What The Water Gave Her

The artist Frida Kahlo was elementally SO Water. She had the Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, and the North Node all in Cancer, in the Soul Sector. Now that’s a Stellium.

Early illness forced seclusion but the solitude compelled her to develop an inner life, that later informed her art. And remember, the 12th house is really only considered a liability because it’s so damned magic.

The Sun conjunct Neptune is particularly potent there because the 12th is naturally Neptune-affiliated. This is the delineation from my Astral DNA birth chart report.

Sun Conjunct Neptune

You’ve got an astral all-areas pass and an innate ability to see inter-dimensional phenoms. Auric hygiene is a must – a clear bedroom or sleeping area without clutter or mirrors, frequent salt scrubs, and space clearing.

Beware of coarse substances, people, and places. E.g., drugs. Devise measures to deflect Vibe Vampires keen to acquire some of your nebulous glamor or artistic acumen. This is one of the most creative astrological alignments on record.

You can easily conjure up a magical impossibility or wild, genius juxtaposition but can freak when confronted with bureaucracy. Your Sun-Neptune conjunction squad includes Carrie Fisher, Ada Lovelace, Alessandro Michele, and Marlon James.

“I Was Born In Rain, And I Will Die In Rain…”

Kahlo’s Saturn in Pisces synced to her Cancerian North Node, reinforcing her primary path of Cosmos, Art & Psyche. Her Venus-Pluto/Leo Rising flamboyant looks and love life garnered attention, but beneath the snazzy, light-drawing Fire, she was all Water.

“I was born in rain and I will die in rain…They will say I smoked cigarettes and marijuana, cursed hoarse as a crow in all my languages, and loved morphine and Demerol and tequila and pulque, women and men. I will shrug my illusion of shoulders and answer that I am a water woman, not a vessel, not something you can sail or charter. So I am instead the tributary, the river, the fluid source, and the sea itself. I am all her rainy implications. And what do you, with your rusted compass, know of love?”

Kate Braverman – The Incantation Of Frida K

Image: Frida Kahlo – What The Water Gave Me

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  1. Cooool. I have a Cancer Stellium, Loaded 12th house, and 8th house Virgo Moon and I’ve been recently thinking about how attached I am to liquid of any form. Metaphorical much, no? And my Inner life? Don’t even get me started…hahaha. So much better than my RL at the moment, that’s for sure.

    And This is actually my favorite work of Frida’s too…thanks for posting. When I look at it knowing her exact astro, it makes so much ‘logical’ sense to me. hehe

  2. Frida was da bomb. There will never be another like her… Thanks for posting on her, Mystic; I have mad love and respect for her and her art/life.

  3. Interesting. I am a Leo with Cancer moon and Venus. I am ALWAYS with men with strong Aqua and it is really quite suckful.

  4. LOve her & her artwork – she was part indigenous, & must have been proud of it as she wore tradition native clothing a lot, & was politically involved promoting indigenous rights. The monobrow & mo – that was her spanish blood showing. Spanish/Mexican women of that time proudly displayed their hairiness as proof of being non-native, but it doesn’t seem she was ashamed of it.

    I didn’t know she had polio, but she was also terribly injured in a bus accident, which left her with multiple injuries & lifelong pain – what a 12th house dominated life – & such grace to produce beautiful art from the depths of suffering !!

    1. For a second there, I thought you meant you were typing so fast you accidentally cut yourself (like on a key)! It was a poetic image in my head anyway??

  5. I used to hate Frida as a child, not that I even knew anything about her then.. it was just the monobrow, the 12th house art, it was all too disturbing YET I was always riveted. The colors always drew in and despite my fear, there was always a part of me that wanted to experience being INSIDE her painting, exploring what recoiled me.

    Later on, I realized that even though her art portrayed so much of the travails she suffered in life, there was always something inherently warm about it – to me. The same way you accidentally yourself deeply with a knife and have a moment of shock at how warm the blood is that’s dripping.

    I think of her as raw and instinctive, like a cry from a forest animal that has some native unlearned civility in it, a nobility of spirit that thrives under something screaming and wild. When I did see the movie and read more about her, she became universal to me. And now I think every woman has a Frida in her, broken and unbreakable at the same time.

