Neptune Can Break Your Heart

Neptune rules glamor, fantasy, Pisceans, art, oil, drugs, cinema and oh yes – the ocean. Yet the astrological Neptune is less jolly old Sea-King and more alt-dimensional.

Like anything, Neptune has haute & low levels but Neptunian weirding is beyond – extreme escapism, every variation of ghost imaginable and entrancing romances that endure for decades but which are not actually real.

Neptune peeps can be hideously alluring, charming and yet deceptive. The performance is as convincing as it is because they’re also deceiving themselves. Haute Neptune is great art, mystics and visionaries. Low Neptune is, well, out of it.

Some people surrender everything to Neptune, seeking that one utopian high or viewing everything through rose-quartz tinted Neptunian fantasy goggles. We call it addiction or a grand delusion but they’re far out to sea, unable to see the shore even if they wanted to.

Neptune always makes me think of the kind of beach that has a steep drop all of a sudden: You can go from bopping about in the shallows, tip-toes touching the sand, to swimming in the deeps with slippery, deceptive and potentially dangerous sea monsters.

Neptune can break your heart. Via drugs, alcohol, madly escapist tendencies, loving an addict or those strange, compulsive romances that are more akin to worshipping some strange deity or cult membership than ‘a relationship.’ They never start but they never end either.

You need to master Saturn before you can ‘do’ Neptune satisfactorily.

Sometimes I get people emailing me who are clearly in the grip of Neptune – not drunk (?) but wanting my idea on when someone they last saw eight years ago but still hold out hope for might return.

Or the classic ‘they’re about to leave their wife‘ scenario. I always want to tip an urn of Saturn-chilled ice water over them but nothing works when Neptune has gotten a grip. And Neptunian people can hover on the verge of leaving someone indefinitely – they love liminal zones.

You can have Neptune strong in your chart – in which case you need to reinforce your positive Saturn attributes for balance – or a Neptune transit could render you temporarily Neptunian.

When you’re Neptunian, you get easy access to other realms – ghosts, visions, angels, spirit guides….dark matter maybe. You’re everyone’s Muse, exquisitely sensitive to scent and have major maverick medium skills. Every night your R.E.M. sleep reliably serves up epic dreams and bona-fide paranormality becomes your everyday.

You may be at more risk of being dragged under by a Lower Neptunian or of falling for deluding drugs and people or you could be the heart-breaking Neptunian character for others.

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  1. Neptune conj Venus in Cap, trine Moon (Virgo) and Mars/Jupiter (Taurus). Also have Pisces ascendant and north node. So yeah, you could say I’m Neptunian.

    Moving away from personal planets, though, I have Neptune conj Saturn in Cap. I feel like this aspect translates to something like ‘applied imagination’.

  2. I know this is way old but as a Taurus Sun/Moon in the 12th, and Venus/Jupiter Square Neptune and Sun/Moon Trine Neptune (in my 8th house) I guess I’m Neptunian lol And as I am a glutton for sacrifice and punishment, I also tend to fall for other Neptunian types. Currently falling for someone with Sun and Moon Opposition Neptune in our composite chart as well as some “fun” things happening with Uranus and Pluto (did I mention that I’m also Plutonian? LOL)

    Trying SO hard to look away because I almost drowned alive in my last Neptunian relationship and only my brilliant (yet extraordinarily painful) Saturn return in my 7th house allowed me to finally cut the tentacles but..but…damn it! Without love/”love”…I fear I’d just cease to exist -__-

    1. You’re never without love. The universal Deep Unconscious loves you just for being here.

      Then this love you say you cannot be without: you’re also Plutonian and 8th House.

      You’re young enough to fall and also old enough in the soul to get up, but only you will have the power to get up again by realising just how far you have fallen. It’s like you have to test or “grime up” your sense a bit to see its limits and get down into the nitty-gritty of emotion and senses. And you’ll be a special person to those who accompany you on that journey, but know that they will unwittingly eat you alive.

      Be consumed in your soul’s journey, but do remember they are not you, those people who guide you down, and their journey is not yours. Only you can choose between the drowning and ceasing to exist. And when you do, if you need assistance, you will call it to you, but it won’t be the peeps you expect.

      And maybe you won’t come back and read this, but it’s a little wish sent out now.

    2. I am terrified of Neptune about to Conjunct my sun in Pisces and hit my descendant which is close to my sun in sixth. I am about to get married but in 2022 this will Happen whilst my partner has Uranus Transit Over her ascendant and I am frightened she will leave me. I am totally devoted to her and she is describes herself as a “realist” and can’t answer the question that she will always want to be with me. I’m very frightened of these transits

      1. Neptune on a Pisces Sun is a blessing! And Uranus on the Ascendant has many manifestations. But you’re binding yourself in fear by letting these “negative fantasies” dominate your psyche.

  3. Scorpio, Neptune in my 5th, ruler of my MC. Been alone for 13 years. Just managed to fight off another wannabe relationshipper. Find the pain of being alone is easier to deal with than the pain of relationships. Funny thing is, I just spent 3 years developing a love compatibility software program that has now been downloaded by several million people.. I suppose it’s my longing for love that inspired me… or should I say, my longing for Neptune.

  4. LMAO!! I loved reading this. I seldom comment on blogs because I am usually on a mission to get information than to socialize, but this time I had to. You are funny, and reading the danger of Neptune with a smile on my face was quite lovely. I am just entering my TNeptune(5th) opp NVenus (11th) stage so I am combing the interwebs with a fine toothed comb to get the low down on this transit. So far, all I am getting is that I am falling in love with a deceptive person, but I am already in love, so… Anyway, it was lovely coming by your page.

    1. My ruling planet is Neptune, and all I want to do is reside in Neptune…FOREVER!! it’s a lovely place to be, but the not so lovely part is returning to earth, which inevitably happens.

    1. My ruling planet is Neptune, and all I want to do is reside in Neptune…FOREVER!! it’s a lovely place to be, but the not so lovely part is returning to earth, which inevitably happens.

  5. Sorry to hear about your negative Neptunes kaja 🙁 but the negative Neptunes could also mean a partner with an escapist attitude or with drug/alcohol dependency or a bad Musician lol and doesn’t always have to mean deception 🙂 in a sense im a bit like you as i keep choosing Neptune types 🙁 maybe its my Neptune in Scorpio conjunct Mars! I just looked at your Tarot and wow! yes you have had a lot of letdowns!! lots of arguments & challenges have occurred over the years! however the Temperance and Hierophant coming up tell me that you will find true love/marriage with either a Taurus/Sag/Aquarius 🙂 Remember that your progressions can make things better too sometimes!

  6. Hi all! I have a Neptune Conjunct my Chiron in Pisces coming up in my 8th and would appreciate any imput on this 🙂 My other planets are: Sun in Libra, Moon in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio, NNode in Cancer, Leo Rising, Taurus MC, and i have had an on going issue for the last 10 years where my son was wrongfully taken away aged 6 (now 15) . I am a caring Mother and a Tarot Reader too!

    Kindest regards!

