The Twelfth House People

Twelfth house people discover how the world works early in life – mapping it out and knowing all the rules. It’s just not the world everyone else lives in. Paranormality is their norm. They move through life as if it were a shamanic journey, and they’re sleeping somewhere else. Their cosmic consciousness is innate, an organic awareness that others go crazy trying to attain.

One person’s “and then I spent a year at a retreat/did Ayuahuasca again/took up sacred chanting” is the 12th house person’s peak spiritual experience at the supermarket/saw Buddha in the bathroom at the club/astral-traveled-by-mistake-last-night experience. They assume everyone sees ghosts or visions and then stop talking about it once they realize it gets them in trouble. Twelfth house people often get more camaraderie from animals and deities than they do from fellow humans.

Supernatural things occur to and around them all the time, and no, they can’t place it in a religious context. Nor do they need to join a magical group, memorize chants and start summoning things up. The 12th house in astrology is your esoteric roots. It is the soul sector. Classically, it’s also the domain of concealed enemies instead of the open ones of the 7th house. It can sound terrifying, as if people with a concentration here will be stalked night and day by mysterious foes.

Paranormality Is Their Norm

But let’s break this down a tad. Certain characters envy the 12th house person’s aplomb with magic and astral realms but they’ll never admit it. They’ll behave perfectly – even obsequiously – to someone’s face and let rip with the slander when they’re out of range. 12th housers are not usually brash or confrontational, so they’re unlikely to have overt enemies. Hence the importance of trusting vibe over words.

If you want to go full throttle with this, say the person with a loaded 12th house has a strong spiritual lineage, cosmic guidance, and subliminal recall of occult powers/supernatural experiences from other times. If you’re all that, then, of course, you’d have a few grubby low-life entities lurking around still stinging from a spat in another era. Twelfth house people naturally gravitate to aura and space protection, but excessive use of drugs, including alcohol, leaves them energetically unguarded.

Leaving aside the fact that they don’t really need mind-altering substances as their mind is already alt-dimensional, some 12th house people see themselves as psychonauts, exploring the edges of consciousness or narco-philosophers: Terence McKenna, William Burroughs, and Allen Ginsberg had huge soul sectors,  a massive capacity for drugs and agreed on something they called “the syntactical nature of reality.” Too intensive to go into here, it drew in chaos magic, synchronicity, hallucinogens, and hieroglyphics.

Post-Saturn Return, Frank Ocean seems to be embodying his 12th house Mercury, Sun, and Pluto conjunction more by the day. This is from the Rolling Stone review of Blonde.

“dreaming a thought that could dream about a thought that could think of the dreamer that thought,” he half-raps — then eats some mushrooms and, in a lovely poetic flash, watches “light hang-glide off the moon.” (Ocean’s dealer should put this verse on his business card: His product is clearly phenomenal.)

As I said in The Truth About 12th House Transits, this sector of the birth chart has a bad reputation because of how alt-consciousness and magic were punished in the past 2000 years or so. It’s not so much that the 12th is associated with ‘confinement and prisons’ etc, as that people were routinely exiled, imprisoned, or executed for awareness of other realms.  Deep in their bones, the 12th House person interprets that “you’re weird” glance as a danger alert.

When free, they’re philosophers, shamans, healers, artists, and visionaries – regardless of their official identity or vocation.

“The truth is, indeed, that love is the threshold of another universe. Beyond the vibrations with which we are familiar, the rainbow-like range of its colours is still in full growth. But, for all the fascination that the lower shades have for us, it is only towards the “ultra” that the creation of light advances. It is in these invisible and, we might almost say, immaterial zones that we can look for true initiation into unity. The depths we attribute to matter are no more than the reflection of the peaks of spirit.”

Pierre de Teilhard Chardin, the Jesuit priest-philosopher-scientist who wrote the words above, was a rarity. Naturally, the Vatican condemned and banned him, but he would have fared far worse in any previous century. He had the Sun, Moon, Venus, Neptune, and Pluto in the 12th.

Artists with prominent 12th houses don’t simply do work that ‘lives on’ – their movies, music, and literature haunt people. It is as if they wove a beautiful ghost into it that would keep operating after they transferred dimensions. Watching, listening, or reading feels like a spell. This is the realm of Iris Murdoch, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Agnes Varda, and Leonard Cohen.

Even allowing for the fact that many well-known people don’t have their birth time on public record, there is a shortage of 12th house-dominant celebrities. Think about it: they’re reclusive by temperament and have a refined, poetic psyche that shrinks away from publicity junkets and their coarse interrogations. LED lighting fries their aura. They’re also scarily attuned to frequencies, find solitude rewarding, and guard a multitude of secrets. It’s not the innate profile of a publicity-hustler.

