Carrie Fisher Was A Neptunian


Carrie Fisher Astrology Notes. She was Virgo, but really, she was Neptunian. That is, creative with every fiber of her being & craving magic. Or, if that were not available, a high that felt like it. Neptunian people seek God/Goddess [ Read more…]

Mars Opposite Neptune Aspects

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Mars opposite Neptune aspects can be problematic, but when they are applied to spiritual quests or creativity, the results are spectacular. This is what Frida Kahlo emerged with after she read Freud’s Moses & Monotheism.  She was Sun-Neptune in Cancer [ Read more…]

Ada Lovelace Had Mercury Conjunct Uranus


Ada Lovelace was a prototypal computer programmer, mathematician, and inventor. She was also a multiple conjunct Sagittarius with Mercury Uranus conjunct. She was called the Enchantress of Numbers. A prototypical computer programmer, she foresaw artificial intelligence and a myriad of other [ Read more…]