  7. Neptune transiting over my Sun, ( Neptune on MC natally)…I moved to a flood prone area bought a business in a field I knew nothing about- it got flooded three times in two years and the road from my house to work collapsed due to flood damage- no way out to get supplies or work for nearly a month. Love disaster with a Neptune square Mars slippery snake just to add to the mess. As Neptune transit eased I sold business, got rid of Neptune man and moved to the driest state in Oz lol

  8. Neptune squares pretty much everything in my chart. ive learned its better to not love then to love at all. easier that way. despite my urgesto fall madly in love. but doing that is 100% fact that i’ll always be deceived. so fuck it. alone I stay.

  9. Last Saturday I approached a man who appeared to be floating in his thoughts. I saw his future child standing next to him, close to his legs. Looking up into his eyes, this child was speaking to my heart and telling me how much he loves his Dad. This man was worrying if he’d be a good Dad, what if I make a mistake? I tried to send him my thoughts: “You be ok, just be there for your child. Everybody makes mistakes and don’t worry about that”.
    It was an amazing moment to be able to see his future and know the miracle he’ll be apart of.

  10. My progressed Venus is conjunct progressed Neptune, and has been for quite a while. I have seen spirits, visions, angels and the like. While my intuition has increased by a lot, it has also meant that in regards to love I have intuited things about people that come from deep inside their unconscious mind – things that they cannot relate to, and have thought I was absolutely loony for thinking.

    I met someone whom I had an instant, deep and powerful connection to. I felt her thinking about me a lot, felt so many emotions coming from her, yet when I asked, she said it was unrequited. Yet I continue to feel energy coming from her about her new love – where they go, what they say… (things that I can prove). So terribly odd to have this kind of intuition. It took me 3 years to realize my bond with this charismatic person was because of a past life, not this one. VERY hard to get over.

  11. My heart was absolutely broken! I had an awful opposition of Neptune to my natal sun/venus from the seventh house. I was disappointed by some people I’d really invested in. It didn’t make me feel better that it was my high expectations that set me up. Also, I completely neglected myself – late nights, overeating..etc.

    I am strongly Neptunian with it right on my IC and conjunct my moon. It squares my ascendant and Saturn.

    Thank God it’s over!

  12. HipparaEcmerci

    *Raises hand*

    Ive been in the grips of Neptune. Neptune on my Moon. Usually very much a severing ties type person once the relationship is over, but THE ex I had… I just couldnt get him out of my system until Neptune moved to Pisces!! Yeah, the whole freaking time I was caught up in this emotional mess…

    I cant believe how liberating it is that I found this out now.
    And to give myself an idea of how much havoc Neptune on your Moon can wreak.

    … and this bums me out for thinking this, but my last ex… he just started going through Neptune on his Moon… and Im pretty darn sure he’s hurting from me. A lot. Holy hell. Hopefully he doesnt go through what I did…

  13. i nearly got drowned by a neptunian or two.

    Neptune is conjunct my DC, therefore opposing my AC and my Moon which is on the AC.

  14. I was born with Mars and Pluto. I’m learning Saturn as I near my Saturn Return(still five years away). Uranus is a maverick that strikes me with lightning bolts of innovation. Neptune scares me, quite literally. A quintuple Scorpio gets all hackles raised whenever a strong Neptune aspects lurks by, be it a transit, synastry or composite.
    Venus square Neptune with the latter the lone occupant of H7 means I learned the hard way to not get swept off by momentary insanity and keep myself firmly grounded.

  15. Is it ALWAYS bad to have a Neptunian relationship? What if both people are Neptunians? I mean, we both LIVE there! You can tell I’m in the grips, no? I’m in the middle of Neptunian heartbreak. Where the attraction is overwhelming, yet based on ? (our synastry is fuqed, sun, moon, merc AND venus all opposing, wtf). I often get the distinct impression that he’s uncomfortable around me. Then he disappears a few days…then he’s back, seemingly keen on me. Then a disappearance and returning saying we can’t sleep together because he doesn’t know whats going on emotionally, but still is conveying some hope for the future. A dream of what could be hovers between us, “it seems so perfect…but…” then we sleep together another week later, hold hands on the couch the next day (and sleep together again) and then we’re at the same bar and he doesnt say A WORD TO ME. And yes…drugs, alcohol, musician, outer space, but shockingly, NOT a promiscuous type.

    Him: neptune sag in 12th, pisces moon with Neptune trine sun, square moon, trine mercury, trine mars, quincunx venus, sextile saturn, sextile pluto: WHOAH. Me: Sun, merc, pluto, saturn in 12th, neptune square moon, sextile sun, trine MC, conjunct jupiter, semisq saturn and of course sextile pluto. ACK!

    there’s nothing i can do, is there? run? run for my life?

  16. I have venus-neptune and am in love with all that Neptune brings and always surrender to it because there is no defense, at all, in the first place.
    I love in way that I practically want to melt into that person (yes, other people find that annoying.)
    I get completely euphoric extremely easy, and feel like floating on air.
    Mysterious is my middlename but I want people to see me and have a longing for transparacy.
    I have got no boundaries. I am totally ego-less (can be egotistical and vain, tho)
    I find Neptune sexy, not just spiritual. never threathening, but overwhelming.
    I am very seductive, not saying that as a good thing, more like obss-comp. It’s just how I work.
    Yes, neptune can be beautiful oceans of hope, compassion and flying-high skies aswell dark matter but you dont care that much as long as it’s neptunian.
    Im very nervous, needy yet very content and have a mysterious inner ocean of abundant love and peace and art soothes me like nothing else, except love.
    When I hear a good piece of music, or antoher peice of art that moves me, it feels like it physically pulls in my nervs or heartstrings, and my whole body and mind “feels” with the music and I get lyrical and euphoric. When I want to “reload my batteries” I do it by get euphorical , with my senses, to art.
    I like to surrender and lose myself more than I like resistance and get constipated with any type of resistance or when things aren’t allowed to “flow” in its natural direction.
    I love to absorb myself in other people, their dreams, hopes and joys. (this one everyone does, probably)
    I love love more than anything else.

  17. trine Pisces Chiron Asc & Venus; square Saturn & Mars; quintile Moon & Uranus; quincunx Sun; sesquiquadrate Jupiter; and sextile Pluto

    Too sensitive for drugs or much booze. I’m an escapist into my own or others’ imagination and slip easily into a natural meditative state. Dreaming is intense to say the least.

  18. The best thing about this series of comments is that I am feeling so much less stupid and alone.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    My last crush crushed my ego when she made me feel stupid for crushing on her. I felt like the only idiot left in the world. Don’t blame her but it hurt like hell and I lost a lot of confidence.

    Confidence is restored reading that I’m not alone in the Neptunian dance with the unattainable. LOL 😀

    Mind you … true love is so much better than any fantasy ever could be 😀

  19. Yes I get the message – so over my lust yearning object of the last 8 years, him being currently married, and my first ex husband for a good reason. Saw him Jan 4 after months of angsty Neptunian drivelling.. Definitely have had a Saturn style ice bucket poured on that one now. And goodness it does feel lighter and breezier (apart from the lower level of my house currently being underwater, and cannot do anything about it as on the other side of the country).

    I have an exact square Neptune 13 Saggitarius to my Sun 13 Pisces.
    I must focus on Saturn style, too easy for me to get swept up in the floodwaters.

  20. OMG Mystic. Now I get it. I am SO influenced by Neptune but never realised just how much until I read your post. I have Sun, Asc, North Node, Saturn, Venus and Mercury in the 12th House (Virgo) and the Moon in Pisces.