Bad Lighting Fries Their Aura

The ones who are mega-famous – Charlize Theron, Keanu Reeves, and Joe Biden spring to mind – are stringent with privacy, regardless of media exposure. As GQ magazine observed, “Keanu Reeves has managed to pull off the nearly impossible feat of remaining an enigmatic cult figure despite having been an A-list actor for decades.”

When Twelfth house people are involved in a scandal, mystery, or leak, it’s ultra bizarre. Examples include Julian Assange, Christine Keeler, the ‘call-girl’ at the center of Britain’s government-quaking Profumo Affair, and the heiress Sunny Von Bulow who died after nearly 30 years spent in a coma that may have been initiated by her husband, who was charged with her murder but never convicted.

In 1967, Harold Holt – then the Prime Minister of Australia – disappeared off a beach, prompting Australian history’s biggest search. His body has never been found and the unsolved mystery has spawned many a conspiracy theory. Holt had the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter in the 12th house, all in Leo.

Even when they seem ostensibly ‘normal,’ they’re not. The person with the most crowded 12th house in history is Ann Margret, a Swedish born actor best known for her iconic Easy Rider bike scene and starring in Viva Las Vegas alongside Elvis Presley.

Ninety-three percent of her astro is in the 12th: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Lilith, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. She’s been working non-stop in the entertainment industry for six decades, despite being maligned as a bimbo and written off countless times. Even allowing for her multi-Taurean robustness, that’s hardly the stunt of an overly sensitive empath. What are her 12th house credentials?

Reality Is A Possibility They Cannot Ignore

Well, she was raised in a funeral parlor, her mother having secured them free board in exchange for cleaning. They slept alongside the caskets at night. She was one of the first celebrities to talk openly about her ‘secret battle with booze,’ as well as the psychotherapy that helped her give it up.

Dr. Ruth – Ruth Westheimer, another 12th houser – has a similar knack of bringing taboo topics into popular consciousness. Ann Margret literally never goes to restaurants or events (and never has unless she is under contract to attend something) but still rides her motorbike around the Hollywood hills at night.

She was also the secret lover of Elvis – “we were indeed soul mates, shy on the outside, but unbridled within…that we both possessed the devil, nobody knew.” Ann Margret was later devotedly married for ages, but clandestine love affairs intrigue many 12th house people. They like the built-in privacy, lack of obligatory social events or wifework, and automatic personal space.

They come across as trippy, half in one dimension, half in another, and then stun everyone with their pragmatism.  As Leonard Cohen (Sun, Venus, and Neptune in the 12th) said, “reality is one of the possibilities I cannot afford to ignore.

*A Twelfth house person is someone with three or more of the following points in their natal 12th house:  the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron. The ruler of the birth chart counts for two.

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  1. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars , and Lilith in 12th. all are in Leo (except Lilith) and ascendant is Leo. 12th cusp is cancer

  2. Lotte from Sweden

    12 house stellium: sun, mercury, uranus and pluto.
    Tried Ayahuasca – but honestly, all that I saw I can easily see in a “normal meditation” or when I am relaxed hahah
    Really interested in the spiritual realm – the occult. And also do intuitive readings.

  3. If I am a Sag Rising like I think my Mum said, then it’s Venus🦂, and Sun🦂/Neptune🦂/Merc🏹 near exact conjunction in 12th.
    I have just cut off a secret affair with a married guy. The pandemic has been my crash course in reclusive artist life. I am no longer speaking to a couple of my oldest friends when I finally woke up after 30 years that they were acting a lot more like frenemies. I realise after trying to be social and normal for my adult life that I loathe most events unless there is music, art, cool vibe, subdued lighting, space, no one is “hyped” or “pumped” and that I can slip away at any time. Even then, going out was equally or more about journeys to and from – the mobile phone camera eventually meant that I could wander and take photos for hours and eventually get home. If Pondering and Daydreaming were Olympic sports, you are reading the words of a many times World Champion. Sex is soulful spell weaving and gets me into trouble – you know, maybe I could be a bit more casual about it 🙄. I don’t have any particular intel from “out there”, but I barely feel that I am from here either. Discovering birdwatching at age 15 may have saved my life – like a strange sense of a second birth. I earnestly tried for a bit, but Catholicism did not satisfy me – I think I was planning to hide in religion until it was all over.
    I definitely have Neptune issues anyway, but this suggests that there is probably more. Mystic’s Neptunians piece from a few years ago changed my life – at last something made sense of my life.