    1. Yes FA, I remember feeling challenged by her uncivil, raw femininity as a girl also! She was seemed such an inharmonious blend of qualities then that I know & accept as deeply, ‘warmly’ (and painfully) human. And womanly.

  6. Mystic I visited her house in Mexico City which is a Museum . The Energy in her House Is Pain and Sorrow. I have a black and white photo of her showing her rings that sits in my studio . She embodied the Feminine principle that was repressed and abused by the Masculine Collective at that time in the Mexican and Latin Cultures . And Still is in some parts. I relate to her courage and how she channeled her Art to shed Light , in the mist of her most dark and painful moments. I know women in my Family who had similar issues and fought for there rights as women and human beings. I was raised by my two sisters who are an inspiration two me.”Que Viva Frida”

      1. Ah lovely! I created a water meditation for a friend who was stationed in the desert in Afghanistan once.. It was soothing just writing it down! Lovely. What sign a you MsNoir? I am mainly water, tho a Leo.

          1. P.S. Very little water in my chart, actually… Just the generational Saturn in Pisces and Neptune in Scorpio… But I do tend to attract men who are water dominated. All the time.

            1. I suppose we are meant to attract our opposite? Actually my (Gem) hub has no earth and myself just one Mars in Virgo… I love Leos, been out with mostly Leos in the past. A Leo Moon and Merc must make you very va va voom, cherie!!

  7. I see plenty in the bath tub, but rather than a mini world in the water, mine is the massive expanse beyond the bathroom and I am the bird in the tree. Then I obsess over my feet!

  8. Love her.
    Love her work.
    Love her fiestiness.
    Love her hair.
    Love her monobrow.
    Love her headresses.
    Love her clothes.
    Love the colour of her clothes.
    Love her amputated hand earrings.

    Actually I just want to be her … well sans the polio and the spinal deterioration. And I’d probably end up waxing the monobrow coz I don’t think I could actually live with one … nor could I live with Diego Rivera for that matter. Although I don’t think even she managed to hack Diego. He was an Uber Sagg.

    1. I LOVE Frida as well. She speak to and, frankly, for me in so many profound ways.

      As for the tub:

      I NEVER shower unless I have no choice, despite my Libra Moon (which served to convinced my Mega Libra Hubby to bathe as well).

      The tub is for cleansing, reading (magazines and poetry primarily), and having a good cry.

  9. I’ve always been lost in reverie in the bathtub, and entranced by the reflections of my toes. So when I first saw this painting, it riveted me.

  10. Thanks, yet again, Mystic, for shedding cosmic light on another extraordinary human.

    Lucky she had that Leo rising to get her out and through and above it all with such grace and abundance. She was prolific and I bet there are works she gave to people that have not yet been revealed to the public.

    I’ve only 2 artwork possessions, one is a photographic portrait of Freda. My kataka venus and Mars must be attracted to her strong inner resolve. She symbolises for me the motherhood of creative works, rather than the motherhood of children.

    Sad about her lovelife heartaches. Goddamn attachment. Just think, if she’d been introduced to Buddhism like she might’ve 50 yrs on, she may never have shared with us all those wonderfully tortured and magical workings of her Psyche.

    My fave Friday quote ” I drink to drown my fucking sorrows, but the sons of bitches have learnt to swim”
    Interesting, more water references…. RIP wild woman.

      1. Love her. Didn’t know this polio detail. Gives new meaning to “a river to skate away on”. My favorite. But I was bedridden as child too. Interesting.

      2. Neil Young is another fabulous artist who also had polio and was bedridden while very young. He is quoted as saying it messed up his left side. Three wonderful examples of very talented artists able to channel great pain into beautiful art. Sorry to hear of your troubles Bluesky.
        Hope you have been able to overcome them as well. x

  11. unpredictable pisces

    I love bubble bath dreaming. I know very little about Frida Kahlo other than what the movie told me. But the post (and many others) does make me wonder what it would be like to have a mega stellium in my chart. I don’t know if Venus, MC and a few asteroids and progressed planets in Aries counts?