    I am extremely prone to ridiculous escapist crushes on older women who are so not available or interested in me at times when I’m not available either. I’d never ever leave my wife for any of them and I’d never act on the attractions, which just proves how Neptunian and escapist it is. It always happens at times when I’m lost and struggling to understand who I am. I just get attached but if they were interested in me I think I’d run a mile and be disgusted in them.

    But my strong Virgoan value of family always wins out. I always snap out of it though because Virgo is disciplined. Not as disciplined as Saturn. But Mercury is quicksilver and changeable …

    I really only have Mercury and Neptune in my chart (Gemini MC). They work hard in opposition to each other. Neptune sends me a little off the chart and Mercury always pulls me back. They kinda play together.

    1. Oh but high Neptune combined with Mercury is awesome for me. I have a great job as a writer. I get to be creative (high Neptune) and logical (high Virgo) writing training materials for an online audience.

      And my high Neptune is able to create beautiful spaces in my home …

  21. I think we need a reclassification of addictive drugs that includes internet surfing and facebooking in particular.

    My name is……and I am an instant communicationaholic.

  22. Re venus transitting neptune: it has come without warning. In the past 5 days I’ve had this openess to trying to seduce a couple of people, which is #1- out of character cos I rarely pounce for sex, usually just flirt and bait myself, and #2- out of reality, cos I can see how I could so easily create wreakage from a whim.

    So true, MM, you have to get down with Saturn before you get on up with Neptune.

    But the sweet sensation of a wrong temptation…..will let fantasy inspire me.

    1. P.s. I can’t be alone in this, other peeps born around 71-73would be having this transit too.

      Anyone else having whack intense instant lust?

      1. Currently Neptune is squaring natal Neptune and squaring Saturn and Venus, it will get stronger.

        I lost all interest in love. I feel sorry now and then, but gave up after many Venus-Neptune opposition-led delusions.

        The heart-breaks Mystic’s post tells about are difficult to handle.

        But am looking different on the mirror. Difficult to explain, not haunted but my eyes changed expression. Perhaps it is because of Pisces rising.

        But you go! 🙂

        1. Wow, Quadrupled, that is INTENSE! I’m not sure 100% how squares work but that sounds like a cowboy rounding up the bigbulls, only the cowboy mighta had a bit too much whisky round the campfire lastnight.

          And yes, as a pisces rising sometimes seeing my eyes in the mirror is the best way to check how I really am doing. Keep on it, sounds like a powerful transit. 🙂

    2. “will let fantasy inspire me”

      Yeah, that’s all that can be done about that right now. Intense. Just checked my chart and yes Venus conjuncting my Neptune. Hello. 😀

  23. My chart makes a nearly symmetrical five-pointed shape that ‘points’ towards Neptune. My progressed chart is even more scary – totally symmetrical with goodness how many yods and the whole thing pointing towards Neptune conjunct Venus. No idea what this means.

      1. I did my progressed chart and it looks like an origami airplane. There is a grand trine in earth, and a bunch of other triangle-like formations–all of them pointing towards my progressed Jupiter in Taurus.

        How do you interpret a progressed chart? Are you supposed to look at it as a separate entity or combine its aspects with your natal aspects?

        1. I mainly look at the progressed sun and moon for info. I’ve also recently looked at where my Asc was as I was feeling very much like a Cap in the way I was dressing (I have no planets in Cap at all). Turns out my asc is in Cap in the Progressed chart. Not sure if this is how it works but I keep looking for answers in different ways. Mystic has a post about the progressed moon on here that may help. I find the prog moon stuff SPOT ON.

      2. If I ever do, I will! I’m a bit nervous of it though, it looks so…major. Some of it makes sense – I’m sure I look much more like a Virgo (progressed Asc) than Leo (natal Asc).

  24. i have neptune in 8rh conjunct mercury in the 9th house. and pisces asc. i should write more…but im so lazy so yes need to get that bloomin saturn into gear, grrrr…..before it’s too late.

  25. Strongly Neptune. I have a 12th house stellium that includes neptune, and my Neptune trines my moon and opposes my mercury. Yep, I’ve been through the highs and lows.

    Oh and Saturn’s my chart-ruler…but in the 12th house. I find I don’t want to channel saturn in a boring real world way, but I end up doing it anyway for the sake of cash in the pocket (earth moon’s gotta have it).

    I work nightshift at a hospital and I love getting lost in books and movies. I fell in love when Neptune was trining my Venus….but that coincided with a nasty saturn transit so everything was effed up. I feel too many people’s energy so intensely which why I stay home alot. huehahaha, enough about me…

    (Neptune is in Capricorn/12th)

  26. I have Neptune in Scorpio (conjunct ascendant) along with sun, moon and mercury in the 12th house. Need I say more?………..

      1. Hi Inch,

        I’ve been told that I’m delusional, live in a fantasy world, etc. The scorpio is a double edged sword. On the one had, I’m very realistic about relationships, life, etc. I always know the truth. On the other end, I feel intensely because of the scorpio and cannot help myself indulge in people that I know are bad for me.

        But Neptune so strong in my chart allows me to completely disregard the truth. I delude myself particularly in love relationships, but I have a great time as painful as it may be.

        Not only does Neptune conjunct my ascendant (20.45 degree) within less than a degree. My moon, mercury and ascendant along with neptune all conjunct each other in scorpio and in the 12th. My sun is at too early a degree of scorpio (oct. 25th) to conjunct the rest though.

        No drugs, a little alchohol, given up smoking completely. Now I’m looking towards spirituality.

        1. Tammy, Spirituality would be an ideal way to channel all that energy, but, again, you’d have to apply Scorpionic control to not let it overwhelm you. Channeling your psychic energy too would be a way of keeping it on a higher level.

          I have personally seen someone with just Moon-Neptune conjunct in Scorpio in the 12th become completely consumed with that neptunian influence. I’m not judging, but when it gets to the point (as it did in his case) where his health was jeopardized because of the drugs/ his nocturnal occupation (he was a sleep reseacher who worked nights at a sleep lab and admitted the night schedule is toxic to humans) / and inability to be around people for long because of how he absorbed everyone’s energy, it’s time to take drastic action. You seem to be at least conscious of the potential for harm.

          1. Hi again Inch.

            I quit smoking in October 2008, and cried everyday for over 9 months. But I have stayed quit.

            I turned 45 this past october. I’ve gone through major transformation in the last 2 years. I got out of relationship that was dragging on for the last 12 years only to watch him marry someone else after we broke up just 3 months later. Although I initiated the breakup, it was still “disconcerting” to say the least. We were together for 18 years, but no sex for the last 10. We were mostly friends just living together without marriage. This ended in September 2009.

            After he left, I immediately started dating someone that I met over 20 years ago. I was platonic friends with my new guys brother in the mid eighties. We’ve had an extremely stormy (Uranian) type relationship. But so much fun. I’ve never had more fun and so much pain as well.

            I lost my job last March, a job I’d had for 12 years. I’ve been on unemployment since.

            My daughter moved from her home here in Los Angeles to New York in October. She’s doing well there but it is still a little weird for me.

            My dog had to be put down at the end of November. (* My ex did this, I did not want to be involved). My dog had lived with my ex and his new wife for the last six weeks of his life. My dog was a little over 15 years old.