  4. My Sun Moon Venus Mars and Saturn all 12th house. I hadn’t noticed this before. I’m getting more comfortable in my own skin as the years go by. Always the loner and outside the group. I’m more comfortable about not fitting in. I’m getting tired of working, although I’m passionate about my job, I crave solitude. Can’t wait to retire. I have plans in place.

  5. Merc, Mars, Jupiter, ASC, Bacchus, Ops, Chiron, Aesculapia lol. Thankfully retired now so I can finally enjoy my solitude. My life makes sense now that I’m older.

  6. Literally such a beautiful article, it’s in depth and passionate writings like this that are enduringly inspiring and exciting. As a 12th and 2nd (squaring) house stellium person with Jupiter in 12th conjunct my Aquarius ascendant it’s like I am physically shrouded in this nebulous house, my body is lithe and sensitive my aura spacey and calm. I adore this energy even if it is too strange for the mundane world.

  7. (Oh snap, also got Pholus, Charliko, Eros, Hygeia, Circe, and the Waldemart moon, whatever the hell that is) (sorry to take up so much real estate) (imagine how I feel)

  8. (Or I guess *7, perhaps not the placement of math prodigies) Anyway, endless (non-consciously-conjured) weirdness

    1. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in 12th, but push birth time back one minute and Mars in 12th too, plus Saturn is old chart ruler (Aquarius rising) (I think that’s right), so I’m gonna say…*Eight total?

  9. Loved the insight. Any thoughts or advice for Sun,Mars, Venus, and Mercury in 12th House Aquarius. Ascendant in 2° Aries. So Mars is my chart ruler I believe. So that would be five placements. Heavily aspect positively to Neptune and Squared to Uranus. Always knew I was wired, private, but the physic, mystical has come about last few years. Newer to astrology. Would share DOB if anyone interested in helping me see what else hidden in my chart.

  10. I’ve got Sun, Venus, Mercury & Chiron (last 3 conj) in 12th house in Pisces & Pisces Rising & my life has been all about naturally healing mental illnesses, which is going well, with an innate, distinct, unshakable spiritual base that’s made that possible. Alone though, very much a lone path, a beautiful, deep spiritual relationship with nature a huge part. Multi creative aspects & talent, also strongly intellectual, highly political in a moral way. Excellent interpretation. 🙌

    1. Unshakeable spiritual base. I am a Pisces Rising also and can relate to what you are saying.

      I find it hard to articulate. Mercury in Cancer.

      Thank you for explaining it so well.


  11. Absolutely love this interpretation and really appreciate the mention of bad lighting frying the aura! My ruler, Jupiter, is in the twelfth of Scorpio with my NN and Pluto conjunct. I can super relate to the lighting issue, I’m a therapist (social worker) and I will not practice with over head lighting.

  12. I have five planets in the 12th house: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto. What does it mean; Spirituality, creativity and prone to addictions?

  13. Wish Upon a Star

    Twelfth house people often get more camaraderie from animals and deities than they do from fellow humans.

    Thanks, I needed to hear that today.

  14. Am I consider a 12th house person if I have sun and mercury (mercury being the planet that rules my birth chart because I am virgo rising )?

  15. I may have written here before. Sun, moon, mercury, venus, pluto and ascendant in Virgo. Sun, mercury, venus, pluto 12th house, moon 1st house. I think this is unusual, was told that once by an astrologer. Just wondering others thoughts about this. I often feel like an outsider, probably due to home life, but even so. I love to be alone and with my pets.

  16. Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in 12th house in libra (stellium). Sun in libra in 11th house. Scorpio ascendant and Pluto in 1st house

    Please tell me what you feel about those placements, will be appreciated!

  17. Hi All, I guess I will top this list. I have 6 planets in 12th house of Virgo ascendent. Sun, saturn, jupiter, mercury, venus and rahu in Leo sign. And life is quite a roller coaster. Used to complain alot but now gratitude and grateful for everything. Thank you Universe. Bless me more .

    1. Hi Indu, glad to know another Stellium in 12th House.

      I have Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter & Pluto in the 12th House. All in Virgo, except Jupiter in Leo.

      My Ascendant is also Virgo.
      Definitely a rollercoaster life.

      But always thankful and still surviving on Faith & Endurance.

    2. I got 7 planets in the 12th house in aquarius/capricorn xD
      Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune
      reading of so many people living with heavy 12th house placements it gives me hope haha now I know that I’m not alone 😀
      we can do that guys! we are the hidden army that only comes to the surface when needed 🙂

  18. I love this thank you. I have Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury all in 12 and all in aries. I am also an aries rising in 1st and a bunch libra and my Lilith is in 8th in scorpio :).

