Aqua moon counterbalance the swimmy Pisces-ness with cold, hard detachment….

    And I don’t online date because for me “fate” has a lot to do with how a potential partner smells. I knew I needed to leave my ex-husband (point 7) when I could no longer bear the way he smelled. Until they create Snif-Cam, it’s in-person meetings for me.

      1. I have a thing about smell, too. Very important and can override other senses –as well as my intellect and reason!

  49. Nope. I enjoy real relationships, but they are often with Neptunian glamorous, intuitive, nebulous, fragile, artistic, sensitive, communicative, intelligent, imaginative, cinematic, enigmatic types. EG: my husband has Neptune ASC in 12th house, where my Mars lives, and the Moon rules my 12th.

    1. Yep. If I have a real relationship, it fits this model. But I like it! Not a problem so much as a “preference.” But good to understand about oneself and to help in making decisions

  50. tati scorpitini


    * You sometimes prefer Fantasy Crush Scenarios to actual real relationships. Agree! Usually not Sometimes.

    * You make no apologies for preferring the β€˜in love’ stage of a relationship to the β€˜working at it’ era.

    * You fall in and out of love very quickly and with seemingly little control – almost as if a magic spell has been cast upon you and/or the love spell has been suddenly broken.

    * You don’t usually online date because you prefer to let β€˜fate’ play out in this regard.

    * You tend to attribute karmic significance, an element of destiny having bought you together and spiritual depths to people you find sexually attractive.

    * Love is stronger than death but you’re also out the door when it gets to the farting in front of you stage. Less is more.

    * You prefer Yearning to boring relationship discussions.

    Yup, I need help. The real world of dating does suck so much more than what goes on in my head though!

    1. equilibrium girl

      I’m with you, Tati!!!!! My heart is IN my head. My head is such a nice space to hang out in and when reality gets too ick (in relationships – IF I’m ever in one), I simply concoct a mystery 3rd person I’d prefer to be with. And no way would I online date. Ironically, it’s not “real” enough for me – you can’t feel true chemistry/ pheramones in text.

      Maybe I’m just insane. Maybe escapism is harmful and that’s why I’m destined (not doomed, darling!) to be a bachelorette…

      Oddly, I only have Neptune in Saggo, Jupiter in Pisces and Pluto in my 12th. Nothing that really matches the list above. Sun, Merc, Venus in Cap, moon in sooky crabville. Hmm…

  51. So are you saying I shouldn’t send a criptic Facebook message to the semi famous guy I just locked eyes with (or perhaps glanced at) in the pub?
    Moon in pisces, square Neptune.

      1. Ah, that would involve a measure of stalking, as I’d already left at that point. Which probably does classify as something to avoid, and I don’t have the time …
        I hope you’re good love.

  52. Scorporation, Inc.

    Wow: this so wasn’t me! Am a bit surprised since I am Pisces asc, and have Neptune+True Node, and a rather watery chart. But, definitely negative on the Neptunian loving problem.

  53. Y to all but two questions.
    12th House Venus in Pisces trine 8th House Neptune; conjunct Ascendant (conjunct Chiron too) … Neptune actually outnumbers the rest of the cast and crew in aspects. Busy fellow in my chart. Swim to the beautiful depths but remember to resurface for air.

  54. Easy peasy to get to 4 and beyond. i ‘ve always been up front i’m having a delusional affair altho we are both more uranian its dreamy enough to keep it from getting to real. heavens forbid; working at it; ewww – been there done that produced 2 beautiful boys and a wonderful co- parent but i am having so much fun in la la land why would I be anywhere else.? he seems to be sticking around more lately and has been extremey helpful with my new van adventures, So reassuring when i rang him a bit scared. ‘no you won’t slide off the mountain’ he said so confidently ( leo of course). I beliveed him and I didn’t swoooon.
    see delusional!

    I once made a list of all the boys i had a crush on when I was 14. it was at least 20 including the bloke in the menswear store next to the train station, teachers, yr 12 guys and all my brothers surfie friends etc etc. No Pisces in me except chiron. just a day dreamer gal.

  55. Venus square Neptune – yes. Soulmates – absolutely. I have had two in my life. (So far πŸ™‚ ) I feel guilty when the ‘shine’ wears off relationships and spend a lot of time back-pedalling and self-guilting. to stay in ‘normal’ situations (I blame my Cap moon). Poetry is like oxygen to me and I make no apologies.
    I’m so bored with conventional relationship/dating paradigms. I won’t do them again. I just cannot be bothered with the dance any more. Hard to explain but that’s where I’m at. My ideal is living alone (Venus in Aqua) and just picking and choosing.

    1. I am with you Chrysalis! I don’t know I think I was just brought up to be extremely independent. I have never been in a long term relationship, dated and fell in love but nothing panned out. I don’t know.. the stars just want me to be single. I am Virgo / Libra rising. Venus in Scorpio which makes me luck sex as long as the chemistry is right. I usually know the minute I meet the guy. BUT, those relationships don’t last. The most recent guy is the longest I have been with someone who I felt such strong chemistry with. Still longing for him but .. oh well! Don’t give me any butterfly dream comments.. can’t stand it. I have a co-worker doing that to me right now. It pisses me off! Sad but I just don’t understand it.