            I have roommates for the first time in my life within the last year and it is weird to say the least.

            My mother at 81 has been diagnosed with dementia, she lives in a retirement home. I have to consider though that her condition will get worse and I have to look at alternative living for her.

            Through all of this, I’ve never been more positive in my life about life. Maybe I am truly delusional.

            1. Sorry about the sad things going on for you. It sounds like you’re surviving and even thriving, so you’re definitely not falling into a neptunian spiral. Just being hit hard by that celestial transit called “life.”

  27. Oh, it was the best of times. It was the worst of times. I definitely got pummeled by Neptune in 7th (still, annoyingly, there). I’m afraid I’d be one of the ones you want to tip ice water over. But I agree it wouldn’t work.

    It’s the strangest, grippiest thing that clings onto my brain, heart, everything. Like a virulent weed. I keep hacking away at it, but it’s just THERE!

    Natal Neptune resides at IC in 4th, with all these lillith’s around it.

    2008 and 2009 were especially intense and I had my head so far in the clouds, I’m amazed I could drive. But highly psychic times. Seems somewhat better now. I’m more grounded, for sure (thanks to Saturn transit that yanked me out of clouds and, for good measure, threw me over a cliff!).

  28. Moon conjunct Mars conjunct Neptune in Sag, all in the 9th house. A stellium of Sag! I can be exceptionally lower Neptunian, such a love escapist in particular; always end up in relationships with Neptune heavy aspects and could win awards in pining for people long after they’ve gone. Would gladly appreciate an ocean of chilly Saturn water. Right now thanks.

  29. Eff Neptune dude- before “meeting” him this past year, I had always considered myself unequivocally capable of doing whatever needs to be done in the physical realm. I was easily able to pull myself out of a dream/fantasy world. But nopeeee, not in 2010, thanks to that $&#*(&% …. gorgeous planet. We had some awesome transits together but I need to get back to real life !!!

    My natal aspects: Sun + Mercury + Moon + Jupiter all trine Neptune; Venus square Neptune.

    Uhh also, the relationship I had this past year = synastry that makes me feel insane just looking at it:

    His Neptune trine my Moon; His Neptune square my Venus; His Neptune opposite my Mars; My Neptune square his Moon; my Neptune conjunct his Saturn; Neptune-Neptune conjunction; my Neptune opposite his Chiron.

  30. Yah recently and it’s too painful to trawl over but now thinking it was the best thing that it didn’t eventuate. Got a grip but it still can haunt very occasionally.

  31. This reminds me of a post Mystic put here about pisces woman, having the superhuman inner strength inside the vague, almost bimbonic out-of-it exterior. I know pluto is renowned for transformation powers but there’s some major potential for mystic regeneration through neptune’s eternally transmutating (is that a word?) energies. Especially if jupiter is involved.
    They are both such spectacularly pretty planets to look at, how could they not have cheeky hidden powers?

    1. Thanks, andromeda. Me, too. 🙂
      twinfishrising – good point. Some of the seemingly-flakiest people around have astonishing hidden depths & strengths. I love surprises like that.

  32. I’ve got Neptune in the 5th trining the Sun (12th, Cancer) and also trining a Saturn/Chiron/Midheaven conjunction in Pisces in 9th/10th houses.

    I have no idea what that is but I enjoy the vino.

  33. The only thing that has obviously coincided (Chiron – Neptune – Jupiter) on my ascendant, is me changing my image. For me this has been bloody slow but others get impressed. (= Combo of managing to lose weight and having money to buy decent clothes finally and finding genius hairdresser).

  34. Hmm, well theoretically I have been having a Neptune – Chiron – Jupiter transit all over my Ascendant (26 Aquarius) for quite a while now.

    But I can’t say I feel any more Neptunian. Maybe I am more willing to go with the flow with things, but life is still not all that fluid.

    I do have fab dreams and pick up vibes, but I think I have always had that. I have had full on dreams for years and years, and have always been able to tune into what people feel. Not much on the alcohol or escapism trips at all.

    I also have Neptune near my midheaven (in Sag) and trine my Sun. I think trining my Sun probably takes the bad bits out of it. When I want to get into creativity, I can generally get into the mood reasonably easy.

    The one thing I am noticing right now is how easily distracted I am, but I also think this has been there all along. Yesterday I “meant” to clean the house but drifted from book to TV to radio to playing with the cats and somehow ran out of time. But again, think this is almost a lifetime trait and certainly one my parents thought I had at a young age.

    It has coincided with me trying to do some deep healing on myself, but even then this is taking a bloody long time and I’m sure I started this process years ago. I was expecting amazing dramatic effects from the exact conjunction with Neptune (went to Uluru just to make the most of it) but while it was nice to tune in and drop out, I’m not sure anything really amazingly obviously Neptunian came up. I do believe in spirits of the land and keeping them happy, but again this is a natural development of where I’ve been.

  35. Ah Neptune. How I love and despise thee with equal measure.

    With Neptune in the 12th my dreams and visions are off the charts. Have been writing them down for years and they always have some prophetic morsel in them. Can be wonderful and unnerving. This Neptunian side is a huge part of who I am. Never gone down the road of excess regarding drugs, alcohol etc. which is strange as Jupiter is conjunct Neptune so you think I would. I think maybe Saturn in the 6th has confined my addiction to food. 🙂

    Not sure if it’s relevant to count the separating and minus thing in the aspects. If it is well I have Neptune opposite my Sun. Total daydreamer?!?

    As for being drowned by a Lower Neptunian; been there done that, needed a friggen life raft. Have been dunked, held under, drowned within an inch of my life, let up, then plunged back down. This is how it is when you’re with one of these slippery fellows. For me it’s been the epic thing of soul mate love and trying to disentangle yourself from such is HARD. It’s like there are tentacles between the two of you holding you together no matter how bad things get.

    1. OMG. This post is so good for me to read right this instant as are your descriptions of falling for lower Neptunian types. When I broke it off with Low Neptune, I literally said, “I feel like I’m drowning. Goodbye.”

      And I did. I felt like I was drowning. He later recommended a movie to me (he always did this). It was RED. Involves a ferry boat capsizing.

      Ugh. and those tentacles!!!! That is so apt. They are still there and I cannot for the life of me get rid of them. And since I’m a Virgo, I think there’s an antidote for everything! Still looking for one.

      1. I hear you about thinking there’s an antidote for everything. I always believed that if you communicate you can resolve anything. Only works if you are both doing it though. Sulky, silent Neptunians are communicating just in a different way. Glad what I said earlier resonated Bluesky. Think a lot of us here have had Neptunian dilemmas of one sort or another. It’s the murkiness of it all that confuses. xxx

  36. Neptune in sagg on MC and square pisces ascendant, and opposite Saturn.

    Apart from dreaming my life away, immersed in poetic metaphors for living without actually getting on with it and being nicknamed “unicorn” by one piscean ex…..well apart from that I’m really not very Neptunian….

    I still think Saturn anchors my imaginings quite well. I recall the statement that helped me get into Art School, despite my vague collection of incomplete renderings for folio (had given most of my good work away) , I’d said I personally couldn’t persevere with a fine arts degree for art’s sake, but that in the pursuit of teaching others to be creative and imaginative there was great motivation.