  19. I have Sun, Venus, Mercury and my birth chart ruler is 1st house Aries Mars. (Counts for 2) so = 5 total.

  20. I have the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus in my 12th. The first four in Scorpio and Uranus in Sag. I agree with Rachelle. It’s nice to hear something nice about being a 12th houser. So many portraits on the 12th house came across to me like a warning from a horror movie…” BEWARE, YE WITH 12TH HOUSE PLACEMENTS, FOR YOU WILL SUFFER!!!” Exact quote… 😛 I never really bought into the sentiment, though, because I don’t think my life could be doomed before I had a chance to live it. I guess my 12th housiness probably knew better, too. Anywho, thanks for the info!

  21. I’ve got Sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, and North Node in the 12th Scorpio. It was nice to hear something positive about this placement. And it resonates 🙂 My rising is Sagittarius and I have Neptune and Venus there. Jupiter, the ruler of my chart, is in the 6th with Taurus. My moon is in it’s own domicile, Cancer, in the 8th. Seems like I got all the scary placements.

  22. This was so validating to read!! I have Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Neptune in the 12th house and in Sagittarius and Saturn in in the 12th house and in Scorpio. I kinda feel like all that Sag energy waters down the potency of everything in that 12th house.

    But it could also explain why so many people feel like they’re interacting with a happy dumb mask that is covering up an intensely private person. Like, this is literal feedback that I’ve received!

  23. Hey, this is syntacticing my life right now, and will go str8 to Academia to read more. I am a Libran with Libra & Rising and 5 planets in the 12th house. Jupiter Mercury conjunct Virgo, Sun Neptune Mars with my ruling planet in the 1st house of Scorpio. Having Saturn square in Cancer conjunct the nth node in 10th house of career. IN 67 I had a profound spiritual experience in London on Sandoz Acid two years later my Apotheosis and the next day Jail for pot and then every 7 years since then either Jail for pot, hospital for accidents or institution, while I’ve been psychonauting the Divine Life which Im now bringing down to earth as a professional Holist see my profile LinkedIn

  24. Someone Who Was Here

    It was nice to find this article and feel less alone for a minute.

    -12th ruler Mercury in 12th, lit up by other planets (very active 12th thoughts)
    -Venus in 12th, completely unaspected (dreaming of something more real than false and fleeting human “love”)

    My favorite album is Loveless by My Bloody Valentine, and this obviously speaks to my Venus.

  25. Thank you for this validation. Have 3 Virgo placements and one Leo in the 12th, but have hasd so many experiences that were hard to explain.

  26. Sun, Moon, Mercury in12th all in Taurus. Still learning what this means!! Since so many astrologers who’ve done readings for me try to skim over this area, I don’t feel I’ve had a lot of validation and/ or it’s some kind of anomaly no one wants to chat about. This article cheered me and makes me want to know more. Thank you!!!!

  27. Hi I have the Sun, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Chiron with planet ruler Venus in the 12th house. Because of these things – and being Taurus – I can’t open up but this is new to me plus the insights. Like to know more about the chart

    1. Wow I have exactly the same planets in the 12th..Also a Taurus with Taurus rising..Sun, Mars, Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Aries and Saturn in Pisces

  28. Hi i have the sun, moon, saturn, mercury and venus in the 12th house. Could you recommend me to a reputable chart reader?

    1. Yourself no one else can synthesise all the bits and pieces that make up you as well as yourself, but I have found that the internet has it all

  29. 12th house Sun/Mercury/Venus/Mars/Pluto, Venus being my chart ruler. 12th house in Libra. I appreciate this article, it rings true. As a child, while other boys wanted to astronauts and firemen, I wanted to be a minister. Studied religion in college and found too many grains of truth and too many rules in all religions to confine myself to just one. Got into drugs instead. Grew up to be a performing artist, became a visual artist after Saturn’s return (10th house Saturn).

    Pondering is my favorite hobby. I spend my happiest nights sitting quietly at home, away from my family, and thinking about the nature of the universe, what it could be, what it all means, where we’re all going, how everything is connected, what happens next, and how it all ends. I don’t share these thoughts with anyone because I can’t verbalize them. I just kind of “feel” the truth. My whole life secretly feels like one endless psychedelic trip and I kind of love it. It used to be scary and frustrating until I really started exploring astrology and learned about my placements.