    To me it’s not quite the same as venus-pluto-uranus in the 8th (thanks mystic 😉 ) or a 5-planet scorp stellium (my latest Scorp crush) or a loaded dreamy artiste Cancerian 12th house, for example, thank you Frida K. What’s that like, i mean, how does that person experience that accent, intensity, dominant lens / perspective / world in living their life? THE most annoying thing about astrology is that is is so subjective. You can’t experiment, try out other people’s charts, compare the difference. hmm

    1. UP, you can’t officially try out other people but the wonderful thing about astrology on an interpersonal level is that for it to be of any benefit at all you have to drop your predetermined assumptions and just observe whilst simultaneously tuning in to patterns and themes. I find it helps develop empathy and imagination. Just a thought. BTW I have moon, sun, Saturn and mercury in gemini and I would describe that lense as a mental kaleidoscope.

      Venus and MC in Aries is quite a punch!

      1. unpredictable pisces

        have to say my mum has about 5 planets in Gemini, i am sure she has about 3 jobs just to stay above her boredom threshold!

    2. Frida one of my top 5 female heroes. There’s a doco or two around that i’ve seen that are so much better than the movie, as they have a lot of real footage and heaps and heaps of her work in them.

      How does loaded 12th feel? Intense. (Venus-neptune-lilith all conjunct; and eros exact conjunct psyche; all in 12th house scorp near asc). That’s not sun/jupe/nept/nn, but even then it is intense.

      Suffering (self-undoing or destiny/karma from another life?). Seclusion or confinement (forced and/or chosen). Vivid imagination and intuition. Difficulty in not absorbing/being affected by undercurrents and emotions around us. Idealistic (Frida’s politics) but also deep need to escape into creativity and/or substances to either repress or express sorrow (Frida drank a lot, increasingly…who wouldn’t have with what she had to contend with.)

      Cannot imagine what having Sun there too would feel like – maybe it is this, along with Leo asc, that would add the genius element to help make up for the rest? Just unimaginable how hard it must have been for her, a proud leo ascendant with a broken body, and a hidden deeply emotional side, knowing that Diego was even getting it off with her sister, when she loved him so much…. Cancer? Non-attachment? A very difficult ask….although she did sort of manage it in the end…

      1. unpredictable pisces

        Wow, Fi, that sounds intense. How have you handled that over the years? has this astro setup helped you in certain ways? x

        1. Ummm…well, I guess I have to say that balance of positive (creativity; being able to give a great deal of empathy) and negative (suffering) is equal, or someone will jump on me for not loving my chart enough….x

  12. Frida is wonderfully inspiring. Just so divinely herself! Thanks for posting something on her MM, really fascinating. I love her bath being full of dreams..

    Oddly enough I just looked at two friend’s kid’s charts (born 6 years apart) and both are stellium Kataka’s with a fully loaded 12th house – one with Leo Rising.

    Does anyone think it’s weird to HAVE to know my sister’s birth time to the point of paying $30 for it from the hospital of her birth? She hates astrology, so if I find out she’ll just be irritated on top of that! Is it too invasive? I consider it necessary family synastry understanding of course.

    1. nah, i don’t think it’s weird to go to all that effort to get sister’s birth time. You obviously want to understand her better.

      My sister hates astrology as well. I paid for her to see my astrologist about 20 years ago and she told me off after the reading! Clearly she didn’t like hearing about herself. I remember thinking it was weird at the time and why anyone would be pissed off to get a free astrology reading. *shrugs* oh well.

    2. I think it probably depends what you do with it. Astro stalking people sometimes weirds me out if I feel like I might be using it to make presumptions about them. If that makes sense? Fine line between understanding and presuming.
      Good and not evil and all that.

      1. Yes, I do know what you mean shell! I think she will be irritated if it seems to her I feel I know something about her she doesn’t – whether or not she believes is not the point it’s just condescending. I might wait until a good time and ask her permission properly, thanks.
        anymouse, I did the same with AquaSis, except it was a clairvoyant. Her Uranian ‘fuq you-ness’ came up strong and the clairvoyant had lots of signs not to give her a reading. She avoided telling her anything meaningful which just turned her against this kind of thing further. What a waste – I had a friend who was dying to get a reading with this amazing woman too!

  13. Wow, Amazing synchronicity, one of my girlfriends loaned me the DVD Frida recently- just watched it yesterday!I love that Jungian dreamlike quality to her paintings. Most of the subject matter was born out of the pain – physical and emotional in Frida’s life.

    Interesting symbolism with the reflections of the toes, dead bird atop the small tree, and parental figures gazing downward at the lovers.

    I too, have way too much Virgo, to waft off to bathing dreams like this.

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