    Mars is nearing my natal MC and Neptune and I’ve just relocated from a massage biz in Sydney to Tasmania, and have made new connections, all in the arts. Negotiating with an art teacher friend (saggo) setting up afterschool arts in nature activities for little ones.

    And my plutonic gemini friend who pulls no punches tells me I’m becoming more and more neptunian.

    Yes, possums, it’s true what Olivia sang in Xanadu- you have to believe we are magic,
    nothing can stand in our way.


  37. Neptune my muse. Oppose Venus and Saturn, conjuncts Jupiter, sextiles Uranus and Moon, trines Pluto.

    Neptune my muse, my so-called chart ruler. Not that it would know anything about “ruling”.

    Neptune my muse. I will keep you grounded with daily meditation, you show me all is illusion.

    Neptune my muse, your yearnings for love goes beyond what us mortals can dream, a speck of dust in the universe.

    Give me a dream (Neptune), that needs hard work (Saturn), that needs transformation (Pluto) and appreciate the beauty of the effort (Venus).

    So, Neptune my muse. Stop mopping on the floor.

    1. Give me a dream (Neptune), that needs hard work (Saturn), that needs transformation (Pluto) and appreciate the beauty of the effort (Venus)


      That shall be our collective prayer from now on til the end of the zapzone… ty 😀

  38. Well. I’ve had the Neptune/Chiron conjunction in my 7th since the beginning of the times – or so it feels. Neptune entered the house at the beginning of 2005. Since then I have been back in a relationship which I know – from past experiences – is not good for me but which I, for whatever reason, have not been able to break off. I have tried and failed and tried and failed. Thank God I do not need to take the blame myself but can explain my self-deceiving behaviour with Neptune transit.

    This is not over yet as the cusp of my 8th is still far off (4°32 Pisces) but I am hoping and sort of feeling that I am finally getting somewhere. This has been a hard transit.

    It has been in opposition with my 1st house Pluto at 27 Leo, in square to my 10th house Venus at 24 Taurus and in widish square to my 5th house Saturn at 3 Sagittarius. Tough going, to say the least.

    Natally, my Neptune is in the last degree of Libra in the 4th house, in inconjunct 9th house Mercury at Aries Point. No wonder this transit clouded my thinking badly.

  39. I am a pisces sun/mercury/jupiter with neptune conjunct ascendant in capricorn but luckily (in accordance with this article) I also have saturn conjunct ascendant in sagittarius – this combination with my ascendant on the cusp seems to lend itself to alot of “identity searching”. basically i am ultra neptunian and (also in accordance) as a kid i once held my cousin underwater for reasons i still can’t explain (power? jealousy?) and broke my long-term girlfriend’s heart by unceremoniously dumping her without much forethought. Its hard to ever forgive yourself for these actions, but lessons are learnt.

  40. Neptune in Scorpio in the 6th house
    Square Mars
    Sextile Venus

    I guess that qualifies as Neptunian.

    No drugs, ever & rarely alcohol – my connection to reality has always been too tenuous to risk further distorting it. I live in a waking dream half the time, & I’m very comfortable that way.

    I’ve been getting more psychic as I get older – nothing dramatic, just little things like knowing when someone’s ill before I get the phone call (maybe that’s a neptune in 6th house thing?) or knowing when I’ll bump into someone I haven’t seen in a while – mundane stuff, mostly (no winning lottery tickets, alas.)

    “addictive romances some people get hooked up in where the feelings evoked are nothing short of religious…but it’s basically hopeless”
    Yes. Two in my life & they rocked my world & turned me inside out. An ecstatic, awful experience – shattering and transcendent. If I’d had a firmer base in Saturn skills, I would have been a lot better off both times. (3rd time’s the charm, yes?)

    1. After reading cusprising’s post below, I took another look at my chart for compensating Saturn strengths.

      Unfortunately, my Neptune-squared-Mars is also Saturn-opposed. That’s one frustrated Mars (and in Leo, no less)! Makes a lot of sense, actually. I’ve always felt a huge urge to act with full-on energy – but trying to take full-on action was like walking through wet sand or semi-coagulated glue. Mars is action, right? (Is there a feng shui cure for this poor, negatively-aspected Mars?)

      On the plus side, Sun & Mercury are trine Saturn – and I think this actually has been a balancing force to my loopy Neptune side. I do tend to think ahead, worry about consequences, watch my comfort level – actually, sometimes I think my Neptune & Saturn work hand in hand – Saturn stops & asks whether this is a good course of action & Neptune feels out her instincts & the “vibes” of the situation. They confer & if Neptune senses danger, Saturn gives her stern warnings about consequences of that path.

      I think this dialogue has kept me out of serious trouble many times. It’s actually quite comforting to look at the astrological structures of that (although sometimes I’ve worried I’m missing the fun of life because Saturn keeps me from being very spontaneous).

  41. Adore and have studied/experienced film, drugs, alternate realities, epic dreams, ghosts, etc. I have Neptune in Saggi as well as my NN. Like Sassy I can’t say my Neptune Addled lifestyle tempted me seriously enough to have left a scar or anything.

    My Scorp Moon and Neptune in Saggi are both in the work sector or 6th House. MM says this is Neptune placement is often found in theatre types – damn missed my calling!

      1. Ooh, I just checked and my Neptune is opposite the Asc and conjunct the Descendent. So apparently I don’t see the people around me for what they are – I am too busy considering my own illusory issues..? Or that I can be whatever I imagine? That sounds quite true.

        I had a Dutch girl go mad at me and cry when I was a young thing. She thought I was some spiritual guru of the outback, we got to town and I started partying and drinking and she was just shattered. I had no boundaries between one side of myself and another and she was really confused. So was I!

        1. Andromeda, Neptune on your Descendent will tell you something about who you are attracted to as a partner, usually your spouse. In other words, he is Neptunian – and I’ll leave it to you to observe whether he fits into the haute or low category. That Latin guy you talked about from the past – he was low Neptunian, right?

  42. i’ve got 29 degrees aquarius rising– does this mean that the haute or low neptune will influence the way i appear to others? like when it’s low, do i have no conception as to how I appear to others/think I appear better than i do? or when it’s hot am i appearing deceptively charming and alluring?
    i’ve also got early degrees of virgo in my sun sign and late degrees of taurus in mars… so neptune could influence both signs the same way? thanks for any help 🙂

  43. I know something is up because of all the dreams I am having lately.. every night dreaming and dreaming again.. but not sure where Neptune is at the moment

  44. When you say late degrees of Fixed… How late are we talking?
    Cos Leo has my Mars (28) and Mean Node (25) and in my 11 th house (da da duuuuuuuuun). Scorp contains Uranus (24) in my first.
    My actual Neptune is in Sagg. Not in the early degrees tho.
    I generally try to keep my Neptunian side to myself… or make a career out of it;). I had about 4 years in my late teens/early 20’s where I went off the rails… but I am not ‘high functioning’ and there is shiz one needs to do, you know? My body literally says no often. Heritary liver condition means that I am hyper sensitive to alot of substabces and if you feed me sugar, you do so at your own peril.
    I have only recently realised how many people I have in my life that are fish people. They are normally the one that pop up occasionally, but don’t hang out with them too much cos they will slip through your fingers. You have to let them come and go. They are very much the ‘if I need you, I will be able to find you’ sort of people. Apart from my brother. Lovely guy… got a lot of the low stuff going on, tho. When he is not being lovely… he is _really_ not being lovely. He has broken my heart on a few occasions…
    Neptune= nice place to visit (and possibly critique)…

    I am noticing that I am doing much more creative things at the moment. Dreams are Epic, I think… if I don’t journal them the moment I wake up they are liost forever, tho. Which is unusal. And a singular glass of wine puts me on my ear…

    1. The original Tron is very much worth seeing/cult fabulousness…
      … ‘Legacy’ is all style and little substance.
      I saw it at a late session on IMAX in 3D after starting work at 4.30 that morning and with no nap. I thought it was amazing… but you have to switch off to the level of ‘OOOooooOOOOooooOOOooo… shiny neon light bike manifested out of thin air. I WANT I WANT I WANT!’.
      I am a user, not a program.
      (actually, the whole thing is a little Neptunian, eh?)