    Though, I sometimes wish I was born to be an accountant. 😂

    1. This is a fabulous encapsulation of the 12th house vibe! You can be an accountant – you’d work in the financial forensics of intelligence, have a handmade steampunk calculator, and use off-planet telepathic magical techniques to track illicit money flows.

  30. Wow- this is the best thing I have read about 12th house people! I have Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and ascending in the 12th house. Bizarre things happen all the time but get so lost in translation…I have felt that real threat in my bones about being ‘weird’. Which makes being alone or keeping these parts hidden very appealing. Thank you for this, I feel very seen.

  31. Mars, Neptune (my chart ruler), and Uranus all in my 12h in Aquarius and I am an actress! Like I want to be known/recognized for my career but like not ~too known~ I also noticed that I could have some crazy, random dreams. But I do find that I’m a pretty creative individual!

  32. My daughter has Sun, Mercury and Saturn in her 12 house, also in Scorpio. Reclusive artist? Check.
    Also, I am convinced her subconscious is linked to mine, where she can pick up on my thoughts and emotions. I also can’t tell if she has some weird access to another reality, or a spirit places things for only her to find. There are things we have looked for for MONTHS sometimes, that she finds under my bed. Even after I’ve spent like, 15 minutes vacuuming and cleaning under there, or multiple people have confirmed that there is nothing under the bed, she’ll go and pull the object out from the same spot under the bed. I was so confused I started crying the last time she did it.

    1. That’s so funny – not that you were crying obvs, but the familiarity of the story. I’m a 12th houser and i am great at finding things, including for my mother who will get herself in a tizz looking for something “EVERYWHERE” then, exasperated will finally give up and ask me for help, and i’ll ‘tune in’ to it and go straight to where it is. Last time it happened she was so relieved that she was less concerned about my weirdness. Previous times i’ve had to make up some story about how i knew where it was because she gets freaked out about my, shall we say, ’12th house talents’. It’s just one of those useless skills we have that won’t pay the bills ever but is kinda spesh if you can appreciate it..! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  33. Totally relate to all of this with Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto in my Scorpio 12th house. Makes me feel seen, which is kind of an elusive thing for a 12th house person.

  34. I have Sun, Mercury and Mars in my 12th! I loved reading this, it hit so close to home, especially the parts about relishing solitude and staying quiet from an early age about paranormal happenings/having strange covert enemies.

    1. Scorpio sun, moon , rising and Pluto in 12th house scorpio. Oh and my street address is ….1212 12th st😂🤣😂WTF?

  35. This is really nice to read. I’m a 12th house person of Jupiter & Cancer Moon, Leo Venus. I love and am proud of being of the twelfth, but I know and feel the degree to which ppl aren’t on the same “thing.” The other night, when the moon was getting to be gibbous, I had a walk with my great-grandmother and she told me about her great-grandmother and what she thought of all the women she knew or had observed in our line. Right now, I’m dealing with a love scenario and use secrets and work to navigate it (I am a writer). I crave my own space and autonomy more than anything, but the Cancer Moon makes me want to take care of the man I’m with. I’m not too bothered by any of this, but in continued childhood abuse recovery, I am looking for therapy or support. Does anyone have reccs? Psychotherapy versus TWELVE-step? I’ve done ASCA and I’m in recovery from an eating disorder, so I guess I’m saying my edgy 6th house and my cosmic-tripping 12th are getting together this month and I wonder if anyone has notes.

    1. Be careful with your writing. I’m an artist, 12th house heavy with some similarities of childhood trauma with an eating disorder. When I write from the heart or illustrate, those things manifest in reality. For instance once, at a low point, feeling isolated and unloved I wrote pages on pages detailing the best way to leave. I decided at that time, the “best” way that would spare my loved ones would be a car accident. I spent the next two weeks dodging cars on the freeway…narrowly escaping situations on several occasions. When I reached out finally to a friend…I told her about the writing. She was distressed and told me to go home and burn the pages immediately. We really don’t have a clue about the power we contain. It’s intense. Many blessings and best of luck to you in your career.

  36. The mega mystic had me looking at Walt Whitman’s chart, also in my research I came across an amazing quote from Walt. He was described as belonging to a time yet to come, not just ahead of his time but from an era that has not yet arrived, a political philosopher and feminist as well as a poet. This is the quote:

    Of all dangers to a nation, as things exist in our day, there can be no greater one than having certain portions of the people set off from the rest by a line drawn — they not privileged as others, but degraded, humiliated, made of no account.

