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The Truth About 12 House Transits

The truth about 12th House transits is that they’re underrated. They’re high magic, alt-dimensional initiation trips. But astrological literature typically talks of them in terms more evocative of Mordor or the terrifying duplicate home reality of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline. Hear the term “self-undoing” enough times and you’ll want to scuttle through your 12th house transit like it’s a shadowy, haunted bus station where all the clocks go backwards. Or walk …

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Saturn, Pluto & Toxic Co-Parenting Problems

Saturn, Pluto and a messy, manipulative breakup with kids involved sounds like a formula that would explode in the laboratory. But no! As you will see from my response to this question, there are advantages to tackling this sort of challenge during the Saturn Pluto Conjunction. Dear Mystic, I am a Scorpio with Aquarius rising; I have Saturn and Mars in my seventh house. One year ago, I left the …

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Who Are Your Shadow Selves?

I mention Shadow Selves a lot but have never done an actual post about them. What or, more correctly, who are they? They’re vestiges of your former personae, reflecting stances you no longer hold. They are usually at power levels that you’ve ascended beyond. Shadow Selves are incognito and not officially ‘on the books.’  They’re not malign in intent. In fact, they most often pop up when you’re casting around …

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Googling Styles Of The Zodiac

You can tell a lot about zodiac personalities through the observation of people’s googling styles. Of course, everyone ebbs and flows. Your “research methods” could alter depending on the type of transit you are having. Still, here are some fundamental theories to consider. Rage Googling Rage googling is a digital expression of confirmation bias. It’s when you go looking for yet more evidence that a corrupt politician is truly douche-core. …

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The Marjorie Cameron Astrology & Strange Angel

Somehow I missed the release of the television series Strange Angel, about the fascinating lives of Jack Parsons and Marjorie Cameron. They wrote Songs For The Witch Woman together. I posted about them a while back in The Rocket Scientist and the Witch.  Read that post for more on their extremophile existence and synastry. But looking to find more about this latest incarnation of their fiercely Uranian lives I found a …

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A Uranus Transit Through The 12th House

  A Uranus transit through the 12th House completely changed me says this Taurus Sun-Mercury. Uranus can conjure up drastically amazing transformations. Dear Mystic, I adore that you saved a race-horse and named her Pluto. Be still, my heart.  I am a Taurus Sun-Mercury person with Gemini Rising. Uranus in Taurus has turned me into a stranger….to myself! I don’t even know who I am anymore. But I like it! Ok, …

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