  45. Hi,

    Sorry to ask a really silly question to the experts, but how do I find out about Neptune in my chart. I think it’s in 0 Sag 34 47. What does that mean?


  46. So glad you’re writing again about Neptune, Mystic. I wish I had understood it better when I was younger; astrologers sometimes just wave it off as “just one of those generational planets,” but now it’s one of the first things I look for when I’m glancing at someone’s chart. For whatever reason, an inordinate number of charts I look at have Neptune-Moon conjunct or Neptune-Sun conjunct, and when I try to explain it to the person, I’m never very good at explaining it; this will give me some better words.

    1. I agree Inchy, Neptune is lighting up the switchboards !
      My weakest AND strongest planet, and where I most need to learn.

      1. my weakest and strongest planet….I second that, roxy.

        Venus conjuct Neptune in scorp on ascendant, square both Saturn, in 3rd house, and Mars in 9th….

        As a Life Path 9, I’m supposed to be here to DO unconditional love, rather than just talk it, as saggos sometimes do. And I do. But boy, have I gone overboard on that score in the past thanks to neptune…its getting my own boundaries (haute saturn) sorted, and not letting heartbreak from neptune borne fantasies turn me totally negative about men and love (the square to saturn and mars) and into a complete venus in 12th hermit that remains an enduring challenge.

        and god help me, I’m 48…I can see now that managing one’s neptune – when it is as strong as mine – becomes a lifelong quest for self-mastery; seeing through illusions, learning to listen to instinct, not becoming overly reliant on substances, not becoming bitter or feeling hopeless, and above all never losing the haute neptune compassion that redeems a lot of its other faults if you do it right…

    2. I agree. This Neptune transit going on in my 7th has completely upturned my life. I’m struggling to keep feet on ground, but getting better at it.

      People should be forewarned! I wish I’d known. I might have had a better handle on things. It’s what turned me to astrology because I knew something big was up. And I knew my head was in a weird space that I’d never been in before. Not depression, but that slippery, dreamy, waking hallucination stuff MM describes.

  47. Hmmmm…Neptune in Sagg and I’m a first degree Gem sun. Neptune opposite my Saturn in Gemini…plus Aqua ascendant.

    So I’m guessing this means I am going thru a Neptune transit?I always describe myself as a “total hedonist”, yet since I am so sensitive to alcohol, drugs, etc, I never really get in trouble with it.

  48. unpredictable pisces

    yeah, neptune and chiron transiting my late aqua 8th house Mars for the last, oh, like 100 years or something..heart got a bit smashy 🙁 i think i am now emerging, pulling off bits of seaweed and coughing up lungfuls of salt water…

  49. Neptuna cow-girl

    I have Neptune in Scorp in the 1st house (Declination 17°22′ 6″ S) and Saturn in Leo and the 6th house. I know nothing more about how to read my chart, so if someone could pass a few clues my way…?
    I’ve been getting tipsy on the blue hoochi devil juice for a month or so. Have been feeling tres intense…. 🙂

    1. unpredictable pisces

      google is your friend. Also, I have shiteloads of links about S in Leo which i will post when free this eve.

  50. I’m no expert but I don’t think I have much Neptune influence in my chart. I have Neptune in Capricorn in House 2, Pisces Imum Coeli (whatever that may mean…), Sun quincunx Neptune, Mercury trine Neptune, and Mars trine Neptune.

    Those are pretty much the only Neptunes that I can see. I haven’t had any problems with drugs/alcohol, but I do have crazy wild dreams (that I LOVE).

  51. Pink Floyd, late 70s stoned! This was my Neptune low although I really enjoyed that time.

    PS Sweetie, did comment again on the douche bag feed, some reason it does’nt show up and when I go to repost it says ‘already posted’ weird.

  52. very ~ love Def Lep
    Thom Yorke, ‘Black Swans’
    ‘it’s your blind spot, blind spot, should be obvious, but it’s not.’
    yea, Neptune.

  53. I have Neptune (within 10orbs) conjunct my Moon and Jupiter.

    I have exerienced my fairshare of alcohol abuse and drug abuse in my teens. But have come out the other side rather unscathed from it. I now channel my Neptunian stuff into astro, tarot and reading books. Its the only way i have found you can do it. Although i do still smoke and that actually blocks out most of the underlying vibes i sometimes pick up on.

    My dreams are always quite real and telling to me. My real dad was a Pisces and he passed when i was 5 (I have Pluto in 5th house) read somehwhere that it is the house of the father. Quite telling really. My MC is in Pisces also.

    He has only come to me in my dreams twice. 🙁

  54. I have Sagg Neptune at 21 degrees in the 9th house conjunct MC at 22 degrees in the 10th. My Gemini Sun is at 21 degrees & is in direct opposition to my Neptune… 😯 … Also in opposition to my Sagg Neptune is my Gemini Moon at 18 degrees & Venus at 26 degrees.

    Neptune is square my Virgo Mars & Saturn… Pisces Asc…

    When I felt that I was trundling down the path of Neptune a few years ago Saturn (Return) got me by the pants & reefed me back to the real world. It was a good thing, like all of us I had done enough of that kind of stuff as teenager of being a little reckless & hitting the booze… 😯

    My dreams feel a little like an epic movie at times & I blog about my dreams…

    On heartbreak… My heart was broken the day my Pisces dad died, now that was one HELL of Neptune heartbreak! In fact my heart is still in the workshop being repaired…

    1. Hugs! My Pisces dad died 10yrs ago still not over it. Remember him squeezed up against me in an intense dream, then the phone woke me up, hospital saying he just passed.

        1. Weird BGem. Have Neptune in Sag opposite Gemini Sun also & Pisces dad who passed away. 😮 Neptune heartbreak to say the least. *hugs* to you and Capfire.

  55. The Leo Socialite

    Michael Hutchence once told a friend of mine that he had very powerful Neptune influences and that Elegantly Wasted – a song – was based on that…Or am i too drunk to remember this right? JOKE.

    So are people who basically make recreational drug taking a key part of their life – with or without major problems – really just doing Neptune?

    I used mine all up in pointless, crazy, drunken, yearning affairs with men i could not really have (gay, married, womanizing) and now am too looks conscious to do drugs, sigh.

  56. Neptune In Sagg opposite Venus in Gemini… Might explain my ahhh… ‘thing’ for girls who are already spoken for? Like the adorable Scorp I spent yesterday afternoon with lol Sooo cute.