    He was 12th house: he had a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Pisces in the 12th and this was Square a Neptune/Uranus conj in his 9th which in turn trined his Moon in Leo/6th

    I think that is just so apt for someone so deeply committed to social transformation, and preternaturally gifted, able to envision possibilities so far out of his own time.

  37. Dear Mystic, I am in awe of your ongoing astrological insights but can you really drop the term ‘wifework’ into commentary without referencing Susan Maushart?
    Sincere regards,
    Saltwater Bec

    1. So sorry – it was not deliberate – i am pulling 18-hour workdays at the moment, so, unfortunately, feel like i am missing out on some points like this. I am trying to get ahead on horoscopes so I can complete three astrology reports that I’ve wanted to launch for a year.* I will link it now.

    2. Dear Saltwater Bec, yes, you can drop the term without referencing anyone, especially as the word has become part of the vernacular. But it is interesting – for linguistic purposes – to see who coined it.

      1. I’ve never heard the term wife work. Probably because I’ve never been married.

        So I learnt something today.

  38. Best take on 12th house I’ve read. Although I’ve only got Mars in the 12th, and Jupiter is read as either 12th or 11th, alot of the post made sense. Weather any storm; poetics and other worldly vibing; fiercly private… And I thought that had to do with Pluto next to my Sun. Turns out I didn’t give my 12th house enough credit. It’s the 12th house that I go to, to help me manage and deal with challenging times. Perhaps that what led me to astrology, runes, and most recently, distant energy healing. And my mum has the same placement as me – Mars in 12th.

  39. Well i mention my 12th astro heaps in relation to other posts on this blog. Along with some astral travel tales. So shan’t need to repeat here. Mystic has taught me much to rejoice in, rather than fear about the 12th. Though one must cultivate awareness of one’s own illusions.

    The clandestine enemies/resentments part is intriguing. Felt like that has been playing a crazymaking thematic tune for almost a year. Tried to address certain gaps between the energetic current/behaviours, and the words of others. They give denials. 12th house begins at 0 Scorp; the conjunctions in Sage. All i want is the truth, even if it hurts, nothing hurts like trying to warm oneself at the flame of gaslighting.

  40. This post resonates for me, though technically only the Moon and Chiron count (though I also have Eris and Ceres there. Maybe it’s because my Moon is so connected to the rest of my chart? I have an intercepted sign on the cusp so my 12th house is 47 degrees. My privacy is ultra important to me, and I feel like my life is majorly shifting and I’m coming ‘online’ in terms of my clairs. Neptune’s also getting ready to transit in the 12th for what will seem like the rest of my life. One of my earliest memories was dying in a car crash in a previous life and actually being able to smell the swamp I drowned in. I think the experience scared me into diminishing my abilities to see/feel other realities, but now it’s coming back, and I feel ready for it.

    1. Perhaps you and others who experienced such were the inspiration for Raymond Chandler to write “The Lady in the Lake.”

  41. My Virgo 12th house is filled with Venus, Sun, Mercury, Pluto, and Uranus. My Virgo 1st house is my ascendant. I have nothing in Aquarius. The past few weeks, moths, years have been rough. Thanks for this, also reading everything you’ve written about the 12th house…now. Thank you!

  42. I only have jupiter in the 12th in cancer, but I found this a great read, completed by fabulously otherworldly artwork – it speaks to my gazillion planets in water signs <3… who is it by please? am I blind or there are no credits?

  43. Feeling seen… A rare thing for a twelfth houser! I feel like most astro commentary about the 12th house, and its people, is written from outside the 12th trying to see in. Hence the usual ‘jails, asylums, institutions’ reductionism. Like we’re all locked up, incarcerated, insane… I mean, perhaps it looks like that to others from the outside, or they’d like to see it that way to validate their own dowdy lives, but when you’re truly living in the 12th house, mostly it’s a bit a of a dream..! Tho you can’t often let on as some people do get envious, as you say… Typically it’s said that the 12th house is the house of “outsiders” – but to us, everyone who is not in the 12th house is “outside”. The difference is simply a matter of perspective! As with life itself, everything is perception… A great piece for writing, thanks Mystic!! ✨

  44. Pisces asc with Saturn and Chiron in Pisces although technically my first. But big grand water trine including Neptune in scorp in the 8th with my sn. So I feel I dabble my toes in this the pond. But then I bathe in the 8th I’m just so watery. But all these planets now lining up in aqua are going to be one huge 12th house transit for me. Have a feeling this time it’s a case of get on with it and bring forth your goods or get off the planet. I wait and watch

  45. Thanks Mystic for posting this. I have my ascendant, moon, mars and true node all in the 12th house and never been satisfied with the description. This helps.
    Can anyone recommend further reading material on this topic?