      1. No butterfly comments from me, V Ellie… my relationship history is a bit of a road crash – sorry, learning experience – terrible self esteem when young, loads of abusive losers, married the first guy who treated me with kindness when I was in my early 30s and there was pressure to ‘find someone’. I care deeply for him, but there is no connection besides friendship. We are not lovers. I had an affair, which by society’s judgements was ‘wrong’ but was in fact the best thing that ever happened to me. Am now in the process of unpicking my life with dignity and compassion, and it’s very very hard, and bloody scary. Ultimately I want to be financially independent so I can have the kind of relationships I want, no compromise, and I imagine that will mean huge tracts of my future being on my own, and that will be ok with me. Neptune has just transited my Venus and is now in my 7th. Chiron on my sun is healing my self esteem. Women get ripped off by the idea that we have to ‘have someone’. Don’t sell yourself short just to be with a man! Yes I need to ‘attend my own lecture’ xx πŸ™‚

  56. I have 12 of these items. πŸ™

    Am trying to break a “karmic bond” by my account, “ditch the leech out of your life” by my friend’s accounts.

  57. sigh.. yes, that would be moi.. easy to get that score Myst. Ok, I didn’t count but there were enough and I knew there would be without even asking myself each question.

    Venus sextile Neptune. But it’s all the other stuff… !! x

    How do I access the 14th dimension?!?!?! πŸ™‚

    1. Take 2 steps to your left, then 2 more to your right, spin clockwise then anticlockwise 10 times, then lie on the floor with closed eyes et voila,you are there!

      1. Scorched Earth

        You sound like you know your way around there Pegs darling. Any chance you’re going there some time soon as I could use a good tour guide πŸ˜‰


  58. Dear god i just finished bathing ritual and was suddenly assailed by the memory of AquaMa finding this exercise book with a full story of my complete fantasy crush on the bass player of Duran Duran, from the start of the story via notes passed in class to me by my besties to a full blown scenario with me having his babies ( i wanted to be pregnant with crazy ferocity of desire at that age).

    Now this post! Thanks for the giggle, Mystic.

    I was very much like this from the age of 3 or 4 probably, a shocking flirt and fantasist, whom many women warned my mother to keep a close eye on since i was about 6! She told me when i was in my 20s for some reason, and she was still shocked by it.

    But i grew out of it, and i think my detailed fantasies, along with childhood reading of erotic literature prepared me to have stunningly beautiful relationships and affairs. I knew exactly what i wanted and found adorable playmates and partners. Though i left them all, except one, in the end. Still, i grew up with these boys and men and though i cut them completely from my life when i go i appreciate very much all they were to me. Pisces Sun, Moon in 12th.

    I’m not afraid of working at/in/on relationships though. GIve all i have and all i am with pleasure. The work you put in becomes your blessing. If you don’t have a generous heart what are you doing in love?

  59. the toilet humor in front of you is a Virgo-Libran trait too, LOL I can’t even type it, anything resembling toilet humor is OUT.

    Fantasy crush scenarios – girls and guys are like this particularly from age 10 – 21 yrs, no?

    King Arthur, as above.

    Yes, to taking refuge, Twin Flames, no control over falling in and out of love much like walking into a cloud, fate, Venus square Neptune.

  60. The Leo Socialite

    Far out i have 11 of these. I prefer the term “syndrome” to “problem”.

    also, the Oracle just told me that someone was going to call within the hour, i thought load of shit, went and poured myself a chardy so i could do some “research online” and then HE RANG. What powers that thing Mystic?

    1. ah, that;s right, the oracle suggested peachblossom remedy although that was before Le Leo , so i am not sure if still valid. really must resub when next batch of moola arrives…

  61. I didn’t find myself ticking off any of those, but I have Neptune just past direct opposition to my natal sun right now… I’m trying to think of that as a Neptunian love situation rather than problem however… The hazy confusion is rather intense.

      1. lol, i have no idea, therefore we make something up. I think there is a shortcut to the 14th dimension via a wormhole which appears when….. I don’t know, someone else can fill in the next step πŸ˜‰

      2. I heard it took courtney love ages to get kurt cobain to notice her. Pisces sun men are not into chasing. You simply have to be in-tune and catch them when they are in a assertive mode. Know that they will be there when your in town, sometime. Make sure you don’t go out when your puffy with your period, with dark circles under your eyes!!

      3. Scorched Earth

        I had a couple that were totally into chasing. One in particular that has done so for 15 years even after marriage and family. I imagine it’s not really about chasing me any more as much as it’s about chasing the fantasy element of it.

        I went through a stream of Pisces men encounters in the 90’s and it got so that I could sense them on arrival.. I can’t say why tbh and today nothing, and nothing really since then, former comment excluded of course πŸ™‚

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