  57. I was born with Neptune in Cap squaring my Venus in Aries. Neptune breaks my heart on a regular basis. It does trine my Merc, which I’m glad of because I love to write fantasy fiction.

    My Moon in early Pisces will be being banged on by Neptune. What does this mean? Crazier emotions? Feeling of delirium on a daily basis?

  58. ok well other than being a native of planet neptune being a piscean, i have neptune in sagg squaring saturn in leo which is almost on the horizon descending. fun fun fun… i was warned that my whole life would be like a permanent saturn return, being torn between the 2 influences every day. to me it’s like standing at the crossroads, taking a few steps along a road then finding yourself back at those same cross roads.

    and yeah i’m mega-neptunian at heart.

    1. oh and i’ve got neptune making some kind of aspect to chiron too. i believe in psychedelics for psychotherapy, not pscyhiatric drugs.

  59. Mystics Scorpio Intern

    Neptune conjunct Saturn (& Uranus) in the 12th.

    These conjunct yet opposing forces appeared to make themselves known to me just the other day whilst learning a Holistic Kinesiology technique.

    Half of me (one side of the body) physically responded to identifying as my name and it being daytime as it were. This is just standard procedure to test that the body responds to a perceived true or false statement. Bizarrely, the other half did not believe I was my name nor that it was day/night, female/male, in the present physical location or even that I was physical. It did respond positively to being spirit. I asked my lecturer if this was normal. He gave a slightly odd look and said it was not.

    Kim Falconer: ‘Saturn is this powerful edifice to the ego that says ‘I am’ and Neptune is so far beyond that ‘I am everything’. While in human bodies, we need both and when they work together life becomes quite magical.’

    More to topic, yes defs can relate to that heartbreaking Neptunian figure. On meeting, wandered away from party down to the bay. Most surreal moment of life to date. The water mirrored the clouds in the night sky so that it looked as though we were looking down onto the clouds. A boat ramp nearby led into the cloud illusion as if it were the passage to another world! The Neptunian stated it was as though we were looking upon the heavens. Absolutely no drugs involved – promise! Was trippy though, esp. when something would ripple ‘the clouds.’ Be interesting to know the astro-weirding of THAT night!

    The Neptunian was charming, alluring & deceptive to a tee. Seriously susceptible and involved with Piscean vices.

    Perhaps my moon trine neptune placement of 0’11’ didn’t want to wake up to that.

    1. I have Neptune conjunct sun in the 12th house in Scorpio.

      I read Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs as a teen, and became convinced that astrology was a crock, because there was no way I could relate to the magnetic, hypnotic, panther-y, raw-animal-energy kind of person she described in that book as “Scorpio.”

      Now, having read more astro stuff, I have learned that the sun loses its energy in the 12th house, and Neptune gains power in the 12th– making me more of a Pisces woman than Scorpio. It makes sense.

      Anyway– I have all the Pisces high and low qualities–the imagination and the escapism– the adaptability and the procrastination/distraction (Can the highs and lows be separated?)

      Recently I read about the Sabian symbols for each degree of the zodiac. I love the symbol for my Neptune degree–my Neptune is in 17 Scorpio, but I rounded it off to 18, as they recommended in the book. So, the Sabian symbol for 18 Scorpio is “A path through woods rich in autumn color.” With all its lows, I still thank Neptune for filling my life with magic, art, and “autumn color.”

  60. I have Neptune in my first house, with opposition to both Venus and Mercury, and conjunct my ascendant. I don’t really know what any of this means other than what the astrodienst astroclick tells me.

    I did fall in love with a Piscean boy – don’t know any of his chart though. But he was a known liar… I don’t know whether he lied to me that much. *shrugs* Also don’t know who played who more in the “relationship”. I definitely think we reflected each others behaviour though.

    1. Neptune in first house opposing Venus. I think it shows that you are very idealistic in love and put your partner on a pedestal and when they show to be human they come crashing down, which can be upsetting to the neptunian person obviously. Quite the peacemaker in relationships too..

      Want to merge with partner too..

      1. I prefer people to be “human”…. I had an imperfect boyfriend for five years. Still think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. I think my Cancerian need for a stable and loyal partner overrule placing people on pedestals. Like anyone, if they don’t cut it in a reasonable amount of time, they’re out.

        However, that said, I have to have that “spark” feeling first. Definately not one of those “intellectualisers” who check the boxes of requirements and then make themselves work towards actually liking the person. I know sooooo many guys who would be perfect partners…. but, nope, no spark – the thought of romantic relations with them make me want to hurl.

        Pisces boy is probably the first and only “pedestal” situation I’ve encountered. But it’s easy to place someone on a pedestal when you don’t know them very well…. because you make them in your head. There’s Neptune…. imagination and daydreaming the unknown into something knowable (but, unfortunately, not real).

        1. Haha … you are so right about Neptune’s ability to put someone on a pedestal when you don’t know them very well. I’m sooo guilty of that *LOL*

          I totally agree with you about the need for a spark though.

          1. There’s a nice little quote from Miranda July:

            “What a terrible mistake to let go of something wonderful for something real.”

            I guess that’s my little mantra for the Pisces lad. It was all wonderful…. but none of it was real. Hahaha. *tucks him away into a little pocket of the mind (damn the Cancer tendency to hoarde)*

  61. Neptune square Moon & Jup , sextile Mercury. My Cap stuff tends to pull me out of the fantasy gutter just in time!
    Neptune conjunct my natal Chiron (2 deg Pisces) what does this mean??

  62. Yes, yes and yes
    Sq Pisces moon natally.
    Sq merc and sun by transit.
    And at play in current fantasy relationship.

    But it’s been worse.

  63. neptune in 4th in sag trine moon in 12th in leo…..REM mind like an epic blockbuster move….that is me for sure. I have known all aspects of Neptune, highs and lows. I have been going through a wham doozy of a long transit thru my 6th house and my health has definately suffered. Looking forward to my approaching neptune transits.

  64. I have neptune at 1 degree libra, conjunct 27 degree virgo ascendant which is in exact square to saturn at 1 degree cancer conjunct 27 degree gemini midheaven. Neptune also squares mercury, sun and venus which are all conjunct saturn in early cancer.

    A born mystic who is more impacted by the unseen worlds than the visible…more attuned to that which is felt than that which is said..
    felt very much at the mercy of cycles which govern my being when I was younger; very outgoing at some times while being very withdrawn and solitary at other times. Comfortable now with both modes, but am naturally solitary and don’t pursue any social interaction unless life asks it of me…

    Have gone through periods of heavy marijuana use and then going cold turkey can go “straight” for months, years without missing it….When it is available I go for it as I have found it a great ally for helping me traverse the inner planes and converse with my Higher Self who I have identified as the Divine Mother… Not into alcohol or chemically induced highs/lows…being super sensitive they affect me adversely…

    Now have reached a place of equilibrium with the realization that Life is living and breathing me and I just go along with it…and when nothing is being asked of me I enjoy the peace I have earned over an arduous and challenging journey…afloat on the ocean, life has become effortless…

    1. Hi Virgo Rising – i’m fascinated by your take on Neptune. I have similar placements to you & certainly a life dominated by Neptune energy – I have stationary Neptune in 12th, in a tight 1’00 square to Moon conjunct M.C in Virgo. Neptune is also the apex of a T-square, the other point of which is Mercury in Pisces 3rd. Also have Venus & Sun in Pisces for good measure…..But, thank the gods i have a Cap A.C, with Saturn in 8th Cancer! I have all the extreme sensitivity / merging capacity with anything & everything i connect with, tendency to extreme escapism, & superb visual creative talent. When i was younger escapism involved drugs & dancing all night, preferably by water…i’ve also experienced some pretty transcedental ‘higher’ energies of co-experiencing other planes when people i love have died. I strongly suspect at 40 that i should be focusing completely on radical humanitarian work to protect the vulnerable – In my case my passion is for environments & trying to protect the refugees who are also humanitarian workers or independent journalists….