  46. My father is Pisces Rising with Sun, Mercury & Jupiter in Pisces in the 12th, along with Lilith, Eros, Vesta and other friends in Aqua/12. Dreamed of being an artist, always in art galleries and painting. Made painfully aware of reality early on, including living in a wealthy Nazi house as a 4 year old where, as the child of foreign servants he was relegated to the attic to spend his time in silence, drawing in the margins of newspapers. Still eats like his meal will be the last for a while, wishing it over as he subconsciously remembers eating as his hungry parents and grandparents watched. But ever since keeping the wine flowing free! While a natural visionary, artist and poet, he could not break free from fear. It infected every aspect of his life, his moods, his artwork and social life. Afraid of the impact of his visionary ability for better and worse, he muted his muse, who could only translate his visions into sad cartoon-like 2 dimensional forms. His moon in Aries protected him with a hard shell of narcissistic self interest. Now, as dementia breaks down the thin veil between his inner worlds, his playfulness is delightfully apparent. He said he remembers asking to incarnate again. He said the guides said, “Are you sure? You had a great and successful life last time. This time you will have none of that”.

    1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful observations of your father. So often I read posts on this blog that I feel could be the opening lines of a great novel, such are the amazing lives led by this community. This is one. But mostly, your love and admiration shines through. xx

      1. Thank you! I increasingly avoid being personal on the internet, which has muzzled my commenting, but I love writing and understanding my loved ones via the lens of astrology. I think about why I was born to parents both with Aries Moons and how that impacts my siblings etc. I love reading your thoughtful contributions Chrys, xx

  47. Oh wow. I feel this so much. I was just saying the other day that it feels like I live in the upside-down from Stranger Things, because I’m constantly perceiving things that others have no idea is even happening. And yes to “peak spiritual experience in the supermarket,” lol. If this could be an aesthetic, it would be mine. I definitely felt like I was losing my mind all the time until I started digging into my 12th house. Mystic definitely helped with that, and also Your Secret Self by Tracy Marks, which helped me more than therapy ever did.

    Sun, Neptune in the 12th and Venus, Mercury in the 11th/12th.

  48. Weird, I have only Saturn in my 12th, but this all rang some fierce bells with me anyway. But I guess my Neptune in Scorpio and Moon in Pisces contribute to feelings of submerged mysteries and solitude?

  49. Another 12th Houser is Camilla Parker Bowles with Cancer Sun, Moon, Mercury & Venus there. These people are nothing if not tenacious in weathering any storm, it seems.

    Had to rewatch Viva Las Vegas last night after reading about Anne-Margret. She’s dynamite! not to mention the sexual energy between she & Elvis is bonkers.
    She has one more planet in the 12th than the Anti-Christ apparently. According to Jeane Dixon – a famous psychic & astrologer to presidents Nixon & Reagan, the Anti-Christ was born in Al-Barsha (Egypt) on February 5, 1962, at 7.07 a.m., which makes him an Aquarius with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn in the 12th House…… you have been warned.

      1. Well the evidence is there – they just seem to go on forever. I’m having fun with this lot. Hugh Grant is another 12th houser (Sun,Merc,Pluto,NN) who weathered a sleazy sex bust in the 90s only to gain in popularity after that. Then getting his comeuppance by fighting Murdoch’s press in the phone taping scandal & winning. Plus he looks like he’s just getting into his stride regards acting the older he gets.

  50. Mystic, I love this. So can I clarify, I have Venus in Cancer, and Sun in Leo in the 12th and my chart is ruled by Leo. So does the rulership count as two planets?

  51. ohhhhh i have been waiting for this!
    moon, jupes, chiron & loads of asteroids here
    loving the article, although never seen ghosts, think i would freak. maybe i AM one????
    absolutely LOVE that image of the sea, gonna stare at it
    yes to solitude, although my 7th hse sun would like a partner
    still cant get over the fact madonna is a 12th hse sun….

  52. Stellium in 12th here. Can’t be in a conventional, earthy relationship no matter how much I love the other person…. But have had amazing relationships when distance is somehow built-in… Separate houses, different cities, other continents…. I need solitude at least 50% of the time… Too much intimacy for extended periods of time feels like torture.

    1. I remain optimistic that *someone* out there can meet me where I am and honor my needs for solitude. More optimistically, perhaps even someone who appreciates that magic needs space and grace to recharge. (12thH Scorpio stellium/ 10thH Libra stellium)

  53. Venus in 12 house, earthly lovers not for me, fall in love with stars of the silver screen only. Dream lovers only. The reality of ‘household’ love & romance too real for my taste.