  65. I have Neptune in Scorpio in 6th house, conjuct Mercury, sextile MC, Uranus and Chiron and yes that strong Saturn is there, conjuct IC in Aries in 10th. Yes I do have the most realistic nightmares and dreams going around, wake several times each month completely in the grip of them, tears, shaking or uncontainably angry.

    Hubby has Neptune in Sag in 8th, square Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Pisces in 11th. Yes he has the addictions, gambling, smoking and eating. His Saturn is busy, creating a T square with Pluto and Mercury.

    His Neptune is conjunct my DC and thus square my Saturn and as you’d imagine it creates some challenges in our relationship.

  66. So glad, Sweets. My difficult Neptune transit went exact today, so I am on vacation in Pandora. lovely. blue. spiritual. (sigh, needed a break)

    1. haha yes someone left the fog machine on. I just went and copied chart off to drawn on…Transiting Neptune opp natal Venus/Jupiter conjunction which squares natal Neptune. pfft.
      Transiting Pluto coming up to square natal Saturn. Jup/Uran coming up to oppose natal Sun. Digging into chart work is the answer, at least something will be accomplished. Otherwise, pfft. all the livelong day, ya know? It occurs to me Neptune hides the bad and the good equally as well.
      Oh, and I looked up Joe Elliott and he has Neptune on the 2nd, and sadly, he has recently had some throat problems again. x

  67. Yes to all the above.
    Siren meet shipwreck.
    She is a tuning fork, a popped cork, a pitchfork.
    She is a leap of faith, a state of grace.
    bless x

  68. I am quite the Neptunian myself, having conjunct AC, Squaring Moon and Sun, trining Venus. When I experienced Neptune Square Venus I had a short romance at the age of 15/16 that left my heart in pieces. This person was only after one thing, and because I was too young, I said no. I remained delusional for a long time that the person who did this to me would come back.

    I am ashamed to say, the mourning process lasted much longer and was deeper than the relationship itself, but I guess this is a lower Neptune thing.

    4 years after it happened, the man indeed came back into my life, yet nothing about the scenario had changed. I then realised that what I wanted would never be there….and was never there in the first place to be honest, I’d been overly idealistic.

    It was one of the Outer Planet transits that had a gigantic impact on me. Thankfully, I have a strong Saturn signature in my chart…. boy did I learn from my mistake.

  69. Thanks to visiting ghosts, I caused a power failure in someone else’s home last night plus the one street light visible from the window without touching anything. Neptune + Aqua moon?

    Pisces rising, Neptune square Sun/Mars, semi-square Moon, quintile ASC, opp. Jupiter, conjunct Saturn/Uranus. Also having a Neptune transit. “Fuq this incarnation” feels like the right Neptunian thing to say at the moment.

    I have a hard time knowing the difference between high and low Neptune sometimes, and definitely have within me a resistance towards definition. A tendency to love them as gods. Visions do very often come hurtling towards me from the edges of the universe, paralyzing me for an eternity of a moment. Did have a friend that wanted to buy the creative rights to my dreams. An overwhelming need to run away from certain things, never returning. Sometimes I think it’s Neptune, not Pluto, that is the true master of enigma/elusiveness.

  70. I am a massive novice and find it hard to interpret my chart but I just KNOW I have a huge Neptunian influence… I have struggled with drug addiction and other Neptunian things for a long while… Also the dreams.. .. Epic. Always. Without fail.

    I nearly got drowned by this Piscean girl who was my best friend for a few years. She was/is trouble. It took alot but I am finally rid of her. I see her on rare occasions but I will never ever let her own me like she did. Totally dragged me under. I miss her sometimes and feel so sad if I think about us for too long. When she wasn’t being evil she was so, so lovely.

    1. yes thats the heartbreaking tragedy of drugs and friendships… someone always ends up dead or gone, not just someone, many many many… it is so sad…. I have lost many and have let go when saturn came and changed my life, I am so grateful, and I can look back at the love that was shared, beside the games, disrespect and manipulations…. the love is high/haute neptune, i think, and that is eternal…

  71. Happy belated new year everyone! 😀

    I have Neptune conjunct Mars and Juptier, on my midheaven. Square Sun and Mercury.

    I don’t know what this means in astro-speak but I DEFINITELY struggle with my lower Neptunian tendencies. I am the escapism queen.

  72. anotherbloody aries

    have neptune conj moon in 8th house scorp i do both haute and low neptune LOTS also have saturn in twelfth house now makes more sense of me! really interesting to read your blurb mystic! thx

    1. anotherbloody aries

      PS have just bought liz greene’s books on neptune and saturn will settle in for the arvo to check them out!

    2. funny that we both have such intense 12th and 8th houses
      It’s as if I only exist if I’m having tantric sex or working my ass off

      (10th house and 6th are only other occupied areas)

      Born to be wind, work my ass off and be EPIC in bed. Definitely not the Stepford wifey type.
      But I wanna be loved too 🙁
      I just can’t promise dinner will be on the table at 7pm. If you’re hungry, eat! I ain’t no body’s mama

      1. WILD
        wrote wind
        crazy long nails creating involuntary typos constantly – my Virgo 10th house side says CHOP!
        My Diva side is horrified.
        Like Imagine Lana Del Rey as a skinhead.
        BLUE MOON 🙁

  73. Oh. Well I have Neptune in Sagittarius in house 12. And am Taurus with a Sagg moon. Granted I’m a total rookie but I’m guessing that means I’m totally screwed?

    1. I have Neptune in Sagg as well in the 12th house about 10 deg from my asc so I don’t think that’s conjunct, but Neptune has some fat orbs.

      I def. think it’s an awful placement. Whatever Neptune b.s. has been occurring since 2005 I can honestly say is almost as hard as Saturn transits have been.

      1. Word. Life has been misery since 2005. Just…misery.

        (Natally: I have Neptune in Sag, also in the 12th, Retrograde….square Venus, trine Mercury and Sun, sextile Moon. That bitch is about 15-16 degrees behind my ASC.)

    2. Hey Girl
      I have Sag rising in Jupiter
      Moon in Sag in the 12th house
      Venus in Leo in the 8th house trine Neptune in Sag in the 12th house
      Both of my Lilith’s true and mean nodes only one degree apart in Scorpio in the 12th House
      Sun, Mars and Mercury in Virgo in the 10th
      Lets get married 🙂

      1. This is old but wow…..!
        I have Sag rising, Sag moon in the 12th. Sun is Leo in the 8th.
        Mercury and Venus in Virgo (9th).
        Venus and Neptune (Capricorn) trine

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