  54. Harold Holt was ’67 & i was at Portsea staying at the time, a little shack on the beach selling necklace beads for $1 each in the ‘Turn on Tune in Drop out’ era of Timothy Leary (Terrence McKenna came much later). Saw a sand shoe washed up on the breach & joked ‘it may have belonged to Harold’. Many a true word said in jest as it MAY have, the point is that i REMEMBER the date & was there! The Summer of Love Victorian style.

    1. That was the day that my parents and I arrived in Australia by ship, so it’s well etched in my memory too. It was a surreal beginning for our lives in a new country. Must say that for a Leo 12th Houser, Holt made the perfect grand exit, lol.

    2. What a wonderful story! I wonder if this mystery will ever be solved? (Maybe “they” already know but aren’t telling us)

  55. Hey yall! Pluto, my chart ruler, plus south node are in my 12th so I consider myself a 12th house ally at least. The Frank Ocean mention, specifically Blonde, specifically White Ferrari, like calls me out. Astral travel is my ultimate vaycay.

  56. Jupiter and Saturn in Cap in the 12th along with a Cap ascendant places me firmly, in the 12th, tho’ ‘firm’ is probs not such a great descriptor in a 12th house existence!

  57. Oh this is so me! Thank you for articulating it so well. It’s a challenge walking in two worlds and I am getting a reputation for my ghost sightings and medium abilities. I’m never alone! But I love it and instead of questioning it I am learning to embrace it. I’ve sun, moon, mercury retro in Aquarius and Venus and Lilith in Pisces all in 12th. Your post has lit up my day, with good lighting.

  58. This is so interesting! I have a friend who is a Leo sun and does not vibe Leo at all. Turns out he has a huge 12th house Cancer stellium. He works in aged care – he literally helps people cross over to the other side. Astro, huh?

  59. THIS!! Reading your article gave me goosebumps straight from my soul sector which has the Moon, Venus and Mercury. Moon in 12th I never quite understood the significance till I joined your site, but I always felt I lived between worlds but couldn’t quite figure out which world would have me *tear lol. I’m only lately starting to embrace the magic of the 12th, and learned from an early age that the paranormal IS my normal and nope nobody else finds that normal lol. It definitely can feel extremely isolating at times but I’m learning to let the people who deserve my energy in, ever so slowly…

  60. What a wonderful article! When I discovered that I have 5 planets in the 12th House, and what that means, my entire life made so much more sense. Venus, Mars, Sun, Mercury, Uranus, and I’m a Libran. Spiritual awareness, esotericism, synchronicity, alchemy, dream work, hallucinogens, and the collective unconscious mean everything to me. All of this informs my work as a psychoanalyst. Even though there’s much frustration and anxiety around big ticket items in life, I absolutely love being a 12th Houser.

  61. Do you get triple points if you’ve got Neptune in the 12th? I’ve got that and my Ascendant in Sagittarius but that’s it and a lot of the above felt pretty familiar. Maybe my grand fire trine amps it up or something…

  62. Lovely writing and that quotation from Chardin, wow – it’s like a crossover of shamanic and Platonic. I’m just Neptune and NN in the 12th, which is probably quite enough for me!

  63. My chart ruler moon is conjunct Chiron in the 12th. I have sun conjunct Neptune as well though in the 6th where my stellium is. While not entirely a 12th person some of this definitely resonates.

    People who don’t know me well assume I’m high most of the time and I just laugh and think to myself : “I AM drugs”.

    I fight the escapism battle all the time finding it painful at times to exist in the mundane world and very misunderstood by others. Sensitive to societal bullshit. Mostly just wishing I could dissolve into aether. If I didn’t have as much earth as I do…who knows.

    Thanks Mystic for this lovely piece! 🖤

    1. Oh man, I can relate. “painful existence in mundane world/ misunderstood… dissolve into aether.” As a child, I can remember sitting outside staring up at the sky, begging to “go home,” feeling somewhat confused by my own request, yet deeply knowing it was accurate.

      Chiron is my only earth placement and it directly opposes my Sun/Moon. I rely heavily on consciously grounding myself through cooking, the sea, scent, and nature. Once settled, I command my Mars rising in Sag to find the brightside and cheer myself up.

      1. I had that feeling too as a kid! Still do in fact. Beam me up.

        It is lucky to have other elements to balance us out that’s for sure.

  64. Thanks for this love letter, Mystic. Reassuring to know someone out there gets me. xo – Sun, Moon, Uranus conjunct in Scorpio

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